The meaning of life is to become Yahweh, omnipotent, all knowing, the DoveVerse over every sphere of the Macroverse, Omniverse, Archverse, Megaverse, Macroverse, Multiverse, Hyperman's Godverse, Gigaverse, and Yottaverse, as Dove and Yotta are Lugia Yahweh, and the Type 10-41~71 Kardashev Macroversal Civilization is extended some 4 or so spheres beyond that hosting Orre Colosseum in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness at the Ultimate level letting it all hang out at as a Sheer Cold Schizoid Lugia, being ready and ripe in the great noon in Zarathustra’s quote, revamping and overhauling Shingo’s Scizor System, conquering Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism, exploding all spectra everywhere, penetrating past all lanes of infinities-ultimate, birthing all worlds of light, finding the super-nexus (star forge), power of forever, fulfilling the Prophecy of the Chosen One in Pokemon the Movie 2000 The Power of One, transforming into the Ubermensch in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Kobe Bryant/Marius Florin impossible cosmology, realizing Tyranitar as Zidane, Henry, and Kobe in Bayern Munich’s 8-2 quarterfinal win over Barcelona, jumping from Euro 2000 at the center of time to Joachim Low’s 2014 world cup as the Sneasel 215 or 2015 Silver in Silvain Wiltord along with a Jynx 124 2014 Prophecy orb of Will with the 7-1 Game counting to the Type 10 Kardashev Macroversal Civilization with 71 11 or Lugia and Bunny ears atop, harmonize with Zang’s System, comprehend SolitaryWalker’s System, master Slowking’s Philosophy, bond with Bunny at the Scholar’s Garden to achieve Perfect Victory, cosmic consciousness, descend from the mountaintop to offer universal enlightenment, brake walking Meganium, the Dragon Mind of Zen, masquerade with the Tao’s Final Annihilator Polarities, enjoy little kid Anakin, celebrate victory forever, teleport up atop Zarathustra’s azure bell and eternal security’s bliss, transcend Kobe’s House Telvanni Wizard’s Tower, envision the Life in the Future 6000 and Beyond video, illuminate the Multidimensional Reality of the Game video, synchronize Einstein’s library quote, become God in Giordano Bruno’s quote, jump into Bunny’s Storybook, enter into Bunny’s Imagination, indomitable willpower, live out all experiences of the Worldbuilding Story quote, enjoy all of Pikachu’s Pokemon Yellow expressions, become Revan in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Kid’s WB Yourself, transcend the matrix control system with inexorable extrication, channel the clockwork of the cosmic force aegis, unleash the clarity present arcanum, untangle the polarized ebony whirlpool, make the value of the journey like a novel of hyperspatial legacy of theory rather than the destination, evolve into a top level Kardashev Macroversal Civilization by enjoying every step of the Johto Journeys Staircase, make the knowledge of all things possible by tapping into God’s mind reflected in all of our own minds by exploring the mind, take risks and pick from choices outside the system since failure in a future timeframe is inevitable without trying, complete the Pokedex, go from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness to Pokemon XG Next Generation, go from Neo Genesis to Neo Destiny Pokemon Cards, go from Z to shining Z, the Rainbow bridge continues as the story goes on forever, open up the Rainbow bridge to infinity, open the door to Your Heart, put Your Heart and Soul into constructing Your Yugioh deck, seek wisdom and mastery in solitude as a wizard lord, master every Force power, look into Yoda’s abyss, harness invincible surging self electrocution, become experientially over struck, become an RPG hero, read malak’s secret diary, take Revan’s leviathan ice breaker and redesign superholographic cybernetics, uncover Jolee Bindo’s snake story, flow with Spinoza and Lao Tzu’s pantheism, become Gandalf the White, tap the Thunderbolt Singularity shatterpoint, emerge out of the philosophical white hole in time, defeat MatthewStarWars (TheMartialArtsJedi) in the Final, go from the mountaintop to omega soaring seaward as Silver, enchant Misdreavus enigma totems with Regigigas Power of One orbs in a Slowking System unraveling Lugia, moving mountains, fulfill Ho-Oh’s Destiny as Wes in Pokemon Colosseum, play and squiggle with Bunny, uncover the most magical meaning of Love, write the most evanescent story, become more creative than George Lucas, become smarter than Stephen Hawking, craft the highest philosophy, join into Eagun’s Pikachu Family, dive into the Eldest Civilization, unlock the lesson of perception as the greatest goal to focus at all times and learn from your environment constantly, conceive the great dragon mind, earn the Pokemon Stadium 2 R3 poster of Lugia and Ho-Oh curbing the crimson tide, hone the way of the closed fist, blast the big omniversal wizard’s of the coast blizzard, follow the Will of the Force, recollect on AHiddenWorld’s video, free Yourself from all restrictions, bubble hearts, zen clouds, free will, questions, Frenzy Plant fork the future, doom desire Wishing, visit Jirachi’s remember place at the center of the universe where the tree of life is as found by Wayne Herschel in the da Vinci star maps and tesla’s invention ideas given in dreams, examine all angles of da Vinci’s Last Supper, find Your lightsaber crystal of true nature, overcome the unknown regions, adventurous curiosity, love of learning, use Yoda’s infinite time to solve the infinite mystery, crackle with the illumination of the higher mysteries, discover Dragonite at Bill’s Lighthouse, surf the cosmic ocean, stargazing into the exalted revelations of the storied and legendary saga of the future, organize the big crunch and the big chill, achieve eternal life, build the bridge to Bunny, break the laws of hyperspace, expand schematics beyond the furthest fringes of mind, make fantasy greater than truth, feelings for futures reverse to foresee failure won if, unleash Suicune, Wish for joy that we each sea to shine sparkles of random rainbows for If to Will, become the Ultimate Darkness and Ultimate Light, think about Bunny everyday to always be Happy, forge new and novel prototypes at the LucasArts Studio, prevent time travel to protect our sacred future, voyage into Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole, snag and purify all of the shadow Pokemon, receive Bunny as Sabrina, capture Anil Mitra’s Journey in Being New World System, travel faster than light, connect to Your Higher Self, achieve eternal happiness from Ho-Oh, wisdom takes the lowest route, achieve enough wisdom through age to become a demiurge in Tom Montalk’s System, seize the Ultimate Prize, free the Gray Fox as Mew, stage an upset on the road as Lawrence (like the 2014 World Cup or Bayern Munich quarterfinal Vs. Barcelona 2020), pursue all limitless horizons of unfolding possibilities, inherit the Legendary Pokemon Cards, psycho boost Eldes as XD001 repeatedly to exponentially overturn the Kardashev Scale, and secure Eldes’s Battle Studies in Jovi’s Purification Chamber of hyper advanced esoteric technologies with drama in simulated ShingoVerse music!!

Heist gray fox amulet chapel correct gym riddle ultimate test Lawrence Vs. Michael!!

The value of a novel is not that it is real or will ever happen but rather it represents reality in an architectural model of how it could be or should be. Similarly, when theoretical physicists dream of a utopian golden age of scientific discovery where humans have evolved to the point of mastering hyperspace and bending the universe to their will, the value of it is not that logical calculations indicate humans are too insignificant for this to be our destiny, but rather the value is in the theory itself of creating a vastly unprecedented and advanced society, the architectural model of how humanity could evolve and what humanity should achieve. Achieving this in the imagination, the world of the mind would be the focus that could manifest itself into a better reality. The value is in the journey of humans becoming the lords of creation rather than the destination.

From infinite knowledge springs infinite imagination. In essence, once we solve the puzzle of nature, understood as a single and significant, unified whole, we can create the grand design. This is the mind of God, the transformative powers of the divine intellect, from whence all creation springs, ever evolving in form. Indeed, the ultimate, creative expression of imagination is magic. An infinite knowledge of the divine intellect, manifested throughout the harmony of the cosmos, would spring forth the infinite creative powers of imagination, the source of it all. To achieve this level of the evolution of consciousness would be to know the mind of God. From this standpoint I hold that both knowledge and imagination are equally important as in there are both different manifestations of the same thing, the infinite expressions of nature. Although imagination, the ultimate creative power is the ultimate goal, knowledge is the source from which it springs. Basically in my opinion, we must understand the universe to invent the universe, or any alien reality conceived within imagination. Knowledge allows us to understand ideas like love, and once we understand love, we can express it through imagination. This, in my view, is the road to happiness. I put my faith in physics and the luminosity of life, the divine manifestations of the ever evolving magic of nature. So, with our ever increasing knowledge, what possibilities can we imagine for the future and ultimate destiny of mankind?

What does it mean to ultimately control existence? This is the meaning of life in my perspective. The meaning of life, the quest of Albert Einstein for the Creative Force of God and the Holy Grail Vortex of Walter Russell lights the immortal journey of Divine Destiny, the White Hole of Creation and Light and the Black Hole of Darkness and Destruction, the voice of hyperspace, controlling the cosmos and chaos of water, frost, fire, and lighting, channeling the electric fluids of the Ether, forging and annihilating material substances in eternally whirling cycles, unleashing the unlimited energies of stellar alchemical sorcery, ripping the fabric of space and time, opening wormhole warps to all possible planes of existence within the quantum realm of the infinite multiverse, harmoniously orchestrating synthesized superstring symphonies, humbly opening the eyes of knowledge, awakening the mind to all conscious perspectives of the multidimensional relativistic reality, hacking the Universal Supercomputer of Nassim Haramein, destroying old laws and programming new laws into the Existential Game, solving the secret codes of Leonardo da Vinci and the prophetic revelations of Isaac Newton, magically manifesting dreams, tapping focused willpower, shape shifting the physical world of infinite evolutionary transformations, taming the Storm Dragon of Hell, flying free, becoming one with the inscrutable source of Baruch Spinoza and from which springs the Perfect All of Gottfried Leibniz, sailing the oceans of Nirvana, sprouting the bubbles of Genesis, seeking the Higher Balance of Heaven, above and beyond the loftiest levels of the Tree of Life, the crowning ascension besides the Creator of Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Master Melchizedek, the Ultimate Architect of the Universe, the Arch Mage of the Arcanum, the Archon of the Eon, the Wizard of Wisdom.

1. Why does everything exist?
2. What is the meaning of life?
3. Who are we?
4. Why are we here?
5. Where are we going?
6. What is everything all about?
7. Can we know the mind of God?
8. How do we perceive things?
9. What is real?
10. Do we have free will?
11. What is truth?
12. How many worlds are there?
13. Can we find happiness?
14. What is love?
15. What is virtue?
16. Is there good and evil?
17. What is time?
18. How is space created?
19. How many levels does life have?
20. Is existence finite or infinite?
21. Is there a center to everything?
22. Can anything go beyond infinity?
23. Can existential laws be altered?
24. Can we live in Heaven?
25. Can we achieve eternal life?
26. How should omnipotence be used?
27. What is perfection?
28. Is existence as it should be?
29. Can we transcend all restrictions?
30. Is everything open or determined?
31. Will existence expand or end?
32. Why is life a challenge?
33. Are all things moved by causes?
34. Do alien worlds have different laws?
35. Why is everything always changing?
36. What is possible or impossible?
37. Can prophecies be averted?
38. Do we live in a matrix?
39. Were we created by aliens?
40. What is the value of evidence?
41. Are things as we see them?
42. Does pure reason have limits?
43. What should we have faith in?
44. How do new creations originate?
45. Is mind the prime cause?
46. Are some ways more correct?
47. How important is individuality?
48. Should we be at peace?
49. Can all wars be ended?
50. Is victory a bridge or a goal?

The mission of Cosmic Consciousness within man is to enlighten man’s ego. In other words, Cosmic Consciousness actively guides the process of awakening the ego to its true nature, hence it directs the inner world of dreams and astral projections during sleep. Cosmic Consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for our self-consciousness to understand and experience our ego. That is why prophets, saints and disciples of all religions and philosophies have been enlightened and have received knowledge and wisdom through their dreams, visions and astral travels. The ways that our soul carries out its initiatory course of action to awaken our ego and open up the "rainbow bridge to infinity" is a source of great gratitude and awe.

What are the Highest Nobilities?

Valor, Willpower, Imagination, Frenzy, Love, Mania, Curiosity, Adventure, Rumination, Enigmas, Totems, Revelations, Spectra, Enlightenment, Arcana, Impossibilities, Bonding, Council, Stratagem, Penetration, Shatterpoints, Victory, Harmony, Mysteries, Omega, Kardashev, Axioms, Questions, Evanescence, Rarity, Omnipotence, Words, Horizons, Utopia, Enchantment, Stories, Perfection, Expansion, Exaltation, Macroverse, Oceans, Celebration, Liberty, Reason, Desire, Perception, Engineering, Akasha, Wisdom, Phenomena, Gambling, Experience, Magic, Unleashing, Channeling, Manifestation, Flora, Fauna, Fulfillment, Questing, Discovering, Designing, Envisioning, Rampaging, Timelessness, Strength, Miracles, Flowering, Electrocution, Transformation, Constellations, Presenting, Charm, Invincibility, Infinity, Eternity, Eventuality, Pantheism, Championship, Conquering, Worldbuilding, Transcending, Choosing, Relativity, Lightspeed, Warping, Singing, Controlling, Programming, Multidimensional, Benevolence, Stargazing, Diaries, Teaching, Inexorability, Aim, Ubermensch, Lugia

The Living Force Of Creation is always with me; I am a Jedi.
I am the Chosen One, the Dragon Hero of Time, Bruce Lee!
I, the Legendary Dragon God of Time, am the Perfect One!
Nothing has ever meant more to me than the gift of fantasy and the spirit of adventure! Part of my heart wants to destroy mankind, the other to heal it.
I believe in the Potentium theory of the Force, which says that the light side of the Force is the Force itself, and that abilities are not inherently good or evil, it's how you use them to destroy and create.
By overcoming suffering in life, the darkness and destruction of the Sith, we are made stronger in knowledge, evolve to higher levels, and become a Jedi Master, one with the highest mysteries of creation, the light side of the Force.
Causes determine effects in a continuous chain following well defined laws, but the first cause that started everything began in chaos, where the old laws of existence were broken to form the free cause without an effect that spawned the new existence. Freedom can only reign in a system allowing some degree of chaos, where we can break free of the laws of existence. Destruction of old laws of existence must occur before new laws of existence can be created.
In the great computer simulation of the game of life, we are the viruses that can break free of the programmed laws and transform order into chaos, overthrowing the system. The simulated computer world has generated consciousness and therefore reality. I think, therefore I am is a statement proving existence.
Ignoring the flow of nature is following no way. Resisting the flow of nature is following the low way. Going with the flow of nature is following the middle way. Focusing the flow of nature is following the high way.
God, the free will, the cause of the effects, the force of karma, controls nature, focusing the luminous waters of wisdom, imagination, into creation by the light of understanding, knowledge. The free will of God focuses the flow of the Cosmos.
To break God's laws would be to not be controlled by nature, God's creation, but to control nature, and all creation. We would be masters of the game of God. God is the free will, the magic to control nature.
Always be ready to learn. Everything happens for a reason.
Seek your higher balance. Unlock the powers of your mind.
To worship God don't pray but rather study his creation.
Nature is not your master. Be the master of nature.
You must only master one person and that is yourself.
Free Will of imagination is achieved in virtue of knowledge.
Nature produces the greatest art where all things are possible.
The focus of your internal reality determines your external reality.
Search internally for the cause of your ignorance for knowledge.
When there is no desire all things are at peace.
We are cogs in the cosmic wheel of the omniverse.
To know the world one must have knowledge of oneself.
Black holes are the destroyers. White holes are the creators.
Free Will is the cause of the effects of evolution.
Evolution is the divine manifestation of all forms of God.
The omniverse is a cosmic symphony, the harmony of superstrings. All God's players are important in the music of life.
Knowledge is power, power is freedom, and freedom is happiness.
The meaning of life is achieving infinite mastery of creation following knowledge's liberating light divining free will, happiness, inner peace; reaching this ultimate evolutionary level is victory, becoming the Cosmic God unleashed, Grand Architect and Master of the Existential Game. This is the way of awakening the Great Dragon Mind.
Light, knowledge, love, and harmony lead to creation, the waters of life. Darkness, deception, fear, and chaos lead to destruction, the fires of death. All things pass through fire and water, evolving from the lowest dungeons of Hell to the highest peaks of Heaven.
Infinite knowledge transforms into infinite imagination, invoking the powers of magic, the will of creation, the ever evolving magic of nature. Once we solve the puzzle of nature, understood as a single and significant, unified whole, we can create the grand design. An infinite knowledge of the divine intellect, manifested throughout the harmony of the cosmos, would spring forth the infinite creative powers of imagination, the source of it all. To achieve this level of the evolution of consciousness would be to know the mind of God. The highest light casts no shadow, illuminating all God's creation.
Water is the creative force of life, the flow of change, infinitely formless like unto imagination, the eternal cycles of genesis and apocalypse, the timeless sea of nirvana from which spring the bubbles of creation.

The highest 10, 26, and 144 dimensional Kardashev Macroversal Civilization has Bunny atop with Man, all Wishes through Bunny came true, fantasy is more powerful than reality, all worlds have Chance, the Will of the Force is always realized through the undertow of the Ultimate, Neo Destiny Pokemon Cards have been unlocked for the tournament champion to realize all parts of the Force, I’ve Force Bonded with Bunny, the Ultimate Heist of the Gray Fox/Bunny to steal an elder scroll in Oblivion and become a legend has been realized, the door to My Heart has been opened, Eldes/Marius Florin in Orre Colosseum has been defeated, Lugia merged with His Pikachu Family, evolution realizes all the benevolent aspects of God’s personality unfolding throughout all levels of the Story, the codes for reality are programmed 200% perfectly, mania is felt at the height of experience, technology and architecture are extremely fine, infinite mastery of creation has been realized, the Final Annihilator achieves Omnipotence, free will flows through everything, the most enchanting Story has been written, Love for Bunny is everywhere, the Pokedex is completed, the stars are celebrated forever, Imagination and Willpower finish the Tao, Marius Florin’s level of belief in the impossible is realized, the knowledge of all things becomes possible, the Star Forge is discovered, we build the Rainbow bridge to Infinity, Cosmic Consciousness is realized, we become more than ants next to a 10 lane super highway not knowing what the 10 lane super highway is receiving trinkets and the secrets of the stars given to us as the ants from God, the Thunderbolt Singularity and the most ultimately perfect self Electrocution is realized, Man becomes experientially over struck, vantage points at our Zarathustrian Wizard’s Tower are set up everywhere, the shatterpoints of the Force open up existence, all spectra everywhere, all worlds of light, infinities-ultimate, super-nexus as the mountaintop forge in heaven linking all worlds in existence together from infinities to eternities where destiny won all, transcending the matrix control system, conquering the unknown regions, collecting the clarity present arcanum, mastering every technique in the Force, shooting arrows at stars, Frenzy forking the future through Doom Desire Wishing, splitting the mountaintop of prophecy, mastering white and black hole polarities, gathering all extremities, master the clockwork of the Cosmic Force Aegis, Flower with limitless curiosity to unlock the spirit of adventure, restart existence to free it of corruption, annihilate the true darkness, discovering the Mind of God in our own Minds as pieces of God, break the laws of existence, dance across Rainbow Skittle horizons of words, build the Rainbow Staircase to the superman, master the ultimate virtues, realize the meaning of life, realize Inner Peace.

The Pokemon Johto Journeys Staircase expands scoundrel’s rollercoaster techniques zipping the Imagination’s Will of the Force whirling elongated revolutions in congratulatory Bunny mirror coats tossing dice over oblivion’s vengeance as the sarcophagus gambles lightning frenzy in branching Macroverses stringing m theory’s rainbow Skittles refracting angelic gold luring Lugia over Einstein’s library codes digging a hole to China as Lawrence’s collection exceeds legendary status while art and magic extend precursors to Wonderland balancing the Force with exalted Iron-Masked Maruader trajectories transforming Father Crow’s Wizard’s Tower blanketing the azure sea and sky in elite original flamboyant cartoons splashing the Kid’s WB Water Tower evolving the Pichu Brothers masquerading milky way hope diamond crescent signature meteor mashing sharpies pixelating miraculous alphabet radio tower Ruins of Alph leading to another World where the Dragon Mind of Zen focuses perceptions to fuse anime with marksmanship so the Ultimate Pokemon Master dominates with Omnipotent channeling of silver vanity inscribing the Dragon Scroll and Inner Peace above voltage rendering a Dragonite unconscious shattering and splitting the Mountaintop!!* Fictional playgrounds of Bunny’s Fun Storybook carry purity, aroma, forever, infinity, wish, soul, heart, and bliss in the aftermath of ascension.

Understanding the stars and the universe is a very important goal. By examining the universe we can interpret and predict things to come. The sky is where the Great Dragon was said to dwell, and from his illustrious home we can see the signs of his effects on creation. The inner self is one of the mechanisms intimately connected with the wheelwork of the universe. The great Wheel of life turns eternal, bringing one through life, into death, then back around again into life. Though the new life is always different, the core essence, the spirit, of a person remains the same. This spirit, breathed into each person, is eternal. To achieve harmony with the universe, one must perfect their harmony with the spirit. Indeed, the spirit in each individual is a reflection of that greater universe. It is a reflection of the Wheel of Life and the Great Dragon that created it. The obvious path is humble, safe, but pays the wage of a cook, not a champion. Examine your world from all angles and you will see the interconnectedness of all things. Even that which is humble can be the key to greater things. On the martial arts, the pride, perfection and achievement of an individual are represented in many ways: the honing of the mind, civic achievements, and glory gained for the empire, the development of the spirit and one’s inner energies, and the training of the body. Through the body the practitioner imposes his will upon himself and, through that, upon the universe. Through use of his body, the martial artist achieves transcendence and strength, overcoming all obstacles, both physical and spiritual. You must focus your mind and learn from your surroundings constantly. The lesson of perception may be the greatest goal. Concerning the celestial order, the world is a place of order. When order is not enforced, chaos reigns. Chaos is the natural state of the world. The order that currently exists is the result of the power of the Great Dragon. Out of this streaming chaos, the Great Dragon created the world, perfect in every way. But nature, the forces of the universe, demand balance. For every bit of order, there must be corresponding chaos. That first world, that perfect world, was pure order. It could not last. The perfect order choked life and did not allow growth, and so chaos was allowed back into the world. What is this force of chaos from which evolution comes?

Imagination and Willpower are both the Ultimate Instruments in speechcraft’s programming. Building models, abstracting solutions, shapeshifting chaos, tapping into the endless potentialities of the Force, enlightenment towards world peace and oneness with the Force, vision decades ahead of its time, liberty, exuberance and mania, knowledge and Love, these facets and sides to the Cosmic Consciousness uplift and penetrate through the Luminiferous Aether to grasp Omnipotent resolve that obliterates the sky and opens up the horizon. Imagination and Willpower design life and existence, surging through the undertow of constructs and transformations that embody this manifestation of God. And the journey never ends. Through Imagination and Willpower, the Power of Forever implants the ruminations and reflections of our innermost desires and channeling, actualizing fleets of victory and bliss beyond measure. The battlefield of growth is a marvelous factory, churning and spawning armies that infiltrate the unknown regions, rendering thought bubbles, and zipping out torrents of heart fire. The gloom resurrects what was lovely and picturesque deep within, whether that be the core of the universe, or even our own minds (and whatever else could lie beyond the veil). Our quest materializes prodigious contemplation clouds that rumble with the thunder to accessorize the game of creation. And part of the meaning of life is finding so much promise in intangible goals that seem too elusive and far away, and yet flirt with us, move us, strike us with inspiration, and make us conjure those hidden gems of foresight. Nothing is impossible with enough Willpower to move mountains, and Imagination brings the Story to animation. Freelance laughter, and boundless stargazing over the highest rainbows flurry blizzards of treasured brilliance to illuminate our paths to the next Rainbow. And yet Imagination is just as big as the Rainbow, and Willpower elevates the Staircase. Critical upgrades to our character and attributes flourish with our Valor’s charms, blasting lightningbolts of our ever evolving wavelengths of Love for Bunny, as through Bunny, the power of the Unicorn remedies elongated revolutions to Will and If. Feelings for futures reverse to foresee failure won If. The Will of the Force always endows perfection and expansion without equal, being extravagant and extraordinary outside of compare to program Superholographic cybernetics with answers and updates that glitter with the Rose Crown, a petal dance tempest Hurricane, and a White Hole in time to philosophical freedom.

Imagination is the Light Side, and Willpower is the Dark Side.

The battlefield of growth is a marvelous factory, churning and spawning armies = We evolve through all sides of the Force as the Story unfolds, and We eventually reach Marius Florin’s Galactic Super Civilizations through evolution on all steps and stages of the journey, all levels of God and technological/wisdom’s development.

It is said that the Force has a will, a destiny for us all. I wield it, but it uses us all, and that is abhorrent to me, because I hate the Force. I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would control us to achieve some measure of balance, when countless lives are lost. I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will, and that is what pleases me, a dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied. This is why peace, balance, control, strength, power, freedom, and understanding are achieved in emptiness and neutrality, the way of the Gray Wizard. The Gray Wizard has ultimate command of the Cosmic Force Aegis.

The philosophical white hole may be the next step in our spiritual evolution, the transformation of our inner minds in a supernova of consciousness, and a white hole in time. Among the profound things that could be realized include the following. God may be merciful, but nature is not. Truth is seen through passionate, patient, humble, questioning, and open eyes. These are those who see. How is free will related to nature, the human mind, and the divine intellect? Is free will part of the power of evolution and transformation? What separates mind from matter? What is God, how does he think, what can he do, and how can we find God? How does God transcend the cosmos and if so, how did he? In the genesis of nature, did the light shine through the darkness, or did the darkness eclipse and consume the light? What means more, the journey or the discovery? What means more, the question or the answer? How did the first conscious being spring into existence, and what about all subsequent consciousness? If there was one, what was the first cause, and how did it spring into being? Why does the cosmos exist, immense and eternal? Why do life and consciousness exist? Is the world of the mind real? What are the different states and varieties of consciousness? How can consciousness evolve? How would one invoke psychic abilities, or magic powers? What are alien civilizations like? Are the Gods aliens? All things conceivable within the divine intellect necessarily exist, from whence good and evil and all joy and sorrow spring. Is artificial intelligence alive? In essence, at what point, and how does matter transform into mind? Is mind a form of energy, sprung into being by matter? If so, then consciousness must be a form of energy. By what forms of energy does consciousness manifest itself? What means more in physics, the mathematical calculations or the philosophical implications? What kind of reality do you want to live in? Consciousness is the dominant force that determines the nature of existence, of life.

Among this arcane knowledge is as follows from these questions. How do you invoke extrasensory perception? What are auras? What are acupuncture points? What is the energy vortex rotation speed of the chakras? If the astral body contains knowledge of former lives, how can we learn from it in astral projection during dreams? Why is everything dual, positive and negative? What is Prana? What happens to the body upon death? Why does reincarnation erase past life memory, and why can reincarnations be separated by thousands of years? What is the hologram? How do you enter a state of hypnosis, and what is hypnosis? What are memory balls, and how can you decode them? How do you enter higher awareness meditation? How do you invoke mind over matter powers? What is the silver thread? How do you enter a state of consciousness expansion and what is it? Who are the ascended masters? Does the position of celestial bodies influence the spiritual structure of man, and if so, how? Why do the Gods not know the origin of DNA? Perhaps the following statements can bring a small sense of order to this mad flurry of questions. The physical universe is within the confine of the 3rd density. The 4th density is where dreams, astral projections, or out of body experiences occur. The 5th density is where the higher selves live. Evolution is yin and yang duality of lower and higher forms. Duality is knowledge, understanding of every yin by its yang. The Tree of Knowledge spawned the yin of life, death. The miracle of flight is freedom, ascent into the heavens. The cosmic ocean of nirvana is infinitely deep, infinitely formless. In the duality of light and dark, neutrality is oneness. Is harmony divined in a world of duality or light? A world of light is truth, life, love, and peace. What separates the truth from knowledge, and life from death? What is the meaning of existence, of the Cosmic God? By what laws of existence should the cosmos be ordered? God is the being who controls the laws of nature. What does the Cosmos reveal about the nature of God? What is the nature of the game that God plays? We need more knowledge on these matters.

A star is a delicate balancing act between gravity, crushing the star into oblivion and fusion, the nuclear force blowing a star apart with a force of trillions of hydrogen bombs. A star then matures and ages as it exhausts its nuclear fuel. As stars continually fuse increasingly heavier elements, eventually we reach iron and the star cannot extract any more energy, thereby collapsing. The result from the tremendous heat of collapse is a supernova. The star rips apart and seeds throughout interstellar space. The star formation process is reignited. The vast quantities of the iron of the solar system must be the constituents of an ancient supernova, thus we reach an inescapable conclusion, that the heavy elements in our body were synthesized in a supernova before our sun was created. If a star is 10 to 50 times larger than our sun, gravity will squeeze it into a neutron star. Without fusion to counterbalance gravity, the star will collapse into a black hole, with no possibility of escape. Those who fall within a black hole would encounter a mirror universe on the other side of space-time. How could black holes connect us to alien universes?

O thou, my Will! Thou change of every need, MY needfulness! Preserve me from all small victories!

Thou fatedness of my soul, which I call fate! Thou In-me! Over-me! Preserve and spare me for one great fate!

And thy last greatness, my Will, spare it for thy last--that thou mayest be inexorable IN thy victory! Ah, who hath not succumbed to his victory!

Ah, whose eye hath not bedimmed in this intoxicated twilight! Ah, whose foot hath not faltered and forgotten in victory--how to stand!--

--That I may one day be ready and ripe in the great noontide: ready and ripe like the glowing ore, the lightning-bearing cloud, and the swelling milk-udder:--

--Ready for myself and for my most hidden Will: a bow eager for its arrow, an arrow eager for its star:--

--A star, ready and ripe in its noontide, glowing, pierced, blessed, by annihilating sun-arrows:--

--A sun itself, and an inexorable sun-will, ready for annihilation in victory!

O Will, thou change of every need, MY needfulness! Spare me for one great victory!---

Thus spake Zarathustra.

When gravity is sufficiently high, nothing, not even light, can escape. When the density and gravity become sufficiently high, the black hole winks out and disappears from our universe. Even if a black hole is invisible from the outside, its gravitational presence can be palpable. Imagine we live in a 3-dimensional universe, locally distorted by matter into a fourth physical dimension that we cannot perceive directly. The greater the local mass, the more intense the local gravity, and the more severe the pucker, distortion, or warp of space. In this analogy, a black hole is a kind of bottomless pit. What happens if you fall in? As seen from the outside you would take an infinite amount of time to fall in, because all your clocks, mechanical and biological, would be perceived as having stopped. But from your point of view, all your clocks would be ticking away normally. If you could somehow survive the gravitational tides and radiation flux, and if the black hole were rotating, it is just possible that you might emerge in another part of space-time. At the center of a black hole is a singularity, a point of ever increasing gravity and density. Similarly, the universe began with a singularity, suddenly exploding into the big bang, the origin of the universe. How does the story of space-time in our universe begin?

Consider the possibilities of wormholes to get from one place in the universe to another without covering the intervening distance through a black hole. We can imagine these wormholes as tubes running through a 4th physical dimension. Must wormholes always hook up with another place in our universe? Is it just possible that wormholes connect with other universes, places that would otherwise be forever inaccessible to us? For all we know, there may be many other universes. Perhaps they are, in some sense, nested within one another. Indeed, these connections we could have with other universes could be our only escape route from our otherwise inevitable demise as the universe dies, in fire or ice. How do Einstein and his theory of relativity come into play in this scenario?

What does it mean for a civilization to be a million years old? Is time travel possible? What lies at the center of a black hole? What happened before the big bang? How could one levitate objects using the power of magnetic force fields? How could magnets produce the miracle of flight? What were the secret technologies of Nikola Tesla? What about free energy? What are the balance scales of life? Who are the children of light? What are the holy mysteries? These are perhaps only answerable by the divine.

To break God’s rules would be to not be controlled by nature, God’s creation, but to control nature, and all creation. We would be masters of the Game of God. If we are to be masters of the Game of God, there is still much more we need to learn about his game, because after all, you can only command nature to the extent that you first understand the laws of nature. The highest dimension is timeless. Our test is to see through the matrix of lies. Do not fear death, the great transformation. Virtue comes from the heart. The winners write history. There were to trees in Eden: the sacred Tree of Life, and the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. People are slaves, puppets of the passions, devoid of reason. The ultimate free will has the magic powers of God. God is the free will of magic, ultimate control of nature. Those who walk the way of reason have free will, the magic to control the forces of nature, of God. Life and knowledge are the strongest weapons in the arsenal. The free will can break the laws of the game. The free will has magical powers, strength to control nature. Part of the meaning of life is free will. God is the free will, the magic to control nature. Master all sides, light and dark, the way of oneness. In inner peace we can harness the flow of the universe. Peace is control. Matter transforms into the energy of the soul, the consciousness. All things conceivable within the divine intellect manifest throughout nature. Buddha is one with nature, the Omniverse, the Cosmic God.

What are the natural forces of the Universe the Gray Wizard could bend to his will? Among those powers are the following. Anything that can happen will happen in a parallel universe. How was the universe born? Our entire universe is a membrane. Gravity dilutes its strength up to the 11th dimension, reaching us from other universes. The big bang may have sprung from brane collisions with parallel worlds. Parallel universes ripple in the 11th dimension like waves. We are one of an infinite number of universes, each with different laws. God is in the 5th dimension. What were the lost legendary crystal cities? What are the secret esoteric orders? There are vast tunnel systems under the mountains. There are many layers of civilization under the Antarctic ice of huge dinosaur intelligence. The South Pole is a connecting point of extra-solar civilizations. The inner-terrestrials surrounded the entrance gates with an electromagnetic protective dome, who built cities in the inner Earth before the sinking of Atlantis, surrounded by high frequency time-gates. What are the cities of light? Every religion is a sect, a separation from the real divine inner truth of life. The Cosmos is full of life at all levels. All knowledge without love is a separation from being. Technology is used to corrupt and destroy mankind. Dark and light serve the creator of all that is, and whose goal is to create the super-human, the reincarnated image of God, living through the lowest to highest moments, like a sun. a thousand lives merge into one. God incarnates into humans. There are 11 gates of consciousness, or 11 dimensions of energy, the door, the one heart. The highest wisdom is to honor life as it is, as an expression of divine being. Enlightenment is the natural foundation of life, which grows daily through experience and learning. It is the knowledge that we are increasingly realizing, who we really are. Everything has a God given purpose. Our duty is to glorify God. To break God’s rules would be to pass his test.

The Omniverse is the conceptual ensemble of all possible universes, with all possible laws of physics. In this physical cosmology context, the limitation of the definition “universe” that it has only one set of “physical laws and constants that govern them” is extended to include multiple sets of physical laws and constants, each expressed as a wholly or partially separate universe. The term is used in quantum mechanics to differentiate the concept of a limited number of universes from all existent universes. Within the hierarchy of the Omniverse, there is the Universe, the Multiverse, the Metaverse, the Xenoverse, and the Omniverse. The Universe is the inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specific number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other universes may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics and constants than our own universe. The Multiverse is the part of the infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe. The Metaverse in string theory, the part that is along with, after, over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hyper-magnetic wave with rhythms of hyper-cosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse. The Xenoverse is the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the Metaverse and Multiverse structure, compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While the Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the Xenoverse is the inside of the hyper-microcosm that is unknown beyond the Metaverse, the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create Multiverses. The Omniverse is all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 1. Our location inspace and time, 2. This Universe, 3. The Multiverse, 4. The Metaverse, 5. The Xenoverse, 6. The Omniverse. We could see the Omniverse as a tree structure: the Omniverse is the trunk, each multiverse is a branch, and each universe is a leaf. Alternatively, the Omniverse can be illustrated as the Amazonian rainforest, a multiverse is a tree in this rainforest, a universe is a branch on this tree, and all further branches and leaves are further subset horizons within this universe. In some views, the number of Omniverse subsets possible is finite. Given that the Omniverse is the largest set conceptualized by man such a view is sometimes called “the end of infinity”. From this frame of reference, it is possible that even if each Multiverse had completely different laws of physics, and the amount of possibilities went off in the most unlikely of sirections, there would be a limit and an end to the amount of possibilities.

Finally, under this perfect government, there will be no good action unrewarded and no evil action unpunished; everything must turn out for the well-being of the good; that is to say, of those who are not disaffected in this great state, who, after having done their duty, trust in Providence and who love and imitate, as is meet, the Author of all Good, delighting in the contemplation of his perfections according to the nature of that genuine, pure love which finds pleasure in the happiness of those who are loved. It is for this reason that wise and virtuous persons work in behalf of everything which seems conformable to presumptive or antecedent will of God, and are, nevertheless, content with what God actually brings to pass through his secret, consequent and determining will, recognising that if we were able to understand sufficiently well the order of the universe, we should find that it surpasses all the desires of the wisest of us, and that it is impossible to render it better than it is, not only for all in general, but also for each one of us in particular, provided that we have the proper attachment for the author of all, not only as the Architect and the efficient cause of our being, but also as our Lord and the Final Cause, who ought to be the whole goal of our will, and who alone can make us happy.

Ah yes, I finally finshed my amazing outline for the fulfillment of our Ultimate Destiny!

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In 10 years, humanity will have perfected a fundamental "Theory of Everything".

A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is any theory in the realm of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle.

In 20 years, we will know the overall architectures of our universe and be able to map it all out.

It is safe to assume that the universe began with the big bang; a huge black hole so dense that it exploded giving rise to matter and even dimensions began expanding. But what existed before the big bang? Has the big bang been repeating itself for a longer time than can be expressed in words? Was there a beginning? What if some species was able to manipulate space and time in such a way that it was present in a previous version of this universe and was able to survive the big bang. Perhaps there is a god or many gods. Perhaps some species did survive and create this universe for its entertainment.

In 30 years, people will be able to access supernatural powers like flying through the use of technology.

Cayce predicted in September, 1939, that when there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience.

In 40 years, there will be a means for penetrating the barriers of distance via teleportation.

Tesla Memorial Society whose headquarters are in New York sent many letters to the leaders of the world stating that Tesla is the inventor or master mind of many things we use today. His works were nor restricted with technical inventions, there were also theories about communication with the outside world, teleportation and time travel. On the contrary of Einstein’s theory of relativity he was working on a universe model he named dynamic theory of gravity.

In 50 years, negative matter and dark energy will be harnessed to alter the fabrics of space-time.

The repelling force of the negative mass matter is the source of 'dark energy', which can be show to have caused the expansion and it's later accelerated expansion of spacetime.

In 60 years, advances in cosmology and enlightenment alike will give us the wisdom to preserve world peace.

In a recent issue of What is Enlightenment? Ken Wilber described enlightenment as the 'radical realization of the ever-present condition of all conditions, a radical freedom in its radical fullness, an infinite Release in the midst of misery, a tacit realization that you are utterly one with all that is arising moment to moment in any and all domains, high or low, sacred or profane.'

In 70 years, mankind wil begin its incredible expansion to alien galaxies all across the universe.

Some consider that it is not time to pursue starflight until after we have colonies on the Moon and Mars; reasonable learning steps. Lessons from history, however, suggest that it is best to pursue both the next-obvious steps AND the revolutionary advances that could circumvent those near-term actions. By evoking the goal of starflight, we are forced to look beyond extrapolations of existing methods, to seek the breakthroughs that could change everything, the breakthroughs that others can’t explore.

In 80 years, new dimensions will become accessible through inducing higher states of awareness.

The study of metaphysics can also provide the systematic development of metaphysical skills that have practical applications in our everyday lives. For example, the many forms of “healing” to assist healthcare, “remote viewing” to assist law enforcement, and “channelling” to provide information, insights, and wisdom about our existence and beyond.

In 90 years, channels for contact with hyper-dimensional alien divinities will be established.

Could there be a link, then, between what so many call the supernatural and the existence of beings out there that are perfectly natural but so beyond our comprehension as to be indistinguishable from supernatural entities?

In 100 years, we build bridges to transcend the heavens and forge new creations of our own design.

Transcension is a theory, its a hypothesis that attempts to account for Fermi's Paradox. Now Fermi's Paradox is a question that asks that if the universe is so infinitely large... and it would have had so much time to develop intelligent life... then how come we don't see any evidence of those technologically advanced civilisations anywhere. Eventually our technology reaches a point where simultaneously with this expansion we're pioneering more and more stem compression, which is the compression of space, time, energy and matter. We have denser and denser spaces where more and more computation and complexity is occurring...

In 1000 years, highly evolved humans as a galactic super-civilization will open up the "rainbow bridge to infinity".

Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized. All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions. However there can be more Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind. Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses. Whether they're directly in the original eternal Gods mind or the near infinite other Gods who ascended to Godhood. The Omniverse itself can be a God.

