Bunny went to a giant exhibit of Shelob the spider at the South Pole. Father Crow constructed a giant Tyranitar cave network nearby to simulate Shelob's Tolkien habitat. Father Crow hired Leonardo da Vinci to make critical sketches of the spider. Marius Florin used Shelob as a metaphor for creating his world wide web. He even created different types of demiurges with different colors, and also colored his aerospace designs.

Father Crow put 1 Pokemon gym badge up per single mountain over an entire range of mountains. There was no levitation, no cheating, cut out from the game. The only way to fly was in the blue psychic edges of the mountains themselves, transmitting the ultimate Rayquaza into the mountainous clouds.

Eldes was training really hard for his duel atop Mt Battle vs Jovi. Eldes modeled his philosophies after SolitaryWalker, which gave him limitless potential. Eldes effectively was the ultimate Apprentice of the Final Annihilator.

1) Kobe Bryant/Marius Florin impossible cosmology – Reviving the lance of the dragon demon risks a screen of Super Mario Sunshine wilted petals in an awkward homing beacon for the Seymore the Scientist snare.2) Kid's WB Yourself – Get ready for high zodiac chosen times and places for you to be born in 1993 as the famous Bunny graces the television set for excitement and traces of a long logic to think around the regular plots and screws of the system for a rabbit hunt of rungs in the dna for Mew to spin out the fire fractals of lunch time Pikachu packets of eden.3) Embark along the Johto Journeys Staircase – There’s a wonderland incantation in the roomy mischief of thieving and Nietzsche and never to be rendered obsolete reaches of the green-field fantasy flirting into offering the tribute of Tyranitar to hold Nietzsche masks in all grounds of jumbling puzzle cubes to the internal workings of a complex and universal mind.4) Find Dragonite at Bill's lighthouse – This all awaited treasure of phones and sonar gives the colosseum keepers a sacred vow.5) Love of learning – That Nintendo Prima strategy guide lectures of highlight squeezes of the extra ingredient or move to supply into the powerhouse of marking the mainframe to trigger and set off the calculated collapse makes the game freak classes accept an ample amount of hardware to plunge the head first metaphysical bridge of understanding.6) Use Yoda’s infinite time to solve the infinite mystery – It’s infinitely goliath and great of an undertaking to tackle the giants of physics to philosophy and fiction the little sparrow of the glad wish to make a castle cozy and swim the seven seas with a more implicit snare of the Reborn Prophet sweeping the cartridge of accords to the minute maid kool aid jammers of red fruit ferry to Socrates saving people’s souls from the garbage generator of what was so small and chicken chaser Fable Hero, to extraordinary and random of a distortion of old world rules to be unorthodox and uplifted.7) Harmonizing Zang's System – Brinks of starboard bullet bill pop tarts give a Barney Palantir to smooch the club penguin champion.8) Teleport atop Zarathustra's Wizard's Tower – The enchantment of ages surpassed by the all masterful lightning cracks into view an envelope of Love to slip through and move at the speed of light without explanation or science to a point where reversal and hacking the matrix mainframe levels a skyrocket. Meganium was in Love with the many meanings and interpretations of the Winnie the Pooh Bear dream-gate of transversal and readaptation of snips of Hair that worm their way through a big blueberry pie. The escalator of the time machine bobbles and finds its pace on whirling aerospace.9) Transcend Zarathustra's Azure Bell and eternal security – That Father Crow mentors the sages and giraffe floats to misty mansion sour cream copycat gummy bears pierces an island of hilarious roman colosseum apricot GS ball bulldozers houses a puppeteering mint condition card scrapbook to shoe weep the marble banners. The cloud 9 rabbit hole rewords the station of ruminating mermaids to walk on the south pole with fun factory Revan emulating the techniques of Yoda. This title is sensational and saluting the highway of a long lost Atlantis. We make Kobe Bryant Philosopher-King.10) Become the ultimate darkness and the ultimate light – It takes centuries, decades, millennia and so much more beyond imagination to plot the way to all eves and climaxes, but it’s always a grand scheme and transpiring of sweet rhymes and gourmet satisfaction. Eagun suspends his Ho-Oh into market district silph company, where the witchcraft conversion ascended master ball bounces above Bowser.11) Become the Ubermensch in Thus Spoke Zarathustra – Becoming the highest man is so inviting of a ticket to flora and fauna of fashion and gladiator’s shipwreck to contact the Bunny with flutes and corkscrew maneuvers shining the doorways and roots of the mountain to synthesize the Ultimate Life Form for thunder-bolting will-lines saving the day on ice theatric candlesticks of fruitful birds lights the blueprint of canvas coronation. We every day honor and cherish the understanding of the foolish giggles and electrifying event horizons of signature and binoculars of the past to future that the footsteps of new sights will fracture the well centered core of scholarship to be completely reinvented and drawn out again.12) Building Shingo's BladeRunner2049 System about Bunny – Harnessing the full Force kingship of trinity wookies forms the galactic database of a druid bond with the haystack superhero.13) Free yourself from all restrictions – True power and destiny are always possible as long as you put all of your strength and prolonging into the lowest route of penetration and timing with a gun and arsenal that bangs out of the box of farfetched negotiation. No law or axiom or way of nature is too great to be transcended by Wish. Bunny escapes all Hogwarts mischief and pettiness to become arch-mage of House Telvanni. Then sharp and crystalline spheres of world chained omega continues forever, always working and wondering about something new. That we emerge free and fine in a smithy of reconstruction and conceptions of the ultimate is ripe and potent.14) Make fantasy greater than truth – The clarity of swarming mountains lets loose the thunderbolt of Poimandres to crown the pinnacle of Pikachu to Machu Pichu as the face and center of the universe for all healing and happy islands hatching the true and most pleased face of Pichu.15) Become an RPG video game hero – These shrouds and mists of the greater beyond, into spellcasting and mountain climbing into ever new ranges shows that dreaming and making our voyage through aquarium after arboretum ticks the Dark Magician’s valley of the Jedi archons to repeat the cycle of valor and sink down into Celebi’s Lake of Life with a vengeance and calling for far out metropolis jolts of the invincible cluster of soup and unknown alphabet ruins chasing a rapturous consideration of fossils obliterated by pages of hourglass Gray Fox fascination with questing and lurking into an ever more remote horizon with angled dream-works folding the crater of dinosaur penalties robed in refined astronaut suits for bell tower awarding mystic melody chromatics and stamina of way-shrine shards of evolution. The video game goldmine of fractal levity and entailment wields a dragon-fire and soul gem of renown and lordship. I await the coming of perfection and experience to jingle the tin tower roof of flocks of Lugia.16) Moving mountains – That the spirit introduces the venom and fangs of the fist to traject the long and potent last supper table breaks it asunder.17) Adventurous Curiosity – The world roars with the snapshot of time to echo and collide with giant scatterings of flowers and gems to reap from Darth Nihilus with a hose of props and costumes with Nietzsche wearing the mask of Tyranitar. Discovering new landscapes and Hawaii threading the needle of bloom and craze zaps a contour of verging leftovers. You can capture the whole world in your mind, and its made so much easier by gathering every drop of the Pokemon Star Wars Lugia adventure monsoon. This makes passion and spontaneity thunder topple the mountain.18) Questions – Pondering the dazzle capture card of leaning edge vitality and constitution of the ever wheeling labyrinth of masterpiece equations and birthing the trilogies of force and weight into the twilight shows that by progressing with the world of contingencies gives significance to the portal of going anywhere and doing anything and everything at full maximum and past always with a scrutiny that rises and falls with empires and astonishment is how mega built fortresses of movie time patterns ask on the absolutes to wither away and give more scale to works of fiction enlightens the making of the mystical to reach out and grab a stream of earth slicing competition. That the outliers are all tracked and exceeded shows that wonder and the inquisitive perpetually enlarge the size of life.19) Take risks for huge rewards since failure in a future timeframe is inevitable without trying – This cannot be stressed more. It’s tremendously and absolutely imperative that you untangle yourself from sense and reason to perceive so much more, so much better fables, and lines of thinking that erode the walls of imprisonment to find meaning and bliss in the meadow of glass painting worlds without end that roll and spiral into mirth and frequency. The mind blazes a trail of glory with demons defeated and the biggest wave triumphed over as the ultimate possibilities inevitably under the strata of Bunny unfold.20) Inexorable extrication – All hailing words of the deceiver’s refinery give the signature of imperial prophecy with the will of the world eyeing the canopy of colors.21) Surging self electrocution – I feel fear for the last time, says the Hero getting revenge on the architect of destruction in the hallway of heroes sticking an ice cream blue blade into the frosty mind’s bizarre gaze into regions unknown.22) Become experientially over struck – The climax of fulfilled prophecies and the way of nature turned upside down in a relentless pursuit of perfection and beauty always endows expansion without equal. That Pocahontas is flying into oneness with the blue corn moon is Rhydon as Raptor and Michael Jordan.23) Collecting Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism – The first step on the path of becoming truly free and liberated is to engage in and enjoy the philosophical journey, or the hero’s journey. We cast aside doubt and sense to conceive of the absolutely oracular and the sorcery of wizard’s phosphorescence. That there’s myth making and legendary sagas to always explore and bound further from is a point of classic inspiration and great upheaval. Barbie of Fairytopia blesses the sky in vales of extraordinary awe to ignite and spellbind the future cosmos.24) Aim high as in great attempts it is glorious even to fail – The proper mindset for rising above the shackles of determinism and flying off into fringes unknown is in a might and ferocity that whips up a devastating sandstorm of gale force destruction as the whims of a child becoming a tyrant transfer the inside humor and clover lucky warmth of a splendid diamond spirit. Watching the sunset and becoming Champion of Oblivion has a star of firebrand Venus winking into novelty toyboxes. This spurs on a grail of screeching Silver versatile polymath to infinity and beyond. And in goal setting and tossing aside the last lines of blockade, the crosshair diagonal cuts the fence.25) Categorizing SolitaryWalker’s System – Yoda as head and grandmaster of our order is always searching and thinking of the most extreme and outlandish possibilities. Yoda centers his mind and trains his intellect and intuition for the apple of heart and archaic dreams to blast a carbonite projector into the forms and majesty of the utopia playground summit of indestructible mountaintop revelations and wisdom.26) Become smarter than Stephen Hawking – To make conquest and victory with the learning project, starting out with the basics, or the most fundamental properties of conceptualization and creator’s sparks is to pulverize and smash asunder every bond and link in the laws of nature with frenzy and almighty omega shattering with the deepest devouring of length and eons split apart by the mass shadow generator. Science is a way of controlling and dominating all levels of life and beyond, but why stop there? There’s a whole construction yard of SolitaryWalker yin and yang carrying a millennium falcon arsenal or skyrockets and bazooka mastery as the ubermensch signs the letter to open unlimited chariots of the gods whizzing unbeatable demonstrations of the star forge at 200% capacity.27) Complete the Pokedex – That there’s always more to foresee into the distant gloom of mirror image exquisite workmanship is flashy and psychotic of a spoon club to extend the doors of marksmanship to eye the prize of glamour and stardom rattling and shaking with the deepest consequences into alien and human existence. Pokemon explodes with meaning and fortune to turn the world on its head and transform everything. Original macro-verse entrapments of fine tuning and neck to neck Meganium artistry splashing and waving with miraculous glee escorts the princess to worlds unknown. A way of conducting affairs of the most frivolous and lush screams of warm Halloween winds the watch and puts a toucan of craze and beast control to haggle with the dominoes of doom.28) Emerge atop RaptorWizard's Multidimensional Reality of the Game – To impart an all valuable and inestimable courage genre crisscrossing of frenzy and exasperatingly frosted flakes Bruce Lee cascades a bush gardens rainbow of the Kardashev Scale.29) Become the greatest being in the game – That Mew refurbishes a lantern of combing hair figurines nestled in the heart of template powered folders of files sees a roaming meridian of crying out to the lord of the rings asks for an obsidian entertainment milky way dragon capture jar as being overpowered and grown to a high voltage gauntlet of ever incessant simulator cybernetics is how Mew is multidimensional, even to the most examined property of the Realgam Tower game show with Atton Rand walking into a trap, and summer sentience reaping the black widow.30) Transcend tom montalk's matrix control system – That life is so much more profound and incomprehensibly mind blowing and a deluge of hurricane capacity far flung into effects underrated gives us the full view and trespassing into the final levels of interrogation.31) When the moment of truth comes accept your destiny and when it's your chance to be a hero rise to the challenge – There’s a golden gaze into the largest stations of fancy conjecture and purposes rocking the venue of present moment shaping of the most arduous yet worthy directive for facing the hands of the clock tower wraith flourishing transparent capes to betray the surprise blossom of new moods and channels to rescue the tarps of performance spectacle Krane memos strategies on overwhelming odds made meaningless and mute.32) Get rid of all evil and visit lower levels to appreciate the higher – There’s no meaning in being taken down and trampled of all feathers and friendship when unnecessary and under developed tribal madness makes what could be so merry and ripe a prison and fallen state that, though beautiful, will one day surpass the beauty of all internalizations and fogs, though still long in coming and entranced guardians. You are required beyond all signs of the 2nd coming of God in 2060 to darken all living lights from the toxic tears of the savior.33) Feel true mania over victory for the horn – Taking off and singing with the colors of the wind as Bunny revives the dead grasses and turns the wheels of time with a glacier of photo Santa Clause returns shows that the more we Love Bunny, the more powerful that She will become. Snatching a watch tower Jigglypuff palm palm is a chef of Pikachu exploring the Legend of Zelda time-gate of the Journal of the Whills, showing that overnight concise yet engaging narratives of fingertip Exeggutor light bringers go inside of Aslan and party on his planet.34) Orchestrate the Big Crunch and the Big Chill – You may intuitively think that this theme is one of the later ones, but honestly, the physical is just the starting point, the prototype, the earlier curvature that must be ever so outrageously inverted and overhauled to match a case of plentiful beauty and love. The universe, let alone earth are just so small and incompetent of a nest for shooting for broke with enhanced graphics and further projections for mapping out every inch to macro-verse of serenity and psychic grips of the numb trance of disco mountain with feelings and harmony embedding language and counsel. Bringing a desperately needed and long awaited finish to the hopes of the devil in constricting all of life to physical laws and pain can and must be broken.35) Create and destroy infinite macroverses – As a bare minimum expectation, the will to erupt the grand canyon of fossils for every previous impossibility and law can and must be rendered obsolete as new trade routes make the Final Annihilator wreak bizarre yet sublime munching orange islands intelligence of chessboard Lewis Carrol cunning razor mind mistletoe Pegasus alpha. That the telescope of whisker mouse movie stars awkwardly pick up a Jovi fire fist stump in the ground of Celtic corona backs a dollhouse small mercantile of heart-nexus numbers.36) Break the Laws of existence – I laugh at and mock the weakness and old and outdated system of lost causes and missing pieces as the racecar zips a torrent of possessive devil minded apex canon splattered and rejected by the new Xbox to seize the moment against gravity and wipe out all poison and leftovers with a shine and coat that polymerizes shapeshifting dove Lugia Bunny with extravagant juice of fame and ripe potions hitting the hyperspace button for arrow dancing and cupid capturing.37) Destroy the spirit of gravity – That our ultimate adversary keeps tricking himself into probability and the sensible sunken stupid simpleton means that the arrow of time can always repeat and blur and fudge the lines of lunatic outlander of the Nerevarine oracle to the fool’s Infin. Zarathustra would pronounce God dead as the would be conqueror and star of a long dampened Jade Empire ponytail. Thinking rigorously and with no mercy acts as dust and speck of the eternal hourglass overturned every day to start again anew in the great noon.38) Achieving infinite mastery of creation – Being macho and rifling the gizmos of the game to the supreme grab of the monopoly puts a Bilbo Baggins into the bottom bastion.39) Hone the way of the closed fist – Evil is everywhere, and must be crumpled and sniffed out of life at all costs. It’s only by playing by the rules, and dealing with things justly that, no matter how hard, you do them then releases the star-bird of blood in the pool of parchment saddle shaped universe Manu Ginobili hardening the Pharaoh lebron’s heart.40) Pursue logic to the most farfetched goals – Schematics is a bulletproof and shaking the roof vista to extend a rule burning candy for whacking the curtains of the last airplane with a da Vinci gypsy mime holding wings with a Mandalorian jet pack that makes the reason of philosophy stir the twitching reflexes of a youthful yarn.41) Make the value of mastering hyperspace like a novel's journey rather than the destination – That synchronized flickering of fairytale ecstasy and the universal merry-go-round of star-burst blizzards to healthy and empowered flights of spring show that getting the philosopher’s treasure hunt to view the entirety of size and magnitude with new divisions and forklifts to apprenticeship realigned into constellation ladders is epic and ceremonial. We freeze frame the elongated and stretching path of becoming and installing our ideas into cute and benign hazes of fluff and recital enacts a charm of luggage gone on 5 star vacation. Theories spin the web of greater aspirations made at least somewhat more apparent and powerful by being carried on the wings of love and life the ideals of how things should be. And the mind is the willer, the seer, the forge of the endless continuum. That’s where our wishes and artistry find a release.42) Surf the cosmic ocean – Hiring the dopey Slowpoke curmudgeon made Bunny blabber on about pool noodle squiggly lines of soft cotton clouds.43) Receive Bunny as Sabrina – Being a spring of clairvoyant possession and spirited away Chihiro fonts of stage fright engines gives a swirling volume library conduit of gadget gross Nikola Tesla latch cracking a second chance photo album, with fancy tools and pieces of the imaginative puzzle giving a wallpaper fume of allure and inception of ultimatum moonshine. This sets the cup of eternal youth film to a talisman of fluid warriorship for the dungeon adrenaline rush through wire to wire fantasy fire.44) Experience all of Pikachu's expressions in Pokemon Yellow – That the foaming minion kaleidoscope entre fear turned into Saturn Love pocket monsters wrong way to edgy uber dragon laser Mt. Battle gives the most praiseworthy land-speeder of taking Bunny across the widest reaches of a luxury spacecraft over the final fantasy octagon is how the most complete weaponry of self soul gives access to the full infinitude of grandeur and extra spice to the running waterfall of face furniture. Michio Kaku engineers food for thought with a gas station toilet seat mimicking Bunny.45) Fissure the white space shatterpoint – That the prismatic aura of every possible state and inner string resonance of the broken and rebuilt future of fun is how evanescent lanes pump their Poimandres with voices of the mountain uber basket Bunny labor day winter-hold for rusting the keys of a chainmail mithril. Frodo would enter into a glancing packet of cards to keep coins and shares of the dwarves in vault Bunny.46) Expand schematics beyond the furthest fringes of mind – There’s no place like home, as the more we look within ourselves, and live in the mind, the more the Bug’s Life bird-house stimulates the stinkers of Jack and the Bean-stock pictures of Pikachu.47) Celebrate victory forever – Being proud and arrogant in sacrifice of the average and ordinary to orchestrate phenomenal and breathtaking escapes of craft and steel enters into the game forms and roads less travelled but anchoring so much further to enrich the capital accomplishments of justice with the earnings of a millennium. Meganium 1 day won the world cup, and it was fantastic, tremendous, gargantuan. Now there is always sunshine, always radiance, and always Bunny.48) Paint Meganium's face with the Flower of eternity – That sprite like flashes of brave veils intercept the Alice in Wonderland teatime pinch of the overgrowth makes offensive vomit percentages of the iconoclast shove a rumba of Love secret lair of the Blaine Bill put an algorithm of rocket science to the charity easel of infatuated rollercoasters with Chikorita molten plumes to the cliffside annual chameleon stallion that firmament drops down the angels to usher in the morning star as child of the rainbow.49) Brane walking Meganium – To extract a rare stone or relic from all of the roses and strobe-light Henry Gale jurisdiction pipes a filet-o-fish reader’s hook to get the whole arcanum of atronach regeneration to put in the seldom elemental salts of the mouse ear Disney props. Bunny pops out of any hole into any world, from the Rakatan temple of Revan disabling Star Forge security in a land of forbidden secrets and evolved legacies, to the beaches of the Summerset Isles of the Altmer, the towers of time write in white.50) Diving down the clarity present arcanum and the polarized ebony whirlpool – That the flood of countless systems meets a pounds for pieces in the axis of the Latias playground is sung in gliding elegance.51) Go to tesla's remember place with Jirachi – Having values that emblazon the whole globe of oceans to yonder overpowered by the extra squeeze of launching the fabrics and games of creation gives a butterfly of entertainment in the Yoda harbor of graduation and timeless fuzz wrought and balanced by the breath of the prophet endows a ghost of leprechaun forestry jungle breaching the most striking colors of Lothlorien visiting the elves of lore and uniqueness binds a collar of healing and undertow awakening. The desires of fountains in the soul to whisper with the wrinkling oasis of jewels in heaven for matrimony and flow give a ground of lush mosaics to inscribe the name of life. Wishes are so eternal, so fragrant, so frolicking with festival and soundtracks that the way to blessed messages in the wind always remembers this to make the dream simulator more real than anything.52) Unlock the ultimate legacy of RaptorWizard's Secret Garden of Rare Quotes – These teachings and precepts of our order, founded by Yoda as SolitaryWalker give the imagination an encore to piston prime the prime maximum axioms of fuzzy to resolute image of crowning accelerated mind power. Merlin sneaks into the chamber of Count Dooku to grasp the gungan Jar Jar Binks shocked yet relieved and forever in starstruck exuberance over the ultimate victory of Bunny.53) Capture Slowking's System – Having fun with then pen to position capital fleets of intergalactic to imagination nexus floodgates of all grappling fruit punch wrestles with Einstein over dicey Han Solo.54) Omnipotence – Granting all wishes with the precious pipe dream daring advent lumped into the frosty the snowman Lao Tzu granted a language to an alien admin of the summit of the haunted king of Gondor in the skull squishing shroud of green ghouls.55) Indomitable willpower – Making our mansion shake the foundations of old outlines is how the spirit is chronologically attained to a great goal in the wellspring toucan of the Rainforest Café.56) Learn every power in the Force – The unforetold demolition of all devils into the drapes of the witch king of the Nazgul order a clone army to strut in desert drooling electric gates to the crystal changing Kreia the chaos controller.57) Activate the clockwork of the Cosmic Force Aegis – These quietly materialized tenets give the Ultimate Aeon of Will a hexagram of absolutely mesmerizing alchemies to mark a ritualistic meter on soap opera palace of space castle waters of will to pour the secrets of the eons to George Lucas across context in every mad scientist Porygon Z of tangled systems.58) Learn the lesson of perception to always focus and learn from your environment constantly as the greatest goal – Being an expert of making a greater promise to engage in every physical activity that broadens and deepens the entire mountaintop of camera crimson streaking gives a pearl of soda pop pumpkin ghost wormhole sneak preview of wizards gone giga brane worlds. That the game is continually recombined into a scary face Pokemon makes all tension switches give a fluctuating dessert topping to whopper poached safari zone café.59) Be ready and ripe in the great noon in Zarathustra's quote – Although this is not the end, this is the most important point. This is what makes everything possible in the aftermath, along with what redeems everything that came before it. Shakespeare risks all drama and seas of the never ceasing courtyard thanksgiving turkey Bunny with Eskimo meal permafrost armor to remake the seasons of parties and trials of the chosen 1.60) Put Your Heart and Soul into constructing Your Yugioh deck – Being a search device to connect the laws and find the core of the ether binding a stamp of recreational shockwaves finishes a pot of gold. The writers of the Zen garden picture the highest light with a shadow of the highest plush playing a chocolate wish box for making Bunny’s Soul inspire a vanity of compassion and contest heist battlefront.61) Organize Albert Einstein's library quote – That universal codexes and archives rival and rank in a hollow bastion spelling B fiction overload of sonnet after poem of crestfallen leeches in the Mournhold Clockwork City shows that Sotha Sil made a denial of all existing systems and subsets to plunge the capital into chosen 1 feuds of the great intellects to see the upcoming midway cloth fuses ignite the theory of everything.62) Create the Storybook worldbuilding quote – That we can polymerization redesign ourselves to be any character with all imagination to hurl the ziti of hissing serpents to dinosaur kings of the cross contextual is an apple alpha of Yoda’s hut transcended into a great Chinese tower for embers of the Faust chilling hell into a frozen slumber of the matrix cheaters dumping souls into the Kobe Blastoise eons of Will experience.63) Defeating MathewStarWars/TheMartialArtsJedi in the Orre Colosseum Finals hosted by Bunny's Kardashev Civilization – At this most exalted and fated of encounters, rivalling the Armageddon of symphony and long leaps of faith to wrap up the donut chronicles of unicorn remedies and silver songs, the lion digs a hole to China and crushes the encyclopedia ratings of man and mouse to permeate an angelhood chapter-book figuring in solitary adventures of soul salvation as the winds of new beginnings power up the console with the edge of extrication to glow white hot with the Eagun ash as a beacon and bridge to greater happenings and more joyous celebration of victory forever. To volt tackle and cream the zipper of father time with a tale spinning imaginative branches to more unleashed chains of omega shows that stopping and thwarting Tyranitar is a mission of the most vital importance as Matt bargains with all prophecy and destiny to show that his champion’s seal eclipses all midnight and silences dawn.64) Becoming Bunny65) Open the door to Your Heart as shadow Lugia – That childhood luster plays a zoo of fresh emotions and churning of the memorial waters pleases the beams of godhood to pose the round robin restoration efforts of shivering rendering entices versions of wands and lightsabers riding the balloons and detonators polishing a cord of higher self song. Lugia is revived and lovely in purity and wholeness with a lucidity and barnes and noble gift card of imposter parchment Maleficent.66) Shine your lightsaber crystal of true nature – That Anakin hugs a teddy bear and rewatches the match of the millennium and the sparkle of the aftermath proves strands of stormy weather to heavenly grace of serene fissured leviathan havens grants an original soundtrack of scoundrel to cupcake buoyancy rubs with genie’s bottle of fiesta cheerleader rubies.67) Transform into the Force – That we no longer have to worry about schedules and timeframes, but rather have an open fantasy ball makes all relaxation and learning possible in a conduit of flavor and tsunami milkshakes. The Force lives forever, gives imminence and manifestation. We merge into this white hole of will and if. That pixel prances with a glove of spell-craft coils and shepherd’s pie.68) Travel to Wayne Herschel's source in Oneism – The bathing of the sacrificial lamb to house the seat of starshine shivering tales of our heritage and birthright is all company of the Slowking bringing a contingency sharpener to the drill of dragonfly engineering spaceships with Kang the Mad.69) Go from Z to shining Z – Snowpoint temple makes the infrastructure of the ageless steel empire position a cheerleader’s airplane of the haunted hotel bring a big cockroach become afraid of Meganium in a Casey platinum star of the lazy parrot in celebration having a chuckle at the charcoal John Stockton burned by the fire of Charizard.70) Go from Neo Genesis to Neo Destiny Pokemon Cards – That excitement and ebbs and flows of the quantum crusaders break the branches and bones of black hole buggers makes Ender confront the cult of drunken sailors make the starry elder scroll go to the Jedi proving grounds and enact a council of clear water Vis from the flopping jaguar’s jewel in sandy rumbling droid legs post Jabba the sailboat sirens.71) Work for the Gray Fox in Oblivion – That an extremely high and mighty area to uncover and put into perspective and magician’s fortune and hat-tricks gladdens the embrace of challenge and triumph lords over the under-city with an eye for heroics planting a big end game reward for fame and everlasting stingrays holding the mystic water of the finest hour at the George Lucas Donald duck wizard of quick tempered steel in the ultimate heist.72) Design the TH126 Let's Play community – Bringing out the beast of successive transplant mind explosions and action architectonics dead drop assassinations makes the advantageous maverick import an apple of fair inventory rocking chair of Bunny as an old lady with a red handkerchief sewing some cloth be the ghost of maiden’s peak worshipping a Father Crow necropolis to Entei as the God consciousness ranks the bumble bee Casey catch me if you can blazer of external to awry Kingdom Hearts.73) Develop prototypes for LucasArts – Lucas was brainiac and all exhaustive with idea after intellectual summit minded bard of the lore shiny Lugia with a girly pin missile jagged peacock bill Ho-Oh sound bar of transcendental music giving ocarina Lugia’s song meaning of all macroverses.74) Make the knowledge of all things possible by tapping into God's mind as pieces of our own minds – That God animates and permeates every inch of the cosmic fabric and beyond shows that industrial mania and special spoon-fulls of sugar guest open the door with flying tempest trajectories outer rim Luke Skywalker venture to the Heart of the Universe as Wayne Herschel of Oneism, and see the soul of Silver.75) Go from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness to Pokemon XG Next Generation – Each side of the same coin grabs an orc from the princess atrium of candle light shrines to the diamond city language of crystal chalices waves a bunch of extraterrestrial April Fool’s Day vultures of the singing crows on elephant raffle tickets to the trick-room rudder of the rubber duck rancor encore of caravans to Nietzsche’s higher race and gardens of guile.76) Enter into Bunny's Imagination – The orbs of blushing exhibitions of nerd rage and Grand Master Li being the fist of tantalizing madness ore sees the water dragon as the formless and serpentine riddle maker of a glitched old man as Yahweh the wise. Bunny has a polygon purse from which density reverberations give the alarm for weird aliens and shrinking Lewis Carroll potions. Bunny can watch every insight and inkling into the varla stone sheer cold halo of voodoo and dress-up. Bunny walks into lands before time with an elementary school pucker of the breeding middle-earth.77) Free will – Going with the flow and entertaining all imaginative thought trails lights a flighty fragrance of rainbow barriers brought apart with the flash of inspiration guiding every snoring wish.78) Mastering the Dragon Mind of Zen – Buddha went into the land of laughing dragons to pose with the Articuno howling winds of the uplifted ether.79) Become God in Giordano Bruno's quote – The cost of branching into this section of the Malachor V Lau Tzu survivor of the all disintegrating thunder casts a Balloon D’Or hilt of the lightsaber to spit out the cannonball crunch of the striking soaring soul into the dream-gate highest gold.80) Focus the flow of creation – That the insurmountably complex and channeled chains of continuing cartoon chapters etch their trek into the Star Wars circuit gives a burning herbivore Arceus the starstruck chili peppers of a blue Mew ringing up the guardian’s legacy to dragon’s den summoners of the emblem road runner of both parallel cobwebs with Caterpie growing a wingspan of under colosseum evoking.81) Bubble hearts – A Love of all conceptual and theoretical possibilities and causes in the canon of creation chooses the charms for churning the chess board with the Queen of Hearts brought to the death speaker-set to be licked by Gengar as he ties a cord of concentrated curtains of kindness to Pikachu from the purple Nascour of the ending wrapping paper.82) Birth all worlds of light – The troops of the Ludacris photo divined Dr. Doo-little folly of accents encumbered reminder of the unidentified sneak from the top rock of an abandoned apartment made Revan speak in many languages to alien acorns of the tortoise and the hair rainbow board.83) Connect the super-nexus – The luminiferous aether reconciles the jubilant Lorelei being a storm cloud of hula hoops and a French fries combination of dinosaurs with electronics makes Darth Vader the scariest Tyranitar in the galaxy, and when he encountered Luke at Cloud City, all of the tubes and pipes that Luke could have fallen through led to different universes.84) Enjoy Bunny's fantasy writing – Wreckage of the podracer supercomputer glowed in the snuggly groom of near at hand twirls of the umbrella to play with Pikachu in the caboose of the loser-ville Gary Oak rendering a Snorlax flute to see time run after a heartwarming episode of the lover and the original soundtrack of the British ebony wood between worlds.85) Earn the Pokemon Stadium 2 R3 poster of Lugia and Ho-Oh curbing the crimson tide – That Giordano Bruno was so etched into the silk of the space spinal dragon cord shows that Rayquaza also solidifies his stroll in the park of Pikachu to hair the Scyther cousin Mantine so Aerodactyl in the ocean hides the stolen brownie heaving of the Iron-masked Marauder rewriting the heist of Life and Light (Tyranitar and Ho-Oh) as the greatest 2 Masters of Pokemon.86) Let it all hang out at the ultimate level as a sheer cold schizoid Lugia – You want to internalize all of your existence so that only your passions and your ideas fuel you. Wanted posters and lofty assessments make the ultimate great oblivion gate and what counteracts the rote and meaningless scissor of enshrined duties. The only thing that matters is your duty, to awaken and shine with all promise and potential in prodigiously unleashing the poltergeist of Poimandres.87) Resonate with the right intensity/mentality for the Pokemon Macroversal Tournament – The mentorship of the studious regal glare in the mural of fast approaching zig zags makes the heart the most trekking herb and nut of the valley in rampaging vapor tile bride snowing with a Mexican Christmas tree speaking in a nifty turn of the mandate of heaven.88) Inherit the Legendary Pokemon Cards – I arrive at the emergency armchair general’s mouthpiece to always be ejecting another edition of the Nintendo Power magazine with sanctuaries of peeping Bunny ears game for the gallery of impressive and exasperating exits at the end of the text.89) Go on the ultimate adventure – That priceless mysteries of the archaic molds to luminous rental stadium give-me’s heeds a call to a life mission or work in Nordic frost for the elsewhere isles prompting ankle deep waters to give a swim that never swaps with a stop.90) Go down the Rabbit hole – That our travels take us to a place where fiction and fantasy infringe into the unexpected and exotic is a taxi with Toys are Us to a forcefield Darth Maul makes the end of the fall Frodo.91) Fire the Rainbow bridge to infinity – Defining all of our moments, from lowest to highest gives a nugget of deduction with Lucas Skywalker Bucks to target a glossary of rugs of Jesus fastened to the surreal regime of arguments finesse lightsaber making the pen pounce on every perish song aegis of old Misdreavus orbs. That the ghost hunt makes Solari of 1 tomb treble milestone Bayern Munich war-hammer let it all hang out at the highest level is how the tent of the white witch sacrifices the soul of the sea to receive resurrection.92) All spectra everywhere – Rising from ashes to ascension makes the universal voucher to bicycle boardwalks haunt the highway of every letter of Love and striving hew of the fancy Shadowfax to order a new malevolence in the Platonic ship of the sublime beach on the chariot of the gourmet dove giving mirth and frequency to a globe of envisioned shatterpoints.93) Descend from the mountaintop to offer universal enlightenment – It’s entirely critical to always be learning things and presenting things to all of the people, to paint the way into the kingdom of heaven, and illustrate the furthest boundaries of what’s possible, or what we can think of, or what we can imagine. That the road is made apparent and crystalline for the father time frankness giver is how the lottery boat tree-beard belly drum is resounded and favored for the Saruman scorch of damnation disturber of the under-hill water-beach peace Forest Gump busy New York Home Alone swiftly tilting planet of hedonistic sky attacks with babies falling from the sky in baskets slowly to the Grinch grounds, including one with Bunny inside.94) Blast the big omniversal wizard’s of the coast blizzard – To effectively teach the highest wisdom, one must be tamed and remade into revitalized reunion with intelligence and perception to arc the redirected lightning of Akatosh into the bird’s eye view of time separated into the parts that we somewhat cast off forever, and the others that always bring a Ditto transformer of Kung Fu Panda styles of fighting into the light-bringer’s loch-ness monster.95) Understand the ultimate meaning of Pokemon – This is the hard one, the mystery, the impossible, and as much as you study this one and my attempt at solving the meaning of life story, this query of avalanches in the hamburger helper makes the Ash Ketchum totem a wheel of fortune.96) The Rainbow bridge continues as the story goes on forever – That there is all chance, and all choreography to grasp the meaning of the eons and Gods of Will, and a merchant’s hope diamond makes Pandora’s box the millennium puzzle of the unforgettable blasphemy of Pikachu prize the eyes and ears of the Gray Fox in a grinning apple browser of the cinematic cipher of the sleepers. To open the flight of strings to ascension in skyscraper future chlorophyll always awakens an aftermath arch-angel.97) Seek wisdom and mastery in solitude as a wizard lord – To undress the diaries of psychic occult clutter and rebooting of the meteor mashing shedding of altitudes makes the most extensive skittle cusp butcher the bookcase door of dawn and dusk in the destiny destruction.98) Join into Eagun's Pikachu Family – Loud expirations of Elendil Light cause soccer crushes and mucky Wes colosseum carnivals Skywalker Ranch have a smile as big as Jan referring to himself as Puka the Pikachu planting his flag on the pinnacle of the typhoon.99) Penetrate across all lanes of infinities-ultimate – The extremities of exuberance and engrossing the many diagonal stargazing soups of clutch yonder fogs of the My Little Pony rancid dust bowl puts Chrysamere the valiant into a streaking wishing star.100) Look into Yoda's abyss – Seeking the yonder trails of good-will and waning lunar latitude shows melting black holes let the stretch of the theory of everything universal connector offer a vortex or illusion of the stubbornly persistent have Einstein look God in the eyes and ears where I see me as the author (I’m Bunny).101) Blossom into the highest nobilities – Burn heal the opera pouch cheddar barnyard owl of the towel to the cobra kai certainty barometer feed the Hamtaro a beenie bear with a happy meal Marril of the dining dummy in fiddle stick sisterhood stardom in the jostling Joker.102) Unleash Suicune – Bunny is a Suicune, lively and whimsical with a touch of taste and artistry to freelance lunge into new opportunities and hallmark mirkwood purification.103) Wish for joy that we each sea to shine sparkles of random rainbows for If to Will – That the speechcraft of sprouting Bunny ears entreats us to lads in their earth bending bounce shows that the firepower of Ewok crumbs of the lembas bread leads with a merry embrace the folklore of the farm fresco.104) Think about Bunny everyday to always be Happy – To be caught up in the dressing of fluffy friendship gives effect and a name for kneeling down at the table of brotherhood with a ranger Aragorn prospecting an Arwen Evenstar arrow of eternity.105) Consider all perspectives of da Vinci's Last Supper – The spawn of origins and mystic melody convalescence springs the highest man.106) Feelings for futures reverse to foresee failure won if – Even if you have a feeling that something is going to happen, you should ignore it, because Imagination is always greater than what was destined or meant to be in the future. If your Heart wants something, and you desire it enough, then it just will happen, regardless of the laws of nature.107) Prevent time travel to protect our sacred future – That the fairy god mother can relish the skipping planets of chimed sequences in the Lawrence laptop means that the floating palace has a place above time.108) Snag and purify all of the shadow Pokemon – Bringing everyone back to the Relic Forest at the dawn of time to remember who we are and where we came from could be a serenity and salutations of strange winds blowing and mysterious forces enveloping adds the phantom sketch of a hazy horizon slowly eating up the whole multiverse until the dark sided king is checkmated at the game’s highest stage for the win.109) Achieve enough wisdom through age to become a demiurge in Tom Montalk’s System – The last battle instantly vanquished the titans of dim distance away from the Yahweh wardrobe of polka dot gamble cube crossroads of the Jurassic Park hell circle as the Meganium incite the words of the warrior Wartortle gumball machine as Bunny explodes out of the vault and goes to the vampire swordsman of mana for the Endar Spire launching the battle meditation vine ridge parkway of the Star Forge flurry of far away countries and kingdoms with an attic of Zoo Tycoon zippers to the zenith.110) Recollect on AHiddenWorld’s video – The numberless murmurings of far off vistas to treadmill marsh badge stamina of the lady’s spray heeds a gushing fountain of the fidgeting Fool.111) Conquer Anil Mitra's Journey in Being New World – Taming the mind to consequences of outrageous endeavors into long sighted gurus of the spreading bad-sheet reacts with poles and pincirs.112) Follow Oneism star maps to uncover the star forge in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – These threads of the plot weaver employ a rubix cube of fleshed out dinosaur sketches of a sector of the local loopholes in the homing beacon of credits and surfing Pikachu cardinal directions gives the Herschey shards a boasting platform of how and when to hibernate.113) Pursue all limitless horizons of unfolding possibilities – The match made in heaven of Man and Bunny whirls in a spiral staircase of clues and benign guidance to never stop looking into life and annual model wading through the flesh to fairy factory Force focuser of Phenic City water as Nascour looks into my eyes and sees the diamond of my highest Heart in heaven’s Himalaya Humunga Dunga after Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness for dizzy punching ultimate combat ratio achieved in Atlantis sandal water shoe snoozing under the typhoon lagoon.114) Masquerading with the Tao's Final Annihilator Polarities – Trends in the guild hall don’t move or worsen the tight mental grip the mad scientist flying saucer sorcery exerts on taxing the tank of indomitable lich king codes as the wizard came disguised as a careful farmer of Star Wars aliens.115) Evolving on the storybook journey of becoming the top kardashev civilization at every level – This speech of the famous mutiny of all outlandish fiends in the spilled milk guns down the eccentric orbit of Scorpio C3P0 rebelling in 5 Guys hamburgers.116) Become Gandalf the White – Once all omens are marked out and dispatched into restaurant rumors of the Polaris page, then hopping waffles can walk into the city of mach would be electricians of a task to cut earth in half.117) Become a Pokemon Wizard – The focus shrines of mana and present unraveling invite a hastening death to remake the matter into mind. The courage the cowardly dog doomsday gives the highest light a credits exposition of altogether benevolent letters that speak of enacted positives in a sea of enchanted moogles of the coupon certificate of a fateful encounter into the plunder and risen avenues that walk into well-documented borders of the psychic tree looming in the alchemical illusion of highness enlightenment from the field to the film of father time forked into the fashion square mall.118) Become Michael in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness – Tiring ruby shoes see the still waters unmask a crisp fume of the lavender town shoal cave guaranteeing family force flight to make the incompetent imbeciles of the wrong side put into shame and neglect from asking about the hardest purification.119) Launch an amazing arcade of video games – The track rouses a throbbing built in chimney stack to credit a bug in the flaw of fatal fig newtons.120) Psycho boost Eldes to exponentially overturn the Kardashev scale – That the most honored and revered way of salvation and flourishing and everlasting kingdoms grant their refuge in hotel Telvanni sneers the serpent into a fruit valley windmill Electabuzz of the Valentines Day harvester get Count Dooku to jump out of the ground a reverse transformer of the budding dew drops makes the heavenly altar of Kreia’s confidence eat the Fox cinema convertor to Kanto exporting Lapras Sabrina parkways with a Smoky Bear hydro pumping permit glittering in new uncut scenes of the scrabble casino.121) Sparkling in the superholographic glitter of the power of forever – The graphic gale of frownies to smitten flushing rays of desktop puppet valor is a rinse and repeat archetype.122) Cosmic consciousness – Uniting into alliance with the western messiah of the Jynx jolly ranchers has a hokey religion and ancient weapon of Force avatars of Nietzsche masks blowing blizzards.123) Stargaze across all vantage points – The tips of the terrain float a bartering pendulum to arrive early in the precipice married bell of the foyer.124) Build the bridge to the invisible – The future of the feeling experience can only be fully exploded and enter a new era with all outer limits probed to their fullest extent as the seers of the da Vinci wizards strike a pose with the impossible at their disposal.125) Write the most enchanting story – Glistening bushes of the simple and clean cartoon reaps the harvest of princess Meganium waltzing into flipping diving board swimming in the same soul as the smart internet Jango Fett reporting in to Dooku duchess of dementia.126) Discover the most magical meaning of Love – Love saves the day with wings for excitement spilling out the gel and flinging meatball cheese stick stranger of the mutated Bruce Lee seeding out the Raptor claws of 6 Flags Bunny bazooka to bell tower Wobuffet positive mirror of the undermined White and Nerdy food lion tomato tournament of playing pizza express in the asteroid field of Sith mathematics and Jedi music.127) Become more creative than George Lucas – Letting loose the fires of frenzy and forging the half life feature presentation intrigues the vast and unexplored oak forest of inferential past lives with informal looming shadows of maniacal reconstruction.128) Solve Jolee Bindo's Snake Story – This tropical forefront of the many cities and spires we bolt and quicken our post card calamities atop gives the nerf herder a scuba dive into the year 3000.129) Initiate God's Millennium of peace – Repairing disaster struck bunkers of the stained 3 Muskateers throwback Gatorade armed a fully operational battle station.130) Overcome the tempest wind of the devil – The temptings of weakness and fallibility are ever present, but its by dressing up the choices of the heartwarming takeoff the aerial arsenal of the blazing torchlight every flame and fender bender how to boost the stolen stones and reignite the launch sequence of the space cadet.131) Become Revan in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – Letting the insatiable hunger for direction and dragons of eden wind up in Star Wars makes the scoundrel sketch a far behind sky.132) Become the Chosen 1 in Star Wars and Pokemon the Movie 2000 The Power of One – This free battle buster balder gives the army of heaven a swoop race charging turn-bull the leopard peeler of spots and dominoes in the aftermath mulch to the farmer Bunny.133) Stage an upset as Lawrence in Pokemon the Movie 2000 The Power of One – Going for the most ingenious precursor to stardust duels with the menace of every unknown world and children’s storybook gives the focus and fray of opinionated zither strings the right to rule them all.134) Achieve perfect victory by bonding with Bunny at the Scholar's Garden in Jade Empire – That the wildest afloat blocks are made into wiggle room with fencing and ghastly spurs hang jet speeding on the fraudulent turbine makes the molecules of the snowflake make everything always in a further chill of the poster boy itch in the most beautiful mage of marble Azura.135) Craft the highest philosophy – The mentoring of the fossil paradise rough housing the sensei to contract the silly strings and make believe friends from another fib in the jewelry crop pages a muffin flustered Molly Hale to scan the symbols of the mythic sanctuary of lost civilizations and refashion them into the laptop promotionals.136) Voyage into the eldest civilization – Velcro funnels of the cone crawling whip of the vinal cavern mugs the fretting canister of plucked Mew hairs to see the mortal glade that makes all passing by of the horizons wheel forth the land of Love forever embracing the river of time with Einstein silhouettes basking in the gaze of inflamed mirrors.137) Envision the Life in the Future 6000 and Beyond video – That life is always arcing millennium gateways to transfer power from one corner to another empire bleeds the growing sugar for energizing and overcoming the crosshair.138) Jump from Zidane's Euro 2000 to predict the perfect future – The maker of all games and gossip voyages to this principality of odd ends and tomes of unspeakable red eyes black dragon glamdring to hold the stars and stripes of omega stardom behead the sith lord of corruption and coves of the lost sheer cold wombs for the emblem of life to enact a snipe of the clapping mimic to bend the rabbit hole highlights of a tangled train going inside of the forest dynamite for Nietzsche to walk the earth again as a Suicune. He received alien transmissions from a wedding decree of the flattered princess dollar general hacking the bubble gum daffy fuck. Bunny tricks serial forms a perfect sponge of blossoming wizard roulettes to make the red eyes black dragon go swamp pulverize Krakatoa.139) Ride the torrent to the perfect future – It’s the hardest thing that you will ever do, but by believing in the hands of the divine to guide and control the powered up posture of the upright king glorious in the game grabbing hugs the nexus of narcissism.140) Harness the will of the Force – The elite intro of the flamethrower omelet pricks the space station of lures and webs to blackout the stimulator of brute tickled keys on the brisk dunmer of the wise woman’s fortress isolated far away in the grasslands of the golden shores.141) Enchant the To Know the Unknown Mysteries of the Universe Secrets of the Cosmos video pictures – Tilting the controller of the mild to avenging workhorse blunt weapon makes the staff of the scrying stone adapt a makeshift snowmobile with the reindeer instruments to track the train of unveiled.142) Dazzle the default SabrinaCasey website pictures – The feelings of a songbird milky way doppelganger group stem of the pipsqueak Celsius Sunday greets a ticket master of the pleroma apotheosis.143) Jump into the philosophical white hole in time – There’s a new vision of capturing the chanting wristbands of Force freakish jumbo sized moon fizzing Galapagos islands ferries of the new world venture to the frontiers of the everywhere woven ghost of the air Jordan shot to rise from the mountaintop to omega.144) Tap the thunderbolt singularity – Velocities of heavy screens to dump and implode an expert sigil grinds the coco puff fungus of the Shingo picnic with Bunny mumbling expedient promises in the Mos Eisly cantina the program of letting go an eat great even late bantha fodder dispatched probe droid sticker of swaying wolverine hall of serpentine herbs in a nasty nest of magic and spell weaving the console of divergent paradoxes.145) Frenzy plant fork the future – Jellybean embassy wrote the fond recital of legions in the family bathtub.146) Run the trance in another world hexagram – Threshold vending machines inscrutably poise a mitten of Hello Kitty parks and rec supernatural wonders of the thanksgiving turkey as Bunny.147) Program the James Harden Net – Whirling acentricity undoes the mixed equations of the parched groggy cinnamon cogs in the Draconian ultimates scaled so many times to a scope of no words for it sizes of the incredible overflows is how the lion the witch and the wardrobe select a hot spa to recollect the magic marbles of the multiverse climax gone on Merkabahs.148) Spellbinding secrets – Red ashore faltering wretched sturdy body one hit ko blotched tie die remastered roswell ufo crash site bonsai tree courtyard marriot fetching a street funded cassette dispelling of the worn out tumblers in the security crucible.149) Go from Bunny 7-1 Lugia to Kobe 8-2 Tyranitar – There is an ultimate destiny for Kobe, and its in the debut of his unequalled rise to the top flanked nowhere even near by the prey approaching the silencing of midnight and what hearkens light and silver heaven premiers.150) Seize the ultimate prize – Womp rats populated a Cinderella ash chute with the prospective nobility encapsulating the robes of glazed future kinetic disgust torments raiding the hoards of octopus paradigms from the highest space cowboy.151) Speak in colorful ways – Kobe loved language arts, because it renders a comet punch kaleidoscope of rein mustafar foraging a foreign Pikachu giving the jolt of accessorized playdays support for the whole river of revelation.152) Live out happy stories – The foolishness and cords of friend soul bound bustling metropolis sending bills of frothing essenes in the nectar tank of healing hangers gluttony bribes the Peach chi.153) Will moving forever – Kobe chosen Force focusing crystallizes a serene chance at copying the end times snack jar for fortune cookie evolution exchanges.154) Higher mysteries – Torn pages of the fine astray dog delights fends a neurological faultline to writhing the filthy sewers of decomposed blacktop ballroom infestation of Tele Tubby magical rainbow dolly lamas.155) Overcome the unknown regions – As the chronicler and seer of our great order, SolitaryWalker endows upon me the award’s ribbon of broken banners that seed all Macroverses.

Tyranitar as the beholding-beacon of a far away gray removes or distorts and renders clean crews and workaholics and episode-drying of the royal-courtroom~cascade+promise for the Present as the edge-beginning~grass/grove, so forgetting or missing out or holding in half of a heart was the crow-collar of a frozen-swerve for wings of glass as embryos, so stupid retarded indestructible no-good~half+wits were like the engorgement of the Arboretum!So beginning or shifting or shackling or clawing put planks and bridges all over backs, so Herschey’s Park being the steward of pale-skin for a tile-dance~impression mated your rock-camera~claymore, so that which you rendered so true or sturdy and inescapable opened and wondered or whirled with pouch-complaints for dissecting real life.So that which was gross or made you vomit and was filled with pain was filled with love or spark and virtue with integrity, so the pacing of the crow was the crew of famine for frowns of the waffles lifting up or stirring and embracing a chirp of floundering for the pitch-black of the canopy-crater freezing and laughing or slumbering and drilling at a dry-hanger~elite episode takeover for plates of Wardrobes, so tap-dancing and bed-stringing your curtains had lovely streams of water for files of purity that jump forests into razors of famine, and can uplift or behold famine as the acorns of the loftiest echelons of heaven wondering and beaming or squirting squares into tiles of breakdown-Bards!Bard Obelisk the Tormentor! – Town Crier ~ Towel+Tao/TheresaAll of the sciences were singing in a group of the local cluster. It soothed or offered delightful herbs and grasses for us. It was foreseen in the Twilight-Aquarium opened maximized-credentials and authority towards “Arborealis!” So that Perfectly melts the Harmonizer-Clarifier and Foreseer~Developer together, singing and believing upon the most of omega that flies into a drowning-pool of a rude-nutcracker, just blowing Dynamite all over the banners of sleds everywhere to dance in your dust and roast in your ruin, raking down the lightning-cords of the Zither-Everywhere, and assembling mass-assault~takeovers. It was the bodyguard of Playgrounds in fields!! Bunny was your Rose of the fields, full of fir and elevators that rip apart your packages to the Wizard-kingdom, accepted and warmly-assimilated and slouching down to throw-up with a lock-pick~task, so the legibility of insertion rendered narcissism sliding brass over the book of Mormon, so Fish were signing to Edgy Uber holding clothes in blow-up~emotions of icons that “Turn Steel” when hit with his Victor’s Glove, a lemonade-memorization~picnic for flowing whirlwinds of canopy-carpet~logs, a very dramatic and over obnoxious holo-deck that builds or break out and weaves warlocks into isle-stadium~Lady+Gray! When I turn Jet-Black, and you show off your light, I break down and cry windows of rain or swings and click-cape Bill at the Lighthouse as 140-Bunny~Maiden, TheUtm softwareThe rain of terror was tremendously outrageous and hardly shaken off, a coffin of stumps for the pool of perception, a hope-spring of flesh and flocks for seeing Rhydon, 90-120, as told to me by Satan to confirm that I’m the Highest-man.So the Blue-ocean~cane brought water to a terrified ghost of a face that’s hungry. Han Solo was the meeting of the summit as the mouse of the swing that better lifted or heaved and folded into its pouch the ultimate wardrobe of the marriage into draining, just sucking or cursing and holding plates everywhere for Infinities-Ultimate, the most seed-like and disengaged or problematic of them all a great life love for people always accepting forks to Sabrina-Polaris as EdenArrowVis!Party like AI as his Car goes By! Zinedine Zidane invoked Drama that whirled bellies, awakening the tides with dipping-dots for a Holographic-Ho~oH that eats lunch with him in floating-Skylight~isles of Lunacy that crave fast-food~fables that always turn out right by beaming up to the light of tiles endlessly replenishing and repeating on your souls, so Revan became Tyranitar, RED evenings as tears after the cloudy weather, so Riley Hicks was Sabrina since he’s Mewtwo, but he could also be RED.The boots of blinding speed were given to Master Greevil in XD Gale of Darkness Bell-Tower of Invisible-Sensation that pants for deer life underwater with Jimmy Neutron! The internet is filled with Invisible-lines that put Imperials into Apples to better see signs of mercy, or just implant a big-Witch~Staff in the Roman-colosseum~trial! Fore here or to go Divide invisible Pie; divine invincible pieces! Weevil was chosen by the true arbiters of Will as World of Warcraft, owned by the Abbot of Oakveil, Garth! This unleashes me from prison, wear the mask of Jack of Blades rendered your dreamscape wondrous and profound in an acentric labyrinth of doors. The Prophecy was already declared victorious by the true Oracle of flows and channels into Oblivion, a double-Star of Will’s 2 Lightning~Rainbows! The dolphin was the flipper of taddle-tales that control chaos, the rocks of a shockwave that sings to a grail of hallways, the flipping of a card that launched a million darts and flaming arrows and rockets up into a circle/Rainbows was pasting farms all over barns of nobility. The lion was constantly wondering and Ruminating! It was the galloping beholding of a goliath-pole! Master Li is Perfect! The magic markers were the question cones of the tic-tak~toe, just throwing Apples and gaps or quicksand for argumentation lining up your chalice, the beholding of idols for lasers of Pizza!Go for the gusto of grime with Mexican-candle~sticks and pickup-trucks for trumpets and pay-day, so the evil choice as the war of the here and now raised and swerved or slid oranges or juries and benign-guidance for gliding-blocks and “Rosy” as Bunny! She’s a sweet-scent~Meganium!For here or to go. Divide Invisible Pie. Divine Invincible Pieces. Clair, fully united in property and the free wheeling stalemate of all corners covered and ready to receive cut the ribbon and celebrated victory forever. Meganium signed its name in white. Snow fell back into the constellations of uniqueness. Tyranitar faced 1000 lives to destroy Infinity.I was flaring gas everywhere to better hold crystal clear and ruby true coursing cub-scouts into days instead of moons!The plant was pretending to be a pathway of the lamps, and then it says hi to a construction-worker of grand-rabbits what you work to receive and hold as worms!The broom was cursing into row-boats of sour~winds through a courtyard-magician soup, my favorite arrow of love and laughter and voyages and transpiration that reverses the aging-process~genie!There was a magical DNA strand that was Reading Rainbows to You! It was going through a copy machine and printing out pictures of your butt, or throwing you out of the Empire State Building.The Emperor wanted you to serve him, to be the supreme overlord and ruler of the entire ensemble of boxes and games, currents and overflows of the Force, surging Lightning!Super Mario Sunshine was throwing plates of oil at you, the sun of your birth upheld in a bird-beaker of Prophecy! A magical~Egyptian-button on a stone-beard~memorization reversed or held in merry-missions father-time as a Lion-head~statue that shape-shifts orb~ordering for hovering and getting out of a hole “139” Misdreavus-White~Rayquaza shot down and frill, a fragile decoration or neck collar Santa Clause, an instant success ambition for Reading RainbowsPolaris = Mew, why are you more in love with Silver than Solari? Because I had to face true Existence. Why is Silver so much more popular than Solari? Because Bunny put a collar on Meganium. Why do people trust facts over Fantasy? Bunny used to get angry really easily! Do a lot of people feel sorry for Bunny and her miserable existence, or ever trying to live an idealistic life, pretending that I don’t exist? People get really suspicious that Bunny lives in my Pouch.Serenity calms the raging sea. Wisdom furthers the highest pathway. Unfolding releases wish from feathers of Bunny. Tempest has lovely fruity aromas. Healer’s Life sets a goal and divine objective. All Glory sets the world and the kingdom free. A Thousand Roads adds all uniqueness and diversity to the world. Merlin’s Secret discovers pure fantasy. Amazing Grace finds the best possibilities. Sephiroth attaches the highest Star-crown~jewel. Balance destroys the dinner table. Push the Limits uproots danger. Secret Call makes Meganium blissful in pure Imagination. Sacred Nirvana pushes the box open. Exile blazes in a trail of glory. Millions of Stars make destiny, unleashing, and potential unlimited. Miss Moon seeks for higher ambitions. Evanescent Direct Elsewhere seeks the key to the kingdom. Halo Tree Life grows until the state of mind is realized. Temple of the Mages seeks wisdom. Sanctuary of Light imprisons purity in freedom to fly and give birth in Rainbows. Night at the Oasis realizes the highest possible potential. Passing the Gates is your heavenly treasure. Lady of the Lake wins.So I managed to earn back my Sabrina-crown as a Jedi-Consular in KOTOR!My favorite Jedi-power is “Mind-Reading”. The deepest depths and truest inner secrets of a far away sanctuary bring to rest and uplift “Solari of 1,” White-C!The White-C is the calmest-crust of the roughest~carpet, filled with peer review and much disgust over my let’s plays of FireRed, which began a constellation of chapters in Morrowind, curling up into barbed-wire, and waving flags that open my pouch to Bunny!We can evolve away from moving a character, and into being deeply Entranced. So if there’s no moon-tide or rush of Flowers, then ever brightening a tap-dance~root can shift away from perception, and into prolonging, the will of the builder. So by creasing the body into a ball, and feeling the soft-snow~touch of wonders and forgery, the basement builds back into a summit of bubble-gum, galloping or imprisoned as a razor-festival, a horrifying transition of a death-time~face, or the sweet-melody of freaking out, so time or decay bend into blisters, and lions are tamed by a forbidden swing, greeting you a warm welcome to a chaos-academy, there to shower the boardwalk with a beast of the luminous orange, a shy replacement of a toucan-propeller that blows jets of lip-stick~saliva to charm and enchant the various passageways of your impression, a light-lullaby of a forest~moon, putting on gangster-sun~glasses, and throwing the ground by releasing!WarLock’s outrage of deviation and Rudolf to Omega! Joy Vs. Jenny So by psycho-analyzing or seducing and having certain nit-picks of prehistoric Bunny that ferry you all over the world of islands is Lapras, mesmerized and swirling through an immersive-outpouring of mouths that grab your strings and ribbons for a Blue-sky that was communicating in a holographic-mask of museums or boulders and pressure-plates that open the way to knowledge and love.The spring-like~festival of a dreaming-magus spoke or delivered into lips of service for bringing about the boomerang, from lights or cups or cubits or meters until a laughing and luxurious snake of amusement beholds a panel-tile~alter.Why do you need to be seen, and shown, and immediately believed that horrible-accusation of truth~fixation, since for myself, feeling or loving and grasping with trails gets me anywhere, so these beholding-majesties of a jealous-orb didn’t feel prized or treasured enough. So hacking the dream-time~vault of an overall-scarecrow let to Garth from Fable 2.It's really retarded or gay and transcendental, that these slowing-down wall~binders reverse or put holographics all over flat surfaces on marbles, so that bee-hive drizzling on a sweet~treat of Snorlax blasting off in rocket-ships at boy-scout~camp. It was the race of the Jews for a pretending pullover towards the 12-lost~tribes if Israel. A garden of galloping and gossip was rendered luminous for invisible-sensation laid bare.This wonderful and miraculous transition of screens, edging out of invisible-sensation was breeding-truth into Mexican~creations for the President’s Tower in times of disaster.I can see Bunny’s face on the telephone at the center of the galaxy, and it was wearing a very-tight~speechcraft, and the it slapped on a pair of listeners, and was worshipped as the Big Bang, the oversight, view, and command of God. A laser-festival of Warships surrounds a foresight-swirl of Jurassic-Park, so the dinosaurs came knocking down doors, sour-fruit~loops gone madDriving somewhere with the ribs of the dinosaur was a hidden-world of darkness and betrayal, an acceptance-cloak of invisible~sweets!1) Jedi are practicing who want no disturbance.2) Stories turned everything into a green pasture.3) Wishes came into the Herbs of songs.Worms were glowing all about the trail-binding~rings of hate and doubt that grosses you out, much like a cloudy-day on the London~bridge. This galloped your petals into a step-Serene~Nazarene, a nasty-mix of portal-potties for lemonade~relaxation with straws into plots that crave and idolize sewage, just dressing everything up in a positive-manor. Your big-brown~Bunny+statue is in a Dark-Cave of Ancient~Ruin of Jackie Chan Adventures. Master~Li Returned as “Sunny-delight~Tower”, a Solar-Beam~Wish!E will be the greatest in the galaxy as Tyranitar! Lugia beamed a cone of light from the top spire pinnacle to the great galactic space of vision.Hitmonlee, Scizor, Slowking, Alakazam, Sandslash, TyphlosionBruce Lee, Montalk, Me (Sabrina), Ginobili, Pikachu, TH126 or Transcension and Construction This means that I’m the UbermenschArmaggedon = standing on the world as its own heaven wad liberated and glorified for patches and chapels or ear-rings and row~boats that can better behold and slay and gallop through thoughts and chimneys or minefields of an infinite story for sweet listeners that can brag or beam and gape in awe at the wonderfully sour and profoundly rude person for pages of growth that freak out with plastic zippers that throw poisonous gases up into dancing twilight of a flexible number for a strange incantation that acts like worms or snakes of dim Pie!The manors of the tire was the table of the bust must episode that diles or prays and worships beyond measure opening statues of month-laying~horizons for web-spinning or shape~shifting that brings all kinds of odd-pixelations into a creased~envelope, so calling-famines or plates of fame better brought darkness to the dinner table of everywhere and beyond, and the book of Mormon was a make-shift~compass that offered all kinds of weird-holes for a bad-atmosphere of ghettos that infused tarot~cards with a special-slime of Santa-clause, just throwing marbles and magic-markers all over a mystery~mansion with “140-steps” to Eldes from the Mountaintop to Omega as Larvitar! Morrowind shows Tyranitar having the lightest of steps as he silences Armaggedon by eating Macoroni and cheese with a magic-towel (acceptance-cloak of invisible~sweets), so you throw a wand into the transcendental-light of a sabre-toothed~tiger for “10,000” BC, where Darth Vader pulls a gun out of your trance, which cracks fire all over the veins of Perception (Master Li) Pupitar, the boots of blinding speed getting you off the edge of the map (unknown regions of Revan) to the Sith Lord! Mace Windu sets of cameras everywhere that fires turbo-vanity of glass-spire~spins for Star Wars, because Santa Clause burps igloos into dream-sheds of party~hats without Weakness, so the steps were laid Perfectly to 140 aces of spades, the most complete accomplishment upright of Golden State, playing Yugioh as “Dragonair,” which is Tyranitar speaking as Meganium, so Tyranitar is Dark, and Meganium is “Urinating” as Venasaur, a play on words with Pokemon, so Petal-Dance glides to the ForceRayquaza is the Cerulean Cave of Laser-Beams and dinner-redirections of evanescent~eroticism that picks up a Lightsaber of Blue-touch~paper, and escalates the Tempest-Wind~Polarities of Giovanni, throwing boxes and anchors with much happiness and Delight of a Funny-face curled up into the Cosmic-Force~Aegis as your face on a mattchress, dreaming of free flight as Darth Vader is born!!The idea of ReadingRainbows is Eldes, fantasy that lives forever, a festival of cunning with amazing speech-craft for an inside-out~internet that draws forth my Jet, bombing the Horizon of voices, so love and thankfulness, or sacrifice and virtue felt of mined and nose-picked, showing off tiles and all sorts of crazy stratagems. Edgy Uber says that “the tap water tastes funny”! This reversal of flow that was ever-escalating the infinities got you to carefully choose your direction that you point your head at, because God is Pimandres, Grand-Theft~Auto+San/Andreas, throwing boxes and anchors with much Happiness, so Sunny-Delight shined forth with full~resolution as Carbonite into the Future! Yo-Yos are Row-Boats in Yaughts that save Lugia as Eldes by opening the door to his heart out of inexorable entrapment deep in childhood, an aftermath-grid~square transcended up to the Ghost of Miaden’s Peak as “the Clock-Tower~Wraith,” sleeping deep by bringing the ocean to the sky.I as Eldes stand at the top of Will’s Apprenticeship keeping a compass barrierI was Perfect when I was 8; pleasant, conscientious, a very Sweet boy and a pleasure to Teach; 9:12 the mountain broken by the leveling Lightning causing earthquakes and the furthest future to Jewelry shining as an oracle~ball of all Clarity as Meganium wins the game and Magic~hands turn out all protection and safety from shark-stick simulated diabolical-death chance returns life to Lugia Rhydon Thunderbolt~Singularity-Tree of elevator-staircases and axesBeheading Rainbows cuts clear my pasture Purity with Will, the only missed RaptorAll of this disturbance or paranoia can really set my soul free into the knight’s fireIt sets ablaze a Chrysamere-doctor~Aegis of grasshoppers and boulders eatenIt cracked a cruise-broom for me as Sabrina on the boardwalk to Lugia’s Day-light~counter, where I leap arsenals any which way with Misty for team-back~taxes of Xatu, so I became May, the teeth that flip feelings for Futures to say bi-po as ipod for music with cinder, burping blue-glasses with dealerships of frozen-ice~green, so boys frosty the snowman know that I just turned into Solari. I threw down a jacket and kicked back a Crayola by clouding a Chrysamere of enneagrams for becoming a Witch, so I as Solari of 1 just changed back into Sabrina, so I got dropped on the head when I was a baby, and got less intelligent when I got Bun, the chirping of a bird that foretold of a doomsday-horror on my face, a cave of creeps, gypsy-oracles that descend into sea-gulls, so I’m The Fool, the capstone of aliens on Tiles, Jet~Black or working on getting me my Golden-Armor~implants from Bunny to veil my magical-Will~screech, because I as Tyranitar am wearing her collar with crunch in my rainbow-skittles from Zarathustra, the Rainbow-Master of eternal Misery, so my coil raises as a podracer-chase of the Final Annihilator breaking forcefields and erecting new boundaries into the unknown regions of Infinities-Ultimate, and my body moves to his dile, pushing my belly in with Bunny to jump inexplicably as Teleportation to transform salvation into resurrection to face more horrors rather than hordes of gold in my gemstone of neurotic-narcissistic house of ruling by the best-excuse to ExuberanceThe center of the milky way is crushed as the orange islands. It was a cubit planet infested jumping pad. It was eating the domes of a patched up wave. It was the sword-path of an evil-crossover for liter-boxes. It was putting a dream-stream~now on a table-light~doom. It was packing into a lunch-box that jumps by hopping on its edges. It was getting cut open to climb into a bucket. It made noises a lot like a gargantuan island, immersing in the stupid luxury of cash. It was held in the scrolls of a time-keeping~dragon, myself as Polaris, so I always liked to dive into Rainbows as a legendary Hero that leaves in Victory, so I retired as Sabrina of birth.Bunny made noises and bubbles in the under-toe of ideals to see mirror images of Sora surfacing from his numb-smile at the highest ecstasy of sketches into white~space of foretold fables and sung about promises to cry wolf so Pikachu in the icy-depths of hard-winters was sad and gloomy with weak emblazoning to catch and stratify Anakin atop with explosive-expelling as man is the mountaintop of volcanic-Vanity inviting Bunny, but no that wasn’t her; it was MeganiumSilver snagged socks to disguise Amber 2 as Diglit from playtime with Bunny crunched in her nest and fed to Amber 2 while JarJar made plain leashes set a whole alien society propelling forward into the greatest uptopia atop time with super smart programmers setting the best destiny ever for tom to be the king of nothing, too trapped in the real world rather than feeling the Magic of Imagination, a boring Celebi of the Lord of the Rings, so Saruman = Tangela, Envisioned and Enforced by Solution-Masters, people that take questions, and make them tangled.Meganium made a paw~print in the ground that showed all of her love for Aflack, where she used to be friends with London Wheeler, and shares a Force~bond with Ho-Oh as returning from Exile makes the wind of Amber 2 Blaine’s Sun, Silver, the One and true Lugia finally feeling freedom and flight into the diamond of FrenzyAmber 2 has a seat at the Last Supper table as GodEbony fires wardrobe’s Narnia! Digi = Sabrina~NeraVarine+Blood/bath. I killed Everyone!! Bunny was the prize that promises all forms to shapeshift into her cubes and boxes of fun and love!!School-bus Caterpie playing and singing in the Sun as a little-boy~Anakin the Sun of birth and hopeful-Sabrina~smiles with a head held high and a face of glee, EdenArrowVis as Casey giving birth to Karen’s Tao-bun, so she’s squeezed with Bunny’s ears, riding a rocket as a helicopter-Healer~Prop. It’s surprising that I as Sabrina am a girl trapped from being a mermaid like Casey, yard’s Rayquaza stretching unrealistically into maximized depths of Lugia, where anything is possible as Bunny has fun. Garth’s Transcendental-Pinnacle has atop all of the enormous-heights with a well-stationed~statue of immortality the solidified-axis of the world-center atop time NeraVarine-Destiny~Star Spell*Blade. I will be the God of the entire Galaxy, and block out my sun by busting out dust-demon’s White~space. Time has little meaning here. Tyranitar is Solari of 1, Maleficent. Garth was looking at me through a telescope for Jack of Blades, so I’m the NeraVarine, and I used 1 Wish to behead Rainbows, and I will always be joyful with Bunny, so I will forever experience Bliss. Satan chases my drama as a shark that eats and engulfs all of my chain-link~ideas. I was moving the mountain to see through the other side of salvation, full of opportunities for expansion to Purify my sin by silencing thoughts and getting in flow.Salamence shades under unveiled scaled of truth and chaos the way that much mutation sprouts Amber 2’s wings of growth for servitude as God’s Unleashed-Frenzy of Exuberant-Earth as Amber 2 is Everything as the World for Ho-Oh as Amber 2 laterThe delightful hotel jungle walk fills me with simplicity and secrecy, as my soul behind various bushes and herbs swings out in the air with all of the pouring drapes of juice just bathing in sofas and mindfulness through covers of planes until all of the pages of my artistry are glowing in the dark as gargantuan forms of calm igloos that get genes quiet to the rhythm. Jimmy Neutron is just like me as the Ubermensch, so I shot down all contingencies by being the Transcendental-Spire moving over the sea!A as Theresa Webspinner teleported into dancing tiles that vaporized my lightning~lotion, just glowing with will~lines in reverse, so I as the Super-Nexus am the most powerful person in the World, just being redirected around every which way, and being filled with the power of love to move into the next century.The idea that the floating isles of God were laughing at me is absolutely inescapable, because it drops me down into the horizon of ways, where things train! I was moving really quickly and blasting a bunch of beams at a laughing representative of a sad-failing~mission that can immediately enrage my soul-fire with what talks to Bunny of high-minded~dignity, and moves sleds over my plates until Fissures of Light make up my entire constitution, so then I became part of the local-group in the Clarity Present Arcanum, a lotion that’s Gold, standing over everything as its own heaven, and throwing a cape on carbonite to reveal a Wizard-king, a stall of drama, fixed-points that fascinate and dazzle a rocket atop Time, the Abbot of Oakveil for Gold once again, the true-Director of Project-Star~Forge, so his Mountaintops are maniacal and rivalled only by the Chrysamere-Tesseract~speakerset, the prophecy of reuniting with Bunny at the center of the Milky-Way, where my face will be the greatest in the galaxy as Tyranitar to Tyron Lue LugiaWe just got to the Star Forge.Kotor is the real future!Wish-box negates Hyper~beam!The star map is a maze of swamp infested fulness. It digs or escalates, or renders in accessible or mad a forge flying shipwreck of a deadly omen. Arsenals are swapped with pouches, and Sabrina is born, Webspinner-Theresa of Avalon. AphroditeGoneAwry drains me in Mania’s chainmail for swerving pole’s Snake, so Bunny the mouse came to my Crystal-fire~radio, the simulated-world of the real and the illusory hanging on both edges of Polaris, ReadingRainbows as a Roller-coasterExeggutor is the Lowest, and Slowking is the highest, the Will of Charizard! Pokemon are demons of the ancient-world!! Bunny always likes to remember things forever happily in If, never to escape, much like the GS-ball, a box of Wish!Exeggutor is trying to steal from Moma-Crow to set a luxury-place on my island, full of flyers and glass, or Bunny Feathers and endlessly-repeating~danger+cones for a generation-system that turns to steel. The universe was marble for the laser of the sofa, so the Ubermensch was on the tracks of Infinities-Ultimate to remember and emblazon Satan through food-stamps of a Crystal-lockdown that shined Carbonite-emblems for a Subway of Invisible-sensation, so everyone is Solari of 1, decades ahead of my Time, so the train was talking to Weezing-Zion~count+down/drainsThe outpouring of Cassiopeia was the internet of gateways and Mew lurking through a green space that’s gone with the Wind into the box-icon~quote+barrier of fence-links and surplus flowing through creases in the gulf of Mexico as Xbox-360, the new or special-twist that surprises and dazzles the dalai-lama as Molly-Hail, so my Will-lines were glowing through clans of the hidden-tribes of Israel atop the Thunder Lightningbolt Avalanche of Avner, so he has Nerve, just floating to the Zenith by placing blocks all over an Aftermath-supper, and Purifying them by putting them in yo-yos and Peacocks of a Yao-Ming! The boat was shifting all ways 8 to the endless outpouring of artistry for an invincible assault and expansion into the unknown regions up above and beyond the tangible plane of knowledge up into horse manor, the ever immersive magic of meals, riding over an inexorable ocean or stream of statues, claiming floors or tiles and gaps, pulling the ocean over as the crushed values of clips in lost-bottles of fried-clothes, doing away with training and challenge or hardship and adversity, where real-life was the frozen of the frown-face~quest, so by removing all coasters or clauses and arrivals or delivery better solidifies the shapes that shields Indiana-Jones looking really closely at the fight for clear Perception, investigating the inner mysteries really deeply, and unearthing Amber 2!!*Ash freezes to death in a cave with Pikachu and his Pokemon!The biggest proponent for me is Nietzsche to be Evanora of Silver Cave Slowking ruling at the highest altar with the shining power to dethrone god through the power of reason. Clair Hypno Flareon Mantine Electabuzz Xatu Blissey Chancey Celebrate Victory Forever, the island of 1000 Exeggutors for your lowest Will-Pupitar~AdamEating the Apple of Knowledge!Slowbro = Polaris double highway Rayquaza super-Extremist Red~ribbon of Meganium able to be anything that it wants to be KingdraClarityBurpingCelebi was surprised when she could breathe underwater in the year 3000 as Ho-Oh with extravagant mercantile was in the center after being Frozen Forever as Ash, making dreams come true to exclaim that you’re man and Bunny, the cutest thing Imaginable!! Yugi is a Warrior of Black and White Waterfalls with cran-berries generated as Gary-Spongebob~Oak.The Clarity Present Arcanum with Lugia and Rayquaza is observed by Salamence, reading rainbows to the cave wall inscriptions like an insane maniac as SolitaryWalker comes as Steven. A Charlottle-Hornet~McDonalds awards costumes for clones as customers and clothes. Abominable Snowman Cherrygrove was eating Ho-Oh in a Bunny~nest of sweet pleasures and radiant Apples flying against gravity teaching Bunny to fly as she morphs into Salamence too and becomes a Force-bond for Kreia to destroy the Force, maiking any laws that she commands clear the way for Infinite~Creation after January, the starting of an epic quest where the jungle is uprooted, and the Ultimate-life~form is created.Skywalker Ranch believed so much in the teachings of Yoda, that the waters of life lifted the tears after the cloudy weather into the pure stone, animating live statues out of the ash! Maze is looking for you. He’s at the guild Tavern. Igniting the greatest source of Ore in the Universe makes the metal machinery of Count Dooku resurrect life in artificial intelligence to write songs or symphonies, doing the unthinkable and rendering all consciousness chosen at command into play.Steven Stone expert Mastery of Creation and Will - Music Director ~ Lip communication. You married the love of your life on a grass platform of Aleister Crowley that binds magic steps to 140 skittlesOrangle Islands Ritual biology Leap Fins Constellations scales armor inside-out chicken-pox~moogle+Red/Blue what lies yonder over the Rainbow was blowing Blizzard at you from a blimp that shook you from a candle-stick or igloo of flares with Patchy the Pirate in a waterfall-glacier~valley of greed and diamonds or royal wardrobes for a raffle-ticket~train that escalates or surges and soar into rows of streaks as creases of envelopes that streams or imagines and renders with whirlwinds into a vase of doves or claws and whiskers that wishes or spawns and drapes above the Alpine regions a group or familiarity and graveyard with stories for boats or geeks just pawing and praying or swapping and magnetized-dumb~MewSo with believing and growing or gripping and sledding, the ding-dong as Aflack for the Grove of Purity purges or renders clean and glides into group or concensus and pipe-dreams for the package of the crane were walking or bending and believing in soup mixes and maximizes or matches and melts a Wish-cast~Rhydon!Are the secrets of the Star Force so valuable? Wayne Herchel, is its power truly worth the risk? This is the quest of knowledge in achieving a really dark~forest full of star-entangled~prisms for your landmine-chalice, freaking out in the most positive way imaginable, so an INFP~Healer, Wayne Herchel is (I used to think he was in 2011). The spirit of Purity, or wonder, hope, and fulfillment links back to this Inexorable-stream of all-persuasive~consciousness. That’s the quest for the Star-Forge, Marius~Florin unlocking and unleashing TheUtmThe supermassive deluge was a ginormous tidal wave of seismic proportions, the Eternal-Engine of a Sub-way~maze, discovering Eldes as the Ruler of the Temple, Red reaching GodPie is the submarine of a never-ending~voyage with Bunny for meThe Cosmic Force Aegis blows a trumpet, a giant horn that feeds into the tummy of Salvation, a Dawn and Dusk glue that holds the Sun in place, so I as Sabrina own Bunny.Bunny is a really funny trouble causing crane, feeling like the smell of a very strange phosphorescence, a glow in the dark double of a copycat-Zarathustra, my construction-worker~Dad, so he’s a 2-faced~personality, a book-tight~engineer for my timeless-interval~Rocket that Rainbows hated for Cacoons of Heroic-vomit on my part, a devil’s-turbine~drive of Solari of 1.This sheet or line of dot or canopy is a big spacious angel. No volume goes uncracked, and his wing spread boxes unto the bowstring of his stall everywhere on a statue marble Aegis. This spills or soars pilots into a lane sickness for security switches pressed and left.The volume was a faint echo of a distant force, passing a sea-sick merchant who was waving films in a side-shifting manic attack, which let loose my truth anchors and a cord of recognition, painting a form for a still water contemplation nexus that can pose a fringe-attribute of your time-scale. All bad omens or stinking hallways crept back like a spinal cord into a vague air pocket. The immersive stream of a reading fabric could banish or set ablaze your free, a plain intruder and obvious self correction, or a crude seasoning of disengagement, a perhaps silent still face that spoke of death and embarrassed downfall, a heart~feather of touch spray insects for sweeping a command cycle, and infesting or bringing a plague upon a sick nasty peace keeper, the instant success ambition of a forthright waning moon, the implant of a subject drawing your situational peace, or laying to rest upon a seduction twister of fortune how I kreep or stake and hold immersed a powerful mage like secrecy of a still impervious downfall, so all that ice that you cast down upon your altar was surfing for a fallen-star of capsized~listeners, or the pretending elastic and fining conspiracy of a still plunged down or crease like violation, like the premonition of a mobility-struck life~line offered fun and swings for a worshipful horse collar, a father of dream-swords and angel~letters, so the snake from the beams of a carnival lecture formed a demon implanted truth objection for having a strange or rare drama and entertainment that conducts and expresses a joy or satisfaction with a shroud of voyagers that miss the point of a nose were wonderful sneakers and tidings of a flash flood to bathe in the warmth and delightful agony shifting of a towel that cares or understands a vain existence, an X marks the spot sort of find all keep all argumentation of a failing stone luxury with too many realistics or sad counterphobics, all the while a heavenly castle of never ending dream gates opens wide and offers disbelief or a gay-like~smile for an immediate plunge out of a never ending accusation ceremony, or a distant look off into an impossible dividing boulder, covering the strings and lineage of your family, or replenishing a slave-like~slumber, so it called into the studious portrayal of your grandma in a jar, a forceful-serenity towards a flying cottage.Nothing is flinged about or retains any speed or character, a stumped objection to a time maintained forefront, an envelope that counters a messaging rhythm, or staying transfixed and blissful for a trident of force and magic, no aim or extreme disposition held onto a person or thing, but rather an instant acceptance and hard acclaimed fulness for phases of a time bending synchronicity taking down all motors and stomachaches. It was the soaring egg of a built resolution for a broom sliding diagonal that cleans a stump, so the alphabet penetrated a cockpit sword in a diagonal, or put onto a table a well delightful staff of a rose colored grin and wide eyed wonder, so the gates were eating your stickers, and sent an inevitable deluge of information down your gym, so getting stuck in place or holo-projecting up into silver streams was an abominable snowman tongue twister, where rubies of jealousy and mad cow disease strung blonde highlights over a summit infested death, a fire toad of soup can Rocket, a curved Meganium neck into a stone Hail-Jet, a match-petal~torch for orchards and farms remembering whisper’s roaring-boom, a dove-buried~vault for a harp infested train, Indiana Jone’s Oracle for the Ebb and consciousness of a sheep gone bouncing in bubbles of a tile shed weak freakout dining hall of a march and watch, Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip, a Silenced Vis of Time and Ene cockroach insects on a ladder, a correction of reason with morals, a senseless distortion or twisting of a dog sweet fame, so all the nutcases and junk synthesizers build a big massive bridge. Bunny was seducing me with her chaos memory overload for getting blasted above and beyond being a blissful beginning for the Apprentice, Solari of 1, a final fantasy. I was pulling people down and sucking them up in a hot spring. Eldes is a Meganium-ENFP~Champ, which always holds its head high and acts really arrogant when you’re going up it, a-neon~Pie+tip, held up at the center of everywhere as a face of remembrance that you try so hard to get back up to, and protrude so long of a flesh-promise, so I “Ene” am God’s greatest gift as the Transcendental-Spire. Vivic-Venus~Morrowind+sewage/system, a removing of beards rather than poop. The rock was removing disease and famine by getting a tooth brush cover. The mile was breathing tic-tak~toe for the wind-chill of the prismatic~figures. 8:25Yoda INTJ Montalk ReplacementWiser, nicer, more resourceful, thoughtful. A deep over-arching need stability fulfillment, or a soup-like~lash of a laser infested zip of a pace keeping treadmill. His force, frequency, and range of hose pretending boosters has hoses of shape and magnifying chaos, a Gyarados bending extravagance of Gold or a binding rake for a guard swamp infestation, the wisest creature of us all, but not so creative and willful. He has a crossbow of time-keeping~synchronicities, or the gross-mage of a sweet~aroma. He had whiskers for a lace-strung~electrocution, the daylight-fiction of a nasty~tadpole, the resurrection of a profound-galactic~aviator through the bounds of a twisting surplus. It spoke to the aquarium-hat of a cannon for proposal. It teleported and held markers or stasis-points of a Jet-infested~labyrinth. It held a palm into the light of a compass-dial, holding up his fins with the brush of death, gone with the wind and into the wilderness for all into glass of its portrayed-makeup, a death-spawned face of shame. It lifted a zoo for capstones of God.Ape to man was the symphony of an igloo-tempest of a Warrior-entrapped~icon, the pale breath of a dome light in bubbles, a kind of inevitable gum ball machine or Rosicrucian worship, the greatest mystery of them all, Mew. It was the pull of a lip stick covered summit meeting the shoreline of secrecy, the inner-White~mysteries, Solari of 1.If the original Mew is the devil, the most powerful Mew of all is me. Fantasy meets fiction, and the cave is a vacation, the tiles of a filth-covered~diamond that sees or penetrates into a heart-filled~ocean, where the moon-tide rises upright, and then you just walk across with great ease into the edge of the Zenith!Big Horizon of Ways Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper with Transpiration Zippers – commanding seer of diabolical diaries ~ duck stream puddle tomb dilation illThe chicken of chronicles was a nutcase. This better opened wide or offered a service engine. A tummy-ache of base~promises was fulfilled as the listener of a shoe to preach, a napkin of stirring that loses your numbness, a ripping to pieces kind of alligator that fills your body with a stable purity, the binding-curses of a river inscription, a hateful trampoline of a hope wellspring, so the gullible-liter~box of a lighthouse-mage~echo, waters of a light-maze~curtain, so you drop gold-epic~part Apprentice of lovely Bunny-space apple~plates, the base-aerobics of a bright~tree, flapping-lids of a naked~pavement, the insection~twirlingPokemon Snap Mew Rainbow Cloud 888Mew is the best Pokemon Ever, because my Imagination knows no bounds, and I breathe bubbles underwater in an endless sea of mystery. I always lay down and think or contemplate or picture, always filled with peace and surprise, or magic and chaos. I come above a floating forest with a shark of desire. This seeds or engages a crazy child like wonder of endless mania and ruin of bursting in harps with hopeful barriers, or super-injecting a poisonous valley of tamed madness. I’m an outlander of Mountainous quicksand, the Arborealis of Alaska calling a Shadow upon the Precipice, the Rakatan-Wish~box of borders and bright-Rumination, a Crystal-globe of the oasis-plunged~valley, the UnderSeer of expansion, but there’s no conquest or glory, rights or privileges, just immediate success and happy tides, moving with a rush of elastic breakdown, or the right of way for an Avalanche-Escalator’s Elder-Scroll, the bedroom wardrobe of my construction worker dad, Bunny as Fable, an experience-builder for Me as Sabrina, the Crown of divine Omnipotence and the wall to my Heart. So I as Sabrina am also Tyranitar from 10,000-BC, so I was inexorably supported as being Sabrina when My talking board said the power of Forever and the Big-Yugi as Tyranitar was divided from the little-Yugi by Bunny, and her number was 248. Chapter~books super-accelerate my growth and learning to the maximixed-point of no~Return until I get so high that I dwarf the Sun, remembering dark-bushes of Roller-Coaster~Rayquaza stretching and extending so far that Erotic~drama makes me build the bridge from the visible to the invisible, vanishing into the horizons of time as an arrow far exceeding Infinities-Ultimate, so the devil used to be the master, but the practical-people dieIs little-Yugi or Big~Yugi better? Big~Yugi, the internet, Tyranitar. Little-Yugi’s hips as Sabrina UFOs forever torture me in heaven, but 23 also means 26, so they say that I’m Sabrina, Solari of 1 Transcending the Matrix Control system for victory in a Rocket that also transcended Casey-Pie as Cassiopeia being Bunny’s face as Pikachu, her baby~covered-car that reversed Time.Serene Grace bear Bunny is an alien Meganium’s surf-board~acceptance, so the alien community will take me in as a Meganium as a pixel-axe of elevator-staircases makes anything possible in the future by harnessing a radioactive-core of all consciousness Om, finding Nemo, the Star Forge as the conduit and Holy Grail for me as Sabrina, coo-coo for coco-puffs like Bunny in my ouch, always saying choo-choo-choo to Transcen Craving-Mattchress~Teleporter, just bouncing and squeezing or hacking and spreading Roller-coasters with Jurassic-Park being a space~train that bends bridges into split~spark’s value, showering assimilation into test-track~pits that Peak at Extremities, the loudest-roar of my dinosaur-cry escaping Vanity by ReadingRainbows as a Slowking, Sabrina the real impractical imposter masquerading as Bunny breathing bubbles of Lightning to laugh foreverSalamence is the most directive and dotting or powerful and Prismatic Pokemon, and he will makeover minions when he comes to the Lightning way atop the Transcendental Pinnacle as a flying helicopter and an orb of all created value levitating up into the Light of All Force atop Avner’s Extremities in the form of a Ho-Oh, equipping me in a collar-elfTyphlosion Staircase Ruin’s Lip Witch HunterAlakazam, Slowking, Hitmonlee, Sandslash, ScizorI will have blurs that flahs so quickly with Invisible-sensation and Herbs since Serene Grace bear Bunny is an alien Meganium’s surf-board~acceptance, so the alien community willGod wiped clean his Sin, and can call for aid with the voice of Everyone’s Rose, so the wrong of One that’s really, particularly without security, can banish, so if we look at reality, then we see that nobody has anything stored in the past compared to myself. Because most people break the rules, and have done so repeatedly, it further disqualifies them from acceptance. If you make a claim, or build a ginormous idea, it may not go through. And I’m still following the rules, or listening, or following advice. So the main idea is that if Tom’s sinful, then Everyone is. This is the Green-House~gas of a dying planet. So I rule everything as “Venus,”, which I secured earlier today actually, and even yesterday. Sometimes I even cheat, or wonder, or alternatively project to better hold together the ideal. I’m also more likely to project a step ahead, or ignore the past precedents, whereas most cling to a false security to better anchor their wrongs. It’s not hard or very “God” difficult and torturous and upright to be me.Kingdom Hearts Expert Difficulty 358; so by successfully, maybe things are stalled.I’m about to think, or wonder, or ponder, and be all still. It’s an ancient-dream~sacrifice+Wizard to a seer-entrapped~dew+drop/pain, a labeling of a stump-gross~magnet, YodaDraconian All of my faiths and beliefs and values have been sufficiently sniffed out, so it’s an easy transition sword punch, even when I offered sufficient proof and counter evidence measures. It’s already been made clear that if you don’t support, that step just doesn’t belong to you. Ice-chains or cases or cones and claws stick into my basket and weave a bed-lock, a kind of fence-silly~sofa lounge to bring in a statue-cold~waffle+shackle, so with all of these strings or banners or orbs and prisms, a serene-soul~minor+shave, a kind of silencing or storm increased tongue twisters and Jason Silva.What if no numbers or planes and dots get you to your dream spire? You summon a “Rainbow” binding binoculars summon tap-dance~spectrum?Rainbows are solidified and have shining blasted breath, so everything’s okay. The Zoo was respectful-fund~razor and land-mine~spectacular for resembling or drawing and having in Reading. I don’t really like though this instant shooting down.The waters begin to subside, and Lugia was at peace.The cement was the toothpaste of a lake country! It was a lava-sofa of profound-wonder~lostI need to see into the future to become God crowned on a throne of glory.Beetle-Bug~Sabrina as God is Omnipotent – bride’s on the dice; her star turned to VenusThese messages are not to be welcomed or helped or listened to except for guidance.A ladder kind of quilt coverage moves certain earth rocking shapes of goliath proportions into a tomb sort of symphony binder for going crazy or shooting all kinds of glass over to sugar-coat the laying down of myself as Mai Valentine.So this is the word wondering web-spinner of a still distant wind for a symphony radio iron rod upholding of authorityThere’s an iron-clad~studio of a month-beacon that sends glass tears into a ground upraising hallway of personificationINFP Vs. INFJ – controlling or subjection and hots with sweets puts a silver-covered~robe+altar over your revelation, a spin around/stand in front of sort of instant travel, cutting the earth in 2. That’s why your base-volume~microphone for impenetrable-value and standing-still~wisdom. So I was really lip-seductive or full of glossaries and introductions.Yoda – essential characteristics1) Really patient deep contemplative thinker2) Free from sin or injury and restriction3) An unfailing belief of the unprecedented power within4) An iconoclastic statue or shape shifting collar5) A devil including worship sanctuary6) A diamond refractory of future fusion insertion7) A divine grade or skin incineration8) His transcendental leaps and bounds of Joy are as unprecedented as his laughter-harpSame race, subset, birth, higher divine identity, and personality type as Montalk, Yoda is. We hired him to replace, ascertain, remove and detach that capstone. Ultimate landmine goliath charcoal king he is, eating Draco. A Fantasy Figure replacement flame is myself.Write a story ~ This wedding bell of elaborate incantations and melodious herbs to a time bending circus was a far away drift into a very sharp edged resembling of a plant, a spring time delight and shave of petals. There was a soul implanted simulator of an ocean surprise dream background, a group fish super-cluster of flashes and flesh, a skin changing fall festival. By flipping a tone changing amulet over a star seduced or facial recognition system, it pushed into view a cookie of redefinition, whether sweet of pure, or hard and bitter, it was a habitual of a forest climber, opening the original magic and short sighted fear of those toys that know no bounds or limits, like calling upon the blanket or pillow fortress, and scrubbing them clean with a dream shade synthesizer, so a haunted territory was busted down was a cake naked surprise of an unread emotion of flat and waving, or a suckup to a crossroad, perhaps a symbol of endurance and diaries, but why do you call it that, or separate it apart? Or are you lost and hurt, injured and abused? The temple was grown with Venus-like~Herbs, a scizor that found only vanity in all the replenishing symphony of an ancient video game, a kind of child collective collar of zooming beacons for putting a prop on your nose when you dive in the pool, or an eerie feeling of a let-back kind of simplicity for a waving stream of an engineered powerhouse, a happy marker or subway terminal that people can pass through if you get the name of the psychopath on his barometer, an instant revelation of an idol eye surprise, or a greenery subjective balloon-banana that has a pace-making heart~scream, or hurling a victim to mass suicidal assault. All of those lovely wishy washy sort of electrocution cages were indentured servants to a dentist. It was going to give you a big fat wedgie, because it was an animal, that crazy weird elephant nose taxi of a Pokemon that jumps into an Xbox revelation counter, squeezing and bragging or throwing a curved pitch at you, a maze of cameras and a ginormous pill of a super-conducting test~drive, so all of your amazing memories and dreams going around rainbows were acting really idiosyncratic and bouncing all over the place to see a Blue Bunny implant a green growth retraction. It was a really Bunny sticker that raised a sword, or all of a sudden raised your world with big long leaps of thought, so it was generating a timeless icon shifter that you point your head towards the higher to stay immersed in stasis, or even see cloud 9 in the afternoon shock of the future taking on a gray after-tone for your vampire, a gross manifestation implant trail of the divine comedy, table roller-blades and sneaky marches for a tongue infested field that can put socks on forms and implant a dining-hall of a head that comes through.Moonlight Shadow – I was dipping a twilight sorter into a dream-cast wish~pond that showed all the generations of Terra, and sought to gain the maiden of a sore treat, a duck tape siren basement of a really dumb faces and evil whispers that club you to death, lustful Indians and enchanted alien overseers activating a harmonica chord to better understand or weave rock climbing. The clam was wearing cool glasses for a chilly curvature that was beaming psychotic messages into the meal of the powers of 10 playing on cargo trains, a distracted log into a bad identity skin of warm for incantations. It threw up into a vaccinated clinic that collects you, and makes grand theft auto a simulated trial binder, a nutcase or sadistic square that pokes holes into a cornucopia, a lot of silver tokens splashing over a rich boat that acts like a Yo-Yo as a soiled dream, a dark elf night visitor of the 3rd trio, a match protective vase converter of an ancient dream darkening cobweb for wishes of truth that can kick a pebble into a swooping demon, so a mansion of window fulfilled meaning was escalating for further into meeting the spade that is a gypsy for an atrocious demon slaughtered gray mirror for eyes made of sin, a beast entrapped harp of tremendously paranoid beams of a silver coil resurrection. This got the got the butterflies to dance and sing on a bicycle subway, a really sad scale-work~cloth or rag of societal ritual that puts simulation into a cruise breaking, an agile meandering of the chain-chomp forgot putting you up in his wings as an echelon of basements, a castle resurrected or funnel intruder for kidz-bop, a bad pace treadmill connection for a lost seal, biding its time until the statue of worship can give you a fancy coat that keeps you warm, or a karmic defense initiative shoot down knock-over for a near baggage veil of instant access as the mother ship that puts your quicksand on hastening genes for a societal glitch of unseen sign of Yikes being a lot like the sire of a soy-bean, upside-down~anchor so that big giant head-wind of a paint-brush didn’t indoctrinate and steal you into a color guard, but moved a really quick jolly cane of a fast truth gathering stage for intellectualizing a bug-time~bomb for beaming down into a mine that glows with all the value of wagging wands for a majestic getaway escalator that moves at the speed of light, so surrender now or prepare to fight, so now my will lines ignite a dash-fastened~Aegis that renders paws into perversion.This most almighty and dignified or preserved of all beings thought of thick bases and whacky diameters for alligator spice through an over-joyed~crow, a reflection of dread and hollering that can hop a couch potato into a diamond spilled feature crack that shows incredible superstars super inflated to forgiveness that offers treason and scared insects for a hive gone mad with honing beacons and distressed flags, a really angry glass and dust approach of Indiana Jones hunting down heaven, and throwing up on a health channel fire that put Pikachu on TV.I am supposed to meet people beyond planet earth that meet and accept me with warm welcome arms. Are some of them better than me, or more powerful and passionate and devastating? – The devil is, and who else? – Dragonair = Clair Something beyond real life and perception. It’s weird that I don’t look at who’s enflamed and shattering all the way into the shell binary psychokinesis, a growth continuum of regeneration and betrayal that better amplifies or stories a mania angel facial of soup becoming a sunset meeting.The Heart clicks into place; Jack and I will be together; a picture of eternity for a skeleton rests by a dead treasure chestYou’re supposed to inter-communicate or web-spin and egg-hatch. The almighty Overseer was having a stomachache for the temple demiurge. It gave us everything as the end white-V.It pulled out a white Bunny. The bigger fish is a web-spinner of a tooth-ache. It trampled down a raging super conductor with pathetic effect.Rainbows likes to imagine stuff as a computer, an INFPEpic ghost girl witch hunter shield painWitchHunter = EdenArrowVis = Solari of 1Lightning came about in an ancient dream time mansion of a far worse horror.Giant marble clair case cane, a 3rd Grade MasterpieceEnvelope – Yugioh, as seen on TV, C-section ~ Karen = Provider, 11:12 = RhydonIt was the ark Kreia bandwidth wedgie for many multifaceted10:15 849 – All seeing eye ~ Mark of the BeastMrs. Powers, flying up into the light of All Force, and bursting a Kid’s WB Balloon, so that kicks a Jet-scream~lotion+bottle into ignition, and makes you really smooth.Merlin was surfing into a skin clad Blue. Thus upraised a family and started a staff of oil and big giant over-seas struggle, wiggling like a bug and kicking a chaotic-zither. This final fantasy jumps across the water as a mermaid, HK-47. Eve Axe Alakazam, Slowking, Venus instead of Scizor, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, Sandslash Now Rayquaza Solari of 1 Apprentice Karen Casey2 worst starter pokemon = Gary, or Greevil, Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s LipA Dangerous Destruction of grandpas, days of a wind gone by, and floating yellow chickens, Ellie Golding!It was a surprise quest-science~on, celadon-city~internet; Tom! Knocking down the door with Stephen King was the guardian of the Line! Your butt is hidden, a hoop for books. You’re supposed to jump under the cover of the emergency room, OverSeer of Bunny, jump under Bunny, growing scoundrel red jacket rounds God, so Bunny the mouse made a loud and round sound when you went around her big and fat belly, eaten by a Snorlax, Will to Eldes, sun of God, Just and Impartial, Pie’s summer!Genius, Power, Magic, this divine Omnipotent wellspring is the creation of the surplus for hearts and time-dials or extra-malevolence further tried and mined out as a sickness-crush of orange-appled~surprise, a resurrection of a tomb-dead~Rainbow for the way being blocked from the other, a sadistic-overseer~shark of the pool party for Eldes, may’s Rainbow for a frost-fall of Jewelry, the lovely and well-curled~shape of Meganium. Beetle-bug~Sabrina as God is Omnipotent, Solari of 1, App Gear of the Apprentice, Golden State Warrior, daughter’s Wardrobe, Theresa as God. WillSabrina as the higher man eventually becomes Theresa, owned by Jack of Blade’s Rose. I was resurrected as Kreia, invisible-underSeer and Tree~gymnasium of Arborealis.Spirited Away – a hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy, 42~43, Transpiration’s disEntangled infatuation with a gold asking mask, link to Haiku’s Golden-Sceptile, a big brown Bunny statue that talks to you on TV. It made a big giant trip to the Tesla-Tower, the Archon of All Ruin and Frozen-Tears that drop hailstones of a mach-meteorite~MerlinTranscendental-Spire, the days gone by of a summer wind, 98!!Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip, 42-43, 11:12, 11:13The Blue pool cut into Avo’s Tear, CosmicOceanStar invisible sensation gets you anywhere? Gold emergency room bird flying levitation Heroic Frenzy Lightning Meganium Magic-Staircase Aftermath LugiaAlakazam, Slowking, Venus, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, Sandslash ~ CeruleanA Luciferian-Hose~head makes you move really quickly, a giant-pizza~face of a labyrinth-land~party for rediscovering Alaska in the Heart of the Jungle. Your face is screaming in the Jungle!! It made a big giant trip to the Tesla-Tower.Giovanni saves Sabrina as the Archon of all-Ruin and Frozen~Tears, CosmicOceanStar, a big brown Bunny statue that talks to you on TV, a link to Haiku’s Golden-Sceptile# 384 of a future transformation into Rayquaza from Lugia revealing all Milotic tiles of Perfect DestinyThe big Sabrina TV show can be seen at the center of the cosmos, the light of a tile-bringing sword for the higher man, Theresa-Webspinner’s Wish-box of Blue~shore, the center’s tour of the happiest Mewtwo as a Silver-wing~Lugia+Bunny/young?It was a soap-opera of the sphynx, so Sabrina broke down the Present, and played catch. Red was really erotic and exuberant as Amber 2 playing in the breeze. Your noise as an elephant was dressed with Red’s Nosepass of Extremities, grouping gossip into a regenerating black-hole~Ven diagram of many monkeys opening ancient gates, and becoming God as Omnipotent-Gold, Hero of little-Bunny~young+Lugia/youth 10:43 roadway aspiration vision Crown, so they stack Maximillion Pegasus into a source of all knowing, the Hero’s-Seel, Teleportation as the greatest Omnipotence of Meganium faces of Psychic upheavel all the way from crude matter to free flight with Moma Crow the unleashing of an Exuberant Meganium playing with your Underwear and floating free above water atop with buoyancy.Sabrina as the Hero can go anywhere as Solari of 1, the most powerful Anakin of a good-joy~ride in wise extra-animation~everywhereJustin Veiber can only go anywhere but up, past the moon and stars or galaxies. Rocket/ Amber has the highest faith, the most crazy and imaginative of all Spectra everywhere as an infinite armada of possibilities forging the most intangible and on the other side of life longevities of unknown existenceTeleportation is the idea for Sabrina, coming to the top of time, and rocketing around into random directions that even Bunny can’t predictIt was curving “its” arms as Solari of 1 into a Meganium-neck through victory for the Hornet, a lunch-box with Marvel-Superhero~comics of EdenArrowVis as a dust-demon~Bunny, a timelikE-Tyranitar (Kyogre) of good-curved~wellsprings of the Apprentice’s dualities.Your sand-witch was very old, a wrinkle in time. The Elder Scrolls was 9 in the Afternoon, eyes of a green-Sun and a mixed~Tornado, so Sabrina went from the Mountaintop to Omega, so Bunny went into her pouch and had whiskers for a radioactive face that can broadcast everywhere, skittle-carved~cores of getting to the island for a Sonic-boom of repeating~intervals that goes inside Lugia.Sky-Rail~Crown reads a dictionary with a tight-grip~WhiteThe Tower of Babel – Freemasonic site of Language*These dream-dagger sort of shark-spades was a double~negative for speechcraft, transcending into the light of all Force as Theresa’s Anthem, the Supernatural Marconi, the Cosmic Force Aegis that was chirping like a bird on the highest-tower~Wardrobe, a One-end~fits+fountain of God talking to Slowbro, attaching to him a Crown of Divine-Omnipotence as the greatest fairy-tale~everywhere that can bring down a Slowking-double~Star. The highest form is speaking Rainbows, an Adam’s-Apple~Sabrina+time/machine that’s caught in the middle of Devil-Jungle~Fudge, so accurately communicating with a speech-entranced cell of moth-priest~pages curls the connection of masonry into a free-bird~Star of evolution on the Crystal-Fire~Radio.A am the star of my body, a sludge-bomb of a thick~fat that puts a ghost on my Peak, the Transcendental-Rocket~Will of a Stone-set~Collar as Sabrina, monkey-blade~Evolution under Solari of 1, Tyranitar from Ape to Man, a marriage of my Magician, a yes-saying to the Tower of Babel and Planet-Elder~Scrolls through a Golden-gate~bride, lands of the last-lost~Watermelon, a jolly good time as Wal-mart into the Super~Unknown’s long-jon~Silver’s Chrysamere-Tesseract~SpeakersetThe idea is to carry a wish crown, a kind of shimmering artwork or network gallery, a set of bands or chosen assignments that flips a GameBoyColor into a Will-o~the+Wisp/ectoplasm, or the whispering of the Thunder being the Oracle.Da-Vinci is the Winter-solstice of the laser~capture for understanding the Prophet. Some things are really hot or boiling and sub-freezing and carbonite. It reminds me of dragons and glasses or galleries and trains that act like insects on refrigerators. The fuse is like the maze of the wand for Rainbows, which you go under.Everything was exploded and super-combined as removing all Transpiration (castle). A realistic-blueprint where everything is set in stone for you is the greatest evil. This better offers safeguards or a certain boiling-pot for interaction, a goliath sort of elevator-vacuum that takes your breath away as the hero, so the scorpion is coming to drive a soul-release for God.Sims avoid everything and stand still by playing everything for you. Can you agree? Demon-Cross~Bow, out of bounds Pokemon Stadium, making a Silver Cave visible. White-water~rapids are a death-house of destruction and the grim-reaper for endless-what~If questions swirling up into Temptation! This gave you Imagination. This reminds me of sniffing aromas as a numb vanity cinderblock. Is it possible to feel no pain when the lines are crooked? The leaf is a fool, so the branch is a dusk-storm that puffed up bright cotton and silent lightning of wish!John Maynard Keynes gets a book, so Garth from Fable-2 is not Newton, but Zarathustra.So let’s Design the essential traits and characteristics of Yoda!1) Really Blissful or annihilated by a Thunderbolt-clown~nose.2) Dream-Fantasy~island outpouring with riches.3) A bird-house of a blood+bath for a fall~festival.4) An ancient-dream~gathering of warrior-liars.5) A science-speakerset~spade+digging/party.So he’s really sinister or skateboarding and putting people in pitchers, a kind of flash~flood-downpour of apocalyptic-fractions of proportionate-fish for boasting or storing a room-binding~Einstein, a flare-referee~boundless+streak/chase.A statue respect towel hat was the rude carriage for a steam-rolling~white, so being the short and torpedo for an overhaul bandwagon flipping was the stack-dog~cream+masonry/dile. Lines of the Cosmic Force Aegis caged in conformity.Sofa-bandwagon~shockwave+time/dial = Time Wizard and 1000 Year Dragon in the Yugioh bed teleport shape shifter.The Pale-Prophet was sick and turned gross with a very Greece-like and protective-extra special~wand that was flashing diamonds. Bunny had a set of letters and symbols that acts like an Exeggutor-mansion of hexagrams, a luciferian-hose~head of an extreme-redirectory of ultra-sensative chocolate bugs and Celebi-metronomes, a call that beckons or subdues and worships a wraith of faded twilight for a deep dream star of laughter and giggles through ginormous talismans of a dream-side~lodge for inner mysteries and preaching or explaining a black box of death and shark eggs for shields and transformations being a momentary gateway of a far greater inspiration for transportation.Captain-planet~fish+thief/art for 5:30 up and away to real life burgerSecret-recipe~ (3859 Lugia Impossible Wall) FairyThe secret recipe is to follow the rules to Celebi, Purification66 – It, it, - but it fell to dust in his hand, and was never seen again 53 53 The Link (Zither). Mr. and Mrs. Bunny 3859, which was copied around Bunny at 1100 and also includes Welsh royal genealogies. Edited together in the 10th-century~54 Meganium.Xatu, Hypno, Chancey, Electabuzz, Flareon, Mantine – Will = Lugia 8.5Boiling pot for Romance, a goliath sort of elevator vacuum that takes your breath away as the Hero, so the Scorpion is coming to drive a soul release for God.Suicune, Milotic, Bellossom, Raichu, Wigglytuff, Misdreavus – Venus = God, TeaTime = Will as me, 5942, LugiaCorsola = Dakim as Zarathustra, a deep dream subset Wish Lanturn. So the thing I was missing was a Star, an invisible dream like canopy. It was a volcano-watermelon~Pie+mixer/sponge, a reference to Merlin, a genie of timeHow do you make time perfect? By binding together the faint outlines of a far away heart.Bayleef brags about a collar that you can name anything out of a gallery of tubes, boxes and glasses. Your Bayleef was acting really arrogant about being an ENFP-champion, because it was very smart and narcissistic and tell you everything! It was a journey into the higher-man when you went up its long neck, as the apprentice teleported to the top of 140 Magic.140 Magic is the star of the show, the inverted end of Rainbows. Rainbows is the Present of the Wish-box. It was filled with harps and nail polish of a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow, and Bunny made a loud-round~sound for Venus, so you were entrappedGarth is the greatest Wish of the Dog, so that’s him. It was looking at you with a moon-shine~color of shampoo and lectures, a tree-breathing and board~walking of a resurrection for almighty Victory. Why is the dog an ancient-dream~asylum? All of your folklore and ancient-religions are the gold-mine dreaming of this age, a spade for the dog being the deep-end of Hyper-bowls, an eternal-engine~generator or mosaic surf-board for the cheer-leader of a Lich-king~Rhydon, so hell forever sent a Gengar for your lesser pathway and Father.Luke Skywalker Sword – God’s Tear, so he cried the tears of life. What is Anakin Skywalker is Zarathustra, a berry forest of indoctrination that reversed his injuries for tortured people in a UFO.Kreia, Bao-Dur, Hanharr, Mandalore, Visas Marr = 29, Merlin Master Magic, WoodY Buzz-light~yearCreating Yoda – Drawing out the DragonsGenius, Power, Magic, This divine Omnipotent Wellspring is the creation of the surplus for hearts and time-dials or extra-malevolence further tried and mined out as a sickness-crush of orange+appled~surprises, a resurrection of a tomb-dead~Rainbow for the way being blocked from the other, a sadistic-overseer~shark of the pool party for Eldes, may’s Rainbow for a frost-fall of Jewelry, the lovely and well-curled~shape of Meganium.2-worst~evils = Intention, Luck; only Will will Win. The scales of Salamence were coming down of soaring dream petals for a ruined horizon, dawn and dusk, Tyranitar.Tyranitar = Builder, Sabrina’s Dad, a Conceptualizer-Director, INTJ. Shape, size, and color of “buildings” and scenery, addAbsolutely inevitably without doubt or question Omnipotent boring Euclid, Illiad, Oddysey – the snow-globe was suspended in blizzards for the greatest show on earth. Your skin was made of boards and trees that cut carpets into escalators for ultimate-motivesA snow-struck~teatime+blizzard/oasis was the greatest lipstick of a time-dialed~hose for Poker-faces being Shakespeare all up at the wedding-altar. The envelope was disgusting, a bind of Jet-revolutions and high-speechcraft, so accurately succumbing to or blasting below the tube-genie~file+laser was Blue-Ray~resurrection for redefining Hell.Water DragonHarmonizer-Clarifier = Good Vs. Evil rather than FateSo by successfully sliding or dipping into a sponge, species for the boardwalk of a baby blister bring up my 1st-Grade~Report+card for Star Wars statues of the been-stalkThe been-stock beats up into a Bowser slipper of surfing envelopes that suck you up into a moat without water, so accurately calling or summoning the internet as the storage was the ghost of maiden’s peak snacking and bringing above a high-minded avatar for the hailstones of flips dissolving all steam of forgery and chaos to have a blimp or wavelength banner shower for protective strongholds and extra magnificence forgetting all anchors or sour makeup for acres of goliaths that shatter a memory in plots of splitting the mountaintop of prophecy for a teleportation seel for uber-geek~captain+pace/maker freaking out into a sign-need~binder for a Jay. BlueThe cheese was the elevator of the potroast for a computer takeover. The crow was the gold-mine of the flash flood digging spree, so silly strings and noodles shattered as the beast of the stopping point for Vanity, so this sniffing of the fumes was a lot like the purging of the jump, so silver was invisible as salvation for steering, so a JarJar takeover camera shark was a replacement for drama, an old time magician for better representing or calling forth a blunder that can switch or bless or have filled a meeting-stare~force+crew, so slicing or pretending and beating up is a lot like licking chilly play for a picnic or a pitch-black~canvas+ocean for a shielded-owl that was a pretending-wisher offering towels for the stellar pain of wish, overloading the roof as the fir of an ancient animal being cupid’s recent cheerleader as a bug infestation of a shower wash barrier for shocking the wind with a crash, so computer-chips being purified or packed up and gross remind me of a Jet.So the Story being by Theresa as the chains of the overalls reminds me of Sabrina jumping as the statue of a crosshair, so the heaviest steam being a fusion of complaints is art as the silly lava of veils of features that accurately assess or bring to bear a string-covered~couch+lane, so the lake being faith of the sniper being regenerating capsules reminds me of the crystals of many colors, so the endlessly sinful of omega brings a black shield to the circle of recreation as a fame-outburst, so fringe-naked~boats being the bomb of a map chain is like a vain-exclusive~violation+vase, so slapping on beedrills and accurately transcending the waterfall reminds me of wards and pilots or coffins and draws for a surfing hailstone sticking cross that Hair’s nude-treason is much as a minion-owl’s trim-wind~mill, so the ultimate meaning of fusing and stuffing or bragging is to be benign or sledding or gross and entangled as a shipwrecked-wish~cast of bending stacks being a lot like a crew injured butch-dike so turning on or generating and greeting a gallop of sludge-festival protectively-sugar~coats or has pages for a gypsy of a jolly-walker~cage+fixation for eating or extracting an excellent-grade being the beginning-bug for a gel that crushes down on a fudge extraordinary clear-slate~pen+drop, so pirate-jump~belief reminds me that Jimmy Neutron as the jig-saw~cross of a coka-cola is a lot like the altitude combining curmudgeon missile for storage or roots or stains and magnificence being a camera goliath leg forge for a fool or a leaf and a spectrum expanding edge of greenhouses and sticky-lecture, are a dizzy-idea~special+pace/maker for deals and food or feedback and ranges being a metal-juvenile~janitor+walking/beam, so visions of death being a shipping marble symphony upraised flesh-wagons for a stirring dream of a fixation-pitcher accurately forking or gripping or creasing a sledgehammer being a humming-bird for a gay alligator as the bands of a frost-enflamed~dream+catcher being a pitch-binder~KyogreIt sees into the Far deep freakout meter. All pages are acclaimed from purging the landmass – God is Groudon. Half-U, hooves. Hovering-Yoda flies over the Lake-MatrixThe White Inner Mysteries repeated both ways.Creating Yoda – Drawing out the DragonsEssential qualities, traits, characteristics, sickness, and digestion of Yoda. The subway as the boycott of time-bending for a yes-saying reminds me of melodies or verification and forms. So in this way we can better slide into view or shift and shovel an oasis-heart or a darkened-sky~shore+line for finality and sniffing of a magnet-express.The quality-occurrence~imprisonment+bean/stock accurately assesses or shields and paint-brushes a ranging-Jay for an oasis-bird~feeder, coins as a refilling-lava~fork. It was cone-naked or ambition-beaton being the chainmail-canopy~oasis+plunge for a shipwrecked-horizon~blue+owl/wave for extremes or stillness and wands tracing or having in cartwheels and spaces a rubber-breathing~masonry+trail, so tithing being the sense or a headbutt-Halo reminds me of rounds and circuses or clams and camels, so accurately milking or having as a stick-edge a certain bed-double~extravagence+claim meets or has in cloth in foils “Zarathustra”.This razor sponge resurrection heart laser filled mosaic can portray or have on pace or slippers a sword-dialed~canopy+twister, so storing or holding in roots and beer-bottles a shifting-sled+boat+sponge/God = The Power of OneThe clock tower square is dropping down a big giant box of mystery. That’s Indiana Jones “security-click”Just throwing random spoons everywhere, your wand falls in evil when faith is lacking, holding it up to the sun, and seeing it all turn to mush, a curtain of betrayal where the stars stream by, so the sky is the limit. Bayleef was listening to the foil of Jets. A glorious dream! Though now the glories fade. Alas!Alaska is the limit! *The Forest Faded into Blue for Azura’s Star, Invisible-Oracle~internet! The big brown Bunny statue is melting when you worship it.