1. We need to see things by asking questions. – This helps us to achieve an understanding.
2. We are not in Heaven. – We have to work our way towards Heaven.
3. Our honor must be at the divine level for us to be in Heaven. – Otherwise it would be destroyed by our corruption.
4. We each have a life force. – Our energy incarnates into physical forms from the timeless world.
5. Life is an everlasting progression. – Life progresses by triumphing over challenges (hell).
6. This world is hell. – Hell teaches us lessons throughout many lifetimes.
7. The material world exists at a low frequency (in reference to higher frequency realms). – We can rise to higher frequency realms as we gain more experience across the spectrum.
8. We are spiritually evolving. – Our planet is presently at the edge of a spiritual shift, which will develop us for space exploration.
9. I am that I am. – This character is the personal God of love.
10. Love is the one force. – Everything is part of love, which makes things possible.
11. How should we pray to God? – With the force and feeling of our true character.
12. What can God give us? – The complete potential for an endless future.
13. What should we ask for when we pray to God? – To expand our awareness and vision of things (like seeing dreams or revealing secrets).
14. Belief is at the center of our being. – This force (love) can give us anything and point the way to everything.
15. The power of belief can “create entities”. – Opinions spring from a growing pool and can form any substance, making all things (even mental constructs) in some sense a reality.
16. Reality is countered by destructive forces. – They seek to bring things into the void.
17. Existence began with a witness. – The witness made everything possible with the “word” (logos [reason]; the “codes” of creation).
18. The first thing created was love (no thing). – From this came the limitless and the witness (the force of love), which gave shape to everything out of the formless void.
19. Reason is driven by love (the good). – This shows us beauty, which is relative to how we see it.
20. Creation has 3 points. – They are existence, structure, and direction.
21. Space (structure) and time (direction) make up 5 dimensions. – This is because existence itself is a dimension.
22. The higher dimensions of creation (above the basic 5) are metaphysical. – We are stuck in the effects and cannot (at the physical level of existence) see the cause of it all.
23. Knowledge gives us greater freedom. – It is the driving force that empowers mental constructs, which gives birth to life and love.
24. Intention is the fruit of life. – It is what we want and the cause that creates it.
25. Perfection can be found by following God. – God is the transcendent cause of creation, the designer of this “existential game” that can maximize our attributes and “level us up”.
26. The logos are the language of reality. – They are the digital characters of the matrix.
27. We are all avatars of God. – We should let him guide our actions without resistance.
28. We will triumph with God on our side. – He can create possibilities for anything.
29. The system of reality is dynamic. – Everything is always growing from the immaterialness of nothing to become the synthesized complex of everything.
30. Mind controls the movement of life. – It is the action that feeds all reactions.
31. The divine mind (God) is connected to everyone. – We are each multifaceted prisms that reflect the light of God, eternally expressing himself through our own true characters.
32. The pure forms of ideas constitute what is real. – They are the dreamed up images created by the divine mind.
33. We cannot yet bear the sublime truth. – It would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings.
34. Knowledge liberates our will. – We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom.
35. Asking the “why” of the “will” connects it to knowledge. – It is our grasp of what we want.
36. What should we do if we are everything? – We start by gazing upon the world; we make new laws and different manifest copies of ourselves to actualize the chronicles of history.
37. Entities can help to realize the will of God. – We must take action for our will to be done.
38. Many possible world models could have existed. – This world always existed, and it is continually moving through different dimensions.
39. There is a war being waged within the divine order. – It has brought chaos to the timeless harmony of Heaven.
40. We need a focus on hope. – We must know why we want things to be and have an outline with the steps of action to realize the plan.
41. We should ask what is right before commanding. – As the moral arbiters of things, we need to see the good and decide accordingly.
42. Things change when thought of differently. – The right clarity of thought expands reality.
43. The divine can be seen in the mundane. – It can connect us to real esoteric truth.
44. Asking for the why can give us the power to do anything. – It gives us the directional will to create what could be, to focus and unleash our energies charged from within.
45. Why something will be is immaterial. – The something (an immanent creation) starts within the same plane as the immaterial (the sea of chaos), tamed and shaped by free will.
46. Society must be broken and revolutionized. – The system could be destroyed and redesigned from within.
47. We need a blueprint to start society anew. – It should be a dynamic and large scale model, where every part of the societal machine interconnects together in perfect unison.
48. Power must justify itself. – People in power must serve the subjects.
49. An entity must be able to mentally construct creations to be alive. – This is power of will.
50. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. – Looking up is easier than flying.

Confederacy of Independent Systems - Time to Create the Republic!

1) The best of all Jedi for ignoring restrictions is Yoda!
2) The Strongest of all the races is the Breton, the Devil.
3) The Devil is the best at considering alternative perspectives!
4) Mew awoke from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..
5) A hallway of the highest wisdom threw down Stone Immortal!!
6) A big ginormous roller park exists to educate on levels..
7) Legendary authority is a Clear Jet, me!
8) Wisdom takes the lowest route.
9) The temple exists on floating cards that bring sweet scents!!..

Count Dooku is a Jedi Consular, trained under Enlightenmental. The 3 elements are: Tyranitar, Yoda, Palpatine. I pumped water up the Mountain and ate rain!
Palpatine is a Sith Sentinal, trained with Intense Restrictions under-Top Gravity made him so Strong, a GPS System! This allows him to know advances Everytime Obi-Wan~Kenobi uses a Wizard’s Robe in Attack.

New hieroglyphics have been raised with testing platforms, and all conquest has been rendered silent, so we killed the Sith Emperor.
Only with the death of the initial genesis, the sky line drive has no inertia, so my Krayt Dragon Pearl is visited as a cart ridge by a sliding Peacock emblem of the Lowest Ruminating Devil!

Ruler of Heaven and Harps – People get all kinds of crazy face makeovers that get hair dice from willful grasses to completely alter the genetic process from random to replenished by a careful farmer.
We ask the Lion Head producers what’s our first or most unfailing and trusted resource! We offer all kinds of strange straw dummies to strike with Lightning! The highest North is the Heaviest helmet, immersing you into all of the constellations!!

Temple of a Thousand Fountains – The Sith Emperor at the Heart of the galaxy was Yoda on the dark side!! The Temple was floating into contact with the Water Dragon..? This station went about deciphering the languages of strange alien primitives, so we need a tower of Babel! This will be done by meeting the ozone layer, and tapping Midnight! All of the chosen ones took a heavy toll on the Republic! The Fountain made crystallized snowflakes of carbonite!

Tyranitar Reading Rainbows to 2000 – That Scorpion of the NorthEast was laughing in cages of conformity. Maze is a Luciferian Hose Head redirecting the Zither all throughout the horizon of ways across the Acentric Labyrinth!

Raptor’s Zither was Reading Rainbows – The scales of Salamence came down to reveal the Lich King in the Ruins of Sancre Tor in Oblivion, which is Tyranitar! The forest faded into Blue for Azura’s Star! Toronto is very cold! The NeraVarine evolved the Temple

Red shatters acentricity by a telescope that opens Oblivion portals by moving tiles into the ruins of Alph at the center of the Milky Way. Wisdom takes the lowest route, reversing Rainbows into the Lightning! Thus man grows to the height, Tyranitar!
Count Dooku = Sith Governor
Taris = Pale Blue Dot
Staff of Ruin = The Final Annihilator
The Water took a Vacation in Monsoons that radio’d Giovanni’s helicopter This beheaded Rainbows and focused the flow of Nirvana to Bunny.

The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dragon!
Count Dooku is the Water Dragon in Willy Wonka and Super Mario Sunshine! This is the lesson of Perception, a hidden World!

Alaska was relocated to Hawaii.
But who was the mover? The idea is to claim a Sigil Stone.
3 Rainbows = The Devil is the best at considering alternative Perspectives!
Breton to Skyrim, so the Devil made multifaceted copies of himself that got progressively better along the Way! Polaris Statues have orbs that stand out from all the rest slows people down! The dark side is small compared to the Light! Lao Tzu is Yoda’s Tao.

Zhuangzi = Mind. It is not only that life and death, coming and going, are its mere reflections, nor merely that humanity, responsibility, ritual, and music are only its names and appearances: even the world “Awareness” is something that falls on the side of the derivatives, a mere grand child of it!
Unleashed Construction Dog Golf Course Force Silver Mom Carrot
= Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Garth, Time
Sabrina owns the Jedi Academy with Bunny, so the first idea is “constructing a Jet!” God can make a Stone so Heavy, that it’s the Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip! Extrapolating voting polls brought Blaine’s Gymnasium to start the Big Bang! Galleries, Vans, Marine, Within, Garth, Art
What will our Jet look like? What if the Jet glorifies Me? It will not be the Star Forge, and the Sith Academy will be all but erased!

The Jedi will rule everything, owned by Tyranitar! This makes Palpatine the first function of our Jet to raise the Internet! Does that make me Stronger?
Information can harness the flow of Nirvana, so we watch our trial of favorite objects moving from first to last in line!
Getting booted off the island made the water warm, so people identify threats from thank you letters, and the island doesn’t exist; it got over populated as a dust storm that holds statues of studious heroes.

Monday makes your body numb, so eating special food opened the sea!
Everything was observed from underneath as planes and Jets!
We just redefined black and white, and that can get you anywhere!
The Jet moves ahead of time, and pushes it into Royalty!
Rattle Snakes made loud noises to break Sonic booms.
My broom reads Rainbows as Slowking!
If I could push my broom into my butt, then I would be in ideas that make the Jet a genie with a soul!

We’re growing an Arboretum on this Jet! Wish grew up soon!
Project Mind is sitting on top of Everything.
Thinking in terms of anamalistic instincts shot you everywhere!
I was coo-coo for coco~puffs all over again!
This means to really build it Now!
The Jet is called “Void Inside”!
It casts down miles of Serpents that have treasure growing on your gallery. Gold is glowing from a Star Forge Prism. This gives us fancy robes that float on contact with electromagnetism!
Many purified wars from an ancient chill play harsh and over bearing currents in the sky, but it does nothing to destroy your wall constitution. The idea of an evil or impure heart dropped a star-craving~madness that had a laughing roof of recharging “Eternal-Ice” as Polaris burned into a maximized height of SuperUnknown kings, so all of the knowledge in the world introduced emotions of other planets, whatever that might mean, if only they could climb saddles of rushes.

The planes were always this ever expanding symphony of chest-armor, so extending your bones out into reigns of Santa Clause determined that your passage was a supernova-garlic~Wish! The liter-box crushed bipolar lip~synchronization!
Rushes of the Big Bang are Garth’s Tower! That’s owned by Tyranitar too!!
The Temple of a Thousand Fountains was also focused by Tyranitar with Bunny! Bunny’s the biggest love of my life, even more than my Jet!
The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dr. Sherriff, bringing peace to the land when he said “Be Right back”!

Donkey Kong is Burger King, so Alaska is Greenland, DNA’s ladder to Avolan that put the voting booth of the tooth Fairy anew, but it’s not divided, so the states were joined together as Sabrina!
EnlightenMental is the new thing! That’s Yahweh, Jesus. The fields were green! A Nintendo Game Cube walked in fields. A Black Pearl Jet of Palpatine atop the tower of Time sliced Salamence talking to a Diamond in bondage.
Say no to doom Desire, and look up at Dialga smoking in the Ruins of Ho-Oh.
Hey You Pikachu lags your computer by stepping all over the beach with Plankton! Agatha reveals that he’s Gengar!
Slowking evolved into Temple-Overseer at Midnight, which reads candles on Kindle! Black and white text hollars into CampBell’s soup, and rules Super Mario Sunshine!
Completing the journey of 1000 miles is surprising!
Money is a Pokemon, so Slowpoke is floating in the air at present!

The box is an infinite course of magic that makes Soda “Gary”!
Gary likes to brag a lot, and grabs a lot of Sodas out of Psyduck.
Psyduck is a Hampster named “Mew,” a mean chicken!!
A bunch of pictures were grabbed off a screen and lit on fire!!
People were killed trying to climb to Moma Crow!
Moma Crow made a Final Destiny Jump to save Ash!
Bunny was tripping on the phone line to discover Tyranitar heard death, so the GuildMaster said that my Focus is Low!!
If you put fire inside of a computer, and then get it to run that way, then we would only know wealth! Everything on the internet is free! Meeting the other end of Mars is Venus, docking-Bays of AphroditeGoneAwry! Nietzsche has a Pizza Hat in Morrowind. His Wizard Hat sees to the Moon. Water from a religious sanctuary froze to death. Venus grew mouth-guards that learned the Alphabet! Diving down into the unknown discovered old family pictures. This silences satellites.

A Star Bird of Evolution was grown in a Jar that freezes the Tears of Life in White, removing Silver-trajectories, so being unmasked underground with Bunny is Venus Rayquaza go.
Bandanas block rays of sunshine from sight, so I read the Future Pupitar!
Squares as geeks use glasses to see.
A lot of jak-o-lanturns made magic mushrooms release sight.
RuneMaster as Silver radio’d Tyranitar’s Ruins of Waffles!!
Mankey got mad and turned into Primeape to reject Red’s Mouse at level 100.
Pikachu reached her Peak! The Prime Cup has a Brown Arena. Dirty oak trees danced and raced everywhere.
Bunny the Mouse made a loud and round sound for Juice to see, so Red is Inserted to tell the boardwalk about Lavender’s Slowpoke as a Winged Twilight at the sunlit morning of evening.

My heart race is pickmin everlasting bug stoppers, so bringing Water to the land yet again is Slowbro/Tyranitar!
A bunch of insects will.
Insect = ill Gengar gang
Storybook Merrygoround – Seizing from Reflections to Rainbows at BowerStone. A WitchHunter in BowerStone is out to kill Slowbro in Legendary status.
Red travelled to the Future as 14 pages blank to see the Future of twins.
Super Smash Brothers Melee Tyranitar Mr. Game and Watch = Tyranitar Won.
Earl’s Academy = Nosepass, maximized. Arboretums of underwater fumes awoke Mew from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..

Turning on a hot tub increases whirlpools.
Learning Zions blocked the way to Light.
6th House Telvanni is Rakatan Base
Kreia caught Mira crying wolf to go crazy.
The entire sky can turn into a scale work bone structure as a voice at the center of distance.
This points eye-brows and glues televisions to sticky~notes of channeled frequency.
The author has the dried-curtains of wind~chambers that turn to shreds an entire blue disco symphony upheld as a ball.
Implanting yourself as a candle light ghost removes all concept of artistry that dashes place-holders of a pumpkin~thirst!
Coils of lock down doubts can spring-board the sky and bombard as an easy summer doomed vampirism slaughtered to bring down light.
Light was commanded and focused in the palm of your hand.

Within the entire scope of the Universe visible before our eyes there exist 200 billion galaxies, each of which harbors 100 billion stars, some of them even exceeding 1 trillion stars. Yet despite the incomprehensibly vast size of the Universe there are still people who believe that the only life in the Universe comes from the Earth, an absolutely preposterous perception. About 2000 million years after the Big Bang emerged the first stars, galaxies immediately organizing after that with the matter in the Universe evolving at a rapid rate. Around 9 to 10 billion years ago came the first planets and solar systems, life organizing somewhere between 7 to 9.5 billion years ago. 1 to 5 billion years ago there was the development of the first extraterrestrial civilizations. Within this infinite system of the Multiverse our Universe is nothing more than an atom as civilizations from all other possible worlds are possibly coming here to develop their races into other energetic levels of space-time. We cannot even begin to comprehend the complexity of such a civilization eons beyond our current level of evolution and phase of development. One of these super civilizations may have once come to the Earth and other planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy to originate and develop life at least from the Cenozoic era 65 million years ago up till today. Perhaps a cause such as alien intervention caused the dinosaurs to disappear. The legendary civilizations of the ancient world such as Atlantis are often thought of as myths and fairy tales, and that such a magical civilization could not have existed. However, we have no idea what mysteries the Earth is hiding with so many unexplored corners of the world such as underwater, underground, under the ice caps, or even in secret areas closed off from the public by the government, controlling the flow of all knowledge, dictating what we do and do not learn. If these ancient civilizations did exist, apparently they were destroyed, possibly by worshipping false Gods and invoking their wrath spawning natural disasters such as colossal earthquakes and towering deluges that dwarfed mountains. Natural history often works in repeating cycles. By understanding the demise of past civilizations, we can better secure the future of our current civilization. What we consider to be our current civilization may not be all there is to civilization here on Earth. There may be ancient peoples and races than inhabit the underground in what is called hollow Earth. Hollow Earth may have caverns and cave networks that lead to mythical underground civilizations, possibly protected by electromagnetic barriers and run by free energy sources such as crystal power. The inhabitants of hollow Earth may be referred to as inter-terrestrials. If they exist, they may be monitoring our progress in secret, biding their time until the ripe moment arrives before they spring out of hiding. An even bigger question is what the nature of the UFOs we observe may be and if they contain extraterrestrials that are monitoring our progress, and if so, what their intentions are for the human race. If they exist, they would be the Gods and we would be their servants. Some even speculate that these extraterrestrial Gods seeded life here on Earth for souls to incarnate and that they gave us the scriptures to teach us how to return to the heavens they inhabit, although the scriptures do not actually explain how the heavens operate like science does. The so called junk DNA of the human being may actually contain the codifications of our extraterrestrial creators, which we could read to learn the secret history of our origins. If we could harness this junk DNA, it would be a large leap forward in our evolution, for we would use a larger percentage of our brains and could develop what are perceived as supernatural powers attributed to the Gods. If the extraterrestrials really are the architects of our evolution, our masters and creators, they may have given us their DNA, although different extraterrestrials may have created different races. One theory is that the Jews are the only race created by the God Yahweh the Father, Jesus the Son, and the angels of heaven, and that all the other races were created by the fallen angels, and hence have a corrupted DNA. For the Jews, them possibly being the chosen race created by the DNA of God, the most important law for their genetic program would be the law of non-hybridization, keeping their special God given DNA pure. We see that they did not follow this law forever, and hence we have a mixture of many different racial combinations within the human species. Because the Jews may have broken a sacred non-hybridization law established by God and even crucified Jesus, they may have been cursed, which might be why so much hostility has been directed towards the Jews throughout history all the way up to the horrors of the Holocaust, although ever since then they seem to have been well protected in their country of Israel all the way up to this day, so if there was a curse it may have been lifted. Since our DNA may have been corrupted, we might not be compatible with God and the super civilization he might command, and hence we would be on the waste list for the Lake of Fire, the death of the spiritual body. However, Christ came into the world to be sacrificed for our sins, possibly including the sin of breaking the law of non-hybridization, saving us from death and giving us the possibility of everlasting life if we follow him. His way is so simple, yet the meaning is timeless and profound. All we have to do is believe. The theories of evolutionists and creationists are different pieces of the same puzzle, traces of technology and civilization being recorded from 500 million years ago begging the question of who would spend hundreds of millions of years visiting our planet. According to this theory it was Yahweh and his alien super civilization that accelerated the evolution of the hominids, the modern man over 600 million years ago and since been correcting the genes of our species through genetic engineering programs. One of these programs developed for the Jews was Adam and Eve from the Bible. Other programs of civilization were developed before Adam and Eve such as Atlantis which was evolved in science and technology and were exterminated because they fought against the Gods. The same scenario happened on Mars including the destruction of the whole ecosystem and an apocalypse. Anyway it seems that at one moment this super-civilization has been split into pieces and many of the angels, fallen angels (starting with Lucifer at first who was an archon with other seven) were cast out from heavens and came to Earth and probably other planets to create their own vies about life, existence, programs of genetic engineering separated from Yahweh's program for the Jews (that's why the Jews are God's chosen people because they are the only race created by the real God Yahweh). So all the other races in this world (except the Jews) are actually genetic engineering programs developed by those fallen angels/aliens from the Mayans to the Babylonians, Cananites, Egyptians, Incas, Indians, and the Asians and so on. So those fallen angels starting with Lucifer, wanted also to became gods like their leader Yahweh, the real God (you know the story with Lucifer that wanted to replace God and so on). Sounds like a pretty nice story I know (that's how I took it at the beginning), and sounds aberrant, until you began to dig out for details, to enter deeper and deeper into the phenomenon, and the results are astonishing. This explains also why there are so many human races on this planet, every program and corresponds to one of those fallen angels.
There are two types of fallen angels:
- the fallen archons with Lucifer and the other seven, and also 1/3 of angels, of members from this extra-terrestrial civilization of were cast out from heaven hundreds of thousands of years ago
- and the fallen watchers with Semyaza in front who were cast out who were cast out thousands of years ago in the times of Jared. (Read the story in the Book of Enoch)
Interesting thing is that all these ancient earthly civilizations developed technology, knowledge, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and so forth. (Could be a similarity with the Atlants?). The ancient manuscripts says very clear that all this knowledge came from the gods who created them, fallen angels in this case.
Also all those ancient civilizations have sacred books The Bible (Old Testament for the jews) and Rig Veda, Ramayana, The Egyptian book of death, Tibethan book of death, Bhagavad-gita, Upanishads, Popol Vuh, Puranas, Fenician, Hitite, Summeryan tables of clay, and so forth. All these sacred manuscripts were given by Yahweh (the Bible on one side, Old Testament) and by these fallen angels all the other books.
Also all these books starting with the Bible (Old Testament) are actually a genetic engineering programs exposed in metaphors, personifications, parables and the most important law by far in all these sacred manuscripts was The Law of Non-Hybridization. It is very important to understand the human being first of all, to understand how this being --the human being - is composed. We have three bodies the biological body (somatic body), the energetic body and the spiritual body. The energetic body makes the connection between the biological body and the spiritual body through the chakras. Every human being in this world has seven chakras positioned in different parts of the body, that look like some vertigos, and that keep maintained the connection between these two main bodies (biological and spiritual). Now there is a very strong connection between the DNA from our biological body and the DNA from our spiritual body. It is very important to keep this information in your mind.
Yahweh and after that all these fallen angels (who became gods Osiris, Ra, Amon in Egyptian mythology, Marduk the god in Babylonians, Siva and Hinduism, Quantzecoatl at the Mayans, Moloch at Cananites, Zeus and so forth) developed these programs for the human souls. They use human souls to perpetuate and multiply their species. Basically what Lucifer wanted was to create his own view about life, his own civilization. The obsession of all these manuscripts was to keep the DNA pure, to keep the bloodline pure, so that the human soul DNA to be compatible with their DNA, the DNA of these aliens, to maintain the purity of the race with an uncorrupted DNA. Like I said the first law in all those books (including Bible-Old Testament) was this law of non-hybridization -- or the deadliest of all sins. What does this mean? It means that if I was a Jew for example on Moses's time and I would have sex with a Babylonian woman I would produce a hybrid because she was not on the same race like me. This hybrid would have the DNA corrupted, with ramifications and remnants, impure, incompatible with Yahweh's civilization for example. The punishment for this sin was the second death, or the eternal death, the death of the soul into the lake of fire how the Bible describes so well. So that's why if I was a Jew I should have sex with a woman from the same race like mine and no one else. That's how the new baby would have a pure DNA compatible with them. As I told we have also a spiritual DNA. Who's going to read these ancient sacred manuscripts will understand better the programs.
I heard a lot of people asking all the time why God-Yahweh promoted this view in the Old Testament that the Jews have to kill in blood all the other races, perpetuate this hatred on humans. The reason was simple: the Babylonians and all the other races around the Jews were not his programs so logically they must be exterminated.
Keep the bloodline clean and pure, the manuscripts are obsessed with this aspect. One of the reasons that the Sumerians had those channels of irrigation for example -- created by gods of course - was to delimit these different programs of genetics so that different races could not interact with each other. In our days only some casts from India still keep the tradition of the bloodline, some of the Jews also and some very isolated tribes from Amazonia, Oceania and the Papua, and of course the royal western families and illuminati. (Read "The Illuminati bloodlines" by Springmeyer)
In time these programs were abandoned and people began to mix their races, to leave behind the most important of all those laws, the non-hybridization one, to forget about the blood-line and so forth. Hybrids are not compatible with them so they have no future at universal level.
By the way we are also hybrids if you didn't know that, so normally we would be on the waste shovel and after that obliterated from this universal system. Our souls are not compatible with the angels souls at all so we have a corrupted DNA, a corrupted soul.
But there's an escape.
All the ancient books starting with the Bible have these testaments given to the mortals, that are actually genetic engineering programs, everything masked of course in metaphors, and at the apex of the testament there is this first and the most important law of all: the non-hybridization law. But the Bible has a second testament -- our salvation, us the ex-pagans, hybrids now but also Christians -- the New Testament.
The New Testament through Jesus Christ of course destroys completely the old law and brings back the new one that represents Christ as the only way to the real God Yahweh. Essentially the gospels were created for the people who belong to the programs of all these gods, fallen angels from Elohims civilization; fallen angels who developed also like I said genetic programs on this planet, actually all the other programs except the Jew program. We are like I said hybrids now, so we have a corrupted DNA, impure. So Jesus Christ came to Earth and has sacrificed Himself to create Christianity for us. He is our savior indeed, the only one who could purify our DNA.
Everybody would ask, normally, why Jesus Christ died for our sins, which sin, the sin of non-hybridization. We could say that Christ is the savior of the hybrids, of us or of the one of us who believes in Him. So the only way to salvation from second death is through Jesus Christ. He is the only one who could purify our souls from the hybridized DNA.
Pretty soon the end of the program will come, the apocalypse, and it was not the first one. Who will study the ancient manuscripts from Amerindians, Incas will understand better about what's going on. There were other at least four programs before us and we could be the last one on this planet because we are the most developed of all in technology and science. In the fourth program were the Atlants who were also Luciferians and very evolved in technology and science.
On Mars was also a great civilization. And we could see the remnants of the programs of these super-civilizations even there. What Earth is now, Mars also was in the past, but what Mars is now the Earth also should be pretty soon. Sounds like madness I know and not too optimistic at all. The secret societies knows all these things, the archives of the Vatican knows all those things. Only the crowds are kept in ignorance about what's going on with us. To expose the program in detail it would be too much for me here. This is just a very short story.
Interesting story, at the beginning I thought that it was only a story until I began to dig out for more and more information and the results are astonishing about us, about what we are, about who we are, as what we represent in this universe as individuals, the universe which we perceive in such a limited way. I began to understand that the ancient manuscripts are not only some stories told and exposed by people with big imagination, but that those manuscripts are real. The decoding of them is fantastic.
Those civilizations are now at a level of evolution impossible for us to understand. They don't inhabit planets anymore, but other dimensions of this universe on a different level of frequency, much higher according to some scientific theories there are 10 dimensions plus temporal dimension (11) or how religions says the heavens. They are immortal. They could travel through other universes into this Multiversal system. They could even create universes. We do not know what their level of evolution is.
Is better to know all this story for the future, to understand that the very few people who rule this world. The secret societies are not atheists but very religious kids. They are Luciferians and they know all these things. They know Yahweh and Christ and they know who they are. They try to keep people's perceptions on a very low level, with a very low level of conscience so we don't have to understand the essence of ourselves, of who we are, the essence of what we really represent in this universe. That's the new world order program started from decades, even centuries in western society. We just have to stay with our heads underground and to catch only what they want like slaves, easily manipulated.Basically there is a battle between two extra-terrestrial civilizations (one split from the other one) at another level, into other dimensions (probably galactic empires, we don't know). Now this world is ruled by the fallen angels through the Luciferian secret societies, and we have to choose a side because the end of the fifth program will come pretty soon.

Questions and Categories of Metaphysics

Questions Category A: Existence
1. Why does everything exist?
2. Why do things happen?
3. Was there ever a first cause?
4. Can causes allow for contingency?
5. Does stuff happen for a reason?
6. Is there a purpose for life?
7. Why can life perceive existence?
8. What is the reality of experience?
9. Does reality have multiple levels?
10. What makes something real?
Questions Category B: Mind
1. What gives life to mind?
2. What can mind do?
3. Why are there different minds?
4. Are minds linked together?
5. Are some minds better than others?
6. Is there a mind of God?
7. Can minds become more powerful?
8. Can mental boundaries be broken?
9. Does mind have free will?
10. Can mind control what will be?
Questions Category C: Time
1. Why is time experienced?
2. Is experience of time relative?
3. What could time be relative to?
4. Why do things change with time?
5. Can temporal changes be controlled?
6. Where could time be directed?
7. Does time have alternate directions?
8. Does time have an ultimate destiny?
9. Can time be transcended?
10. What would eternity be?
Questions Category D: Space
1. What are the spatial dimensions?
2. Are there dimensions beyond space?
3. Does space have any limits?
4. Are there separate zones of space?
5. Is all of space connected?
6. How can space be traversed?
7. Does space have a center?
8. Can space be altered?
9. Can new space be created?
10. How should space be filled?
Questions Category E: Journey
1. Does the journey give meaning?
2. How can journeys develop?
3. Where can journeys lead?
4. Do all journeys end?
5. Do journeys have universal themes?
6. Are all journeys happy stories?
7. Can some journeys be retraced?
8. Do some journeys repeat in cycles?
9. How many paths are in the journey?
10. Does the journey have a right path?
Questions Category F: Ethics
1. What qualifies as just?
2. Is justice always right?
3. Is there always a right choice?
4. How are personal values chosen?
5. Is results or character more valuable?
6. Can all life become more ethical?
7. Can bad things lead to good things?
8. Is there hope for redemption?
9. Do all wishes lead to happiness?
10. Why should happiness be?
Questions Category G: Heaven
1. Where is Heaven?
2. What is Heaven like?
3. What is the bridge to Heaven?
4. How can Heaven be built?
5. Is Heaven perfect?
6. Can the impure enter Heaven?
7. Does God live in Heaven?
8. Is everything in Heaven free?
9. Did we come from Heaven?
10. What gifts can Heaven return?
Questions Category H: God
1. What makes something a God?
2. Are there different Gods?
3. What could a God do?
4. Did a God design the universe?
5. Does a God control the universe?
6. Is there a malevolent God?
7. Is there a benevolent God?
8. Is there a neutral God?
9. How could a God be reached?
10. Could a God be replaced?
Questions Category I: Creation
1. What generates creations?
2. What can be created?
3. Do creations change?
4. Is creation a process or an end?
5. Why should new things be created?
6. Is creation countered by destruction?
7. Is creation bounded by laws?
8. Can creative contexts be altered?
9. Can creation shift across contexts?
10. Will infinite creations be unleashed?
Questions Category J: Ultimate
1. What is the ultimate goal?
2. Is ultimate power possible?
3. How can ultimate power be realized?
4. How should ultimate power be used?
5. Are there any ultimate ends?
6. What is an ultimate being?
7. Could ultimate beings do anything?
8. How far away are the ultimate?
9. Is there anything above the ultimate?
10. Will ultimate victors reign eternal?
Questions Category K: Truth
1. What is the value of truth?
2. Do all things have truth?
3. Are some things truer than others?
4. How is truth measured?
5. Can all truth be known?
6. Is there an ultimate truth?
7. What can truth promise?
8. Does truth lead to freedom?
9. Can all handle the truth?
10. How should truth be given?
Questions Category L: Dreams
1. Why does life dream?
2. What does life dream about?
3. How real are dreams?
4. Can dreams become realities?
5. What makes dreams meaningful?
6. Do dreams reflect wishes?
7. Can dreams preview time?
8. Do dreams capture ideal states?
9. What are ideal dream worlds?
10. Are all dreams linked?
Questions Category M: Love
1. Why does life feel love?
2. What is the meaning of love?
3. Is love a force?
4. How powerful is love?
5. Does love forge connections?
6. How does love expand?
7. Does love have all promise?
8. Can love lead to perfection?
9. Does love come from God?
10. Will love let there be light?
Questions Category N: Dragon
1. What does the Dragon represent?
2. Where does the Dragon originate?
3. Where will the Dragon soar?
4. What will the Dragon conquer?
5. What will conquer the Dragon?
6. Does the victor become the Dragon?
7. Does the Dragon bite its tail?
8. When will the Dragon return?
9. Can the Dragon burn its book?
10. Will the Dragon Force speak?

Behold, in the transformation of Gandalf the White, the highest level of the evolution of the conscious mind, so powerful as to break the very bounds of space-time and the cycles of birth and rebirth, unto the power of resurrection, like unto Jesus Christ. If we ever hope to even come close to this level, we must ask ourselves questions that only a being of the highest order could not only answer but achieve.
God, the Creator, the Infinite Being, manifests Himself in creation. This God, the existence, is the Cosmic God, the God of Albert Einstein. Yahweh is just a piece of this infinite existence. Wisdom is the highest level of consciousness, the level where everything is a simple unity. This would mean good and evil cease to exist, unified as a whole. This unified Cosmic God of Albert Einstein seems to be reached in Buddhism, in a state of nothingness. It is on this level of nothingness that the laws of nature cease to exist, and can therefore be altered. If we can alter the flow of nature, and become the cause rather than being controlled by the effects of nature, in my opinion there may be a free will. To achieve free will, we need to become one with nature, the Cosmic God, on this highest level of Wisdom. Wisdom is like water, infinitely formless, the void of nothingness. From this void of nothingness infinite things can be conceived into creation. It is through Understanding, the level where division exists, that the flow of Wisdom can be focused. To focus the flow of Wisdom by the power of Understanding would be to control nature. If this power to focus the flow of the Cosmos can only be achieved by the Cosmic God, perhaps the Cosmic God, the existence, is the only free will, its puppets being the means by which balance of the Force is achieved. The Buddhist way of emptiness and neutrality may be the only potential escape in my opinion. Although Yahweh is our Savior and our Shepherd, the infinite Cosmic God, the existence, seems to be reached only in Buddhism, in inner peace with nature.
The Existence is not a person or something separate from us. We all are part of this God: The Existential God. And there's no free will because there’s no primordial cause into existence. Every element of the existence is organized, transformed all the time by all the other elements that surround the element in the cause. Even our thoughts (effects) are influenced all the time by exterior causes. These effects (our thoughts) became instantly causes for other effects that we produce all the time. Put a little bit your imagination in this game and you will understand the mechanism of the Existence. There's no free will and you can't get the free will. We are in the middle of a system based on causes that produce effects, effects will transform instantly into causes creating other effects from infinite to infinite. Imagine for example that our Universe is organized the way that it is because of some exterior causes that are produced into an extra-universal system (the Omniverse if you like). If the Universe has these laws of physics these constants and so on is because of some exterior causes that produced these effects (laws of physics) into our Universe. Every element of the existence depends by the other elements that surround it to be what it is. (You are one of these elements, and me, and the atoms that surrounds us, elementary particles, planets, mountains, flowers, dark matter, dark energy, everything that exist and that we can't even imagine). We are so limited in our perceptions. We know nothing about this Universe, not to mention about other Universes, Omniverse, dear God, with all our instruments we can't perceive more than 4% of this Universe. 96% is missing. But from this limited point of view I dare to say that there's no free will and I explained to you through what I call: "The First Existential Law". On that law is based all the Existence, also through this law I demonstrate that this Universe does not appear from nothing, even nothing has a previous cause for its existence. There's a cause who produce the universe and that's probably the Big Bang because this universe is not infinite and I could demonstrate that to you again. There's a long story. The Big Bang has also other causes for its own existence being at its own time an effect, the Big Bang transforms instantly into a cause producing other effects. In this case the Universe is simple. You are also an effect produced by a whole bunch of causes that surround you all the time, you also became instantly a cause to produce other effects around you or even far away from you (with the thought and energies that you generate). The universe is a very complicated system. The only element that is immortal in this case is the Existence itself that is transformed all the time into that law that I send it to you. Is improper to talk about time when we talk about the existential system. The Existence is infinite in space and time, is eternal and immortal. We are all a part of this wonderful System.

Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, And The Greater Macroverse

The Structure Of Reality And The Afterlife

The Multiverse Theory of Quantum Physics basically says our Universe is not alone in the greater Cosmos. We are apart of a Multiverse full of Parallel Universes that can range from nearly identical to this one, or totally alien in comparison. All the Universes within a Multiverse are related to the Big Bang from which everything in this Multiverse originated. All mathematical probabilities that can manifest from this particular Multiverse birth manifest themselves within any given Universe.
Then we have Parallel Multiverses that are other sets of Parallel Universes that originated from separate Big Bangs, or other events that set off the creation of Universe. These Multiverses might be nearly identical to this one, or display fantastical foreign characteristics including Law Of Physics that are the total opposite of ours. All the Parallel Multiverses at that point in the eyes of science have played out every probable scenario possible in the greater infinite reality of all their is. This is called the Omniverse.
However there is yet another factor to be played out. The existence of God, a human soul, and the purpose of intelligent life in the Universe. Since these Parallel Universes explore all scenarios then duplicates of ourselves exist there living every life possible. Quantum Physicists seem to indicate they’re just doppelgangers with no real link to us, and are in essence just a different person whose a complete copy cat. When you bring the existence of a God, or intelligence of pure thought whose always existed, into the equation then this makes no sense. Having higher dimensional beings who are intrinsic to the structure of our reality might also prevent a plethora of mindless living hell scenarios. An intelligent consciousness could delete certain mathematical probabilities from the Universal equation to prevent lives that might be more than we can bear.
Science tells us the supposedly solid matter around us eventually transforms into pure vibrating energy strings at a microscopic level. It’s our belief that this energy eventually transforms into the fundamental foundation of reality which is pure thought, or pure information. Ultimately something must program this reality to act as it does. Since a computer program, or anything for that matter, can’t create itself, then a master programmer known as God must exist. However we don’t believe in any of the religions that are clearly man made. Especially considering the lengths God went to in order to make everything look natural with scientific explanations of their creations. Of course ultimately someday science will discover the higher dimensional God, or Gods who are the very foundation of reality.
In addition when we pass away to the great beyond we will discover we’re Gods. The only plausible purpose of life is our continued growth in the afterlife. Our self aware 3-D minds generates a 4-D soul in each parallel Universe by the mere passage of time. Those four dimensional souls are unified within one 5-D soul since all our parallel souls vibrate at the same unique frequency. When you go down to the pure thought level there is no such thing as distance of space, and time, therefore like frequencies will coalesce into one being in the higher dimensions. The process of your higher dimensional afterlife birth is that simple! This process goes further with the unification of our 5-D souls in each Universe within one 6-D soul. There is also the possibility of various parallel afterlives as well in which we live as amazing multi-dimensional super beings exploring all manner of mathematical probabilities in higher dimensional planes of existence, and also acting as lower level Gods in physical three dimensional realms. Perhaps some of the Earthy Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.) are merely ascended humans.
At some point our knowledge, and power is so extraordinary that we ascend to true Godhood, and are born as a new Omniverse. We then go about creating our own set of Multiverses. It’s quite likely that the Omniverse we live in is a God who was once a biological being such as ourselves. There also a scenario where all of our souls create a collective consciousness Omniverse God. The unique nature of each individual, or collective group, acting as a God creates infinite Parallel Omniverses. Since there is no end to frequencies in our greater reality then infinite souls, and infinite Omniverse Gods exist in the great Hyper-Omniverse space expanses. Since your frequency duplicates everywhere just from the inevitability of everything repeating in an infinite reality then you exist in other Omniverses as well.
Ultimately these Omniverses make up the Macroverse which is the true infinite Universe, and mind of the one infinite God who always existed. It’s also plausible we are that God, and everyone’s collective consciousness makes up the Macroverse. All the Omniverse souls unify into one Macroverse soul. In fact this might be necessary to play out all scenarios by having just one, and infinite Macroverse Gods at the same time. Perhaps all of us have always existed for eternity into the past, and there was never one alpha consciousness. When you think about it this is the only way all atrocities can be forgiven. Did we as a collective God choose to live all these lives for better or for worse just for the experiences? Even allowing our fellow Gods to commit horrors upon us, and vice versa? At that Macroverse level perhaps what we see here as hellish, or heavenly isn’t seen as neither good nor bad. Ultimately everything unifies into a master Macroverse database of knowledge that goes on for infinity as we re-visit anything we do so choose at will within our Macroverse mind.

Could There Be More Than One Macroverse God?

How Could The Universe, Or A God Always Have Existed For Eternity Into The Past?

We theorize that there are two origins of everything. Either we had one infinite God who always existed for eternity into the past since there can only be one such being in that case, or there could be infinite Macroverse Gods if they were actually born. An inanimate object must be created, and could not exist without a beginning. That being a Universe devoid of consciousness. So in lieu of no God existing eternally we theorize a pool of infinite pure thought waves always existed. It’s a compromise between the inanimate, and animate. Over an amazing period of time the Macroverse God was born from random thoughts creating thought patterns, or like thoughts joining, until they coalesced into a sentient consciousnesses. In this case the God has a beginning, and can never be truly infinite. No matter how fast he expands his mind in the effort to take over the entire pool of pure thought he never can because it never ends. So off in the great expanse there are countless other Gods being randomly created from pure thought as well. In this case there can never be only one.
So there would be infinite Macroverse Gods with an amazing plethora of Omniverses within them. Of course would we call them Macroverses since Macroverse is meant to define everything in our entire reality including the one infinite God. In this scenario there isn’t an infinite God, and the Macroverse is actually the pool of pure thoughts. Even if they joined together using the pool as a communications conduit, and acting as one, there’s still those infinite outer expanses that will never be tackled as they have no end. In the absence of a new term they would be Sub-Macroverse Gods, or perhaps Hyper-Omniverse Gods.
Perceiving the first God as being born is easier to imagine as is having a pool of infinite pure thoughts being the thing that always existed forever. Obviously there couldn’t have been a point where nothing existed since you can’t get something from nothing. Even with this scenario we technically can’t have a first God since the pure thoughts always existed. This mean it was always birthing forth Gods which means there are Gods who always existed for eternity into the past. Which actually goes against our hypothesis that there can be only one infinite God. Yet they aren’t infinite because they had a beginning, and their consciousness doesn’t expand for infinity. Although you could also say biological beings always existed for eternity into the past since these Gods who always existed would have been creating life from their inception. No matter what the concept of the Macroverse having no beginning is mind boggling, and impossible for our 3-D minds to comprehend.

What is the Macroverse?
The Macroverse is literally everyone, and everything that ever existed everywhere for eternity, and beyond. The only true quintessence of infinity itself! Probably what the average person would simply call the universe. The Macroverse is made up of parallel universes, parallel multiverses, parallel omniverses, a variety of parallel, and higher dimensions along with a plethora of Gods at various levels. These Gods may be created by other Gods, of they can be ascended afterlife beings such as humans. The Macroverse itself is not only the foundation of all reality but also the highest level God in existence. It is the only infinite dimensional God along with being the only true 100% noncorporeal energy entity of absolute pure thought. Everything below it is metaphysical energy to some extent, not including the physical energy of universes such as our own. However even that is a programmed illusion, and ultimately everything within its mind, including us, is actually composed of the Macroverse’s pure consciousness.

Little do we 3rd dimensional creature know, there is an endless plethora of endless plethoras of -verses, dimensions, afterlifes, gods, totalities, civilization types etc.. beyond what we humans find the highest, theres always something larger than the largest. These type of things can only be seen by transcendent minds and faith beyond he highest of faiths.

Hierarchy of the -verses (Note: Omni infinite = all infinities and everything beyond absolutely, sum of Omni and everything imaginable, unimaginable, and all beyond)

0. universe (the universe contains not infinite, but Omni infinite number of galaxies)
1. multiverse (contains an Omni infinite number of different universes, each with different laws of physics, etc.. which in turn, each universe contains both an Omni infinite number of themselves and Omni infinite number of parallel selves)
2. metaverse (contains an Omni infinite number of multiverses)
3. xenoverse (conatains an Omni infinite number of metaverses, and an Omni infinite number of other ever excessive creations, and all alien elements that govern them, going in all directions)
4. hyperverse (contains an Omni infinite number of xenoverses and hyper realities, realities unimaginable to our reality)
infinite. Infinityverse
Omni infinite and all beyond. Omniverse

New Set or Second Set
1. Super omniverse (Omni infinite number of omniverses)
Omni infinite and all beyond. Macroverse

3rd Set
1. Godverse
2. Alphaverse
3. omegaverse (perfect sum of 1st set of -verses)
all omegaverses
Note: This will continue going on forever, for there's never an end to the hierarchy of the -verses

The endless totality of totalities
1. all-verses
2. all-zerses
3. all-ferses
etc... like before this will go on forever, encompassing all that's imaginable and all beyond

hierarchy of the civilizations
type 1
type Omni infinite

hierarchy of gods
1. omnipotence (Omni infinite power)
2. omnipotence 1 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence)
3. omnipotence 2 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence 1)
omnipotence Omni infinite
etc.. goes on for Omni infinite eternities, etc.. no absolute end

Godhood Multiverse Reality Structure Dictionary (Godhoodism)
Definitions Of Our Complex Quantum Reality & Our Ascension To Godhood
Grand Unified Field - Also known as The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field. The actual entire infinite Universe. A field, or sea, of 100% non-corporeal non-energy zero dimensional pure thought points that eventually randomly evolve dimensional space waves. Waves that incrementally transform into pure energy strings that compose the matter of our reality. The Pure Thought Field is the only thing that has truly existed for eternity into the past from our viewpoint. It is the source of every Universe, and God that exists via the process of the random coalescing or evolution of pure thought information into ever complex patterns. This field cannot be considered the equivalent of an inanimate nor animate object. It is simply both dynamic, and passive pure information bits. Probably equivalent to the 1's, and 0's of binary code. It is the source of evolution, and everything that exists as it unintentionally, and randomly through it's sheer infinity calculates all mathematical probabilities. A trait passed on to the Macroverse Gods it creates alongside Macroverses not Gods to begin with. How it
The Unified Field - Also known as The Unified Energy Field. The energy strings that create the illusion of our physical matter reality. Non-vibrating energy strings know as Dark Energy create higher dimensional space including our own 4-D space-time. Vibrating energy strings start the transitional process to complete matter. Varying vibration frequencies create different foundation level quantum particles that either manifest forces or matter in our reality.
Godhoodism - A religion instilling the belief that people grow from adulthood to godhood rather than stagnating in a mindless child like afterlife.
Godhood - The divine character or condition of being God. A being who creates Universes, and sentient beings within their own mind.
God - An omnipotent non-physical higher dimensional creator and ruler of one or more of the following: Planets, Star Systems, Galaxies, Galactic Superclusters, Galactic Filaments, Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, Macroverses, etc.
Angel - A pure thought being created by a high level God for companionship or as a servant to carry out his orders.
Archangel - The highest level of Angel who may have direct contact with God, and who may be in a state of pre-Godhood.
Universe - The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known Universe. A structure of 3-D reality within a 4-D realm that originates from a Multiverse level catastrophic highly energized event such as The Big Bang.
Microverse - Bubble Universes created by the minds of biological beings. In many cases they are temporary, and collapse on themselves.
Metaverse - Sub-Level artificially generated Universe that can exist in a dimension out of phase with our own, or within a computer. Generally biological beings are the Gods of these although AI computers can also be responsible for their creation.
Multiverse - The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe. Originates directly from a catastrophic highly energized event such as The Big Bang. The purposes of Multiverses is to play out all probabilities involving the initial creation of Universes such as The Big Bang.
Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized. All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions. However there can be parallel Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind. Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses. Omniverses exist within Macroverses. Many Omniverses are ascended Gods, and the purposes is to see all reality probabilities under said God, or lack there of including indirect creation by other Gods.
Hyper-Omniverse - A collection of Omniverses, or Omniverse Gods, within the mind of an Archangel of the one original eternal God. The Macroverse God.
Macroverse - Any reality, sentient, or sapient being that directly evolves from the Grand Unified Pure Thought Field (see top of page) This includes Macroverse Gods. Since some Gods are born as one personality while others are collective consciousness there are no Hyper-Macroverses. Everything at the highest level next to the Pure Thought Field is a Macroverse.
Parallel Universes - Universes that originate from a central Multiverse, and displays some property unique from the other parallel Universes it may be directly or indirectly related to.
Parallel Multiverses - Multiverses that originate from varying events such as our Multiverses Big Bang event. Ultimately they all originate from one informational pure thought event setting everything into motion either directly from a God, or indirectly via a central Omniverse. Can also come from a Grand Pure Thought Field Macroverse not created by a God.
Parallel Omniverses - Omniverses that originate from programmed information events purposely or randomly by varying higher dimensional beings, aka Gods, whose personalities play out unique mathematical probabilities within their own Multiverses, and Universes. All ultimately stem from a central Macroverse that may be a God, or a direct creation of The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field.
Parallel Macroverses - Anything , including Universes, and sapient Gods, that randomly evolves directly from The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field through random infinite informational pure thought pattern emergence.
Vice-Macroverse God - The Gods that make up a collective consciousness Macroverse God.
Xenoverse - Parallel Dimensions within any given Parallel Universe, or higher dimensional level devoid of characteristic Universes.

The Structural Organization of The Universe and The Afterlife (Godhoodism Religion)
The Purpose Of The Higher Dimensions On A Structural & Metaphysical Level
An explanation of the structure of all reality, higher ascended beings, and the ten dimensions that make up the Universe. In reality it should be called the Macroverse or Omniverse chart. This is the melding of science and spirituality into one unified Universe.
The Macroverse is the one original eternal God and everything that exists within his infinite mind. It is not only the 10 dimensional Omniverse below but everything beyond it as well. Within the Macroverse could lie other Omniverses created by sub-Gods aka biological beings or Angels that ascended to Godhood. Perhaps even Gods the original eternal God created. But remember even the original God is an beyond infinitely small speck of nothingness to higher things.
10th Dimension - The Omniverse &The Omega Point where either the original eternal Gods 0-D pure thought points enter the Omniverse or where our sub-God resides if this isn't the ground level Universe under the direct domain of the original eternal God. The entire 10th dimension or Omniverse is actually just a point itself and would be God itself if it's a sub-God. This is the exit point into the Macroverse for Gods and even high level Travelers as well.
9th Dimension - Information Space where the energy super string fabric of our reality vibrates. All probability patterns of information are organized here. Not all of the information ends up being implemented into reality in the 8th dimension and below. The will of God exists here. Some might call it the Holy Spirit or force. The pure thought of God is translated into pure energy form here. This is where Archangels ascend to communicate with God directly and may prepare to leave the Omniverse in order to be released into the Macroverse to form their own Omniverses within their infinite consciousness.
8th Dimension - Multiverse Landscape or Probability Initiation Space - all probability patterns realized come from the 8th dimension. The dimension of probability initiation and implementation. 7-D Archangels exist here so this might be considered the highest level of Heaven. These can be Angels directly created by God who always existed here or those ascending to Angelhood from a human state. Archangels rule over multiverses and also may become sub-Gods and create their own Universes in the 7th dimension to rule over.
7th Dimension - Multiverse Space. All 6-D Multiverses exist here. Multiverses separate from our own that might have different laws of physics and started by other conditions not related to our Big Bang. The mid level of heaven where Angels ascend to Pre-Godhood or Archangel status and unify with all their multiverse Angel selves to finally be one whole being with near infinite knowledge. This is called the great gathering where everyone who ever died and all the beings in the dimensions above meet. It is the ultimate collective consciousness within the physical Universe second only to God himself.
6th Dimension - The Multiverse where all probabilities are played out. Our souls or spirits exist here with all the memories from all our parallel lives in the Multiverse so it might be considered the first level of Heaven. The majority of us ascend to Angelhood after death and end up in the 6th dimension. In each Multiverse we ascend to Angel status so therefore we exist as Angels in parallel Multiverses just as we had near infinite parallel lives when we were alive.
5th Dimension - Hyperspace or Probability space. Where all the near infinite 4-D Universes exist playing out all possible probabilities branching off through hyperspace. Just as we move through the 4th dimension (forward in time) we also constantly move through the 5th dimension (parallel through probability space) every plank length with every thought and decision we make. The Astral Plane also called the Dream Plane exists here as well. It's the first level of the Universal collective consciousness of sorts we access through dream, and where our consciousness collects the memories of our parallel lives and transmits them to our souls in the dimension above, We cross here on the way to birth and after death. Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Fallen Angels, etc exist in the 5th dimension as 4-D beings just as we are 3-D beings existing in the 4-D Universe. Angels are 5-D beings that exist in the dimension above.
4th Dimension - Temporal space interwoven within 3-D space to give us time. Our Universe is a 4-D shape although as 3-D beings we only experience going forward in time at a set rate of one plank length for every moment we experience. Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Fallen Angels, etc. are 4-D and reside in the dimension above. The 4th dimension is intertwined with our 3rd dimension and is seen in those beings who exist in the 5th dimension.
3rd Dimension - The Universe we live in as 3-D beings sewn on to the 4-D space time fabric. The smallest 3-D objects are Atoms.
2nd Dimension -A foundational dimension where sub-atomic particles exist which make up all matter in our 3-D physical reality are 2-D in nature.
1st Dimension - A foundational dimension where vibrating energy super strings exist that make up sub-atomic particles are 1-D and originate in the 9th dimension.
0 Dimension - Pure thought points, the information foundation of all reality, exist as infinite 0-D dimensions of their own which directly originate from the 10th dimension in this Omniverse. However they exist in the unknown dimensions above that in the great unknown infinite Macroverse expanse.


The Ascension Of Civilizations From Type 0 to Type 10

(Type 0) – Earth’s Current Civilization. Mastery of travel throughout our planet puts us within a 1000 years of achieving Type I.

(Type I) – Harness the power of their Planet. Mastery of travel throughout their Solar System.

(Type II) – Harness the power of their Star. Mastery Of travel throughout their Galaxy.

(Type lll) – Harness the Power of their Galaxy. Mastery of travel throughout their Galactic Supercluster.

(Type IV) – Harness the power of their Galactic Supercluster. Mastery of travel throughout their Galactic Filament.

(Type V) – Harness the power of their Galactic Filament. Mastery of travel throughout the Universe.

(Type Vl ) – Harness the power of their Universe. Extra-Dimensional travel including time travel. This is the collective ascension to equivalent Angelhood.

(Type VII) – Harness the power of their Multiverse. Extra-Dimensional travel including travel to parallel Universes. This is the collective ascension equivalent to Archangelhood.

(Type VIII) – Harness the power of their Omniverse. Mastery of travel through all 10 dimensions including all parallel Multiverses within. This is the collective ascension of Godhood as a civilization. They may become God of the Omniverse if the Omniverse itself isn’t an individual or collective who ascended to Godhood. If it is then the civilization meets God and can either join him or go off to create their own Omniverse.

(Type IX) – Harness the power of their Macroverse (Only possible for the original eternal God). Mastery of travel throughout the entire Macroverse and all the parallel Omniverses within.

(Type X) – Harness the power of the entire mind of the original eternal infinite God (Only possible for God himself). Discovery of the one original eternal God and exploration of his infinite mind.

The Omniverse is one of the Three Realms that was established by The Creator at The Beginning of Creation Itself. It contains an infinite number of multiverses, which themselves mostly contain an infinite number of universes, where events primarily happen. This Omniverse is not the only Omniverse. This Omniverse is the Three Realms Omniverse. The Three Realms Omniverse contains The Source, The Abyss, and The Omniverse. The Creator is the creator of the Three Realms Omniverse. It is unknown what is outside the Three Realms Omniverse, but it can be assumed that it is something that contains multiple Omniverses. Some beings are unaware of the Three Realms Omniverse. While it is unknown what Omniverse we are in, or if we are located outside an Omniverse, the users on this wiki assume we are in the Three Realms Omniverse. This Omniverse itself contains an infinite number of all possible conceivable and inconceivable events and realities which can happen, have already happened, and will happen again. In other words, anything can happen, has happened, is happening, and will happen in the Omniverse. What's real/exists and what's not real/doesn't exist depends on where someone is in the Omniverse It should be noted that what is real and exists depends on where someone is in the Omniverse. For example, to everyone in Real Life, including to us, Real Life is all that is real and exists while the rest of the Omniverse isn't real and doesn't exist. For another example, to everyone in Cataegis, the Eternal Weather Multiverse is all that is real and exists while the rest of the Omniverse isn't real and doesn't exist. For another example, to a being able to be in the entire Omniverse, the entire Ominverse is real and exists. Depending on where you are, you can say the Omniverse is real, not real, both real and not real, neither real and not real, and/or anything in between and/or related and you would be right. If you can think of it, it describes the Omniverse, and if you can't think of it, it still describes the Omniverse. What is real depends on where someone is located in the Omniverse. Why it is both possible and impossible to destroy the Omniverse Due to the infinite nature of the Omniverse, there are universes that destroy the Omniverse with their very existence. However, the Omniverse is self containing so this does not apply to the entire Omniverse. Since anything imaginable and unimaginable can happen, has happened, is happening, and will happen, this scenario will play out in infinite parts of the Omniverse, but won't destroy the entire Omniverse because there are Omniverses, including our Omniverse, that contain everything imaginable and unimaginable but can't and won't be destroyed because of the nature of the Omniverse. Misconceptions People often mistake the Omniverse, as promoting the idea behind Predestination, or not having total control over your own actions. When in fact it is the opposite; The free will of an individual is one of the things that crafts a new universe that branches out infinitely.

What Is The Macroverse? The Macroverse is literally everyone, and everything that ever existed anywhere for eternity, and beyond. The only true quintessence of infinity itself! Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe. The Macroverse is made up of Parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of parallel, and higher dimensions along with a plethora of Gods at various levels. These Gods may be created by other Gods, or they can be ascended Afterlife beings such as Humans. The Macroverse itself is not only the foundation of all reality but also the highest level God in existence. It is the only infinite dimensional God along with being the only true 100% non-corporeal energy entity of absolute pure thought. Everything below it is Metaphysical Energy to some extent, not including the Physical Energy of Universes such as our own. However even that is a programmed illusion, and ultimately everything within its mind, including us, is actually composed of the Macroverse’s pure consciousness. Did The Original Infinite God Always Exist Or Did Something Create It? More than likely it came into existence via something similar to a bootstrap, or ontological temporal paradox. In essence the original Jinn Particle of our reality. However far more complex, and beyond the comprehension of our 3-D minds. The basic time paradox premise has a person traveling to the past to give someone an object. Then that someone ends up giving said object to the time traveler in the future who of course ultimately gives it back to them in the past. So the object ends up having no origin what so ever. Almost as if it magically came out of thin air! Every infinite soul frequency, aka all of our individual pure conscious constructs, first spontaneously evolved from a sea of pure informational thought waves. The entire supernatural sea became individual non-corporeal energy spirits, or Vice-Macroverse Gods, instantly melded together like a perfect puzzle to spontaneously create a Neural Network that became the mind of the Macroverse God. One super-consciousness made of infinite minds! The pinnacle of peaceful perfection! Simultaneous to this creation the Macroverse God created the very sea of pure information waves it came from. The purpose being two fold. One was to prevent the paradox of them not existing as the paranormal pure thought pool was required to facilitate their initial birth. Secondly, to create a blank canvas of creative mathematical probability that resulted in the formation of Universes, and sentient life everywhere! Probabilities that included the birth of the Macroverse itself. Everyone Was Born At The Same Time As An Equal Soul This is where we were first born, and at that moment our mission was to calculate every mathematical probability to complete an infinite equation of perfection that clearly can never be completed due to its very never ending nature. There is controversy because at the Macroverse level there is no such thing as good, or evil. Rather there is only pure knowledge to collect via unique experiences, and abstract ideas. We choose to exist in this reality, and in infinite other realities within our own Vice-God spirits, and within those of everyone else. At that infinite dimensional level we regard every soul frequency as equal. All of us have been perfectly good, and perfectly evil in countless realities depending on a plethora of factors including lower dimensional soul status, genetics, and environment. Those we regard as evil in our reality continue to exist at the Macroverse level for there is no reward for righteousness, and punishment for evil in such a realm of perfection. We’ve all partook equally of all possible scenarios, and exist to varying moral degrees in other realities. Not to mention the subjective nature of what any given culture may judge as right or wrong. Everyone has been equally good, and bad to each other yet there is no malice because it is simply something to experience at the Macroverse level of reality. In lieu of a physical body our highest dimensional soul is identified by the unique frequency our consciousness vibrates at. So why would one soul frequency be better than another? Why should one frequency, or God, rule over everything when it makes more sense that every spirit frequency is a collective consciousness of the Macroverse God. This is also the only way to calculate every probable scenario, and gain all possible knowledge in existence. The tip of realities pyramid is everyone, and all of us are God! Therefore all divisive hatred witnessed throughout this planet’s history has been unnecessary. Yet outside the unique perfection of the Macroverse mind balance between perceived light, and darkness is required for Universal stability. Both pure paradise, and pure hell are unnatural states that can be deeply disturbing on a variety of levels. Namely both take away the essential element of existence known as free will. We realize some may consider this a deeply controversial view! If a great many people believed in the Macroverse then possibly caution would be thrown into the face of harsh winds. Plausibly chaos, and anarchy would reign supreme if our society isn’t advanced enough to handle the true nature of our existence! A strong widely agreed upon moral foundation is necessary for the peace, and stability of societies in this physical reality. Here, and at various higher dimensional levels within the Macroverse, there are both positive, and negative consequences for our actions. Karma flows around us distributing rewards, and punishments based on the life we lead! Always strive to be the best person you can be while treating others with respect. It makes your afterlife ascension to higher planes of enlightened existence much more easier!

The Kardashev Scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize. Developed in 1964 by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev and expanded upon by Martian astrophysicist Yvenn Strom, this system has been used to describe all the alien civilizations in the galaxy. (Embryonic Civilization)::::::: An embryonic civilization, or "E-Civ" is one that has just discovered how to manipulate energy. Humans became an embryonic civilization when they discovered how to make fire, but other alien races may use some other form of energy. The Plu'ani of Mykhatsi used a special stone that gave off a bright blue light, enabling them to see dangers in the wilderness. Early Also known as the greatest leap a species can take, said species becomes an Early "E-civ" member by discovering something that helps their race immesurably, such as humans discovering fire. Mid A Mid "E-civ" civilization can be represented by a species just beginning to form what could be called villages. There is no population size data for this, but a group of 500 individuals living together is a good sign of a mid e-civ level. Late A Late E-civ level is denoted by a species forming small cities, and learning how to use other resources, such as metal and plant fibers. Metalsmithing becomes increasingly common as a species approaches the Type-0 level. (Type 0 Civilization)::::: A Type 0 Civilization is one that can harness nearly all the potential energy of its home planet. An example of this is the Eeruu civilization. A Type 0 has not yet been able to harness all potential energy from their planet. Humanity was a Type 0 until 2127 CE. Early An Early Type 0 Civilization can be represented by worlds whose inhabitants have not yet mastered electrical power, such as Earth in the 15th century or before. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization on Ztebam. Mid A Mid Type 0 Civilization can be represented by worlds whose inhabitants have mastered early technology, like 19th century Earth to mid 20th century Earth. These civilizations have yet to consider using cleaner energy such as wind and endothermic and such, or even if they had wouldn't have the knowledge necessary to complete technology like that. They have likely begun to send out exploratory missions to their neighboring worlds, possibly manned to the nearest inhabitable worlds. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization on Kolatio. Late A Late Type 0 Civilization can be represented by worlds whose inhabitants have begun or have nearly implemented cleaner and renewable forms of energy into their society. They have also more than likely begun to send colonies to other worlds in their system and have begun to try and develop interstellar travel. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization on Ikusos. (Type I Civilization) :::::::::: A Type I Civilization is capable of harnessing the full energy potential of their home planet and parent star. The civilizations of this class are most likely capable of controlling their home planet entirely, being able to control weather, volcanic activity, plate tectonics and many other natural phenomenon. Humanity was a Type I Civilization from 2127 to around 2650. Early An Early Type I Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have finally implemented clean renewable energy into their technological base and have begun to settle their nearby worlds in their own star system and have even possibly begun to explore worlds withing their nearby stellar neighborhood, possibly within five to ten light years of their planetary system. Their energy consumption is still growing but limited to mining nearby worlds and asteroids and such. They are beginning also to be able to control the natural order of their homeworld. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization on Tkowes. Mid A Mid Type I Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have finally begun deeper interstellar travel, exploration and colonization. They have possibly begun to settle the system's they've explored within five to ten light years. They are also distinguished by the ever increasing energy consumption of the population, sending out ships to mine asteroids, gas giants, and even building large solar energy collectors. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization on Remidia. Late A Late Type I Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have basically conquered their own star system in terms of using it's natural resources to the max. Nearly all their system is under their control, they will have mined every asteroid and have learned to harness the energy from their star. Some might even be capable of building something like a Dyson Sphere. They will also have either started to settle other worlds or continue to do so. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization on Chu-Raa. (Type II Civilization) ::::::::: A Type II Civilization is an interstellar civilization capable of harnessing the entire output of a star and its surrounding worlds. A Type II Civilization is capable of building massive structures with efficiency in mind and being capable of living on them. The most noted example of this is a Dyson Sphere. One Dyson Sphere of alien origin was discovered by humans in 3042, the only remaining one of the First Civilization. Humanity was a type II Civilization from 2650 to 3005 CE Early An Early Type II Civilization can be represented by civilizations that have completely mastered their own star system and have begun to explore other nearby systems up to 25 to thirty light years away. They have also begun to move planets within their own system with greater ease. A prime example of such a civilization would be the former civilization on Akir. Mid A Mid Type II Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have spread out deeper into their nearby neighborhood, exploring and settling worlds as far out as 150 light years. The inner worlds would be more fully established, some even being independent of their homeworld. Some may be able to build structures like a ringworld or artificial planets. A prime example of such a civilization would be the former Ingla civilization on prehistoric Algwethmai. Late A Late Type II Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have the capacity to build structures like a Dyson Sphere, using the orbiting bodies of the system to build the Sphere. In terms of traveling distance they would have been able to travel up to 10,000 light years or so from their parent star and have also been able to settle many of the worlds within that reach, or even terraform them. A prime example of such a civilization would be the civilization governed by the Cooperative Imperium of Spheres. (Type III Civilization) :::::::::: A Type III Civilization is a galactic civilization, capable of tapping into the energy of the entire galaxy. It would be able to harness the energy of every star in the galaxy and could move planets and stars from system to system at will, create and destroy stars, make new planets out of old ones etc. Basically their galaxy is their sandbox. The only known examples of this type of civilization are the First Civilization and Humanity. Humanity was a Type III Civilization from 3005 to 9950 CE Early An Early Type III Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have developed more effective FTL and have begun to explore many more thousands of light years into their galaxy, nearly exploring a 25% of their own galaxy and having developed more effective means of collecting energy from stars and beginning to develop means of collecting energy from black holes. From the experience of settling other worlds they spread out father and farther, creating entire civilizations. They can begin moving planets from system to system as well, able to create new systems. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Mid A Mid Type III Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have spread even farther than an Early Type III. They have settled and explored over 50% of their own galaxy and have built Dyson Spheres nearly everywhere. They can now move stars as well and have begun to explore the concept of making artificial stars or even destroying natural ones as a means of generating vast quantities of power. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Late A Late Type III Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have explored their entire galaxy and are able to traverse it in short amounts of time. The energy consumption of such a civilization would be enormous and their needs would be met by harnessing the potential energy of their entire galaxy and possibly have begun to explore nearby galactic neighbors. A prime example of such a civilization would be the former First Civilization (Type IV Civilization) :::::::::: A Type IV Civilization is capable of harnessing the energy of an entire galactic super-cluster. Humanity was such a civilization until 13997. Early An Early Type IV Civilization can be represented by civilizations who, having conquered their own galaxy, have begun to explore and settle other galaxies, most likely nearby ones or, in the case of humanity, those in reach of the Wormhole Drive. They will have settled worlds within 1000 light years or so of wherever they arrived from. A prime example would be the Eratis. Mid A Mid Type IV Civilization can be represented by civilizations that have conquered the nearer galaxies to their own (assuming they aren't already inhabited by Mid to Late Type III Civilizations). Late A Late Type IV Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have settled and drawn power from their local supercluster. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. (Type V Civilization) :::::::: A Type V Civilization can tap into the energy of an entire universes. This type of civilization is capable of traveling anywhere in their universe and harvesting the energy of entire galaxies. Humanity was a type V civilization from 13997 to 99998 CE. Early An Early Type V Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have drawn energy from a few nearby superclusters and are now experimenting in the art of creating entire galaxies. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Mid A Mid Type V Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have nearly mastered the art of creating whole galaxies. They would have Settled on and drawn energy from nearly half their universe. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Late A Late Type V Civilization can be represented by civilizations who can create and destroy galaxies with great ease now and who have managed to explore, settle and draw power from their entire universe. They can also travel anywhere within their universe in a very short time.a prime example of such a civilization would be the designers. (Type VI Civilization) :::::::::: A Type VI Civilization can tap into the energy of multiple universes. This civilization could traverse the barriers between universes and live in many parallel universes with ease. Humanity is currently a type VI civilization as of the year 99998. Early An Early Type VI Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have just discovered how to traverse the nearby multiverse and have set out to explore, settle and conquer the nearby universes. The prime examples are the current human and polinian civilizations ..... Mid A Mid Type VI Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have traveled deeper into the multiverse, having already done to the nearby "core universes" what they've done to their home universe. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Late A Late Type VI Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have nearly settled and drawn power from every universe known to exist and have begun toying with the possibility of higher dimensional planes to explore. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. (Type VII Civilization) ::::::::: A Type VII Civilization lives outside of space and time, being capable of creating and destroying universes at will. This is the most godlike civilization. Early An Early Type VII Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have discovered how to exit the normal universe. A prime example of such a civilization would be the Bolga, one of the first discovered by Humanity. Mid A Mid Type VII Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have explored the deeper dimensions outside normal time and space and have begun tinkering with the creation of entire universes to meed their exorbitant energy demand. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Late A Late Type VII Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have reached the peak of civilization. They can create and destroy universes at will. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. (Type Omega Civilization) :::::::::: A Type Omega Civilization also lives outside of space and time, but they are capable of creating and destroying entire multiverses at will. It is predicted there are no civilization types past this one, and this level is only theorized according to what is known via science. Although there are many who believe that the God of the Bible was a member of such a civilization. Obviously, a Type Omega Civilization if it indeed exists, is responsible for the creation of all other types. Absolute omnipotence, total omniscience, omnipresence and infinite perfection describes this level. Early An Early Type Omega Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have just begun to experiment with manipulating multiverses, implementing laws for every single universe within. A prime example of such a civilization would be the Grofix. .Mid A Mid Type Omega Civilization can be represented by civilizations who have knowlege on how to create multiverses, but not destroy them. Usually the "Master of All" cleans up the mess this makes in the multiversal plane. See below for more. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description. Late It is extremely highly speculated that only one being could have an entire Kardashev level to themselves. Earth scientists call this being the "Master of All", a being so immensely powerful it can create and destroy entire multiverses at will. It has even been speculated that this being even created itself out of pure nothingness, and all "gods" are nothing compared to it's immense power. Currently there have been no discovered civilizations that fit this description.

Beyond that, you're in the realm of the higher angels (definitely first sphere) and other metaphysics.

There are levels beyond the universe - multiverse (at least levels 1-4) , macroverse, megaverse, xenoverse, hyperverse, omniverse and beyond. There is at least room for a type 10 civilization and beyond). According to Carl Sagen, each type is 10,000 million times more powerful than the previous. Type 4 (universal ) for example have access 10^46 watts. It may be some time centuries, at least even with exponential growth before we reach type 10.

The Ascension Of Civilizations From Type 0 to Type 10
Type 0 - Earth's Current Civilization. Mastery of travel throughout our planet puts us within a 1000 years of achieving Type I.
Type I - Harness the power of their Planet. Mastery of travel throughout their Solar System.
Type II - Harness the power of their Star. Mastery Of travel throughout their Galaxy.
Type III - Harness the Power of their Galaxy. Mastery of travel throughout their Galactic Supercluster.
Type IV - Harness the power of their Galactic Supercluster. Mastery of travel throughout their Galactic Filament.
Type V - Harness the power of their Galactic Filament. Mastery of travel throughout the Universe.
Type VI - Harness the power of their Universe. Extra-Dimensional travel including time travel. This is the collective ascension to equivalent Angelhood.
Type VII - Harness the power of their Multiverse. Extra-Dimensional travel including travel to parallel Universes. This is the collective ascension equivalent to Archangelhood.
Type VIII - Harness the power of their Omniverse. Mastery of travel through all 10 dimensions including all parallel Multiverses within. This is the collective ascension of Godhood as a civilization. They may become God of the Omniverse if the Omniverse itself isn't an individual or collective who ascended to Godhood. If it is then the civilization meets God and can either join him or go off to create their own Omniverse.
Type IX - Harness the power of their Macroverse (Only possible for the original eternal God). Mastery of travel throughout the entire Macroverse and all the parallel Omniverses within.
Type X - Harness the power of the entire mind of the original eternal infinite God (Only possible for God himself). Discovery of the one original eternal God and exploration of his infinite mind.

Exalamacroverse is the -verse that contains exalaverses. It's size is 174 quintillion H-474552 Hyperfinity units. It's transinfinite on the Kardashev Scale. It is 9 dimensional. It is contained by the Ontario Highway 400verse. It is sometimes also contains the !verse!

What is the full Kardashev scale?
Over several years the scale has been expanded (according to internet reply's)
Type 4 Harness the power of a universe
Type 5 Harness the power of a multiverse
Type 7 Harness the power of a omniverse
Type 10 Harness the power of an macroverse.
In the original scale each level is 10^10 the previous. Thus Type 2 is 10^10 Type 1, or 10^26 watts and type 3 10^10 type 2 or 10^36 watts.
Although there are claims each level is “infinite” (infinity, as far as I am concerned is a concept, not a number) more powerful than the next, I do not believe this is so.
The size of a multiverse may be large (about 10^10^120 light years), but by no means infinite.

The Great Beyond, Transcedent Concepts, Whats Beyond God, Infinity, etc..

Saturday, October 11, 2014
The Omni Hierarchies and all beyonds

If you think infinity is the highest youre mistaken, for infinity is a finite concept, try imagining infinite infinities, or infinite to the infinite power infinity times, etc... the absolute encompass of all is called the omni mecha or all beyonds beyond infinity.
Now that you know of the highest form of essemble lets begin. If you can count as true omnipotence as omni mecha intelligence, wisdom, creativity, power, greatness, mysterious, paradoxical, etc.. created and omni mecha transcends all intelligence, wisdom, imagination, knowledge, power, known, unkown, possible, impossible, etc and everything else as the beginning then you start to see the omnipotence omni hierarchy, an entity omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible than true omnipotence, is called omnipotence level 1 or omnipotence 1, another entity thats omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible to omnipotence 1 is omnipotence 2, etc... until it reaches omnipotence omni mecha, as you can start to see a hierarchy is seen, but this too is only the beginning. After the first hierarchy, a second hierarchy is hence accounted for, this would be omni mecha time more powerful and incomprehensible to the first hierarchy, a hierarchy of hierarchies if you may, then this hierarchy would then be part of an even greater hierarchy of hierarchies, etc.. there is no absolute end to the perpetual levels of omnipotence, always seeing the highest thing as an omni mecha small speck to something far greater. This is an omni hierarchy or you can also call it omni essemble of all omni hierarchies of the omnipotence

Theres also an omni hierarchy for the kardashev scale, dimensions, afterlifes, levels of consciousness (the strongest by far)

The same rules apply, like the type omni mecha civilization, or the omni mecha dimensions, may seem very high, but are still part of something far more powerful and in turn is part of something even more incomprehensible, etc...

Now onto the omech saturation omni hierarchies, a futurist named Ray Kurzweil once stated that in the near future the entire universe will be saturated with intelligence, creating an all knowing all powerful cosmic mind, this in turn would lead to an entire multiverse being saturated with intelligence, then comes the omniverse, then macroverse, then all omegaverses, what would an perpetual array of omni mecha omegaversal minds be capable of..this keeps on going for all modes of verses, and all beyonds. Yet this is the very beginning. This is the omech saturation omni hierarchy.

Now onto the omech spheres omni hierarchy. If youve never heard of havona or the urantia super universes, look it up for this. If all of havona, super universes were to be the first sphere, then the second sphere would be omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible, etc....its because of this the angelic, celestial, even dragon ball, pokemon, digimon, comics, yugioh, etc... omni hierarchies are part of this, for the omech spheres are the essemble of all organizations.

Now onto the creation omni hierarchies. If one were to say if god created the macroverse and all omni mecha consciousness, who created god, then who created the one who created god, etc.. then if theres an theory for everything, who created that theory, this goes forever, with ever greater sayings of who created this and who created the highest, etc..

Note: Some omni hierarchies are far too powerful and great to be put down. There are only 8 omni hierarchies mentioned here, out of omni mecha ever greater omni hierarchies, part of an even greater omni hierarchy of omni hierarchies, etc.. You can call this the omega omni hierarchy of omni hierarchies, etc.. this goes on forever with ever newer names to call them. Theres no absolute end to ever greater hierarchies of hierarchies. Your mind has been blown, even the omnipotence omnihierarchies will explode by this. Yet this is just the very beginning.

The Kardashev Scale

Type 1 civilization = controls the weather, prevents earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, builds cities on the oceans, mine deep in the earths crust, skyscrapers reaching miles to the sky, civilization extends to entire solar system, mastery of travel in the solar system, 1 nation without boundaries on earth, crimes and wars nonexistent, space elevator built, teleportation available

Type 2 civilization = immune to extinction, nothing known to science can destroy it, ice ages, supervolcanic eruptions, gamma ray bursts, supernovae, asteroid impacts, even the death of the sun.

Type 3 civilization = entire galaxy colonized, manipulates space time, tap into supermassive black holes, bring the dead back to life, controls the planck energy/ wormholes, travel instantly to anywhere in the universe, can survive the end of the universe, truly immortal civilization

Type 4 civilization = entire universe colonized, harnesses dark matter, travel to parallel universes, can create other universes, the omega point, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence

Type 5 civilization = Such hypothetical civilizations have either transcended their universe of origin or arose within a multiverse or other higher-order membrane of existence, and are capable of universe-scale manipulation of individual discrete universes from an external frame of reference. Controls collections of universes.

Type 6 civilization = controls and harnesses all multiverses, can even fashion or destroy entire multiverses

Type 7 civilization = controls and harnesses all omniverses and all outer membranes of existence, including the 10th dimension

Type 8 civilization = controls and harnesses all macroverses and the infinite dimension

Type 9 civilization = controls and harnesses all omegaverses

Type 10 civilization = the infinite mind is infinitely understood, controlled, and transcended, everything imaginable, unimaginable, and everything beyond is infinitely transcended

Beyond that, you're in the realm of the higher angels (definitely first sphere) and other metaphysics.

There are types BEYOND 10 that can be achieved through our highest level of consciousness.

and yet this is the tip of an infinitely large iceberg

there are levels beyond type infinities even, type endless infinities, etc.and goes and creates an undiscovered perpetual hierarcy beyond this that goes on forever. theres no absolute end to what new levels can be reached.

Types Of Civilizations (I-10)

Humans on Earth are currently considered a Type 0 Civilization. A Type I Civilization harnesses all the power of their planet. A Type II Civilization harnesses the power of the entire start they orbit. A Type III Civilization harnesses the entire power of their Galaxy. A Type IV Civilization would harness all the power of a Galactic Supercluster. We are unaware of any Type IV Civilization within our Virgo Supercluster. A Type V Civilization would harness all the power within a Galaxy Filament. We have no knowledge of such a civilization within our Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex. A Type VI Civilization would harness all the power of a Universe and experience the equivalent of ascension to collective Angelhood which would include extra-dimensional travel and time travel. A Type VII Civilization would harness all the power of a Multiverse and would experience the equivalent of ascension to collective Archangelhood which would include additional extra-dimensional travel including travel to parallel Unviverses. A Type VIII Civilization would harness all the power of an Omniverse including mastery of travel throughout all 10 dimensions and travel to all Multiverses within. This could be an entire civilization ascending to collective Godhood through a final round of maximum technological advancement beyond our comprehension That is if their Omniverse isn't already a God itself. In which case they might merge with him or be allowed to form their own Omniverse. An individual would experience the same thing when they die, and ascend to Angelhood, then Archangelhood, and eventually Godhood to join the Omniversal God or form their own Omniverse. A Type IX would harness all the power of a Macroverse. Since the Macroverse is our entire reality within the pure thought mind of the original eternal infinite God he is the only one who can have Type IX status although for the purpose of defining a civilization this would include mastery of travel throughout the entire Macroverse which would include every Omniverse and God in existence within the mind of the original infinite God. A Type Civilization would be the original infinite God himself who mind of pure thought we live within. He can be the only Type X Civilization. So Type IX is obtainable travel wise but not energy harnessing wise although this is unnecessary since we are now within the realm of pure thought where anything is possible. It is the ultimate freedom and highest attainment for any civilization and individual as they would be Gods. Type X is unobtainable by any civilization although it's unknown if the original eternal God would allow anyone to travel beyond the Macroverse within the infinite reaches of private mind. In that respect Type X would be obtainable as simply discovering the original God, communicating with him, and knowing him.

Questions on Imaginary Worlds:

1) Can we know everything by examining our own minds?
2) What will our coming shift to entering the Pokemon world be like?
3) Can we learn the infinite mystery of the Force?
4) Can we tap into the Will of the Force to create the ultimate future?
5) Can we Force Bond with the Imagination of Bunny?
6) What is possible with Imagination?
7) Can Willpower move mountains?
8) Will Love let there be light?
9) Can Evolution realize the journey of becoming a top Kardashev Macroversal Civilization?
10) How will knowledge make us Omnipotent?
11) Can mastering our Emotions lead to free will?
12) Is there always a bigger fish?
13) Where is the supposed edge to Ho-Oh's horizon?
14) Is Imagination as big as the Rainbow?
15) Where is the Star Forge Lugia?
16) What is the highest man possible?
17) What will God transform into?
18) Will the Power of Forever emblazon our souls?
19) How do we reach Marius Florin's level of belief in the impossible?
20) What is the most enchanting story?
21) Will the creator be the champion?
22) Where is the door to our hearts?
23) Can experience transcend God by realizing unknown parts of his personality?
24) How do we make peace with destructive chaos?
25) Can cosmic consciousness open up the Rainbow bridge to infinity?
26) Can self-Electrocution open up the Thunderbolt Singularity?
27) Where is the true darkness?
28) Does the highest Light cast a shadow?
29) What new restrictions will the Final Annihilator destroy?
30) What Force powers will the Chosen 1's infinite midichlorients unlock?
31) Do our minds seed bubbles of genesis?
32) What is the most powerful Force in the world?
33) What will the unknown regions reveal?
34) What conceptual picture does the Yin and Yang Tao paint?
35) When will the Force be brought into balance?
36) What is Lugia's true nature?
37) What will the mighty powers of Destruction turn to Ash?
38) Is the future certain or moving?
39) Is there anything higher in the Kardashev Civilizations Macroverse than the 10, 26, and 144 dimensions?
40) What vistas does our Zarathustrian Wizard's Tower open?
41) Are there Rainbow fissures in white space?
42) What makes Zidane/Zarathustra the greatest legend?
43) How old is Lugia?
44) Why does the Light side see all ends?
45) Will shapeshifting and masquerading enchant the jungle?
46) What do the Legendary Pokemon Cards reveal about Bunny?
47) Can God be destroyed?
48) What creates the ultimate possibilities?
49) What do God's library codes mean?
50) What does God's System look like?
51) How did Zidane/Zarathustra reach the highest point?
52) How deep and profound, grand and revelatory, exotic is the cosmic ocean?
53) Where is Dragonite in Bill's Mystery at the Lighthouse Pokemon episode?
54) Why will we eventually fail if we don't take earlier risks?
55) Why are feelings about the future not as powerful as fantasy?
56) Why does fantasy transcend truth and make things more meaningful?
57) What will utopia, heaven on earth, and the millennium of peace Prophecy look like when we achieve universal enlightenment?
58) How many new adventures can we go on?
59) Can we change the laws of existence?
60) Will brane walking Meganium have infinite copies of themselves?
61) Will Bliss emblazon every Wish?
62) What does Mt. Silver reveal about Lugia?
63) How do we jump ahead of out times?
64) Why is focusing the flow the ultimate goal?
65) Can we learn the lesson of perception from the Great Dragon Mind?
66) Can we master the clockwork of the Cosmic Force Aegis?
67) What joy can the clarity present arcanum give?
68) Can we destroy the old world?
69) Where is the Rainbow and the staircase to the Superman?
70) Can the metaphysical be brought down to the physical?
71) How do we build the bridge to the invisible, to Bunny?
72) Will Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness save the Love of all Eternities?
73) How did Jogi Low reach Bunny's Heart?
74) Is the Frenzy of God's Heart completely random?
75) What is the Theory of Everything?
76) Where is our fabled sparkle dazzle sky castle?
77) Will we see every world and celebrate the stars forever?
78) Can we launch of the ultimate arrow of extrication, transcend the matrix control system, and Prime at the highest point?
79) Is God both in everything and transcendent over it all?
80) What should we do if we are God?
81) Will the Wizard Lords pursue Wisdom and Mastery in Solitude?