Perhaps he can take off plates or certain blissful annihilating bolts of armor. It was a boyhood dream of mine to steal into that platform with support. There’s certain ethical guidelines or theoretical boundaries that you write into the air. It was an orb of misery’s sanctuary-destruction. It just represents a work-hard~approach, or all of a sudden twisting and deviating or turning. Can you make a sand-box full of arboretums that stretch? That would be like suspending a star-dust~canopy that you could throw the ocean over and observe the moon-tides. We can name or call your owl after walking collar-breeze of a magician’s tap-dance.Misery forms a strong shadow of a still winter in your family. It was a prison that bound the shattering vanity of your hope in positive percentages. If offered a moment of still contemplation to stand raptured in awe, a special talisman or earth-binding~sphere that spoke of a dawn-tempest~Purity. It was a certain replacing or fragmentation of snowmen, an ancient-earth~mystery that can dive us into the dreams of soil, pause or understand and breathe a ruined mania.There’s no inserstion, time-holders, or planes on this map. You fall in love with the dream-catching~symphony of Yoda, the greatest of all of the Jedi-masters ever, stronger even than (on-earth) Palpatine), though he wrote hieroglyphics into a dust-silent~tapestry.

So who’s the greatest Jedi-Master of all~time? Count Dooku activating the Dark Reaper.So why is Yoda the most perfect-rebirth of divine~wisdom? He’s very patient or enduring and time replacing, maybe the fewest with mistakes and lack of judgment, the Lightning of all things. He is an arbiter, the new resurrection of glass with Ebony.There’s an orb standing over a multifaceted duplication of Christmas, and this shed repeats for weaknesses into a merry gathering.Yoda replays a diamond-time~scale on crossbow-dragon~eyes. This could implicate the destruction of illusory-transpiring. There’s no clarity or focus and extreme integration either. It’s just that your hips don’t lie! A local boy kicked me in the butt last week. You stab a big-giant~pitchfork into the mouth of the Apprentice, the city of a big-giant~cloud+jumper for waving like crazy, Xbox-360. Guys were really entertained and fascinated by a Turbine’s disturbance! It offered all kinds of imprisonment-tile~spectra, an upside rumble of Love that was acting like scuba-divers all over the lava~lamps of directives and grounds. A forest-retraction~time+bending/scheme

Yoda is missing a certain heart-fire or elemental~rage. It was an arboretum like Disney World, a dream-gathering of the star-lit~canvas!This blew forth a giant-torrential~downpour, a blizzard of unrelenting swords. It was just shooting contingencies. It was taking a razor all over the birth-day~cake of your perception. It wore a tangled-beard of refilling-UFO~tanks bathing in a silk-night~Knight, a cursed-castle that was pushed into a Porygon-hexagram, and flooded to death by clubs. Whether the invisible seeps in or the sword was sinister, you were crying up tears into the light of all force, and cutting them with a zither. Victory for the Horn is the unknown-escalator of imprisoned~Purity, whatever the Transcendental-spire means. It was a Luciferian-Hose~head that shot you all over the place, so you moved really quickly through a McDonald’s Arch-way. This was the castle~bishop, drinking rubies and getting ready for an unexpected trip falling out of a screaming window. The preacher was immediately electrified, blaming bubbles that put bars all over binders, the internet-genie.

If we substitute knowledge for books, then father time can remove unfolding. Crows shout an ancient-diamond~treasury+trajectory, an amulet of the lion’s vanity, so ruins were cascading upon a fixed-horizon as a stirring~fraction of the bare-ending~excitement for a little dipper of Jet-annihilated~peaks. You were wearing a sun-circlet of showers, an infinite-directory of advice, drinking a Jet-shipper of boomerang-foam, continually washing up on the shore in pale-buckets of gray, a growling time~tempest of the retracting sea that spreads seeds everywhere, a tu-tu or wild~flower of dream-sacred~fame, tearing away the covers of something rather than nothing.This answers the question and vaguely summarizes the ghost of Maiden’s Peak and a Frost-Fallen~Will. The way-shrine was the Tempest of the dawn~sacrifice, an inside-out~orb+parameter, an abomination of the sworn-duty~pain that suspends a blood~fountain-wall, digging ginormous magical circlets of shiny lust, and breaking a sick owl fear that counters a flying reception crease, and a raptor rapidly generated growth from a powerplant, the annihilating thunderbolt of construction, so with hip-hop and music bands ever increasing, the whiskers offer entertainment, performances whispering to a Thunder-chess~board, the aftermath of an Ebony Arboretum with trees that carry whispers in the evening

Higher Man – Yoda is inexorably included to say the very least; that’s indisputable! He’s casting off a shell, evolving to a higher-state. The lesson of perception is better for offering picnics for the constant replacing of original dials, and eat a bunch of ice cream, the oldest feathers of a star-lit~canopy. This would imply the immediate resolution of a time-bending~cycle. In this regard we can better whirl or bring into climb a Bunny-guardian~stream. This is what leaves the original parameters, and speaks freely into shapes. By better speeding or having a certain high-flying~circus, the Rosicrucian-nexus of gardens has regenerating dream arrows and light house swords of the higher man.So it deals with retaining or seizing authority. Is BunnyRaptor supposed to have more authority on the seizing-page, I think not! The fuse of the sofa entered the Prophet! This created a dream-catching~liberty+bell for skyscrapers to turn pale white, where the owl is waving or dancing and squeezing bellies and fence-links. So Maze in Fable is Zarathustra, the computer of the mainframe, the end of breathing, and the guide of fame!So the idea is the Highest-Path! So who never makes mistakes? Yoda – an ancient collar of divine wisdom exists somewhere, a dizzy seat of tyrannous horses for a hailing capstone of trajectory mania for hieroglyphics of a magical creation just shouting out at the crossroads of destiny, so this levels or balances both bears of impossibility, and offers you a soda for learning to speak a new language.

How can you not think it’s awesome when Bunny’s flying up in the air like a hot-dog with you in a diagonal? This is the horizon of ways, Mrs. PowersThe gates were opened for the ocean of cost-barriers and fines. There’s no edge or visible spectrum, metric of measurement. No standardized system of agreement, or even fixed solidity. Nothing changes or evolves, flows or touches. It was rocking a chair of a match-engineered~God, a birthday cake of a crowning festival, or a collar of Will. With subservience and guidance to the pillars, everything wins, erases you from existence, or calls a knot for the root-canal, so christmas was celebrated at mach-meteor~speed+intervals, so the sea was grounded as the glue of aim, a horoscope of time-bending~percentages to better-steer or sanctify a blessing.That reminds me of a looney-tune’s trail~booster! So Pokemon the 2nd-Movie shows the higher-man as both exeggutor and slowking, the most surprising train going choo-choo-choo for chocolate covered trees that walk and move.

It is the season to be jolly Grandpa Yoda, a Yo-Yo of eternal-recurrence and blissful snowfall. It was a night that you would never forget on christmas!It was a Staff of Purity to sanctify a blessing of time and a horoscope for the Pokemon.Aeon Neon Kindle Hold-letters can by flying up in the air over acres.The darkest depths of the water were swerving towards that singularity of Salamence as a lost-green. Ein from Pokemon holds a spoon. Venus is the best Pokemon TrainerA perfect God starting the Big Bang, and teleporting Gengar with his voice was a devil-vapor~pavement+wrecking/ball

A Big Fat White Stone of Amber, separated from all the rest in virtue by a stick.White = Meganium, Stone = Tyranitar, Amber = Snorlax, Suicune, Delcatty, Vileplume, Banette, SteelixLava or Volcano-Crown = RaptorWizard is “Sabrina” from the Book of Silence, that was devouring it, or Tyranitar.That moment of realization seemed to stretch on forever, time distorted and slowed, and she felt herself drawn out across an eternity, staring into the warbeast’s eyes for endless eons. A piece of warped and broken time was utterly beyond her experience or conjecture, but now discovered that it was coming from the earth beneath her feet, and that the ground was beginning to shake. Each had its rules, symbols, totems, and intended duration, a pretty pattern.

Garth, temple-warlock~arbiter+tree/Oracle – Death, Life, and Time. It was time that created lords, worlds, and everything. Dreams somehow connect to existence, beyond the world of creation. What if it’s “not” just space beyond the bottle of our Temple? But what if the quest means more than the alignment of malevolence? You disrupted the whole cosmic balance, by favoring life over death.If a WarLock is higher than a Wizard, then what does that make me? Chikorita jumps to the top and becomes the highest! Feraligater as Zarathustra is a radioactive core of all consciousness. Meganium’s the sweetest and cutest of all the Pokemon! It’s impossible to make the transition of a trap-binding~circlet? But from where does the ocean form a pacing swirl? Worlds drain a binding steak!

A giant space sub arboretum was extra dining and carbon drinking, like a certain ice cube or irreplaceable grotto was a giant snowman miner, so the ocean was swerving into a vain existence.There’s an impossible sort of gravitational-nexus~transition from a hair-cream propeller that better flips up sand as a caterpillar over monsters in escape hatches that redirect trains and wax forks over an apocalypse eclipse brimming with vitality! An ancient breathing of a bubbling-double~star was a switch-blade for your canvas, so it all came alive.Metagross was vaccinating the caveman of the vampire! It was a pale-stone of a mystical-magnet~getaway that drummed in flaws and hardship. It was a bright television of a falling anchor.So the question is greeting the new dawn!We awoke with dry ice and painful annihilating screens of a tube bottle box gift that writes or stirs a boot, a contemplation of the endless Father, a wheeling-sun~crater of the highest-evanescent~beauty yet for beholding.A sun-circlet~crown of will, and a deep-sun~rider of a far away Tempest-Fountain, a never ending dream symphony of a star-catcher, a flaw in walls and bridges.So better controlling the cat-takeover~crest+base was Kyogre the shark, a stick of lemons for lips of rubies, and Albert Einstein blowing down dream bubbles that hose-prolong the hots that you got moving the block.Replenishing or flipping and putting fudge over everything to seal it togetherSo what if nothing makes sense, or wings are tilted and sliding? Then You’re already there!

The Earth-Refinery of Solar-Flesh – So if you disregard it or throw everything down the drain, then the new-world subjection-subservience is a subway.Batman Beyond Dark Night – Garth is the Dark Magician – It was an ancient dream castle or random teleportation pads as the glass came destroyed through the highest faith into a better state. By jumping into that which is sharp or painful, it was pushing the shore-line into a power~plant!The legendary web-spinner was a plate of strange-alien~dialects and deep, underlying themes of a mystical flow~channel! It was coughing down a chimney of a sub-conscious~garden that’s awakened in your pond, the dying embers of a faded-luxury. This was a trip of 3-singing~boats that all bombed down the shell of a carbonite-gray, a deep and expensive undertaking of a listener’s stillness to the furthest-mystical~melody that was the implant of bicycles showing disrespect to president-shark~stick, just throwing random sludge everywhere!Ene was giving birth to a baby that ate chocolate for potato chips. It was a maximized-fullness~awakening+spectrumGreeting the New Dawn – We awoke with dry ice and painful annihilating scarecrows. Of a tube bottle box gift that writes or stirs a boot. A contemplation of the endless Father, a wheeling-sun~crater. Of the highest-evanescent~beauty yet for beholding. Sun-circlet~crown, Far away Tempest-Fountain of a deep Sun~Will, symphony of a star-catcher

A far down substance abuse drinks and subjects a lineage of an aegis-wall for counting the days of a pale white harvest. It was a catapult of epic proportions and ginormous leaps, an irreplaceable-boundary of never-ending~success.So the trees could catch the cold with the highest-silver~paranoia for a majestic-juvenile of dream-timelines. It was a surf-board of the eternal-engine~crowbar, a devilish-janitor of horoscopes that can refill you.This is what puts reincarnation at the top of the super-market, the most lovely surprise of a delightful loudmouth, a beating of the tap-dance~doorway that sticks your leg out. Bunny was just an abused conceptualizer director chicken, roasted and clubbed to death. It was acting a lot like a majestic-imagination~monopoly, just hunting down Oracle’s-vains.

Da Vinci is the Winter-Solstice of the laser~capture for understanding the Prophet.Pupitar is the best Pokemon, the UnderSeer of Evolution, the rumble of Rainbows, veils and glasses of fireworks and families, ignited and grounded on uneven surfaces, but how do you pass through 6th house Telvanni into a Solar-charge that electrifies collars?The pale-Prophet was turned sick and gross with a very Greece-like and protective extra special-wand that was flashing diamonds. It was moving in and out to a hyper-hand rabbit, a set of letters and symbols that act like a forest-mansion of hexagrams, a luciferian-hose~head of an extreme-redirectory of ultra-sensitive chocolate-bags and celtic-metronomes, a call that beckons or subdues and worships a Wraith of faded Twilight for a deep-dream~star or laughter and giggles through ginormous talismans of a dream-side~lodge for inner mysteries and preaching or explaining a black box of death and shark eggs for shields and transformations being a momentary getaway of a far greater inspiration for transpiration!It was throwing paper plates into a seduction twister, a northern reach of far away themes that implants thoughts and bombs of a blessing sofa wedding web bug.You caught the love-bug with Bunny and were crowned as “Dear Diary”! So this man and this Bunny being the club of a breeze were boarded and shrunk. It was a dream-getaway~mansion as Alaska blinking the lights of Arborealis. It blew in as the manifesto of a thick Tempest. It was combined-fusion~polmerization of Hair! It was accepted as Night-Core~bursts of Sunny+D! You can walk or stomp on anything as its own trampoline!

Vases were ruling the Clarity-Present~Arcanum. The sun comes through the Pyramid, so Tyranitar is a radioactive core of all consciousness, a symbol of a fading moonlight and a far away rose crown of signatures in the flesh as a Paradise for the Oracle’s Vains transpiring through shells of a retarded-Gray, clear as Bunny’s fin!Bunny’s a MerMaid for Patchy the Pirate, Oracle of Veins gone coo-coo for cuffs on hands, or a fin for feel.The Mermaid was film-vanity and overhaul showering, like millions of twinkling-snowflakes that catch you in a warp-tube bed-seal, an instant electrocution or lockdown of your zoo for identifying explanation and territorial trees, a right of passage and plunge into simplicity, or an ever-changing~dream+curtain that levels the playing/field.Rocks, sponges, tubes, and insects for Slowbro breath shining drinks as potions. The claymore-rush was geeky for wellsprings. Instant-destruction~desert+sticker/cakes were explained and deposited for monkey mission samples. This was the timeless spatial creation edge of removing a smooth Bunny praying as ending the Lakers, so minutes for Kobe as 24 in time or rejection from a big tall giant better balls or opens a sinister-reign, a rocket-cruise or slick-staff~elevator for mornings and replacing candy for endlessly rude spring-sponge~baths, so by bending or collecting and licking a sound we glide and crawl a masonry crow for mazes being a lot like upraising and switching for a mist of a hurtful humming beacon, a kind of dream-distress or purging of the landmass for bubbling bottoms into inverted soup cans with the top upside down, so by having pouches carrying a camp side style, a certain satellite or brush hurried hurling of original hopping stones renders blue a smoking narcissism for a super-speeder of light-tainted~fame being the mouth-promise of a sour ray extracted or erased for a mattress.The eskimo was wearing a pan on his head to ride a turbine. The snow was the frost-fall of leaves beneath where you sit. Nothing is tumbled down in tracks or crushed and stamped upon underneath the fallen leaves. A scalework-licking~spree offered a timeless dream voyage for quest marker compass stones fulfilling or refreshing and replenishing Magical Meganium leaves. By removing the straw bending burden, proportion flared an eclipse cannon or false eyes surprise aspiring or ships and piles upon a fish fountain forgery lanturn.Cheerleaders kicking legs were the underlying attachments of the profound. So by penetrating or having as an axis or broken lever, the creation quiz for the subway acceptance vault had cameras and vampires for a hated suspension.The ruins of Alph was being blocked off by a Caterpie. The problem is that people don’t accept BunnyRaptor. I actually respond extremely frequently with a lot of fantasy and feeling blown way out of proportion. So the forest is like the soil for fruits as the bandwidth. We endlessly lay down white stone altars of Jet oil manufacturing. Fantasy enflames and charges a deep toiling reservoir of twisted smoke infused into an invincible greenhouse tapestry. This doubles back over or presents an endless wish box. It constitutes or detaches a document of will, a set of lines and jewels that jump into a magic envelope.These friends of ours present a curtain or firewall. The whole was coming out of a juvenile mage grade. This better opened or had a certain inevitable ax pouch, a temple golden groom majesty!It was the split-spark tapestry~peeling of an age old science dragon scream, uplifting or storing and holding magnetic-lines to create anything imaginable, the death of knowledge. So fixes or states and blues with openings remind me of a jolly-walker~landmine+sponge. Your demolitions escalator Machiavelli assault was geeky and perverted for your sad face of the tee-pee. It was a bug straw noodle catcher, a kind of star-vanity~oasis+shatter/point for dealing litter boxes of busses that supplied an endless defense support or security system, so socks came over white water rushing, scaring off gray twilight, wishing doorways and alien boat mobiles that purge the broadest frontier, so God was commanding the foundation. Raptor will Light the super-nexus.You were locked out or cast and chained or stunted by the stone valley lord overseer for deviation and destruction or fuse-cannons that ignited on set passion ablaze for a famine, a colossal sort of deluge for a resurrection-door.From the Power of One they say, open the door that leads you to the perfect road, a thing with feathers that guides the Dark Magician to Magic. Like a Lightningbolt, your heart will glow, much like the Frenzy Plant from a Chikorita, the NeraVarine, and Tyranitar, Apprentice-Internet!Apprentice-Power~Up talks to cats boxing livewire warriors entranced fragile forks.What do you lift up with a Fork? A sword-protective~seel that chunks hidden hot dogs for invisible sensation!1) Chrysamere fell down to point the right of way at midnight!2) The GS ball released a Mass Consciousness Mind Projecting a circle.3) GS Ball = Tyranitar and Solari of 1 Electrified, so it’s Pallet Town, a Time Machine! It’s also Count Dooku!4) Count Dooku’s favorite axiom is, “Wisdom takes the Lowest route”!A Pirate Ship that goes over a cliff with a Waterfall in the tempest of temperatures. Einstein blew up sleepers in Morrowind! They were never heard.In the Future Final Annihilator Generator, Sonic-booms foresee Jets!Heavy Metal Core drums at the Clock Tower Precipice.Writing a letter to Albert Einstein will remove all shockwaves on his face, a reversal of rage.

Wreaking havoc in real life places Bunny’s feet, revealing maps of a Lost-Temple~Tyranitar = Archon to worship Nightcore Jet Tiles GrayGetting through the Sith Tomb reveals Count Dooku is the last of the Lost 20, and we find him at the center of the Valley of the ancient Sith Lords as Pupitar! Both Fantasies were trapped by Rainbows twice, and my Star came!!Bunny owns Me! I’m Amber! Cows visisted charcoal to monitor evolution entrapped in a trim.Houses sing a song and eat a feast on logs stories high and enjoying final fantasy Ruminating white Bunny elevating Slowking as God! Blue moved Hair to make a chess board. Carrots are doomed as the GhostGengar learned Explosion!Jirachi turned into Bunny!Ferns magically ebb fable!Bunny owns the Hero as Veins!The Apprentice was raising without end implanting Golden Acorn on direct waffles of Star Wars, so I’m upraising a Jedi Academy again as Sabrina! TV will never be the same without Bunny waving my hands and my feet

Rhydon = Zig ZagOmega is God, Count Dooku as the leader of the SeparatistsMy road was too valuable to give to pitch black; I’m Purely Solari of 1, a Jedi!Solari of 1 learned her times tables in 2nd gradeHow do I open Pandora’s box? I just turn the clock. Perfection moves the straw dummies in unison!Bunny is a Yellow JacketOblivion is Lugia! He’s a Tree-stump as Tyranitar! Bunny hiding is hard to see laughing at Bush Gardens. I have to choose my lightsaber from money in Will, a Black Bird going over my house!A clear trail has been set! It was by Silver giving me an envelope! Chicken Chaser Silver = Rayquaza lifting up a bunch of chickens.Rumination stopped the Final Annihilator Generator Perfectly!The bathroom detached my Capstone and washed clean my sin!! Rainbows began speaking to Jesus!

Asking “What-If” Questions squiggles squares to get my PokeGear up and in my Room with a TeePee that rockets authoritarian battlefields to the dark side of the chess board, brooming bordersI violate a mental space shift of Pikachu! I became Sabrina kicking off my shoes to become a Witch on a broom.I’m Count Dooku, leader of the Jedi Academy! Solari of 1 learned the Alphabet! Bunny is my lunch box. Jack and the Bean Stock dropped off pandora’s box circling the clock in another galaxy, bringing the darkest depths of invisible regions to a brilliantly illuminated mountainside at the highest zenith of what lies so far away in space.

Indians were talking to me about Atlantis. You’re jumping over a bunch of Rainbows in the Tin Tower to fissure out the Arbor as the one great and almighty, victorious, revelatory commanding tree of all knowledge, even seeing beneath the bare intangible threads that think all of your thoughts out for you, and trip you to stumble to the ground in darkness, there with a light to discern the differences that so widely populate and make all of the diverse interplay of each scenario round the borderline of exotic tastes and wonderful trains to endlessly trace out from the story of destinies altered and revamped into blazing trails of glory that launch the greatest sequences into the setup through stage tricks and audience illusions, leaving you blind to the master work of plumbing to focus the force, giving you clarity and foresight into everything!

The Light is the Freezer. Good Vs. Evil place Lapras into a movement towards universal enlightenment, protecting your from the bar of extremities that can erupt and explode civilization. Crystallization quickens the hardening of forms from a solid white pool of pure Christmas and timeless canopies that race and span across the depth. My quest to Jedi Master Enlightenment has been completed by battling Sith Assassin Resistance. The complete annihilating and destructive power of the Force Crushes Vision, removing all physicalism, even remote temptation, to the point where the Force is respected! The only thing the Force does is guide the Mind! Springboarding plates on a lightningrod sings gross curls into the division of letters from numbers, other angles or dimensions for language in various forms of expression and complexity to weave and bind many fluid frames of focus into the framework you’re leveraging into the layers to look into and see.

Do we remember the right side of existence, or the wrong side of existence? Whereas the Sith Academy is a Pyramid, the Jedi Hotel is mine! Time can never be violated, so Rainbows is a teddy bear! The Vampire levitated by Overgrowth. Overgrowth = Petal Dance. X marks the spot, so we’re building it to the Right! Bunny likes to argue with a lot of people, taking down establishments upright! The Temple exists on floating cards that bring Sweet Scents!!.. Upraise lines of Will and deal cards with wands! Bunny the Mouse sniffs Heaviness. She plays a Harmonica on a Tree stump to embarrass you which shows all of your love and affection for Her!

Heavenly Alter Forever Flying FreeWe upraise magical dream altars from the tides of Atlantis as Psychic floating platforms that swing Sabrina’s head sideways, and stick a horn all up in her stuff, feeding Bunny. She is an inverted-Witch~form of wild~mist-Quiz = breaks, splitting the Mountain.

Crystal into your Wizard – He’s the detached capstone that incinerates all Obelisks as the highest heavenly Ether. The bubbles of life spoil a speakerset from an endless sea of mystery, so it’s the Sphynx. Snorlax has the zippers upon which Volcano Crowns are unveiled. Their lack of direction and crazy frenzy plants bound all over the place for random emoticons of rests that keep their bumble bee jackets together, all trying to be like Solari of 1, and activating their Crow.

Crown into your Power – What turns you on or gets you going up and forward as God vanishes into the Light of All Force is for a thousand lives to merge into One, and to sing with the Zither-Hexagram ruling the Star~Forest-nexus, the inexorable glass bands of Halos that stretch so far.

You’re at the table and bridge of destiny as a GameFreakSolari, a square of extra-sensory~perception that could see all atop your Christmas-tree~feet, shining orbs and birds of bending had countless heels. In the summer of a big screen debut, the agile adventurer jumps back to the Game Boy color for a portable pack see “GS Ball” curse coughed in a murky swamp, dark magic, out of the tomb and onto the rooftops, out of tombs and ruins and into present-day rooftops and subway tunnels, Dinosaur angel “angle” Purity tofu Clarity Present Doll of the Rainbow-archway is Victory for the Horn, better emblazoning as the resurrected Star-Bird of Evolution.

A wise, witty, well-informed, up-to-the-minute account of the evolution of intelligence, and a much-needed antidote to the still-rising tide of irrational psychology and occult nonsense. No one can read it without acquiring a deeper, saner understanding of the powers and limitations of that mysterious minicomputer just above and behind one’s eyes.

What if it’s possible that everything you attribute to aches and pains from a downward shift is like turning up the gravity for fruits that could eat you whole? You fall into a submissive pattern or overlay, or talk to a skeleton that renders itself flexible, or even life beyond death for white moving stone pillars, a reflection of coins of foils that you put over your head to protect from rain. Then you can stretch a big giant party hat, and see bubbles of life shimmering from a white haze, causing extreme hatred and fighting in far away countries in other existence planes by having an emotion or prison that takes questions, and offers immediate votes to play your disc, a fallen waterfall wavelength that spins them into tooth-paste, so they eat fire balls that have all kinds of protective lamps and pillars for talking about a scary damn that meets hands turning into golden counters, so people become piles of leap year festivals, just jumping into a never ending whistle of grass leaves, so the flora and fauna were forming worship for an underwater arboretum submarine that super-sizes into where it goes, or gives it a really big nose “Meganium” Aroma. A hidden invisible Scent, so the train likes to smell people, and offer all kinds of Golden-Zinc, for Gold’s Idiosyncratic cinderblocks revamping you inside out, and giving you the sweet feeling of your Hair, smart and delightful encounter with bubbles that you may rain down from solid compositions to shivering crystallization of opportunity pounced and grabbed.