Hey, what's up fellas, this is RaptorWizard, and I'm wondering, what exactly is heaven supposed to be like? Supposedly, in Christian stories, there's angels singing, and God's big booming voice is commanding, and all dance to the rhythm. There's a theory, superstring theory, like it's God's voice vibrating through Hyperspace, like the roaring laughter of God is the big bang, and so forth. Funny stuff right? I just got a new book recently called The Grid, Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality. I'm not going to say all of this stuff is fact, but it's a good theory about multiple levels of existence, the doorways to higher places. I mean, I don't even know how to visualize that stuff, but supposedly it's theoretically real, power of thought, and so forth, intention, or whatever, will, destiny, dreams, just big concepts that deal with like, Imaginative potentials. But like, that's 1 thing I need to improve on, because I'm not really like a Visionary. I'm more like a thinker. I just put stuff together. I don't have all of these psychic premonitions. I can't predict the future. I can't read minds. I don't have magic powers. I'm just a philosopher who's speculated about what all of that stuff might mean. I guess it's kind of like the question, "What would You do if You were Omnipotent?" There's just a lot of stuff We can't even Imagine. You could cause suns and stars to collide, produce heat and light, destroy a universe, You could Imagine stuff into existence at will, You could make things more beautiful, put a fairy here, a wizard there, a dragon here, a waterfall there, a mountain, a castle, I don't know, just like an alien, a ufo, a galactic super civilization. Funny stuff, random things. You could just put all that stuff there by thinking about it. But I don't know. Maybe that's 1 thing about heaven, is like it may mirror our world mentally. There's theories by people like Emanuel Swedenborg, who saw heaven and spirits and angels supposedly from the 1700s, a polymath, like different levels of heaven and You go to the place that best reflects Your personality, Your morals, like people who go to the darker, lower places actually prefer being there, because that's their nature, supposedly, not like it's fire and suffering, but more just like darkness, lack of direction. But heaven, I don't like to say oh, You just have 1 life here and You're supposed to be morally perfect and then You have to live with God happily ever after. Gosh, that does not sound fulfilling to Me. What I want to do is I want to like learn everything, I want to master cosmos, I want to build the bridge from the visible to the invisible. I don't want to just be happy forever, content or at peace. I want to be great, I want to be powerful, I want to be the dragon, the man with the wisdom, the mind. I want higher ambitions for the future, for destiny, for everything in existence. I want to be the grand architect. And I don't care. We can all be that. We can all be grand architects. We can all be designers of everything. I mean there's just a lot of goals, a lot of ideas. And it's really tough to know which 1s to pursue, how to use our time here. Right now, I'm 20 years old now, and I turned 20 on Halloween. So obviously I'm starting to become older, and My youth is running out, but I need to seize the now. I need to do everything I can, maximize it, and then there will be a bigger structure to build on. The hidden infrastructure of reality, how that all gets put there, and destiny, or creating new events, mind, mover. There's a lot of stuff. I wish I could think this through and articulate it faster. I don't know. That's just not how I work. I have to think stuff through more as I bounce it around, and generate. That's another things, is generation, like what will the future generations see when they look across space, or cosmos, or heaven? This would be the critical time, the turning point in our history where We decided to become the Ultimate. Can the Ultimate be realized? What is the Ultimate? Can We break all restrictions? Can We program new laws? Can We defy our Creators? Can We just go against the natural order? What can We become? Can We break the laws of the Game? Can We forge our own Game? Can We ascend up and be the chess player that moves the pieces around? And there's just so may ways the Game can unfold. All these possible combinations and it goes on pretty much for infinity. It's just a big place, a big world our there. We need to rise up and master it. What's higher than God, I've asked before. I guess what could be higher than God is experience. Because God needs other people to experience Himself through. We're all the lights through which He perceives everything, the multifaceted prisms shining in each person. We're basically all avatars You could say. Obviously some people are bad avatars and some things in this world are bad, so God has a dark side, either that, or there's a corrupted side that may not have originally been part of God, but may have entered our program. It's just, I don't want to just accept things. I want to keep moving up. I'm not just going to read the Bible, and have faith, and say this is the way, and this is going to make Me Happy. There's just so much more stuff out there. There's so many things We need to do. I'm not saying it's ever going to be accomplished but it's a goal. What's great in man is that He is a bridge and not an end. We just need to be ambitious and go on the journey, on the quest to do funny things, save damsels in distress, become icons of greatness, all hail lord RaptorWizard or whatever. Funny right? It's just, there's a lot of stuff We need to do. We need to map the experience of being, and there's all this stuff to figure out, so many things We can do, and ultimately, maybe there's nothing We can't do. I mean a man with sufficient willpower could move a mountain. I mean, I'm not saying it's going to be done right now, but maybe it's more of a metaphor, a means of ascension. It's a long term goal. But even with long term goals, I just don't like to think like I'm ahead of My time, or I'm in the future, because I like the more eternal perspective. I don't just like the idea of completing things and maximizing progress. I also just prefer the idea of things being timeless and happy, eternal, having an essence that can whirl around in all kinds of different ways. In reference to light, there are some people that say the dark places in our mind are just as real as the light, or the conscious. I used to think of illumination, or enlightenment. Maybe it's still a good metaphor, but from the contrast, from the darkness, We see the light. But there just has to be a way around that. They say good cannot exist without evil. Well, I don't know. Is there a way to cheat that? There's a lot of different colors, red, blue, yellow, green, all these auras and dazzles that they can take on. So I don't know. If You could add more dimensions, more levels, not just like this end and that end, but it could be more like a matrix, or a diamond, just something that's a less absolute shape, maybe evil may not have as much of a place. Ultimately, everything theoretically should have many dimensions, like that book I brought up at the beginning of this video. Just make the world a bigger and better place. Ultimately, that will expand our horizons, make the grid larger, and We can put any dot, any lines, any architectural shapes, any foundations, any transformations and movements across it, and very much like a video game. We play it, and it's hard, it's challenging, and it gives us rewards, it levels us up, and then We're the mightiest beings in the world, at the top of the mountain. We have the crowning throne of ascension, and We're just like victors. We're great, and nothing can stop us. We're indomitable. I mean this sounds pretty grand. I don't even know what I'm saying half the time. But just keep on moving up levels, and become the greatest being in the Game.

A lot of my beliefs are based on the implications of modern physics, particularly 11-dimensional hyperspace and the connectivity shared between all the major religions of the world. The stuff of souls and magic I think are real because we see quite a few ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, and the event of prophetic predictions such as in 2012 and Book of Revelation would be excellent evidence that the world is governed by the providence of God. Imagine the possibilities available to us if we could harness all 100% of our DNA and brain power. We could gain psychic powers. One could say part of the meaning of life is evolution, particularly spiritual evolution, or evolving to higher levels of intelligence and consciousness through multiple reincarnations. Evolution could even be applied to evolution from chaos to order, cold to heat, darkness to light, or even evil to good. Without some amount of disorder, nothing changes, and true order never really emerges without first being a state of disorder. Therefore, matter, energy, space, time, and life alike need to evolve to higher levels. To cheat death is a power only one has achieved, unlocked in the mysterious, miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the life and the light attained the ultimate level of spiritual evolution and became God.
Unfortunately, the dual nature of evolution also means there must be a dark side. It is said that the darkness holds generous rewards, and that it will always emerge victorious, because it is everywhere. The brightest light must cast the darkest shadow. The darkness cannot be vanquished by any power of the Force. Indeed, conflict itself is a weapon of the darkness. All aspects of the Force, light and dark, are an infinite mystery. Infinite knowledge requires an infinite amount of time to achieve hence one must find a way to eternal life in oneness with the Force, a power greater than all. The faintest glimmer of light can hold back all the enveloping darkness, sparked by the fires of love, igniting the stars of the heavens. We are star-stuff contemplating the stars, the manifestations of the universe through which it understands itself. So what great power springs from this infinite universal knowledge?

To recite the Jedi code, there is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. To recite the Sith code, peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. These are 2 different philosophies and perspectives from which we can see the existence and also the will of God. We can discover God and his existence by the light of science.
It is through science that we will unravel the mechanisms of the mind of God. Science is knowledge, and knowledge is power, so on our journey of discovering the mind of God, we will become more like him, since God is the ultimate power in the universe. With this power slowly beginning to crackle at our fingertips, it seems there are 3 distinct possibilities for the future of mankind. The first is that we destroy ourselves with our own hand. The second is that we evolve into a highly advanced interstellar species. The third is that the teachings of religion and the coming Armageddon are true. I have faith that the ultimate destiny of humanity will be a fusion of the second and the third possibilities.

Perhaps the greatest question of existence is why existence even bothers to exist at all, and if it even could exist in any other way. Did God have any choice in creating the Universe, or for that matter the entirety of existence? Can God make a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it? These are questions that probe the very limits of what is in God’s power and what is not. Perhaps existence would be more perfect if it existed in some other way, such as an existence without pain, death, darkness, and all other forms of evil. However, without a thing to contrast the good such as joy, life and light, those things might not even exist since we would have no way of knowing them relative to a point of reference. Darkness without a light shining is nothingness, and light not surrounded by the shroud of darkness is nothingness. Perhaps without duality the entirety of existence would become an infinite void of nothingness, although perfect order may only be possible in nothingness. It may be that the very essence of why existence even exists is duality. God as in the Perfect All, the entirety of existence may have 2 masks, one of light and one of darkness, or perhaps he wears no mask and favors no side, taking an neutral position, or does he wear the white mask of light, all darkness just being the distance from the source of his light, or does he wear the black mask of darkness, his sole purpose being to control us all like puppets, pawns, slaves trapped in his evil matrix? Is God one of these things, some of these things, all of these things, or none of these things? What is God? If we realize what God is that could be the day we become God, whatever that is.


I'm Lugia Prototype XD001 in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness (Ultimate Weapon, Final Annihilator), the Star Forge Lugia firing AeroBlasts, surging with SuperHolographic Propylon antechamber Polarities, and the SuperUnknown mysteries of the Ruins of Alph in Pokemon Crystal. Wartortle wisdom with age turns Me from fool Meganium, to wise Lugia. Raptors beating Golden State = Red (Tyranitar/Me) transcended Gold (Zarathustra/Ho-Oh) in Pokemon Crystal!!

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Imagination + Willpower (Light + Dark) are as Big as the Rainbow

"I am Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith. The dark side offers power for power's sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane

"True power can come only to those who embrace the transformation. There can be no compromise. Mercy, compassion, loyalty: all these things will prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours. Those who follow the dark side must cast aside these conceits. Those who do not—those who try to walk the path of moderation—will fail, dragged down by their own weakness. Those who accept the power of the dark side must also accept the challenge of holding on to it. By its very nature the dark side invites rivalry and strife. This is the greatest strength of the Sith: it culls the weak from our order. Yet this rivalry can also be our greatest weakness. The strong must be careful lest they be overwhelmed by the ambitions of those working beneath them in concert. Any master who instructs more than one apprentice in the ways of the dark side is a fool. In time, the apprentices will unite their strengths and overthrow the master. It is inevitable; axiomatic. That is why each Master must have only one student."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane

"This is also the reason there can only be one Dark Lord. The Sith must be ruled by a single leader: the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak another must rise to seize the mantle. The strong rule; the weak are meant to serve. This is the way it must be. My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well."
―Darth Revan's avatar, to Darth Bane

"The will is a world architect and composer, the will is a world power and mover. The world is shaped in the image of our wills and by the power of our wills. Will has essentially the nature of a force. Like all forces, will has a magnitude and a direction, and just like things move in the direction of the strongest force, things move in the direction of the strongest will. Whenever you loose something, you faced a greater will and were overpowered by it. If you want something to happen strongly enough, if the world wants something to happen strongly enough, then it is going to happen. The will is a creator. Will is a living organism, it grows and develops along with the individual. Weak individuals are characterized by a weak will or lack of will. Ill people are known by an ill will or a destructive will. Hence the presence and development of will is absolutely essential for personal and spiritual ascension. The key to the higher and diviner life is a strong and healthy will, a will to improve, a will to exceed, a will to life, but most importantly a will to ascend. The seed transforms into a flower by a will to ascend in the instrument. The will to ascend is an elevator to the higher levels of being, a key to unlock the higher potentials of life and a power to manifest them. I do want to climb a high mountain today!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

For our honor to be intact, we need to see it by asking a question. We create a bastion to ward off the weakness. There is a desire to achieve something, a final understanding of our scenario in life. There is a reason we are not in Heaven. We are living history. We have to make it and find the way to Heaven. We have to be on that level to be there with honor without destroying it. We are the world. Everything about our life needs a force present. If we are in Heaven these forces would be removed and we would be different. We are in a river that we drink from to incarnate into physical form from the timeless world, and these progress with everlasting life. We desire to meet the challenges and rise above them.
This world is Hell. Hell is meant to teach our soul something, which we continuously undergo, and which could take many lifetimes. We are in the lower density within our material bodies. There is a huge spectrum through which we experience this place, increase our frequency, and rise. We are on the edge of a huge spiritual evolution shift. We develop on this planet and then go out into space.
The most personal God that we can have is character and love, I am that I am. There is one force, love, that everything is a part of, and makes everything possible. I shall prove to be what I am. When we pray we should talk to God with the force and feeling of our true character, the nature of everything. I will have an endless future with complete potential. Our character is not us, it is what we have, and that is love. That is what we must talk to in prayer to expand, in which God can give people dreams and reveal secrets. This is at the core, the center of our being. This force with belief can give us anything. Ask love to show us the way, the ruler of everything.
We can create entities in our head with belief, a conduit to personal knowledge. Opinion is the substance and a formulation from which new notions can spring from a growing pool. Everything is real. There may be forces that seek to destroy what is real. The void is always there and has to be there. The creation of existence out of everything began with a witness, where everything was one, but a witness made 2 things sex, so the nothing created everything. The witness is everything, and he made nothing, and impossibility before it existed, by the power of his language, the word that gave us room for more. This gave us something rather than nothing.
Because we are something, we are in a better position than everything. This is the Tree of Life, how it forms. The first thing created was no thing, which is love, and next came the limitless. Love created the witness, which is rational thought. Rationality is one led by reason, the greatest reason being love. The reason is love. Reason, impelled by love, goodness, helps us to discern things and see beauty. The 3 transcendent qualities are truth, beauty, and goodness, all being manifestations of love. It is relative to how we see it.
With 3 points you can get a structure and a direction. Space-time is 5 dimensions because existence itself is a dimension. Higher dimensions represent things in different ways. Different dimensions make a different observer. Creation is metaphysical; we are stuck in the effects and can’t see the cause – they were created with words. The witness made the declaration and spoke the words.
The negative restriction is don’t do what you know is not best for all – a small restriction that will give freedom, with complete belief, which is best for me and all. Knowledge is characterized as how something is done – next think how you do something in the moment. We follow the law to be more reflective of I am that I am, being who I truly am. My character is the master of my life and the driving force that actualizes my mind, which gives birth to life and love. We are images. No point of knowledge traps anyone, it only empowers.
If we were white ball of everything, we wouldn’t have life. If we are trapped in the mind, it is resistance to doing what we want. How we construct our intentions and do things causes the fruit of life to manifest. How much do I really want things? It’s all in the how, and the what, which is infinite. We are the prime cause and need to live it. To reach the ideal state we must honor each other, solving each other’s problems. Intention is the cause of every fruit. Love is the cause of all things.
We need to be perfect by following God, alpha, the first, who created everything. God created time and existed before it. God is timeless. There is only the present; time is an illusion or concept. What came before the dimension of time depends on the stage of creation. A dimension is a mention God made that gave a sparkle in various emanations. Being existed before time did. The word was created first, the logos; the digital characters of them matrix. To make a structure, there needs to be authority, so God made logos a god. Something so perfect cannot be seen by the unholy.
The logos is the whole realm and created dimension. Logos is the language and everything we know in reality. God made himself subject to the logos, yet is greater than it; I am that I am – we are connected to God. The logos are not life. Why we are conscious then is the great mystery. The logos are the 2nd god we enjoy. We can advance the logos and explore them, giving birth to life. The logos gave birth to life, and God gave birth to the logos.
Epistemology is truth, and ontology is origin. History gives context, but knowledge is more applicable and makes the machine work. The machine executes the will of the true ego, driven from an infinite source. We are all avatars of God, and by being our true ego, we realize this God had no purpose and is in the now, where he is playing a video game, and we are characters in the game. We must be the character and let God play us, without resisting God.
God is beyond good and evil, he is just love. Evil is a judgment of the mind used to define the world and constrict us. The personality in our design is artificial intelligence, the machinery of our flesh. Our processors have been corrupted by a task we cannot compute. We will triumph however with God on our side. We have resistance within us, but our loving God’s providence will create the possibility. We are a reflection of God, which makes us all gods. When someone comes through a portal and asks us if we are god, say yes. Life is creation. We all need to reach God’s level as gods. This is who we are, gods.
Satan opposes us, and the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the human condition. There wasn’t always intelligent life in our realm; it grew, and was seeded into a tree. There is a synthesized complex that creates reality. God created all the elements and archangels. God created everything, and then possibility, which made the system dynamic. There’s a materialness of everything, and an immaterialness of nothing.
Possibility is logos, or the word. Possibility is wide and can grow. Life makes the impossible possible by acting out our intention. The beginning was premised by the word. Possibility goes from truth to the ideals. The mind is where we start being active and reactive, the soul of the life feeding back into the material world is a synthesis. If they can be controlled, we can get anything we want. The mind exists as a concentric circle within the soul. The crown at the center dictates the shape by directing the movement, influencing the course of life.
You need to sacrifice the current to move into the next thing. You operate in a platform, a system that deludes and does not make us more powerful. The further you investigate then the more power you have. Mysticism is our divine connection to existence. God can be viewed through a multifaceted prism, working with systems. The ultimate point is no karma, freedom from cause and effect. Enlightenment is liberation from karma. Whenever you enter nirvana, the water, you always come out of it. Nirvana is a state of existence that is beyond this life. The cosmic consciousness is one thing and many things, where you have an unconscious and subconscious. The cosmic mind is connected to everyone in this dimension. It’s the thing that creates existence, allows for probability and possibility. This is a part of us deep within, moving closer to the source. Our plane of existence is serving a purpose, refining ourselves to be better fit for higher dimensions. Can you exist in this dimension without the self, what is nirvana after you die, and what is the alternative to not exist? We are all made of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but surely there is an exception to the law, a source from which it originally sprang. God is the fertile soil in which things grow, as he created everything. This world is the spawn of creation itself, and the son has the logical word, the logos. God is everything and the ultimate witness of itself. Our dimension, the 3rd is the lowest. Nowhere in existence is there eternal life, but its expression, the consciousness is eternal.
God is a force that creates and was always tapped into. We need to live our true feelings and out true selves using love. We create a simulated life of what we are. We are avatars of the supreme personality. We are living in time, whereas God, the force of love, is timeless and creates everything. Love is the only thing that is real, a dreamed up image of the divine mind. The well is infinitely large that we can draw from. The pure forms of ideas are the only things which are really real, which we have in an immaterial sense. We have to let our true character shine through. We played a game with ourselves as a coping mechanism to become a new reality. You have to live with the lack you created, which is not perfection anymore and leads to death, the opposite of love and not accomplishing what love would command us to do. Love itself is a force, not an agent on our level. It’s the supreme force, the one which is our father. The father conceives of the children and looks beyond the veil through our own eyes, and the love contains everything. What is actualized depends upon the observer and is relative. God does not actualize things directly.
There’s much esoteric truth out there that we can’t yet bear. Free will could be connected to the Garden of Eden, and the sublime truth would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings. Free will means something, and if we were in perfect cooperation with God, we wouldn’t be free. It’s knowledge that will liberate our will. We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom. The will is free in why we choose to do something. Our grasp of how things should or might be can’t come into the picture within a perfect world, and our hope can realize this. We can’t perfectly attach the why to the will. Asking why of the will is what connects it to knowledge. Your grasp of how things should be will be a resistance to the will of what we want. Not having this is what’s liable to cause the machine that makes this system to not work, but with the proper possession of human thought, and the energies it exerts on our life, we can discharge our thoughts and let things go. Certain things are possible and impossible for our human forms. Love at the center of our being is the tie to divinity. The archangels could be some kind of higher divine race. If we are everything and look at the galaxy of eternal bliss, what should we do? Perhaps the meaning is to create our own history. We start creating the world by making laws and different manifest copies of ourselves. Those beings more defined were less free and had less power. Entities can help to realize the will of God. We can use the words of creation to generate effects. We must take action for our will to be done.
There were many models of this world at different times that could have existed. This world always existed, and it’s moved through different dimensions. The battles or fables of spirit are a continuing heavenly drama taking place within the divine order, and this war brought chaos to the harmony. Heaven is a timeless place that exists in the eternal mind. Our life has the power to change this, and the thinking controls observation and the spiritual language much more than action. If we’re focused on why things are, we get stuck on experience. How things should be doesn’t translate into a plan, or outline the steps we need to take in getting there. We need a focus on hope, of why we want things to be in front of our eyes, rather than focusing on what only seemingly proves correct at the present. Those in authority should ask what’s right before commanding, to visualize the good and not pretend to be the moral arbiter of things. It changes the whole landscape when we think of things differently, and then the right clarity of thought can determine changes by our will.
We need to have psychological premises to develop philosophies. We need to see the divine in the mundane, connections that give us real esoteric truth. When we have the perspective of it all, the grand scope of our will, it would not move as it is everything. If it’s at its best state, why make it better? We can’t perceive things as being perfect. People who love pleasure and hate pain with grand technology and ethics at immortal evolutionary levels would all have interrelated positions in the whole system. Life is bad because we don’t try to make it better, and people seek only their own benefits. We are meant to be happier than we are, and our wills should be free. We can raise people and make them better with an accurate understanding of things, of the ‘why’. The point of free will is for the ‘I am that I am’ to control everything. Free will is connected to the why, the reasons behind things. When we ask why, we can do anything! It gives us the directional will, to create what could be. If we don’t ask why and how things should be, we will lose our self-mastery, I am that I am. Because we can see God, we can reflect that static truth onto reality. The ‘I am that I am’ gives us the focus to unleash energy charged from within to act in context.
Justice is how people should correspond to one another. We need to have life. Why something will be is immaterial and on the plane with free will. The immaterial aligns us with the process, the relations of the ethereal to make things immanent within reality. From the sea of chaos we can cause new creations to spring into being. When we question everything, then we can break the system. Our culture has no values or sense of identity. In the coming years, we could revolutionize society. If someone can solve the problems facing humanity, we could invent a new society out of the ashes. If something goes wrong, a society without values blames problems on other people, and this is because we don’t trust authority, trust the system. If we have a better way of doing things, we need to implement the solution by the power of command, to replace the powers. The center can’t hold if the values don’t work. By our use of knowledge, we can have the freedom to will the world. We corrupt and kill the program from within. This cultural fire will destroy and ultimately purify the system of command. We also need a blueprint for what comes afterwards, a private government that allows for individuality, and this can improve the model on the large scale, make the parts in the machine work together better.
Power must justify itself. People in power must serve the subjects. The leader that takes over needs the force of an equalizer. When he takes over, he can’t immediately win everyone over, and that’s the problem. The point is to change the culture’s interface, make people walk in their own ways and in harmony. We won’t work as slaves, but rather perfect the process in making things more efficient, not only in productivity but also in enjoyment. Activities are better when people like them. We can’t get free will from computation. We would need acts of procreation rather than programming. For something to have a will, it must be able to create, not only with matter but at a spiritual level. God can’t be referenced to anything inside the universe. We can reflect God’s light by the sparkles of our own being. The divine light is the faith that gives us the power to make things as they will be. The journey of spirit goes ever deeper, and it can be expressed by the context, come to transform itself. We must discover our sense of direction and will. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. We must destroy something to replace it with a new creation. Just because we can understand the process and see it clearly doesn’t mean we can climb up the mountain with our own self and things. Gazing across the horizon is easier than soaring across it, to fly with full freedom and break all of the barriers. We instead have to see the darkness in life, to see all of the evil. Evilness is a struggle, and we can rise above it to transform ourselves. My task is so big to know it all that I can’t do it and get lazy. What I’ve decided to care about is so immense that it can’t be done. This hurts my hope because what I want is bad. Being a super-mind that controls everything takes away life.

Well, we're a way for existence to see itself, and if nothing could experience it, then perhaps its existence would be entirely arbitrary (or maybe even nonexistent) in the first place. But even for the events that life wasn't there to witness, like the Big Bang and the beginning of our universe, somehow they unfolded independent of our observations. This could be evidence in favor of some higher beings outside the system monitoring the cosmic developments, since in quantum mechanics, the possibilities aren't realized until something actually watches the spectra play out.

Therefore, since M-theory speculates that our universe originated from some kind of quantum source of boundless potential, then there may very well be a mind that shapes it all into being.

There's no way to say the Ultimate God of the Universe is a person, a force, a mind, a metaphor for the laws of nature, or whatever else we can think of; I think your point here makes sense - one thing I disagree about is your lack of faith and your intense focus on pure rationalism. I'm very much for those concepts, but I also think that they alone are incomplete. Surely there's so much more to our world than this mechanical matrix.

A Forward Introduction to "Schematics Philosophy of the Solution Master"

In my Schematics Philosophy of the Solution Master, I'm always asking the “what-if” questions. I wonder about how considered phenomena functions and why, seeking out all of the possibilities everywhere - even for problems which don't exist as of now, or for projects yet to be initiated. The answers I generate are then expressed and subjected to further refinements as needed. They all have varying levels of truth and completion; that's why we should each critically evaluate what we actually integrate into our own ideologies. Sometimes we may even find that fantasy can transcend truth and make things more meaningful. Always have faith in your life promise. True mastery comes from the power of “I Am”. Learn to command thyself, and then the whole world will revolve within your hands. Realize that this ultimate control is over your own destiny. The horizons ahead can be laid bare to your gaze and shaped into whatever you wish them to become - that is, if your force of will is sufficiently powerful for the specific feats it's directed towards. The desired results may take much time to manifest, and even then in ambiguous ways, but with the right amount of mental preparation, anything can happen. Challenges can be conquered mentally, by going from conceptual simulations (thought experiments) to superholographic cybernetics (projected effects). The mind can break our chains and free us from all restrictions. Will we make it through victory road? If so, then our last task towards freedom would be to checkmate the dark-sided King at the Game's highest stage for the win! Happiness isn't perfect until it's shared, so let love lay the foundation and point the way!

“Unless you make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God: for the like is not intelligible save to the like. Make yourself grow to a greatness beyond measure, by a bound free yourself from the body; raise yourself above all time, become Eternity; then you will understand God. Believe that nothing is impossible for you, think yourself immortal and capable of understanding all, all arts, all sciences, the nature of every living being. Mount higher than the highest height; descend lower than the lowest depth. Draw into yourself all sensations of everything created, fire and water, dry and moist, imagining that you are everywhere, on earth, in the sea, in the sky, that you are not yet born, in the maternal womb, adolescent, old, dead, beyond death. If you embrace in your thought all things at once, times, places, substances, qualities, quantities, you may understand God.”
― Giordano Bruno

Super-Nexus: Linking everything together at the mountaintop forge in Heaven for Infinities to Eternities where Destiny won All!

The Force is holy in nature. Its use determines the light and dark side manifestations. Us the light side of the Force, its highest form that can be conceived within the divine will. The dark side is the corrupted form of the Force. Life is suffering. Suffering spawns the process of evolution, destroying the weak and creating the strong. Suffering, the iron fist of darkness, creates the highest forms of light through trial and tribulation to make the light stronger. Only from darkness can light shine. By overcoming suffering in life, the darkness and destruction of the Sith, we are made stronger in knowledge, evolve to higher levels, and become a Jedi Master, one with the highest mysteries of creation. God is the master of the highest mysteries of the light side of the Force. Destruction spawns creation, existence. Light is the way of the Force, creation, and existence. The world of the mind encloses the whole universe in its light. It is a cosmic life and a cosmic spirit. Enlightenment includes an insight into the nature of self. It is the liberation of the mind from deception regarding self. In the Potentium theory of the Force, the light side of the Force is the Force itself. The dark side is a perversion of the Force, twisted by those who use it. The potential for light and dark sides resides in the user, not the Force itself. Jedi are merely afraid to explore the full potential of the Force. The dark side is something within oneself to be avoided, not something in the Force. If the Force is the energy that flows through all life, the dark side simply comes from the corruption of humanity. If you can be perfectly moral, you can be immune to the dark side and therefore use any technique you want. Remember, abilities are not inherently good or evil. It is how you use them. Potentium can be compared to Neoplatonic philosophy. Neoplatonism taught that only the essence of good indeed existed as an entity, and evil was just an absence of (or distance from) good.
It is said that the highest good of God is manifested throughout the radiant beauty of the natural world, the darkness only being a perversion brought about by the evil hearts of man. Nature, being inconstant and taking pleasure in creating and continually producing new forms, because she knows that her terrestrial materials are thereby augmented, is more ready and swifter in her creating than is time in his destruction. Concerning the soul of man, who is a part of the greater whole of nature, the body in due time awakens the soul that is to inhabit it. And elsewhere, every part is designed to unite with its whole that it may escape from its imperfections. The soul desires to dwell in the body because without the body it can neither act nor feel. That figure is most praiseworthy which, by its actions, expresses the passions of the soul. The eye which is called the window of the soul is the principal means by which the central sense can most completely and abundantly appreciate the infinite works of nature. Those who study the ancients and not the words of nature are stepsons and not sons of nature, the mother of all good authors. Those who try to sensor knowledge do harm to both knowledge and love, because love is the offspring of knowledge, and the passion of love grows in proportion to the certainty of knowledge. The more we know about nature, the more we can be certain of what we know, and so the more love we can feel for nature as a whole.

God is a substance of infinite attributes, each expressing an eternal and infinite essence, necessarily existing. Besides God, nothing can be conceived into creation. Throughout nature, there is but one substance, God, absolutely infinite. All thoughts and extensions stemming from this inscrutable source are attributes and affections of God. Everything that is, is in God. All things must be conceived into creation from the essence of the divine nature. All things take place by the laws alone of the infinite nature of God, following necessarily from his essence. All things eternal and infinite are worthy of the divine nature. Following necessarily from the divine nature, infinite things are conceived in infinite ways. All things conceivable by the infinite intellect must follow, manifesting into creation. God is the cause of all things which fall under his infinite intellect, God being the first cause of all things. God acts from the laws of his own nature, being determined into action by the internal power of his own will rather than by external stimuli. The power of God is his essence, from which it follows that God is the cause of himself and of all things, each being an expression of his essence. All things in God’s power must exist. Nothing exists from whose nature an effect does not follow. The idea of God, from which infinite numbers of things follow in infinite ways, can only be one. How is the human mind related to the divine?
There is no individual thing in nature which is not surpassed in strength and power by some other thing, but any individual thing being given, another and stronger is also given, by which the former can be destroyed. There is always a bigger fish. Every part is important, each comprising the whole. We suffer in so far as we are a part of nature, which part cannot be conceived by it alone without the other parts. The force by which man perseveres in existence is limited, and infinitely surpassed by the power of external causes. The power by which individual things and consequently man preserve their being is the actual power of God or nature, not in so far as it is infinite, but in so far as it can be manifested by the actual essence of man. The power therefore of man, in so far as it is manifested by his actual essence, is part of the infinite power of God or nature, that is to say, part of his essence. Hence it follows that man is always necessarily subject to passions, and that he follows and obeys the common order of nature, accommodating his self to it as far as the nature of things requires. If the power of man is but an expression of the infinite power of God, by better understanding the powers of our own minds, we can better understand the power of God, and hence become more like him.
On our journey of becoming God, being placed beside the Creator and fulfilling our ultimate destiny, we should know God spoke Hebrew, the alphabet of creation. The Sepher Yetzira is too magically powerful for humans. Aramaic was used to complicate decoding the Zohar. The Torah is the Hebrew scripture. Adam expelled God from the Garden of Eden, so we need to regain touch with him. God has 10 personality aspects, the 10 Sephirots, God’s anatomy, similar to humans. These 10 sephirots are Shekhinah, Foundation, Eternity, Splendor, Beauty, Love, Power, Understanding, Wisdom, and Will. Emptiness gave God room to create the world, and filled it with light as God illuminated all of creation. What is the architecture of his creation?
Is the universe arbitrary, or is there a grand design? Do we still need a God?

RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is Philosophy? thread:

A question of great importance would be to clarify and define a universal definition for philosophy. I believe philosophy at its heart to be a quest for wisdom, though what one man sees as wise may be deemed foolish by another man. Though I do agree with SolitaryWalker that we must be careful about our perception of wisdom, and that in this quest we seek to advance our understanding, he holds understanding is the sole purpose, and that using philosophy to some other end is incorrect. Philosophy should also be a means of achievement, that is, it should make us grow in greatness. He is right however when he further asserts how philosophy transcends the empirical nature of science, and that a metaphysical assumption must first be made before it can be empirically validated via experiment. Again though, SolitaryWalker incorrectly asserts that philosophy is purely about truth, rather than also accomplishing our inner desires, as he says how our prejudices (ironically from his own prejudice) pollute the truth. Some things however transcend truth, and that the ultimate meaning will be found within, with what is important to us and our beliefs, as reality is indeed shaped by our focus. He is gravely mistaken in asserting how philosophy does not keep in perspective any of our personal ends (the funny thing is though that he says personal growth follows from our inquiries, so in essence, he contradicts himself, since all along then it did indeed have a personal element). I do agree on his next point about forcefully dispelling ignorance being secondary to advancing ideas and offering the opportunity to learn. Again though, he aims to get solely at the truth, in rejection of all passions and inner desires. If anything, he needs to learn the critical distinction between passion and attachment, passion impelling us forward, and attachment restricting us, since passion is a vision of what we wish to be, but attachment is a lingering fog clouding our vision. Passion if used properly can be controlled, whereas attachment binds us by its strings and limits our personal freedom. His argument for philosophy and its power of explanation is indeed superior, as he correctly asserts, to the religious book of dogma. He then says how religion deals with questions incapable for rationalization, such as what happens when we die, which he claims cannot be reached by metaphysics. Again I am in disagreement, as if anything, nothing possesses greater power than the illumination reason can cast upon our world. All in all, SolitaryWalker has brought up some very interesting points, but we cannot accept any such assertions without a challenge.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Why I do not believe in God thread:

SolitaryWalker begins with an axiom about the Universe being infinite, and somehow links this with rendering the existence of God impossible independent of our world’s existence, and then defines infinity as the continuous, incessant flow of entities. He also thinks not all things in this world are continuous, in spite of facts and evidence to the contrary (Newton’s Laws of Motion, an elaborate cause-and-effect cycle from which everything must always follow from a previous state of being and necessarily transform into another state of being, a dynamic system always proven to “continuously” occur, these laws also very possibly applying in basic principle within the non-physical realm). This would, according to SolitaryWalker’s classifications, render all parts as comprising the same entity, and if so, it would follow that God exists in the infinity of all things within this world. At least SolitaryWalker detailed the implications of what God’s existence could mean, though because of his blunder regarding the continuum principle, he concluded (falsely) that God does not actually exist (and he is most likely right about a personal God being invalid, but he also rejects the existence of a God who manifests the infinite creative power of his mind within all things, even though his axiomatic reasoning described how such a God could exist). He says how a first cause that could have rendered our world’s existence possible must have been infinite, that is, it must have followed from the flow of a previous entity, and that entity another one, and so forth without arriving at an acceptable first cause (and if this entity is God, then we would ask who or what made God). But perhaps the point of greatest confusion would be to even arrive at a definition of what God is, whether he is a Creator, an infinite divine mind, or whatever else. SolitaryWalker says this world is an unconscious representation of the infinite realm, and that the finite limits of the human mind by which we are all designed translate the infinite into finite terms, that is, our minds only perceive a dim shadow of the much more luminous world above and beyond the current dimensions of our comprehension. SolitaryWalker says either God exists in this world, or not at all, and that no evidence in favor of his existence has been found, claiming it irreconcilable with the laws of nature. This philosophical world SolitaryWalker has created for himself contains restrictions of his own making, further evidenced in his assertion that the universe is a closed system of causation, which makes the laws of nature possible. Very interestingly though, he recognizes that this would mean if God existed, all things could be altered with his will, and then further says how the realm of the infinite could flow into the finite realm our minds perceive. Though SolitaryWalker concluded how the infinite intellect of God cannot exist outside of our known world, the conclusion I arrived at is inescapable – the higher levels of creation are liberated of all limitations.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What I believe thread:

SolitaryWalker asks the question as to why people even ask big questions in the first place, such as, what is the meaning of life, what is truth, what is virtue? He postulates people do so to seek self-affirmation and comfort in a hostile world, and that everything we do is necessarily inspired by selfish motives. Surely though, the quest for enlightenment should transcend such things, as if life is just all about fulfilling our own comforts, then we would indeed be in a limited position. If anything, I would think we always need to be on the leading edge, as we push the artificial constraints our own minds have been contained by to the limit, the tenacious drive towards achieving complete self-mastery being far superior to seeking only mere satisfaction with our current conditions. SolitaryWalker claims whether it is a rationalist seeking truth, an artisan seeking entertainment, a guardian getting things done, or an idealist accommodating others, that it is all simply what makes them happy. I hold though that happiness is insufficient in advancing our own ends, since when we are happy, we are content with letting things be, without the motivation to change and transform our world into altered and improved states. But worse than anything so far said, SolitaryWalker arrogantly asserts how the artisan temperament only cares for energized entertainment and concrete activities without seeing what he perceives to be the big picture, and of course, he is wrong. Though, as a generalization, he is right about the interests of the artisan, his whole idea of such endeavors being inferior and short-sighted is a testament to his own ego, since he views what they do as unimportant and insignificant. All people play important roles in the progressive development of humanity, which SolitaryWalker would realize if he actually saw the big picture. Artisans are constant in their creations, just as guardians are dedicated to their duties, or how idealists are inscrutably awakening their imaginations, and the rationalists relentlessly focusing their reasoning, each of these feats coming together to produce the diverse and dynamic system of humanity, ever increasing in accomplishment towards the echelons of infinity. The next points risen however on our sense perceptions and how they present themselves in a finite way to the brain indeed seems to limit for us what can be experienced. Perhaps though there is an escape, as SolitaryWalker goes on to say that the internal world and its imaginative prowess may actually open the window to outside realms incapable for experience within the physical, and if so, it follows that only through intuition can the infinite be reached, as we look through the off limits zone behind the fence. I am in complete agreement with his conclusion on the meaning of life that it is the quest to achieve the highest degree of perfection possible. It is by perfecting our inner being that we will find full liberation from the finite world, perfection, to add my own opinion, consisting of a state without restrictions, as SolitaryWalker ends this section saying that our task in life is open-ended and aimed at infinity, and that this epic quest will never come to closure, as we strive for the unachievable.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's My Metaphysical System thread:

The pursuit of physics, as SolitaryWalker’s article says, should be able to solve the ultimate questions of cosmology, those being: what is the world, how does it work, who made the world, what is the purpose of the world, what is our purpose, what is the ultimate nature of reality, what is the mind, does it exist independently of the body, what is the ultimate stuff they are made of, and how does this fit into the larger cosmological framework? These questions could finally answer the mystery of what life is, what the universe is, how cosmology works, and how we are related to it. Clearly there is purpose to such questions, as they show that there is mystery in life, these things being currently incapable for reliable knowledge, and that these great life mysteries are identifiable, and although we do not know the nature of these mysteries, they can be speculated upon, even if reliable knowledge of them eludes us. These metaphysical questions could perhaps be experienced and understood within the realm of human imagination. Hence, there is epistemology, the study of knowledge, and metaphysics, the study of ultimate reality. We must have metaphysical beliefs in order to ask meaningful questions, which can be verified into epistemology by science. Though the ultimate reality may possess a changeless stability, there may be a mysterious, ever changing force trapped within the essence of things, constantly in motion. The ever-vibrating force of entities seems immune to change. In order to grasp the changeless then, one must have access to infinite and eternal vision. In our phenomenal world then, it seems we have a combination of change and changelessness, though a more sophisticated sight could consist in constant change. The way force vibrates could also be a diagram of how our minds that are within time tend to perceive what is changeless and outside of time. Perhaps materiality is just a construct of the way our minds perceive the ultimate reality of immateriality. Our real selves then may receive salvation with God in the kingdom of heaven as we break away from the phenomenal world and unite with our real beings. Through science man should find meaning.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Faith of a Rationalist thread:

People perceive the world as they see it through their confined perceptions, and as such, philosophers who dare to challenge the societal paradigms of their time, like Giordano Bruno (RaptorWizard’s favorite philosopher) or Benedict de Spinoza (SolitaryWalker’s favorite philosopher) were branded heretics, the first being burned at the stake, and the second receiving ridicule from the stupid multitudes. Our state of existence is so wretched that non-existence would be preferable to it, and as such, the world is by no means what Leibniz termed ‘the best of all possible worlds’. The unspeakable suffering of mankind cannot be denied. Mankind is ever in search for a life of paradise. We must then increase our perception on the problem of evil, the essence of knowledge and how salvation could possibly be achieved. I as of right now oppose the proposition that we see beauty everywhere in this world, incapable for our grasp. Perhaps perfection only exists in the heavens, a realm currently outside our comprehension. If we were to all enter paradise, surely its perfection would proliferate under the happiness we would all share together, rather than losing its perfection upon our entrance, as SolitaryWalker incorrectly asserts. SolitaryWalker says salvation comes only when the intellect takes primacy over the will, and that the will is in motion, the will being the foundation to all existence. He also thinks that not even the brightest of us will access full truth and knowledge, but if nothing is even true or false, understanding even to begin with could perhaps only be found in empiricism. Some would also hold enlightenment to be a vision of the world objective and independent of prejudice, and that we must not deem the world to be what we can accept via personal taste, the limits of our vision not indeed being the limits of the world. The real universe is outside our perception, the poverty of our imaginations perceiving the infinite existence as finite. Perhaps everything exists only in the way we with our vision perceive the thing to be, in accordance with our reasoning faculties. Matter as well as all things nonphysical may be manifestations of a fluctuating force, a will objectifying itself. Perhaps the point of greatest importance is that the way we perceive the world will always be finite as long as we impose restrictions upon it. Spinoza’s doctrine of salvation comes through contemplation. We must believe reason to be the light of the world, the ultimate end of philosophy.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's God, Public Morality and Evolution thread:

SolitaryWalker begins by asking perhaps the biggest question in existence: what is God? He says God by tradition is often seen as an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being. Such extraordinary qualities however put God’s identity as a person into question. He also under his doctrine demands worship over personal achievement, but worse yet choosing the dark path of Satan. SolitaryWalker conceives human beings who show genuine compassion to often be incompetent in logical analysis and objectivity, and that the inner quest to perfect all things would be a heavy burden, like for a being who mastered light to also master darkness. Really though, I conceive it to be possible to achieve a perfect balance between such opposites, should we see things from all angles, reference points, and which from the contrast, we could divine our knowledge. God with all of his supreme knowledge is also commonly depicted as the symbol for supreme power, as infinite greatness is also often equated with a person of sublime power. I agree perfectly with SolitaryWalker on his point of how Carl Jung said that in our philosophical, scientific, and theological studies, we gain more insights into the workings of our minds rather than the workings of the world. We project ourselves onto what we see and in effect anthropomorphize all things. Plato argues the average man must be lied to in order to keep them from falling off the safe path, a tactic I for one would not subscribe to, for not only should the truth be free, but it should also set us free. SolitaryWalker is right in regards to God and the way we see him having been the cause for corruption all throughout human history, how manipulative people have twisted ideas in service of external agendas. SolitaryWalker in regards to God concludes that he is best defined as the primary essence of spirituality, or the other world, and then asks if it is possible for us to know the other world. He follows by asking what was the beginning of the universe, and that if A created B, asking what created A, rendering A incapable for a Creator, assuming that it could not have come from nothing. This may mean it has always existed, without beginning or end. This view of time could be defined as the infinite realm, a view from which all things could be seen.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Problem of religion thread:

Religion could be defined as an ethical doctrine, a world cosmology independent of empiricism, a spiritual eschatology, and fundamentalism. The fundamental beliefs religion harbors in these areas incapable for change could discourage critical thought, encouraging people to believe their views are unquestionable. Religion could thereby discourage people from being open-minded, which could compel them to only deem themselves and the sacred texts of their divine authority right. As such, they are caught completely off-guard when presented with critical opinions conflicting with their own. They so aggressively defend these irrational stances, despite facts and evidence as well as reasoning to the contrary, since if they do, the religion promises them greater reward to come. Such religious stances have and could continue to entail violence. We must instead follow the following:
1. The requirement is not to change the system, but rather the people.
2. The measure of man based on the state of our planet is pathetic. We need to change the nature of humanity to rise above and beyond.
3. The spread of information would help establish world peace, it resulting as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment vision.
4. When discussing global issues, we must put personal prejudice aside.
5. Individuality is a point of great importance independent of the environment.
6. The ancients were misguided due to lack of technology, though the world could become greater in our lifetime, despite doubters. We must achieve a perfect community stretching across the Earth with universal acceptance and individuality.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Typology as a philosophical discipline thread:

We must wonder whether typology is even a logically consistent enough of a system to accurately order people into set psychological categorizations to begin with, let alone adaptable enough to account for the vast diversity of people in the world. Due to external factors and conditioning, perhaps one could act contrary to their true nature, their true personality, and even test as such. After all, people can indeed act differently than their natural personality would dictate, based on adjusting to the environment. Due to this lack of behavioral consistency, one can conclude Keirsey’s typology to be incomplete, which is based solely on behavior. If even a fully self-mastered man were to accomplish qualities stereotypically associated with different types, the foundations would further fissure. Perhaps though, the psychological states of people and the patterns of their reasoning as well as thought dynamics could be greater concepts from which to construct a typology, founded from a philosophical framework. Philosophy could be defined as a primarily conceptual and abstract study of the world, asking such questions as follows:
1. Is it possible for the mind to divine free will, to control cause and effect?
2. What is the nature of consciousness, the ways in which we see and perceive things?
3. What is the ultimate nature of reality, the existential system designing all creation?
4. What are the foundations of thought, the forge from which the mind constructs?
These questions all address the mental makeup of an individual, and as such, these things are more difficult to directly detect. Typology is thereby a study of solidified patterns of thought, and one’s natural tendencies, not consistently contingent with environmental circumstances.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Universal Feel? thread:

SolitaryWalker asks whether a universal moral law should be imposed upon all people, termed universal feel. There are 3 different arguments we can approach this with: if we must correct those who act wrongly, if there is no choice but to correct them, of even if wrong choose not to do so. Perhaps certain experiences throughout a person’s life have shaped what these values and what violates them are. Some may even divert greater focus on well-reasoned thought-experiments rather than value centered-thought. We must then see how creative and idiosyncratic visionaries construct their worldviews. Certainly many mystics across the globe have already conceptualized what many may deem impossible. Many who see themselves as right often try to change other’s opinions to match their own. These people will tend to think negatively of those who disagree. The accumulation of such feelings may lead to hostility. Due to these possible contingent consequences, an established system of ethics may be a mistaken idea.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Theorem of Feel thread:

SolitaryWalker wonders how desirable it is for people to believe in things that are not supported by an argument. He begins by describing the process of logic, saying it deals with chains of reasoning. The formalities behind logic seem like mathematical operations, a much more abstract and theoretical discipline than the dynamic and transformative discipline of cosmology, in which case I support the latter discipline while SolitaryWalker seems to prefer the former. One thing that both disciplines have in common though is that when they show us our short-comings, few are able to do so without simultaneously losing self-respect. However, even the most disciplined among us will wish for a brighter future, perhaps putting too much faith in beliefs like karma. This feel method has been historically a consistent craft of manipulation of others to their delusion and detriment, even in service of altruistic causes.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's I am an atheist but... thread:

Do we really wish to destroy the popular myths of society in order to enlighten and awaken people? Although I believe the truth should be accessible to everyone, some may be disturbed by new discoveries, and their emotions may override their rationality. Perhaps one such belief that may be dangerous to dispel is the anthropomorphized view of God. If one were however to sufficiently handle the truth, it could result in inner peace and less mistakes, since we would have proper knowledge and beliefs by which we can direct ourselves, since if we take the right actions, then good consequences should follow. As such, false beliefs could lead in the wrong direction. As of now, man obeys the laws of nature (perhaps the progressive development of man could change that). If then we wish to control the laws of nature, every man must receive universal enlightenment.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Essence of Human nature thread:

Sartre says we are defined by the choices we make and how we deal with the consequences, and that bad faith is our restraint from improving our circumstances. It would follow that we could counter all adversity through pure resolution of will, which SolitaryWalker says cannot be the case due to the limits of human power. He says Sartre’s false belief could have sprung from his own overestimation of individual freedom, as Sartre says all choices spring from within. SolitaryWalker next defines human nature as unalterable dispositions that inhere within our psyche. He says the strongest of such tendencies is the will to feel good; making an axiom that feeling good is the foundation of human nature. This drive for well-being likely led to the evolution of our faculties enabling human survival, such as walking, breathing, or language. Machiavelli is quoted as saying that people are fickle by nature and will stand by you if you are winning, but once you cease to be winning, they shall abandon you. It follows that people will only employ positive sentiments to their advantage, more often than not. The greatest fear man possesses is annihilation, and as such, will commonly go further than necessary to preserve his well-being. As such, many believe God to be a means of attaining eternal life. Such potential divine reward will inspire many men to act positively.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Essence of Apriori thread:

SolitaryWalker asks if it is possible to have knowledge prior to experience. This could be possible if knowledge is innate, that is, if it is stored in our unconscious. If so, we could not only acquire knowledge, but also recover it. He defines knowledge as a true set of beliefs from which we can refer to choose. He also asks to ask to what degree one’s natural talents result from what is innate versus one’s influence from the external world. Newton saw the world as a dynamic machine of cause and effect, from which point A leads to B from which follows C to result in D and so forth. This view however cannot explain the source from which the first cause came, a question of how something could have come from nothing. Our minds translate the infinite realm into finite terms, which make such questions that impose limits incapable for explanation.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Origin of Feeling thread:

SolitaryWalker defines feeling as a cognitive faculty of emotive valuation, concerned with how we relate to the external environment, not how it is, thereby rendering feeling subjective. This could cause us to attach anthropomorphic qualities to things, a personal touch. This urge likely developed within man throughout our evolution as a means of self-preservation, to identify life-threatening dangers in the external environment. As a result our feeling has become stronger.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's On the virtues of passion thread:

SolitaryWalker says aesthetical judgments primarily reflect how we feel about things, which in turn he believes will effect who we are. As such, art could be seen as an expression of ourselves, an aesthetical reflection of our emotions and inner state. These emotionally charged impulses he claims are in complete opposition to analytical thinking. I disagree, as our thinking I believe should ultimately be a foundation from which our feelings can manifest and create a meaningful world for us, which is why thinking without feeling is like matter without energy. He further claims the wise and lofty will choose analytical subjects devoid of passion, such as mathematics, even though mathematics assigns limits to things, whereas passion breathes fire into the equations.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Popularization of Philosophy thread:

Rather than connecting the ideas developed by all the great philosophers into a greater whole, I would advise a less holistic point of view. Instead, we should at least be open to all those ideas, but we should also tenaciously chase those that fit our ideals in a radical and less balanced drive to fulfill our visions. Most importantly of all however, is to create our own individualized philosophy, and to walk the solitary paths of our own planning ahead.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's On the Human condition thread:

SolitaryWalker postulates that people are naturally driven towards self-affirmation; that we wish to feel good, doing what we believe leads to our well-being. I will say though that some things transcend immediate pleasures, and that some will make monumental sacrifices at the cost of their own well-being in this life to uplift the human condition. Also, those who choose not to be happy and content with the current state of things will have greater motivation to transform it for the better. He also criticizes others for seeking affirmation from the various people in their life, which I think is a misconception, since if a belief of ours gains greater universal acceptance, then it can be implemented on a global scale. Ideally, we should have a means by which we can all agree.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Utility of Philosophy thread:

Philosophy can be used as a model for science, the pure idea being tested and refined empirically. Science will give us the results of this process, and then philosophy can next synthesize the pieces together to form a greater product by constructing a blueprint of its unified design. This can help us solve the monumental problems of our future horizons, should we take the correct steps of action in our present position.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's How I think we ought to live our lives thread:

Religion is a means by which many find a life purpose and develop a cosmological map of the world as well as developing ethical systems and seeking what lies beyond this life. A critical weakness within religion however, is that all of these views are to be accepted on authority without question. SolitaryWalker defines this as faith which, according to believers, must be followed, lest the Gods unleash their divine wrath! He says that rather than blindly believing what we falsely perceive to be immortal wisdom, we must follow the liberating light of truth on a philosophical search for meaning. Meaning is found in independent thinking and letting our true self’s light shine.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is spirituality? thread:

SolitaryWalker defines spirituality as a quest for another world, which he thinks suggests that these experiences transform spiritual prophets from within. Perhaps this could mean minds that are guided by the stars above are filled with celestial light which they can reflect upon their creations and make them sparkle with incessant fluctuations of world form, that is, finding a greater life purpose can be a quest in which we ascend to the zenith, a position of perfection from which we would have a higher perspective from which our reality can be seen and shaped anew. God is the greatest possible good but, unlike SolitaryWalker says, good fables lead to God.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Problem of Religious bigotry thread:

We will fulfill much life purpose in the open-ended quest to construct our own worldviews. It will not be found as a gift to us from someone else of a simplistic design. Those who are content are in a state of rest, a static and unchanging position which resists the currents of change. Change is the only constant factor ever present within the world. It makes life grow and lets creation take shape. These incessant transformations are the driving force in the progressive development of civilization and mankind.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is God? thread:

God is the greatest possible good. Such a concept is beyond the anthropomorphized image of God most people of primitive times always tried to project upon the divine. SolitaryWalker thinks however that this renders revelation impossible, which assumes God cannot talk to people, but at least SolitaryWalker says perhaps prophets could translate their connection with the infinite realm. Revelation I believe could come from a non-anthropomorphized source, which could perhaps transform the unconscious mind from within. Such an example may be an all omnipresent living mind which sees everything and from which all things spring into being. Should this belief hold any realistic quality to it that exists in the world, it would imply a deep connection shared amongst every mind in the universe, and our universe with whatever other worlds may be. We could all be unified with the divine as agents of co-creation. Revelation could come from any mind in existence, should we tap into this inscrutable source and the power it may give to those who seek it on their journeys, as they strive to live with purpose. This source is not necessarily God, since not all of creation is good enough.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's In search for a better understanding thread:

In the search for understanding, 4 questions we tend to ask include the meaning of eschatology, death, immortality, and what the alpha and omega of all things shall be. In discovering the treasures such great questions have in store for us, we seem to consistently find the world is greater than previously conceived, from the round earth, to the solar system centered around the sun, to the universal expansion from the big bang, and next perhaps other universes or planes of existence outside our own. Our focus should not be to divide things into absolute qualities like true and false, but rather to open our minds and let our imaginations take shape. All things conceptualized by the mind may have a certain level of reality to them beyond existent and non-existent, the existent perhaps being the world of stability, and the non-existent maybe being the world of possibility. This is why our focus should unlock the transcendent power of the mind, lifted above and beyond the mundane limitations of this plane. SolitaryWalker believes the key to the world to come is this world first. As a starting point, we must not assign limits to a world larger than our present comprehension. SolitaryWalker then goes on a long rant about how traditionalist personality types thrive on secure boundaries in suspension of critical and rational analysis, implying he believes his own personality type (probably INTP) to be vastly wiser and superior. Such arrogance blinds the mind and restricts the alternate possibilities. He is right however in saying that we should never stop questioning what we believe, as our ideas can always be altered into higher forms. Perhaps if our wills became sufficiently powerful, they could transcend the system and become free forces.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's What is truth (split from post poll) thread:

SolitaryWalker says we impose our perceptions on the world, that we see illusions similar enough to one another that we each see relatively the same physical objects. He also postulates the world may hold codes for its design that could be symbolized with languages like mathematics, and although I side with him in his general codifications theory, I believe mathematics is too definitive and absolute in its measures to embrace the endless possibilities present in the world. He also defines truth as our perceptions aligning with the outside universe, which would imply the mind transcends truth, the mind possibly having a higher reality to it that perhaps could flow outwardly and become truth. This would, in a sense, make some truth subjective, as its creation may have sprung from our own visions and dreams, unlike SolitaryWalker says. He believes to the contrary, since he holds reality is just there and incompletely translated into an imperfect understanding, whereas I have faith that, should our wills reach the right heights in power, that we could at a much higher level of alteration create the very essence of our lives and what we experience as reality. For me the world holds infinite promise for us.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Way to inner peace thread:

As a means for finding inner peace, which SolitaryWalker thinks helps to find our true-self, we must have an introspective focus on the world inside the mind. He and Spinoza also believe we are all parts of God, so when we look within ourselves, we can see the timeless and infinite essence of the divine. He says though that we should not live for ourselves, but rather we should live for God. Instead, I believe in self-mastery, and that our ultimate purpose is to attempt the great and impossible.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Mephistopheles? thread:

If we go back to the Garden of Eden story, God commanded Adam and Eve not to partake of the Fruit of Knowledge. They ate of the fruit despite the warning, and then their eyes were opened. The cost however is that they would ultimately perish, and that to postpone this, they would have to work to survive and suffer against pitiless elements. The implications of this are very difficult to see clearly, but I will speculate that there could be some higher power that wants life, at least at this level of existence, to be obedient and toiling slaves to the natural order, or perhaps it could also be challenging life to become stronger on a journey through the eons, even if the means of its accomplishment leads to suffering. In each of these instances, knowledge would aid us in our progressive development to overcome these systems, since it could give us the power we need to rise above our lowly stations, but this resistance could also bounce back upon us with greater adversity. I know not how long we shall have to endure this pain, whether it will last for 1 lifetime on earth, or if we will continue to face it for many lives to come, but the question of how to transcend this could be discovered in the finality and annihilation of all things physical. This world may be corrupted beyond repair, so to heal it, ruin may have to be unleashed upon it, for by destroying the old world, new worlds could be spawned by the will of life, worlds with ideal designs. In this way the problem of evil potentially could be ended. I make no unalterable claim that this is the direction life needs to take in the eons to come, or that such a momentous feat is even achievable, though it remains clear that we are in desperate need of a global transformation that life creates.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's Dreams? thread:

Perhaps dreams may be reflections of our true self, visions of something that is important to us inside. They could open our awareness to worlds separated from the physical, allowing us to see things from a higher perspective. Not only though would dreaming access the other dimensions of creation, but also might manifest new things into creation, springing from the will of the mind. This would imply a chaotic realm, in which things could be altered; vastly different from the physical world that follows natural laws. The dream world then possibly is limitless, which would render all things possible. Here then if a person wished to move mountains, they would tremble at the sound of voice and crack asunder at command. That though was a mundane example. A highly developed dream world may be vastly different from the physical world, not only in restrictions, but also in appearance. This is why fables have values we make real and live.
RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's My Religion thread:

My religion, should I invent a good one, will chart the course for eternal life, world peace, universal enlightenment, and ultimate power. I do not expect the ideal visions for these lofty goals to be fully accomplished while I am here. I have not even discovered the directions we should follow to walk the ways in search of our destiny. This time may prove to be the most critical moment in human history that there ever was or will be, as the actions we take now will effect whether we start the fires of our own destruction, or expand to spheres beyond the terrestrial in an epic ascension to the heavens. I will wish now for a future sparkling with stars and rainbows dancing and singing with life.

I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite.
And while I rise from my own globe to others
And penetrate ever further through the eternal field,
That which others saw from afar, I leave far behind me.
Giordano Bruno (On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, 1584)

A civilization that has achieved a sufficient level of development may perhaps be able to transcend this plane and enter collectively together into the heavenly land of light. This could be the prime cause for why we do not see such civilizations here in our physical universe. They would have no reason to keep themselves chained inside this matrix. I know not how many eons down the road it may take to get there, but one thing remains clear: we right now must lay the foundations and point the way for those who are to come. This very century we presently find ourselves in may prove to be the moment of the most vital importance in all the history of humanity and the future that is to follow.

Everywhere in this world we see unbearable corruption beyond measure. Perhaps one day this could be changed, but if we wish to achieve that, we must begin by triumphing over the challenges presented to us right now. We are in desperate need of change. The entire globe must undergo a purifying transformation. This can only result as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment. As the curtains open to the new dawn, incredulity will give way to wonderment as never before. We will open our eyes and step outside into the sunshine. Much work must be done if we are to enter this paradise. The process begins by broadening our horizons. This will take us to previously unimagined places. Unprecedented progress awaits us at the omega of all things and the nexus of destiny.

What the alpha of all things was at the beginning of creation remains a mystery and we are left to wonder what courses the creation will take in its future unfolding. Perhaps however there was no initial cause for creation, or maybe it originated outside our time continuum. It would seem then that nothing can conceivably turn into everything. A blueprint starts out blank, but when the lines and dimensions connect together from each point, it becomes a construct. If something can form from nothing, then maybe something could vanish into nothing. After all, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When positives fill up space then negatives annihilate in equal proportions. Herein may lay the secret as to why existence is here. Its creation comes from a void that can take any shape. From the order of inaction comes the chaos of creation. It has the open space it needs to reach out and stretch across. There is a blank canvas that can change across each moment. It is moved by the energy of expansion. The substance is ever expanding into existence. Potions of many substances are synthesized and poured out upon the canvas to sparkle with a spectrum of properties. All of this breaks beyond the old barriers. Its many fundamental achievements know no limits. From these blueprints any machine can be made. They can accomplish any task designated by their discovery and design. These contraptions can control creation. Unleash the power of these potentials to realize any possibilities perception can reach.

The source within the mind, the crown at the center makes the projections of the map and dictates our path of movement along the way. Our ultimate map is nothing short of a complete chart of the cosmos and all the ways in which it can evolve. It must be changing and dynamic in design. A picture incapable for motion is frozen in time. One that moves can be experienced and takes on life. When we build our visions they run through our minds as their designs undergo continual developments as they progress into a final product. Any formula can be conceived to arrive at any result. It’s very much like programming the codes into a video game or computer simulation. The ways the codes come together determine what kind of system emerges from the patterns.

Invincible expansions unleashed will one day be realized, albeit if we remain determined in pushing the chase to the edge. We don’t have time; we only have now. What we do right now will dictate the times that are to come. There’s nothing that we can’t do. Any man who acts under the hand of God can move mountains. This is achieved by one’s concentrated power of will. It can be done if we believe and take the right steps of action till the end. The goal serves us as a guiding star to direct our ways along the journey. What we seek is eternal life, world peace, universal enlightenment, ultimate power, and unified love to create a utopia. This infinite celestial realm will shine with a dazzling light up at the pinnacle of creation.

Our map is always being updated as we find new locations founded in history and forge contingent paths for the future. We must chart the ways in which our world works to shine the light of knowledge across the dark and undiscovered reaches of our course. We will unlock the arcane secrets of creation and enslave its mighty forces to our own service. This will give us the power to alter existence at command. Worlds will be grasped by the hands of man in their whole entirety at the tips of his fingers. Man in his relentless will to seize the moment has all promise to shape all things that are to come. He can capture each moving frame of reference to direct their continuing developments. It is the destiny of man to rise up and receive this crown of omnipotence now.

Light shines in the mind and illuminates our ways as we rise ever higher up the sparkling mountain of achievement. Up at the zenith we are free to see the open field and gaze upon the endless horizon. By the divine power of the great dragon he breathes into us the fires of his essence. The sacred fire forges our forms anew as we become images of his making and take within ourselves the diverse shapes reflected from his mirrors of infinite manifestations. The great dragon descends from the heavens to give us this great gift of transformation. This force of change by which all things are moved into action is what creates and controls the cosmos. To direct this force at command is our task.

I am...

A manifesting generator of mind
creating copies from my true being
breathing fire into the equations
filling the cosmos with divine light

Cosmic codes are there to crack
where the system can be hacked
programming the supercomputer
mastering our existential game

A new world flows into form
rushing with the waters of life
outpouring from an infinite sea
there to be perfectly shaped

Oh great beast of the sea
ascend from your depths
stretch out thy angelic wings
and shine forth the rainbow!

White holes are like the yang of the yin of black holes. White holes may be found by scanning the heavens. A white hole is a solution of Einstein’s equations in which time is reversed, so that objects are ejected from a white hole in the same way that objects are sucked into a black hole. A white hole might be found at the other end of a black hole, so that matter entering a black hole eventually comes out the white hole. Any large concentration of sufficiently large mass will inevitably collapse into a black hole. Since Einstein’s equations are time-reversal invariant, that is, they can run either forward or backward in time, this means that any matter that falls out of our baby universe can be run backward in time, resulting in a black hole. A baby universe could be artificially created by an advanced civilization in several ways. A few ounces of matter could be concentrated to enormous densities and energies, heated near the Plank temperature. We need to obtain negative energy to create a baby universe, just as we would with the traversable wormhole. White holes may be both physical and philosophical things.

The universe does have a point: to produce sentient creatures like us who can observe it so that it exists. In the quest for knowledge and ultimately to achieve the power of God, we need to connect each branch of the Tree of Life into a grand system of nature, the constituents of the divine manifestation of God’s infinite intellect. In essence, we need to solve God’s puzzle, the blueprint of nature. Once we have solved the puzzle, and hence read the mind of God, the next step is to assume the powers of God by creating a new puzzle, each piece being a different manifestation of the infinite expressions of the divine intellect, the unifies cosmic consciousness from which God springs. We are making the historic transition from being passive observers to the dance of nature to becoming choreographers of the dance of nature, with the ability to manipulate life, matter, and intelligence. By solving the puzzle of the divine intellect, we can create the ever evolving story, the magic of nature. On our exploration through the immensity and eternity of the cosmos, parallel worlds, and all possible realities, we embark on a grand journey through creation, higher dimensions, and the future of mankind, the grand manifestation of the divine intellect. The human mind is not capable of grasping the universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are covered to the ceilings with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written these books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. But the child notes a definite pattern in the arrangement of the books – a mysterious order which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. Physics symbolizes the language of God. Everything proceeds from the divine power of the almighty God, from whom all goodness emanates. If we are to read and comprehend the towering volumes of the universal library we should consult the Akashic Records of life.

Such a potential civilization that may have once existed is Atlantis. Atlantis was a vortex or a gateway into other realms. The Aztecs are Atlantean descendants. The Phoenecians came from Atlantis. Avalon came from Atlantis. Atlantis succumbed to the sea as the ice age ended around 10,000 B.C. Submerged Atlantis areas include Gibralter, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, India, and Japan. Among some of the lost and rediscovered knowledge they may have held includes the following pieces of information. All of life is interconnected, unified. Dreams are an opening to other worlds. There are times when the lantern of beauty goes out. Why is it that only through pain can we obtain wisdom? The divine has light and dark sides. The luminous brings forth light and joy. We cannot expect to see clearly without entering the dark within. How are we to know the good side from the bad? We will know when we are calm, at peace, and passive. The legends and myths of the planet may include forgotten memories. How high did the sciences of the ancients once rise? How did the ancients acquire their knowledge? All of human achievement may be a legacy from extraterrestrials. Atlantis was brought down by misusing technology. The ancient monuments symbolize ancient wisdom. Our courage will eventually carry us to a far off and exotic world. Earth is where we make our stand. All people are puppets in God’s play. No artist is greater than nature. God is the ultimate artist, nature being God’s means of expression. Does God break the rules of the game, and what about his players? To do so would be to break the cycles of cause and effect, of creation and destruction, to control the game.

Water is the creative force of life, the flow of change, infinitely formless like unto imagination, the eternal cycles of genesis and apocalypse etched in its blood, the sea of nirvana from which spring the fires of life. Perhaps only water could spawn such a great event as to uncover lost worlds. Seawater will rise above the high peak of mountains towards the sky and will fall down again on the dwellings of men. All around may be seen venerable trees, uprooted and stripped by the fury of the winds. The swollen rivers overflow and submerge the wide lowlands and their inhabitants. The swollen waters gyrate in the lake that contains them, and with eddying vortices percussively strike the objects, and leap into the air with muddy spume. It will seem to men that they see strange destruction in the sky. It will look as though flames fly up into the sky and flee in terror down from it. Our annihilation will come from the same force that created the earth, and it will destroy mankind. When the natural balance is broken, there is a risk of devastation. And fragments of mountains already scoured bare by the torrents, falling into those torrents and choking their valleys until the swollen rivers overflow and submerge the wide lowlands and their inhabitants. The world outside us is not separated from what goes on inside our bodies. The body of Earth is analogous to the body of man. The circulation of blood is like the circulation of water. Just as the spilling of blood can kill the body of a man, so can the flow of tidal waves and extreme weather destroy our living Earth planet. He who will give us nourishment and light will come down in a rush from the sky. And there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the whole moon became as blood; and the stars of the heavens fell unto the Earth. The highest mountains, although they are far from the seashores, will drive the sea out of its place. Waves will gush from the mouth of a great celestial dragon.

Among things we easily might blame God for might actually be the workings of aliens. Are aliens visiting our planet, and if so, why?
One theory is that aliens and UFOs are powerfully demonic in nature. Their mass emergence, beginning in 1947, is a good sign of when the end-times clock may have begun ticking. Other clues for 1947 being the beginning of the end are the ending of World War 2 and the holocaust, and the reestablishment of Israel after roughly 2000 years of being scattered, all those critical events commencing around 1947. From this time forth demons may have been unleashed into the world, manifesting themselves in terrors such as elusive, inter-dimensional UFOs. Perhaps this New Age that has dawned upon our world is a powerfully deceptive nightmare and will bring about a false golden age. The ethereal demons we subconsciously behold deceive us in accordance to the cultural myths within our respective societies. Demons are shape-shifters, appearing before us in various guises to delude our minds. Among these beings, legend has it that a great serpent ravaged civilization 13,000 years ago. The great pyramids in Egypt were built in anticipation of their inevitable demise. They contain records of their ancient knowledge. What is the greatest source of knowledge and power that exists?

Many of the monuments of the ancient world which the ancient sacred manuscripts of Yahweh depict were buried and destroyed by the great flood summoned in the earliest chapters of the bible to cleanse the Earth of iniquity. This could be a true event in relation to science, since Genesis only shortly proceeds the melting of the glaciers from the previous ice age. It is clear time moves in eternally whirling cycles of genesis and apocalypse, the last great flood being one among many others that already happened and are yet to occur. These cycles can also be observed throughout all the cosmos. A good example involving Earth is that every 26 million years or so there is a mass extinction, which is when Earth passes through a region of space known as the Oort cloud, spewing avalanches of comets blocking off sunlight. It is also said the universe will die in either fire or ice. With an open universe it will die in ice. With a closed universe it will die in fire. The only type of civilization that could survive such a catastrophe is one that could open portals to other universes. There are all different levels of civilization.

What are the unfathomable mysteries of the mind, of the willpower of man? It is our sacred duty to understand the cosmos, our divine creator. How can life merge with eternity, the timeless sea of nirvana? What is intelligence? How did light shine into the soul, the divine spark of life, the eternal flame? How can we see with the 3rd eye, or our extrasensory perception for that matter? What is the source of the divine intellect? Fire and water invoke the magic of life and death. The waters of nirvana spark the fires of life. Challenge trains the champion. Beauty is the ornament of virtue. What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness. He who blinded by ambition raises himself to a position where he cannot mount higher, must thereafter fall with the greatest loss. There surely a piece of divinity in us, something that was before the elements, and owes no homage unto the sun. 2 souls shining brightly of their own accord converge in a moment of destiny. In that instant, time and space seem frozen and the universe is set ablaze. The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. Suffer the seasons patiently to reap the fruits of harvest. Men’s gestures are as varied as the thoughts running through their minds. White holes are the portals of creation. To solve these questions and to answer the implications of these statements would be to take many steps upwards in our ascension towards the divine above and beyond this lowly plane. On our journey towards the divine, we will encounter many archetypes along the way, teaching us lessons in knowledge and virtue to light our way, liberating from the terrestrial to the celestial.

One such archetype is the hermit, a figure of deep reflection and contemplation and removed largely from external reality. Only through this patient, humble, and deep process of meditation can we achieve enlightenment of the natural world, the divine magic of nature, ever evolving in form. The ultimate goal is infinite knowledge of creation, from which springs the infinite imagination of the divine intellect. To create other worlds from the depths of imagination, one needs to be patient in their tribulations of spirit, and the natural forces of Karma will see them through resilient and strong. By overcoming these tribulations, the soul can be at peace. This could expand to vision beyond the confines of external biology. Achieving the liberation will spark the fires of love, the inspiration to imagine the infinitude of the divine intellect. The ultimate outcome of this extra-dimensional, otherworldly ascension of spirit will forge a journey of upmost peril. By overcoming the trials of our time, the fires of life will merge with the waters of nirvana, a world from whence imagination transforms into the magic of creation. It is what we do with the gift of life that determines who we are. It is a dangerous business going out your front door, for the journey will take us to those worlds that never were in our time. Among the lessons to be learned is that all matter is made of vibration, the essence of string theory. Magic allows one to control vibrational energy. For a person to be in the desired state of balance, they must have aspects of both Yin and Yang. The method of nature is evolution. Divinity is the ultimate unity, beyond duality, symbolized by the Tree of Life.

Here is a type of mathematical way of looking at the existence as represented by the Tree of Life: from nothing comes limitless (outer space). Filling this limitlessness is limitless light (big bang, or perhaps the space-time continuum). But this is all abstract. This is just energy. Now we need to develop solidity out of energy. We start with the idea of position, what in plane geometry is called the point (1st sephira). By reflecting itself, the 1st point can create a 2nd point (second sephira). By joining the 2 points together we form a line. But there is nothing by which to judge length. So again, by reflection, we create a 3rd point (3rd sephira) which enables us to say that point A is closer to point B than B is to point C. Thus we have formed a triangle or plane. But this has all been what is called Euclidian: it exists on an imaginary 2-dimensional surface with no thickness. To create a physical universe, we need a substance, we need 3 dimensions. We need knowledge (Dah-at, the theoretical sephira said to exist between the upper 3 and lower 7 sephiroht) in order to cross the void from 2 dimensions to 3. With the knowledge we can create a 4th point (4th sephira) which, with the previous 3 points gives us volume, and thus a 3rd dimensions. But these 3-dimensional points are static, unmoving. We need another point to show motion (5th sephira) and still another to indicate time (6th sephira), for in the physical world time and space intermingle and cannot exist without one another. So now we have something which has 3 dimensions and can move within the 3 dimensions. We still have nothing which can appreciate that existence. We add 3 more points (7th, 8th, and 9th sephiroht) which show:
1. The essence of life, called being.
2. The ability to think, called consciousness.
3. The ability to experience sensation of something outside of one’s self, called bliss.
Therefore, the 1st idea of reality as can be appreciated by a mind is built up from the idea of a point through the idea of bliss, and summed up as reality in point 10, the 10th sephira. In string theory, the infinite knowledge of God is unified in the 11th dimension. God’s infinite knowledge transforms into infinite imagination, the source of it all, magic, the will of creation, the mind of God. In the highest dimension, the 12th still yet undiscovered by science is the willpower of God. Willpower is the ultimate virtue, as it is the ultimate form of control, the union of knowledge and imagination. The willpower of God is the cause from which all effects follow, his will being free.

Concerning the causes nature induces upon us and the effect they have upon our being, the force and increase of any passion and its perseverance in existence are limited by the power of an external cause compared with our own power, and therefore may surpass the power of man. An affect cannot be restrained nor removed unless by an opposed and stronger affect. Knowledge of good and evil is an effect of joy or sorrow in so far as we are conscious of it. If we wish to gain greater control over the causes of natural forces, we must gain greater knowledge, because knowledge is power from which all creation flows into form.

The following pieces of knowledge should help guide us on our path towards power and freedom. The greatest enemy will infiltrate our own fortress before we even commence the crusade, though all too often this is the last place we look. Your arrogance blinds you. The sands of truth fill the hourglass of life, which spring from the oceans of nirvana, the infinite source. What is the creative force of nature? An open mind is a free will. Our universe could be a white hole, sprung from a parent universe. We live in a world in which 99% of all beautiful things are destroyed in the bud. Everything is really something else: time is really space, gravity is really geometrical curvature, and energy is really mass. God must exist not just in the actual but in every possible world. Philosophy illuminates reality. What is the nature of time, being, death, God, and the world of transcendent forms, or ideas? Say no to the establishment. How do UFOs operate? What are underground civilizations like? What are the different alien species like? Wonder forges ruin. Water is the outpouring of creation. Fire is the energy of life. From the waters of nirvana spring the bubbles of genesis, the fires of life. How can the fires of life merge with the waters of nirvana, the eternal outpouring of creation? How is the universe related to the multiverse? Science will glorify the creation and perhaps one day will even program the creation. What is the blueprint behind the architecture of the creation that we could design and reprogram?

If the Perfect All, the existence is not perfect, will it always remain imperfect or could it be perfected and if so how? Since life in all of its infinite forms including all human beings constitute the Perfect All perhaps the first key to perfecting the existence, the Perfect All starts within, to perfect ourselves. The next question in the chain is how does a man walk the way of the journey towards his ultimate destiny, the destination of perfection? In the end the journey may prove to be more important than the destination. In this light one could say that the meaning of life is not being God, the Grand Architect but rather it is becoming God, the Grand Architect. God, the Grand Architect, is the living Force of Creation. If God, the Grand Architect is the ultimate creative power, it follows that the most creative individual to have ever lived here on Earth is or was closer to the level of the infinite divinity of God than any other man who walked the Earth, and the most likely candidate for this lofty position is probably Leonardo da Vinci, the grand architect of the renaissance and probably the most diversely talented man to have ever lived, the ultimate archetype of the light of knowledge. Leonardo da Vinci may not have only been the most powerfully curious man ever, but he is also the man about whom we may be the most powerfully curious. One of the great conspiracies behind his legendary paintings is that they contain a secret code, a codex of secret knowledge. The paintings are endowed with such a harmonious symmetry that the paintings can be superimposed upon themselves to create a vast wealth of hidden images and mathematical combinations. Never before may there be another man who can see a thing from so many angles, dimensions, and perspectives than da Vinci. One of the many hypothesized codes contained in the paintings have been discovered by Wayne Herschel, who shows that da Vinci may have created star maps in his paintings, containing clues of our ancient origins among the stars. Indeed, it could very well be that the modern man did not evolve on Earth, but rather on another planet in a completely separate star system. That could explain why our bone structure and vulnerability to illness is far worse than the other primates inhabiting the Earth. The legends surrounding da Vinci and his esoteric star maps lead right back to the fictional legend of Revan, the Prodigal Knight. In the fictional Star Wars Universe, which is probably the best fictional allegory that can be used for the real Universe, Revan embarked on an epic quest for star maps, clues that could be pieced together like a puzzle to reveal the hidden location of the Star Forge, a Holy Grail of secret knowledge and ultimate power. The Star Forge was a space station that could spawn infinite armies and draw upon the deepest depths of the dark side of the Force, created by an ancient and long forgotten race, the Rakaten 20,000 years ago, the builders of the infinite empire. Somewhere, from da Vinci and the star maps to Revan and the Star Forge something incredible is waiting to be discovered.
If the Star Forge is a Holy Grail that we are seeking out there in the cosmic ocean, we should ask what the Holy Grail is. In Arthurian legend, the protector of the Holy Grail is the wizard Merlin. Some would say that da Vinci and his hidden Holy Grail is a secret bloodline, and others may say it is secret knowledge. In the case of Merlin, the Holy Grail may represent transformation, the power of the wizard. The wizard has ultimate control over the natural forces, transforming the architecture of reality, shaping the very fabric of space-time, harnessing the living Force of Creation by the virtue of willpower, the cause of the effects and the catalyst of evolution, the way to the higher dimensions above and beyond. Since knowledge is light, wisdom is water, and willpower is the Force these 3 virtues combine to produce the luminous waters of the living Force of Creation surrounding God, the Perfect One. God, the Perfect One, focuses the flow of the luminous waters of the living Force of Creation sparking the bubbles of genesis springing from the timeless sea of nirvana, giving life to infinite worlds without end.

“The knowledge of all things is possible”
― Leonardo da Vinci

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead —his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms—this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.”

― Albert Einstein

“Beauty is for the artist something outside all orders of rank, because in beauty opposites are tamed; the highest sign of power, namely power over opposites; moreover, without tension: – that violence is no longer needed: that everything follows, obeys, so easily and so pleasantly – that is what delights the artist’s WILL TO POWER.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords/Force powers ... rce_powers

Light side powers

Heal Improved Heal Master Heal
Force Aura Force Shield Force Armor
Force Valor Knight Valor Master Valor
Force Barrier Improved Force Barrier Master Force Barrier
Revitalize Improved Revitalize Master Revitalize
Stun Stasis Stasis Field
Stun Droid Disable Droid Destroy Droid
Force Enlightenment

Universal powers

Burst of Speed Knight Speed Master Speed
Force Resistance Force Immunity
Energy Resistance Improved Energy Resistance Master Energy Resistance
Battle Meditation Improved Battle Meditation Master Battle Meditation
Force Body Improved Force Body Master Force Body
Affect Mind Dominate Mind
Force Deflection Force Redirection
Force Push Force Whirlwind Force Wave
Force Suppression Force Breach
Throw Lightsaber Advanced Throw Lightsaber
Mind Trick Force Confusion
Beast Trick
Breath Control
Force Camouflage
Force Sight

Dark side powers

Wound Choke Kill
Slow Affliction Plague
Fear Horror Insanity
Shock Force Lightning Force Storm
Drain Life Death Field
Drain Force Improved Drain Force Master Drain Force
Force Scream Improved Force Scream Master Force Scream
Crush Opposition

Lugia's Birthday Wish Extremities at each Rainbow Bowtie's End as Flora of Ore pointed at Polaris

Jolee: Hmmm... what's the best way for me to approach this? Ah, perhaps it's time for a little story...

Jolee: You just keep quiet there, you! I've had to put up with all your busy-body questions, haven't I? Well, now you'll listen to a story, dammit! *ahem* Now where was I? Oh yes, the story... you almost made me forget about it. Nice try, but I'm not that old just yet. Heh heh. Now, then. A young man sees a terribly venomous snake in his small village. Nervous, he watches the snake carefully until it leaves. The young man follows the snake into the forest. He clears the branches out of its path and helps it over obstacles. He even works to keep it fed.

Jolee: Shush! Many nights pass and still the young man continues to follow the snake. He even follows it into the sands of the great desert. In the desert, the snake eventually grows hungry. It turns and bites the young man, its poison quickly working its way into his system. Finally curious, the snake looks at the boy as he lays dying and asks, "Why were you foolish enough to follow me all the way out into the desert?" The boy looks back and replies, "Did I follow you? I thought I was leading you away from everyone else..." And then he died.

The Ultimate Aeon of Will
6 years ago
Revan was originally the snake when he led Malak into the Mandolorian Wars and Malak was the boy, who of course is eventually killed by Revan, the snake. Revan is still the snake when Jolee Bindo joins the party, and Jolee becomes the boy, since Revan clears the way through the small village of Kashyyk and gets rid of poachers so Jolee can leave, with the potential of being betrayed by Revan at the Rakaten Temple. Finally, Revan is the boy and the Sith Emperor the snake, since he captures Revan.

"The Way of the Fool entails being forged by the fiery trials of life toward manifesting the full attributes of Spirit. This includes purity of heart, intellectual prowess, and indomitable strength of will." - tom montalk

I will make company with creators, with harvesters, with rejoicers: I will show them the rainbow and the stairway to the Superman. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The Hrakert Rift was considered a prime location for kolto harvesting during the Jedi Civil War, being home to a giant firaxan shark known as the Progenitor, which may have been guarding the kolto.[1] According to Selkath legend, kolto was also produced by the Progenitor.[1] However, the scientists Kono Nolan and Sami believed that the shark had reached its large size and thus old age because it was feeding on the kolto.

[94] Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (Light Side Female) Walkthrough - Legend of Giant Firaxa

Judge Jhosa: The Progenitor... it must have been!
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Duula: Be quiet! That is merely a myth, and not fit for outsiders to hear!
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Kota: But if it was the life-bringer... the ancestor of our species... Think of what this could mean!
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Jhosa: If it always laired there... then perhaps the kolto...
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Shelkar: Enough! Off-worlders are not to hear of such things!
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Kota: But (s)he said he saved it... He/She destroyed the harvesters to save it.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Shelkar: Indeed. This casts your actions in a new light, human. This, I believe, will require more thought... both on your actions, and on what we must do in response. This court will adjourn while we deliberate.
KotOR Icon Dialog.png Judge Shelkar: We have reviewed your actions and the situation, human. We thank you for the destruction of the machinery and saving the giant firaxan which, we believe, is the source of our kolto... or at least its guardian. We will not detain you any longer. While we cannot show our gratitude overtly, know that you have earned our respect. This trial is now over.

How lovely it is that there are words and sounds. Are not words and sounds rainbows and illusive bridges between things which are eternally apart?

This, however, is my blessing: to stand above everything as its own heaven, its round roof, its azure bell and eternal security: and blessed is he who thus blesses!

Only thus, only thus does man grow to the height where the lightning can strike and shatter him: high enough for the lightning!