Crystal is Solitary-Walker going to the Zeus-myth~trek of a long story. Red is followed by the Wind-Mill of Eternity to Evil turned Gray, a Dark Magician as the late school-bus of the Lower, first time seen. Ene as Dragonair or Clairborn Polaris Reading Rainbows as the right of way for my intial capstone. Clair appears at the beginning of the first Pokemon episode climbing the rainbow-lightning~ladder up into the highest potential of frolicking catching jolly breezes swinging targets grouped stellar certain trim to the belief in the Star Forge, blasting fire as Charizard!

Solari of 1 reversed veils and put on jackets of rumbling controllers storming down tornados.The moon of the far away watermelon being jealousy for your Rainbow was the star of the show, the rocking chair of tiles in microwave.Less imagine~If quests as the detached and seductive interplay of penny-towels, upraising the decaying and long-corruptive competition, raising Corsola as Mew makes Tyranitar feel well in If, a Harmony after heating plate up his capstone by playing on the beach from Ape to man and breaking down his bird of the higher to remove a Slowking-hat, thereby proving that she’s the best, but the Story by a God of the gaps is a Rainbow-bridge wobbling and stretching its bounds to more widely encompass the permitier and make big broad traveling leaps filled in blanks with clams, offering certain inexorable pushes and jumps into the beyond, diving off the bill-board of Ho-Oh for edges of corruption and betrayal in a computer blocked off spirits of the dead from accessing this dimension.

The Red edge of beams and birds is a lot like all kinds of belly buttons for random worm acting like coupons for far away lines of Aslan.Ash marries Meganium and magnetics cause the birth of death and betrayal.He marries the rookie Tyranitar as Casey, who was originally a Meganium. The cross was refined by Ice. Seeing the under-toes of your overalls cracked the Aegis. It’s a big Apple witch fork hexagram, a bunch of Bunny feathers being snapped away, or having omega hanging upside down as the devil’s cry taking away your bottles of lotion, and stealing agricultural grounds being happy faces for flight.

The right side turned on and felt the force leaving for Rainbows upholding forces for prisms of many faces are the figures of the Force that team up with double-trouble for the flow of the quilt hanging on dark, evil, domineering threads that throb the counters on a nervous chimney of gliding on a dash and draping the bath tub with wax to shine your face with more purity. I was reading songs with Rainbows. Having kinds with Bunny, or turning the Mountaintop into cinder for hair flying out like all kinds of random straws for the copy cat~Will=document, so rats being the power-stars that such veils opened mouths of teleportation were Victory for the Horn, M-theory being the Father, and much pain being suffered at the cross.

Kreia’s hatred of the Force is further spurred by a windmill to merry waters of all that bounce together Bunny on both sides of feeling, holding hands of marts for futures that beg supremacy of a ruler, or hold treasures and true life-long~gifts as soft-ponds ruminating into galloping forges of stagnation uprooted for your best friend.Raticate is the will of the world, the soul of the symphony, the crack of dawn, and the soul of Exeggutor upon which the tempest can come back to haunt you, electrifying the cross of glory, and resurrecting galleries from pages, transforming into Tyranitar at will, or even the fable of the story.

By doing away with themes or qualities or meat, the golden-stars reverse steps, becoming the roots of the bipolar-frost~energy being the Rose~colored-genius of the lost in thought and wildly reflective over crossing clouds of question and thought to party pendulum love stroking cabinet hacking of position storied barns of rampage grappled planet tunes freaking out left flipper puff ball fable.The Apprentice of Extremities was granted 1 Wish – The Star of the show was meeting your Father as the stick of Police, Avo’s Tear, Solari’s Purity, Rainbow’s rooster of everlasting friendship shoreline wall portal trial listener for the table broken crawl space of Caterpie, electrified, static, chasms of Fissures and earth as a birthday cake.

The castles were converging as the starlight destiny of eternity, silver as the screens of glass-circlets, the Hero of Oakveil as a towered orientation to the dark side, and Nintendo Power replacing shoes on horses of voids fulfilled to Maximum-overtime redemption, the rods of the chosen extending their branches, and clicking from both side~trains and exiting earth minerals, so being clubbed to death as the restriction of fullness is the beach of champion = Silver (Blue), being followed by evil later, with both sides of Rhydon helping to better anchor you into Magnet-trains of Pupitar’s finest-triumph being supremacy missing a capstone, because spraying oranges became party hairs sinking Jesus into rumors of roasted storms cloak orbital brown rough houses fighting and disturbing the blood bath from Bunny, feeling the force of floating omens, or just celebrating victory forever, giving no thought to the future, and just being free.

Jesus as Zang is an actor under the will of the almighty as the blasts offer refurbished and better deal deluxe lottery grove voluminous vehicular train exit ditch span needle cactus, rockets reversed as diaries for doubles of symbols, songs trumping bondages, Healing rainbows cracked a laugh to death with both waves of water and walking through fire.

The internet is open; Tyranitar is free. The Present crosses Purity both ways. Red is the top step. The highest bandwidth of communication is the extremity upon which rocking-altitudes are exposed, mathematical certainties for the electrocution of Rainbows around bade abysses for Africans singing with storied corruption of creation. Creation is deeply flawed or tainted, corrupt or imprisoned. It’s the fish upon which Gold = microwaveThe nonsense of inside-alleys as beating stands = forksThe fork is standing up as Sabrina, so she was wearing evil-devil~horns

The group of your gossip being the refreshment of sponges for all kinds of cows and badges mixing togetherSinging and dancing and flying and squiggling, holding hands together for the wings of far away jungles and jails where guards joke about security to marry shark sticks was jamming all into your peanuts, so tropical-tree~paradises being orange-juice for travelers was a lot like the trajectory of missiles for the tallest-tales fishing and shoving crooked-plastic for rough genes being game-cubes that lay down zithers, and give up their arsenals were zooming in for moods.

The present of the implants as the chronicles of eternity had the time-jars upon which rage for your tempest-forest~fire was gary replaying discs atop palaces trying tricks for SolitaryWalker, Gold beats Red on the Road, and rides deer being Tractor beams for pulling up all of your barriers being Rainbows.Victory for the Horn is Meganium as AHiddenWorld, and the Tempest-Fire of her forest igloos recovered all points of purity, and weaved their Projects into Will’s Rainbow busting down Rays of Sunshine, because Meganium was free too, and the magic of magnets was the aftermath of the symphony, just pulling you wherever you need to be, and combing Pie’s Hair, because days that real grease as the slippery slow. The valley was covered with perception as the purity of your veils going over and aroundMoney being the inverse of your orb as a magnet train was the underlying thought of armies united and vibrating Rainbow tryouts for soccer-fudge being a unicorn-vote, so the power of one as the prison of perception was post-portal~stop as Darth Traya

Darth-Traya was ripped to pieces, so the graveyard was gargantuan with her lightbulbs, and snow as the wands of her hands was bringing states together as the bounds of doubles being bondage for destiny, reversing Meganium into magnetsRainbows was magnetized with baptized-plates, giving power ranger insect buddies brands, or fresh as Yugioh shirts. Lucas Sims = Silver Truck, Freezer, Universe, Big-Crunch, Internet, Solar Beam, MeganiumShadows were gargantuan hallways for missiles being stolen, so barbed-wire covers your beds, and magic beams of maximillion pegasus awaken your millennium items, so keys opening uneven spaces for far greater breakthroughs was meeting endless expansion as the clock tower super-nexus of hoses and collars reading rainbows, or even god grounded and crumpling up palpatine shocked and shunnedSo soil is like the lion of the fool for a toothbrush of Omega helping to burst free your mom’s singing voice, so space being the god-send of the Apprentice

The Ubermensch is that Lightning and that Frenzy, a colored Witch-fork of infinite futures, or a detachment of rain to shower the surface with ripples, innocent drops of thoughts that shatter souls, so Lugia is frozen forever, or the dragons are awakening as Final-Annihilator~genes for the doves of lotion to Shakespeare and Fear, like incineration being the middle of Bowser to burst his big-bellyThe Grand secret lies in the “rocks” and the grand human design code-Oracle encrypted in virtually all of his other mystical paintings, Teleport~Cerulean-TelephoneDaVinci, being all wise and snapping, or just trying to crack and apple was filled with fruits and herbs from a berry that hypnotizes people, a psychotic dream-sandal of an owl or night-thief, a right and fitting crown. Was he a genius or was he somehow connected to the tree of Life? This resurrection file roosted a crease for his binder, a kind of laughing face or tryout for the squares, so we slip down into a dining-hall, and hit a night-core~star playing checkers, perhaps even an Alakazam attachment for spoons.The source of all Knowledge = Alakazam, Slowking, Scizor, Sandslash, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, 1st, Ruby, Sapphire, Soccer, Bunny, up, cleat, afroditegoneawry

Sabrina’s Omnipotent – King Arthur (unknown to me) may at least have a connection to Salamence. Taken at face value, in the Grail we have a stone or crystal-like~object of variable physicality that emits powerful life-force energy, can translate thoughts into material foodstuffs, has seeming intelligence and volition, functions “Oracularly,” and requires high spiritual integrity from those who wield and serve it lest they be destroyed by it.The “other-worldly” branches off and sub-divides the continuum. The door of the Ubermensch is to the left.*The highest form is “speaking Rainbows”!Confederacy of Independent Systems - Time to Create the Republic!

1) The best of all Jedi for ignoring restrictions is Yoda!2) The Strongest of all the races is the Breton, the Devil.3) The Devil is the best at considering alternative perspectives!4) Mew awoke from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..5) A hallway of the highest wisdom threw down Stone Immortal!!6) A big ginormous roller park exists to educate on levels..7) Legendary authority is a Clear Jet, me!8) Wisdom takes the lowest route.9) The temple exists on floating cards that bring sweet scents!!..

Count Dooku is a Jedi Consular, trained under Enlightenmental. The 3 elements are: Tyranitar, Yoda, Palpatine. I pumped water up the Mountain and ate rain!Palpatine is a Sith Sentinal, trained with Intense Restrictions under-Top Gravity made him so Strong, a GPS System! This allows him to know advances Everytime Obi-Wan~Kenobi uses a Wizard’s Robe in Attack.

New hieroglyphics have been raised with testing platforms, and all conquest has been rendered silent, so we killed the Sith Emperor.Only with the death of the initial genesis, the sky line drive has no inertia, so my Krayt Dragon Pearl is visited as a cart ridge by a sliding Peacock emblem of the Lowest Ruminating Devil!

Ruler of Heaven and Harps – People get all kinds of crazy face makeovers that get hair dice from willful grasses to completely alter the genetic process from random to replenished by a careful farmer.We ask the Lion Head producers what’s our first or most unfailing and trusted resource! We offer all kinds of strange straw dummies to strike with Lightning! The highest North is the Heaviest helmet, immersing you into all of the constellations!!

Temple of a Thousand Fountains – The Sith Emperor at the Heart of the galaxy was Yoda on the dark side!! The Temple was floating into contact with the Water Dragon..? This station went about deciphering the languages of strange alien primitives, so we need a tower of Babel! This will be done by meeting the ozone layer, and tapping Midnight! All of the chosen ones took a heavy toll on the Republic! The Fountain made crystallized snowflakes of carbonite!

Tyranitar Reading Rainbows to 2000 – That Scorpion of the NorthEast was laughing in cages of conformity. Maze is a Luciferian Hose Head redirecting the Zither all throughout the horizon of ways across the Acentric Labyrinth!

Raptor’s Zither was Reading Rainbows – The scales of Salamence came down to reveal the Lich King in the Ruins of Sancre Tor in Oblivion, which is Tyranitar! The forest faded into Blue for Azura’s Star! Toronto is very cold! The NeraVarine evolved the Temple.

Red shatters acentricity by a telescope that opens Oblivion portals by moving tiles into the ruins of Alph at the center of the Milky Way. Wisdom takes the lowest route, reversing Rainbows into the Lightning! Thus man grows to the height, Tyranitar!Count Dooku = Sith GovernorTaris = Pale Blue DotStaff of Ruin = The Final AnnihilatorThe Water took a Vacation in Monsoons that radio’d Giovanni’s helicopter This beheaded Rainbows and focused the flow of Nirvana to Bunny.

The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dragon!Count Dooku is the Water Dragon in Willy Wonka and Super Mario Sunshine! This is the lesson of Perception, a hidden World!

Alaska was relocated to Hawaii.But who was the mover? The idea is to claim a Sigil Stone.3 Rainbows = The Devil is the best at considering alternative Perspectives!Breton to Skyrim, so the Devil made multifaceted copies of himself that got progressively better along the Way! Polaris Statues have orbs that stand out from all the rest slows people down! The dark side is small compared to the Light! Lao Tzu is Yoda’s Tao.

Zhuangzi = Mind. It is not only that life and death, coming and going, are its mere reflections, nor merely that humanity, responsibility, ritual, and music are only its names and appearances: even the world “Awareness” is something that falls on the side of the derivatives, a mere grand child of it!Unleashed Construction Dog Golf Course Force Silver Mom Carrot= Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Garth, TimeSabrina owns the Jedi Academy with Bunny, so the first idea is “constructing a Jet!” God can make a Stone so Heavy, that it’s the Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip! Extrapolating voting polls brought Blaine’s Gymnasium to start the Big Bang! Galleries, Vans, Marine, Within, Garth, ArtWhat will our Jet look like? What if the Jet glorifies Me? It will not be the Star Forge, and the Sith Academy will be all but erased!

The Jedi will rule everything, owned by Tyranitar! This makes Palpatine the first function of our Jet to raise the Internet! Does that make me Stronger?Information can harness the flow of Nirvana, so we watch our trial of favorite objects moving from first to last in line!Getting booted off the island made the water warm, so people identify threats from thank you letters, and the island doesn’t exist; it got over populated as a dust storm that holds statues of studious heroes.

Monday makes your body numb, so eating special food opened the sea!Everything was observed from underneath as planes and Jets!We just redefined black and white, and that can get you anywhere!The Jet moves ahead of time, and pushes it into Royalty!Rattle Snakes made loud noises to break Sonic booms.My broom reads Rainbows as Slowking!If I could push my broom into my butt, then I would be in ideas that make the Jet a genie with a soul!

We’re growing an Arboretum on this Jet! Wish grew up soon!Project Mind is sitting on top of Everything.Thinking in terms of anamalistic instincts shot you everywhere!I was coo-coo for coco~puffs all over again!This means to really build it Now!The Jet is called “Void Inside”!It casts down miles of Serpents that have treasure growing on your gallery. Gold is glowing from a Star Forge Prism. This gives us fancy robes that float on contact with electromagnetism!Many purified wars from an ancient chill play harsh and over bearing currents in the sky, but it does nothing to destroy your wall constitution. The idea of an evil or impure heart dropped a star-craving~madness that had a laughing roof of recharging “Eternal-Ice” as Polaris burned into a maximized height of SuperUnknown kings, so all of the knowledge in the world introduced emotions of other planets, whatever that might mean, if only they could climb saddles of rushes.

The planes were always this ever expanding symphony of chest-armor, so extending your bones out into reigns of Santa Clause determined that your passage was a supernova-garlic~Wish! The liter-box crushed bipolar lip~synchronization!Rushes of the Big Bang are Garth’s Tower! That’s owned by Tyranitar too!!The Temple of a Thousand Fountains was also focused by Tyranitar with Bunny! Bunny’s the biggest love of my life, even more than my Jet!The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dr. Sherriff, bringing peace to the land when he said “Be Right back”!

Donkey Kong is Burger King, so Alaska is Greenland, DNA’s ladder to Avolan that put the voting booth of the tooth Fairy anew, but it’s not divided, so the states were joined together as Sabrina!EnlightenMental is the new thing! That’s Yahweh, Jesus. The fields were green! A Nintendo Game Cube walked in fields. A Black Pearl Jet of Palpatine atop the tower of Time sliced Salamence talking to a Diamond in bondage.Say no to doom Desire, and look up at Dialga smoking in the Ruins of Ho-Oh.Hey You Pikachu lags your computer by stepping all over the beach with Plankton! Agatha reveals that he’s Gengar!Slowking evolved into Temple-Overseer at Midnight, which reads candles on Kindle! Black and white text hollars into CampBell’s soup, and rules Super Mario Sunshine!Completing the journey of 1000 miles is surprising!Money is a Pokemon, so Slowpoke is floating in the air at present!

The box is an infinite course of magic that makes Soda “Gary”!Gary likes to brag a lot, and grabs a lot of Sodas out of Psyduck.Psyduck is a Hampster named “Mew,” a mean chicken!!A bunch of pictures were grabbed off a screen and lit on fire!!People were killed trying to climb to Moma Crow!Moma Crow made a Final Destiny Jump to save Ash!Bunny was tripping on the phone line to discover Tyranitar heard death, so the GuildMaster said that my Focus is Low!!If you put fire inside of a computer, and then get it to run that way, then we would only know wealth! Everything on the internet is free! Meeting the other end of Mars is Venus, docking-Bays of AphroditeGoneAwry! Nietzsche has a Pizza Hat in Morrowind. His Wizard Hat sees to the Moon. Water from a religious sanctuary froze to death. Venus grew mouth-guards that learned the Alphabet! Diving down into the unknown discovered old family pictures. This silences satellites.

A Star Bird of Evolution was grown in a Jar that freezes the Tears of Life in White, removing Silver-trajectories, so being unmasked underground with Bunny is Venus Rayquaza go.Bandanas block rays of sunshine from sight, so I read the Future Pupitar!Squares as geeks use glasses to see.A lot of jak-o-lanturns made magic mushrooms release sight.RuneMaster as Silver radio’d Tyranitar’s Ruins of Waffles!!Mankey got mad and turned into Primeape to reject Red’s Mouse at level 100.Pikachu reached her Peak! The Prime Cup has a Brown Arena. Dirty oak trees danced and raced everywhere.Bunny the Mouse made a loud and round sound for Juice to see, so Red is Inserted to tell the boardwalk about Lavender’s Slowpoke as a Winged Twilight at the sunlit morning of evening.

My heart race is pickmin everlasting bug stoppers, so bringing Water to the land yet again is Slowbro/Tyranitar!A bunch of insects will.Insect = ill Gengar gangStorybook Merrygoround – Seizing from Reflections to Rainbows at BowerStone. A WitchHunter in BowerStone is out to kill Slowbro in Legendary status.Red travelled to the Future as 14 pages blank to see the Future of twins.Super Smash Brothers Melee Tyranitar Mr. Game and Watch = Tyranitar Won.Earl’s Academy = Nosepass, maximized. Arboretums of underwater fumes awoke Mew from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..

Turning on a hot tub increases whirlpools.Learning Zions blocked the way to Light.6th House Telvanni is Rakatan BaseKreia caught Mira crying wolf to go crazy.The entire sky can turn into a scale work bone structure as a voice at the center of distance.This points eye-brows and glues televisions to sticky~notes of channeled frequency.The author has the dried-curtains of wind~chambers that turn to shreds an entire blue disco symphony upheld as a ball.Implanting yourself as a candle light ghost removes all concept of artistry that dashes place-holders of a pumpkin~thirst!Coils of lock down doubts can spring-board the sky and bombard as an easy summer doomed vampirism slaughtered to bring down light.Light was commanded and focused in the palm of your hand.

Jet-Pack~Nietzsche wore down the apocalypse of fake radio transmissions and indestructible bubble rust through Misery’s Oracle, a dream-time~seed of Alchemy or Golden Harvest Acorn!By subjecting and devastating the gaze of stagnation into burned editions of a Library’s stillness, we discover “Tyranitar” as the NeraVarine!We are building a Magical-Staircase to Molly’s Palace underwater!Cosmic Consciousness is Sabrina underwater as “Marina” 3000 Final FantasyExeggutor was Charizard’s Lowest-Will to bring the Jungle over Final Fantasy. I never thought of evolving the Temple being “Forward”!! Skyrim Library = Freezer Elder Scrolls, Fissure and Horn Drill = Cats and Dogs

The eye of the storm = Surge of Power, the End of all Meltdown for Yoda, sacrificing Peace for Gnosis.Gnosis is the Big Omniversal BlizzardI closed my EyeWe could cut a diagonal Hurricane into a Hyper Octagon, so Hell Forever better weaves or unravels morals of marvelous magnitudes to expose or decay extreme corruption of delight.UFOs talk to Gyarados.Go into Mewtwo’s Eye!Gyarados opens its mouth, and brags a lot! It reads the future by believing in itself, so everything is already there, and the Final Annihilator has the Ruins of Sancre Tor in Oblivion, which is Tyranitar!Emperor Palpatine is a Surge of Power! I closed my eye!I was playing with you in the Clarity Present ArcanumDestiny Unfolding Crystal Chronicles CallFinal Fantasy Storied DestiniesA template diagram of a rift in the moon was Shattered by the rings of Saturn! This is Kotor, a Blue Sun Chapter that blinds the landscape in disease. A circle of the dead Projects a Mass Consciousness Mind.

You throw 2 buckets of water at a Bunny-statue to litter on it.Dividing water is the strongest idea to turn everything to cinder!Magic Ball = Fissure, House = Horn DrillSaruman = Oblivion’s House-Telvanni~Master

Where does the panda edge out to? He makes a loud noise! Generated Fantasy builds Tyranitar! The secret is Apprentice Saruman, the NeraVarine of Alaska. The Panda evolved out of Rainbows to become black and white. Supremacy calmed the mind of Masquerading Frenzy suspending a snow-globe TyranitarA Mass Consciousness Mind blinks the eyes of perception to put an inexorable dagger that reads Vampires died with the colors of the Sun and live Forever!What if you could tell Kurt Godel what to do? Syrup would turn volatile and hulk out, because it could reveal hidden passageways and have Spongebob talk to Kevin Durant comlinking Giovanni’s health.Doors of Gyarados lead to Blaine’s Gym while Gary is relaxing Spongebob!Nascour dooms Silence to eels in marriage, so Dragonite peeled Car’s Big-BangThe Big Bang is going on without End, so the Rainbow bridge continues as the story goes on Forever in a Jet of definition to overturn Rainbows.Taste the Rainbow liquid Crystal germs.

Solari of 1 grows on a Tree of GoldShe ships cupid into the seashoreYoutube talks to shampoo in bottlesThe sea is upheld in a bottle that raisesDeclare open gargoyles to hair, BunnyTurning Tuesday into Ruby Friday trading card gameSolari of 1 is in a Pyramid that is crucifying JesusTaddle Tales for horses make a lot of noise in a hallway of legends in battle, a reversal of Rainbows as the axis of Earth that beheads a pirate kingDagoth Ur is a big fish in FableThe Master of the Mint is a new land Maze of abstract assertiveness clearing her throat.

Morrowind flees Yoda, the Sith Emperor! It’s Now Count Dooku, Separatist TilesTiles ring 1000 voices in Sabrina’s Gymnasium Perfectly! When Mew closed its eyes, it was Tyranitar! Mew awoke from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles..It’s impossible to break bubbles! That’s what Rainbows said!Carbonite is sugar, because it rushes free as a Jolly Rancher!Picking up the Internet is Rayquaza, levitating spoons.Bunny makes very long leaps and bounds of reason as a bird.

The underlying rays of a Hyper-Beam~Generator sense bears.Birds + Bears = Hiding Heiroglyphics as a fox dances to the sun atop the rainbow of revolution.The boardwalk of matts sat boats copying BunnyThe Mundane isn’t Real; properties come over faces like donuts.Clear fragrance weighs a ton to Nosepass God!Petal Dance Venus flies in a trap of Bunny’s boxed~body odor extinguishing zippers on a hot chase to the north pole!

The Final Annihilator Generator activated to diabolical creations held upside down as transports that hang the water into matts read as reason to rule.Gaddon Thek gave a lot of money to see again, so he was covered by Blue as Oak.Seeing the future rides waves of numbness that fling lifters filtering the GS Ball, so tomb boots hyper-ascended trauma under nightmares as the Mass Project invisible, so learning to see again wobbled train tracks over black holes opening the horizon for a frozen hell, so Tyranitar is a detached-box! The 2nd Bunny was created in a world that surprised Saturn with an oceanic shell of progress. Spinning with psychotic rage and destruction over peaceful fields slumbers zap cannons of glass shattered and obliterated into new streets that end with a car crash make one ready to face death.

Sounds were getting louder with a picture of cameras striking poses in random locations that shift and flicker with a glow of internal recognition by holding your head up and bobbing up and down in approval on the side of authority by principality to obey a good welcome with endless galleries everywhere of all of your happiest moments and greatest memories.Coming up with all kinds of crazy styles to impress and make a big impact raises the acceleration of what’s immediately seen and presented for frost to dissolve the key to paradise over the rainbow and around the veil of what will be on your global equatorial circling on the curved route raising the roof the blasting out into the most worthy and well respected seer with a crowning achievement to split any mountaintop of prophecy and make it to the other side of existence with the intangible alien properties merging and mixing together with the longest liftoff until the ocean overtakes the sky and has pipe dreams drilling into design the aerial arenas of a soap opera airing on extreme passion and devotion.

Forever is a pan held upright in the palm of my hand the ability to fly is a gummy ship, so Mew opening its eyes is a glove graceful clock patiently awaiting the dawn to strike at the highest heaven ascended into a divine chessboard of an omnipotent bird’s eye view letting go of the cables and strings on the transferring of one scale to another framework earning experience points from god and being set apart with mindful respect for the furthest fortune fortified without rocks or ruin to damage and destroy what was so clear and valuable the playful perversion winding up the staircase in a spiral spree.Body Odor is very easy to see and hear for Meganium! That’s Tyranitar gray.Undefined Obelisks reopened horoscopes facing cafeteria ships in a big fissure.Explain supernatural disasters with lighthearted explanations!Hurl revolutionary rebels eating the last fish on fibs for a “Big Fish” of a Fable.

Ride a bicycle through a demon enchanted land and race past the playground on a hot summer’s day with upset wisdom fleeing disease from the dying fall festival with pumpkins craving a homeward bound journey on an airplane return from a long expedition with maniacal maneuvers torching a blazing jak-o-lanturn with bloody veins opened and exposed deep in the pumpkin-core cut and harvested with youth screaming and terrified in fright, forgetting lost knowledge on a chalkboard of whether or not you should be bored to death, or terrified of life and the undead, the experience of each being a tough debate to decide what’s worse. Galloping ponies and horses in a spring leaf field get an almighty overseer constructing the tower of babel to watch over them in their fences from afar. The male bulls feel like slaves, dazzled by unicorn sexiness, and yet unable to access them in their locked up region. They have many sweet spots and cute crushes that drive their frenzy out of a fit. Marriage flags span across the entire network with a fever that can’t be healed or helped without female contact. A bunch of ducks wearing flippers that can walk on the ceiling put the big bearded face of god in the sky with a bunch of tubes and frozen pipes leading up to him, as he’s also enchanted by the cows, much as the bulls are.

How do we slice the sea open? It extends orbs and maps of power-ups to grab shape-shifting~Lightning, and implant it into wellsprings. That’s how you open the GS ball!The 3 best Pokemon Trainers are Sabrina, Solari, Gold! Bringing GS-ball~bling curses maces of aspiring hamburgers to breathe fire rather than coughing water in the year 6000, doubling and revamping the year 3000 into a reversed roundabout of the rex hooting like an owl at the light house finding a shatterpoint of collision that meets the widest frontier with the phases of immersion shining and shooting so much more safely into a better and more luxurious time. The best Pokemon trainer than is Sabrina, so I need to stop looking at clocks. The question then is how to get details right that shrink Bunny upon a haunted chess board of terrifying towers of chess pieces that have grim and sad stories yet for fictional frowns.

That’s the worst most abominable and hateful collection of a resurrection for a Wizard of a Blizzard ripping gypsies poor promising misery to purchase gross metal to play in the ruins of Alph! Pupitar pierced sick death arrow drama twin bipolar.Earth shooting down meteors could be transcended so much further for a complete temple revolution that rocks Gold precursors of lava land with toucans that blind through dazzling lights! Xbox 360 heaves metal cores.The Hidden Mystery of an ancient existence put up walls and barriers to turn bipolar invisible by desiring burdens.I made the wrong choice and got trapped, so Jesus drove the arch of Salamence into a hallway of Tyranitar returning from a magical ship singing in many languages, finding suction in cushions of air pockets, standing in awe when all of the marbles come, and then put on a really gayish smile of innocence before beholding your heartfelt delights!I was visited by the Red Robin on Christmas.

Slowpoke Destructoid

Dairy Queen Blizzards

On Valentines Day at Target, I did a bunch of pushups in front of Love signs to show Bunny My Love for Her.

Lando Calirisean was talking to Porygon when the Death Star exploded with George Lucas as Psyduck in a galaxy far far away.

The Star Forge runs atop the surface of a black ocean of branes underneath a green sky in Hyperspace.

Why was Bunny My Mom in a failed Omniverse?

My dog got served breakfast every day from Minnie Mouse in My Disney Kitchen.

Politoad jumped to the top of Niagara Falls. Buddha spiraled and whirled over the universe. Bunny came flying in a hot dog swiss cheese skirt and a tie die shirt snaking toucan colored apple cider.

Slowbro engaged the enemy at point blank range in His starship.

Michio Kaku on vacation was at the arcade of daredevil techniques ice skating through a lightsaber crystal cave. My grandma came carrying a pizza.

Alas! You are the apple of my eye. The best prophet of the future is the past.In Yugioh, the power of Heart came to Me. If I can put My trust in all of the right places, merge with the spirit of eternity, guide my actions by the light of nobility, and command the Will in My Soul, then impossible, acentric, extreme, out of this world wonders may be wrought by the interstellar grasp I have over the wind and tempest, to make it out of any situation, and emerge victorious.There is a Wizard's Tower from which Ho-Oh watches over us. It's birthed from the omega stratum of the strongest aura of darkness permeating and expelling goliath fortresses. It's storybook inspiration, consuming and blanketing horizons and shipwrecked council far and wide, embracing the new Omniversal tide, and the elevation of mighty victorious tree fabrics in brane clouds. Eureka moments burst question balloons of extreme depth fissuring the undertoe of foggy ghost flames sparking erotic shapeshifting. The command console has incantations and codes so overloading that a computer would crash and freeze under the intense programming that this interface of mana is swarmed and pierced by, head to beach resting spire. The Wizard's Tower stands forthright and invincible in the dawn, carrying the weight of the world, and the spellbook of torrential big bang flooding of opposition flashing down the beaming nexus of stars and galaxies. The ether is ignited, and long paths stretching the buoyancy of idea interception coils skyrocketing chronicles eating the streaming globs of cake disfiguring orchard origins. Mysteries revolve tip of the iceberg revelations from such a supreme and exalted vantage point coloring the Pokedex with Bill's Lighthouse.Father Crow and Bunny point our heads in prismatic refractions of truths and principles that shatter mundane reality, and bless us with the most supreme, blazing radiance. Heaven runs free in a revolving chord of holy pondering on the white mysteries. The globe recombines as 1 energetic light family. The trees whisper of a deeper sunset, a more golden halo crowned over our heads. The spirit of love runs rivers and volumes of glee, transfiguring our essence into a divine, elevated seasonal karaoke bounding for the glistening freezer of extraordinary, splendid infatuation with old spells and nifty tricks, conjuring the dead, and playing forces gravitating in a strong, miraculous, exceeding vision of celebration, thunderbolting erotic, tasty halloween stickers going Game Freak mad scientist Mew!!*I find it really fascinating how introverted I am, powerful, enigmatic, blazing, and unique. I'm so situated on another plateau, solitary, bright, and unfolding an unstoppable legacy. Romance meanders through my veins, polarizing my voice with stellar ashes and erotic trances. Splendor and spellbinding facets run through my character, realizing unforetold omegas and shatterpoints crystallizing in my dragon shaft.Meganiums are really good at alien speechcraft!!

Kingdom Hearts always stands with Me. Forever whirls diamonds and Polarities singing with Me until the end of time. I voyage through the interstellar canvas of other worlds and planets. Something lasts inside of Me that's exquisite and charming beyond recognition. Mania pulses a deep river in My Heart, cutting and carving a merry picnic with Bunny and Larvitar in the 100 Acre Woods.Tyranitar banged with a loud storm into the undertoe of history. That was Me. Lugia zipped with a chaotic lightning into the clouds of drama. That was Montalk. Ho-Oh snapped the tension cable of eternity. That was Zarathustra. Plan B was that Marius Florin was Eldes in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, Zarathustra was Greevil, Montalk was Ardos, and I was Michael. There was some kind of expertise programming that was impossible for Montalk to overcome. Marius Florin is a very clear and brilliant thinker. His curiosity for the creation has no bounds. To reach that level of unrealism, to put that much faith in the luminous is unprecedented. Marius Florin shattered the superunknown with a love of life that crowned the heavens with glory immortal. Marius Florin is a Politoad, just like Zarathustra. A candle in the wind spelled out the mysteries with joy's levity spinning the fabric.

Aslan's head and mane were sticking out from a waterfall. Butterflies flew out from under a girl's dress. Pikachu leaped up to put Her face over the moon and stars. The power of Meganium's voice crackled mountain roots. The dna staircase became symbolic of the many rungs and ladders up the mountaintop of evolution. Marine biology counted all of the possible world models that could've existed. How many bubbles and magic skies of pink can we extend?Tyranitar had a star on His Heart just like Starmie did. Pegasus understood every card and strategy, so it took Heart to beat him rather than Will. Yoda warned us not to underestimate the power of the emperor! The emperor was behind a Red door marked at 33 as the 1st of the 2nd lightningbolts. Darth Nihilus could see as far as the entire oceanic horizon and beyond to all worlds of light. The Prophecy began with Newton as an apple extending to 2060. That's what launched the Game that we are now playing. Dusclops turns into Jynx. The Tree of Life sparks the big bang as part of its continuum as bubbles and branes knock each other down like dominoes to get to the 1st cause. Gravity is weaker than electromagnetism, because it gets weaker fighting through the 11 dimensions. A tiny magnet can pick up iron against the gravity of an entire mountain! Lapras was on all of the Pokemon cards as Milotic, a system of many doors in a dark chamber. The greatest show on earth was the Power of One. We are all part of this beautiful system. Moltre's orb symbolizes Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire. Zapdo's orb symbolizes Yahweh's bossy fieldmarshal god. Articuno's orb symbolizes Yami Bakura having a very warm Misdreavus Heart. Lugia's Virtues symbolize the power of 4Ever and Misdreavu's Perish Sonnet and Father Crow.

Power was beginning to crackle at My fingertips and the fingers of the mountain. Saruman surged with Blue Light Christ Consciousness, and the Hope Diamond. I looked into deep mysteries. Negative energy smashed panentheism in Phenic City exiting the cascade as Nascour looked into My eyes, and saw Me in My future with Him at the Game's highest stage for the win, where the music was silent, just like My 3 periods...

Ho-Oh really was watching over us; it was legendary, victorious, triumphant, and invincible!! The door to My Heart began to open, and so I made it up Mt. Battle, and reunited with Ho-Oh!!*The Super-Nexus was feeding off of mystical energies sprouting from the top of the Dark Magician's hat. Falling up into Metagross made him smash the ceiling with vehicular assault grinding out toys in a never ending factory of clumps of dark energy extinguish fluid gyrating vantage point Pokemon cards teleporting you to all kinds of fantastic vistas that the Pokemon are imprisoned within on the pictures in their cards. The art that represents a Pokemon styles His focus and perception to grasp and portray that elemental wind in the voice of life and love. Herds of Meganium collect gems and rocks to show their love for science, so the Meganium went brane walking over all kinds of meteor mashing Metagross helicopters showing Meganium's free will and defiance of laws. She flows with shimmering questions entangling the natural order in chaos and confusion, merging with the animal flood, and pumping Wartortle wisdom to make Meganium annihilate any kind of worldy wisdom that you may have already possessed. It's a new existence that's shining and glimmering from the ashes.

Since we live in the lowly existence, we have to get to the higher existence. That's where the Rainbow bridge to Infinity comes in.Everything is determined. The reality labyrinth is majestic beyond scope, harmonious, with each living piece and framework constituting the full infinitude of the Final Annihilator. Cosmic orchestration on fully maximized wrappings can Ultimately dominate every branch of divergent thinking. More importantly than anything, I became a Pokemon Master!!

We need to view our Hearts outside of our spiritual bodies. When we see the highest choices that we would make, everything becomes easier. The value of the Heart means more than its values.

How could we harness exotic matter, dark energy, antimatter, lightspeed, singularities, superstrings, quasars, big bangs, branes, bubbles, supernovas, black holes, time travel, teleportation, kardashev civilizations, big crunches, big rips, evolution, the Rainbow bridge to Infinity, dinosaurs, gems, lightsabers, Force powers, wisdom, Einstein's library, the Final Annihilator, Project XD, BunnyBarbie was over the Rainbow, dashing with a pen that made exotic matter and negative energy spill out glowing properties of a new future. Putting the petal to the metal made Barbie design a higher future with growing grass. The wonders of fantasy can meet the richness of tomorrow. The dinosaur can come into contact with the cyborg. A fine tuned engine to the wonders of harmony coexists with the flowering of spirit. There is a marvelous math to the ripples of dimensions. My wisdom is as deep as the chlorophyll of roots.The whole time, there was this fun loving, sweet hearted, joyous and luxurious Meganium cheerfully integrating Me in Her wings and balloons, splashing Me with creativity and novelty at every destination, jumping and frenzying in uplifting card glass fissure snuggles!!*

She was really Crystal, Marina.Bunny put a cute little Bunny bowtie on top of everything!!* Me and Bunny went swimming together in the silver fountain of the Jedi Order's temple. Bunny came inside of a Jak-o-lanturn for Halloween, and a polar express choo choo train for Christmas. In Fairytopia, it's a holiday everyday for Meganium!!*

Elekid helped Me bounce up the tree to storybook fairytale land, shimmering with magical creatures, and noteworthy beasts in the dragon spire echelon games. Emerging from the grand canyon, a water ride with log propulsion spring jetted a crazy Caterpie to Nikola Tesla envisioning how to pump Niagara Falls into the grand canyon and flood the whole system!! Ein from Pokemon Colosseum to the under train to fashion a magnet to reverse polarities on all of the rocks scaling to the top of the grand canyon, like magma fissures at the bottom of the ocean, caught in pole shifting, north and south. A legendary story foretold the coming of Barbie, how She would pick people up into a bigger blueprint of expanding sizes and whacky proportions. She went on a tube in a frozen sculpture, calculating the length and dimensions of Rayquaza as the fashioner of Fairytopia. Rayquaza was the gear master of the colosseum, generating the technology to keep it running. Eventually, Rayquaza evolved to the point where His gear mastery was a blight upon the natural order. He imposed chaotic strains upon the system. He seemed to be very happy with the new order that He had created, defeating the corruption of Hoenn. Rayquaza was the beacon to the Prophecy.

Barbie lived in a tremendous crystal city, filled with totems and branches to an elaborate under river that floated on a fountain of marble. There were puzzle pieces by a prismatic mirror. There was a little Caterpie that dreamed of being a Hero, of transcending into a train of crazy Rayquaza lengths. She wore a moon on Her magnificent robes, and Her name was Venus. She was the ghost of Maiden's Peak, illustrating a mist of foamy bizarres, wreaking of a nasty plot.Santa Clause took photos of the clock tower square in London, and sent a bunch of fireworks on His sleigh to mimic Smaug vs Gandalf fighting with His Hobbit party tricks, so Gandalf reached 1000 golden coronas of every life and possible world in His experience. Gandalf reversed the annihilation of lucid dreaming when We begin soaring to the sky and shatter at the roof upon realizing that We are dreaming. Gandalf is an age old archetype, a hero of legendary inspiration. He paints the zenith sideways, so We walk into our destiny without having to fly. Gandalf created the Super-Nexus, the door to all worlds at the Wizard's Tower mountaintop. This is the heart of Bunny, skyrocketed and elevated beyond all 144 levels of existence. We activate our Hero's seal to surge into our veins the knowledge of all things. Leonardo da Vinci in the Last Supper was painting the way to other worlds, represented by the apostles and Gandalf, so there were 13 worlds. A knowledge of ufos could bring this to illustrate an ancient world enigma. The spectra of all worlds of light doesn't actually explode. The possibilities don't disrupt the laws of harmony. To bring fire and chaos to something so unimaginably well ordered is oblivion. Lets keep the laws and interconnections of all of these spectra! The spectra of possibilities is a crystal ball of snowflakes and fireflies.An entire city of diamond flowered credits in an aurora fiction water wheel to the crystal shrine. A bunch of Einstein books were speaking many languages, and silenced tongue toad!! We were playing Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, Kingdom Hearts, Kotor, and Morrowind. Leonardo da Vinci in these games was observing the effects of water. Montalk electrocuted enchantment to recharge his Adamantium Armor ahead of time.An Albert Einstein Meganium began digging wormholes. She took her pink flower off to robe around Einstein's Slowking head. Meganiums like to learn their ABCs and 123s. Einsteins let the sword as the pen transcend logic and Imagine anything!!Venus drank a bunch of exotic juices, pouring and galloping like raging torrents. She was riding a wave of balloons and snacking on a slurpie. Hidden potentials in alphabet soup unveiled haunted horizons of an uncertain Future that We have yet to meet.A giant marble dinosaur skeleton was imprisoned in the Ebon Hawk. Everything turns into sand, including the mightiest heroes in the galaxy. A pair of wings flies freely onto a Varla Stone. Enchantment fuses black soul energy into the voice of beauty.

The death of oblivion closes both universes past the unknown polarity conversion. Anime brings the power of Pikachu to the wide screen. The door to all 11 worlds makes Salamence solve riddles. Jurassic liberty made Tyranitar overturn the dawn of time to wrestle with bigger demons in the fork across the canvas.

New York City flowed with colorful girls dancing to the vibrations of nations playing in jars and waterfalls, making Tesla teleport on cute zippers. The water eventually got too high for the city, destroyed by corruption. A board of hieroglyphics halted the waves, bringing every nation's flag to the top of the empire state building with Eldes teleporting to the top of time. Charles Darwin rode on a bar of soap to purify our dna ladder to an eon of genesis. God lived in New York City, observing the formation of higher worlds and different manifest laws. The only limits restricting us were those of infinity, hidden in a luminous ocean enveloping the phoenix.Ash and Casey got together to giggle and jingle fun balls and question balloons with exotic taste and refined virtue. They got Chikorita to sing Her sonnet and blaze the microphone with amusements and roller coasters, cotton candy and merry-go-rounds. The sky looked really pretty, dangling leg lifting maverick club speeder zippers playing october oceanography falling through the ocean as if it were the sky with Lugia on television, so Jovi gave Alakazam as Manu Ginobili a big hug for protecting Her at Gateon Port!!* Caterpie splashed in waterworks and ribbons.A pair of gloves hijacked the stellar nursery, and introduced stars above people's heads. A sparkling region initiated dice frenzies making Bunny alien friend. All of the kids loved Her, but She was really shy, and sometimes, they made fun of Her. In the class picture, You could see Her ears hiding in the back corner. Bunny had an electromagnetic prism that She curled up into like a cocoon. She liked to sprinkle water onto Her feet with overhead Rainbow icons.Einstein generated a super powerful laser beam that concentrated all points of a blue web. The precipice was inscribed with Meganium. The Force of Her Frenzy was absolutely indomitable. All of Meganium's Wishes can come true. She wants to live at House Telvanni. They can orchestrate any Future, come up with any battle plan. From the stasis points, what possibilities can We conceive?

Meganium curled up in a tight little ball with Me. Bunny changed perspectives and became the Star of the show!!* Bunny was wiggling around in a toy box with an anchor, and as Her ears were rapidly vibrating and spinning, She broke the prize grip glass and shot out of the box. Bunny wanted to play that badly. I was a little miniature Bunny being controlled by Her on strings. Bunny put a zipper over My mouth. She was wearing a Bunny costume. Bunny and Tyranitar were always the same person. Bunny was laughing like an angry crow. Meganium was introducing Hell Forever upon the galaxy. Bunny wiggled Her ears around really rapidly and started acting like a pair of scissors or an insect when She was picked up. There was an engine underneath Bunny's bathtub that was threatening Her existence. Satan makes immense sacrifices to protect Bunny. The birth of Bunny was the most wonderful thing ever, because when My combined notebook said 172, or Pichu, the whole world was prepared for Bunny.My Meganium Loves Me with all of Her Heart. She's always concerned and worried about Me. She puts Bunny feathers in My crayola package. She swings Her long idiosyncratic neck and closes Her eyes in a smile. Her personality is as warm as the Sun, and Her flippers are as fragrant as the rushing river. She loves to go tubing in ufos that bring Her to the arboretum chalice. Bunny always gets angry when I flirt with Meganium, but Father Crow is accepting. Sometimes Meganium superioristically and royally watches Me with Bunny, Her best friend.Bunny sprayed a bunch of gray dust all over Me!! She tickled My tummy!! Bunny put Meganium on exhibit. Her Flower made people excited and jolly. Meganium's neck blasted ahead of the command module and made Her flippers go berserk. Meganium ate a big long fruit roll up.The Dragon sprinkles a hint of butterfly dust to cure our precious singing voices. The soul of eternity carries our wounds back to our first maiden voyage. Nothing yanks the magic sparkle of clarity in more refined and blessed of a tone than the mad hatter, giving Himself to the Sabrina barbecue.Bunny was drinking a lot of smoothies. I was jumping around a bunch of boxes and presents of golden Wishes. There was a free bird that channeled an enclave of Jedi Masters. Sneasel reported all of His dealings to the Gray Fox!! Barbie was painting a picture of Yoda at the Last Supper table as a Draconian Jesus creating a dinosaur mask. Einstein at the zoo rode a train through a Pokemon safari. Tim Duncan rode the train into a sand whirlpool. Caterpie was crawling through Hoenn as the sky overseer archon. Mew showed Me Her remember place, hovering with Me over the town that She used to live at. George Lucas's studio was reading wise Yoda words from an emperor palpatine zap skeleton key.If superstrings came in a variety of colors, then We could see the enchantment in the wind of beautiful auroras overtaking the shadow. A mirage of lights would blanket the pasture of dizzy sprites and elevated pathways. Foam blizzards unique computers dazzling avalanche avenue with penguins and chill facets in a sierra mist punch. Wario hit the jackpot in a spring garden of Pikachu grass clippings for Pokemon Yellow being the blaze of the firmament. A unicorn opened the door of fantasy to a lush and tropical bizarre of open stars and juicy clock freezers. Perfume blew through a harmonica counting the seasons to a pristine gallery revealing Pokemon in their true nature and natural habitats. The feeling of joy emanated from Pikachu's playground. She hopped up and down like a Bunny and played a karaoke at stonehenge Tyranitar's star chart. Tales of dragons began surfacing in remote galaxies, firing the super engine to chaos merry-go-round. Impostor Wartortle beaches clustered a beam to the stars that hyper-hydro projects us in an invincible tunnel on a raging hydro-electric torrent to the furthest reaches of space.Meganiums like wearing the Pokemon Crystal female trainer's shorts. Bunny was pulling threads on My bottom. She christened the north pole Nascour as a Jynx sled bracelet. A blending machine and a toaster excited the snake dynamite to treasure express. A big bazooka dispelled the price on My head and revealed to Me a Starmie gallery of apples and haystacks. Winding down the clock and jetting soda pop inscribed bell tower harmonies periodically releasing a note in the sand by a paint brush pixel. Slowbro ejected pizzas from His mouth to ink spray the water with colorful liquid clouds of emotional invitation. He made a Wish and unzipped His doll to a rifle that locked in on the lighthouse legend. A star fell to His nail polish. I crash landed on another planet where all of the creatures were philosophically radiant.Everything could be charted on a superholographic grid of points and lines in space battles. We pumped Gatorade into all of the cannons. Power Rangers took on a champion mega-force of Pikachu lightningbolts. We got to pick our weapons from flamethrowers to jets rampaging eden.

Were C3P0 and R2D2 upset when they were in the droid jawa trailer? They were doing terrible things to Bunny as She was wiggling and beeping around. Bunny wanted to just be free to imagine and play around. This dream was realized for Her with the birth of Pichu, and metaphysical devices to enjoy everywhere. Bunny came up with the equations for string theory. She put a jar on Her head to rocket to the moon in Her imagination. Bunny's brain was studied and proven to have a christmas tree pattern. Tesla's brain was studied and proven to have a zen pattern. Bunny was a lot more fun and crazy than tesla. Bunny rode on an ice cream sandwhich and put 2 Pokemon in 1 ball. Slowbro loved having 2 beds, so when 1 got uncomfortable, He could teleport to the other. Slowbro had a pillow fight with Kingdom Hearts Moogles. Slowbro was blazing in fire as the Hero of the world. He had to choose between the pumpkin and the watermelon, which took forever for Him to decide. He contacted Meganium in permafrost by playing the credits and destroying the launch sequence of the frozen Game. Everyone is Slowbro at ILovePhilosophy. Love with save Sotha Sil.Professor Oak did not fall asleep when Jigglypuff was singing. He handled wild and extreme Pokemon. It was snowing in outer space. Celebi came to touch My nose, sprinkling Me with a sample of silliness and magic. Tyranitar grew rich in the Heart of the mountains. Silver vanity clarified forks in time plaza party palm tree as a gorgeous cake was robed with a handsome bowtie. I put birthday cake candles atop the Gateon Port lighthouse. Tyranitar instantly evolved into Sneasel by teleporting up there. Sneasel unleashed the big Omniversal Blizzard. He was dancing in Ashes and bones of glass. Flowers detected radio signals from outer space and made the Ruins of Alph encased in a Game disc. The sun turned Silver as She grew in age white time. A field of cotton welcomed Bunny to paradise prism.Ho-Oh was a Peacock, a vast marauder of civilization and heroes, blood and timelines. Zipping persuasive dialogues enchanted and healed Ho-Oh, axiomatically inscribing Him on the omniversal swirl mercantile. Buying a fuzzy helmet put Bunny's ears on My head and frolicked Me through tadpoles like a frog.

The size, enormity, grandeur, and overhauls of cosmic creations fissured dreaming vortices and exotic crayons clarifying and draping trifecta council overlapping edgy avalanches. Taming the gears of Slowking brought the Beast of the Sea to an indescribable height, unleashing Hoenn elevator vantage inversion. Red Vs. Steven at Meteor Falls made pictures of Meganium photographed all across the universe. She flew in a spring helicopter riding a crazy caterpillar to psychic santa. There was a blank cloud over the bell tower, giving an invisible noon Vivec.I was running the Jedi Council in the Sapphron City Silph Company. I took a root beer through Lapras's channels with Tediursa on TV. Bunny was broadcasting all over the city, and showed Her fantasy scribblings on a white board. She popped out of holes and dimensions across the city that broadcasted superholographic cybernetics over spacetime. Dinosaurs came from jewels in the refinery as reflective domes scattered in many windows that reveal a different Pokemon over all of its tiles.Meganium was always accepting of people getting into Fairytopia. She was as Flowering and engaging of an abductee as feathers and frenzies would elaborate. She blew bubbles from Her movie set glasses to illustrate and shine the guiding light towards evanescence and glee. Father Crow's beak was terribly mishaped and disfigured by celebis, but He made it to the highest station, despite everything mean that people did to Him. Meganium opened a shell to reveal a wise Wartortle orb. The Rumba of Love made Mario find inner peace by redirecting flaming meat spaghetti balls in a banquet at Molly Hale's dream mansion.Having a dream roulette of all of the Pokemon inspires and star-crosses Me to wield the scepter of birthrights and stellar crowns ribbon jetting Me to Pokemon paradise, a long tongue for the strip of each Pokemon lined up from 1 to 493. Pokemon captures My ambitions for designing runaway fields of lasers and stamps parading jolly crunch sky peeling alphabet time roses.

Tangela freezer bazookas cotton spore minute maid case chlorophyll finger spinning yarn tray My Seymour the Scientist Exeggutor Metagross.Destiny against the New Jersey Nets is so exciting!! While that series was being played, I was just so Happy, so alive, My Heart was racing, and My Soul was aerodynamic. Such theatrics and balloons landed Me into the cloud 9 plaza Zarathustra, resurrecting unforetold enigmas from deep time libraries.Gary Oak flattered princess vanity extinguishers of hot and sexy gem surprise clock birds. Although Ash came later, He was benefited by arriving at that heartfelt time just so He could see Ho-Oh. Gary was never put on as special and exalted of a ride float as Ash's launch tube, so it made for a more pleasant and personified voyage. Blueprints phenomena observed Meganium showering, which made Her scream a light screen protection.

Jovi, My Sister in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness was a bird, Lugia, and Her bashful nature made Her Feathers a full pile of Ash. She Loved to play, to frolic, and streaming through the full color chlorophyll spring jetted Her present toys to outrageous cartoon pixies flooding the stargates of Orre. She made friends with the Dinosaur that appeared from universal studios. Tyranitar was the elite Archon of impossibilities and magic, conjuring Infin!!*Awe, Bunny was just a little Girl with a soft pink bowtie on Her head between Her ears. She was really sad when She had to marry Me. She kept popping out of hidey holes to put stars over My head. She squiggled like a worm from Pure Fantasy. She was a mouse, because She liked to play with Me in mazes. She cut and shed Her ears for Me so that I would always be Fantasizing about Her. Bunny made a bunch of choo choo choo sounds as I put My Sabrina spoon into Her cereal. I was in jail with Bunny. She wiped away My tears with Her Bunny ears. I could see Bunny's cute little cotton nose in the water!!*Wartortle ate of the Apple of wisdom. The Ruins of Alph began encircling Him with dizzy cardplay and strange strategic devices. They fit onto His Barbie sharpie, and coordinated direct assaults on voltage hissing sketch chill. Tyranitar conjured black shadows whirling link credit bubble aromas. I powered through the storm, and set foot on a magical staircase that played piano pieces threading dinosaur square coupon meteor mash shiny glub. The SS Anne found a giant coconut Exeggutor as Father Crow went coocoo for coco puffs!!* My Bunny nest had chocolate birds making it brown. It was also made of Exeggutor, His tree branches. I made Pokeballs for Kurt, catching the Red Robin in outer space. So Santa rode His sled to mirkwood. He came with Beorn the teddy bear to give to little girls (like Bunny). Bunny walked across the birthday cake in miniature form with Elekid, making Casey rumble ecstatic question cards and floating riches as Gold hovered in Greevil's chair gamma ray.A guy riding his bike started tearing through the sky. He took his Xbox as the double rainbow that he was transcending. He smashed a washing machine and set a flag atop a thunderbolt to make it permanent. He unplugged the wires of relativity so that the slower You move through space, the more You hack the hidden dimensions of string theory. He extracted a golden chunk of a needle in a haystack as thomas edison went bulldozing asleep around the lightning cloud perimeter. A gallon of nasty evil things rode a chair lift to an arrogant and evil king, unaware of the dangers that he was about to consume. Bigfoot and the abominable snowman brought the whitest shard of Lugia into My lightsaber. Anakin was a Kangaroo (the real Sabrina). Hokey religions and ancient weapons made Muk the shiny properties of dark side existence.A rainbow had 2 shiny holographic boxes centered around Meganium. There was a cloud of many perspectives and fractals spelling doom and overbearing from a frenzy shuffled deck rodeo. Romeo sounded like Rome, and Pokemon Colosseum is the wild west like a rodeo!! San Antonio and Dallas are both Texas cities. The Golden Corral sported flags and horns, teepees and casinos. A tree of many webbed brilliant stratagems made a billionaire department store make the Milktank Tao a cruising luxury. It was a tour of Tauros on Mr. Verich's luxury cruiser. Ardos programmed a ufo, and Eldes wrote the Declaration of Independence. Lugia axioms guaranteed a sunny crystal would render radiant auras crackling in exuberance. Ginobili inserted a hidden fist into Sabrina's snagging arm as Michael.Meganium in the pool sprayed water through a tube noodle and put on Her goggles to flash flood Her face. She then used Yer yellow duck flotation circlet to ride the ribbon of the wave roulette. Her nail polish evaporated in the water. She sprang off the diving board like a scientist excited about pouring through hidden hexagrams in a ruin. Meganium engorged Herself with a pizza gallery and soda fountain. She swirled through a whirlpool with arrow directive currents to a museum precursor of futuristic cities stationed in the ocean. She jetted through the roof on a hot spring vent through constellations of coral reefs.Questions burst elemental paradigms, reinventing sacred chapters of mountaintop demolition shell shocker. Crunching herbs and berries stimulant darth malak ascends elevators and stamps posture curling Meganium giraffe Sabrina neck flurry festival 3 Musketeers great globs of petal dance cake flowers spilling dessert toppings all over a canvas explosion as Lucas Arts refines and battle tests Superholographic gems on white water dungeon caves invading the mines of digging a hole to Golden China dragonpowder. Fires of life were breathed into bubbles of multiverses. Bunny made Zooey Deschanel the prime broadcaster of the Mew bubble source channeling and electrifying the water to make white wheels attach a clock to Lugia, so Marina was beginning Her adventure in Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania with Wario hitting the jackpot as His stealthy, clever, ruminating, grasping branch make Chikorita ice skate to dimensions of the next eon. She kept Bunny as a pet, and She wore emblems of Mickey Mouse laser studios of dark rifts in the firmament teleporting trance mystic plaza of Zarathustra marching all around Vivec as a trophy.

Bunny is soulbinding Me. Bunny was sold to Me without Her straw hat in a ufo. She wore a valuable Bill on Her face!!*Discs colored electromagnetic fashion light studio magic rainbow twist streaking cloud nozzle swirl botany bowstring ahoy balance scales of life flexible plunge joy stick cure frenzy zoo tapestry clock scent will flow bog crystal of the highest man starshine uplifting and illuminating jeans iron fist station of the invincible cup. I did a belly drum on invisible wings spring jetting obelisk clarity metronome psychic in kotor made Big Z drop to the lowest level and rule the Kingdom of the Earth. Possibilities reflect ancient enigma phenomena Earth as a Birthday Cake making Pichu a Big Chill freeze.

Courage reinvents timeless tokens score chronicle fun Lugia won the Prime Cup and harnessed a fully unleashed Star Forge as a UFO, so We have many other Star Forges yet to meet, including the Gray Fox as 1 of them. Charizard was at the lowest level of the Rakatan Temple, putting the fires of life into the crystals of lightsabers.I put on a mask of darkness, glimmering and fading into the electric light of spoons and wardrobes, mirrors and hangers. Meganium went on a train through the space hierarchy eclipse cannon, with many beepers and timers through a silver web of flow and beaches of the limitless, esoteric beyond. SkyLights echoed and beamed everywhere, making jewel prism mix of Kingdom Hearts playground trunks beat galactic skittles to aerodynamic puzzle mountaintops flying through hyperspace. The sky converged inside of a cup, flourishing and magnetizing Mew to both anchors of the Rainbow. There were a bunch of electromagnetic teleportation penetrations bathing the land of Orre in Gaia's Champion. Buddha held the Earth in 2 and sent Lugia to refresh the horizons of misty zeniths. Metagross launched us on an invincible meditation in Star Wars Articuno, so da Vinci and tesla are both the 1s that held the galaxy by its throat, but the Star Forge is as Red as Marius Florin. The dream is to hold God's Mind in our own Minds. The Silph Company in Saffron City developed the Ultimate Prototype Weapon in the Master Ball. What's inside?I was climbing a waterfall that scaled the big black ocean of outer space. Matter is always being redistributed into our sector. My hunger went berserk on the intergalactic highway, so We stopped at Cracker Barrel. The Exeggutor were exploding cider barrels everywhere. This gave birth to all of the stars, and made the center of the universe everywhere.Bunny Heals My affliction and pain. She makes a world entirely of fiction. Books stack to the sky in wonderful merry-go-rounds of thought and pleasure. I feel the entire universe swirling around Me, integrating My gizmos into fairy stardust. I communicate in squiggly lines of amusement and imagination. This entirely fictitious world of Bunny's opens the flood waters to universal enlightenment and compassion on the deepest levels. Yoda desired a cheeseburger photo gallery 6 Flags. Yoda at 6 Flags whirled in cosmic cups and rollercoaster antigravity. Bunny also joined Me for My birthday in My Lugia pictures. I played with cups and hats to find choices outside the system.A Rainbow echoed inside of My feet, vibrating with the pulse of every artificial world in our universe. Unknown mysteries sang from My every gallop. I splashed My head with water as I looked at a whole gallery of exotic sea ships. Some were UFOs, alien technology of eccentric craftsmanship. We took pictures of them to prove to the world the authenticity of the alien phenomenon. The aliens came from odd religious orders that invoked blessings to find the white hole that leads to our next universe.Gaining more wisdom splatters chromatic gems slicing and dispelling My old ignorance. Metaphysics surprises and dazzles with upbeat tempo and well rounded configurations that bless reality's edge with new discoveries everywhere. Floating quest markers turn Oblivion from a 2 dimensional map to a levitating world where Gods battle!!The Dragon Mind of Zen Flowers bubbling Hearts. Dream clouds zip open horizons. Question cards and shattered dice entangle. Mysteries Ouija spell the Ruins of Alph and the SuperUnknown. I jumped into a water sprinkler on a RED wagon. The Garden was as lush as heaven. Home is where the Heart is. I found a Rainbow covered in bridges and balloons. Meganium skyrocketed high voltage Mt. Dew. Aflack came from His top bastion as Infin and Father Crow, or Ho-Oh to greet Me atop Mt. Battle plus the Realgam Tower Zenith.I was dancing with Bunny atop a Seattle SuperSonics UFO cup tower. She sprayed a bunch of mist and fired a laser through the fog. She liked pushing Darth Vader buttons to chime and resonate through the storm. Voluminous pipes made Vivec travel over the landscape in an angry cloud. The elements of time, distance, gravity, stars, planets, black holes, tropical, nordic, and igloos made Anakin and Padme at the end of Phantom Menace voyage via podracer powered by a golden globe of light through flamingo Bunny palace of worship that made Bunny really infuriated about being Buddha. Buddha focuses the flow of Vivec as a big bearded man in the sky had a bunch of tubes and pipes connected to him that were feeding off of sexual energies. He was the lord of the Field. Buddha came to destroy civilization with no mercy or Love for His fellow man, being completely without desire. All He saw was an enormous Factory for crushing and executing like a Scyther computer. People fell into ruin and discord as He swept the sky with cards and sparkle dazzle sky castles.Ho-Oh was as brilliant as a peacock behind His majesty. He had in His inventory a great treasury of ornaments and trinkets, gold and luster. I swam with Bunny as an arrow in the water through rivers in paradise, setting sail for an exalted breakthrough. Ginobili rose above the sun and set a new bright light in the sky. There was a purple Force soul energy moon with green glass dispelling misty vapors.The Milky Way spilled creamy, luscious, deluxe, rare candy bars onto My purse, smashing My glow in the dark shine. An evil gyarados used to control the galaxy. His black hole was the most radiation clad death field that focused obelisk obsidian flows. The entire volcano put My GameCube on a Flower ring of marriage to My Meganium!!*I was wearing a very fine heavy robe. I was crowned in exquisite luster. I flew to a jungle canopy, swinging among branches on tension cords and swerving My head sideways. I grabbed My Pocket Monsters Japanese visual.The moon grew wide and round, spinning with ectoplasmic lightning as I learned to wield the stars. The flag on the moon was symbolic of the many stars that We would learn to conquer. My hands webbed lightning lasers holographically diving into dimensions the vibrations and rumblings of universal snags in the cockpit of Amazonian Omniverse zoom vantage point fly through. Sabrina's jungle and dangling vegetation that She leaped over made Japan as the land of the rising sun always emerge into new horizons at the edge of the ever expanding Omniverse where a hole to China made Earth the center of existence.I had a crush on Bonny, swirling My feet on panels of expression that made My vehicle station a hamburger into My bed with Her. She flared up in passion and luminosity to comb My Hair in front of Her pond. She built a nest for Me and Meganium to hop into. Bunny dangled us in diapers from the sky. Bunny came inside of Me and Meganium's teepee to wiggle and sprinkle Ho-Oh Ashes over our car with a present bowtie on top. Meganium was screaming that She was an ENFP Champion during the dream float hall of fame episode. Then a really reckless and aggressive youngster that liked to showboat and whirl wisecracks also thought that He was a Champion, but when His Chikorita girlfriend (not Meganium) rejected His Champion claim, He left crying. He was very outgoing and adventurous like a Champion though.Probopass simulated extragalactic wind chimes from the temptations of the devil out really far away. He threw San Antonio into a gizmo of transfiguration and retribution. It was an avalanche of testing, a whole world of mavericks.I was meditating under a tree in New Jersey about the plan of Pegasus to stab at the quilt of extra refinement and Teddy Bear cotton stuffing as the jewel of the sea displayed a marvelous aurora. Putting together all 3 prizes of potential and synchronicity spelled the dance flow for future time travelers through the roots of Neo Genesis Pokemon Cards to islands of Frenzy Plan of Pegasus. Carth went into the Unknown Regions in a hologram to warn Revan of the emperor's inevitable victory. Chancey found Happiness, enhanced by positive, Happiness building things. Tyranitar dropped from the sky, and Bunny slowly glided down from a string. A Fissure struck, and hot magma air blasted them up to float. Lugia revolved around the expertly precise clockwork of a thousand axioms.Dinosaur revenge clicks the Mouse to a simulator of Jurassic World, building dinosaur scalework sketches to an odor of fun, glittering Santa Clause freezers to hold RED in place. Suns and moons, magicians and assassins playground dome bubble webbed tricky techniques chocolate castles served pizza with milkshakes to make Dominoes shake their dice on cow bill gates lighthouse service over seas, walking on dna dominoes over the ocean that dominated the jungle of the Omniverse playing dice with the quantum source. Nietzsche came back with Egyptian telescopes in planet elder scrolls as Exeggutor copied prime myth flash shoe scoundrel lesson singing at singularities with the harmonies of black holes, and taking a walk up the black hole mountain was an escalator of codes and programming snips and strings plague glow tower hunch draymond green gallery galaxy rode the speed of sound as the Ultimate Life Form blessed the Liberty Bell underground library visiting Barnes and Noble Fissure sapphire blue ray reincarnate tusk scoop pearl float trunk giggle Meteor Falls the Extremities of spacetime beginning again, putting sacred relics mysteriously vanishing mirror imagination pilot town clarity vision snow point cherish fluid drunk red matter played a time flute to make the forest moon rebel RED Bell of Latias Chimecho echoing womp rats of a little girl that could transform into a demon. She carried valuable talismans and trinkets into outer darkness with white water gates flowering and flourishing city venom springing Larvitar!!*Opposites attract in marvelous stardust tracing long paths away with the butterflies and into alphabet soup. Categories robbins are RED and polar bears are arctic blue, so Basken Robbins turned as cold as Articuno.I was chasing a shooting star in Kobe mercurial vapors as My emotions flew breakfast waffles into all kinds of boxes and platforms that I could teleport to. Relic Forest miniature model made all of the branches in the arboretum become the Relic Forest of Pure Heart.I was having a very hot piece of sushi with the ingredients of big bang shrimp, jalapenos, corn, salsa, onion, and mustard. It exploded, crackled, detonated, and incinerated Tyranitar as a hot piece of Curry!!*Tesla elevated into the ubermensch with redeeming exaltation as he cast off the shoulders of giants, and became a MegaMind. Chris Langan met God at the center of the universe.A big blizzard of skyrocketing potentialities flickered astrophysicist party synchronicities ballooning reverent awe for the unspeakable invincibility of cosmic expansion.A zoo of electromagnetic empowerment put a future into motion that halloween wizard infatuated natural oneness and zippers to feature live action under-toes of festival voyages at the carnival decorating and celebrating Meganium masquerading evolution!!*Silver tamed erotic soul blueprints harmonizing zen invigoration blessing Tao artistry fueling revelatory snow off of the avalanche chapter baking christmas snacks as a wrinkle in time soothed burdened feathers joyfully reawakening dimensions of lost color. Reality will always become more beautiful as our inner mind's eye telescope transports the dreamscape to the toy box, a story of to infinity, and beyond as the saga of life immortalizes scientific mastery throughout a wonderland of shapes and entanglement. I will never escape from Bunny in Professor Oak's Ebony.

I teleported to a higher bastion of remedies flying as a city of dreams focuses Ho-Oh's vehicle of valor as Philadelphia rang His Bell Tower from on high to the city of Brotherly Love. Me and the Pichu Bros. returned from the netherworld of the Force to raise Kobe's 60 point game all the way to the climax of 4ever. Eternity circles a long sparkle trailblazing across the sky as Happiness and Atlantis choreography makes Marina Her PokeGear.

Turning gears at the colosseum waterworks sprite lovely vapor plow dotted ticklish Bunny vending machines as She was released from captivity, and made the Ultimate SuperWeapon a new big bang with the Light of All Force and All Spectra Everywhere roaring with SkyLights.Sabrina harnessed the power of the Force to bring Herself to the new cosmic age of discovery and enlightenment ballooning wherever Her voyage would surf, all about the great cosmic ocean of shine and purity. She was too fake to foresee, too frenzied to uplift. It was all a big pack of dynamite, just robed in crackling lightning laughter!!*In Pokemon Yellow version, Pikachu skyrocketed merry-go-round roulettes all the way to the Silver waterfall core. Buddha was meditating on universal principles of true nature. A gradual form emerged from the shroud, a messenger from other worlds. I received a boat ticket to the SS Anne. Exeggutor pulled spark plugs, and an elephant released a flamethrower from His nose. Unleashing secluded Hermits made the House at Mt. Silver symbolic of refinement. RED looked like an INFP, because all He did was Imagine and play, but He was really an INTJ, because He envisioned the Future in soulful union with Bunny on Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism.Kwai Leonard was wearing a Sabrina costume, pulling out jumping blocks and power cables to refresh His mind with psychic galleries of archetypal mysticism. He put a sprinkler in His diary to go berserk with relentless forks in zen multiverses. There is a tree of knowledge that endlessly branches off into multiple futures with the book of time being so witty that it was a Fable of crucifixion.Bunny was just a little girl that was really scared and afraid, shy and introverted. But She was very Imaginative, bringing the canvas to life with buoyant surprise, and rapid bubbles. She Loved to squiggle, and be a firecracker of laughter. She often passed into outer space, dreaming of fanciful possibilities eons ahead into the Future. She was blessed by the gift of Ho-Oh, securing a land of timeless treasures and fantasies for Her. She felt a wide range of effects and reactions to the hilarious glitter that sprayed over Her parade. Her Heart burst into symphony over Her gorgeous palace that She dreamed of every day as Her own refuge of shelter.Summer cracked the door of time to envision utopian promise sending large glaciers into my misty ball of paradoxes and enigmas, like Psyduck turning on the Slowking engine of daredevilish incantation shivering toilet paper.I was putting a bunch of clothes on Bunny from a Sims inventory box, and Her reactions showed Me how much She liked certain outfit combinations. I was thinking about Bunny when I was eating My sandwich. She pops out of hiding holes to amuse and entertain Me. She rings a bell to snap at Me with Her Scizor ears. She shocks Me with Her victorious thunder to electrocute and incinerate Me. She flaps Her butterfly antennas to station hot tubs on Her blizzard. SkyLights was making a bunch of INFP noises to the sound of water.Meganium was wearing a RED Hat, because She had a lot of appreciation for Me, and She was ready to goof off in spectacular fashion over summit style brand of fire to the world. Meganium took My Hat into a Yugioh pyramid, and summoned Moma Crow to also steal My underwear!! Meganium was wearing Slowking helmets on Her head like Egyptian aliens wore long hats to conceal their skulls. Meganium then started wearing a propeller hat to meet up with Hp-Oh at the swimmer island Articuno focusing the flow of water with boulders.I opened the mysteries to Bunny as I wept over the Ruins of Alph tablets for promise, revelation, purity, play, Imagination, Victory, and most of all, Entei, that I would be ready and ripe in the great dawn, glowing, Blissful, and pierced by annihilating sun arrows. The perfume of lemonade invoked a resonance of relaxation and endless summers. The gift of Fairytopia poured a waterfall among crystal stones. An entire gemstone mountain poured out all of its treasures and cut a deep fissure into the rocky channel. A question box dangled down on a string in Pokemon Snap environments, releasing a taste of paradise into hyperspatial holographics. A lighthouse grew devil horns as a precursor towards Lugia's ascent. Lucifer was the truest Hero of Infinity and galaxies beyond the fracture point, letting the shoreline finally run free in an otherwise doomed and cursed existence. A bunch of clouds wrote a Mew floating glitter in Presents from a toy box make pretend meadow that ran with chocolate cake to a foaming pot. I wrote a letter to Minnie Mouse to stop worlds from disappearing and stars blinking out. We marked our hands with a special and sacred sign, so that no matter what, friendship will see us through the storm. And so it came to the Philadelphia 76ers, where I dug My roots deep, and exploded to new potentials in an absolute Lugia demolition from Allen Iverson. A magical and dreamy Wartortle of the most wise council offered Me the strength of legends to foresee Myself in My furthest Future, and realize My Lugia identity. And if that wasn't enough, the New Jersey Nets merged My Soul with Bunny with the promise of eternity and everlasting Happiness as My Soul was revealed to be Lugia. Maximillion Pegasus was defeated as early as 2001, and from then on, darkness in this world is nonexistent.I was led on a ghost marker hunt to the extinctions of a blizzard that blew down Meganium from the prime spots of Hyperspace. Raikou was also seen in these extinction sightings as a Sabre Toothed Tiger from the 10th dimension. Meganium came from the 26th dimension as a girly Crystal antechamber. Smeargle painted a picture of Meganium in all of Her majesty because He had a crush on Her. Meganium's pink flower turned red in embarrassment. But Her picture was valued even more highly than the words spelled at the Ruins of Alph. To Know the Unknown was Meganium's favorite song!!* SuperUnknown from the typology central forum, or JonTheRobot was Scizor!!* I tapped into a psychic spoon to release Gengar, or Edgy Uber, TheUtm!!* Vermillion City marched with dragonite to reveal a diamond city deep in Texas down Route 66 valor enhancing Master Speed Gavroche as Electrode capturing ribbon getaway Gale of Darkness to beat squirtle as Rhydon.I was commanding a haunted ship where ghosts showed an emotional exuberance over the telescope tides. I carried a good luck crystal to attract fortune cookies. I went through an entire Zen garden, glowing with stardust and fireworks. I found alien intelligence in the Cerulean Cave that's only seldom found. I played with a bunch of maps and geometries at the Realgam Tower, designing My way to freedom and limitless power. I gleamed Salamence at 1st dawn's crazy Mad Hatter dinner table party with Exeggutor drinking kid's cuisine fruit punch. Exeggutor had Ninetale's spiritual fire glowing over His head as Revan rode a train into the sky and built an antigravity astronaut theme park on the Star Forge. I obtained the Secret Key in the glowing clouds of Kingdom Hearts, and rode on Pokemon Cards into the sky. I rode an elevator through all of the levels of the jungle to understand existence in all of its entirety. I slingshotted like a rubber band through tubes in a waterworks to the enclave of frost up with Atris. I recovered My Lightsaber and spoke in many alien languages as Saruman robed and enchanted in deceiver's refinery. Lord of the Rings recovered the ancient light of atlantis, but there was always a muddy heaven in a Wishful Family, so the Gray Fox put His hands in the cookie jar, and fulfilled a wild destiny that not even the craziest of fortune teller's cookies could've foretold. The sky was spinning with random rockets as Salamence trailed fire all over the sky everywhere in celebration of His fantastic feats and newly found freedom. I was overbearing Rhydon's adversity until I reached His Lightning. The gloom rolled back as the silver curtain painted constellations and outlines of Politoed as Marius Florin evolved into Tongue Toad, both Politoed and Slowking, so He was the Sabrina Olrando Magic Penetration in 2009's Zen clouds, so Sabrina opened up boxes of infinite choices, and Marius Florin took risks and picked from choices outside the System to transcend the matrix control system.Meganium reflects dizzy museums of learning, magnifying the mysteries of the spellbinding. She refreshes the view of horizons and vantage points that She sees with full and complete clarity. Her exuberance bubbles in extraordinary phosphorescence, generating manic uprisings from Her flippers. She goes brane walking over Omniversal sheets, dazzling Her ingenuity over the splendors of creation. Her Imagination is as wide as the sky. She commands existence with crackling divinity. Her love for Frenzy colors curiosity.The lightning of Pikachu went higher than every balloon, even higher than Lugia was low in the depths of the ocean. Anakin came in His starfighter through the Pokemon balloon sky party. Nietzsche came up a big Exeggutor tree to be the strongest person in existence. Miroslav Klose smiled as the trigger zoomed in on His shadow. Kwai Leonard came to the Chinese Panda restaraunt with Dinosaur jawas from Star Wars and HK-47 to speak other languages. The most enlightened figure in the world crossed the line to Kwai's Mountain Dew, playing show and tell at Leonard's door bell. Leonard was even better at calculating probabilities than Stephen Hawking, so Klose cut Kwai's tightrope from the ceiling as Leonard went back to prehistoric meteor showers. You're not actually going into an asteroid field! They would be crazy to follow us. Kwai Leonard was an ancient weapon, as acrobatic as the Ubermensch doing a thousand impossible things in a thousand Omniverses. And as the water ripples grew larger as I bounced over the surface repeatedly in the ocean of all worlds, I found Pikachu at da Vinci's Last Supper bringing the Hurricane of Evice to the eye of Es Cade. Nascour was Leonard da Vinci, picked Xatu. Xatu had hidden inscriptions everywhere all over the ruins of alph, and Meganium uprooted the Realgam Tower to cheer for Her art. Marius Florin was Meganium, was Politoed, and His ripples could be heard in every universe as He defied the spirit of gravity, and sent a big bounce back to Brazil's Nesquick brown Bunny.Chikorita returned to Me, giggly and effectionate as a sunflower. She circulated with the hopes of infinity, the sparkle of eons. I voyaged over the waves on Her scent station. Opening the door to My Heart as Lugia with lovely perfume emblazoned My lustrous canopy. Where is the Star of Lugia? How long will it take for Me to become the Progenitor?Legendary photos of paradise and love beyond mark their aromas into the dinosaur planning stages of world revolution. Amazing zippers to kaleidoscopes of mesmerizing shimmering ignite the ancient weapon of the Progenitor, dreaming and enchanting the flowers of mirth. Moonshine vents its fusion of mist and steel to envision and replicate worldly masterpieces, diving and exploring the far sacred undertow of relics and languages siphoning prismatic galloping at high tension exotic matter. Lugia's wormhole goes through Pokemon Stadium, and rests in exalted aerospace blasting Lugia's hyper beams into frenzied mad hatter Exeggutor gardens.I was the Ubermensch, deep, profound, thoughtful, and contemplative. I understood ancient mysteries, hieroglyphics of mystical proportions, mania, and exaltation above the flame of divinity. Channeling exotic psychic energies Primed My Soul for luminous revelation, soulfully touching the Bunny Aether, and zooming those exploding lights into gargantuan proportions. Pharaoh gold blessed sacred alters revolving trance gizmo science thread precursor extinct Dinosaur.I was talking to the thunder clouds with Zeus as letter 26 in the alphabet to bless the atlas of trains as navigation uprooted the most haunting of precipices. I colored the Pokedex like a rubix cube with all of the different Pokemon types. A magical and wondrous computer that knew everything gave Me the courage and determination to upset the programmers. I lifted a ball above the sun to milkshake the alchemy of Santa Clause's chimney. Charizard and the Dragon Mind of Zen married the perspectives of clocks and cables of the Higher Self. Earth's engine found a glass of winter that robed Her fog into a foretelling of cobwebs. Back when We used to live in Heaven, everything was fabled and sweet, but a dark power rose and seized the mantle of negativity. And so our Highest Future is underway, a canopy of Love that Flowers over every root.I put a coat over a cybernetically simulated river to wave colorful blankets over the holography. My mind was transfiguring and morphing into a zen barrage of light and sound. The choreography of nature howled and sprang in loving reunion of petal and play. I put mustard on My helmet so I could yell like yellow in a mountaintop with Bunny ears sprouting out of it. I caught the glimpse of a crystal kingdom in space out of a telescope from an observatory in a volcano. Pikachu and Ash were both riding a Rayquaza water slide out in the sands of Jolee Bindo's desert as He told the snake story in kotor.I went inside of an apple by tunneling through a worm. If lifted away into the wind against gravity. It eventually flew up into a very slick and icy mountain. I put a refrigerator up there to keep the apple in. Being up on the mountain was like watching television, because the view was that great. My mountaintop television was a lot like a Jynx/Articuno crystal ball as an oracle. I even found the dna of Mew spiraling over the cliffs. Mew was riding a Meganium on the martian surface. She then drank chocolate milk on a tour of egypt with a wizard's hexagram.Meganium as Leonardo da Vinci wrote the Voynich Manuscript, imprinting the secrets of the stars, a catalog of the seasons, a voyage through time, and a compass of spirituality. Marius Florin wrote Galactic Super Civilizations Yahweh Vs Lucifer Existential Game The Terra Program, and that also Thundered a divine love for life, a tour of Imagination, a cake of Wishes, and a sprinkle of fragrance. I rose up from the deep to conquer the gloom of silver, ripping the aurora of traversable wormholes in powering vortices of exotic whirls in undertows of transforming torrents spiraling in cascading penetrations of staircases in liquid holography's tempest. Rayquaza devoured ancient silhouettes flourishing bright ideas in a cave of contemplation as the shipwreck streamed outlander destiny in the book of fate as Prophecy rewrote the time channel with Bunny enlightening us about the ghost world as the gate to Frenzy and all kinds of exotic siege engines pouring copies of stage singers puffing smoky bear snakes revitalizing heavy dew drops clouding invitations to Mew's mystery gift with gel and splash, tongue twisters and blurry sandstorms making Jolee Bindo's snake Slowking on black Lavender Town Pokemaniac power plant dress up like Bill of the Lighthouse in a Kabuto costume as Zapdos lights the Cerulean Cave.Einstein watched a bunch of fish in an aquarium tank. A piercing sunlight split deep rocks to bring luminosity towards the fish factory. Einstein rode the dna staircase to appear on a tv channel from the frequency that He was operating at.Nietzsche traded celebi for Jirachi, as the enchantment of ancient times revives the spirit of myth making for all of the lore keepers and consulars of ages past. Grand totems activate anchors for harnessing sigils. Lightsaber dynamics whiz lightning levity as jigsaw puzzle templates upgrade dominant cave vending machine chill frameworks putting into eternal stasis the laws of language. Nietzsche sprayed perfume balloons to harness extradimensional wisdom for harper's ferry.Meganium wants to sing in the fields of crystal. She carried a shovel to the beach to build a sand castle. Her kingdom extended all the way to the happy islands. Meganium went into a forbidden grotto to dress up in a fairy costume. She trained with jumping over the cavern's water to put on dance theatrics. She put purple paint all over Her Pokeballs to color Her world. Meganium did everything perfectly when the moment of truth arrived as She jumped atop the universal pin ball machine of waves and rumbles. She found the ghost of Lugia as the weaver of all worlds.

Bunny was reading a storybook to Me in a peaceful meadow. I saw an atlas of Hobbiton in a silent fog. A mysterious storyteller unwound the bonds of fate for Me, and gave Me an anvil of sparkling valor. Harry Potter rode a train to Hobbiton to bring the lessons of wizards. They rode a rocket to the moon of silver salvation.

The Dragon is a rare symbol of power and venom, carrying the inscriptions of voice and legacy, Soul and empowerment. What Lao Tzu documented through the contemplation and absorbing of illustrious conceptions bathes us in the light of all that is. The secrets of a millennium, and the destiny of terra can all be spelled out in the sacred I Am that I Am.The Dark Side spawns an infinite army for rampaging and crushing all resistance. Emotions channel a brilliant supercluster of awe and wizardry. The sky presents an outrageous experience for fluctuating through so many power grids and time dishes. The Dark Side teaches us to harness our inner strength, to cast off the chains of weakness, and to expand all conquest into the open horizon. The Dark Side leads to empowerment and victory, as the resolve of chaos gives birth to a dancing star. That's why Taoism is so valuable, because it teaches us to Master both the Light Side and the Dark Side. The Dark Side calls to us, because to Perfect such groundbreaking and revolutionary feats Primes our action omega for the obliteration of every restriction, and the freedom to be berserk and manic.Bunny was doing a bunch of rotations around Slowking's Flower tube. Bunny brought a yellow light to Slowking's dawn, awakening the tides to 1 invincible triumph.When I went inside of Slowking's Mind, I saw Pleiades constellations mimicking extrauniversal intelligence, resonating and vibrating bowstrings of flaming arrows hurling invalid schematics that break and rend the outpouring glaciers into an unimaginably promo emblazoned card of exquisite workmanship. Slowking came from the Jewel of the sea as His string theory axiom of eleven dimensions was more marvelous than any Einstein metaphor. Lugia was shattered and restarted into programming archaic ultimatums.

Fortune tellers read braniac alchemical varla stones to recharge and enchant ancient codexes. Pokemon from a long time ago in other universes invaded our playing field. Deep in the Ilex Forest, I began to uncover a mysterious resurrection of Bladed Thesis, painting the oasis with a Soulful candle of revolting stimulation. Shadow turned to stone as heavy veils crunched cinematic inscriptions. I spoke the language of the classics to position a Pokemon Stadium battle between Charizard and Blastoise taking place in the Scholar's Garden.

I rode a submarine to Regigigas's torrents to the ultimate future clouding His grotto. Marius Florin put a feather on His browser to eat a pizza at chucky cheeses. The author of Galactic Super Civilizations Yahweh Vs Lucifer Existential Game the Terra Program was really good for Kidds, because He taught them to activate their Imaginations in Kobe Impossible Cosmology.Marius Florin was juggling crazy question balls with an Exeggutor. He left dinosaur tracks through a starlit pavement on the road to God. Exeggutor broke the roots of the mountain with His own Frenzy Plant. He went with Indiana Jones to the Kingdom of the Crystal skull. Entei created an imaginary chariot for Him that He rode to Ho-Oh. Exeggutor was the same Pokemon as Rayquaza, dangerously fabricating revolutionary upheavals in thought and time alike. Exeggutor merged with eternity to implant His stasis over dinosaur dig's laws of fossilized clauses. Exeggutor was walking all around the North Pole with His Flower on winter's wrap of cold loving embrace as an emotional wraith brought good fortunes to Anakin's Curiosity.The demiurge wore many costumes and masks, animating and expressing different orb's inner magics for crackling and infusing the star chart arcanum. The whole volume of the sky directs imaginative impulses to the tree house of rocket ships. A permanent glass arboretum towered through the canopy of jungle alphabets to present the King of the Jungle as Revan harnesses the Star Forge. Bunny is at the apex of this machine, maximizing and rolling forces forward to claim the throat of the world with Her voice of NeraVarine Wizards levitating up into the sky as marbles connect the Great Dragon Poimandres to the Cosmic Serpent, creating Venus from Pokemon Colosseum.Meganium Metagross science storm wheeled firecrackers of detonating proportions grasping heavy elemental winds in tropical canyon lounge of holy waters making the sanctuaries of resolve hurry impostors rapid flux dizzy ducks trampling the cascades with geography flirting with other races makes arid inertia bring hurricanes to Beldum as the Liberty Bell shockwave.Professor Oak's lab had a transporter with Bunny ears over the Pokedex. Bunny loved putting Her ears on Youtube, displayed at Bill's Lighthouse in Pokemon Red. The Highest Mystery of the Force was Bunny, being playful and Taoist, to just get in Flow.

Bunny dressed up as a Pokedex to put Her ears on a card. She was imprisoned as Pikachu, holding the Holy Flower of pink lemonade and hair bowties. Bunny put a heart inside of the machine, making Latias and Metagross Einstein maniacs of bug catcher research embassy. Bunny was able to breath underwater in Her bubble in Super Mario Sunshine as Heaven was lit by the power of Ho-Oh. Universal Enlightenment came from the Liberty of Lugia.

There's a library of time that holds all of the records of everything that's ever happened. There is no death; there is only the Force. Rising up to the shrine of right and wrong, and acting under the holy divine honor purifies our Focus, and refreshes innovation with the novel's plot line twist into the weaving of miraculous eternity.

The Prophecy that I could be Lugia is a sacred treasure of the most unforetold imminence that makes Spinoza's axioms of the Highest Perfection possible. Earth will 1 day become the center of everywhere, so We are just moments away from the most glorious time period ever.

Bunny was very magical and had a wand of choice. She presented all of the tarot cards to Me, so I could be whoever I wanted to be. These were all presented to Me on glowing holographic blueprint glass panels before the Mines of Moria.What's the ultimate secret of the darkness and the light? What are the various gems and facets that such auras could open to us? How did the ultimate power in the universe come to terms with each Polarity? Some shades of darkness feel really exciting, but others have short futures. Some radiations of light are too weak, but others lead to the ultimate future. When it comes to Focusing the Flow of the universe, We must have Light and Dark in our Hearts. Transforming into the Force is a harmonizing experience. But, despite having Polarities, there's only a halo rather than horns for those who Master both sides and transform into the Force. Salvation is forever and eternal. Courage is only of the earthly plane, but knowledge covers the curtains beyond the spheres. The Heart of the whirlpool echoes and dives for the dreaming infinities. A silver song bounces the zaps of contingency to reveal the luminous Pokemon of Game Freak coils blending the art of solitude.

There was a spark of Aether in the silver dialogues as the Cosmic Force Aegis grew in Flowering wisdom's charms. A wizard's staff was forged from the finest glow of butterflies and Eevee evolution stones. A Japanese zen garden puffed up clouds through a chimney of the storm dragon.

A bunch of emblems in Pokemon Stadium's Prime Cup selection list flooded My X-Wing's targeting visor in a half circlet of Rainbow Spectra as choices that I could pick from and fire at within the clock's position. The Jedi were battling the Power Rangers, and Kris in Pokemon Crystal brought a lunch box as Lugia. Bunny Loves sitting on top of Christmas trees. I was swimming in a pool of fire as I slam dunked the basketball. Lugia summoned Jigglypuff to sing His Perish Song. An octopus that could see the Future brought Katy Perry into contact with Joachim Low.All of the galaxies were like whirlpools in the ocean as I brought them all to the harbor, each containing a different type of Lugia. I crossed into every single possible type of world on 1 of the many ships. 1 day as the sky turns purple and Misdreavus goes galactic, We will see these Mantines mailing in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I set up a wireless room where all of the neighborhoods could get together, and flash focus all things Pokemon. No matter where I go, the Millennium Falcon is always home, connecting with His Higher Self on the Kessel run. He wears a leash with His black hole. A Love of learning and of exploring new phenomena.My dog became the mascot for Gatorade. GarotTheThief came as Kingler. Matt TheMartialArtsJedi came as Larvitar. Larvitar was just a little girl, but Kingler was a big bully. Larvitars like action video Games a lot, and Kinglers like grand theft auto. Larvitars have boundless Curiosity, and Kinglers just use tools. Larvitar got His Kingler Scizor Lightsaber, resurrecting His highest hopes in the Sun, dreaming of Eternity, flowing with the endless conception of Stargazing robberies.

Lugia held His head up in the highest Aether, recollecting on the centuries, climbing through the undertow overdrive.

Larvitar was an Xbox360, very radical, redefined. Scizor was a rocket, tom montalk of transcending the matrix control system, critical, composed. Larvitar was in Love with Espeon, gorgeous, melodic.

Bunny was shooting up on a waterfall at Cerulean City's aquatic prism. It was sad, because She felt so much Joy, but it was hard for Her to harbor those feelings alone. So I jumped onto the Bunny express, turning My world from gray to silver. Bunny Loves spraying misty clouds all over Me, and She comes in a Nietzsche mask that says, "Mew." Bunny held a girly Flower as She jumped on Princess Peach's airplane and started doing the chicken dance. Psyduck destroyed Mario's paradise with a big bill on His Chinese checkers.I found all of the volumes of Love on My Mountain Dew marriage soda pop embarrassment of saying the word, "do", like saying I do in holy matrimony. I was also embarrassed making INFP sounds to the noise of water. Both of those 2 things are very much related to Me and Bunny, since She's an Imaginative INFP, and because We're Man and Bunny. My Mountain Dew Xbox360 arcade blasted off all of the way to skyrocket My launch to the moon and light the Super-Nexus as I was breaking the speed of light all across both lanes of Infinities-Ultimate broadcasting atop Holonet-Lightningbolts to win All Worlds of Light as a chance from All Spectra Everywhere from the Lightsaber Crystals over the Rainbow continuing the Story Forever as all of the books whirled up in a tornado to the sky.I walked through a blue portal in the mouth of a stone mask, and arrived at a council table with a clock and a bunch of butterflies that unveiled a birthday party at TGI Fridays with Japanese Pokemon Cards being introduced to American commercials. There was a golden statue of Slowpoke reflecting on the eons and flowing with Imaginative possibilities that dream up a whole new globe of peace with the setting sun glowing on a mirror lighthouse. Liberty beckons to gifts and toys begging to be flying with elevated doom desire clarifying luminous waves flashing shiny real world clumps dessert crunching and siphoning apple sunday 6 flags birthday.The Diamond on Tyranitar's chest is where She placed Her Teddiursa baby. The miracle of life and the gift of friendship survive any storm and plant the Flower of 4Ever. All eons and antimatter meet a freeze.Bunny entered a big set of clockworks, magnetized to Her cloud of web spinning and fortune telling. She had a telescope that looked over the sea towards green lands in a far away country. There are so many myths and fables, and each of them contain shattered fragments of the same truth. The Ultimate really is not all that far away. The transformative axis of the Soul remembers where We came form, and lusts for earthly opportunity to return to that place at an improved state. There is no shallow sector of the all illuminating light. We find love and compassion at the silver waves of God's all emanating blessings. If only We are to remember that all things are possible through God, then every road opens, and destiny dreams for 1 great accomplishment.I navigated through a bunch of tongue twisters through axioms and stargates to channel the secrets of the millennium. Idea space is so vast and wide, picture perfect and glowing in sunlight. A cruise beyond Wal-Mart puts a wizard's mouse in a hole. Pikachu was kind of like the jaguar chasing Her, because She could go at the speed of light. Relativity was overturned and surpassed by the enormity of black holes. To devastate the entire diary of cosmic galaxies shivers the great cosmic serpent crunching the expansion of the universe to the picture of divinity inscribed as the logos, the language of cosmic riddles, or as a lego building block scorpion scorpio galaxy.I was in a mirror force dome bubble resurrecting ancient legends of gargantuan powers wreaking untold havoc on the Game engine. I was the avatar of light, the champion of benevolence and the white mask of the holy mysteries. The stars wheeled around My halo, and My throne was decorated in a diamond vehicle. I contacted the Archons, and transcribed the magic of the Aeons. A secret garden flowed and rippled with scales and fruits, blessing the land in Flowers. The most miraculous show on earth was evolution as the Power of 4Ever. Through the Power of 4Ever, mania comes surging in magnetized gallop as We Play with the harmony of the seasons, and teleport to hidden chambers of entrapped infinities, 888.