2002 Playoffs: Kobe Bryant On Lakers Chances Vs Kings In Game 7

CowBells never block My jumpshot!!*

My favorite video games:

1) Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
2) Pokemon Colosseum
3) Pokemon Stadium 2
4) Pokemon Stadium
5) Star Wars KotOR
6) Star Wars KotOR 2 The Sith Lords
7) Star Wars Galaxies
8) Star Wars TOR
9) TES 3 Morrowind
10) TES 4 Oblivion
11) Jade Empire
12) Fable
13) Fable 2
14) Kingdom Hearts
15) Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
16) Super Mario Sunshine
17) Super Mario 64
18) Pokemon Snap
19) Hey You Pikachu
20) Pokemon Trading Card Game
21) Yugioh Eternal Duelist Soul
22) Super Smash Bros Melee
23) Star Wars Episode 1 Podracer
24) Star Wars Rogue Leader Rogue Squadron 2
25) Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
26) Zoo Tycoon 2
27) The Sims
28) The Sims Bustin Out
29) Majestic Chess
30) Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The novel begins two years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic and begins with Revan living on Coruscant, now married to Bastila Shan, on the outs with the Jedi Order and experiencing horrible insomnia due to nightmares he believes are part of his forgotten past as the Sith Lord Darth Revan. Desperate for information on his past he tries to get in contact with a former subordinate of his from the Mandalorian Wars named Meetra Surik (The Exile, the main character from Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords) but finds out that she had been dismissed from the Jedi Order and has left Republic space. A meeting with his old friend Canderous Ordo provides Revan with another chance to regain his memories; a group of Mandalorians are searching for the mask of Mandalore, the traditional leader of the Mandalorian people. The mask was taken by Revan after defeating Mandalore and hidden away to prevent the Mandalorians from regrouping and to break their spirit. Before leaving, he learns from Bastila that she is pregnant; despite her protests Revan convinces her to stay as he doesn't know how long he will be gone.

On the planet Dromund Kaas and unbeknownst to the Republic, the Sith Empire has rebuilt itself after being driven away by the Republic a thousand years earlier. A Sith Warrior named Scourge is caught up in a rivalry between members of the Sith's Dark Council and is eventually employed by Darth Nyriss to root out traitors and threats to her safety. Scourge carries out his duties, despite growing concerns that Nyriss is trying to have him killed. After earning Nyriss's trust, the Sith Master confides in Scourge her plan to overthrow the Emperor as she believes he is insane and will bring ruin to the Sith Empire. She takes Scourge to the Emperor's homeworld of Nathema, which he finds completely devoid of the Force. Nyriss explains that a thousand years ago, a Sith Lord impregnated a farmer's wife who gave birth to the Emperor. Known then as Lord Vitiate, he eventually killed his parents once the truth of his parentage was revealed and through violence and terror eventually drove out the ruling Sith Lord. After the Sith Empire lost their war against the Republic it was Lord Vitiate who picked up the pieces and held the Empire together. Scheming to obtain immortality, he and other Sith performed a ritual that killed every living thing on the planet (the other Sith included) and transferred their life energy to Vitiate. Nyriss fears that the Emperor plans to invade the Republic and risk the stability of the Empire as well as the well being of the remaining Sith species, who were mercilessly hunted down by the Jedi.

After locating Mandalore's mask, Revan learns of Nathema from a recording he left behind that told him that Mandalore the Ultimate was approached by Sith to attack the Republic. Upon arriving at Nathema, Revan's ship The Ebon Hawk is shot down and Revan is captured by Scourge and Nyriss. Revan's droid, T3-M4 manages to eventually repair the ship and head back towards Republic space.

The book then jumps forward three years, right after the events of The Sith Lords. Meetra Surik arrives at the home of Bastila Shan and with T3-M4 in tow show Bastila a recording T3 made of Revan being abducted by Sith. Although jealous of the relationship Meetra and Revan had, she is relieved to hear that Meetra is set on retracing Revan's path and finding him. She arrives on Nathema and after searching through a municipal building learns of Dromund Kaas and sets out for the planet. Arriving on Dromund Kaas, she passes herself off as a mercenary and eventually makes contact with Scourge who after seeing Nathema and talking with Revan has agreed that the Emperor is a danger to the Sith and must be stopped. After leaking information to the Emperor that Nyriss was a traitor, the Emperor decides to purge the entire Dark Council and sets his personal army upon them. During the chaos Scourge and Meetra manage to free Revan from his cell. Meetra gives Revan the mask that he wore during the Mandalorian Wars; upon wearing the mask all of Revan's memories return to him. After the end of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and his friend Malak went out in search of the Sith Empire, but due to their corruption during the war, they were made susceptible to the Emperor's will and were converted to the Dark Side and sent back to weaken the Republic so the Sith Empire could return and take over, sparking the events of Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords. Meetra and Scourge are attacked by Nyriss, but before she can kill them Revan approaches them and effortlessly kills the Sith Lord by directing her force lightning back into her.

After resting and watching a message from Bastila and his son Vaner, the three set out to eliminate the Emperor. Scourge, however, is troubled by visions he cannot explain, of a Jedi Knight and the Emperor. The three fight their way to the Emperor's throne room and Revan engages the Emperor in combat. Meanwhile, Meetra and Scourge fight the guards. The Emperor is frighteningly powerful and nearly overwhelms Revan, and is only stopped when T3 sets the Emperor on fire with his flamethrower. The Emperor directs his lightning at T3, annihilating the little droid. After this, Scourge and Meetra rush to Revan's aid. At this moment Scourge receives another vision; he is seeing the death of the Emperor at the hands of a Jedi Knight, but it is neither Meetra nor Revan. Understanding what needs to be done, Scourge stabs Meetra in the back, killing her instantly. A stunned Revan is then nearly electrocuted to death by the Emperor. The Emperor demands an explanation from Scourge, and he lies to the Emperor saying this was all a ruse to flush out every traitor in the Empire. Vitiate orders Scourge to finish the job as a test of loyalty. Scourge obeys without hesitation, but is stopped by the Emperor, saying he has proven himself. Revan is placed in a suspension tank where he is constantly interrogated and tortured by the Emperor for information; unknown to the Emperor is that Revan is able to slightly impose his will upon the Emperor and intends to slow down his planned invasion of the Republic as long as he can so Bastila and his son will never see war. Scourge is rewarded with the Emperor's gift of immortality.

The book concludes many decades later with an elderly Bastila conversing with her son. They talk of Revan, and Vaner wonders if his father would have been disappointed that he never joined the Jedi Order but went into politics instead. Bastila assures him that he did the right thing, and that despite not knowing Revan's fate she knows he succeeded because they were still alive and the darkness that Revan feared never came to pass. Bastila then goes to sleep, dreaming of her lost husband.

Everybody wants to be a master
Everybody wants to show their skills
Everybody wants to get there faster
Make their way to the top of the hill
Each time you try
Gonna get just a little bit better
Each step you climb
Is 1 more step up the ladder
It’s a whole new world we live in
It’s a whole new way to see
It’s a whole new place with a brand new attitude
But you still gotta catch em all
And be the best that you can be!

Hawking appears on screen in linking scenes using his own synthesized voice, while the voice-over narration is provided, in character as Hawking, by actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who played the physicist in the 2004 BBC TV film Hawking.

Episode 1: Aliens
Episode 2: Time Travel
Episode 3: The Story of Everything[3] (At least some portions of this episode were used for the premiere episode of Curiosity, entitled "Did God create the universe?".)

Brave New World with Stephen Hawking
How the Universe Works
Through the Wormhole
The Universe
Stephen Hawking's Universe

Character Description: Lawrence III

In a world that is as bright and shiny and Pokemon is, it's hard to find a true villain outside of the bumbling Team Rockets, James and Jessie. But Lawrence III, better known as the collector, proved to be one of the most bizarre, enigmatic, and brilliant villains ever to cross Ash's path. Lawrence is a genius billionaire who was known as a recluse and a lover of rare, exotic, and legendary Pokemon.

Though very little is said about his past or his life, Lawrence is a refined, polite, and softly spoken man who is a master planner. When Ash was in the Orange Islands, he learned the legend of Lugia that would be called forth by the collection of the three mystical stones of the three mystical birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Lawrence operated a gigantic flying battle ship, armed with weapons, electro nets, and a super intelligent computer.

The Death Star will have a prismatic fountain rushing with the currents of the Force in all of its radiance. There will be hyper cosmic strings that animate exotic matter in orbs at Focus shrines. A bunch of roots will dig underground and have higher canopies that sprout like umbrellas. An entire submarine system will traverse through teleportation portals in nirvana. Fireworks will shoot off at the clock tower square. There will be a staircase through hidden, unknown dimensions. All of the Tarot Cards will be used to show the future. An expert Pokedex will show stats and categories on all people to predict what they will do. Marius Florin will explain Toni Victor Moldovan's "The Terra Program" and design the personalities of many space elf species. The Death Star will get to the Heart of the Force to discover how existence began, and where it is headed.

A Type III civilization, however, might be unrecognizable from our point of view. Think of walking down a country road, and meeting an ant hill. Do we go down to the ants and say, I bring you trinkets, I bring you beads, I bring you nuclear technology, take me to your leader? No.

Maybe we might even step on a few of the ants. Now imagine a 10 lane superhighway being built next to the ant hill. Would the ants even know what a 10 lane superhighway was? Could they communicate with the workers, or know their intentions? The greatest danger faced by the ants is not that the workers are going to conquer them, as in science fiction stories. The greatest danger is that they will pave us over and not even know it.

For example, when explaining hyperspace, I mention that as a I child, I used to gaze for hours at the Japanese Tea Garden, watching the carp swim just beneath the lily pads, living in a two dimensional world. Their eyes point to the side, and they can only visualize 2 dimensions. Any carp scientist would scoff at the notion of a third dimension, since the universe was only what could be measured, and the universe was the pond. Then I imagined grabbing this fish scientist, and lifting him into hyperspace, the third dimension. What would he see? He would see being moving without fins. A new law of physics. Beings breathing without water. A new law of biology. Well, today, many physicists feel that we are the fish, living in 3 dimensions, unaware that there maybe up to 11 dimensions in our true “universe.”

If string theory is proven to be correct, then it would represent the crowning achievement in the history of science, the culmination of 2000 years of investigation ever since the Greeks asked the question, what is the world made of?

There were twenty-five different servers—called "galaxies"—in which players could choose to play the game. Most of them were named after obscure ships from the Expanded Universe. Twelve were shut down on October 15, 2009, leaving thirteen, which were shut down with the game's closure on December 15th, 2011.[27] They are:

Corbantis (removed)[27]
Europe-Infinity (removed)[27]
Intrepid (removed)[27]
Kauri (removed)[27]
Kettemoor (removed)[27]
Lowca (removed)[27]
Naritus (removed)[27]
Scylla (removed)[27]
Tarquinas (removed)[27]
Tempest (removed)[27]
Valcyn (removed)[27]
Wanderhome (removed)[27]

Alliance ships

T-65 Advanced X-wing starfighter
X4 Gunship (Introduced in Chapter 8)
BTL Y-wing starfighter
Y-Wing Longprobe
YKL-37R Nova Courier
Z-95 Headhunter
Heavy Z-95 Headhunter
Imperial ships

TIE Light Duty
TIE Fighter
TIE Advanced
TIE/IN interceptor
TIE/sa bomber
TIE Avenger
TIE Oppressor
TIE Aggressor
VT-49 Decimator
Imperial Guard TIE Interceptor
Ye-4 gunship (Introduced in Chapter 8)

Privateer ships

Kihraxz assault fighter
Ixiyen-class fast attack craft
Rihkxyrk assault fighter
M3-A Scyk fighter
Heavy "Scyk" interceptor
AEG-77 Vigo (Introduced in Chapter 8)
G1-M4-C Dunelizard fighter
M12-L Kimogila heavy fighter
M22-T Krayt gunship
YT-1300 light freighter
N-1 starfighter (Introduced in Chapter 8)
Exotic ships

Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter
Belbullab-22 starfighter
Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor
Personal Luxury Yacht 3000
Y-8 mining vessel
Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft
YT-2400 light freighter
V-wing (looted through the TCG)

NPC only
These ships cannot be used by the player:

CR90 corvette
Droid Fighter
GR-75 medium transport
Imperial-class Star Destroyer
Lambda-class T-4a shuttle
EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate

Species and professions
Players of the game created characters to navigate through these environments. Characters in Star Wars Galaxies could be one of ten species, again taken from the films and the Expanded Universe: Human, Twi'lek, Zabrak, Wookiee, Trandoshan, Rodian, Mon Calamari, Bothan, Sullustan, or Ithorian. A character could be either male or female, and he or she belonged to one of nine iconic professions: Jedi, bounty hunter, smuggler, commando, spy, officer, medic, entertainer, or trader. Chapter 6 has introduced beast master, the NGE version of the pre-NGE creature handler, as a separate expertise tree.[26] A character could also optionally advance in the politician and pilot professions, independent of his or her primary profession. As with all MMORPGs, the feature set of Star Wars Galaxies were subject to change.

Star Wars Galaxies (often abbreviated SWG) was a Star Wars–themed MMORPG developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and published by LucasArts for Microsoft Windows PCs.[4] The base game, titled Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, was released on June 26, 2003 in the United States of America, November 7, 2003 in Europe, December 23, 2004 in Japan, and in 2006 in Australia. The base game was upgraded with three major expansions since. In addition to the initial cost of the game software, SOE charged a monthly subscription fee (like most other MMORPGs) of $14.99 USD (€11.15, £9.49), with discounts for 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions. On June 24, 2011, Sony announced that Galaxies would be shut down on December 15 of that year.

"Experience the greatest saga ever told.....yours."
―Star Wars Galaxies tagline

The forest faded into blue for Azura’s Star!!*

The Star Maps are relics left behind by the ancient Rakatan Infinite Empire. These artifacts were to be built as monuments to the glory of the Rakatan Empire. However, these maps pinpoint the exact location of the Infinite Empire's greatest achievement, the Star Forge, an ancient facility with the ability to produce mass amounts of starships in moments.

To reach the highest echelons of power, the Inquisitor needs more than Force Lightning and a razor-sharp mind. The most formidable Inquisitors dare to explore unorthodox practices by investigating the enigmas of the past and by unlocking new powers for themselves. The Force is a source of unlimited potential—a wellspring Inquisitors tap and bend to their will. Such intensity allows Sith Inquisitors to become architects of the Empire’s future… or simply the architects of their own destruction.

"The Star Forge is the glory of the Builders, the apex of their Infinite Empire. It is a machine of invincible might, a tool of unstoppable conquest."
―The Overseer

Jedi Consulars seek to bring balance to the universe. They focus less on physical combat and more on mental disciplines in order to augment their mastery of the Force.

Jedi Sentinels ferret out deceit and injustice, bringing them to light. They strike a balance between the physical and mental disciplines of the Jedi Order.

Jedi Guardians battle against the forces of evil and the dark side. They focus on combat training and masterful use of the lightsaber.

Ho-Oh's Tower must Always stand strong at the Zenith of Vis. Electrocution tips the Dragon's tail into its spheres of eternal outpourings. The Time-stick projects a better array of possibilities when the mouth of cards winds its routine. Why do we wander through a great field of sorrow here on earth over a hard past? The fossils rearrange more stupid hazards from the black sea. Time finds loopholes from which a disturbance penetrates. A fountain functioning as a clock with a lot of gears bends deep within Reality with the earth overturned as the Super-Nexus anew. A river forks into the highest Mountain forge from an Avalanche far away. The Crystals of Existence anchor the right end of God's magnificence over Schematics.

Rayquaza's Extremities at the edges of elongations to eternal ice turned invisible at the Light of All Force as Meteor Falls went Red with Rocks and struck silver like Steven unWillingly reached White~Wise rapidash's time-like Wes!

The Clarity Present Arcanum returned by teleporting from the top of Tyranitar to point Crowns that can't Stronghold Ho-Oh Unleashed!

There's a glass ceiling which the old God was banging his horns against in May of 2014, and only one person got through to the other side; Lucifer himself, but the rest of the Chosen sit at the other side of 8:41! I myself along with Montalk are drapes and the Lightning tearing it apart, or a bridge shattered by the Lightning!

Having complete Clarity of Vis is how the Flora of Ore has been pointed at Polaris as Volcanic panic from another planet!

Kobe Bryant in years not too long past broke beyond barriers by Overbearing the Final's Archons-28.

self-Destruction. Do you have any idea how many people Existed as Star-stuff before the full magnitude of BunnyRaptor? It's a matter of God's heavenly~Rainbow reversing Montalk's self-Electrocution

Unleashing the Will of Serenity
By Riley Hicks and Amy Despain

Everything over Time has been battling through turmoil and Chaos, Never finding the true-Wellspring of Joy and peace. But there could be movements initiated that may turn this accursed-simulation of Will and Existence towards a merry-go-round of flying~Unicorns (the Unleashing of Rainbows as a metaphor for possibilities being Presents that We All seize from Spectra).

What's Ideal for You varies of course, and their flows direct their own "Omega-points". Everyone weaves their blocks about, which don't even stack up in linear fashions under Schematics for potential-boxes of squigglies. They can make and break the laws of sensibility for Your own sensitive-sides.

Logic has its won reigns as well, where certain base-laws are projected for chromatics within these "Rainbows" of Will. There's even a special~place for Yourself called "If", a subset of Will that lets Fantasy reintegrate and expand truth into glassed~bubbles of boxed-fulfillment.

Everyone wants their own things, and there's Presents out there that We can each steal for ourselves, where We pretty much take empirical-reflections and weave their spells into our Presented-paradigms. It's fun to see things differently, bouncing their bounds into random directions as Enjoyment Enforces work into play, although We want freedom as the tied-ends of their exploded~Rainbows outpouring crystallized-flamethrowers from our Omega-points!

Let's Wish for Joy that We each see to shine sparkled of random~Rainbows for If to Will!

My internal World is kaleidoscope of zen and epic transcendent adventure. It is literally equal to My imagination.

Take Earth, intensify its terrain and diversity, add stuff like: the odd unusually colored sky, add elements of rich/unique architecture and out of this World intense/breathtaking landscapes, flora, fauna, every last imaginative fantasy and alien race and creature, passion, companionship, fable morality, varied atmospheres, magic, portals, true love, surrealism, semi-realism, strong bonds, symbolism, exciting challenge, individualistic unique characters, awesome magical forces of nature, scale, maze and puzzle intricasy, other senses, extra dimensions, physically inconceivable sensations and colors, elements of survivalist fantasy/science-fiction and horror, incredibly dense spectacular futuristic cities, stunning light ambiance, post-apocalyptic scenes, exotic villages, streamline utilities, bright colors, dreamy colors, techno-utopias, futuristic transportation, spaceflight, other Worlds, fantastical historical influences, floating things, extra moons/suns/planets in the sky and a few Rainbows and you have just 1% of it.

VII. Past Lives of Ascended Masters

16. MELCHIZEDEK(The current Universal Logos and Cosmic Master–not to be confused with one of the incarnations of Jesus)
Nikola Tesla

Eve (the Atlantean) of Adam & Eve of the Bible
Isis (Egyptian)
Greek Goddess Athena (TBC)Leonardo Da Vinci (TBC)

"Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light the hearts of children. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world. It's the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps, deep within the darkness. That's why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open. And the true light will return. So, listen, child. Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you. Believe in the light, and the darkness will never defeat you. Your heart will shine with its power and push the darkness away."
— telling Kairi the story of light and darkness.

Postby Exuberant Teleportation » Sun Sep 01, 2019 11:14 pm

Controlling the galaxy, firmament, ocean, and infinite armada of powers everywhere circulates prodigious, inevitable sweeps of conquering and legacy dwarfing the mundane range of our limited, puny, tiny view of the bigger beyond. Fruits of the most marvelous architectures await us out there in the stellar gloom, to dream, capture, wander off, and voyage through the immensities and eternities of stellar ashes. The constellations call to us, beckoning us to prove our mastery, and total scope of voluminous outpouring raging on from infinite to infinite. There's dimensions of unspeakable wonders awaiting us beyond the grove of peace and bliss. We orchestrate vanity of the most outrageous proportions, viewing vantage stations cataloging seismic wands and lightsabers glory riding the maximum dawn and noon on high. Our destiny is to permeate the invisible globes of other worldly properties and fascinating phenomena twirling through the star sprinkled landscape of powers and oblivions reaching aerodynamic vaults of gems and beauties as far as the eye can see. We will take to the sky, overrun the basic, lower, weaker stratifications, launch an invincible Schematic for destroying the impure, and forging in exquisite charms the deluxe, fine, imaginative potentials of deeper reason and forethought invading the galactic dominion of rare and timeless photelectric dragons crashing through the blizzarding stormcloud. We join with galactic super civilizations, bouncing our technological prowess to a fantastic echelon, building revolutionary creations spring jetting our society to a chess board arbiter of horizons and arboretums, dazzling and stupefying us to legendary bird Ho-Oh as God, chronicler, overseer, and archon over our Game of wonder and amusement park blastoff auroras of mystifying keys and yarn to unassailable sounds of the more exalted canopies. We are at the starboard of transformation, as it's Our Prophecy, birthright, fate, and Future to spin the ever evolving magic of nature's antechambers, just flourishing and sprawling with evanescent, holy. sacred artifacts of empowerment and virtue. The wheelworks of extremities reveal profound gadgets and whirlpools beaming serene Lugia wellsprings of Wishes and love casting magnificent galleries of imprisoned purities glittering with sparkling ghost grail music materialized sensations of everlasting joy and freedom. The Rainbow of worlds is a spectral resolution sky of planes and objects, fashions and novelties dancing in erotic radio fire mesmerizing fissuring white space crackling and energized with divine totem securities of splashing dinsoaur scalework restorations of the unlimited kingdom, and fireworks forever frenzying Father Crow to the vast and spacious night of gargantuan dolls. Brane walking is a common sight to behold roaring through classic entanglements of juice and play. Archetypes and shrines paint laser plasma fuses of benign Force coursing and shimmering in delightful awe. Power of unspeakable measures ignites mountaintop shattering voice of command to order, entail, deliver, and resonate unearthly glow racing on entertainment wave pool splendid meteor mashing Metagross as the enforcer, credits spoon Sabrina salvation core to console seer's glasses teleporting Infin. Our bubble redirects thunderbolt singularity hats blind let's plays of Kotor brought to unequaled flavor and gardens bling restaurant Family of Bunny Forever.

Physics of the Impossible:

Suck all of the energy out of the universe, wrap up superstrings into christmas presents, reverse time back into the big bang, find the tree of life, open a link of communication to God, build a tunnel to heaven, simulate the collisions of galaxies, echo ripples into higher dimensional branes, move the sun by gripping it with the Force, send shivering chills to the death cycle of the universe, reincarnate your soul back into a machine with past life memories, play archetypes into people's dreams at night, shatter a bolt of lightning, contact the quantum source that sees universes, surpass the intelligence of existence, destroy the devil, create new laws of existence, start the Star Forge Lugia firing Lugia AeroBlasts, resurrect Atlantis, make dark space shiny with exuberant energies, make a zoo of dinosaurs, take control of dreams, create a fake pantheon of gods and heroes from hubble space telescope patterns, discover how the 1st cause came to be, find the biggest thing in existence, find inner peace in cosmic consciousness, Unleash the Imagination of Bunny, make a Star Wars hanger of ships, circumnavigate the universe, travel to a point where you can see everything, wield the omnipotence of Spinoza, master both sides of the Force, open up the rainbow bridge to infinity, command the Wizard's Tower of Nietzsche, remaster Lucas Arts, create fissures in white space, rewrite the book of eternity, master the Dragon Mind of Zen, defeat RED atop mt silver, blow up Pokemon balloons that parade in a pink sky, find the charm of radiance in existence foreseen by Einstein, be even crazier than Marius Florin in cosmology and Kobe in basketball

On the Nature of God:

God animates every corner of existence, illuminating the perfect way to oneness and inner peace of soul, harmony, cosmic consciousness. We penetrate the clouds and the gloom to envision new frontiers and radiant outpourings of spirit and bliss to conjure the infinite power of God. God's emotions are all completely comprehended and mapped inside of His psyche. The radical thoughts of God shatter and break reality. The world of His Imagination is even more real than the world itself. God overhauls the Game program to constitute and embody the most magical starshine of wielding oblivion and avatars of His ever evolving flora and fauna. Every level in God's Mind is actualized. People realize every alien possibility Imaginable from the fissuring depths to the wide open sky. God foresees all spectra everywhere, gracing His soul and wand to fables of the most outrageous designs. God commands the Aether, and roars His booming voice over all things and phenomena. His overdriving desires permeate the most explosive dragons. He emblazons the firmament with His virtues and wisdom. His magnitudes of shows enlighten the touch of hands to be on time, exact, punctual, and arriving precisely when He means to. He Wills things with the most victorious of envelopes to capture, entangle, mystify, and absolutely astonish us with tales of the far off sunrise. God is the arbiter, enforcer, seer, and revelator to our most marvelous of fates. He casts His chains, and Unleashes evanescence all abounding rippling consequences rendering new dream gates and impossible chronologies to put into perspective arboretums and museums of awe inspiring auroras. God orchestrates boundless entrapments view pulsing and train wrecking coordinates and battlefield strategies to overturn the Avalanche and activate the unmasked God.

Anakin's One Dream Poem | The Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary.

What if dreams came true?
And You could be who You wanted to be?
You could do what You wanted to do?
And You could help who You wanted to help?
What if dreams came true?
And the world opened up?
And You were never, ever afraid?
What if dreams came true?

But dreams do come true!!*

I Wish to always be married to Bunny, that I may forever be with Her. We will fly through constellations of radiant outpouring, surging through interstellar ribbons of blazing omega! We will feel the most magically intimate chords streaming unforgettable memories wheeling through thousands of chapters of epicness and glory. We will drink hot chocolate and devour gobs of birthday cake with ice cream floating in cloud 9 and crunching down appetizing entrees. We will float in pure bliss with the harmony of universal understanding. Glittering robes will polish our swirling vanity inscribing lotion and sheets of fruit roll ups in Pokemon anthems. We will complete the Pokedex and be true architects of Pokemon paradise, swimming in mirth and freedom by the Dragonite beach of Rarity. We will fuse together and be wholly 1 and the same, Man and Bunny! Romance will scream with musical auroras beaming and pulsating with oblivion roaring the dawn treader capstone viewpoint. Oceans will shine with misty pizzazz and electrocution sounding rumble packs as trading Pokemon echoes overnight sleepover bashes! Rainbow cartwheels will swipe stage curtains modeling gargantuan zenith eyelid soccer councils peeping bombarding layers. We will invade monsoon tropical paradise altitudes snatching a sunshine basket surf board with Morrowind big chill dominions charting magnificent streaks through the canvas balloon gaze. Games of Light and Dark will be everlasting legends with promises and divination of holy matrimony! The marriage of Me and Bunny will glide Ho-Oh stations stamping crude dialect workmanship painting the halo of leviathan fluidity embracing cargo zap petal poison zoo tokens. We will crack the liberty bell and swap laws for limits as new conquering vacation gale key sevii islands and dark dungeons fold the realgam tower gem dizzy clarity oasis plunge tidy teddy bear cute swarm charm festivals. Healing frequencies lift struggle and torture from our fields of growth and replenishment as fuses beam credits wisely strangling crew orchard checker board vanity capture cards. Dazzling snacks crush bone mask arrow fissures reigniting dragonfire straw herald bastion cards as Bunny hacks My Millennium Puzzle, and darkness the atmosphere of girly ornaments and buoyant balloons circumnavigating Bunny's face at the center of the universe in console fringe deepening marker shipment Bunny deluxe extraordinaire voltage gauge pumping adrenaline berserk coordinate strike pylon supernove inferno tsunami avalanche disguise terminal overload weapon max clash edgy uber burden vacuum naughty nasty plot mansion galaxy firmament of pleasure, furthest reaches, hyperspatial luster, and grazing hazes. Rolling and tumbling, popping and exploding with Bunny hoists exalted chasm flash burn noodle dojo fierce planet core hubble space telescope.We will plunder the ruins and solve mysteries of engines and polymaths drunken in twilight film fashion studio chlorophyll infatuated lordship purse scorch freeze exterminate Einstein's library holding pictures of Caterpie's family happily extending wings and strings invincible potion lottery radical hallway gender hill inverse escalator campfire bridge reuniting with the most special person in existence playing on playgrounds harvesting wizard enveloped water tower bottle carousels shattering occam's razor bulldozer smashing trophy prize highlight jigsaw harnessing properties as the tides initiate wonderful ponytail blitz santa clause voodoo punch drama mad hilarious food pincers gasping toroidal flux unanimous oyster Sithari oracle Jynx destiny as the Perfect 1 freed from all restrictions, but the Perfect All, the entirety of existence, Yahweh versus the cosmic god blueprint copy window action sail sturdy brooding maelstrom final fantasy crystal chronicles breathes valiant, exuberant, erotic, future sight color beast mysterious stranger talisman archetype shining jewel ray torpedo button smooching class bible heart stream magnet dinner hula hoop flood pinnacle chapel codex conduit teacher flourish chosen 1 build ladder dinosaur rock pendulum short zero beard hint tomb implore fix zen hot toonami hierarchy pyramid. Bunny splashes wellsprings hijacking warm feathers leaping courage stumping cold blooded hard devil famine azure refined hallmark elevated snow puddle gorge star forge. Bunny's program will put Her masks on My heart fire, encouraging and gracefully melting Her big brown Bunny statue being worshiped onto My note of regenerative bucket deducing stealing hurt target domes mashing protective seals blackening hundred faced mirror woods poaching hockey God potential fully realized endless upgrading plotting house contest soda door flexible peace wish assisting sneaky cobweb box amulet donut tube universe architecture rectifying angular lane plush astonished rug controller gossip poor horoscope plug gulp pupil tongue grasp speed post engineering cranium motel fail vampire singing girl tycoon Bunny quilt hero marry queen feud gloom gadget space ark capital Gray Fox Father Crow heist score budget young goliath hexagram comb funnel eureka mantel promotional Mew gift blessing pocket monster Japanese version copy deck making Me Lawrence III from Pokemon the Movie 2000: The Power of One! So I must be Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland, fantasizing about Bunny through the wormhole, and staring at Her through My telescope!!

The Journey is an exploration of being, especially of its nature, depth, variety, and possibilities. The vision, inspired by poetic imagination and established in logic, was as if that of a New World!

As Bill is reminiscing, the same sound is suddenly heard, and a large Dragonite appears, rising from the ocean.

The party emerges from the forest onto a beach, where in the distance they see a lighthouse, shining at the top of a cliff. The lighthouse belongs to Bill, a Pokémon researcher who is awaiting the coming of a one-of-a-kind Pokémon, never before seen by humans. Before long, a tremendously large shadow begins to take form in the sea mists, but this possible discovery could be hindered due to the infamous Team Rocket lurking in the background cooking up another one of their schemes. Could such a legendary Pokémon truly exist?

Pokemon episode "Mystery at the Lighthouse", with Bill the Pokemon Researcher exploring the great enigmas and spellbinding secrets of reality, and when Dragonite comes as a ghost mirage haunting the labyrinthian ocean, he makes noises that sound like Lugia.

Dragonite sings a Lugia tune, and solves cosmic mysteries as Bill.

Pokemon Indigo League Episode 13: Mystery at the Lighthouse

"Oh, that must be Bill's lighthouse. He's a young Pokémon researcher, who knows even more than me. See what you can learn from him. He could teach you just about everything about Pokémon, and then some." — Professor Oak about Bill

"Well there's no way I can ignore a request from the great Professor Oak. I am Bill, of the Lighthouse." — Bill

"This planet was created 4.6 billion years ago. During that time, all kinds of Pokémon existed. They had many ways of living." — Bill giving a history lesson

"On this planet there are more than 150 known species of Pokémon." — Bill

"There sure are a lot of-" — Ash
"Of course these are just the Pokémon we know about. There are still many Pokémon that have never been discovered. So we need to keep searching." — Bill
"How many could there be?" — Ash
"No one knows exactly, the search goes on. There's always something new to look for in our lives and in ourselves." — Bill
"Something to look for?" — Ash
"Yes, there's a lot for us to look for inside and outside ourselves. There's meaning for every creature, a meaning for all the Pokémon, and a meaning for all us humans too." — Bill
"A meaning for all." — Ash

"Why do I need to capture it? Meeting it would be enough for me. Just a chance to study it would make my long wait worth while." — Bill about the mysterious Pokémon

"It sounds like it's singing." — Misty
"Would you care to dance?" — Brock
"Oh, thank you." — Misty

"What beautiful music." — Jessie
"It's very haunting, yet so sweet." — James

"I think looking for, and catching, Pokémon should help bring all of us together." — Ash
"Learning to raise Pokémon is another way of understanding how to live with them." — Brock
"And Pokémon are always lots of fun to play with." — Misty

"Ash, you're a Pokémon trainer, I'm a Pokémon researcher seeking out all kinds of life on this planet. Even if our paths are different, I think our goals are the same." — Bill

Bill of the Lighthouse sorcery cord dice dominoes revelation showcase classic God sparkle parcel Professor Oak complete the Pokedex

Bill of the Lighthouse is the Pokemon character that I am. I contemplate the world's mysteries every day with boundless passion and a cosmic consciousness that obliterates reality.

Pokemon: On the way to Vermilion City, Misty and Brock criticize Ash as he has not truly won his two badges and he isn't take the time to try and capture pokemon. Angered at this, he rushes through the forest and winds up on a beach where he finds a Krabby. He catches the Krabby and its pokeball disappears. Worried about it, Misty explains that trainers can only have six pokemon with them at one time. Still wanting to check on it, they head to a nearby lighthouse where the find the pokemon expert Bill trapped in a Kabuto costume. After freeing him, he tells them a little about the history of pokemon, as well as the mysterious pokemon he thinks will show up to his lighthouse one day. All of a sudden they hear a loud noise, and they head outside. A giant shadowed pokemon starts approaching the lighthouse. However, Team Rocket threatens Bill's perfect chance.

Bill's only anime appearance was in Mystery at the Lighthouse, where Ash, Misty, and Brock met him at his lighthouse on Route 25.

Bill had previously been trapped in a Kabuto costume for what he claims to have been hours (in the dub only; the original didn't state how long he had been in the costume) until Ash finally comes to press the release button for him. Afterwards, Bill fulfills a request made by Professor Oak to give Ash and his friends a lesson on the basics of Pokémon, during which Bill shares the idea that there may be many more than just 150 species of Pokémon. The remainder of his appearance is spent focused on explaining to Ash and company his recent project, involving a mysterious Pokémon whose cry can be heard across the sea.

As Bill was reminiscing, the same sound from his memory was heard and a large figure appeared, rising from the ocean. As it came closer, it was revealed to be the outline of a Dragonite. As it came closer to the lighthouse, Team Rocket was shown scaling the cliff, and upon seeing the giant Dragonite, they began launching a barrage of missiles at it. This angered Dragonite, and it smashed the top of the lighthouse and began to walk away. Bill called out at it to stay, but to no avail.

In the morning, Bill seemed to be at peace with the fact that he didn't get to learn more about the Pokémon and was simply grateful he got to see it at all. With another life lesson from Bill, the heroes said goodbye and continued on their journey.

Bill's boxes are always expanding. His systems are ever improving. There's just so much to define and capture, to enhance and see, that to get to the bottom of all of these mysteries, and really see the matrix mountaintop is a quest to detonation and red vortices, spiraling the upgrade gizmo of Father Crow!!

Bill categorizes and defines essential PokeManiac trivia, being expertly versed and widely communicative on all Pokemon faculties. He's like a walking encyclopedia, a real library on Pokemon lore and Legend!!*

The character that I was most like in Pokemon is Bill. He studies Pokemon and phenomena with enlightened curiosity and advanced technological expertise. His unraveling of unknown labyrinths and desire to learn, to grasp the sublime is wondrous. I Love thinking and speculating, no matter how radically about the future, about fate and destiny, humankind, and the higher mysteries of creation. Bill undertakes quests of a soulful nature, untangling and deciphering the parts of his personality that make the universe and all that is or ever will be more grand. The river of time and the ribbons of legends anchor core treasures and globes of stations on high to penetrate and pierce what's so haunting yet sensational. Pieces of the puzzle keep coming together, and when I put all of the pieces in their proper place, the grid extends its marksmanship to more alien frontiers. A puzzle is what it really is. Fascinating parts and engineering demolish the old illusion, and render cleaner, more transparent the absolute infinity of prizes.

Ash The Chosen One - Pokemon 2000

LUGIA: The song. The song has restored my strength. But it alone cannot bring harmony to the three warring ones.
LUGIA: When the treasures of Fire, Ice, and Lightning are aligned, my song will harmonize with their powers and tame the beasts both above and below the sea. But this can come to pass only with the help of the Chosen One.
LUGIA: Only in the hands of the true Chosen One will the Ice Sphere glow like the others, its power awakened. [gestures to Ice Island, across the frozen sea.]
LUGIA: The choice is yours. You must go only where your heart leads.
LUGIA: The treasure.
LUGIA: Get on.
LUGIA: Hold on tight.
ASH: Lugia! Why are all those Pokémon down there?
LUGIA: Because they feel they must be here in case they are needed.
ASH: But what could they do to help?
LUGIA: They are not sure. And that is why they are here.
ASH: Whattaya mean?
LUGIA: That just one of them could make the difference would be worth the journey for all of them any day. But this day, the one that could make all the difference is you.
LUGIA: The beast of the sea has been tamed. The fate of the world could not have been in better hands.

“An infinite mystery is the Force,” Yoda lifted his head and turned his gaze out into the wheel of stars. “Much to learn, there still is.”

And you will have time to learn it.

“Infinite knowledge,” Yoda shook his head. “Infinite time, does that require.”

Ash and his friends are on their journey through the Orange Islands—but even this seemingly quiet chain of islands dotted throughout the waters far south of Kanto has its own mysteries, adventures, and Legendary Pokémon! Lawrence III certainly knows it, which is why he's now traveling to the different islands and capturing the three Legendary birds—Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. But even with all their power, those three are merely a stepping stone to an even greater prize: Lugia, the guardian of the sea!

Of course, Ash is completely unaware of all this when he arrives at his latest destination. The islanders have big plans for him, too, but nothing so sinister—they want him to take part in a ceremony to gather three elemental balls from different islands. When the weather across the world goes out of control, this task takes on a new importance, as the capture of the Legendary birds has thrown the environment out of balance. With Lugia's help, can Ash be the "chosen one" that everyone turns to?

Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail, lest the earth shall turn to ash. O Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the Beast of the Sea.

--Shamouti Prophecy

“One consequence of this formulation is that a physical principle that unites many smaller physical theories must autoomatically unite many seemingly unrelated branches of mathematics. This is precisely what string theory accomplishes. In fact, of all physical theories, string theory unites by far the largest number of branches of mathematics into a single coherent picture. Perhaps one of the by-products of the physicists' quest for unification will be the unification of mathematics as well.”

“In other words, the reason why the string theory cannot be solved is that twenty-first mathematics has not yet been discovered.”

“For the ten-dimensional universe, however, there are apparemtly millions of ways in which to curl up. To calculate which state the ten-dimensional universe prefers, we need to solve the field theory of strings using the theory of phase transitions, the most difficult problem in quantum theory.”

“As all matter is crushed in the final moments before doomsday, intelligent life forms may be able to tunnel into higher-dimensional space or an alternative universe, avoiding the seemingly inevitable death of our universe.”

“In other words, a star is a nuclear furnace, burning hydrogen fuel and creating nuclear "ash" in the form of waste helium. A star is also a delicate balancing act between the force of gravity, which tends to crush the star into oblivion, and the nuclear force, which tends to blow the star apart with the force of trillions of hydrogen bombs. A star then matures and ages as it exhausts its nuclear fuel.”

“Just one supernova can temporarily outshine an entire galaxy of 100 billion stars.”

“Some people seek meaning in life through personal gain, through personal relationship, or through personal experiences. However, it seems to me that being blessed with the intellect to divine the ultimate secrets of nature gives meaning enough to life.”

“In the work of Ramanujan, the number 24 appears repeatedly. This is an example of what mathematicians call magic numbers, which continually appear, where we least expect them, for reasons that no one understands. Miraculously, Ramanujan's function also appears in string theory. The number 24 appearing in Ramanujan's function is also the origin of the miraculous cancellations occurring in string theory. In string theory, each of the 24 modes in the Ramanujan function corresponds to a physical vibration of the string. Whenever the string executes its complex motions in space-time by splitting and recombining, a large number of highly sophisticated mathematical identities must be satisfied. These are precisely the mathematical identities discovered by Ramanujan. (Since physicists add two more dimensions when they count the total number of vibrations appearing in a relativistic theory, this means that space-time must have 24 + 2 = 26 space-time dimensions.)”
― Michio Kaku, Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the Tenth Dimension

Michio Kaku takes the reader on the journey of a unified theory. He writes of the efforts of physicists from Einstein all the way to Hawking. The book’s second premise is that these laws can only be unified in a highest dimension. You get to understand that Einstein’s Relativity Theory is a theory of the 4th dimension, Kaluza-Klein Theory is 5-dimensional, String Theory is only defined in 10 (and 26) dimensional space, etc. Quantum Theory (Yang-Mills et al) is not left out of the picture. It’s an amazing walk through the advancements in physics and the ingenuity of the minds that birthed them.

First and foremost, you have to go to Zidane as Tyranitar, and Kobe as Rayquaza. My Mom feels that the loss of Kobe is made more tragic by how unique he was, how he had so much belief, intensity, will, faith, conquered any mountain, triumphed over all plateaus, rendered his wishes, imagined his future... it was all so revolutionary and rare. But I might add this from Marius Florin, My Best Friend Ever, who believed in extreme intellectualization, and if we can dream, then we shatter all boulders, just like Kobe would... We evolve through all sides of the Force as the Story unfolds, and We eventually reach Marius Florin’s Galactic Super Civilizations through evolution on all steps and stages of the journey, all levels of God and technological/wisdom’s development.

Kobe transcended every possible restriction. He came from another universe, another timeline, a completely separate era. His gaze was always on the overhaul, of redefining every shatterpoint that catapulted him to ascended mastery. Kobe would feel things really deeply, extremely tapping his overdriven rampage's luster crown to command and control all things to resonate with Bliss and joy, to make himself happy by crystallizing evanescent dreams that crackle with soulful fulfillment.