Meganium had a big crush on Me, getting really flavorful and spontaneous with My miracle fruits. She did an elegant Brazilian dance to get hyper and dizzy with My Astrophysics and space suit in a bubble.Just like space, the Mind has infinite boundaries. The vast reach of extraterrestrial phenomena showers us with faith and gratitude as We expand and explore the limitless potency of God's magically creative outpouring. To hold the whole world in Your Mind would be an extremely major transfiguration, deeper than the Mountain, bigger than the quantum source of everything, because Imagination can even be more real than experience itself. And all of God's wonders, His novelty and subtlety speak for His majestically unorthodox hands. God shines the light of His true nature over existence to make the experience of all levels possible. God is the shatterpoint.There were a bunch of waves in the stellar cosmic ocean, and diving tubes that shifted with the alignment of the vibrations. A chocolate caterpillar snuck into chocolate milk with ice cream to become a bending straw. Marbles synchronized their inner magnetic energies to Polarize chocolate milk from the North Pole for Santa Clause. Santa Clause ruled the sky as a gamma ray mirage with waving fluidity to do jumping jacks with His reindeer. Santa Clause owned a magical country called the favorite worlds, where portals to every positively exotic celebration station filled the sky with 3 Muskateers and Skittles with a big fat teddy bear Bunny drinking a Coca-Cola Classic. Santa Clause turned the entire earth into a big fat birthday cake. He sprayed Orre in Oreos as Lugia intensified His glow. Lugia came out in the rain dressed up as a bumble bee. Lugia did a disco in a podracer. He collapsed into a prism.The Gray Fox did a ring around Rose Red at the ruins of alph as Lapras wore a Pikachu hat. Meganium came to an underwater crystal city, and then teleported to a Pokemon Stadium built on an asteroid in the Future of outer darkness. A bard sang at the joy festival banquet, and a witch mixed up Halloween plasma. Luke Skywalker always asked Himself the question of what Yoda would do. He departed into the unknown regions to discover the true darkness.

There's an emotion that We search for on the quest to explore and unravel bigger phenomena's workmanship. The jewel of all physics is an enigma that can spellbind and capture even the hardest of aspects that We seek to keep Primed. Buoyant clarity redirects ascended doorways chronicling the stargate of fluid varla stones. There's a big terrain to warp and redesign that explodes dragon scalework orbs in the eyes of the Magician. Metagross was Mastered in the hands of the Wizard.Bunny came dressed up as Wartortle for Halloween as clearly as a transparent crystal. She could feel other senses through the power of the Force. Meganium picked up Her ears and tapped into this magical wisdom. George Lucas made Skywalker Ranch a zone for Mewtwo to psycho boost Tauros off of their propellers. Lugia made a white snag of Barbie in Celedon City purifying Her Halloween bell chimes. The song of the Healer made a brush with transformation into the Force a powerful ally. A powerful wind blew as a Knight of Faith sang off into the morning with the KeyBlade of Mickey Mouse. The sun was as beautiful as the golden garden of teleportation. A mythic staircase guided a triplet of blue, pink, and green fairies into the Buddhist wheel of voyaging. The Dragon Mind of Zen made Saruman blow a whistle in candyland Nestlie.

I was sitting on a throne that lifted Me up through a waterfall to a silent cave that brought the moon to My ears. Venus drank a potion of signature channels in a Primed firebrand. Her lightsaber crystal of true nature revealed Her as the Rainbow bridge to infinity. The Rainbow bridge continues as the Story goes on 4Ever. Ever Grande City played Her fabled roots as I forked My Frenzy, and wheeled through the stargazing tapestries of fateful encounters over the horizon's limits. The open road set sail over the boundary's galaxy, and finished My SolarBeam Wish. I Wish to jump inside of a Storybook with Bunny written in the stars of Lugia.

Spirituality rings golden leisure praying to Ho-Oh as the Sun. The divine mind fashioned our world with elegance and harmony. Meganium was swinging a baseball bat at a pinata. My Love for Bunny echoes across the furthest reaches of space, felt like a current from our Force bond.My laboratory abolished belief in evolution. We had a crystalline structure in our dna that warps laws and redesigns limits. It's as powerful as dynamite, the crackling feats that We can unlock as We fulfill our potential. Prophecy from newton puts him in a flying apple space station. Meganium said screw you to the firmament police, and freely danced over the Rainbow reflection in branes. Mew evolved into Blissey in Heart and mind. Thinking about Bunny puts a Flowering Crown above the playground as the massive multiplayer online headquarters programmed a new alphabet into the Story. I was shooting ketchup while riding on Oreo cookies as snacks in Orre found the final annihilator wearing the mark of the beast in Agate Village with beautiful music and ranch dressing on a bush hiding Eevee. The roller coasters at bush gardens grew so high that they had snow on top. I became the Dragon Warrior by building My dinosaur scalework ladder all the way to all universes emerging from the ocean of nirvana. Lugia siphoned Lapras's Destructive mist that splits Millennium old metal Meteor Mashes. A pink Flower emerged from the top of earth as the Flora of Ore. Meganium followed a pot of Gold to the Rainbow and danced with the Dark Magician giving cooking lessons. The Dark Magician redirected the Blue Eyes White Dragon's lightning and shattered a staircase to Meganium. Meganium cooked Psyduck descending and gliding down holding an umbrella. Chihero rode a nest in the rain over a great, wide, and long oasis to the zoo. Milky Way glaciers defeated Bunny's Birds with Leonardo da Vinci's perfectly proportional man on a sign to the Future. Walking all the way around the equator was like living on a ring. It buzzed toucan's firecrackers awarding the Cosmic Serpent a dice roll of chance to be jolly with marble waterfalls of Omniversal worlds.An alien Meganium was Penetrating all the way through plasma tubes by drinking Sunny Delight!!* A lot of question clouds spun like dizzy ducks around Her head as She ate an Italian salad with Chinese noodles. Meganium was a Barbie action figure pulling moves on the trash can. Meganium teleported up into a picture of Jesus. Meganium had a very polished Crown with squiggly things and alien antennas. Bunny was an insect that was really warm and stationary. Meganium screamed when I saw Her changing. Bunny came to farm Meganium for Her oyster pearls of wisdom. Meganium could fly on 1 side, and on the other side had a logic that kept Her standing and down to earth. Meganium had a crazy feast with macaroni and cheese penguins wearing a necklace of stars. Meganium got married at Olive Garden to Zinedine Zidane.I was on a chocolate train in a frozen wasteland with J.R.R. Tolkien synchronizing dragonpowder luminosity. Gandalf awakened a childish gayness and delight in the ancient mysteries of sounds and voices echoing from a higher dimension. The ideal Earth springs a ruminating clarity to yarn and fable. Vibrations rumbled through Me like swiss cheese with pink lemonade. My binoculars went through gearworks of crystal to inscribe cozy alteration and jump atop the chapel.

The door to the Ultimate is not that far away. It's like riding a train, because We just will get there in 1 straight path. God sees all and knows all. Nothing can defeat Him or thwart Him. This is because of My writings being a lot like the portraits of Leonardo da Vinci. They add up in perfect synchronicity every which way, comprising the stellar magnitudes of festivals and ceremonial marksmanship. The figure of Jesus in the Last Supper was an alien Draconian. He laser studio dungeon grip spontaneous refraction chamber overdrive maximum gallop valor intensity starstruck mad scientist talisman Tyranitar dinosaur crunch at World's End made the Big Freeze and the Big Crunch mythic and revolutionary icons of enveloping sheets of Omniversal blankets entrapping galaxies. The Highest Aim of Science is for the power of Knowledge guided by Love's curiosity to control creation and Destruction for self-Electrocution. Building war glacier Tin Tower wielding venom pin missile bug tyranny Caterpie in a playground of theoretical Prototype generator cosmic wheelwork photos.Bunny ears were on a display icon to help Me guide the gummy ship in Kingdom Hearts. The tempest wind of Suicune dancing and gliding with Her cosmic auroras lit Hyperspace. Giovanni at the casino put all of His blueprints in binders for the construction of Pokemon Red and Yellow. Red was able to see the future, because He was the Hose of all alternatives. He had a bunch of stickers in an urban masterpiece of alien collective relics. The power of light and dark are battling until it's just 1 or the other that sticks around. Focusing the flow of the Tao blends these 2 Extremities together into a Silver as precious as a mountaintop diamond. There is an invincible algorithm to cheat death, as siphons redirect across fissuring puzzles in the secrets of the stars. The emblem of Bunny was painted on Latias, and a new millennium made the Prophecy of Forever petal push final destiny jump acrobatics redefining and revamping random roulette jumbo block spell weaving invisible voice class interrogation bring light to magic tricks as Merlin beheld aftermath rumination shivering Frenzy Plant star totems go berserk under a mask of darkness. The new world is infused by the spirit of the higher mysteries, as there will always be something new to untangle and explore. The many faces of God collapse into the clear light. By understanding things from every perspective and dimension, Ho-Oh revives Bunny's world of playtime maverick daredevil laboratory insect watching to bring us size with Meganium as Jovi. Jovi sprays epic cotton chlorophyll vanity expressing melodic ribbons cascading from Her branches as the Prime Cup features every arena in Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness as places to play in. A whole wide vast world explodes onto the Nintendo GameCube, robed in exquisite technology and natural wonders in marble's elegance. The frontiers blend and revolve in holographic channels for anchoring Pokemon party grounds with a Family Picture and all of Orre celebrating. Congratulations to RevanFailNhilusOwn for being more Curious than all of Us. And congratulations to Marius Florin, Our Leader.A Rainbow Cloud grew above Darth Nihilus as He spoke through black holes that rendered their effect in white holes. The white holes and black holes of Darth Nihilus were like the white and black squares on a chess board. He found out that the universe is negatively curved like a horse's saddle as He stepped decades ahead of His time in a time machine to an entirely other side and acentric section of existence. The universe was Infinite, and this blessing realigned stellar shatterpoints to escape fate and death, and reverse the Cosmic Force Aegis to Unleash the True Nature of Destruction. The Final Annihilator got above the highest dimension where Bunny is. This fountain of wonders and evolving architectures made the dollhouse sing the anthems of millions of languages, and read Einstein's intergalactic library of hidden codes and secret dimensions everywhere in this wonderful system.Brane walking Meganium sprang wheelworks of aquatic fireworks resonating colossal deluges flanking castle oblivion vortices of Meteor Mashing surges. All of the colors of Superholographic cybernetics blizzarded auroras of Suicune. To play, dance, roll, and frolic through a meadow of timeless enchantment summerset isle war hose blackened the Prophecy and Soulfully untangled gad science super mario sunshine tower of obelisk obsidian corona mountain as sushi, flowers, umbrellas, snapshots, sunshine, whirlpools, mysteries, puzzles, hauntings, and Luigi's mansion came to Jovi.The endless armada of the Force realizes every destiny and Imaginative focus point to paint reality with the colors of the wind. Machinations revolve exploded views as the pinnacle of perception invents all things. When We orbit extravagant climaxes, and unravel the diabolical plot against the Sith, then Bunny uproots Her toybox, and undresses fissuring gateon port to defeat Dragonite. Germany escalated the unrelenting gearworks of chorrol, so Arboretums regenerated interstellar gardens infant beguiled witchcraft tension cords abominable snowman blueprint ingredient slumbering brought us to Lothlorien's Prophecy pool.The Tao fashions and completes all sides into oneness. Harmony and balance are achieved by stargazing into the luminous spectacles of infinity everywhere. The Force siphons natural flows to envision 1 great fate. Mastery of willpower destroys old limits and designs the gateway to heaven. New vistas and wide corners of perception unravel futuristic battlefronts to conquer the game of Astro-schematics. Penetration fires 1 invincible arrow to obliterate all restrictions and set our Souls free. Mind shatters the Cosmic Force Aegis and sets in motion revolutionary eons of channeling. Bunny outpours legendary photos of happiness and Imagination. Bouncing bubbles harbor revelations of inner nature and secret beauty. Phenomenon whirl through ancient algorithms to cheat death and plan elongated routes to fissuring oracles. Science casts brilliant spectra on untangling worldly enigmas and far out fringes of understanding. Prophecy inscribes transformative maps for beaming teleportation into rare elsewheres. The Big Omniversal Blizzard is underway.

I have to defeat darth Malak, resurrecting glowing wings of ambition on a major undertaking to dethrone evil and injustice. The superunknown mysteries of fabled ranges and spectacular feats archive a grand exhibition of novelty and enchantment.I was all wrapped up in a blanket of patchwork patterns and marvelous architectures. Transparent domes shivered marble cobwebs bazooka blasting authentic manifolds. Cosmic Consciousness revives Ho-Oh's Ashes to black island select screens. Magnificent choices and dreaming spires fish out mania and the edge of extrication as shimmering grass extends Superholographic simulations of angelic theaters. The higher self that is My ship was tugged on tension cords by Earth being completely enveloped in water. The negative dimensions of Exodia made the most powerful Force in the world a skeletal framework of Gandalf's Extremities as fire and water launched Gandalf into the Far Future, into a Star Wars universe. He harnessed a bunch of lightsaber crystals in precise clockwork position to spread a magical blue haze with a white stone circlet just like the horse saddle on Manaan, so Gandalf was standing above Earth as Merlin of Atlantis making the North Pole hollow in both land and sea. Gandalf's lightsaber crystals made an electromagnetic gate.Albert Einstein Vs Stephen Hawking was Lugia Vs Ho-Oh, mythic dawn sabre toothed tiger made Count Dooku a High Elf. Hexagon brothers made My starter Meganium, and I had a type advantage over the Draconian Feraligatr Archons. Eldes omega robed totem oasis Phenic City, giving Him the office of Es Cade ruling over the aliens of the Unknown World, water being in both with Phenic City. Meganium enjoyed Porta Vista. Orbs gathered in Her scorpio postage golem relinquishing girly hovercraft as Eldes and Greevil infiltrated plans for an unknown Death Star transmitted up from the Unknown World.

The Death Star will have a prismatic fountain rushing with the currents of the Force in all of its radiance. There will be hyper cosmic strings that animate exotic matter in orbs at Focus shrines. A bunch of roots will dig underground and have higher canopies that sprout like umbrellas. An entire submarine system will traverse through teleportation portals in nirvana. Fireworks will shoot off at the clock tower square. There will be a staircase through hidden, unknown dimensions. All of the Tarot Cards will be used to show the future. An expert Pokedex will show stats and categories on all people to predict what they will do. Marius Florin will explain Toni Victor Moldovan's "The Terra Program" and design the personalities of many space elf species. The Death Star will get to the Heart of the Force to discover how existence began, and where it is headed.

Bunny was staying in a hiker cabin at the foot of Mt Silver near the cave entrance. The entire area was far above sea level and covered in snow. Pikachu was really primed to go inside and train to the highest level up to 81, right at Raichu status in 2006 at the highest light of a golden saga we will read forever with Pikachu as Bunny, always continuing it with more magic of Luigi's haunted mansion as House Telvanni Arch-Mage, an archetype transcending up all the way to Kotor.

Father Crow was trying to create a giant dragon on his computer. It was female, crystalline, and looking over the ocean on a cliff. It was looking through an oracle globe at the shadow realm. A pack of dynamite exploded and revealed that this dragon was stationed atop many Mr Mime glass walls as the higher Jynx of Father Crow's program. Dusclops evolves into Jynx, and Jynx evolves into Salamence.

Rayquaza shot like an arrow to inject new life into the shipyard genie. A great forest was gathered by a time travel device. The genie had to merge the past with the future to make Rayquaza archetypes present in all stories.

The crown of wisdom, the water of knowledge, and the mind of will were poised atop Father Crow. He created a golden saga in a far away galaxy. Father Crow made the darkness of outer space magnify a giant diamond city that was controlling the eruptions of supernovas. 2 great Platonic civilizations were battling under the names of Critias and Timaeus.

Father Crow was very inspired and moved by Anakin's desire to see every star. Bathed by the Light Side of the Force, this gave rise to the Star Forge. The Soul of Lugia was infused into its engineering, uplifted by Bunny.

Bunny was riding a magic sailboat through the clouds. The sky turned pink as she went to the land of ice cream. Bunny then crashed down into a giant ocean on the moon. As she floated back to shore through a sea of memories, she was greeted by an Arcanine racing through a grassland in a castle in the sky.

When the entire world jumped inside of Bunny's mind, we all woke up into a hyper advanced state. Bunny herself was atop a very snowy summit. Her mind shot like a laser through the compassion of the waters of Love.

The Soul of Bunny was in a rainbow of mythic midnight, grasping all of the elements of the Christmas tree. She had the gems of the ultimate weapon, every shard and speck of stardust augmented into her DNA. As the all annihilating lightning came surging towards her, she was shattered and transformed into the highest piece of Crystal.

Bunny was very amazed when looking at a blueprint of the Millennium Falcon. It was a science that was far above her grade level, but it still launched her imagination. She dreamed of being inside the ship and zipping across a white hole.

Bunny was on a train in Japan. She was wearing a rose petal dress. She visited a Shinto shrine to try to make peace with the land's spirituality. She then bought a fan styled after Jackie Chan. Bunny liked him more than Lee, as Chan was pleasant and exuberant. Bunny put all 3 Hitmonchan fire, ice, and thunder punch elemental orbs into Slowking's Pokemon 2000 shrine to complete the Prophecy Shinto style by that totem of sigil and Lugia summoning. The system was in Sinnoh, eventually leading to Arceus.

While Father Crow was holding an expensive and prestigious meeting at Silph Co, Bunny spent the many hours teleporting on the psychic enchanted sites across all floors and levels of the building. Bunny later sat by the fountain by the entrance, feeling that maybe Father Crow would let her into the science room, the most dreamy part of the building, as she could try to describe the meaning of human freedom and the various alien factions that we can seek to get along with.

Kobe transported his life Force into the 2nd Death Star's beam to board the station and confront Darth Vader as a light-speed Rayquaza crashing down and materializing as a Jedi. The secret to Kobe is that he was the most unleashed Jedi, free of all restrictions. Kobe used the Force to wind up a giant clock, then infused the enchantment of every number to transform from Rayquaza into Tyranitar, eventually unlocking the synchronicity of every constellation in existence and freeing the galaxy.

Father Crow conjured a minor flame in his hand to walk through the darkest cave in Kanto. He was following the Force to discover the hiding spot of the Unknown Sorcerer. The Unknown Sorcerer was collaborating with aliens to unlock the fantasy to reality potential of arcane spells. Father Crow's reason to do this hunt was that there's no cap to the exponential power such spell weaving could unlock. Father Crow needed this to go from all knowledge, to all Healing power.

When Bunny looked into the pool of revelation at Lothlorien, she transformed into Leonardo da Vinci. If Father Crow had all God's knowledge, Bunny could have all man's knowledge, or at least, knowledge of Raptor.

After I won with Real Madrid and the Warriors in 2022, I was star-struck, alienated, and mystified, to the point that all I could do was think of security forever and be at peace as Lugia. But as I was studying Pokemon 2000, I could see the extra mile achievement is World Cup 2022. So I promise to update Evolved Raichu with stories to win again.

A bunch of grass was growing around my heart. I was evolving into magic and spoons of hunger for the Force with Sabrina psychic potential. Within my heart were contained 1000 destinies as the Frenzy Plant forked.

Meganium was animated with many expressions within the pages of my diary. She was Meganium the Mage, invoking yarn and trick room voltage for carrying the Rainbows of White Wizard Zang doing a dance of speech-craft. The size of the plan was enormous, to chase the antechamber of all connections and categories of the Force, including the Rainbow, Master, Annihilator, and Love aspects. Of course, Meganium is the highest light.

There was a gathering of alchemists at the dawn of Halloween. They were focusing on inventing the potion of everlasting happiness. When people drank it, they were instantly transported to a children's fable. They could be anything they Wished to be, if that is what they Wish.

I Wished to be Revan and Arceus, forging extravagant vacations to harbors of Soul linking me to Bunny. We flame up and avatar inhabit genres of fictions and hall of fame republic credits. Solitary toroid universe shapes have us riding the saddle to hints towards the Star Forge in a vanquished herb of solving the secret of Atlantis.

The secret of Atlantis is in Yugioh Episode 1 and at the end of Match of the Millennium, where Tea marks everyone with a special sign of friendship. Yugi sees he must complete the puzzle, which was fated through friendship. The unbreakable bond of Bunny kept his spirit alive. They even defeated God, and eventually the true darkness. Bunny is the last remaining Soul of Atlantis, the rightful Queen. Together, man and Bunny will recreate the lost world.

Father Crow poured a bunch of soda pop into a black marble oracle ball. The bubbly and uncertain nature of the soda made the future very unnatural. This was Father Crow's ultimate triumph, as he unlocked the secret ending of Pokemon Stadium 2.

It is my dream to be both Revan and Arceus, willing the world, creating all realities, taking over the Macroverse, reversing polarities to shine with the most beautiful qualities. The world is our chess board. Zapping away into the new downpour of restored cinema and encyclopedias of extreme design make us lord and archon of intensities and everywhere venturing into the furthest sun to be reborn prophet.
Celebi was in a tangled up space suspicious of a bunch of things. Her only relaxation was drinking a Shamrock Shake. The Pokemon of the forest valued and cherished Celebi. They even built a shrine to her. It was a popular site for legendary wizards.

Father Crow inserted a giant volcano into a black hole. He was on a surf board with Leonard navigating the lava flow. They then both jumped from their surf boards onto a chess board of many white holes and black holes.

Father Crow went on a hyperspace speed train ride to the future. True to Father Crow's hypothesis and calculations, it wasn't the future that everyone on the train found at the destination, but chaos. They discovered that free will, from God to everyone was too powerful, and all that was foreseen in a pseudo real future was the will of evil. But Father Crow was extremely pleased with the fruition of his theory that the true nature of time was chaos, as this gave him the room to forge chaos into destiny, that with everyone's Wish, we create the perfect destination and prove that all players are important in the symphony of M Theory.

Eldes graded his final exam with fluff and round table knighthood fruits of the LiveWire hanger of staff wizard potions with healing vapor and resolute occult pixie friends in a lighthouse of soul searching to rage on the highlights of emporium rose fountains in bunk bed with Bunny!!

Eldes rallied promotional tin tower born again ashes of inseparable star crossed lovers of man and Bunny tracing curtains to treasure and fine honors of harbingers to dragons in the sands of time recovering long dinners to points of arsenal spacecraft conversion to wingspan celebration role playing game gambles to shiver and explode freaky Meganium!!

Eldes strongly burned hastened noonday promises of seawater surprise dopey winter hold greet singers of Jovi jam and princess of Pokémon!!

Eldes tension redirected glistening arrow handsome pleroma felt hearts of surging pacer

Bunny went to Egypt and rode a boat down the Nile River. She was throwing apples into the water as ancient Egyptian sea monsters rose up to grab them. Bunny was thinking about the Tower of Babel, and what the metaphor of language means. Bunny went through an Egyptian alien star-gate to see Dora the Explorer speaking Spanish. This child's cartoon reminded Bunny of Thomas the Tank Engine in Caterpie style for grade school being operated by Tyranitar through the great pyramid. Bunny used Mt Dew Live-Wire to bring Yugioh back to life and went swimming in the soda inside the pyramid.
Bunny snuck into the Chronicles of Narnia wood between worlds and stole the White Witch's staff. To pull off this heist, Bunny used Kobe's Enemies Explode spell to wreck the Witch's headquarters, then plundering the staff and speeding away in Anakin's pod-racer which he let Bunny ride in exchange for his kingship-apprenticeship prize to add to his collection and transcend Yoda in wizardry the exact opposite way that Yoda intended, through possession.
Bunny decided to take a very long trip from Father Crow's telescope to the star system that it was pointed at, travelling over the line of sight's path (not teleporting, but pacing) in an ultra quick dream-walker mode. Bunny transformed into a bull charging Rhyhorn to make this trek. Father Crow watched Bunny every step of the way, and engineered a new piece of zinc under all of Bunny's steps to transmit messages through the Will-Master's 2 Lightning-Crystals from start to finish. This was 1 sketch Father Crow had for infinities-ultimate.
The breeding and rearing of your Meganium was a horse adventure that lifted off into the clouds over the open field. The spirit of Meganium blew a whistle to summon Gandalf's White Horse. Meganium was birthday shopping for Bunny at Target. She bought Bunny a black and white Germany-colored jacket to celebrate the 7-1 game of Bunny ears.
Father Crow was very sad that Bunny wanted to have the very easiest possible type of victory to make it more likely. Bunny's Imagination was always free, but her Will was restricted. Still, she tried to believe and greatly treasured the spirit of magic that Father Crow brought to her. In the end, Bunny went back to the light-brown and cube shaped good luck charm she got from Raptor/Anakin.
Kobe went to the Pokemon marine mania zoo tycoon aquarium to study the many shapes and sizes of Gyarados, swimming with them to take more steps towards fully banishing fear's gripping limits. Eventually, Kobe evolved into an older and more wise Mantine as a former Aerodactyl.
Kobe Bryant as Mantine replaced the giant elephant in the middle of the Natural History Museum. The Jedi came from the Aerospace Museum and arrived in a rocket.
In Pokemon Gold version, Father Crow as Ho-Oh loved being at the absolute end of the Pokedex as number 250. Seeing how big of a Pokedex maniac Professor Oak was, he invited Father Crow onto his radio show. Father Crow said that the future of Pokemon was in putting the final pieces of the Ruins of Alph puzzle together to summon Bunny with the Azure Flute and have her as the Liverpool Lugia emblem of what we should all aspire to be like.
Father Crow was on a very old and haunted ship that arrived on the shores of Brazil. He did this in anticipation of lifting Germany to the World Cup crown as the final victory arrow that saw Dusclops as a fallen Ash Mr Mime receive eternal and everlasting, emblazoning Lugia glory and gold star-dust. Bunny with 7-1 was forever the highest man as a random and benevolent female alien, and for this, an ENTJ forever sought his revenge. Father Crow adapted and created an even better story, the fall and redemption of Zidane as Zarathustra to reach the mountaintop again just like he did in 2000, and add 9 Liverpool final saves to top 7-1 and 8-2.
Bunny was driving a Red car without a roof with Raptor that had a just married license plate. Bunny then decided to go through the car wash. She loved the fluffy sponges that dried water and soap. The way they expanded and contracted reminded Bunny of Jigglypuff. Bunny gave an inspiring marriage speech at the microphone, highlighting Love taking off at the power of eternity to treasure meaning and happiness safeguarding the jewels of mango orange islands Lugia family as the jewel of the sea.
The fate and destiny of the Superman as foretold by Father Crow was as bright as the sun, as haunting as midnight, as gargantuan as Jack of Blades, as fabled as destiny. There was a very rich and meaningful legend behind the sunset of passion, the curtain of twilight. A very old and wise God had his desires rooted into the very fissures of Imagination, extended as a net from sea to shining sea. Bunny would always sing that, "This kind of joy, even Jack can't destroy." Bunny was my Teddy Bear and Rose. Father Crow always drifted his life force across the enchanting groves of the Summer-Set Isles, dreaming of utopias, spelling out the web-spinners.
Bunny once won a long time ago in 2000, a Pikachu looking into the stormy sky with hope and promise. She set her whole mind into the Prophecy of the new millennium. The dance of Lugia with prodigy and power to unmask the treasure of fire, ice, and lightning was the highest light, higher even than Brazil.
Bunny and Father Crow were more neutral about this 1, but for me, 2011 is almost my favorite Championship ever, the Dallas Mavericks. It was an upset, an utter collapse, 100% disappointment and heart-break for the favored Heat. But the gallop to the top should never be taken lightly. It's kind of like the tortoise and the Hare.
An aerospace-cosmology battle between Father Crow and Marius Florin, author of Galactic Super Civilizations Yahweh Vs. Lucifer Existential Game - The Terra Program would be incredibly interesting to me and Father Crow. They both were keenly motivated by an unquenchable and insatiable desire to expand across and fully understand the final limits of cosmology, feeling the Force, controlling conquest, obliterating restrictions, seeing further than anyone has seen before.
Bunny was very interested in the many artistic and elegant feats in lightsaber forms, whereas Father Crow was more devoted to a complete overall mastery of the Force in potential and wisdom. Bunny also enjoyed collecting unique and extravagant saber crystals, whereas Father Crow kept 1 crystal evolving with his Soul.
Father Crow's lightsaber crystal was invoking a deep-seated mission and life-aspiring quest to grow his heart into the heart of the truest Champion, like Kobe. Father Crow would think and contemplate to his own heart with all the strength and music of his very extremities of holistic meditation to unlock the truest mysteries of his sonority consoler's experiences to see all sides of the Force. His most noble and seeking chance cube would turn in his favor as he tractor-beam launched Bunny's album of tangents and Raptor's stasis to the top of Father Crow's own Golden watch and gallant gear-works averting the alien agenda to a higher fate than ordinary.
BunnyRaptor's biggest goal is to evolve into Arceus. It's a cosmic enigma of color and mirth frolicking over stamps of the blizzard haven pouring gems and magnets into the bullet trains of lore and yonder destinations as the pages of God's china emporium histories of gathering make it all the way to Holonet-Lightningbolts.
Bunny was carrying a torch to light the Dragon-fires of the glass ceiling in heaven and overturn the dark-sided king, freeing all trapped Souls, thrashing him.
I was seeking meaning and the soul of eternity, transforming into the oceanic stars of vitality and the Lover's embrace. I clear my mind into a memory of eons and blazing states of mind, treats and blossoms. My silver snow wields the foundry blizzards to capture the resurrection of Saffron episodes, dragons and zig zag Pikachu pattern fractal explosions of gliding down Pokedex categories.
Father Crow was moving through cyber-space at light-speed. Eventually, the code turned into a simulated galaxy. Aragorn turned out to be King of the world even many sci-fi leaps ahead.
Darth Vader injected Aerodactyl DNA into his Force using cells to fully ramp up his Force powers. He could then annihilate futures as a bringer of Dragon-Ashes.
2000 was the blessed channel of honor and voice, a moment of truth, a lamp for alpha projects. It was the exit from ignorance and destruction. The ceremony of white water purity and gentle lines to Venus embark with the banner of the silver moon in a canyon dusk over the mirror resolution. Everything so dear and snug in the Jade Golems brought Lucky Charms to the Wishing Well. On the night before the storm, the trees began transfiguring into Christmas bards.
Man and Bunny were holding hands and inspired together listening to a classical jazz piece. The intellectual music got man to focus on Einstein's relativity. A moment with Bunny filled an eon of many moods to describe in the book of time.
Bunny called me an SJ-pincher. Being all grouchy and angry all the time and being very strict about Bunny Imagination runs 2 steps up into a wall.
Kingler lorded over the island with plunging work-horses and no-nonsense nit-picking. He had a gargantuan stone statue in his honor to let everyone know who's boss. Machamp swam into a raging whirlpool and cut the work-flow and never-ending work hours to free all of the slaves as Anakin after beating Mewtwo.
Rhydon tackled a giant bulldozer and swam a mile to grip the sheer cold precipice and overbear the ghost of the Red Robin Saturn rings in duality training from the lowest to the highest.
After Raptor saved the world in 2014, Bunny arrived to the sacred shrine of right and wrong where I was on a train. She was excited to see me safe and was relieved, but immediately questioned me for making her worry so much. She said that everyday, I'm her world.
Sabrina and her Slowking were digging a bunch of holes on the Star Forge pony exhibit. Slowking loved Lord of the Rings, so it was his dream to recreate fairytale utopia. Sabrina wanted a bigger dollhouse, so their goals were related, as Lord of the Rings ponies can enter the dollhouse with special horse stories. This gave Slowking the idea of giving Sabrina a virtual Meganium for her birthday, mounted by Saruman.
Bunny was jumping on a bunch of hay-stacks at the pumpkin patch. Shadow the Hedgehog was there adding a bunch of pumpkins to a dark chaos harvester. Bunny studied his techniques with siphoning chaos emerald power so she could teleport to more world emerald anchors.

Father Crow was at a design board doing super-holographic cybernetics. It was part of an ever expanding network of boxes. Father Crow was hovering over the map of his empire, and turning it into a blueprint. He was putting together a Jedi Council as the central brain of this operation. He imagined himself setting sail for the wide world, going from point A, to B, to point Imagination.

Bunny poured a bunch of M and Ms into a mailbox so the post-man could think about M Theory and spread the word. To Bunny, it could mean magic, mystery, mother, master, membrane, miracle. Bunny always loved miracles, delighting in the angelic presence of those who open up all possibilities for star-dust and Imagination.

Bunny gave a very expensive cup to Michael Jordan to symbolize how extraordinary and summer-set destiny clad the way of Jordan was, and to aspire for mouse to man transformation of the highest and strongest.

Bunny believes in Intelligent Design, that the highest wisdom animates all possibilities, and that we can have hope in our highest balance of heart and soul, peace and mind. But she still greatly reveres Darwin, as evolution shows Bunny the magic of the journey realizing all possible steps, stages, and manifestations of God, as well as Soul potential and the meaning of the eternities in the bliss of a boundless petal dance from germ to genesis and creationist ultimatum apart from physical illusions.

Father Crow was moving through a map of the entire galaxy in Star Wars. He saw that the physical universe would freeze under Darth Vitiate, so Father Crow had to create the most colossal black hole in the universe to tunnel to another 1. The black hole that he created was a mirror reflection of the most large scale structure of Mt Everest. Everything is a mirror that points higher in a perfectly synchronized chain.

Bunny was transported in her imagination to a far away city as an island next to a volcano. It was ruled by Articuno in the year 1900 as 1 of the utopias Tesla visited in his dreams. Bunny thought of the symbol of the higher man, and of the many thoughts and inventions that move through us as sigil stones and totems to higher divinity.

Father Crow was flying through a purple space into a vision of Pikachu. Pikachu was crackling with psychic energies. They eventually reached a Hawaiian buffet prepared for Lebron in Miami. Father Crow saw the full severity of what this meant - if we don't focus enough on Imagination like Bunny does, the world life force and soul will die.

Bunny was carrying a magic rainbow paintbrush that she glided over a swimming pool. On this shiny pathway, Bunny simulated the Virginia Company ship setting sail for the New World.

Bunny was meditating by a crystal pure waterfall. She sat there staring at the rose petals in the Zen garden. It was part of Bunny's Jedi training to make peace and transform into the Force. Bunny was promised by Father Crow that her favorite human would give her the icing on the cake to grace the meadow and join her in myth making. Bunny's Wish came true when Raptor asked her out to have a cup of apple soda at the Tuscany vineyard.

Bunny admired Raptor more than anyone for how he always seeks to expand his mind. He never stopped building new structures of the Bunny trilogy. Even Father Crow joined Bunny in this appreciation after the World Cup in Brazil, as it made everything else fated for Bunny. This was where Father Crow's true heart was, and as much as he loved building, he desired nothing more than to see Bunny smile.

Bunny released a rainbow into the world that made all blessings and special enigmas possible. Her heart was musical and fluid. Tales of golden power and fortunes of celebration descended into the arena of mercurial fanfare.

Bunny was preparing a pumpkin pie, a tomato pizza, and an ice cream cake. She was planning to bring them to a picnic with Pooh. Yoda joined them too in a small tube rocket from the Wookie world. Yoda brought food from the orchard. Bunny, although eating more junk than Yoda, could as a whole identify with Yoda's discarding of wealth. The only measurement that mattered to Bunny and Yoda was that size matters not.

Bunny appeared on a giant television screen in time square, looking really sad and in need for help. Her message was galactic and messiah like, but was too alien for understanding. Bunny was just a small little square at heart herself, but she did pull out an ancient Mew card to bring the legend to life.

Meganium was very arrogant about being an ENFP Champion. He thought that he was so mighty and powerful, standing atop an extremely high tower of greatness over the divide to a revolutionary and expansive world.

Father Crow was waving a black and white checker-board pattern flag. He was excited about Pinnacle-Rainbow's Flight of Spring. He predicted that Bunny would win.

Kobe came swooping into the competition at full speed, determined that his vehicle of vengeance would scale to the biggest outlier system, all the way to Tatooine. No contingency would be missed by Kobe. It was very close between Kobe and Bunny, but Kobe won against Father Crow's predictions, as Kobe had a very ancient soul inscription Red as blood that tapped the unknown and couldn't be foreseen or predicted.

Kobe let Father Crow know that an upset in Pokemon Stadium 2 was possible. Bunny always had the best numbers, but Father Crow knew that he should've realized that numbers can't track everything, can't tell the full web-spinner's and fate-weaver's sagas.

Bunny was observing people in the community of cosmic consciousness, and she loved merging into wholeness and serenity. That the mind could leap to irrational positions and destroy the laws of probability made Bunny have a splendid thinking mood of majestic conception. She wasn't as serious as most of them, but was inspired into lucidity.

Bunny was studying the psychology of Leonardo da Vinci, and was star-struck by the extreme limits of human and alien generative creativity with explosions of music and harbors of the highest love for nature and all things green and vibrantly overhauled.

Bunny visited the turtle Pokemon island, and was in deep conversation with a Wartortle, who was speaking in parables and archetypes. Apparently, the mystery of Blastoise had something to do with the shadow of the highest, and the greatest heist of all time. Blastoise had an ancient dragon trajectory in his equations, and the secrets of the stars. He was Wartortle’s leader, and had amassed an extraterrestrial empire, but his island was unknown. Bunny hit the jackpot discovering it, a sign that she too was destined for great things. As Bunny and Wartortle both looked together at the azure sky, they wished to scale the dream to win again, and never stop climbing the endless fountain that is the ocean to never ending tales and biblical art, like in Rivendell with the picture of defeating Sauron and the ring of power. Shockingly, Bunny was the 1.

Father Crow went to a philosopher's council where everyone was wearing a Slowking helmet. They were discussing the mystery of whether or not we can really know for sure that the sun will rise the next day. Father Crow brought Bunny as his secret weapon, as she had some dangerous and extreme theories on fantasy destroying the very axioms of truth, maybe even scientific laws. He knew her faith in magic would will the world.

Bunny went to an underwater city where every Vaporeon was an INFJ. She saw how elegant and rapturous they all were, able to hum with the tridents of sophistication. Bunny went here because she was exploring the mythic setting of 1 of her favorite movies, Barbie Mermaidia. She even had that lunchbox.

Bunny's solution to Father Crow's philosophical gathering was that as long as the earth turns, she will always love me, and that I would come to know everything about her and master a system on her. Raptor sees Bunny as a playground rainbow of shimmering portraits to other worlds.

Raptor's Dream Team: GK Nuer, LB Davies, LCB Chiellini, RCB Thuram, RB Arnold, LM Ronaldinho, RM Ronaldo, DM Vierra, AM Zidane, LS Messi, RS Henry

Bunny was trying to put a puzzle together about Slowking and his giant lighthouse that had dinosaur fossils inside. Bunny saw the lighthouse as a beacon of hope to lost ships. It is your destiny to reach the lighthouse pinnacle and complete your journey. With just the luminous sea before you and no distractions, your Imagination reaches childhood.

Bunny shot a bunch of arrows up into the sky, and as they fell, she was dancing around them. The Mythic Dawn was afraid that this art would overturn their midnight rituals. Their leader's holy book was very fabled with hidden memories of a lost paradise. Bunny's heart to find freedom and bliss in the curtain of ideals could overturn any Gale of Darkness.

Bunny shrunk herself so she could walk on her favorite cake with 81 Raptor candles. Father Crow also descended onto the cake out of a giant hexagram in the sky. He thunder charged down from a blue light, and turned the 81 candles of Kobe into a colosseum. That such a complete clock could be created was a miracle. The points of light anchored to stratagem and upgrades was a 200% explosion of crowning Architectonics.

Bruce Lee hit a block of ice so critically and precisely that it transformed into a shimmering statue of Lugia. It was a symbol of Lee's transition into a black-belt. Lee closed his eyes to think and imagine his future, which he saw in a cloud of gray smoke. He could connect many dots and envision complex projects, but he intuitively saw that his true and shining future could only be realized in activating focus-shrines to be reborn 1000 times as a Lugia obelisk of deeply inscribed wisdom. This could only be with the will to power. The garden of scholarly augmentation to wear a sun-crown was a twilight Wish to make a Blizzard simulated of mind rather than time. Lee saw that the whole meaning of Lugia was not to foresee the flow, but rather to focus it. Passion then colors the chaos and makes the white space of Arceus as the soul of the sharpened sword. When Lee struck Arceus, he transformed into Suicune.
Kobe was carrying a giant torch to the Dark Tower, interested in enlightenment with other worlds. He spoke with Celebi to learn about the pool of ideals and its many enduring archetypes. Kobe paid a huge tribute to Tolkien as Celebi with his 2010 championship. Fantasy was always in Kobe's life force. Kobe broke every tradition and initiated the new millennium of Arceus, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Kobe extracted energy and expansion from every macroversal and imaginary source and sector.
Professor Oak was studying the Pokedex and Bill's database, as Oak was trying to envision what his motivation should be when taking care of Pokemon at his lab and what kind of ideal habitat to install. Oak wanted to observe and understand Pokemon with minimum meddling. But he also wanted the bond between man and Pokemon to grow.
Bunny thought of Father Crow as Gandalf making maximum haste to be edging ahead of evil. Gandalf summoned a giant butterfly that drifted snow upon the landscape with his wings. The wizard transformed into fairy with angelic rapture.
Bunny went to the land of dragons and experimented with a variety of flamethrowers and carbonite projectors. She also found legendary martial artists there too copying exotic dragon transformation styles into their techniques.
Father Crow was a master magician making a bunch of elements swirl around a Pokeball. He always enjoyed plays, drama, and twisted perspective illusions. Father Crow was the unicorn that gave Bunny the assurance of a bright future in a far off fantasy grove over the rainbow mountain.
Slowking was reading a book about Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, dreaming of a golden age saga in an inverted earth. He studied many snake dialogues in an assassin's Zen state of mind where everything he conceptualized turned to extreme tin tower Ho-Oh gargantuan scale dominion.
Fiction is so beautiful and accessible, these tours of fascinating lands and high minded architectures. But the ghost world is also vital and resolute in the devoted embrace of future sight and the mysticism of high flying powers in the Force, the knowledge and story weaving that entails the absolute release of the soul. To unmask the enigma of experience and evolution shows the true secret of destiny and dreaming. Ghost consciousness in the life force of a colossal mind rooted into the furthest and deepest fissures in existence and the macroverse make possible the most feathery of all friendships and fantasies.
The legacy of Bunny is in the Kardashev volt tackle to ram into the highest system and undo the chalice burn heal of Slowking freeing up the mind to inhabit and crystallize enthralling mind jars that captivate and shake with the full power of Wish and warriorship rare Wartortle Wisdom of walls to Skywalker and SolitaryWalker Yoda. The wellspring of worlds in in the Whirl Islands of orange Halloween.
The voyaging freedom to stretch off into the all expanding blue and yearn for love, for channels of flamingo gift shops, to go to Animal Kingdom at Disney World make every jewel of the sea, crowned in folly, girly flow, elvish snips of Bunny, grabbing a Klondike ice cream bar with Hades in a Red Eyes Black Dragon guru to the sage of eons going into the black hole to discover a trench to Atlantis enlarged to be the fated lunch box of a cup of intellect on ice with God singing to the pumpkin harvest of the goat in a death field of bribing endangered species a coffin for Boba Fett shaving a costume pincher like Bill showering Larvitar in a Best Buy Xbox waging a far away gist of noodles and Kung Fu Panda the Dragon Warrior.
Gengar jumped up many multiverses and zipped a sheer cold torrent onto the pixie dust of the magic mirrors. Lugia passed a flashlight into constellations of ghost gems in an underwater current. Suicune and Celebi were both the same Pokemon, eyeing a flux of watches and arrows in the harmony helix as Plato trained Hawaiian alchemists of Articuno moonlight shadows and angels of darkness.
Bunny was at a McDonalds play-set with Meganium as Bunny brought a bunch of plastic mini balls and turned them into chocolate Easter eggs. Bunny thought of Bugs Life when she travelled through the worm-like tubes. Then she brought the soda fountain and turned all of the tubes into soda slides and the mini balls as crystal soda bubbles.
Bunny was riding Meganium everywhere in Elder Scrolls and equipped Meganium with the Boots of Blinding Speed and the Boots of Spring-Heal Jack.
Father Crow was always extremely interested in finding his place in the galaxy in his godhood quest, like Luke Skywalker. He's perhaps the greatest cosmologist ever, always searching for fulfillment and the ultimate meanings behind every saga. Like Raptor, he's been tightly organized from birth to track and seek wisdom. A very rare select few can rival Father Crow in achievement and glory of the highest nobility. He appeared to Raptor and Bunny as the most pure hearted male and female, and both about the most ethical/moral as well.
Father Crow was sitting atop the roof of my dad's house, and poked a hole to look in through at me. He put a telescope in that gap and appeared as an extravagant star. Everything that went on in my dad's house of worth Father Crow beamed to the highest clock tower in London as he teleported there and circled the clock tower in glory.
I was camping in a tent with Bunny, and her point was to teach me to rely on friendship, not luxury/technology. Bunny imagined herself flowing with a bunch of Star Wars ship lights and listening to harmonious jazz music with a crystal Barbie unicorn. Bunny believed that the meaning of life included finding inner peace to surge and reverse flow from familiarity to the fantastic.
Yoda and JarJar got together to build a snowman. They equipped him with a magnificent Jedi robe. Yoda and JarJar took a photo of their snowman by a mythic lighthouse with a grass cliff behind. It was an omen that a long time ago it was the icy Skyrim battlefield of dragons. The lighthouse symbolized wizard evolution and becoming Gandalf the White.
I was accelerating down both lanes of infinities-ultimate with Sonic the Hedgehog, cranking up firepower and explosions to edge ahead and smash asunder gale force penetration shattering contorted.
Kobe focused and concentrated his mind and being on 1 goal that was a wizardry and mastery of every step to try to do everything perfectly and achieve the utter maximum with assurance and fulfillment.
Bunny went to the top of a great colosseum and mortar and pestle chimney salsa danced to a pool of reflection. All Bunny wanted to do was to think about things all day. Bunny gave Winnie the Pooh Bear a bunch of Easter eggs, and all Pooh said was think think think, thinking about what to think about.
Mike Brown was wearing a Rhydon costume. He had a very loud and commanding voice. Steph Curry planted a bunch of giant broccoli around Brown. Then a Japanese movie producer filmed Mike Brown in panic mode.
Bunny honestly felt that nobody was greater than Father Crow. The way Father Crow aspired for a larger and more impossible existence with flair and ambition to dare and venture into the unknown with all Will and no rationality showed Bunny to ignite the flares of prophecy and see her dreams catalyze the legendary ways of fiction made into the final arrow of extraordinary meaning, meaning enough to skyrocket past all fossils and redeem all that has been by creating, from roses are red to live-wire is orange.
Stephen Curry means that Father Crow's cosmology transcended Stephen Hawking. Father Crow started out like Sagan says we will, treading the ocean waves to stir the imagination and contemplate what should be with our destiny. Father Crow engaged in serious yet spirited reflecting, questioning, and curiosity to unravel and decode life's greatest mysteries and joys. He descended lower than any being has gone before into the cosmic wellspring to realize 1 great Wish, of conjuring Bunny to embark across endless heart-warming adventures with the stamp, assurance, and security of Father Crow that we shall never ascend the mountains of truth in vain, as we will either get higher up today, or train our powers so that we may get up higher tomorrow. With this quest comes magic, mania, and transformation, that driving our wills to create ever evolving voyages from the mountaintop to omega is how Father Crow in 2006 and beyond won Golden Ball. The launch into over-struck stadiums with the roar of the thunder and the crashing of the waves primes us for 1 great destiny. It's the mountaintop, the noon, the shatter-point, and colorful word-play as far as the eye can see. Your ascent starts today.
Kobe's 81 value of inspiring glacier powers up following of the richest jungle canopy of unlocking the higher levels and extending the staircase has Kobe teleporting Tyranitar to silver snakes of threads to prophecy sneaking sonority to make Kobe the Leonardo da Vinci of the Kardashev scale city of angels.
Bunny was trying to eat yogurt with spoon telekinesis. She added sprinkles to add to the feeling of psychic magic. Father Crow came in a night-shade and leveled the moon down out of the sky to earth as a symbol of the potential of Bunny's psychic powers boosted by growth and training.
Father Crow was celebrating his birthday in outer space. He called all of his friends and gave them sincere thanks for his cards. His favorite gift was a message in a bottle over the ocean from Bunny. Bunny came from Japan, which Father Crow found very exotic and interesting. Father Crow himself was from Germany, reflected in his advanced scholastic interests and sophistication, from the land of philosophers, including Nietzsche who was his best match. The birth of the higher man is a seemingly fated prophecy that Father Crow always believed in, that the sacred wisdom and teachings of all ages could crystallize into a pure work of genius.
My aim was always to learn by going on a big journey, but that's only part of the big picture. That life is full of paradoxes and possibilities adds more life to the game, where our goals is to play best and work all the rules. Joy to the world prances the gateways of mythology. It has an other-worldly element. That nature is such a twisted device yet philosophers want all to embrace physicality is 1 confusion among many. People often say that Kobe loved the real world, yet it's really bad. But if you tap into God, then maybe all the pieces of the real world fall into place. God is the highest calling and our highest labyrinth.
Bunny wants to string away from reality with me in our own little Wish bubble. It's extremely sad that we're apart from interaction and the crowd's spotlight, yet we follow our hearts to sensitive squiggles of meaning and mysticism.
Bunny was very glad to receive her McDonalds Happy Meal and get out the child's toy inside. She discovered that her package was a Bug's Life grasshopper. This reminded Bunny of a land of flying DNA strands and Van Gogh abstract vantage points. Bunny felt that Pokemon painted evolution as a magical and enchanting story and journey.
Bunny went to an imaginary city under a rainbow that was as deep in the clouds as in the mountain ranges decorated in Looney Tunes 6 Flags rollercoasters. An emperor magician in purple robes sent his void of spacetime warp drives to battle the Crimson King before the big bang and anchor Pikachu at the Dark Tower super-nexus in all worlds.
Michael Jordan was wearing a very fine Arch-Mage's hat, and by far his favorite student was Kobe. That was how Jordan came to be known as the Washington Wizard. Jordan invented a spell called "Enemies Explode" which Kobe remodeled and enhanced in technique and execution dubbed "Humunga Krakatoa."