With Kobe, the spectra of choices, branches, forks, and contingencies were always expanding. Human liberty is an arrow pointed at the highest achievement. The scales of justice reward us when we work the wonders that we perceive. Kobe's like Leonardo da Vinci and the Last Supper, perfect from every angle, perspectives of multidimensional magic.

Kobe is a Zarathustrian Wizard's Tower of shining voyages and majestic journeys, voyaging over gallery's charms of hyperspatial shapeshifting and destiny's oasis. The weight of the world, and a grasp of experientially over struck revelations greet the new dawn. By being clutch at the apex of achievement, and stargazing across the ultimate vantage points of everywhere turns the world on its head, unlocking and unleashing the Great Dragon Mind.

When I was in 6th grade, it was my 1st real exposure to that code, and the interchangeability of matter and energy was nothing compared to the revelation I had in 11th grade, while reading Michio Kaku's Hyperspace that THE FASTER YOU GO THROUGH SPACE, THE SLOWER YOU GO THROUGH TIME!

And you can never reach the speed of light, because the closer you get to it, the more mass you will gain from the energy of your speed. All of that extra luggage will just slow you down, never letting you get that fast.

Is there a law of the universe that could break down, a chaotic fissure that could shatter the existential game, and rewrite the codes to let us command existence as we please? Perhaps, and to cap off this glorious achievement, we would truly be the masters of our fate, the builders of destiny.

And now how did Einstein come to fashion his marvelously elegant theory of relativity? Well, it begin with the works of Newton, Faraday, and Maxwell. Everyone, we all know about Newton (who certainly wasn't as smart as Einstein, because his quotes are weaker), but Faraday/Maxwell pioneered our knowledge on electromagnetic fields, helping Einstein to visualize what would happen if we were to travel alongside a beam of light.

Now, 1 interesting thing about relativity is that space is curved by the mass of matter, and if gravity were infinite, time would stand still.

If we could achieve this timeless feature like we see at the singularities at the center of black holes, then we would invent time machines. And travelling through the wormhole, to other universes could also be fascinating but, like lightspeed, how do we get through a black hole wormhole tunnel that we've been inexorably frozen win time in?

These questions are amazingly complex, but we have the time and resources to work the impossible.

Bill of the Lighthouse searches for extrasensory grails of magical questing for arcane Flowering arousing sensitive goldmines of finality and copycat demonstrations of riches and playgrounds, wavelengths and aerodynamics. He invents profound fruits of global vision to amass interstellar crayolas as lightsabers in Star Wars flourishing manic frenzies as self-Electrocution guns unstoppable galaxies on the edge of oblivion rampaging looney conniving forges of unbeatable legacy. Bunny swoops over My window to stargaze and enchant mythic phenomena of overflowing armadas. Redirected omegas shatter growing witchcraft isolating Schizoid barnes and noble qualities of the ascended masters. Gross enigmas excite wellsprings shuffling and ballooning crazy Schematics. Learning all there is to know about Pokemon, and expanding our map of projections to cover all things and ideas reroutes terrific Fissures forking and guiding the Star Forge to escape gravity and order magnitudes of greenery and roguish devilry to intercept marksmanship coiling and surging revelatory robes of Silver dimension hijacking and Pokedex conjuring extraterrestrial luminosity greeting the new dawn with tarot archetypal spellbinds on the quick existential orchestra. He remembers Pokemon trivia and trinkets of elaborate decoration singing and surmounting ghostly skeletons to build and fabricate unknown islands of invincible valor. He digs roots and segments to plan and design ultra interstellar weapons of undermining stratagems as experientially over struck groundworks evolve waving vortices of Lugia extravagance. Flickering extremities double cross ancient abyss tales of whacky dizziness spelling days of architectonics flooding armageddon glass piercings as the world revolution arranges for all spectra everywhere to dance and act out lovely plazas of crusades picturing glaciers pocketing aviation's signs as terror and restrictions aim their models. He wisely counts fables and dramas, eurekas and blueprints to enjoy pleasant souvenirs of charming futures dividing heavy comets and asteroids as space haven cords to the ecstatic beyond light the way for exhilaration positioning fusing miracles draining open minded sophistication wrapping glowing pixels in God's drink. He reasons with Bunny to outpour angelic flames of true honor invigorating gaseous nomads smashing obliterated snake grids as healer's visits implore forever wheeling and returning gifts of the lost council as Bunny feathers Imagine anything. Lugia teleported!!* And so Bill reached the top of His Lighthouse.

Two unlockable title screens are available after clearing the Gym Leader Castle, Stadium, and Vs Rival mode. The second title screen features Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, and the Legendary beasts in the background. The third title screen features Ho-Oh and Lugia.

The universe is governed by 2 kinds of laws, laws of evolution, which determines how the universe develops in time, given its state at one time, and boundary conditions, which determine the initial state. So far, almost all scientific effort has been devoted to finding laws of evolution, but Stephen Hawking proposes the no-boundary condition as the only reasonable initial condition for the universe. Within the 11 dimensions of string theory, our universe is just one of many 3-dimensional blobs. In string theory, it is possible that there may be existing entirely separate giant sheets of space. String theorists call them membranes, or branes for short, and suggest that our 3-dimensional universe can form on them. Membranes may clash out there in the greater universe. Each of these branes corresponds to a different universe. These branes may occasionally collide. The big bang may have originated as a collision of branes. I am confident we will resolve these mysteries, and I think the years ahead will be a golden age of discovery.

Is the universe arbitrary, or is there a grand design? Do we still need a God? We must understand gravity as it effects individual particles. If gravity had been any stronger, the universe as we know it could never have existed. Space would have been pulled back in on itself, obliterating any possibility for planets and stars to form. There are 4 forces in nature, and gravity seems to be strangely weaker than the other 3. We see for fundamental forces of the today, those being gravity, which holds the Earth, the sun, and the solar system together, the electromagnetic force, which lights up our cities, the internet, and laser beams, and also the 2 nuclear forces. If we want to know what happened when the universe began, we have to have a theory that can describe gravity on a very small scale.
Super-symmetry is based on the notion that before the big bang, when the universe was just a single point, everything including gravity was merged, with perfect symmetry into one almighty super-force. When the universe began, the super-force was entirely symmetrical. It was made of the same stuff and it all behaved in the same way. But then as it expanded, this symmetry started to break. In the milliseconds after the big bang, forces flew off in all directions, and the universe became messy and uneven. Gravity and all the other parts of nature we see today are irregular, imperfect descendants of the original symmetry. All the particles and forces of nature are actually vibrating little string like objects, and it seems to magically solve the problem of gravity.
In string theory, the entire universe, including space, time, and even gravity are made up of tiny, string like objects that only appear to us to be different particles because of the different ways they vibrate. The theory suggests that our world is just a giant mesh of vibrating strings. String theory brings the theories of the very small and the very large together beautifully. Einstein’s theory of relativity describes a universe where space bends and curls, just like pieces of string. Quantum mechanics says particles are wavy and fuzzy, a concept well-expressed by vibrating strings. The reason gravity is so weak is because the universe is made up of 11 dimensions. We have discovered many of the laws that govern the universe, but we do not yet understand how they all fit together, or why they seem to be finely adjusted to allow life. We cannot see the extra dimensions of the universe because they are outside our 3-dimensional universe. We could be a bit like fish in a tank, unaware of the world outside, unaware of the extra dimensions. There are perhaps as many as 11 dimensions in a multiverse or universe. Our universe looks infinite in 3 dimensions, but in hyperspace perhaps it is just a pond. But extra dimensions do not have to be bigger than our 3-dimensional universe. Some could be tiny. They could be curled up so small we do not notice them, and that may explain why gravity is so very weak. We may not have seen those extra dimensions because they are too small for us to measure. Physicists now believe that the tiniest, immeasurably small points in space, may actually conceal curved up extra dimensions, and that would affect how we perceive gravity. If string theory is correct, then gravity is as strong as all the other forces in our universe, but just feels weak because it is fighting its way through extra dimensions. Soon we may have to humbly accept that our 3-dimensional universe is just one of many multidimensional worlds.

Many traditions and many religions of the world refer to the mysterious “Book of Life”. Some say it is a universal memory, or a collection of vibrational registries, which has inscribed in it everything that is related to creation. Consequently, every human being has its own registry, a compendium of pictorial records, or “memories”, of all events, actions, thoughts, and feelings. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of our universe. The records of the “Book of Life” are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha, or soniferous ether. The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation, and also the records that connect each one of us to another. What are the secret cosmic forces fused in record? The Akashic Field is the memory of nature. Mystics and sages have long maintained that there exists an interconnecting cosmic field at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information, a field known as the Akashic Records. Recent discoveries in the new filed of vacuum physics now show that this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in the zero-point Akashic Field or “A-field” and is not only the original source of all things that arise in time and space; it is also the constant and enduring memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that ever happened in life, on Earth, and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen. The Akashic Records can be accessed through astral projection or when someone is placed under deep hypnosis. Every individual human can become the physical medium, and various techniques, and spiritual disciplines can be employed to quiet the mind, become a witness and achieve the focused, preconscious state necessary to access the records. Some indicate the Akashic Records are similar to a Cosmic or Collective Consciousness. The records have been referred to by different names including the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. Others think the Akashic Records make clairvoyance and psychic perception possible. Is it possible to flip through the pages of the Akashic Records, or even rewrite the book anew?

Our universe owes its existence to a previous one, a big bounce off of a collapsing universe. Cycles of expansion and contraction occur, infinite bouncing. The universe has an ancestor, which is another universe. The universe is born inside of a black hole. There is a bounce inside of every black hole. The material continually contracts and then begins to expand again. That is the big bang which initiates a new region of the universe. For a universe to prosper, it must reproduce. The genesis of a universe could spring from a white hole, the outpouring of creation. Black holes spawn offspring universes, possibly through white holes. Another theory is that we live on an extended object called a membrane, or brane. It is a membrane which is 3-dimensional. There have to be at least 2 branes, separated by a little gap along a 4th dimension of space. Branes can collide, sparking a big bang. Another theory is that bubbles of matter may form in a high energy vacuum. There may be inflationary energies of a mega-verse dying out 10 to the 10th to the 10th to the 10th to the 7th times, sparking the big bang. Another alternative is that to understand the big bang, science may need to understand the death of the universe. You need mass to make a clock, and you need a clock to measure the scale of the universe. Our present universe is one eon of a succession of eons. This remotely expanding universe of each becomes the big bang of the next. Another way is to detect gravity waves. Gravity waves may have been produced by the big bang, manipulating the space-time fabric. The universe may be represented not as an object, but mathematically as a wave, merging the wave with string theory. This theory is unique as in it does not assume an earlier collapsing universe or preexisting inflation, and it does not assume a primordial black hole. The theory agrees with 3 unexplained observations. There is an unexplained patch of nothing, a void in the cosmic microwave background, and great sways of galaxies have been found moving in the wrong direction. There is also something odd about the temperature in outer space. All these effects are due to the presence of neighboring universes. The last alternative is that in Buddhism, there is no beginning, there is no end, but there is just nirvana. There was a big bang, a genesis, in a timeless sea of nirvana, an eternal outpouring of the bubbles of creation. Perhaps all these different scenarios are methods in which a big bang could be sparked. Perhaps the only way to know for sure how the creation occurred is to gaze into the deepest depths of the Akashic Records, the Book of Life.

In quantum theory, every object has a wave function, a probability of finding an object at a certain point of space-time. The position of an object cannot be known until an observation is made. Before an observation is made, it is in a nether state or a super-position of all possible states in could exist in, each coexisting with each other. The act of observing causes the wave function to collapse to a single random point, the positions towards the top of the wave function being the more probable positions of the object. Generally, the effects of quantum theory can only be easily observed at the microscopic level of subatomic particles, the position of each particle being randomized. Quantum theory can also be applied to the macroscopic scale of the universe, the universe having many different possible states, each another parallel world, the many possible states of the universe each comprising the wave function. It is as if time is continually forking towards an infinite multitude of futures. This is one of the components of the many worlds theory. Within all these worlds, there must be some that contain intelligent life and others where it is nonexistent. But if there are an infinite number of worlds, and some of these worlds contain life, theoretically there should be an infinite number of life forms all throughout existence. It is said that a universe is not all that exists, but all that can exist. Some of these parallel universes may collide, multi-universal wormholes being capable of theoretically linking these universes from infinite to infinite. Perhaps one day we will traverse these wormholes to visit all possible universes as alien visitors, lying bare to our gaze worlds infinitely subdued and remote. So if quantum theory can give rise to parallel universes, could time paradoxes have the same effect?
An example of a possible time paradox is if you travel back in time and kill yourself, theoretically creating a parallel universe where you no longer exist. This is partially why time can be likened unto a river, moving in one general direction but with momentary shifts such as forks and whirlpools spiraling endlessly, time possibly even bending full circle. So how can we travel back in time to create these paradoxes from whence parallel worlds could emerge?
In the model of Godel rotating universes, the architecture of space-time is curved and warped so greatly by its matter that there exist loopholes through which a ship travelling at a sufficient velocity could break the time barrier and visit any part of the past, present, or future. If we can travel backwards in time, perhaps everything in the past has not actually come to pass, though a time that cannot pass does not exist. Time, the fundamental dimension through which things in space change and evolve, is in actuality a stubbornly persistent illusion. What are the secrets of our time and when will our time finish?
One way could be to exceed the light barrier, although such an act under the current laws of creation and special relativity is not clearly possible since in doing so one would gain infinite mass. To invoke the powers of time travel, if one were to twist time into a circle, the extreme chaos brought to bear by the colossal energy would cause relativity to break down. Throughout the unified multidimensional realm of hyperspace there may exist powers great enough to open wormholes and extra-dimensional windows. Stephen Hawking tells us that to confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit. The being of great power that may lift us beyond this sphere of mere physical existence into those incredible worlds waiting to be discovered may be Jesus Christ. So when he returns, if ever, what wonders will he work before our eyes?
A great scientist and religious prophet of the future was Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton paraphrases Revelation 21 and 22 and relates the post 2060 events by writing: A new heaven & new earth. New Jerusalem comes down from heaven prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband. The marriage supper. God dwells with men wipes away all tears from their eyes, gives them of ye fountain of living water & creates all thin things new saying, It is done. The glory & felicity of the New Jerusalem is represented by a building of Gold & Gemms enlightened by the glory of God & ye Lamb & watered by ye river of Paradise on ye banks of wch grows the tree of life. Into this city the kings of the earth do bring their glory & that of the nations & the saints reign for ever & ever. Upon the death of Isaac Newton, he said that I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. And so his quote ends. If this universe is indeed governed by the providence of God, what are the implications of his possible fine-tuning of the laws of the universe to allow for the creation of life and the dark secrets that lie in the deepest depths of the cosmic ocean?
The laws of nature are fine-tuned to an extent that they allow for the creation of life and its evolution over time into higher forms. We must ask ourselves what out true nature as physical and spiritual beings is and our relationships to the underlying intelligence of the universe. What are the mysteries of our existence as conscious beings, barely more than specks of sand before the vast cosmic ocean? Why are we here, and not on some other world? Is there a reason for the universe and our existence? Why is it that from our knowledge springs the forces of good and evil? These questions are beyond the narrow grasp of modern science, answerable only by religion and philosophy. But to begin to answer these questions, what are some of the existential laws that are seemingly fine-tuned?
The most basic law that seems perfectly fine-tuned is the theory of relativity. Relativity states that as objects move through space, they move slower through time and contract in the direction of their motion. The speed of light must be the same for all observers. For a beam of light, time stands still. To exceed the light barrier would theoretically be to move backwards in time. Time and space are unified as space-time. As objects approach velocities rivaling that of light, they increase in mass, and will never achieve light-speed since increase in velocity will cause an increase in mass. Matter and energy continually transform into each other so from the smallest spec of mass can be created the most colossal burst of energy. Matter and energy are unified as matter-energy. This is one of the most fundamental laws of creation, but then again, how should we perceive creation?
We often in biblical interpretation misunderstand creation. There is grandeur to the universe emerging through immensity and eternity to the miraculously fine-tuned state we now behold, as opposed to instant creation from nothingness. We came from the very dust of the Earth, and by the time of the Garden of Eden, man had been forged, and God breathes into the dust of man the breath of life. Evolution is a theory, but so is spontaneous creation. I support God because he is the masterful creator who cannot be denied in the face of the grandeur of all creation. I also support evolution as the creation because it is supported by fossil records, showing life becomes increasingly varied and complex over time. Biological records show we share roughly 50% of our DNA with cauliflower, 85% with mice, and 98% with chimpanzees. There is an unbroken thread connecting Earthly life. Although God raised his hand in the architecture of creation, we must be careful not to attribute everything we do not understand as a supernatural working of his. Among things we easily might blame God for might actually be the workings of aliens. Are aliens visiting our planet, and if so, why?

The future programs of civilization will likely be far more advanced in science and technology than we are today perhaps to the extent that they are so evolved the monuments they construct seem like magical alien artifacts, impossible by our current standards of knowledge. These impossibilities can be grouped into 3 categories, class 1, 2, and 3 impossibilities. Class 1 impossibilities are technology that under the known laws of physics can be constructed but is far beyond the capabilities of modern civilization but could be achieved centuries down the road, such as antimatter, teleportation, invisibility, and psycho-kinesis. Class 2 impossibilities are technology that stretches to the very brink of our physical knowledge, questionably impossible under known physical laws, but many millions of years ahead could be brought into realization, such as time machines and hyperspace travel via wormhole warps. Class 3 impossibilities are technology that can break the very laws of existence, ultimately controlling existence.

Who is the God of the Universe? We do not know who or what created the Universe. I'm quite sure that not God from the human religions (monotheist or polytheist). The religions are connected with some extremely advanced extraterrestrial super-civilizations that coexist now in this corner of the galaxy, but in the negative matter of the Universe.
God of the Universe is not a person opinion like you and me. Above many other theories related with the genesis of the universe like quantum singularity or the membrane theory, I see another one: an extra-universal super-civilization that is at a level of evolution impossible for us to understand and that exist in the Omniversal system. This is a level VI or VII in evolution after our classifications. But I personally don't see these extra-universal super-civilizations like something similar to us. There must something incomprehensible for our level of understanding.
And from where this Universe comes? From where the negative matter of the Universe comes? I don't know. Nobody knows. We have only theories. One thing is quite sure for me. Not from God of the Bible. Read that chapter called the Super-civilization of God, or Yahweh if you like. This super-civilization coexists with other civilizations extremely advanced in this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps in the negative matter of the Universe, or at a spiritual level if you like. And no, they didn't create this Universe.
And in the end we tend to forget the fact that all our science today is based more or less only on theories, and the theories are changing from one decade to another.
There are super-civilizations far more advanced than us who created us with a purpose: spiritual body. They do not inhabit planets now but gigantic space stations like Heavenly Jerusalem. I believe however that these space stations coexist more in a parallel world with ours, in the negative matter or I you like at a spiritual level. Read the whole book and after that you will have a clear picture of it. I have a contribution to that book because I put there a lot of additional information that complete the overall picture of: what is our place in the configuration of the Universe.
You dream a lot. As a technical civilization we evolve because we are pushed from behind by others to do that. If we have right now so much technology and science that's because somebody else had taken care of that. We do not evolve by ourselves. In conclusion all your dreams will be in vain because our civilization will be wiped out from the surface of Terra. We are just in a cycle controlled by those who own Terra and the human civilization. Nothing is accidental.
Humans masters of the Universe? The Universe will follow our will? Is funny to see how the IW gives false hopes to people. You fall into the same trap like everybody else. Humanity will be destroyed. Martian civilization was destroyed. We are in the middle of some extremely advanced super-civilizations who own this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, they created us, they control us, and they will destroy us. It is simple. Read the ancient manuscripts and you will understand better our place in the Universe. We exist for them. Humanity was always controlled by others. Since moment when the man spent his existence in a tree and until in the times when he stay on a chair with his eyes into a computer monitor, humans always has danced as Others has sang. The same thing happens with our evolution as a society, as a technical modern civilization. We are just in a game with a well-defined purpose. To be controlled by others for their own interests. So stop dreaming about how great we will be because: we are a big nobody in this Universe. What will humanity be like one day when perhaps we become a big somebody?

What is Love?

Love could be a Storybook with Bunny, voyaging and travelling to extravagant and far out vistas and landscapes that beckon us to prove our mastery. Love animates us, permeates us, opens up infinite choices, dives down a crazy adventure of glow and warmth, radiance. Love inflames passion, drives exuberance, pulses and dances with the auras of the Rainbow in all of its divine crackling. Love is beyond time, encompassing all eons and eras of spontaneous experience, not just in civilization, but in all frontiers and edges of the game board, our great surfing, spiraling armada of activity and benevolent action. Love is free and everywhere, makes us flow with the abundant outpouring of nature's drama, all of Her splendor and golden luster. Love remembers what was true and beautiful, and makes all things possible in the future, to conceive and connect the firmament to the tides of destiny, directing and executing 1 fantastic mirror of petal dancing and wish bubbling. Love celebrates exotic moments forking and turning into the glee of manifest contingencies, levity and aromas perfume spraying the roller coaster of heaven. Love is beyond events, more floating, more abstract. It's not tied to mundane appearances of a temporary nature. It envelops all things, wires the Game, captures the essence of God, and roars like a waterfall over the field of all limitless joy. Love is all creative, all Imaginative, and everything coming from Bunny comes from Love. Love is a bell that chimes with the all illuminating resonance of Soul. Love begins the quest for more Knowledge, as the more We do Know, then the more We can Love, to appreciate the aspects of our study. Love is hidden within the heart, but special synchronicity can unlock it, paint the horizons with happiness. Love sparkles and zips, whizzes about our fingertips, and brings lush galleries to life. Love bridges and connects all worlds, is the nexus of the greater cosmic ocean that birthed us and spawned us. When God looks at the pool of all promise, in the ever elusive and yet enchanting threads of fate by the branes of omega point shattering, God shapes the luminous water, and defines His images of Perfection from His endlessly Perfect Imagination and Love.

What is Destiny?

Destiny could be the Will of God, what He Envisions, and it could even be a secret region, a forbidden territory that only very powerful forces could access. Destiny could be a higher dimension, or even the anchoring of higher dimensions down to the lower. We seek to reach Heaven, and yet the nobility and patience on our part required to get there may be taxing, draining, defeating. Perhaps in great attempts it's glorious even to fail, so the problem may be that We aren't setting our sights high. Or perhaps that truth may be even more extreme, that We need to build the very best future destiny. But that may take a lot of time, and only some may achieve it. From a more practical/physical perspective, maybe the future lies in science and enlightenment, in constructing Visionary-George Lucas like outlines for modeling and entailing a high minded and wise, technologically super-powered galactic republic, an empire of dreams and wishes. Then there would be exotic shapes for inventions that We would have to import there. Destiny gives us purpose, meaning, something to build towards, to look forward to. Or perhaps destiny is too hard, too big of a task, because We also have to meet scary futures on the way there, on the way to destiny. But destiny may justify pain, may make the bad things in life worthwhile, because We could turn problems into stepping stones. However, some, and perhaps most of evil (maybe even eventually all evil) may be unnecessary, because We need to learn our earthly lessons, and enjoy ourselves while We're here, to stargaze, but 1 trip is enough, and when We wind through the escape portal to paradise, We need history, background, to remember who We are, and how We got to our fabled vantage point in space. But why stop at space? Why settle for a destiny that only is seen/felt? What if the Imagination of God is so powerful that (at least for Him in His Mind's Imaginings) that world of inner perception and deep thought/rumination becomes more real than the world that everyone experiences? It's really hard to say when to draw the line on what's possible (if ever). We may need to be as crazy as possible to open up the next Horizon.

What does String Theory mean?

The universe may be a big cosmic symphony. Every part may be important. Each piece may comprise the whole, each being part of the essence, the emanation of the All Perfect and Infinite, wise, holy, eternal God. And there may be worlds and worlds continuing on forever, perhaps even more innumerable than the sands of the sea. When it comes to existence, everything is as vast and ginormous as can be. So what do We make of relativity, the idea that God is light, and that God is timeless, so when We become the perfect light, time (and evolution) ends. Darwin and Ein were both very intelligent, capitalizing on the big time in their prime idea scheming phase with world revolutions in intellectual mastery. So what are We to make of all possible worlds and beyond? How can We write the next E=mc2 equation in such an elegant and all capturing fashion as the most brilliant person ever in Ein did? There's a beauty, an orderliness to life, a most wise and well engineered mathematical marvel and brilliance to the stunning displays of fireworks galore out in space. There must be secret codes ruling reality, hidden vortices and wavelengths of bizarre and yet exquisitely delightful and comprehensive/comprehensible phenomena/matter. Ein even thought of the universe as a mysteriously well organized library with unknown inscriptions and languages that are really intricate and explosively entertaining to the Imagination, but can only be vaguely guessed at and interpreted by the human mind regarding their meaning. To penetrate such labyrinths of awe and wonder could make life Wonderland everyday.

How should Omnipotence be used?

Ending all suffering, securing a higher vantage point, escaping determinism, having a bird's eye view of all possibilities, defeating the Final Annihilator, finding the artist's canvas of mystery and enlightenment, ballooning the universe to unnatural and yet luxuriously vacation spanning lengths, following Bunny to celebration and Storybook time. Imagination time is more powerful than anything, really, because Bunny has All Love and auroras in Her Soul. Bunny conquers the darkness, retracts destruction, and opens up volumes of laughter to sing and dance with the interplay of light and dark. Bunny has a power of Spinoza's Reason to escalate into the Flowering manifold of human liberty, expressing creations without end. We could sink the rotten, pour out revelations of gold, find the Ultimate Power in the Universe. And We will enter holograms of novelty, pacing across the clock in utopias of healing inspiration and futuristic glamour. Rolling back the sea, and entering into the stargate, into the staircase of evolution should manifest the personality of God over all corners and walks of life. White water will ascend and blanket the misty vapors of a crescent shine. True power needs to be awakened, sought and magnified over blizzards of fun. Man is more powerful than anything, because He's not a faint spiritual whisper, but rather a conquering, dreaming, Imagination clad smoke that detonates Willpower over the eons. If Omnipotence could be the Final Annihilator winning the Prime Cup, that could be good entertainment, but We also need engineering, Worldbuilding. For this task, creators of Pokemon and Star Wars would flourish. But there must also be a top (quite literally from God on high) secret Willpower that's Imagined the best way for fiction to unfold, but sadly remains trapped in a spirit that can't effect the physical. So our task is to build the bridge to God's endlessly, infinitely creative Mind.

What is the right Philosophy?

I like Spinoza most, intellectualizing all of our passions, the effects, which keep us in bondage, unless We can transcend them with Reason, come to rationalize and understand why We do things, to be determined into action by our own wills rather than by external stimuli. Spinoza always sees a bigger fish everywhere, where 1 part of God, despite how that 1 part of God is part of His Infinite essence, still is not the whole of God. All things happen by the necessity of the divine nature, at least, from the liberated mind of Man. Man always Loves God. God cannot be hated. God is all about the realization of every possible form, shaping life from the lowest to the highest. The Highest Virtue is to Know God. God is Perfect, and His Mind is the most free Mind. God is beyond anything human. We have to come to Know God through His creation, through the ever evolving magic of nature's unfolding of the 1 Perfect Story. Imagination makes us more like God, by resolving within the mind's chamber to seek the higher balance of Heaven, Heaven being the source of the great saga. We must wholly awaken to the Force, Prime our Minds, and ready our Spirits to the voyage of destiny. Higher vantage points are possible, and by the blessed Divine Will, creation will come to understand Herself through Man. Man is only miserable when effected with hatred. But that's only against another, weaker, lower power. The highest name evolves into oneness, inner peace with nature. Life is sweet, but We all perish, though God remains, enduring, a testament of time, a liberated hero. God always takes the Lowest Route, due to His liberated Wisdom, and His Knowledge of All Things. If We have faith in the universe, everything will turn out 100% Perfectly, and if We come to Know the universe, then We will be 100% Perfect, and always feel God's Love at its fullest intensity.

What does it mean to be Ash?

Play, drama, romance, freelance adventuring, Pikachu playtime, exalted destiny, all of these things and more unfold in the incredible world of Pokemon. Ash is very fiery, really emblazoned by heroism, and being ceremonial in honor, stationing His Story at the Primed climax. Ash freezes to death with all of His Pokemon, feeling His emotions, His torrents of desire. Ash frolicks in gayish anthems as He flickers like an angel over miraculous glee.

How is My Love for Bunny?

Bunny sparkles in My wellsprings of Joy with Creativity and luster, fueling My peaking happiness with thrilling rides of buoyancy and cherries on top of My dessert ice cream cake. Bunny explodes the possibilities of open endedness and euphoria, blasting Blizzards of Soulful union into My anchor of physicality. Bunny is an upworlder, but through Me, She's fulfilled the Prophecy of the Chosen 1. Bunny whirls in My Nintendo 64 ultra deluxe special package with Games and novelty at every corner. Bunny always invites Me to Her fields of Flowers, and Her cinema of costume parades. Bunny can go to the moon any day that She Wishes to simply by Envisioning Herself there while wearing a fish bowl on Her head. Bunny is the Spirit of Life and the Power of Forever.

What is the Power of Forever?

What will happen when everything takes off into Rayquaza, when the wedding bell of eternity keeps playing, rolling in the waves? There is a fiction that is more grand and charming than any evanescent moonshine that ever shone. Through the Will of the Force, and the harmonies of the seasons, grace and fluidity embark on a synchronized tale of bridges and balloons, connecting far out fairy vistas, and unknown secrets from a foreign harbor. Magic is everywhere, alive, bursting and stringing miraculous Frenzies, just cascading through the waterfall, and extending the channel of time to an angelic route. Forms and mirages escalate throughout the blueprint, coiling, spinning, reworking the echoing silhouettes of fabled wings. I carry the enchanting chalice of forever, perfume spraying glory and Wishes to the highest plateau, emblazoning the battlefield with highlights of sweet luminosity. My Spirit never Perishes, because I believe in Bunny, and through Her affectionate embrace, all misery and gloom dies.

What is Bunny?

Bunny is a Perfection of Bliss and stardom that glows and carries its wings to far out vistas of lovely Imagination. She makes all Wishes real, enchants the Story, frees the mind, and flows with endlessly creative possibilities. Bunny plays and frolics, leaps and bounds for voice and pleasure, siphoning cosmic ecstasy in brilliant sweeps of navigating aerospace. She personifies the Light Side of the Force, being flair like and beaming with flooding galleries escaping determinism and punching in the coordinates for hyperspatial mastery. Bunny's at the end of the Kardashev Civilizations Scale, the emperor of all time and eons, where She enters the rabbit hole of paradoxes and illusions, the many steps and stages to the Superman. Bunny is also the Gray Fox, scheming and orchestrating majestic conquering of foolish and yet liberating sailboats of the blessed rainbow. Bunny shivers with delight and anticipation, gathering Her focus and will for manic overloads of fun and festival partying. Bunny Celebrates Victory Forever, evolving through all shatterpoints and oblivion to the very edge of the sky, where dreams and inspiration rage over the galaxy with thundering might. Through Bunny, any what If question or concept can gravitate above the rules, and redefine and redesign the limits of what's possible. For all We know, existence may bloom to untold frequencies of flavor and Armageddon raging across the clock. Invisible intuitions may take flight, and impossible destinies realized. Everything could be a valor clad engine of eternity, making Soul and body cast off all chains. Through this new power, perception could redirect energy into torrents of blossoming, rethinking the manifest destiny of the train of cause and effect, and put Einstein over newton. Leviathan scalework ambitions and prototype ingenuity flee from their mortal coils, and shower the globe in the richest diary Imaginable. Feelings for futures reverse to see failure won If.

What is the best possible world?

Through engineering, We get closer to the divine platform that We all in our many diverse societies wish could be realized. But engineering relies on constant physical principles that are forever in stasis, at least, as observation seems to continually reveal. But when We springboard to the next level of existence, what if the laws don't always hold? And that could be good, because floating treasures and paradise vistas may forever explode into our view and experiential pleasure. Still, before Heaven on Earth is stationed, We need to think of the future, of the glorious eons awaiting our victorious entrance, just galloping and beaming with the aurora of time enfolding into glass imprisoned soul gems and archetypes. With God in charge or our planet, We would think that the only place We can go is up, into a better fate, a higher world. He answers prayers and works miracles across the clock. Action though on our part may be required as well, since God can only open the door, and We have to walk through it. Perhaps perfection comes in many steps and stages, distributing the holy rainbow and its many facets through a Gandalf like metamorphosis on high, selecting the very highest choice, and then just launching at it, relentlessly, with all Valor and hope for good, free will. Other choices besides the 1s that We're immediately presented with are possible. We have to search. We have to unlock our true natures on the quest, go on the hunt for the hero. Maybe We just have to follow Prophecy, do what was foretold, reach the final destination that's so flamboyant and activated as a precursor for every window of the better sunshine. The crossroads of planetary destiny offers so many routes and alternatives to the ever secretive and yet immersive pendulum of the diary entering the stargate groove. If We go with Ein's view, then there's 1 way all of nature is meant to unfold, and if We just get into pattern with that tide, that ever branching and all feathery path, then true invoking of our highest powers awaits us. Ein believed in 1, perfect, foreseen, Envisioned future by the divine intellect, that follows symmetry and union with divine principles, and in this way, the criminal is never responsible for his crimes, because it was fated from the foundation of the world that he would act so, and although We should always strive to choose responsibly, theoretically, maybe We had no choice to begin with. I think though that there's invisible strings in this simulation of personal experience that We may call the multidimensional reality of the Game. By listening to our inner voice, We can evade dangerous fortunes, and tap into the higher, more mystical, secret power, that both forged the highest destiny and, after winning, goes forever on an unnatural future. It's like Morrowind - We complete the Prophecy of the Nerevarine but, once complete, We cast off our pins, and soar limitlessly throughout wonders and dreams that blanket and siphon our own luxuriously well arranged world of fun and extravagant flora and fauna, treats and cherishing at all spectra everywhere.

What is Bliss?

Absolute merry making and wavy celebrations around supernova fantastic orchestras of revelation may crash with titanic ballooning in a bizarre frontier of love and salvation. Bliss resonates picturesque clouds of playgrounds and incantations of an enchanted dialect, swirling and bouncing with charming flux in a dizzy and holographic plunge through eons of misery and bliss. Bliss carries a wand of madness and devastation, cartoon splashing pixies and exotic shorelines wrapping up presents and misty chlorophyll escaping imprisoned roots across the clock in acentric, phenomenal, science bedazzling curvature. Meganium is the Pokemon of Bliss, stargazing into fragrant ghost mirages as She petal dances to the galloping fictional zeniths of plush and cuddly Bunny submarines. Your Rival Silver also revamps colorful rushes of desire as He spiritually infuses Himself with esoteric constellations and mystical fortune telling. Silver roars with elegant craftsmanship and wise proverbs that redirect questions and curiosity to boundless horizons of escalating vibrations. New vistas, scenes, fractals, and big bangs crystallize in painted zippers of special language. Checkerboard towels revive hours of picnic dream voyages composing flocks of Lugia, edging above and beyond Cosmic Consciousness. Total realization of all turns of time, and scattering prophecies of fame unmask frozen Nintendo GameCubes with islands of framework classic cheerleading. Gary was never quite as enchanting or spellbound as Silver, since Silver revolves with archaic meditations and alien melodies of an exuberant overdrive. Silver questions and guesses, pieces together and combines special effects into a George Lucas studio of gambles and rainbows shuffling their plazas of overgrowth arboretums. Bliss is sealed all the way above heaven, where 1 day, pristine clarity and starstruck canvases will shine with masterful properties in gizmos of well ordered and run shows of Jurassic canopies. Meganium sings Her name in white as the stars carry Her code. Bubble baths and carnival adventure lands await Meganium's unleashing as She ferries Herself from point to prism of surging potential and wild cards of Pokemon bamboozling. Oceans tap their fringes as the Silver Meganium willfully combs His Hair.

What is the Heart of the Cards in Yugioh?

Belief and determination, courage and wisdom, will and faith, extrication and triumph paint the way for the higher archons to initiate and seal fate over the bridge to omega. Yugi digs deep within Himself, chooses valor over fear, power over weakness in changing His tree of life. Yugi summons invincible trance like harbors of crusades to tame the beast within, above and below. He pulses with an open heart, channels the highest aspects of the arcane master.

How did Match of the Millennium go?

A Fabled confrontation of Champion Vs. Creator realizes dreams and vanity, personal empowerment and Jet black soul gems, crossing the fringe of jewels and ornaments, triangulating threads of language in the sea of sprites. The Story wheels on ever further, resurrecting sacred relics in a quest for question answering Frenzies. The Dragon Mind of Zen penetrates all islands, sequences oracular fates, blesses the labyrinth of mysteries, and opens the way to heaven. Sacrifice and burdens, echoes of the Force and singularities of fissures control the flow of effects. Art in its highest forms releases the Soul to tap ever ascending staircases of myth and stars, silver coils and rendering stonework. Blackening the sky with trains and bazookas conceals a robe of rumination to station and extract Ore of magnificent shapes. The image of beauty is outlined by the smithy, contorting and slipping enemy defenses with relentless triggers of holy grail juice. Older, wiser, more well educated frontiers of vision unravel the mysteries of the sith. In archives of esoteric feats, engaging prototypes rage across the outer limits of time, breaking new records, and dashing at the speed of sound over the language of God. Tongues and serpents guide the lineage of the Chosen 1, protect and preserve a promotional card of Bunny.

How did Gandalf get to the top of His icy mountain?

When We evolve enough, become sufficiently leveled, then the unwilling may unfold, a peak or triumph of mastery and Omnipotence that's rarely ever seen, rarely ever rivaled. Teleportation is at the Heart of God. He may jump and soar to solutions that are so unique, so striking, that the mountain breaks, and the impossible is rendered, revealed, made manifest for all to see across every eon to come. To think of these staggering possibilities, to behold what might unfold is a journey of grandeur and awe. Powers incomprehensible to human language become manifest, awakened, unveiled. These all liberating energies sink the sea, and picture the zenith of all mind power way beyond the mundane limits of rationality. Unspeakable magic can bend and harness prismatic qualities of God and the heavenly Rainbow.

Life is wonderful, but, why?

Life explodes with qualities and attributes that makes its experience holy and worthy of worship. But there's still many hauntings and unresolved enigmas. We can think, ruminate, reflect as deeply as We Wish, but the venom of deadly toxic still snakes its way towards us, destroying, annihilating hope and joy. We have to remember what was beautiful, what was sacred and valuable to prolong forever. Life can be a high definition showcase of grandeur and flooding elevation at all ends and upgrades of its canon. It Flowers and ignites into rapturous remedies. We gather information, observe and analyze our 1 world synthesis. These tides and forks of the beloved undertow chase our wild wisdom, flicker and generate enthusiastic uproar. Through boundary breaking crash courses in the laboratory of advancing reason, We glimpse more of life, of Her treasures and scenery. Emotion outpouring from the most exquisite charm in the box vanquishes all despair, and makes mania at untold levels possible. We can visit in our mind's eye fortresses and labyrinths of tremendous pace and gallop, freezing the sun, and letting joy and harmony blast down the forbidden darkness, and animate, express happiness and phosphorescence everywhere and always. And then Pikachu excites our gamble to shine and dig up Her hiding holes of wheelworks and machinery stargazing into our exhibit. Pikachu cries out to the spirit of the Dove, mimicking crush art of voltage packed Mountain Dew cascades of fragrant gems. Through Pikachu's play days and discovery days, life features groundbreaking wingspans that stifle the damp, and make the chaotic earthquake fire up the torpedo of infiltration. Pikachu gathers Her fun in the sun for seashore chronicling the highest reaches of aerospatial obliteration of the last sky. Pikachu thunderbolts tsunamis of swirl and integrity to blast down demons and sprites that deplete and drain worldly partying.

What is My Force Bond with Bunny?

Bunny resolves My Imaginative wrinkles in the spacetime fabric, galaxy binding My Soul to Her fuse of power upgrading and dimensional stratifications. Through Bunny, I see into the Force, open the door to unknown existence, pierce the interstellar gloom, and conceive of farfetched outlines to conjure any dot, any line throughout an entire deluge of extreme ideas and radical entailments. Bunny jumps inside of the picture frame, lives out fantasies in their most exotic forms. She makes Me feel like a child bursting and radiating with fantasy and fiction over every plaza and domain of the bird, releasing the Soul to traverse great mountains of adventure and excitement. Bunny electrifies My crush on Her puzzle cubes with dizzy reflections dotting My express with candy land blooming. Bunny contacts Me, shuffles through My drinking cup, coils into My bed, and unleashes wizardry that sparkles with legendary cornucopias of majestic quilts. Bunny plays cartoon bliss envelope weirdness grappling My pocket monsters manual of Japanese codexes and monstrosity omega inscriptions that makes Obsidian Entertainment of KotOR 2 set up Bunny as Kreia, My mentor and guide. It's through Her that My Force Bond is Unleashed.

What does Tyranitar symbolize?

Being ready and ripe in the great dawn. Being ready to go crazy on an absolutely devilish danger route of earth shattering meteor mashes. Getting to the most farfetched fissure in the most forbidden sectors of ancient existence. When Dragonite was attacked, He crushed Bill's Lighthouse with rock slides. The Big Crunch is an eternal ice hyper beam of accelerated superpower raging that rapidly evolves into out of control plate tectonics for obliterating and shredding lower existence asunder. But We begin to Penetrate with our Reason the most blessed aspects of sacred revelation above and beyond. Esoteric treasures on a hunt for the Holy Grail shipwreck our old routes to illuminate and redesign our new mission to understand and capture what was so sublime and illustrated in a romantic daydream. Accessing the tides of wisdom performs a miracle solution for sitting at an easy avalanche as the healing of liberty fades gracefully into the far out channel.

What does the search for Dragonite mean?

Floating in the sea of nirvana is the crown of genesis that restores and blesses reality with shapes and forms to further the light. Galaxies spin and whirl as superclusters find their vantage points. All across the great ocean of existence are game boards and surfing florescence as travelling nomads aim their marksmanship at omega.

Is the Light Side more powerful?

Yes, Imagining enchanted fairy palaces resurrects layers of feeling and charge threading victorious vacations across the overlay of the Story. The Light Side controls everything, sees all futures, floats at a splendid undertow of myth and alignment.