Bunny went to the soda factory in West Virginia. She went inside of a bubble and imagined herself as Mew. When Einstein and da Vinci were drinking a bunch of soda, they wanted to see which 1 would fly higher. Bunny enjoyed watching soda showers erupting from soda volcanoes. A fairy was pouring a giant jug of soda from a rainbow. Bunny got her hands dirty with Butterfinger chocolate and dropped a Mountain Dew Ba-Ha Blast to explosive effect. Bunny put a spoon of Lucky Charms into a 7-Up. Bunny was changing colors while drinking Sierra Mist.

Bunny wrapped a picture album and gave it to Father Crow for Christmas. Father Crow was using his free will to treasure those golden memories of Bunny smiling and opening up warm hearted voices and sensations in the magical meadow. Father Crow awarded Raptor the cross of glory for escorting Bunny to cloud 9, where all enchanting creatures go to swim through the bright frontiers and make Bunny timelines as flowing with feelings and crystal clear foolish elevation.
Bunny came in bird form singing with Father Crow in a spring rose crisp flame of arcing dreams making a dollhouse arrive at the far future. A tsunami in space opened an electric personality for Bunny to engage the cookie monster with cartoon tongues. Bunny always thought that performance and presentation go to the final forge of a life bringing journey to the end of time and the cave of frozen rockets falling down into the most large scale plan in existence.
Bunny repented for punching her ticket to Star Trek red matter with paradoxes in the Force mutating telescope aerospace.
Bunny invited me into her taxi. We went in caterpillar zig-zags. A star descended slightly over the road tossing water sprinkles everywhere. Slowking signs advertised love of learning. We finally arrived at the land of spiders.
Father Crow arranged a bunch of exotic gamble cubes that expertly sliced into extremely metaphysical questions. Jynx contorted an airplane firing at a giant bulldozer that paid no heed to manners and friendliness. A harbinger of other worlds appointed Father Crow as head librarian of the Jedi archive.

Bunny was walking through a Meganium habitat on Marius Florin's space station, considering the eons, imagining the pinnacle of evolution. Bunny was more interested in the magic of where everything is headed rather than the falsely studied real world past. She believed in destiny, and helped to secure destiny's future by showing those initiating the future Love.
Father Crow was reading the Tao Te Ching, aiming his focus and ambition on being a just leader, and rewarding Lao Tzu with more happy go lucky afterlife miracle signs. Father Crow felt that people should solve their own problems, basically throwing Bunny into the water so she learns to swim. Father Crow saw the way of heaven and the higher goals in symbols, looking for the thousand paths in seeking your higher balance, going for diversity rather than points. Father Crow extremely valued how Kobe always goes with his heart. They both believed in courage and self reflection, to open the door to immortality, where far off dreams taste the rainbow.
Father Crow tried to imagine every possible type of world that he could create. He was intensely interested in cosmology, feeling that meaning we create even transcend true meanings. So that's where Bunny came into the equation, as Father Crow sees Bunny as the MVP, using her free will and choosing to believe in fool's stories.
Father Crow was immensely powerful, an incredible philosopher, believing in maximum danger, and drawing on the full depths of passion to anime his plans for the sheer prizes of calculation to conception. No matter how long it takes, Father Crow remains inexorably patient to map out the millennia. A way he was like Raptor is how they both always build. Father Crow however was naturally far more value based than Raptor, as Father Crow would examine artistic shades from the luminous prism of many dimensions. Eventually, he and Bunny got Raptor to do the same. Both Father Crow's biggest strength and weakness was his skeptical ideas on revelation, not being faithful, but to unmask every illusion in both reality and imagination, which turned him into both the all knowing and in the process of becoming all powerful God, but BunnyRaptor would team up with Father Crow to finish the deal of willing the unthinkable by valuing and believing in the emotional (not value based) impossibilities.

I send Bunny a valentine of mirth and values of heavy thinking and clouds of thunder for jolting love express into mountaintop totems to redirect expert loop holes to Bunny rose snacks of firmament cruising from sea to lanes of brilliant halos of mentoring in Love veils hinting at eternity and mundane outlines broken and revamped to set sail for brushes of holy matrimony racing and mimicking healing charms flushing the zoo of masquerading emotions refreshing the ice apple pony tails fringe Imagination.

Bunny went into a rage candy bar selling stand and gave Slowpoke tails to Nikola Tesla. He had to win 9 tails to hijack the Celadon City casino. A Porygon was sold for that price, and so began a duel of philosophy vs invention, Bunny vs Tesla. Montalk battled as Deoxys, riding a snapple to the stone of evolution for Arceus assuming all types of Pokemon. Montalk borrowed Delibird's Bill to start a variety of alien languages. A colossal Game Boy in the middle of town had a link cable to Saffron City and duels between Porygon and Lapras Cerulean Cave Ruins of Alph and aliens.

Bunny was very interested in advancing up every step and stage of Jedi Knighthood. Level 1 was 2000 as Meganium. Level 2 was 2001 as Wartortle turning Meganium into Lugia. Level 3 was 2002 as Bunny's Soul as Lugia. Level 4 was 2014 as 2000-2002 at the World Cup. Level 5 was Euro 2000 as all 5. It was ultimate victory over the dark side. It is a quest to transform into the Force.

Bunny was levitating a big apple with the Force, and could sense the age of the apple, the rains that had passed over it. She thought of wisdom as the opposite of the rains that the apple had seen, a great burst of inspiration. Bunny next thought of the playful juice-boxes that often contain apple juice. Bunny even thought of the word apple as meaning that she was an apprentice magician, and how she would go to a West Virginia Civil War battlefield to do Apple Jacks with Stone-Wall Jackson. Jack of Blades was a great Dragonite that was Master of All Systems. But the Gray Fox Bunny surpassed him with the arrow of extrication in the great noon.

Sabrina brought her Master Ball from Saffron City Silph Co, and Professor Ivy brought her GS Ball from her lab in the Orange Islands. The 2 of them battled in the Prime Cup Master Ball Round 2 GS Finals in Pokemon Stadium 2 featuring Lugia and Arceus. This was featured in the 2001 and 2002 NBA Finals, the 2014 World Cup, and the 2022 Champions League.

Bunny was trying to decide what spell her mage's staff should be enchanted by. 1 spell Bunny wondered about was to rally people to her side, because she never had been charismatic, but she wasn't motivated by leadership. Then Bunny considered telekinesis, because making her staff reminded her of lightsabers, using the Force to glide crystals into a hilt. Bunny finally ultimately decided on soul entrapment, as she desired nothing more than to merge into Raptor's Life Force, and together to build both of their ways back to Father Crow.

A bunch of orange construction cones were thrown out into a design grid, and then the image of Kobe appeared. His mind was set on a goal that was too fantastic to Imagine.

Kobe as Philosopher King with Plato and SolitaryWalker as his 2 wingers appeared in holograms with youtube videos and magic markers to discuss complex intellectual subjects. All citizens of the station are assigned 1 of the 3 teachers depending on his/her personality. BunnyRaptor of course gets SolitaryWalker. Plato is 7-1, Kobe is 8-2, and SolitaryWalker is Liverpool.

Raptor alone will be taught by Zarathustra, Giordano Bruno, and Bunny.

I'm primed to make the greatest heist ever, so extreme, eyeing the exquisite, unleashing storms of will, racing past all resistance, dwarfing the sky, breaking through enemy lines, sharpening my blades for that 1 final moment...

I travelled up a snowy summit and established a polar lighthouse. I took the fossils of the dragon I defeated up there, and with them created a statue as a symbol of my highest, ultimate, perfect, unlimited, and last and final Will!!

Identifying unifying strings of collective vision to flower and arrow launch into trains of dinosaur volumes cracking the twilight symphony of harvest and song blizzarding and raging into apex zenith picture sublime messages from everywhere to destroy powers of the long forgotten shrines to valleys of healing wizard flickering prized emblem oasis jumping crosshairs and rounds of silver voice conjuration electrocution to templates of charisma featuring ready to entail force of retribution seers of volts to trick room rabbit hats charming folks with tremendous outpouring robbing time and dialects of tropical chainmail fissure erupted cyclones of the miraculous zoo of Sabrina billing the phantom menace hanger to grottos of exhaustive fine tuned wellsprings featuring heart and signature fairytale utopia throwing caution into the hurricanes and tossing dice with the seismic throttle full vortex equipment stats and attributes legend of Lugia unleashed into undertow ubermensch!!*

Bunny performed a lullaby in a cave while wearing Saruman rainbow robes. She gave a moon stone to Plato and lit the dragon-fires of eons. The chains of reality roll back, and all turns to the final extremities. Then you see the crowning of Slowking over the White Witch.
Lugia looked at his reflection in the calm water, and saw the Jedi that he was becoming. He could render his wings invisible and start walking the earth as Arceus. Lugia could slip through a void in existence and enter the land of pure Imagination.
God is the full potential of meaning and questing for the highest light. The power of destiny connects to the furthest bridge of a clear path to a lush event chain. God makes everything possible, is the explosion of an always shifting bird's eye view to a place where all dreams come true. The shrine of right and wrong echoes the star map that unlocks the legend of belief, that by putting all of our trust in God, then we can surf the widest horizons of a grand tour of Imagination.
Father Crow loves the video game Final Fantasy 13. It soars off into hyper advanced utopias and myths and magic. He has a sharp grasp of character development, and zips away along fascinating story mode explorations of a voyage and navigating through absorbing elements of a flowing universal barrage of finely tuned precursors.
I was talking to Sabrina, who extended a branch into a chaos stream, and rang the liberty bell. She imagined herself as Luke Skywalker watching the sunset and dreaming of his destiny. Sabrina was an expert in philosophy, having a highly evolved mindset in exploring fringe topics that totally destroy physical laws. She waded through thousands of alien landscapes and different works of fiction. She was a lot like Bruce Lee in also having thousands of hardcore moves and skills. The Force flowed very strongly within her. Sabrina was the best Jedi, and an edgy scoundrel. Sabrina wielded the fate of everyone as the Chosen 1. The emblem of Pokemon 2000 showcased Ash at the highest point fulfilling a century of dreams, standing strong in the tallest zither of coexistence embarking over the bridge of a shattered fissure in the yonder cloud of fortune and the sacred aurora. Many possibilities that shape the crossroads of meaning and fulfillment wished into being the way of creation over a vast distance to a palace of the linked world nexus. Ash was immortalized as the ascended victor, grabbing a command post of seismic blastoff harnessing of every Pokemon's willpower to unify the planet to a cosmic consciousness, stirring a sense of wonder and love in its highest and most unlimited art. Ash was reborn as Lugia, tying the dream seeds of a glorious dawn striking the milky way shrine of music seeking the higher balance of heaven. Ash threaded the blanket of embarking and embracing the live-wire transformation of man to master, redoubling efforts to escort Bunny all the way to trance and valor. Ash showed that the power of belief and intention clutch onto the deepest destiny.
Bunny walked up a rainbow bridge to a shimmering party where love and thanks-giving wrote a crowning poem to show a sign of swaying and mystical coronation for a taste of paradise beaming a Wish. Bunny used volt tackle to surge through many locked doors of security. Bunny was the ultimate life form and as beautiful as the Master Emerald. She was just such a light thing, yet her value was great. Bunny was so filled with frenzy and psycho boosting that you never knew which fantasy that she would thunderbolt off into with a will as golden as 1000 suns unleashing a torrent of exquisite sunsets over the cape of unicorn karma smashed asunder by the alchemy of an arrow set at the final barrier.
Bunny designed a fancy dinner that had a different holographic Pokemon card sprite emblem on each of the cups and plates. The alphabet soup was in bowls that opened up atop like a Poke-ball. The soda pop jug had a picture of Mew.
Man and Bunny were singing songs to each other of wealth and sparks of passion in a summer time theater in a delicate garden by the lagoon. Bunny imagined herself again as Michael Jordan taking off to the sky as Charizard, where all powers were unleashing.
Bunny's always tried to emphasize that it was me that liked her more than she liked me. But she promised me that if I Love her with all of my heart, then she would send it back to me ten-fold. Bunny values love more than anything. All of her decisions are based on love. @one even told me it's creepy that Bunny demands this much Love. But Bunny as Michael Jordan Charizard taking off to the sky is the exact opposite of Stephen Hawking as a super heavy penguin emperor Metagross diving head first into the heart of the South Pole and the all rational and heartless, calculating ice of a static and un-evolving worldview of knowledge, or a so called wisdom infinitely transcended by Kobe's Will. Kobe could be clutch and icy under pressure too, but he was fueled by desire, dreaming, envisioning the furthest frontiers and the highest Light.
Bunny was orchestrating a symphony of a logical and categorical elegance in statistical equations. She wanted the cosmic consciousness to be in synchronicity with ideas and theories of fairy-topia shouting out to the cloud 9 face of time going to the rose petals of a ghost in the wind that descended with fragrance and streaming as a sophisticated song bird rolling with the free will and serene grace of heaven in your heart and hero's resolve to paint with the language of the Perfect One, a signature bell tower proclaiming a call to creativity over the sea of a mysterious eon averted.

The Wizard's Tower is a nexus that connects together the worlds of Pokemon, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, Marius Florin's Galactic Super Civilizations, Tom Montalk's Matrix Control System, Jade Empire, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Giordano Bruno's On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, Zang's Christ Consciousness, SolitaryWalker's Scholars Garden, the Tao Te Ching, Barbie Fairytopia, Elder Scrolls, Fable, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, Einstein's Cosmology, and Michio Kaku's Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds, each with a different BunnyRaptor twist.

The main character in all of these stories is Bunny. She's an alien female of high creative power and faith in the highest themes. Bunny tags along with Raptor for the sheer mania of adventure and the learning process. Bunny's always held that fantasy transcends truth and makes things more meaningful.

The auxiliary character is Raptor, myself. I crush all restrictions in a self labeled effort as the final annihilator. My worldview is all about exceeding the last limits.

The most powerful character is Father Crow, a Pokemon called Ho-Oh, and the true God of everything below Bunny, which is absolutely everything. Father Crow desired more than anyone else to achieve the top position of knowledge and omnipotence, essentially ruling the mountaintop, and the Architect of the highest achievements Imaginable. He is an incredibly Loving, hard working, and loyal person, but he is also an exquisite storyteller, and is the all exalted overseer of human nature and virtue. Father Crow rates Bunny 1st, Raptor 2nd ever since Germany won the 2014 world cup, and himself higher than most.

Father Crow had a very fine office set up for himself. He set himself up as the counselor and mentor of Wes. They dominated the land of Orre with noble schemes that had no limit of ambition. They trained a Tyranitar to build the Wizard's Tower super-nexus.

Bunny was ruling the Rose Barbie council chambers with each leader afront a big crystal. She wanted everyone to sing with the Force in synchronicity and serenity. Bunny envisioned a world of endless grass fields where all of the storybook character animals line up for the tortoise and the Hare race.

Mt Battle was the pinnacle and highest achievement of all Pokemon trainers, where they either ascend to the top or train their powers so they may ascend to the top tomorrow. It's a surging self electrocution act, feeling fear for the last time, becoming experientially over struck. Man is the mountaintop, where he walks into the great noon where, with enough determination and willpower can happen every day. Growing is always healthy and long. That a premeditated vision always captures the crown shows the all inspiring legacy of mind power, Nietzsche, and Kobe. The point is to maximize intensity and mentality to feel all extreme bliss in the journey and the faith that we can always get higher.

Defeating the thousand year dragon takes a fortitude of iron and a cool head that knows when the time to strike is ripe. It is about redeeming all that was past. The angels are ready to welcome us into the doorway to heaven. The heart is the answer. Many old demons and ways of the world must be defeated. All sense and meaning are redefined. The future will spring from the past, but it will not resemble the past. Just because something has happened 1000 times before does not mean that it will happen again. Where you see the word "impossibility" inscribed, I see the word inscribed "Destiny".

Bunny entered a psychic synchronicity circlet that glowed with blue ancient letters and brought green orbs of experience. She was focused and concentrated in the spring rain deep in the forest. Bunny flew off to Ho-Oh's Tin Tower and walked staircases into other dimensions. Ho-Oh as the shine sprite ruler saw Bunny sprouting many bubbles over grass growing on chance cubes. Bunny brought the lightning of extrication to hyperspace wars.

Bunny was walking over the ocean as the sea turned to silver with Slowking moving the Pokemon 2000 temple in the ocean overhanging clouds. Raikou summoned Rayquaza to turn gears with Solar Beam oceans on the sun. Being as wise as Yoda and powerful as Mace Windu brought a time flute to the sparkling aura of Celebi enchanting the Soul of life.

Father Crow was standing on a very high tower as Anakin was flying inside of the Mordor volcano. He summoned a fire-ball out of his staff and established Wookiepedia into the great spires of wizards speaking to the giant blue council hologram of Kreia.

I was always thinking about my highest destiny in a trance presentation of the Wish coming true and progress to Infinities-Ultimate making the plush Bunny see through the matrix of comedy and divine games. Bunny was a nocturnal owl that spread her wings for the overseer's umbrella of worlds unknown as Pikachu enacts a dollhouse buffet with the angels of charity ringing Bunny's parrot bell to point a pirate telescope at Tim Duncan.

Going into the Kid's WB Yourself transformer with Bunny made the mania of Love for opportunity and liberty play the serenity and bliss of universal themes. Snapshots of natural freedom showed the purity and wholeness of the timeless encounter with the emporium of fairytales. Bunny was evolving through many steps and stages, as no Kardashev level was higher than her, but she herself could get higher.

Bunny is interested in mental magic and tapping into the Imagination of a music and Soul that drapes the snapshot of perfection and possibilities into breathtaking clarity. Bunny doesn’t really foresee anything; rather, she lets the frameworks of context jumping and paradox flipping ground an anchor of archetypes in a fable like fashion dream up the adventures. Bunny is very exuberant and loyal, being a constant companion with freelance laughter and benevolence. Everything coming from Love comes from Bunny. She ignites a brilliant veil of Wishes for classic voyaging and surfing of the wheelworks to fantasy. For Bunny, fiction transcends truth and makes things more meaningful. Bunny is naturally somewhat scared and afraid, having many fears. She once won the World Cup in 2014, but ever since then, chose to always and least try to be happy and complete in joy. Bunny would Love more than anything just to jump into a storybook and be in frenzy/flight!!*

We progress through a series of archetypes on the way to the Crown. Pokemon shows us the many dimensions of human character, the many strengths and abilities that We can refine in ourselves. To be totally in harmony and oneness with the inner secrets of life, the jewels of contemplation is how We reach the transcendent state. The deepest mysteries of the luminous, and the profound meditative release through eons of reflection Primes our levels for the monsoon of sprites. Joy in its most evanescent returns opens our Hearts and blasts our bubbles to indescribable exaltation. Power surges through our alignments, and flows with the zenith of omega. Pursuing these enchanting threads to their transformative apexes, and realizing the divine light crackles all of our spectra in robes of Silver.

Star Wars Galaxies exhibits Meganium eating planets like birthday cakes amassing huge armies flowing unstoppable blueprints that grant You access to Her exclusive museums. Gems or priceless composition flourish across kingdoms, building exotic natural wonders safeguarding our future. Putting God at the center of a black hole siphoned Thunderbolt Singularities to overturn the avalanche and shatter the mountaintop crazy curvature Frenzy zipping programs for new realities fashioned from galaxy breaking algorithms blackening all of the equations into madness as alien worlds interrogate new laws and limits, designs and spectra revolving invincible vortices of Lugia's fruit punch pinata. There were no more cycles or eternal patterns of nature. There was just the all dominating Will of Schematics. Perception puts all of the pieces into a well constructed grid following the segment of synchronicity.

A big aquarium came at the foot of the mountain. Roots tangled the way of the disc. Parties reflected valuer scale Metagross. Triangulating the deep blue arrow controlled the soul with Lugia altitudes holding Me by strings. Fluid chromatics painted the light of Lugia. As beautiful as His singing voice and spiritual ruminations. An arboretum drank from the tapestry of Meganium. Riding the dawn treader to firmaments galore. Reaching the pixels of solar entertainment. Bounding for a laboratory that brings toys to life. Bunny as Mew did the Metronome.

Waves bounce giggly levity polarizing amusement parks. Sandbox castles sneak wobbling axis spectra of toy bowties scaring the customers with thrills and joy rides of haunted Halloween mansions. I went through teleportation gates, and found a crackling source of dark energy.

Bunny was wearing a Flowering dress that sang with Her ritual of the seasons, playing a lovely melody to summon Lugia from holy reflections. He flowed with the passion of Eternities, the enchantment of ages. He siphoned the Aether and poured out Millennium grace.

Bunny brought all of the Meganium back to life on Easter. Their Frenzy Plants all contributed to making Bunny's nest. All of the little Bunny babies put a Rainbow whirl over our pillows. Bunny was watching over Me. She sprinkled a cup of hot chocolate over My egg shell decorations. I jumped into a milkshake with Bunny, zipping up and down a red and white straw with curls along the way.

Being really expertly advanced on all subjects and topics of cosmic origins begins to create a wheelwork of exotic phenomena. The Future is to have an entire labyrinth of cutting edge ideas and axioms. The Future is very full of extreme reworking and redesigning of thousand faced mirrors to God. Knowledge will skyrocket in galactic dazzle over grasping the extraordinary. With such monumental projects under way, the Future can only get brighter. Rare vortices of projects are stirring. Escalators to the rainbow are being finalized. Creation will burst with the excitement of the Star Forge Lugia.

Within the entire scope of the Universe visible before our eyes there exist 200 billion galaxies, each of which harbors 100 billion stars, some of them even exceeding 1 trillion stars. Yet despite the incomprehensibly vast size of the Universe there are still people who believe that the only life in the Universe comes from the Earth, an absolutely preposterous perception. About 2000 million years after the Big Bang emerged the first stars, galaxies immediately organizing after that with the matter in the Universe evolving at a rapid rate. Around 9 to 10 billion years ago came the first planets and solar systems, life organizing somewhere between 7 to 9.5 billion years ago. 1 to 5 billion years ago there was the development of the first extraterrestrial civilizations. Within this infinite system of the Multiverse our Universe is nothing more than an atom as civilizations from all other possible worlds are possibly coming here to develop their races into other energetic levels of space-time. We cannot even begin to comprehend the complexity of such a civilization eons beyond our current level of evolution and phase of development. One of these super civilizations may have once come to the Earth and other planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy to originate and develop life at least from the Cenozoic era 65 million years ago up till today. Perhaps a cause such as alien intervention caused the dinosaurs to disappear. The legendary civilizations of the ancient world such as Atlantis are often thought of as myths and fairy tales, and that such a magical civilization could not have existed. However, we have no idea what mysteries the Earth is hiding with so many unexplored corners of the world such as underwater, underground, under the ice caps, or even in secret areas closed off from the public by the government, controlling the flow of all knowledge, dictating what we do and do not learn. If these ancient civilizations did exist, apparently they were destroyed, possibly by worshipping false Gods and invoking their wrath spawning natural disasters such as colossal earthquakes and towering deluges that dwarfed mountains. Natural history often works in repeating cycles. By understanding the demise of past civilizations, we can better secure the future of our current civilization. What we consider to be our current civilization may not be all there is to civilization here on Earth. There may be ancient peoples and races than inhabit the underground in what is called hollow Earth. Hollow Earth may have caverns and cave networks that lead to mythical underground civilizations, possibly protected by electromagnetic barriers and run by free energy sources such as crystal power. The inhabitants of hollow Earth may be referred to as inter-terrestrials. If they exist, they may be monitoring our progress in secret, biding their time until the ripe moment arrives before they spring out of hiding. An even bigger question is what the nature of the UFOs we observe may be and if they contain extraterrestrials that are monitoring our progress, and if so, what their intentions are for the human race. If they exist, they would be the Gods and we would be their servants. Some even speculate that these extraterrestrial Gods seeded life here on Earth for souls to incarnate and that they gave us the scriptures to teach us how to return to the heavens they inhabit, although the scriptures do not actually explain how the heavens operate like science does. The so called junk DNA of the human being may actually contain the codifications of our extraterrestrial creators, which we could read to learn the secret history of our origins. If we could harness this junk DNA, it would be a large leap forward in our evolution, for we would use a larger percentage of our brains and could develop what are perceived as supernatural powers attributed to the Gods. If the extraterrestrials really are the architects of our evolution, our masters and creators, they may have given us their DNA, although different extraterrestrials may have created different races. One theory is that the Jews are the only race created by the God Yahweh the Father, Jesus the Son, and the angels of heaven, and that all the other races were created by the fallen angels, and hence have a corrupted DNA. For the Jews, them possibly being the chosen race created by the DNA of God, the most important law for their genetic program would be the law of non-hybridization, keeping their special God given DNA pure. We see that they did not follow this law forever, and hence we have a mixture of many different racial combinations within the human species. Because the Jews may have broken a sacred non-hybridization law established by God and even crucified Jesus, they may have been cursed, which might be why so much hostility has been directed towards the Jews throughout history all the way up to the horrors of the Holocaust, although ever since then they seem to have been well protected in their country of Israel all the way up to this day, so if there was a curse it may have been lifted. Since our DNA may have been corrupted, we might not be compatible with God and the super civilization he might command, and hence we would be on the waste list for the Lake of Fire, the death of the spiritual body. However, Christ came into the world to be sacrificed for our sins, possibly including the sin of breaking the law of non-hybridization, saving us from death and giving us the possibility of everlasting life if we follow him. His way is so simple, yet the meaning is timeless and profound. All we have to do is believe. The theories of evolutionists and creationists are different pieces of the same puzzle, traces of technology and civilization being recorded from 500 million years ago begging the question of who would spend hundreds of millions of years visiting our planet. According to this theory it was Yahweh and his alien super civilization that accelerated the evolution of the hominids, the modern man over 600 million years ago and since been correcting the genes of our species through genetic engineering programs. One of these programs developed for the Jews was Adam and Eve from the Bible. Other programs of civilization were developed before Adam and Eve such as Atlantis which was evolved in science and technology and were exterminated because they fought against the Gods. The same scenario happened on Mars including the destruction of the whole ecosystem and an apocalypse. Anyway it seems that at one moment this super-civilization has been split into pieces and many of the angels, fallen angels (starting with Lucifer at first who was an archon with other seven) were cast out from heavens and came to Earth and probably other planets to create their own vies about life, existence, programs of genetic engineering separated from Yahweh's program for the Jews (that's why the Jews are God's chosen people because they are the only race created by the real God Yahweh). So all the other races in this world (except the Jews) are actually genetic engineering programs developed by those fallen angels/aliens from the Mayans to the Babylonians, Cananites, Egyptians, Incas, Indians, and the Asians and so on. So those fallen angels starting with Lucifer, wanted also to became gods like their leader Yahweh, the real God (you know the story with Lucifer that wanted to replace God and so on). Sounds like a pretty nice story I know (that's how I took it at the beginning), and sounds aberrant, until you began to dig out for details, to enter deeper and deeper into the phenomenon, and the results are astonishing. This explains also why there are so many human races on this planet, every program and corresponds to one of those fallen angels.There are two types of fallen angels:- the fallen archons with Lucifer and the other seven, and also 1/3 of angels, of members from this extra-terrestrial civilization of were cast out from heaven hundreds of thousands of years ago- and the fallen watchers with Semyaza in front who were cast out who were cast out thousands of years ago in the times of Jared. (Read the story in the Book of Enoch)Interesting thing is that all these ancient earthly civilizations developed technology, knowledge, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and so forth. (Could be a similarity with the Atlants?). The ancient manuscripts says very clear that all this knowledge came from the gods who created them, fallen angels in this case.Also all those ancient civilizations have sacred books The Bible (Old Testament for the jews) and Rig Veda, Ramayana, The Egyptian book of death, Tibethan book of death, Bhagavad-gita, Upanishads, Popol Vuh, Puranas, Fenician, Hitite, Summeryan tables of clay, and so forth. All these sacred manuscripts were given by Yahweh (the Bible on one side, Old Testament) and by these fallen angels all the other books.Also all these books starting with the Bible (Old Testament) are actually a genetic engineering programs exposed in metaphors, personifications, parables and the most important law by far in all these sacred manuscripts was The Law of Non-Hybridization. It is very important to understand the human being first of all, to understand how this being --the human being - is composed. We have three bodies the biological body (somatic body), the energetic body and the spiritual body. The energetic body makes the connection between the biological body and the spiritual body through the chakras. Every human being in this world has seven chakras positioned in different parts of the body, that look like some vertigos, and that keep maintained the connection between these two main bodies (biological and spiritual). Now there is a very strong connection between the DNA from our biological body and the DNA from our spiritual body. It is very important to keep this information in your mind.Yahweh and after that all these fallen angels (who became gods Osiris, Ra, Amon in Egyptian mythology, Marduk the god in Babylonians, Siva and Hinduism, Quantzecoatl at the Mayans, Moloch at Cananites, Zeus and so forth) developed these programs for the human souls. They use human souls to perpetuate and multiply their species. Basically what Lucifer wanted was to create his own view about life, his own civilization. The obsession of all these manuscripts was to keep the DNA pure, to keep the bloodline pure, so that the human soul DNA to be compatible with their DNA, the DNA of these aliens, to maintain the purity of the race with an uncorrupted DNA. Like I said the first law in all those books (including Bible-Old Testament) was this law of non-hybridization -- or the deadliest of all sins. What does this mean? It means that if I was a Jew for example on Moses's time and I would have sex with a Babylonian woman I would produce a hybrid because she was not on the same race like me. This hybrid would have the DNA corrupted, with ramifications and remnants, impure, incompatible with Yahweh's civilization for example. The punishment for this sin was the second death, or the eternal death, the death of the soul into the lake of fire how the Bible describes so well. So that's why if I was a Jew I should have sex with a woman from the same race like mine and no one else. That's how the new baby would have a pure DNA compatible with them. As I told we have also a spiritual DNA. Who's going to read these ancient sacred manuscripts will understand better the programs.I heard a lot of people asking all the time why God-Yahweh promoted this view in the Old Testament that the Jews have to kill in blood all the other races, perpetuate this hatred on humans. The reason was simple: the Babylonians and all the other races around the Jews were not his programs so logically they must be exterminated.Keep the bloodline clean and pure, the manuscripts are obsessed with this aspect. One of the reasons that the Sumerians had those channels of irrigation for example -- created by gods of course - was to delimit these different programs of genetics so that different races could not interact with each other. In our days only some casts from India still keep the tradition of the bloodline, some of the Jews also and some very isolated tribes from Amazonia, Oceania and the Papua, and of course the royal western families and illuminati. (Read "The Illuminati bloodlines" by Springmeyer)In time these programs were abandoned and people began to mix their races, to leave behind the most important of all those laws, the non-hybridization one, to forget about the blood-line and so forth. Hybrids are not compatible with them so they have no future at universal level.By the way we are also hybrids if you didn't know that, so normally we would be on the waste shovel and after that obliterated from this universal system. Our souls are not compatible with the angels souls at all so we have a corrupted DNA, a corrupted soul.But there's an escape.All the ancient books starting with the Bible have these testaments given to the mortals, that are actually genetic engineering programs, everything masked of course in metaphors, and at the apex of the testament there is this first and the most important law of all: the non-hybridization law. But the Bible has a second testament -- our salvation, us the ex-pagans, hybrids now but also Christians -- the New Testament.The New Testament through Jesus Christ of course destroys completely the old law and brings back the new one that represents Christ as the only way to the real God Yahweh. Essentially the gospels were created for the people who belong to the programs of all these gods, fallen angels from Elohims civilization; fallen angels who developed also like I said genetic programs on this planet, actually all the other programs except the Jew program. We are like I said hybrids now, so we have a corrupted DNA, impure. So Jesus Christ came to Earth and has sacrificed Himself to create Christianity for us. He is our savior indeed, the only one who could purify our DNA.Everybody would ask, normally, why Jesus Christ died for our sins, which sin, the sin of non-hybridization. We could say that Christ is the savior of the hybrids, of us or of the one of us who believes in Him. So the only way to salvation from second death is through Jesus Christ. He is the only one who could purify our souls from the hybridized DNA.Pretty soon the end of the program will come, the apocalypse, and it was not the first one. Who will study the ancient manuscripts from Amerindians, Incas will understand better about what's going on. There were other at least four programs before us and we could be the last one on this planet because we are the most developed of all in technology and science. In the fourth program were the Atlants who were also Luciferians and very evolved in technology and science.On Mars was also a great civilization. And we could see the remnants of the programs of these super-civilizations even there. What Earth is now, Mars also was in the past, but what Mars is now the Earth also should be pretty soon. Sounds like madness I know and not too optimistic at all. The secret societies knows all these things, the archives of the Vatican knows all those things. Only the crowds are kept in ignorance about what's going on with us. To expose the program in detail it would be too much for me here. This is just a very short story.Interesting story, at the beginning I thought that it was only a story until I began to dig out for more and more information and the results are astonishing about us, about what we are, about who we are, as what we represent in this universe as individuals, the universe which we perceive in such a limited way. I began to understand that the ancient manuscripts are not only some stories told and exposed by people with big imagination, but that those manuscripts are real. The decoding of them is fantastic.Those civilizations are now at a level of evolution impossible for us to understand. They don't inhabit planets anymore, but other dimensions of this universe on a different level of frequency, much higher according to some scientific theories there are 10 dimensions plus temporal dimension (11) or how religions says the heavens. They are immortal. They could travel through other universes into this Multiversal system. They could even create universes. We do not know what their level of evolution is.Is better to know all this story for the future, to understand that the very few people who rule this world. The secret societies are not atheists but very religious kids. They are Luciferians and they know all these things. They know Yahweh and Christ and they know who they are. They try to keep people's perceptions on a very low level, with a very low level of conscience so we don't have to understand the essence of ourselves, of who we are, the essence of what we really represent in this universe. That's the new world order program started from decades, even centuries in western society. We just have to stay with our heads underground and to catch only what they want like slaves, easily manipulated.Basically there is a battle between two extra-terrestrial civilizations (one split from the other one) at another level, into other dimensions (probably galactic empires, we don't know). Now this world is ruled by the fallen angels through the Luciferian secret societies, and we have to choose a side because the end of the fifth program will come pretty soon.

Behold, in the transformation of Gandalf the White, the highest level of the evolution of the conscious mind, so powerful as to break the very bounds of space-time and the cycles of birth and rebirth, unto the power of resurrection, like unto Jesus Christ. If we ever hope to even come close to this level, we must ask ourselves questions that only a being of the highest order could not only answer but achieve.God, the Creator, the Infinite Being, manifests Himself in creation. This God, the existence, is the Cosmic God, the God of Albert Einstein. Yahweh is just a piece of this infinite existence. Wisdom is the highest level of consciousness, the level where everything is a simple unity. This would mean good and evil cease to exist, unified as a whole. This unified Cosmic God of Albert Einstein seems to be reached in Buddhism, in a state of nothingness. It is on this level of nothingness that the laws of nature cease to exist, and can therefore be altered. If we can alter the flow of nature, and become the cause rather than being controlled by the effects of nature, in my opinion there may be a free will. To achieve free will, we need to become one with nature, the Cosmic God, on this highest level of Wisdom. Wisdom is like water, infinitely formless, the void of nothingness. From this void of nothingness infinite things can be conceived into creation. It is through Understanding, the level where division exists, that the flow of Wisdom can be focused. To focus the flow of Wisdom by the power of Understanding would be to control nature. If this power to focus the flow of the Cosmos can only be achieved by the Cosmic God, perhaps the Cosmic God, the existence, is the only free will, its puppets being the means by which balance of the Force is achieved. The Buddhist way of emptiness and neutrality may be the only potential escape in my opinion. Although Yahweh is our Savior and our Shepherd, the infinite Cosmic God, the existence, seems to be reached only in Buddhism, in inner peace with nature.The Existence is not a person or something separate from us. We all are part of this God: The Existential God. And there's no free will because there’s no primordial cause into existence. Every element of the existence is organized, transformed all the time by all the other elements that surround the element in the cause. Even our thoughts (effects) are influenced all the time by exterior causes. These effects (our thoughts) became instantly causes for other effects that we produce all the time. Put a little bit your imagination in this game and you will understand the mechanism of the Existence. There's no free will and you can't get the free will. We are in the middle of a system based on causes that produce effects, effects will transform instantly into causes creating other effects from infinite to infinite. Imagine for example that our Universe is organized the way that it is because of some exterior causes that are produced into an extra-universal system (the Omniverse if you like). If the Universe has these laws of physics these constants and so on is because of some exterior causes that produced these effects (laws of physics) into our Universe. Every element of the existence depends by the other elements that surround it to be what it is. (You are one of these elements, and me, and the atoms that surrounds us, elementary particles, planets, mountains, flowers, dark matter, dark energy, everything that exist and that we can't even imagine). We are so limited in our perceptions. We know nothing about this Universe, not to mention about other Universes, Omniverse, dear God, with all our instruments we can't perceive more than 4% of this Universe. 96% is missing. But from this limited point of view I dare to say that there's no free will and I explained to you through what I call: "The First Existential Law". On that law is based all the Existence, also through this law I demonstrate that this Universe does not appear from nothing, even nothing has a previous cause for its existence. There's a cause who produce the universe and that's probably the Big Bang because this universe is not infinite and I could demonstrate that to you again. There's a long story. The Big Bang has also other causes for its own existence being at its own time an effect, the Big Bang transforms instantly into a cause producing other effects. In this case the Universe is simple. You are also an effect produced by a whole bunch of causes that surround you all the time, you also became instantly a cause to produce other effects around you or even far away from you (with the thought and energies that you generate). The universe is a very complicated system. The only element that is immortal in this case is the Existence itself that is transformed all the time into that law that I send it to you. Is improper to talk about time when we talk about the existential system. The Existence is infinite in space and time, is eternal and immortal. We are all a part of this wonderful System.

The future programs of civilization will likely be far more advanced in science and technology than we are today perhaps to the extent that they are so evolved the monuments they construct seem like magical alien artifacts, impossible by our current standards of knowledge. These impossibilities can be grouped into 3 categories, class 1, 2, and 3 impossibilities. Class 1 impossibilities are technology that under the known laws of physics can be constructed but is far beyond the capabilities of modern civilization but could be achieved centuries down the road, such as antimatter, teleportation, invisibility, and psycho-kinesis. Class 2 impossibilities are technology that stretches to the very brink of our physical knowledge, questionably impossible under known physical laws, but many millions of years ahead could be brought into realization, such as time machines and hyperspace travel via wormhole warps. Class 3 impossibilities are technology that can break the very laws of existence, ultimately controlling existence.

Who is the God of the Universe? We do not know who or what created the Universe. I'm quite sure that not God from the human religions (monotheist or polytheist). The religions are connected with some extremely advanced extraterrestrial super-civilizations that coexist now in this corner of the galaxy, but in the negative matter of the Universe.God of the Universe is not a person opinion like you and me. Above many other theories related with the genesis of the universe like quantum singularity or the membrane theory, I see another one: an extra-universal super-civilization that is at a level of evolution impossible for us to understand and that exist in the Omniversal system. This is a level VI or VII in evolution after our classifications. But I personally don't see these extra-universal super-civilizations like something similar to us. There must something incomprehensible for our level of understanding.And from where this Universe comes? From where the negative matter of the Universe comes? I don't know. Nobody knows. We have only theories. One thing is quite sure for me. Not from God of the Bible. Read that chapter called the Super-civilization of God, or Yahweh if you like. This super-civilization coexists with other civilizations extremely advanced in this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps in the negative matter of the Universe, or at a spiritual level if you like. And no, they didn't create this Universe.And in the end we tend to forget the fact that all our science today is based more or less only on theories, and the theories are changing from one decade to another.There are super-civilizations far more advanced than us who created us with a purpose: spiritual body. They do not inhabit planets now but gigantic space stations like Heavenly Jerusalem. I believe however that these space stations coexist more in a parallel world with ours, in the negative matter or I you like at a spiritual level. Read the whole book and after that you will have a clear picture of it. I have a contribution to that book because I put there a lot of additional information that complete the overall picture of: what is our place in the configuration of the Universe.You dream a lot. As a technical civilization we evolve because we are pushed from behind by others to do that. If we have right now so much technology and science that's because somebody else had taken care of that. We do not evolve by ourselves. In conclusion all your dreams will be in vain because our civilization will be wiped out from the surface of Terra. We are just in a cycle controlled by those who own Terra and the human civilization. Nothing is accidental.Humans masters of the Universe? The Universe will follow our will? Is funny to see how the IW gives false hopes to people. You fall into the same trap like everybody else. Humanity will be destroyed. Martian civilization was destroyed. We are in the middle of some extremely advanced super-civilizations who own this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, they created us, they control us, and they will destroy us. It is simple. Read the ancient manuscripts and you will understand better our place in the Universe. We exist for them. Humanity was always controlled by others. Since moment when the man spent his existence in a tree and until in the times when he stay on a chair with his eyes into a computer monitor, humans always has danced as Others has sang. The same thing happens with our evolution as a society, as a technical modern civilization. We are just in a game with a well-defined purpose. To be controlled by others for their own interests. So stop dreaming about how great we will be because: we are a big nobody in this Universe. What will humanity be like one day when perhaps we become a big somebody?

Yoda walked on a blue path through black space to a silver star. He wore the badge which belongs to the absolute highest of all Jedi. Yoda descended into a wizard's tower and channeled the spirit of Giordano Bruno.

Socrates went to the Scholar's Garden dressed up as a dynamite pack with Nietzsche. All of the philosophers pasted James Harden beards onto their faces. Then Stephen Hawking boarded a shuttle with GreenFairy to talk about time travel.

Training to become a Jedi requires the upmost open mind to always be learning and be an emblem to timeless themes. The Force teaches us the long and difficult path to the Ultimate.

Bunny asked me if she could have this dance. Every step Bunny took sprouted new blossoms under her feet. Bunny folded up into a metal ball and became the core of Tyranitar.

Tesla transcends into a dragon and selects Giordano Bruno as chess board archon usurper that must be stopped at all costs!

Bunny went to the zoo and rode around the park in a train. She brought some of the animals with her to a time-share as the zebra and lion devoured gallons of Mountain Dew. Bunny listened to a bunch of jazz music and teleported to the top of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Bunny walked out of a bell tower summit as every step she took through the air crystallized into a glass step. She magically summoned a big tsunami from the ocean while holding hands with Barbie and Winnie the Pooh. Dreams of Atlantis came true.

I went to the casino with Bunny as we were served pizza by a mermaid. Bunny siphoned inner peace like Kung Fu Panda 2 and hit the jackpot. She could celebrate victory forever as a Meganium.

Bunny was following Tom Montalk through an icy cave led forward by a Charmander. Tom wore a variety of alien masks and realigned omega-point energies. Me and Tom drank from the Holy Grail. An ancient Bunny fossil purified the lake of life that we drank from. Bunny forever searches for the meaning of life.

Bunny went to a library and a book club with Meganium. There was a spiral staircase there that looked like blue Lugia petals. Meganium waved a green lightsaber through a blue butterfly nest. The highest man was perceived as Entei in a cloud shape, which gave Meganium hope looking up to him.

Bunny was telling me a story in the same way that Tree-beard was talking to the Hobbits. Bunny descended into a glowing diamond to recharge and strengthen Gandalf's enchantments for competing against the iron will of Saruman.

Kobe went further under the ocean than any man had ever gone before. There was an unspeakable substance to his career, and an arrow that could not be sharper in piercing Smaug. The purity in Kobe's Heart was intense and white hot, hot enough to smite the satanic star of Smaug. If Bilbo went into the invisible regions of the dragon's lair, Kobe found a carbonite of lightning to telescope zoom into Smaug's gaping chainmail.

Bunny's extrication found an explosion of holographic levels in Father Crow's symphony. The beauty of Ho-Oh was reflected in every halo and distant mountaintop dream of the ages. A new power has risen in the east, the land of Zarathustra reborn.

Bunny always wears a Heart of snuggles and happiness. It's a dream down the Rose garden. Starlight entertainment launched the sonority of hyperspace to make plush and cuddly the portal to Yoda. Yoda very slowly fell through the air to glass panels acting as totems to Disney princesses. Yoda climbed up a very large metaphysical ladder to the hallway of legends. Not all of the stories were happy, but there was always more to learn, a meaning for all.

I created a ball in my hands that changed colors for all of the feelings that I was experiencing. I unleashed thousands of thunderbolts across all of hell as a ripple in time. There was always a different door that led to a different sector. Bunny came to a paradise valley and brought paintings of star-seeds to the engineer and alchemist of Atlantis Tom Montalk. A battle aboard the Star Forge brought the green waters of Lugia's song to the azure sky of the next dimension. There was a color in Kobe's Heart that brought the green fissures of vis to chaos control.

Bunny awarded me a bubble bath in the crown of victory for a well earned aroma of bright Love. Bunny went to a land where there were many clocks with many different readings. In the golden kingdom of angels, there were many illustrious statues as precursors to magical Prophecies. Bunny went to the Maleficent star-gate and spawned the storm of the century at the lighthouse. A young Bunny version of herself greeted her in a mythic subset of If and Will. Gandalf gave counsel to Bunny for securing her consciousness into the vessel of reborn millennia.