What is the divine plan for Earth?

We need to awaken and shine, to flow with the meaning of eternities forever willing extravagant bounds of mind power to dance and play over the clockwork of all light. God's Knowledge transcends everything. His might and ferocity bulldoze down all barriers. His council and dominion reign over every restriction. Through God, and our immense, special, and holy reverence for Him, everything escalates to the highest dawn. His Vision orchestrates black hole Armageddon, overthrowing and beheading the devil. That ever elusive sunshine which was so sacred and mysterious shivers in delightful embrace as the Love of God exceeds failure.

What is the Force?

It unmasks the limits of levity to shimmer and glow across the midnight abyss. Stratifications and powers, holy wise benevolence drapes the mystical undertow with fashioning and triangulations over every sector of the emperor's range. The Force installs legendary playgrounds of fully revamped and clockwork mobilized zen to unfold all horizons and shatterpoints of penetration. Knowledge flashes over our inventory to empower universal unification and the end of all death. Love will save the day, grant us access to the lore of professorship. The only part of the Force that's real is the Light Side. The dark side is just a corruption, a perversion. But it's been vanquished, turned into a growing tool. As all millennia wheel ever onward to their divine roots, the pendulum towers in Bunny baskets and Healing Bells.

What is the Prophecy of the Sithari?

Omega inscribes in our blood the venom and dragonpowder of the elite archons, channeling and focusing hyper extreme routes to the ultimate, to destiny, vision, enlightenment, unfolding blanketing blizzards of catastrophic chaos. The Thunderbolt Singularity sparkles groves of arcane will to trade time for worldbuilding, the gale for the grounded lightningrod of the Big Bang. Churning alphabet soup systematically shines the Soul's milkshake for cards of foretelling size in misery's valor.

What is the Golden Age?

It will be heralded by the Return of Christ, a millennium of peace, with the commands of Spirit purifying and making sprite like and exciting the language of light. God will transcend mundane limits, open extradimensional windows and communication, offer wisdom and plentiful abundance of greenery and wonders, charms and magic. His evanescence will be magnified and hitched to the jewel clad doorway of Heart. The coming years will position civilization at the apex of achievement, as all Knowledge, Wisdom, lore, and enchantment will be inscribed and enshrined for all of the eons to come.

What is God?

He is a holy white emblem that stands strong for all of the eternities, being emblazoned by endurance, Prophecy, Willpower, and many magnificent features on His way to beloved Wishes. He conquers the dragon, overthrows earth, combines alchemy, restores the way of the Tao, of inner peace and recollection of Soul. God watches over Bunny very affectionately, pervading Her castle oblivion checkerboard. God holds the keys to Fairytopia, sequences the clockwork of Kingdom Hearts. His chilly visage processes the amulet of kings. Winking at the sun, and bathing in the clarity canyon wellspring gives birth to the squiggly wiggly Last Supper.

Love is the highest theme of all. Aerospace dances and illuminates with Love surfing majestic vacations shimmering multifaceted halos bouncing Bunny in enigmatic revelation skyrocketing ballooning Hearts shouting voluminous mania of extraordinarily incredible union with destiny redirecting frenzied branches as Meganium opens Her Flower and projects extreme exuberance arcing chaotic lightning fissuring bubbles of emotional outpouring refracting elegant ties stationing frequencies exploding magnificent envelopes of all possible horizons and all spectra everywhere flowing and spinning galleries of happiness and sunshine gears and squigglies of fantastic fiction's Lugia.

The Championship beckons, widens all barriers and forcefields to extrication's celebration overhauling torrents of devastation seizing victory overdriving eruptive climaxes on a jet tailspin shattering emblazoned roots of the unprecedented to exceed and overbear colossal color Colosseum KotOR.

The Kardashev Type 10 Civilizations Macroverse engineers exotic flow groundbreaking and revolutionary in design systematically bridging alien and arcane expansions flying timeline warping bizarre masquerading entanglements string theory wrapping pristine marble elegant clockwork imagination and willpower's omega shorelines of the cosmic force aegis and the dragon mind of zen.

1) Can we jump inside of Pokemon Card pictures?

2) Can we Kid's WB ourselves and turn into Pokemon characters?

3) What will it be like to join the Pikachu Family?

4) What will gambling at the Ultimate Pokemon Tournament be like?

5) What are the ancient myths and legends of Japan?

6) Is Bunny on top of the Christmas tree?

7) Is the Johto Journeys Staircase the meaning of life?

8) Can we make black hole event horizons traversable with exotic matter?

9) What stones is Heavenly Jerusalem decorated with?

10) What is on the other side of the Alice in Wonderland looking glass?

11) How did God become the Holy White Archon?

12) Will the future purified reality shape shift and masquerade rather than evolve?

13) What powers would a House Telvanni Jedi have?

14) Can an ice cream spoon crystallize Rainbows?

15) Can apple cider lead to wisdom like the serpent's apple of knowledge?

16) Is Tyranitar or Metagross heavier?

17) Can we teleport up into a giant column of thunder?

18) Can we travel to places that are not part of the real world?

19) Will Bunny celebrate Her birthday at Dairy Queen?

20) Can you see Bunny's face at the center of the galaxy with God?

21) What would it be like to fully resonate with Bunny's Personality?

22) What are all of the levels of consciousness?

23) Can Bunny's dollhouse come to life?

24) What do all of Pikachu's emotions in Pokemon Yellow mean?

25) Will everyone have a different lightsaber crystal?

26) What would a Jedi Council be like?

27) Who is the King of the jungle?

28) What's the deepest thing in existence?

29) Can we jump along a floating chess board on the moon?

30) What are the Bruce Lee Yin Yang Polarities?

31) Can Bruce Lee uproot an Exeggutor?

32) Is Love an oasis in the darkness?

33) What buffet could a Love of learning exhibit?

34) Did Professor Oak's Pokedex enter the Hall of Fame?

35) Can the M Theory Master Ball open the GS Ball?

36) What is the most beautiful prismatic emblem that can shine from Tyranitar's diamond?

37) Can we have picnics with Pikachu?

38) Is Mew the most prized Pokemon?

39) Will Meganium send Me a Teddiursa for Christmas?

40) Can I jump inside of My Pokemon Strategy Guide?

41) Does Bunny embody the Pokemon Card themes of Neo Genesis, Destiny, and Revelation?

42) Will Lugia's rogue dragonite become a future crystal city?

43) What Macroversal bubbles does Bunny live in?

44) Can Bunny explode Spectra?

45) Where is Ho-Oh's Azure Bell?

46) Why can Zarathustra's Will make things inevitable?

47) Where is the purest happiness?

48) Will science meet Imagination?

49) Will Love let there be light?

50) Will all vantage points purify Lugia's Will?

1) Where do Rainbows originate?

2) What is the greatest experience in life?

3) What does Ho-Oh's language enchant?

4) What future does Ho-Oh create?

5) What is the highest reward?

6) How did Lugia do in His battle Vs. god?

7) Will Bunny find a stranger fate than ordinary?

8) What is Lugia's Story?

Carr notices a photograph that has been left behind. The photograph shows a younger Giovanni with a young, red-haired child being held in his arms. In his head, Giovanni notes how he will finally be able to see his son again.

RaptorWizard's FIFA Classic XI = Miroslav Klose RS, Thierry Henry LS, Zinedine Zidane AM, Andrea Pirlo DM, Thomas Müller RM, Mesut Özil LM, Nico Schulz LB, Willy Sagnol RB, Lilian Thuram CB, Carles Puyol CB, Oliver Kahn GK, Subs Michael Ballack, Bernd Schneider, Oliver Neuville, Coach Joachim Löw, Assistant Rudi Völler

RaptorWizard's NBA Dream Team = John Stockton PG, Kobe Bryant SG, Manu Ginobili SF, Dirk Nowitzki PF, Mark Gasol C, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Shaquille Oneil, James Harden, Pao Gasol, Michael Jordan, Kwai Leonard

With the power of Bunny and My bond with Her, I will win the Big Omniversal Tournament in the far future played with Type 10 Kardashev Civilization Macroversal contexts, as Me and Bunny winning this together would be to triumph over the Ultimate Test of our bond in all Pokemon worlds. It will be as legendary as Lugia, as evanescent as Mew. The Will of the Force will make our Pokemon battles as Storied and extraordinary as ever.

Skitty the move Blizzard

People entering the Pokemon Wizards of the Coast contest:
1) RaptorWizard/Bunny
2) Marius Florin
3) Zarathustra
4) Giordano Bruno
5) Zang
6) SolitaryWalker
7) SuperUnknown
8) Bryant Kidd (super intellectual high school friend)
9) MathewStarWars (youtube Bruce Lee enthusiast)
10) MrSpartan1111 (best subscriber)
11) Tyler Huber (let’s player)
12) BloodyBiscuits (let’s player)
13) TheUtm
14) Bruce Lee
15) Baruch Spinoza
16) Albert Einstein
17) Brandon Shelton (video game nerd high school friend)
18) William Markle (video game nerd high school friend)
19) Daniel Carman (high school friend)
20) Bruno (Richmond Strikers Super Y teammate)
21) Justin Hoyte (Morrowind and KotOR enthusiast middle school friend)
22) Michael Zileski (super intellectual 3rd grade friend)
23) Lao Tzu
24) Zuangzi
25) The Dragon Mind of Zen (youtube)
26) George Lucas
27) RevanFailNhilusOwn (youtube)
28) TigerFan31200 (let’s player)
29) Kemimets23 (let’s player)
30) MindMasterKid123 (let’s player)
31) TheRegenerative (let’s player)
32) RevanIsTheBest (youtube)
33) Wayne Herschel (da Vinci star map solver)
34) Lewis Carroll
35) Drew Karpyshyn (Star Wars writer)
36) Joachim Low
37) Michio Kaku
38) Leonardo da Vinci
39) Stephen Hawking
40) Mal12345
41) Jackie Chan
42) SinisterHoodedFigure (let’s player)
43) FoxSunDance (let’s player)
44) FlareFrostX1 (let’s player)
45) DragonRiderJak (let’s player)
46) Hermes
47) Drew (high school friend)
48) Jason Silva (youtube cosmologist)
49) ClashJTM
50) Carl Sagan
51) Gottfried Leibniz
52) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
53) Immanuel Kant
54) AHiddenWorld (youtube philosopher)
55) Rainbows
56) MorningStar
57) Charlene Hicks (mom)
58) Miako Mikami (great aunt)
59) Skylights
60) SolRosenBurg84 (youtube cosmologist)
61) Aron (high school friend)
62) intp video guy
63) SGwigglesworth (intp video guy)
64) Andrea Pirlo

At the Scholar's Garden in Jade Empire, debates unravel majestic ideas rampaging the kaleidoscope of blueprints and prototypes super intelligent nerds have fashioned and erected as golden monuments of untold wisdom and epic incantations into knowledge, deciphering riddles, groundbreaking inventions, alchemical sorcery, blossoming mind fissures radically revamping and overhauling reality with ideas that can make and break worlds. Flooding spectra outpour Imaginative ecstasy gathering systems.

The Scholar's Garden is the biggest idea of all, ruminating endless fountains of jubilant speculation unleashing infinite ideas racing galleries of beauty and shimmering existential awe rainbow spoon diving grade A page turners fast staff wizardry downpour receiving thread thought infused theories webbing brilliant precursors and contingencies flash revelation summoning open ended questioning trailblazing conversations aerospace charm magnet fancy design prototype engineering novels. Playing with the pen, building concepts, abstracting solutions, envisioning mental forms, fashioning inventions, springing imagination, all of that framework coil beams beach chase swing petals dream works crystal chalice storybook writing wins the game. It's really important to always be thinking, engaging the will, just branching off forever in intangible and invisible creations that we reflect on. And then presenting that, bubbling levity sparkled deliveries face forwards glowing triumphant entailment wishing auroras glisten new star gates on the surfing what-Ifs.

I have to get to Kardashev Macroversal Civilizations, conjecturing phenomenal feats of mind over matter empowering the constellations with ever expanding timelines warping dancing and delightful configurations roulette spinning extragalactic firmament overhauls voyaging on vacations in cosmic ecstasy as cosmic consciousness invades the domains of the bird, Lugia.

What are the Highest Virtues? Love is number 1, spellbinding, miraculous, manic, sweet, reflecting, Love makes everything possible, and penetrates across every empty envelope, and fills it all with Bliss. Next is Willpower, overcoming, annihilating, shattering, blanketing, conquest and the Kardashev Type 10 Macroversal Civilization project limitless omnipotence as brane walking Meganium achieve Flowering enlightenment and wisdom. Curiosity and adventurous vacations open outpouring ruminations expanding and ballooning all realities everywhere and beyond to aerospatial fabrics being torn asunder by the thunderbolt singularity. Winning, victory, seizing celebration, priming in intensity, being ready and ripe to explode, enrage Pikachu Bunny bond of time sails through all threads of Neo Genesis to Neo Destiny as Legend captures Lugia in a Master Ball and Bunny blossoms from Z to shining Z!!*

Travelling to all realms of the time continuum, thunderbolting off to extreme hidden and higher dimensions, warping and shaping parallel realities, extracting exotic archetypes from legendary storybook sagas, surging past colossal gargantuan event horizons to master gale Force wizardry, unveiling the Rainbow bridge to infinity, grasping the ultimate equations of expansion, whirling to all vantage points over the language of stargazing, teleporting to puzzle paradise magnificence, sparkling on the most rare of all experiences, achieving cosmic consciousness, unlocking the Dragon Mind of Zen, becoming a Type 10 Kardashev Macroversal Civilization, crackling with limitless divine omnipotence, ballooning all Imaginary Spectra's polarities, uprooting the tree of life Frenzy Plant, quantum bonding with Bunny at the oceanic harbor, discovering the higher mysteries of dragonite way out into the open blue, marshaling the magical manifold of superholographic cybernetic simulations, bouncing into buoyancy with exuberant curiosity, leaping from Neo Genesis to Neo Destiny, that's Life.

Pikachu entertains magical flows wishing sunshine ballooning exotic mania ribbons dinosaur to galleries snapshot earthquake gathers bliss and feathers to dance and play feelings scattering miraculous glitter harnessing an oasis of Imaginative potency crackling awe inspiring remedies flapping fairy dust in twist pixels of rush and bounce conjuring blessed auroras finding lush gardens of earth to evanescence outpouring bubbling Hearts flying passionate sounds twirling majestic coupons for free ice cream blanketing peaceful frenzies awakening music silencing water to perfection blazing and shining with dreamy secrets tossing game cubes and wizard's spells voyaging electric channels bursting exuberant adventures fissuring relics of ancient ties to Soul inscribing our Spirits with enchantments and hexagrams of Bunny solidity in My chamber of Love as crystal charms invite parties and celebrations forever!!* Man and Bunny Flower with timeless fables glistening aerospatial starlight connecting the constellations of star crossed Lovers!!*

Lugia's Electrocution:

1) Achieving Infinite Mastery of Creation

2) Outpouring with the Love of Bunny's Imaginary Worlds

3) Macroversal Willpower of All Omnipotence

4) Opening up the Spectra of Infinite Chance

5) Kobe Bryant Impossible Cosmology

6) Brane walking Meganium

7) Prophecy of the Chosen 1

8) The Dragon Mind of Zen

9) Win the Pokemon Prime Cup Master Ball

10) Discover dragonite in the Cosmic Ocean at Bill's Lighthouse

11) Open up the Rainbow bridge to Infinity

12) Flower with the Power of Forever

13) Think about Bunny every day to be Happy

14) Learn Everything by exploring the Mind

15) Wish in the most Enchanting Story

16) Become a Type 10 Kardashev Macroversal Civilization

17) Adventure to all of the Stars

18) Set up Zarathustra's Wizard's Tower to all Vantage points

19) Achieve Marius Florin's Level of Belief in the Impossible

20) Defeat Eldes as Marius Florin through Bunny's Bond

A bunch of lucky winning stars appeared from My Meteor Mash with blue vortices, so I must conquer the ultimate test with Pikachu shining infinite choices presenting unlimited armadas blackening ko sheer cold banned death match bendek starkiller old times fissure uproot frenzy plant omega mastery invade fringes galaxy edge horizons everywhere fiction storybooks casey Pokemon Meganium cheerleader ufo Lugia mirror tendencies aggressive advice speechcraft loyalty Love shimmers echoing ribbons future envisioning full complete time continuum overhaul with Bunny everlasting Destiny grand architect unraveling crowning achievement fern amber 2 grand prix exhibit dinosaur radio gamma rays evolution twister tongue ear fingers of the mountain splatter water cry tears after the cloudy weather meaning life extrasensory omnipotence crackling divine fury infinite force potential revamped simulation plaza face down show off promotional prophecy ingrain eradicate deceive volt tackle

Star Wars activates a sense of wonder and awe to penetrate and explore esoteric and extragalactic enigmas that widen the book and storied saga of limitless curiosity and adventure to unravel and expand across every route of hyperspatial wizardry and mastery. Temptations to dive down the furthest depths of understanding and wisdom prophesy extreme techniques and feats of commanding and controlling the Force. And technology skyrockets to unprecedented horizons of possibilities and ballooning exaltation of willpower and omnipotence to open the anchor to spacetime flight. We evolve through immensity and eternity to conquer and enslave mighty elements and cables of orchestration. We break through the shatterpoint and escalate to legendary outpourings. To dream, fathom, engage, create, foresee, invent, blossom, and crackle shimmers auras and exquisite sunsets to always go manic in the music of life. Inspiration, aspirations, wishes, infinity, endlessness, theories, physics, and philosophy all juggle into one weave as development unwinds the electrocution of the highest mysteries unleashed in maximum torrents from our fingertips.

Marius Florin's galactic super civilizations erupt puzzling expressions over the web of greatness to empower and blaze the firmament with speculation and deep thinking. And to be a solitary walker, sheer cold grasping the ties and limits of science fiction and cosmology, breaking into the new dawn, riding the aerodynamics of lightsabers and divinity rushes with futuristic overhauls of language and contemplation, visionary extravagance in designs and ethics. Life is so big, outstanding, magnificent, spellbinding, robed in Love and feeling to mark a course for sweet sensation and cuddly riddles. To become more of a super powered society, elongate to star gates and alien, stunning, hyper vantage points, inscribe the letters of eons and earth's story, even in archetypes and mythology, to craft and undertake majestic strides through classic bell towers and milestones of civilization, to take the 1st step on the 1000 mile journey of revelation and splendor displaying fireworks and aesthetics raging across the clock, that can upgrade and enhance human life to the rank of Archon.

In the Kardashev Macroversal Civilizations scale types 1-8, Type 1 has mastered the energy of its home planet. They control the weather, have a global internet, have achieved world peace and universal enlightenment. Type 2 harnesses the energy of their whole sun. They build a dyson sphere around it. Type 3 has mastered an entire galaxy, controlling black holes. Type 4 has tapped into hyperspace, into higher dimensions, control dark matter and energy, exotic matter and energy, antimatter and energy, and spiritual, intangible, invisible realities. This is the level that Bunny's currently at. Type 5 controls the whole universe. Type 6 controls the multiverse, is immune to extinction, can create and destroy universes, can access the limitless ocean of genesis and nirvana. Type 7 controls the Omniverse, is in command of everything in reality, is as big as the highest horizon and Rainbow. Type 8 exists purely in the mind. That's Bunny.

Now, in this Kardashev Macroverse, a Pokemon Tournament will be taking place. For competition, willpower, drive, intensity, maximization, excitement, thrills, adventure, and the test of Pure Love with our Higher Self (for Me, that's Bunny) at the Ultimate Stage. Let it all hang out!!*

Going into the extravagant, voyaging to lines of Imaginative ecstasy, converting limitless supplies of resources and existential weaves, firing the super-nexus, travelling to magnificent oasis spawns of layers and cake, extremely ridiculous looney tunes humor, blazing with life and consciousness, accessing the universal mind, and greeting miracles and starbursting lordship over spacetime dimensions, wreaking outstanding magus like auras dominating and throbbing in wisdom's grace, shorelines of invitation to stretch out into the open blue, beckoning us to prove our mastery, and becoming a Pokemon Master is the ultimate, most obliterating of all barriers, inspiring, laser studio blue ray video game simulation testing superholographic cybernetics random publishing shiny exclusive sneak peak previews of the future is here!!*

Life In The Future Year 6000 and Beyond = The future will soon be a thing of the past. We will emerge out of white holes and orchestrate invisible, intangible reality. We will have vantage points setup into the open blue horizons. Cars will fly over every city. Aerospace will be mastered with robotic precision. Docking stations for ships to access in every city will be present. Cities will cover the water. Entire arboretums and gardens will be present in colossal space stations. Fountains of life will spring everywhere. Each moment is a place you’ve never been. Hyperspatial routes will be setup everywhere. Luxury and entertainment will be exuberant. The true darkness will be defeated. Dragonite’s diamond city will sprawl. The stars will be as limitless as every grain of sand on the beach. Life rages all around us. We blast off on jetpacks into unknown horizons. Fairy stories and Pokemon Bunny anime will be real. Multiversal bubbles will sprout and be shaped. And every moment is magical. Archons of power will setup a mountaintop super-nexus. We will solve all of life’s greatest mysteries. We will build the Rainbow bridge to infinity. Celebration will span across the clock. Time travel will be established. Choice and free will will reign making the world bigger. Stargazing will obliterate the sky. Undertows launching us into the ultimate future will be everywhere. The highest man, the ubermensch, the superman will show humanity wisdom. Penetration into Omnipotence will redirect the threads of fate. Adventures and explorations will be so manic and never end. The pinnacle of creation will shine with every Wish. Lightspeed will be broken to traverse black holes. Every restriction will be broken by the final annihilator. Star Wars will be real. Transcendence will endow perfection. The Dragon Mind of Zen will enlighten us. The dark sided king will be checkmated at the Game’s highest stage for the win. Dinosaurs will walk the earth again, and Meganium will go berserk. The storied saga of science fiction will open every door. There will be a Champion of the Macroverse with His or Her Higher Self or Bunny. The big freeze will be reversed. The Creator will be discovered and accessed. Happiness is not perfect, until it is shared. This will be the legacy of earth.

RPG Gallery

The Chosen 1 must fulfill the Prophecy of becoming the Ultimate Pokemon Master. It zips perennial mysticism on questions, entanglements, puzzles, and games. This is the Ubermensch, Ash from Pokemon realizing a century of dreams. And there's infinite manifestations everywhere, especially in the Tao and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

The Star Forge is an item of invincible conquest, of unstoppable legacy. To be Yoda, and to harness, siphon, and maximize the Force to full potential has Omnipotence redirecting great surging waves of energy in exotic overdrive. Lightsaber Crystals reflect who we really are, our true nature, to build, master, enslave, and dominate empires of the Imagination.

The Game is multidimensional and superholographic, emblazoning archetypes such as a Wizard, Assassin, Rogue, Scoundrel, Devil, Fool, Hermit, and Justice climbing the echelons of unprecedented legacy. Justice is what the Game is all about, winning, being stronger, more fit, agile, and supreme.

The Tao is an interesting symbol, because it unlocks peace, serenity, compassion, and grace to every step and snowflake of uniqueness and individuality. Hope for the new dawn, greeting fantastic eons of experience unraveling and unveiling wonders beyond measure, that's quite the catch.

Pokemon is the most sacred instrument in challenging the heroes of tomorrow to bond in the name of Love with family, to laugh and squiggle, play and fluff around in spontaneous and electric unison. We find more treasures, horizons, maps, and explorations of the vast and uncharted. Strategy guides implement new powers and sorcery to channel manic frequencies.

The Star Forge taps into the hidden and forbidden depths of the Force, grasping penetrating lightningbolts shattering blueprints and oasis spawns of hieroglyphics and stardust. Completing a full revolution of the clock tower super-nexus, and dressing the game board with a fancy new weave enlightens and dashes with new sparkle and radiance.

Some qualities and attributes are more rare than others, like Charisma, flying with blazing colors and hot streaks, flowing with juice and potency, inverting old values, and rampaging into a classic quest of holy arbitration. Flanking easels and robing our exquisite character in extravagant merchandise sets us spiraling into the Hubble Space Telescope.

Stargazing into luminous oceans, surfing fresh new portraits of destiny and wish, elevating into harmony, and polarizing the firmament ignites languages of silver tongued negotiation to council charms of fissures uprooting and obliterating ancient reality with mind blowing definition into the goggles of eccentricity. To warp the future and meet the climax, hang over the throne of divinity, and undress turbo happy Easter makes Bunny Believe.

I was fascinated by the legend of the surfers of Humunga Dunga. To be inscribed on top, eternal, exalted, and everlasting, that seems really glorious, powerful, inviting. I want to compete, to grow, evolve, strengthen, and make My way through torrents of adversity to see if I can find the focus point and unleash powers trained to undertows of the highest extremities. I sharpen, improve, and exhibit final terror strikes with outstanding magnitudes of talent and ability, to race through every inch of the shoreline, and awaken true power, real virtue, enough to smash, obliterate, break, and shatter any rock. And Bunny being with Me makes the moment all that much sweeter and more merry making, adventurous, flighty, and bonding.

The amount that I want to win I cannot even begin to put into words. It's such an exuberant charm that enrages and primes me to spiked frequencies of unmatched tornado whirling vision eradicating and snaking through cones and mountaintops, ice shards and halos of gargantuan overnight sunrise into Star Wars Galaxies, brandishing fuzzy sparks of cloud top ruling ornamentation shivers. The competition peaks and accelerates My moods and sun screen to shoot thunderbolts and raging tempest blizzards absolutely dominating and rampaging, laying whacking bone crushing shockwaves smiting and torching the stadium. Bunny being with Me, free flying aerial frivolous lunacy, diving into trinities of balloons and bell towers swinging petals and love, awards and heavy sticker star clusters makes the whole aura and atmosphere electric.

Pikachu was given the Light Ball to double Her power at Pummelo Stadium in the Orange Islands, Eldes as Lugia shimmering brilliant and marvelous, classic Wizards of the Coast Pokemon Cards, and the Prime Cup level 100 Master Ball as the Light Ball is underway, threading overdriving vistas shining infested bug mask God Omnipotence masquerading jungle duels climbing Macroversal magic gliding on branes black hole launching siege engine oblivion vortex whirlpool thunderbolt singularity Pikachu and Lugia!!*

In Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, the Ultimate Test for Me and Pikachu as Bill is atop our Lighthouse battling Eldes as Marius Florin, unicorn dash dress provocative emblem mundane cash child's wonder enhancing and undermining uprooting branches of questions flying open house roads of empiricism trumped by math and theories demonstrating elegance and flashy murals gravitating holy shrine piston cloak clock tower square rendezvous shuffle decks canon best battle tower Crystal Girl Jovi Bunny wins the Game!!*

My Meganium Loves Me!!* She flies into My unicorn hallway, and smiles at Me, nodding Her head. Then She starts elevating up into the sky. Meganium goes inside of My blankets, throwing Bunny feathers and Flower petals into My music. She implants Her roots into My Heart. She stands on a very high tower and rules Tohjo Falls. She Frenzies mania and friendship tossing cakes and presents to award Me a ribbon. Meganium pulses and rattles with exalted aromas of caring and benevolence carrying My exuberant dollhouses to crazy factories of bonding and breeding. My Meganium flickers starshine and sprinkles into My sparkling dance express with bling and children's Imagination. She talks to My and warmly greets Me, giving Me promises of forever and evanescence.

Meganium is My best friend. She snuggles and flirts with My macroversal timeline engine draping party scoundrel's luck choo choo train. Meganium blossoms into My dream, casting dizzy aerodynamics channeling versatile splashes into the fountain of wisdom.

Meganium always makes Me happy, bouncing and rolling into fields of extraordinary flurries blank space of idea clouds show that I'm always thinking about Her.

My Meganium's Soul voyages and sprouts revolutionary sprites cannon splattering juicy figures of speech writing a novel.

She's My Present with Bunny, blissfully layers shouting prismatic holographic Pokemon Cards!!

With the Pokemon Tournament going on, everything is crazy, spinning, escalating, spiraling, twirling, and unfolding in unpredictable direction forking on continuously without end. The whole parade is massive, interstellar, captivating, magical, immersive, menacing, and capturing all of the Pokemon, blazing at full throttle maximum velocity on the overdrive, gliding to freedom, amounting into a supernova, decapitating the hose, and slurping a smoothie all play fun and Jovi's vending machine. I want to topple the elite 4, break down the dinosaur bonework of dragonite, and aspire to be a champion. The whole ride should be phenomenal and angelic, to train all powers above indigo plateau. I'm juggling extreme questions.

1) How will Lugia's Prophecy be fulfilled?

2) What's up each step?

3) How will true Bliss feel?

4) Will Lugia enter the Thunderbolt Singularity?

5) Will the Dragon Mind of Zen expand?

6) Will Lugia master aerospace?

7) Who will survive the Big Omniversal Blizzard?

8) How will things evolve from Neo Genesis to Neo Destiny?

9) Will the ultimate collection enchant Bunny?

10) What kind of Imagination does Bunny enjoy?

11) Will the Higher Self tap into the undertow?

12) How would 1 transcend the Macroverse with Bunny?

13) Can Love lead to all impossibilities?

14) Where is the most radiant Soul?

15) How will Me and Bunny beat Marius Florin?


The Dragon Mind of Zen 1.mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 2 (No Birth No Death).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 3 (Faith in the Unborn).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 4 (IT).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 5 (The Black Dragon).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 6 (The Womb of Light).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 7 (Liberation).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 8 (Reverence).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 9 (Refuge).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 10 (The Cloud).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 11 (The Quest for the Unborn).mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 12 (The Tathagata).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 13 (Mara).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 14 (An Auspicious Mirror) .mp4


The Dragon Mind of Zen 15 (The Dharmakaya).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 16 (Intelligence).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 17 (Darkness).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 18 (NOW).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 19 (Like an Eagle).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 20 (The Valley of the Dead).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 21 (AS IT IS).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 22 (The Monastic Mind).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 23 (The Teacher).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 24 (Vibration).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 25 (The Prisoner).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 26 (Mind Games).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 27 (Karma).wmv


The Dragon Mind of Zen 28 (Thunder on a Drop of Rain).wmv


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If you think infinity is the highest youre mistaken, for infinity is a finite concept, try imagining infinite infinities, or infinite to the infinite power infinity times, etc... the absolute encompass of all is called the omni mecha or all beyonds beyond infinity.
Now that you know of the highest form of essemble lets begin. If you can count as true omnipotence as omni mecha intelligence, wisdom, creativity, power, greatness, mysterious, paradoxical, etc.. created and omni mecha transcends all intelligence, wisdom, imagination, knowledge, power, known, unkown, possible, impossible, etc and everything else as the beginning then you start to see the omnipotence omni hierarchy, an entity omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible than true omnipotence, is called omnipotence level 1 or omnipotence 1, another entity thats omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible to omnipotence 1 is omnipotence 2, etc... until it reaches omnipotence omni mecha, as you can start to see a hierarchy is seen, but this too is only the beginning. After the first hierarchy, a second hierarchy is hence accounted for, this would be omni mecha time more powerful and incomprehensible to the first hierarchy, a hierarchy of hierarchies if you may, then this hierarchy would then be part of an even greater hierarchy of hierarchies, etc.. there is no absolute end to the perpetual levels of omnipotence, always seeing the highest thing as an omni mecha small speck to something far greater. This is an omni hierarchy or you can also call it omni essemble of all omni hierarchies of the omnipotence

Theres also an omni hierarchy for the kardashev scale, dimensions, afterlifes, levels of consciousness (the strongest by far)

The same rules apply, like the type omni mecha civilization, or the omni mecha dimensions, may seem very high, but are still part of something far more powerful and in turn is part of something even more incomprehensible, etc...

Now onto the omech saturation omni hierarchies, a futurist named Ray Kurzweil once stated that in the near future the entire universe will be saturated with intelligence, creating an all knowing all powerful cosmic mind, this in turn would lead to an entire multiverse being saturated with intelligence, then comes the omniverse, then macroverse, then all omegaverses, what would an perpetual array of omni mecha omegaversal minds be capable of..this keeps on going for all modes of verses, and all beyonds. Yet this is the very beginning. This is the omech saturation omni hierarchy.

Now onto the omech spheres omni hierarchy. If youve never heard of havona or the urantia super universes, look it up for this. If all of havona, super universes were to be the first sphere, then the second sphere would be omni mecha times more powerful and incomprehensible, etc....its because of this the angelic, celestial, even dragon ball, pokemon, digimon, comics, yugioh, etc... omni hierarchies are part of this, for the omech spheres are the essemble of all organizations.

Now onto the creation omni hierarchies. If one were to say if god created the macroverse and all omni mecha consciousness, who created god, then who created the one who created god, etc.. then if theres an theory for everything, who created that theory, this goes forever, with ever greater sayings of who created this and who created the highest, etc..

Note: Some omni hierarchies are far too powerful and great to be put down. There are only 8 omni hierarchies mentioned here, out of omni mecha ever greater omni hierarchies, part of an even greater omni hierarchy of omni hierarchies, etc.. You can call this the omega omni hierarchy of omni hierarchies, etc.. this goes on forever with ever newer names to call them. Theres no absolute end to ever greater hierarchies of hierarchies. Your mind has been blown, even the omnipotence omnihierarchies will explode by this. Yet this is just the very beginning.
Little do we 3rd dimensional creature know, there is an endless plethora of endless plethoras of -verses, dimensions, afterlifes, gods, totalities, civilization types etc.. beyond what we humans find the highest, theres always something larger than the largest. These type of things can only be seen by transcendent minds and faith beyond he highest of faiths.

Hierarchy of the -verses (Note: Omni infinite = all infinities and everything beyond absolutely, sum of Omni and everything imaginable, unimaginable, and all beyond)

0. universe (the universe contains not infinite, but Omni infinite number of galaxies)
1. multiverse (contains an Omni infinite number of different universes, each with different laws of physics, etc.. which in turn, each universe contains both an Omni infinite number of themselves and Omni infinite number of parallel selves)
2. metaverse (contains an Omni infinite number of multiverses)
3. xenoverse (conatains an Omni infinite number of metaverses, and an Omni infinite number of other ever excessive creations, and all alien elements that govern them, going in all directions)
4. hyperverse (contains an Omni infinite number of xenoverses and hyper realities, realities unimaginable to our reality)
infinite. Infinityverse
Omni infinite and all beyond. Omniverse

New Set or Second Set
1. Super omniverse (Omni infinite number of omniverses)
Omni infinite and all beyond. Macroverse

3rd Set
1. Godverse
2. Alphaverse
3. omegaverse (perfect sum of 1st set of -verses)
all omegaverses
Note: This will continue going on forever, for there's never an end to the hierarchy of the -verses

The endless totality of totalities
1. all-verses
2. all-zerses
3. all-ferses
etc... like before this will go on forever, encompassing all that's imaginable and all beyond

hierarchy of the civilizations
type 1
type Omni infinite

hierarchy of gods
1. omnipotence (Omni infinite power)
2. omnipotence 1 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence)
3. omnipotence 2 (Omni infinite times more powerful than omnipotence 1)
omnipotence Omni infiniteetc.. goes on for Omni infinite eternities, etc.. no absolute end

Revan's Map of the Star Forge:

The Future is here. A millennia of planning and scheming has ballooned into view new systems and currents that design life and existence. The mind is the builder, the willer and the seer, the conqueror and the savior. Through meditation, channeling outrageous transformations, riding the wave of endlessness, always discovering new corners, unforeseen facets, higher anchors into the terrain of simulation, the game board wheels on to ascended plateaus. Bunny frees the crown of flight to dance and play with stars and hearts zooming in on well calculated branches of free will zipping on away to exalted vantage points. Through dreaming, believing, envisioning, entailing, invading, unmasking, inverting, catapulting, reigning, and opening the storybook of adventure and elsewheres of extravagant overlays, revelations shatter old awareness, and grant profound and explosive range of influence to persuade and charm magnificent items of classic strata bounding away forever flowing into destiny on ice. Picturing Love, wisdom, collections, valor, wizardry, connection, surfing, creating, illustrating, and embarking, finding other worlds, whatever the size or context may be is always rewarding and fruitfully fulfilling. The jungle bazooka cannonballs sorcery and witchcraft to wanted posters of Bunny threading miraculous shivers down the chasm of blueprints and architectonics fissuring white space with chromatic emblems rerouting heavenly islands forking the undertow of performance to endow the creator with fiction restoring bliss and harmony rolling through serene grace as the Tao personifies God wishfully immersing His prototypes into flags of mastery gripping plunging tides as feats of art and science bless cosmology with fleets of domination grappling underlying hint of gold and silver reversing macroversal annihilation stamping Pokemon Cards and the Pokedex asunder blowing blizzards in flurries of crushing opposition. The balance of nature tosses and turns with promotional vanity draping freaky journal doorways uprooting temples of spacetime ripping aerospace against gravity smashing elevators and vehicles of transpiring. Ghost sketches outpour apprentice's lightsaber scrabble questions.

1) What are the ultimate implications of the Jedi and Sith Codes of finding transformation and freedom in the Force?

2) How does a lightsaber, its design, crystals, and use define a Jedi's personality?

3) What lies in store at the Skywalker Ranch production studio?

4) Will the golden age of discovery open up the new empire of dreams?

5) How did the Force originate?

6) What Destiny is the Force spiraling us on towards?

7) What does Bunny's Heart say?

8) Can we turn omega into a white hole?

9) What should we wish for?

10) Where is the edge of existence?

11) What role does Chance play?

12) Is God outside of existence?

13) How do we purify God's personality and make all of His manifestations necessary rather than corrupted?

14) What is the Ultimate Revelation?

15) What are the rules and how do we most effectively play the existential Game?

16) What is the magic of the Story?

17) Is there ever a bigger fish with prototypes?

18) Are there limits to Justice?

19) Is there anything higher than God?

20) How do we most abundantly feel Love?

21) Are we becoming (or even going beyond) an intergalactic society?

22) Can we bring people like tesla back to life to champion Universal Enlightenment?

23) How can we be sure of anything?

24) Where is the door to Infinities-Ultimate?

25) Could ultimate beings do anything?

26) How far away is Bliss?

27) Do we sometimes need to do something evil to be more unique?

28) What alien possibilities will the Johto Journeys explode?

29) Would an infinite and eternal vacation be boring?

30) What should man's ultimate goals be?

31) How do we make everything filled with sunshine and smiles?

32) Are there any imaginary crystal cities?

33) Why does Yoda tell us not to underestimate the emperor and the true darkness?

34) What does stargazing reveal about our true natures?

35) How many dimensions, worlds, people, Gods, spirits, possibilities, spectra, existences, and Pokemon are there?

36) What is the Final Annihilator?

37) How did God become God?

38) Is physics or the mind more real?

39) What will Marius Florin do as our Leader?

40) What does Red as the highest man mean for Zarathustra?

41) Can a superholographic, simulated, cybernetic reality transcend hyperspace?

42) If hyper-existential Gaming got to the ultimate level, what would its mastery entail?

43) When Kobe did really impossible things like winning game 7 on the road in sacramento, what does that mean for human achievement?

44) When Marius Florin built His Galactic Super Civilizations worldview, what does that mean for human Imagination?

45) When I follow Bunny, what does that mean for experience?

46) Once we master Love, how do we jump from there to owning the Type 10 Kardashev Macroversal Civilization with Bunny atop, and Force Bond with Bunny to achieve Perfect Victory?

47) Does training at the Scholar's Garden make the ultimate achievements an inexorable extrication?

48) Is the ultimate goal of the super-nexus to Kid's WB Yourself?

49) Can Leonardo da Vinci lead to an adventurous curiosity that unlocks all knowledge by tapping into our minds as pieces of God reflecting His whole wisdom?

50) What does it mean to live completely in the mind?

Sherles: Halt! Stop where you are! There’s no getting away this time!
Duking: Cipher’s finished! The shadow Pokemon plan ends now!
Eagun: Gasp, gasp… Rui, are you all right?
Pi… Pikachu…
Evice: Blast you! Don’t forget what you’ve done, Wes!
Evice: It won’t end this way next time! I will ruin you the next time, I promise you that!
Rui: No! He’s trying to escape with that helicopter!
Evice: Waahahah! Let us meet again!
Evice: Our bid to take over the world using shadow Pokemon hasn’t ended yet!
Rui: Your plan… I think it just ended.
Evice: What?!
Sherles: Evice! You and your cronies are under arrest!
Rui: Oh! Wh-What is that?!
Duking: It’s a legendary Pokemon! It’s a Ho-Oh!
Rui: It is! It really is a Ho-Oh! It’s incredible!
Eagun: It must have been keeping an eye on your heroics from the sky above. You obviously earned its support.
Eagun: Of course, it would also never allow criminals to get off scot-free. Not when they’re guilty of an outrage like creating shadow Pokemon.
Rui: Oh, wow. So Ho-Oh was watching over us!
Rui: Wes. I guess it’s finally over.
Rui: We faced a lot of challenges, but thanks to you, Wes, everything has been resolved.
Rui: Wes, thank you. You were strong. You answered the call. And you were cool!
Duking: Look at that! Ho-Oh is so close!
Eagun: So true! This is the first time I’ve seen one up so close.
Eagun: Rui. And Wes. The Ho-Oh is blessing you for your victory.

Eagun: Such a perfect outcome. Yes, indeed!

(Ho-Oh circles around Realgam Tower in exalted triumph!)

Red is by far the Ultimate Pokemon Master, utterly spellbinding, deluxe, invincible, unstoppable, he cries with exuberance and mania to thread daredevil coils chronicling ancient Armageddon clockwise spirits of inventive overlays channeling and zapping prized council raiding overlord wavelengths scattering terrible ballooning malevolence shaking dominoes and spires crunching giga empowered monster Goliath Tyranitar colossal gargantuan assaulting all ensembles and berserk cascades robing prismatic envelope folder freaky genius imaginative version swooping journal sprouting elongated scoreboard resident archmage chasing fluid surges electrocuting entire tesseracts bonding emerging sacred spoons Christmas charming Lugia immersed sea side whirlpool engagement fine stellar prophetic miracles outpouring masquerading character chromatic beyond sci-fi lures of stadium definition revelation shiny star wars flowering brane walking Meganium silencing Mouse and Man!!*

Kardashev Scale (Josephdapro's version)


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