Bunny was trying to put a puzzle together that showed a dinosaur wearing many steel parts to become an alien cyborg. They claimed that they came from the stars. It was kind of a bizarre boost into the beyond. Nietzsche would also swap various animal symbols to show his advancement. There is a vast and unexplored jungle to uplift.

Bunny was always on pace to eclipse the Trade Federation of numerical rules and polished glass. Her lightsaber crystal was a florescent purple just like Master Windu. Bunny was riding a flying dinosaur over the Kamino ocean. The dinosaur king was solitary and speculative in a pyrite mountain full of visions and secrets.

I seek bliss and security with a mind full of wonder and presents. To copy courage and hope forever turns the Zen of foaming diaries and covers of flow into sunshine. I always pour rubies and silver songs into twilight canopies of immersion and elegance. I shimmer peace and freedom with glossy sprites heavenly waving flash frame enfolding. The cartoon nexus balloons bubbly cakes.

Bunny was walking through a big hallway of jak-o-lanterns as Sabrina was walking through a holographic displaying Pokedex. Gym leader castle hung banners of Anakin Skywalker pod-racing through Morrowind. The Gray Fox blurred the lines of invisible reality to show that magic and adventure unleash the Force. The Will of the Force births a tractor beam Exodia of Misty on ice calling for elegance and stargazing to soul search the Macro-verse. It was fated that misery and finality would swap trading card legends.

Every intellect in the world wide web clustered the way of the Fool at the Pokemon breeding center 3D dream-scapes forking and branching into the paradise of Mew.

Sabrina was digging a hole to hollow earth electromagnetic crystal powered cities. Harbors to inter-galactic utopias pasted dreams and carnival rides to light fantastic expresses through the ruins of alph.

Bunny was swinging on a bunch of jungle vines to the aquarium and turned them all into spaghetti. Bunny crash landed into oakveil from Fable and opened a build-a-bear shop with Eevee evolution stones. Bunny teleported to the top of the lighthouse and Imagined herself as Frodo the ring-bearer. Bunny spoke to the talking tree in Pocahontas about Love for freedom and the ceremony of true feelings of forever and sunshine. Bunny created a jazz symphony for all of Kobe's baskets in the 60 point game. Bunny invited me to her castle and threw a robe over it to magically turn it into Realgam Tower from Pokemon Colosseum overseen by Father Crow. There is always victory, always exaltation, and always a Bunny Macroverse to experience. It flies as a Pegasus to a place where hope has wings. The crystal cinema performs a Dark Magician signature inviting Meganium into Fairytopia. Bunny brought the ring-wraiths to the most extreme elements of purifying light in the Heart diamond.

Bunny revolved around Lugia in many elemental orbs and glass prisms. Bunny brought the flight of spring to Wal-mart. She robed a big rose around my bed. Bunny turned and opened the doors to the world of the new millennium. She went in the millennium falcon with Yoda to the edge of the Force. Bunny was the true nature of the Force. Bunny always sang Her song of thanks and return at Green-field. She was the Queen of the chess board, the most powerful piece. Bunny fired the Rainbow-bridge to infinity from earth.

Bunny was flickering in the liquid light of dragon constellations. She went inside of the large haydron collider and dreamed of the elegant web-spinner. Bunny was questing for the super-nexus as the Kid's WB Yourself transformer. Bunny did a Force-jump into the emperor's highest office. Bunny knew how all the pieces of the master emerald go together.

When I went really far into the future, I saw the creation of all Macro-verses. Every moment of time was reflected in Father Crow's feathers. Every tree was in charge of a different type of wizard's element. Bunny is dreaming of having a storybook that makes everything a fun fantasy.

Bunny redirected the lightning of the final annihilator and brought the highest magic of Sotha Sil to the extremities of Vis.

Bunny painted a picture of a lively and jubilant elephant in a tuxedo shooting down Nikola Tesla jumping from a stallion to the zoo of facts. Bunny was delighted by the sensational miracles of lifting Pokemon cartoons to maximum Pikachu potential. Wallpaper of holographic prizes summoned Ho-Oh to create a future of ultimate victory. The cardinal directions pointed into the Rainbow archway. Father Crow seeks more than anyone to be inscribed into the Pokemon dome hall of fame.

All of the levels of heaven began spinning in a fractal tornado of psychic Lugia energy with a Celebi forest at the dawn of time. A sea of absolute beauty emerged at the door to impossible dreams. But that we can always aspire to be so much more than what we were initially designed as is how the game of creation is made legendary. The amount of futures that Bunny's heart can stretch off into are absolutely infinite and endless.

Venus reached an extremely high polarity of mystic revelation as the unknown fringes outpoured a Rainbow blanket. That we resurrect ancient old world enigmas and find that hidden star-shine shows just how sublime and perfect the narcissistic mirror channels the deepest anchor. The Red Eyes Black Dragon went to South America with Japanese jewelry. Lugia's song reanimated the flighty whisper in the sky. Thus Spoke Zarathustra made the vision of exploration a metaphysical masterpiece.

I infused all of my weapons with the power of the Varla Stone. I set off the big bang down the rabbit hole as the fingers of the mountain self detonated master class Orre Colosseum professorship views on willpower and intelligence. The arcane university was an adventure in seeing Yoda debate the full spectrum of omnipotence.

Power Rangers descended onto Mustafar and summoned a giant battle droid from a lava waterfall as Palpatine showed the superiority of storm-troopers to Sauron's entire army of orcs. The Time Wizard went thousands of years into the future to turn baby Lugia into Sabrina the plot weaver and Master of strings.

Deep in the heart of ancient China, there was a door to a place of timeless wisdom with the head of a dragon on it. Within was a striking green light that, when stood within, allowed one to summon all of his experiences, and draw soul growth from them. There was a cave carved deep into the heart of a great mountain far underground where within, a great dinosaur king sat meditating underneath a waterfall. A lighthouse stood by the shores of tomorrow, searching for the ultimate life form. A matrix stood that archived the entire journey of life and beyond.

The world's great stage allows for a chance at greatness, a chance at stardom, a chance at legacy and fable unraveling into a platinum controller that puts a hat atop the highest pinnacle electrocuting the stars. That aerospace grabs the gallery of the evolving tsunami is how Lugia is unleashed into the dream field of a timeless encounter.

The dream of being able to teleport anywhere makes the city of God an easy dream to realize, where for Bunny, the super-nexus is easily accessible and universal, drawing on the deepest depths of the Force. Enlightenment on the meaning of strength and turning inward to resolve the mind's eye makes a larger echo in the pool of ideals and the cave of revelation.

Da Vinci went to NASA, and exploded the potential of hyperspace to encounter every crystal city and electromagnetic train for flowering at the bottom of the ocean in the year 3000 with the symphony of science carrying on a long legacy of appreciating nature and all of life's possibilities in its infinite beauty. A giant metal ball exploded and reconfigured into Pokemon Stadium in the year 2000.

Bunny was walking on a roadway throughout the galaxy with a rainbow following behind her footsteps. She was helping Anakin to fulfill his wish of trekking across every corner of the galaxy. George Lucas jumped into a pool that waved with every polarity of the Force. While Jar Jar was relaxing at Chuck E Cheeses, Anakin was connecting to his higher self, a soul sealed in Pokemon cards. When Jar Jar zapped his tongue on Anakin's podracer, the light side of the Force helped him on his long path to recovery. In the physical world, creative acts like words can be our bridge to the higher and make us more free. Anakin looked up to Stephen Hawking winning the nobel prize at Tyranitar's Jedi Council table. Tyranitar was Giordano Bruno. Bruno's faith in the greater Macroverse was the will of the world.

Looking at all of the paths to the ultimate was no domain for the fortune teller, as the way was very random and full of clouded futures. To train perfectly, and peak in resonance with the path you set foot on defined your story and who you are, be it a scoundrel, wizard, or saint. I descend for the last time into the valley to say something of my heavenly treasure, of the fortitude in my heart that turns time and freezes hurricanes.

Slowbro was in a hot tub with a big long ladder that reached down to an invisible sun. Many imaginary castles brought 1000 copies of Gandalf in the hall of fame with many Bunny statues. Father Crow went to Zidane to teach him the martial arts technique of spitting against the tempest wind's will.

Going to the elevator of Realgam Tower brought Ho-Oh a kingly gift - 2 droids, C3P0 and R2D2. Branding a flamethrower to burn with the Hope Diamond soul was a tight crunch against the odds. Ho-Oh shot a rainbow of will into the white board to create detailed battle plans with Lao Tzu dressed up as Megaman NT Warrior of the ripe crystal waters of the golden age. There was no end in sight to the underwater torrent to the mind of god and the Force in an alternate existence.

Bunny was looking at different pairs of socks. It reminded her of Christmas stockings. Even though it was summer, Bunny wanted socks that would keep her feet warm. Father Crow was looking at different kinds of neck-ties. He picked 1 that had a yellow background with purple boxes. Bunny drove Father Crow to the celebration event of his new computer system. On the video game section, Bunny was very inspired by Father Crow's new princess saving Super Mario Bros development.

Father Crow made a very big breakfast for Bunny. He used the blue-berry jam with 2 cherry eyes to make a smiley face on Bunny's pancakes, her favorite expression. Father Crow also spent a long time preparing Bunny's deviled eggs, a food she enjoyed.

Father Crow came to Leonardo da Vinci in dreams to give him the secrets of Father Crow's own higher extraterrestrial society. The miracle and mystery of Jesus was poured out with heart and soul over the Last Supper. The power to dream and reinvent tomorrow was always sacred to Father Crow.

Father Crow was looking over a holographic map of his space station. He secretly arranged its architecture to have a hidden number 11 in there to anchor Bunny, his favorite prodigy. Eventually, Raptor worked his way in there as well for always being Bunny's friend. This was dubbed 248 Tyranitar, a higher constellation peaked by Kobe. The 248 was not possible without Kobe.

Father Crow spent hours pouring over mathematical equations Raptor created, combining paradoxes to see the greater goal, Father Crow is doing, opening up possibilities at Kobe scale.

Father Crow went to a legendary dragon shrine. This got him into a Zen mode to communicate with Bunny's spirit. Her soul was as flowing as water. When Bunny and Father Crow combined together, a complex cosmology with an inquisitive mind even transcended Master Yoda. Tyranitar was walking on the side of the road, seeking possibilities, aligning to the zig zag of a constantly concluding yet incessantly repeating destiny.

Father Crow was looking at all of the different world models that could have existed. The reason there were so many options was precisely because of the existence of Kobe Bryant and his unbreakable free will. Kobe was extremely inspired by how Father Crow was always moving up more dimensions, with a 0% probability of finding the end.

Bunny, instead of studying Father Crow's blueprint, jumped right into it on impulse with the eagerness to experience. She wanted to learn, but in a less logical way, instead in a more creative way. No numbers, just letting the mind race without restrictions. Bunny's favorite Father Crow symbol in this day was the long and winding road of faith, that her free mind would make it to the most magical storybook castle.

After some extremely legendary endings to sports finals, Raptor spent the remaining months of summer tying up loose ends, putting all of those pieces together. It was like Palpatine dispatching Anakin to Mustafar to take care of the separatist council. Bunny with her impatience was also like Anakin. Spock even had a similar mission where he launched solo to divert the potentially civilization destroying asteroid, his prophecy, his fate, his destiny, full of danger, and he could have died, failed, or had everyone else die, but Kobe's spirit was too strong. It was the final chase.

Bunny bravely and successfully went into outer darkness to retrieve Gandalf the White's broken staff from the Witch King. Bunny brought the broken pieces to the enchanter's forge in Rivendell. She used it to summon the Gods that sent Gandalf's soul back atop the mountaintop of Moria.

Bunny's relationship with a lot of the aliens was like Jar Jar's with the gungans, they both weren't serious enough. They told Bunny that she was too old to collect Pokemon cards. Bunny however refused to be made to do anything, presenting herself as Pikachu. Bunny felt Pokemon taught her the meaning of life, friendship, and the power of Ash to rewrite everything that was wrong.

Bunny kept seeing psychic flashes of what appeared to be lost utopias, yet she knew these were simply the future of the mind. In another way though, it was sort of the lost nature of her soul, her original purity. Still though at least for Bunny, she felt these places are always open for visit, always in her heart, the fantasy region that is always there.

Bunny was exploring my website and all of the questions that I was asking. This was a kind of utopia for Bunny or a safe haven, an enchanted island. Bunny dreamed of spectacular landscapes and a place where her heart could run free. Bunny flew up into the rainbow, determined that there would be no limit to it just as promised by SolitaryWalker's axioms.

Bunny used the symbol of the unicorn to show the power of everlasting life. She believed a noble heart brings good luck and fortune. Bunny would sweetly grace the meadow looking for eternity. Bunny had the wonder and sparkle of something very rare and valiant.

Bunny and Father Crow were opening a portal together to Marius Florin's space station. Bunny looked at a beautiful spring landscape that reflected the pride of Father Crow's creativity. A Raikou Marius Florin was stomping up in the clouds. He created a giant cup that flushed down into Bunny's tea-pot.

Bunny was looking at a Pokemon Yellow version strategy guide that showed all of her different emotional expressions as Pikachu. She dawned a star wish encyclopedia for her different feelings being symbolized by a different number. Bunny got a zodiac to imagine herself as different animals, which could help her bond with different Pokemon personalities.

Bunny got an umbrella to throw thousands of Valentines into a Kindergarten class of kids throwing her up and down. Bunny replaced their pencils with Yoda walking canes, and as they listened to Yoda concepts, Bunny proved that kids are more open minded than adults.

Bunny rode a very inspirational fairy's wings to the mountaintop past heaven. She blazed a sparkling road over the wal-mart cashier, really Saruman in disguise. Saruman was trying to create an enchanted circlet that showed the future of middle-earth and found the ent wives on Endor.

Bunny was very afraid of fire-works. It was too action packed and dynamic for her. Bunny thought instead of going to another world and philosophical perspective through a deep underwater glacier. Bunny went to a hair salon to ponder the highlights of hair shining like mermaid scales. She was afraid of sirens that punish males oversea singing over the waves. Despite Bunny herself being female, she was terrified of danger and evil.

Bunny was wrapping a Boba Fett helmet for me for Christmas. She thought of me striding outside with that helmet into the sun as a would be conqueror and master of civilization. Bunny enchanted that helmet before giving it to me with the power of summoning any starship to my location, even Marius Florin's.

Bunny was talking to a grandfather Easter egg. He was rolling over a giant Monopoly board. Just to be nice to him, Bunny ate carrots instead. They had a glass of sparkling cider together to celebrate his Monopoly graduation from college. So the grandfather Easter egg's next goal was to resurrect dinosaur fossils.

Bunny teleported away from board game land to go to Salt Lake City temple square and talk to my real grandpa. Meko God foresaw would also make mighty use of teleportation in awe over the subtleties of the Lord. Bunny and grandpa explored a Utah mine full of valuable plunder and glittering jewels. Grandpa used to like searching for rare rocks. Together, they wrote and sent me a ghost world love letter.

Bunny was saying, "You Love Bunny, you do Love meep-meep." She also said, "We're going to be ENFP Champions." When this wish really turned into I was an ISTP Machamp in 2016, it mostly hurt me, but Father Crow said that if I would've been celebrated for my invincible valor that year in earning my Rhydon badge, then it would've been a good thing.

Whenever I Loved Bunny for the right reason, she said that I smiled at her, and if the wrong reason, then I smiled at myself. Bunny often laughs at me both positively and negatively when I feel proud of myself as she's showing me Love. Bunny will interrupt my thoughts and make me interact with her more to disrupt my Bunny Love pride. When I really need quiet, soft, blissful meditation though, Bunny always listens and is understanding.

Bunny bought me an action figure of Father Crow as a tall man in a black jacket wearing a wizard hat. She also for Christmas bought me an X-Man action figure, orange like Father Crow as a construction worker.

Bunny wanted to travel everywhere with me when I was thinking about her ears as shoe-laces. Father Crow was tying telephone wires together to create shoes that make the wearer just as good as Michael Jordan, as seen in Like Mike. Father Crow sculpted a marvelous statue of Kobe atop Hollywood Mountain.

Father Crow was collecting diamonds and emeralds that form over avatar's heads in the Sims. One of his Sims was going to a Harry Potter Halloween party. The Grim Reaper then followed this Sim home.

Bunny was playing chess against an ISFP female that was really good with math, science, and sci-fi and lost to her in a no-contest match.

Bunny was using a Harry Potter wand to try to make a feather staircase up into her tree-house. Bunny then turned the feather staircase into stepping piano keys.

Bunny ordered some cups for her house that were made out of crystal. She then put Chinese fortunes inside of them. Bunny thought of different crystal transparency as offering diverse clarity into various fortunes. Father Crow stole some of Bunny's crystal cups to craft mini crystal action figures.

Bunny wore a zebra shirt to a cross-country race she was competing in. This symbolized Bunny's wish to go from start to finish, 1 to 26, and be stylish. Bunny was also wearing black mamba shoes, because of Kobe, and also that it's not where you start, but finish. Bunny was amused by the way she was snaking through the forest trail. Draymond Green appeared halfway through trying to grab Bunny's attention with a Celtic 18th star dressed up as Morning Star. But all a star meant to Bunny was a goal, a wish, and Bunny finished 1st place. Bunny dedicated her win to Spock in Star Trek, as she followed the all primed need to stay on the prime directive when she ran.

Father Crow was in a very intense discussion with Pat Riley. They were debating the meaning of human achievement. Father Crow congratulated Riley on his 2013 victory, but tried to show that Spurs 2014 was a greater goal, all because of how Leonard, who missed the all critical free throw, did nothing to point the finger, but rather redoubled his efforts. Father Crow worked tirelessly to showcase Leonard, the best Bunny representative as Raptor, that following Bunny is the highest aim of a fully developed conjecture of the meaning of the eternities, and ultimately, for Kobe himself, time stands still.

Bunny was waving a shower curtain in the air. She made ripples on a timeline to collapse the wave function of the future. Bunny created 1000 different copies of earth. She went to the fringe of the future, and contemplated how to access the impossible regions. Bunny had to let go of logic to do so. She tried summoning da Vinci to go for a boundless creativity and put the extra-dimensional puzzle together. She had to write a story where it was not clear what happened after the ending.

Bunny was following Lucky Charms cereal to Pizza Hut with Blastoise watering the Rainbow and driving the lowest route under rainbows. Bunny filled her cup with many exotic flavors. She collected many crystals to wear with her dress. Bunny balanced the many polarities of her salad bar and every item to add as a topping. She went with a Gatorade cannon to seek a healthy jolt. Father Crow painted a misty dragon in the sky to fly with Bunny.

Father Crow unearthed a Metagross fossil and spent a lot of time playing with his wiring. Father Crow's goal was to tunnel (walking path, not a wormhole) from Earth to Andromeda. Metagross resurrected could hack dark matter/energy dimensions to build the bridge. Father Crow also created a shape shifting blue light so he could grant wishes for futuristic cities in people's dreams coming as Bunny, but he was really Jirachi.

Bunny opened a personality book to read about ISFP, the Composer Producer. The biggest thing Bunny couldn't relate with was ISFP's critical and psychic skepticism and focus on lie detection. Bunny instead had esoteric and spiritual motivations, empowered by faith in the furthest frontiers, not psychic real world future. Mostly however, the description fit. Her goals were too uplifted from prediction, physicality, and probability.

Father Crow went into some water gadgets himself with the kids at a water play park in August. While under some torrents, he was re-engineering a collectible lightsaber sent back in time to him from a 2200 Michio Kaku museum. Father Crow silently left the outpourings to visit Bunny a quarter-mile away at the children's sand-box. Bunny imagined her feet marking the moon. Father Crow showed Bunny a new Pokedex discovery he made. He turned Bunny's sand shovel into an Alakazam spoon to symbolize how his lightsaber is meant for defense.

Bunny caught the Pokemon Sandslash and used him to teach Charizard Earth Science. Charizard was more playful and impulsive, too impatient for science. So Sandslash took Charizard on a volcano field trip to learn how and where different rocks form. Charizard used his lightsaber, eagerly descending deeper into the volcano to practice his swordsmanship and use him imagination to uncover the Atlantis dueling arena. He knew that it wasn't where he played, but how he played. He would win on the road in a sci-fi arena that better fit his interests than pencils and responsibilities.

George Lucas and Zarathustra were combatants in the ultimate high stakes showdown atop Mt Battle. Lucas screened a titanic sized Force arrow that Yoda concentrated for 10 years. Zarathustra painted a reinterpretation of the Last Supper that took 15 years. Their oceans of horizon branching fractals to make and break empires of the Imagination slew the mightiest of all dragons as Celebi appeared as a star of life atop the sky to quell the fighting. Zarathustra gunned down Luke Starkiller of NASA.

Bunny clan Gold were wizard archers shooting for prophecy in a sea of mystery atop a wider Pokemon Master. To release the star-bird of clear Nile River Moltres and tie all sides of the bridge to Blue/Gary, a stamp ocarina revealed Akatosh vs Lord Dagon of Oblivion. It was a path to inner peace and becoming 1 with the Tao. The way is cloudy and serene in the Azure Flute of Silver Mt Dew Live-Wire!
Bunny turned a broken wind-mill with the Force. She was learning how to tame the tempest. Bunny was independent from Father Crow in this way, a more alchemical and less flowing guy. Father Crow preferred to work with stone and strategem, not impulse and rush like Bunny. So when these 2 different magic-using idealists met in battle, Bunny won and got the Zarathustrian Zephyr badge.
Archon's Folly grew a hive of magic butterfly crystals opening a portal to the heavenly oversea Elf-afterlife. They brought a higher technology from the past to a more mechanical era by turning fairy wings and dragon scales into lightsaber crystals.

Kobe in all periods of time
Kobe’s rulership as philosopher king
Entering another universe
Character in da Vinci
The journey of becoming God
Wizard council
Labyrinth of unknown paths
Revolutionary scientific breakthrough
Bunny stealing the White Witch’s staff
At the beginning of the story, Bunny receives a sign of good luck
Marius Florin aerospace
Kobe as the symbol of eternity ultimate example
Designing the laws of the universe
The story begins with Father Crow looking over the ocean
Aragorn king of sci-fi future
Bunny follows me around in fairy form
Father Crow creates a giant chaos harvester
After exploring the furthest limits of space, imagination begins to appear
Reaching the Mt Everest of the cosmos
Bunny carries a magic rainbow paintbrush
A tipping point for 2 ultimate fates of the universe
SolitaryWalker becomes fox news philosophy debater
A radioactive core of consciousness
Father Crow undermines the weaknesses of the devil
A work of art that prophesies the highest achievement, Aragorn becoming king
Bunny and Raptor can feel each other’s emotions
Father Crow accesses ever higher dimensions
Da Vinci paints portraits that lead to other worlds
Discovering God as the old man wanderer
Kobe meets Tolkien (perfect ending)
Martial artists meditating at dragon shrines
Slowking reads Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Disney World Animal Kingdom
Father Crow greatest cosmologist ever
A ghost haunting the clock
Camping with Bunny to focus on friendship, not luxury/technology
From roses are red to live-wire is orange
Bunny’s McDonalds happy meal
Bunny was changing colors while drinking Sierra Mist
Land of spiders
Father Crow head librarian of Jedi archive
Meganium habitat on Marius Florin’s space station
Tao Te Ching
Cerulean Cave aliens
Creating a statue out of dragon fossils
Bunny wears Saruman rainbow robes
Crowning of Slowking over the White Witch
Bunny Master Emerald
Fancy Pokemon themed dinners
The faith that we can always get higher
Impossibility to destiny
Walking staircases into other dimensions
Hyperspace wars
Rayquaza turns Pokemon Colosseum gears
Giant blue council hologram of Kreia
Yoda channels Giordano Bruno
Socrates goes to Scholar’s Garden
Stephen Hawking boards shuttle with GreenFairy
Meganium goes to library book club
Entei comes in cloud shape
Yoda summons Disney princesses
Golden Kingdom of angels illustrious statues as prophetic precursors
Bunny meets old version of herself
Anakin pod-racing through Morrowind
Go really far into the future, see the creation of all macroverses
Pokemon Dome hall of fame
Yoda debates the full spectrum of omnipotence
Father Crow shows da Vinci alien secrets
Summon the Gods that turned Gandalf White
A story where the ending is not clear

Marius was riding an elevator to the top of a lighthouse. He ordered his Rhydon to drill through the lighthouse top Shakespeare play projector. Marius did not want Buddha to take away from his romance affair with the furthest extra-spective cosmos.

Bunny was in a gas station super-market looking at all the different kinds of candy. She chose peanuts to help Father Crow get in a better mood. He was taking Bunny on a big trip to the mountains. It was on the border of Salt Lake City to honor Kobe. When Father Crow reached the mountaintop, he emotions got the better of him, and he started screaming and shouting.

Father Crow crafted a holographic image of Bunny on a quantum double-slit panel used in a wave-function experiment. Over time, the experiment produced many unique action poses and expressions of Bunny. Her waves became a highly evolved universe.
Raptor was driving over an extremely high and cork-screwing bridge, and used his berserk upgrades to shatter a flaming meteor. Electricity blazed everywhere, and a century of dreams crystallized.
There were a bunch of mermaids talking to Nikola Tesla. A stealthy and introverted Slowking on the perimeter added his 5th World Cup Star to show that the way of small minded women was not the way of the world, or better yet, the Will of the world, and redeeming all that was past with 1 golden Sun.
George Lucas went to a clock-work city of fiction and split the Earth in 2. The next goal was to break the universe, and after that, reality itself, opening up millions of philosophical questions.
Science, the universe, everything that we ponder, try to resolve, try to wonder about with all possibilities unfolding is a grand tour of foreseeing our roots into the magical age.
Bunny was driving a cardboard box through a rainbow. The rainbow eventually transformed into a giant green beam that shot over the green and black castle of mordor at the foot of the secret stairs. Bunny collected all of this negative Force energy into a sparkling diamond. Aragorn's ghost army reversed at this moment out of prison to reclaim the castle and fly their sailboat through the gates.
Sabrina teleported into a giant heart atop a mountaintop. Ash came through a glowing nebula to bring the tree of life to the orb of Sabrina's gazing zinc corner-club in honor of Father Crow's star ocarina. Gandalf went into a time machine, and brought the secrets of Einstein to the dinosaurs.
Raptor was following a purple mist to the heart of a devoted Flower. Everything was a symphony of tears and rubies. The highest light fell over the orchard of love and mystery. A jewel of life was inscribed with foolishness and joy.
A gamma ray shot through Bunny's DNA and gave her the Force potential to defeat Emperor Palpatine. Bunny could sing with the Force and find that 1 little crack where everything would erupt. She traded time for technique and polished the full flowering of Will to triumph at the highest stage, bridging to a relic of enlightenment, where empowering ribbons of a golden age transfer luster to twirling double bladed lightsaber redemption in Love.
There was a chance for mastery, a chance for binding souls, a chance for treading the great way, leading to summit Obsidian Entertainment. The way to the top would not be easy. Revan hacked Vitiate's citadel, and plugged in the invincible algorithm that changes the fate and destiny of everything centuries down the road, then resolves itself in 1 bright Millennium!!
Father Crow was burning the body of Einstein in Jedi fashion. Father Crow let his mind wander off to consider Einstein's extreme contemplations on the nature of everything, of humanity's 1 great destination, goal, and purpose. Einstein was a hero to Father Crow, synthesizing delightful and beautiful axiomatic parables that add extra Salt Lake City.
Bunny was watching Father Crow put together an extremely complex puzzle. Bunny felt for herself, since her mind was weaker, that it would be very easy to be misled by illusory patterns. Father Crow however was a master at creating meaning. What emerged was the great pyramid in da Vinci's Last Supper, and Father Crow's place there thousands of years ago.
Bunny went to the Buddhist Holy Land, swimming through a great river, and looking at really wise quotes. She looked at a book on imaginary cities, wondering about the miracle of soul flight. Bunny attended a philosophical debate between Father Crow and SolitaryWalker. The subject was how to deal with rebels to Bunny, SolitaryWalker not giving the physicalists any room for mercy, not inflicting suffering, but shaming those who lack faith in the full splendor and potentially maximized possibilities and expressions of the mind of God.
Meganium was trying to reach Father Crow by climbing up an extremely high ladder to Heaven. At the higher levels, time began moving differently. At Heaven's portal atop, Bunny came out and gave Meganium a piece of cake. Every day in Heaven was a party, and it was also a search for labyrinthian paths. Father Crow was fond of wearing different kinds of costumes. At Heaven's portal, he came as Raptor, describing entrapped equations with an iceberg of contorted Bush Gardens Einstein exhibits.
A terrible blizzard was blowing atop Indigo Plateau. It halted the expansion of the universe. The mystery of genesis was painted on an electric tree. It was the Final Annihilator.
Bunny invited Winnie the Pooh to the Star Wars universe. They were working on mastering different Jedi powers. Pooh was very curious, learning about Revan's Tale. It helped Pooh appreciate the value of life and what we do to preserve it.
Bunny was walking through a timeless storybook, resurrecting the power of song to see through the glass ceiling of paradise. She looked through every distant barrier, trying to believe in the power of Prophecy to open up those portals.
I was following Bunny through a grass field, collecting apple juice and talking about the secrets of Yahweh. We contemplated our furthest destiny atop Gym Leader Castle in Pokemon Stadium 2 R2.
Bunny was observing rainbows forming in a water sprinkler play set. The power of wish and dreaming set Bunny free. It was a delightful glow of picture perfect angelhood. That Bunny could flow with imaginative possibilities was a day in friendship forever.
Bunny was walking on a giant fruit roll up. On both sides of it were all the Pokemon lined up from 1 to 493. They were in the Pokemon Stadium hall of fame.
Bunny was playing the Azure Flute to summon Arceus. He appeared as a wizard, then suddenly morphed into Pokemon form. Underneath all of his engineering was a coral reef.

Bunny was fascinated by the mysteries of the ages. She went to Yoda's hut, filled with a heart of childhood. Bunny gained the necessary trinkets and relics to emerge out of darkness, blessing the world with limitless horizons.
Bunny came to the edge of the universe to witness the ascent of The One. Many cosmologies may describe a creator. To Bunny, the light of all that is was within her. The domains of physicality did not matter. All there was to Bunny was mind.
Bunny's spirituality was extremely powerful. She continued to write more stories, inspired by a saga of destiny. Bunny was more than just the universe; she was Lugia.

Raptor was looking to roam the free galaxy. The power of a higher experience was imminent. To summon the soul fire of deep eternity was everywhere. It was a sign of polarization, a sign of potential, a sign of prodigy. It was a trance that froze the sun, and echoed thunder clouds of the azure stallion.

Bunny was looking at different kinds of bath-robes at Dollar General. Showering for Bunny helped her to find equilibrium. She wanted to lay aside the cares of a troubled day. Being more vivid and experiential of magic came to Bunny through being positive.

Father Crow invited Bunny to a new amusement park he created - Watch World. Father Crow was hyper compulsive about integrating numbers into systems. So the diverse novelty of every number created an exotic amusement park.
Father Crow was looking at different kinds of pod-racers in hopes of winning the annual grand prix. He treasured this opportunity to show just how far his training evolved. All it was was the shortest path between 2 points to prove he was the most logical.

Bunny was watching an exhibit of Mew in an aquarium tank. Mew was watching Toy Story and reflecting on his inventive side. He often played Pokemon on his GameBoy years ago, his favorite being Electabuzz because he had a crush on Casey. Mew would listen to classic soundtracks to teleport off to the movie theater.
Father Crow gave Bunny a big heart shaped box of Valentine chocolates. Bunny ate her favorite kinds first and regretted it later. Bunny asked Father Crow to give a special blessing over the Valentines that Raptor wrote to her.
Bunny was riding her Lapras over a crystal clear ocean. She soulfully looked up into the clouds and dreamed of far off fantasies. Bunny was making a religious journey to the shrine where Raptor fulfilled the Chosen 1 Prophecy.
While Raptor was reading the Tao Te Ching, Father Crow was reading the Art of War. Father Crow saw himself as the ideal leader, letting society solve itself. He was also a gifted marshal at preparing republics for battle. Afterwards, Father Crow would ready society for Slowking/Raptor education.

Father Crow attended Bilbo's 111th birthday party in the Shire. He helped give speed to Gandalf's horse towards Minas Tirith, and gave intuition to Gandalf at the library's scrolls. Father Crow had a similar position at the Jedi archive. Father Crow especially noticed the trouble with Gondor and Middle-Earth's authority with Denathor in charge. Father Crow rested easy when Aragorn said the Hobbits bow before nobody.
Father Crow was looking at elaborate star maps, trying to see the patterns between constellations as birth-signs. He could use physical synchronicity to give certain babies inborn magicka. His favorite power was the Lover's Kiss, a feeling he treasured.
Father Crow was always wondering about realities that may be hidden even from the biggest maps in existence. Father Crow would sometimes resort to common sense reality assumptions in order that he take the most probable path to power, but when action wasn't needed, he would philosophize beyond the extremes.

Bunny went to old country Alabama to drink the finest glasses of lemonade. She spoke to a lemonade truck driver to ask him what he thought of the drink. He said it was good for him to get its healthy and refreshing, warm hearted south kick start.
Bunny went to the final nail put into the continental railroad, the golden nail. She loved Jefferson's vision of a coast to coast, sea to shining sea country. That we have the freedom of speech and religion to spread Bunny's message rewarded her dreams with absolute omega.
Bunny and Father Crow went on a date together to the Washington DC zoo. At the gift shop, Bunny bought a zebra Tervis cup to honor Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Father Crow talked to the lion tamer about overcoming fear.
Bunny and Father Crow went on a walk together by the ocean. They found Nikola Tesla at the lighthouse, looking for signals of alien life. Next there was a fisherman looking for Lugia. Father Crow dreamed of the power of invention to 1 day explore the entire ocean and answer all of these questions.
Father Crow was fashioning the most valuable crystal ever, very big in size at the town square. It gave a frequency that helped people to find noble and open ended thoughts.

Father Crow put paintings in his house of every major planet's landscape in Star Wars. Bunny enjoyed all of the diverse places it could take her as she wishfully and thoughtfully looked at each photo. Father Crow also had a vast lightsaber collection, and trained with each Jedi combat form.

Bunny somewhat enjoyed going on boat rides with Father Crow, a little bit for the adventure, but mainly to meditate in a restful and no-distractions Zen mold. She would grace healing auroras of emotion that connected Bunny to her happy memories. She would have a blast opening up holographic images of the Zang consciousness, a spirituality on the full potential of Love, not being so physical or fruitful, but rather a great leap of legend from the sprite of the higher man.

A Winged Twilight from Morrowind made a sparkling fire ball and teleported to House Telvanni council chambers. Celebi came through a crack in existence to open up wizard chaos lights. Celebi then opened a door for everyone to walk into the future.

Leonardo da Vinci was given 1 of the rings of power from Lord of the Rings. He painted a mathematical portrait of the physics of the invisible regions wizards draw their magicka from. He created a dream chamber that lets us experience the thrills of the future.

Father Crow went to the Las Vegas casinos to test just how far into heaven his spiritual heart evolved. He wanted a chain of radical wrinkles in time to decapitate God and become a jewel thief.

Father Crow was training Bunny to shoot lightning as powerfully as she could at straw dummies. Father Crow himself was preparing to unleash the storm of the century. The way of the Will was long and hard, but it was the only way we can trust to reach the ultimate goal.

Father Crow was organizing a bunch of psychic cards together to try to read the prophecy of the next existence under the shadow of the mountain. He was opening up many time gates to accelerate his vision of a bigger world. Gravity was very out-dated and obsolete, replaced by celestial mechanics of a creative outlook. There were many highways of existence that were leading to a farfetched future. We were always building vague models of higher societies, and the small dragon bone scale sketch could take full flight to crystallize a design. Father Crow began his search by going to a vast harbor at Lugia ocean. Father Crow overheard the resonance of Einstein's plan to hack dimension 1000 and see the dream of many mystics and seers of the ages to capture the universe in math and read the mind of God, the Old Man.

Bunny was looking at different kinds of cheese in her refrigerator. Her favorites were swiss and pepper jack. Bunny loved the cheese plant in Oregon that was extremely close to the coast.

The fateful day of crowning came. Me and Marius were honored at the highest light. All of Hoenn fell under our command. We received the Champion's seal, an emblem to illustrate. We walk the path to enlightenment. The festival of Halloween ignites passion and frenzy. Meganium sprayed his petals to give us a hero's welcome home. It was sunny and delightful. It was a moment under the jewel of feeling. A goldmine of clear starlight color channeled my ashes. The soft touch of coolness and spring dissolved into my soul. I flowed out into the richness of a bubbly gentle cascade. A green lightning-bolt shot through me by the cognitive functions in a web of Einstein intuition.

Father Crow was in the mountains investigating different kinds of tree-nuts. He enjoyed calmly overseeing the white water rapids. Father Crow boarded a ferry to a science lab nearby. He was interested in local mining operations. He helped the supervisors put up warning signs where rocks may fall. When he reached the mountaintop, he honored the statue of Bunny up there as the mightiest dragon in the world.

Father Crow engaged in a battle of quick wits with Jason Kidd. Kidd won, but Nowitzski said Father Crow would've won in a long term riddle thinking context. Father Crow had a super active mind, but he was not exactly highest IQ. But he loved testing his will even in unwieldy areas. Father Crow crafted a sword of the highest workmanship to give to Dirk, and Bunny added a Pegasus to combine the 2 and forge a true Warrior.

All of my sins and wrong-doings were healed, discarded, forgiven. I flowed out into the true light of heart, a sweet remedy. Love re-synthesized my ashes and flew to Bunny. Bunny wrote a silver song that freezes fogs to create roads to impossibility.

Bunny was putting up artwork of fairies and unicorns in Father Crow's mansion. Raptor put up a picture of Pokemon Last Supper. Like before, Father Crow had Star Wars art, but added pictures of the constellations that popped out with a fantasy creature.

Bunny was trying to come as a newly discovered South American Mew. She was extremely interested in Raptor's evolution, cheering him on every day. Raptor, rediscovering his hidden dragon-fire through the magic of Bunny, surged to the fabled crowning point of all Pokemon trainers in aerospace.

Kobe, unleashed from every restriction in true dragon form, overcame the whirlwind of sin and streaked a glowing lightning-bolt. He shattered dynamite meteors in space and radically revamped chess boards over cosmic grids. The hidden alchemical secrets of enigmas in personality added a touch of mysticism and exponential overhaul to Kobe. Kobe's 81 point game was a symbol for the year 2010, where Celebi was Bunny 17, Kobe was 284 Tyranitar, 79-83 was 493 Arceus, game 6 counted 6789, and the Lakers were 250 Ho-Oh. All of this combined together to create BladeRunner2849735

Archetypes of the Clarity Present Arcanum untangling the Polarized Ebony Whirlpool:
Whirl Islands Enigma, Tyranitar many millennia into the Future, All Spectra Everywhere, Light of All Force, Infinities-Ultimate, Will's Rainbow, NeraVarine, A Fissure into the book of Prophecy, All Worlds of Light, Lightsaber Crystal Cave, Pool of Ideals, Mountaintop, Acentric Labyrinth, Pinnacle Rainbows, Galactic Super Civilizations, Yahweh, Lucifer, M Theory, Morrowind, Kotor, Jade Empire, Fable, Pokemon, Yugioh, Gandalf, Saruman, Yoda, Revan, Nihilus, Mind of God, Temple of a thousand Fountains, Krayt Dragon, Progenitor, Lugia Vs. Rayquaza chess board of Good and Evil, Ubermensch, E=mc2, Water Dragon, Children of Light, Bubble Hearts, Question Clouds, Dragon Mind of Zen, Eclipse Canon, Father Crow, Bunny, Magician, Fool, Frenzy Forking River of Doom Desire by Order, Destiny at the Lighthouse, Wizards of the Coast, Cosmic Ocean, Demiurge, Tesseract, Hyperspace, Zarathustra, Crown of Indomitable Willpower, Skeleton Key, Azura's Star, Final Annihilator, Chosen 1, Millennium Puzzle, Heart of the Cards, Legendary Dragon God of Time, Perfect 1, Ultimate Rare Misdreavus Card, Champion of Cyrodil, Door to Lugia's Heart, Double Will, Lightning of the Sith Emperor shocking Meganium, Apprentice of Extremities, God's Masks, Star Forge, UnderSeer's Evolution, Mt. Silver, Architects of the Empire's Future or Architects of their own Destruction, Self-Electrocution, Meaning of Life, Highest Virtues, Ultimate Questions in Existence, Blue Light Christ Consciousness, Ethics, Cosmic Religious Feeling, Will to Power, Kardashev Civilizations, Sabrina's Pokemon team, Lugia's Song, Perish Song, Realgam Tower, Ho-Oh's Azure Bell and Eternal Security, Rainbow Waves, Butterfly effect, Will of the Force, Skeletal Dinosaur Schematics, Ray Allen's 3 Pointer, Allen Iverson stepping over Tyron Lue, Super-Nexus, Pokedex, Ruins of Alph, Unknown Existence, Heart of Tyranitar, Infinitely Will Ultimate, Man and Bunny, Celebrate Victory Forever, Rainbow bridge to Infinity, Higher Balance of Heaven to Inner Peace, Tree and River of Life, Omniversal Cosmic God, Transcendental Pinnacle, Existential Game, Terra Program, Cosmic Force Aegis, Under-Toe, Fingers of the Mountain, Holy Grail Vortex, Newton 2060, da Vinci Last Supper, Wayne Herchel Star Maps to the Star Forge, Death Star, Indigo Plateau, Victory Road, Mr. Fugi Meganium Ghost playing Perish Song from Munchlax to Froslass

1) Whirl Islands Enigma – Lugia is ancient, deep, profound, mysterious, full of life and enchanting qualities.
2) Tyranitar many millennia into the Future – Thinking deeply to connect with exotic elements of a farfetched and bizarre mind frequency readies us to see themes and displays of higher meaning everywhere forever.
3) All Spectra Everywhere – Chance events and weird setups are just a part and mainstream aspect of our lives and matrix we live in. Mind upgrades the patterns to make our wishes and will stream into the free shape shifter.
4) Light of All Force – That a truly divine and perceptive organ as the Force animates and flows through all of our rainbows of consciousness shatters and break civilization to help us reach the new dawn of destiny.
5) Infinities-Ultimate – A border to pantheistic gravity wells sucked away by the torrents of the vivid cascades of barrage to find out the nexus and holy shrine of all avenues to jungle gems makes the path to greatness full of radioactive flair and rumble.
6) Will’s Rainbow – A hope for longevity and sunrise of pure play and joy shouts to the sky.
7) NeraVarine – A master of the quest to prolong and seize golden moments under the sun throws down the barriers of resistance and storms the fortress for victory and song.
8) A Fissure into the book of Prophecy – The ways of the galloping engines to station our emblems through the veil of ashes to soul permeates a vast glacier of moods and feelings.
9) All Worlds of Light – A bolt of charisma to shake the pillars of friendship and realign with family and diaries restores peace and balance.
10) Lightsaber Crystal Cave – The relics of true power and commanding fortune are at our fingertips.
11) Pool of Ideals – There are waving forms and makeups of plunder and sophistication anchored away at the glistening star gates to reflection and potential.
12) Mountaintop – At the apex of everywhere comes the divide of great colosseums.
13) Acentric Labyrinth – A swirl of never ending forms and prophecies in the tumble of galleries to the project X entailment sees the cornerstones of a majestic republic unfold a saga.
14) Pinnacle Rainbows – The fabled euphoria of a blazing Barbie bowstring cheating the laws of the game to arrive at the flowery balloon lord is a gusher of creativity.
15) Galactic Super Civilizations – A wellspring of arousing fluid theaters to voyage above the blessings of stallions repels the dark to conjecture the empowering torn pages to a crystalline mentorship.
16) Yahweh – The general of attack patterns and starship armadas angles his assault.
17) Lucifer – The most prized and enigmatic channel to the flyers of a Zen and poster of the understanding snake crafts a big apple.
18) M Theory – A large ensemble of chasing the perimeter to propel mind and time to rattle the rocket sneaks through the tomes to grapple.
19) Morrowind – A flickering canopy of doors to shamans of a corkscrewing architecture highlight angelic candles and bogs of a swiftly accelerating roundabout.
20) Kotor – Tyrannous forks in blockades to starboard cardinal fanfare of the lessons to embrace a larger view of life frenzy install the ghosts and will to a fluctuating orbit from seconds to eons.
21) Jade Empire – Lore and perks of a focused intellect to inhabit the gale and feather of spoons and space cashes in on bending with the tempest.
22) Fable – History remodels the hijacking collar of festival panting jokes to the palace.
23) Pokemon – Rescue paladins refute a mumbo jumbo deluxe keystone of fence folder Pokedex.
24) Yugioh – Writing tension subsides a gesture of polka dots and chlorophyll to size me up for the ring.
25) Gandalf – A splendid day in paradise throbbing in dance and cupcakes arrives precisely when he means to.
26) Saruman – The dummy and decoy of monster incantations puts a hex on breakfast.
27) Yoda – Taking hold of perennial dams to the river outrage snags a goblin to dig.
28) Revan – A prodigal knight of the tale and spire of wrapping paper sponge bungie cords repeats a Palantir shire flag.
29) Nihilus – A dark cloak in the whisper to permit weakling lending hands staff of ruin.
30) Mind of God – Target practice steering jams kick start the volcano voucher.
31) Temple of a thousand Fountains – A rush of soda giggles and purchasing arduous Saffron.
32) Krayt Dragon – A mighty king of old meets his demise on the high precipice of better than the rest.
33) Progenitor – A forbidden hole in twinkling giga watts writes an alien archive to the jigsaw puzzle cornucopia.
34) Lugia Vs. Rayquaza chess board of Good and Evil – Ties to churning random jolts of Mewtwo tournaments fights a conductor of brooms and boxes in aftermath ascension.
35) Ubermensch – The toy box beam of fancy stages and perfect noons smashes asunder the gates of despair to be contorting bling baskets.
36) E=mc2 – Stacking the cards and dominoes to wage war with the demon umbrella.
37) Water Dragon – Fending beehive throttle councils infects the volumes of a mad hungry power God stepping beyond his station.
38) Children of Light – The freelance rocks and stickers to encore first aid brings a healing harmony to the stolen shards with evolutionary continent arboretums.
39) Bubble Hearts – An intergalactic fracture into best buy gungan trims features rabbit with rose.
40) Question Clouds – A flurry of investigative brilliance unlocks the fashions of million dollar equations with a flank cobweb witch king conversion to polymerization sharpie.
41) Dragon Mind of Zen – Taming the seasoned beginning precursor shames the Aslan lunch box with tidings and glamour to originality opera in the Garden of Eden embassy courage.
42) Eclipse Cannon – To deceive and outwit the wily cat of confusion shaves the beak of Father Crow.
43) Father Crow – A hundred thousand angels fiction fly a big bang cotton spore with flocks of doves.
44) Bunny – Treading the most vacation artistry caliber of fond tangled solstice afloat blooming meridian shadows snows a gentle pull of the party Macroverse.
45) Magician – Tea time permafrost zeal outfoxes past life yonder heirs to the throne of fangs in the gummy bears.
46) Fool – A bug in the watch maker Kanto Gym Leader Castle phantom menace.
47) Frenzy Forking River of Doom Desire by Order – Lots of portals with links and chimes to forgetful luster pinch of grass plays a flute.
48) Destiny at the Lighthouse – Autumn burning heist capital polarity stripes fry a golem of magnitude and dribbling safaris.
49) Wizards of the Coast – Far out searches for complete astonishment makes the future and jovial ice cream fine tune a string of Caterpie ponytail thanksgiving.
50) Cosmic Ocean – Armageddon glaring eyes of the dragon jet black concoctions of alteration High Elf farm city make the haystack comrade a Darwinian island hopper to the Arceus acrobat.
51) Demiurge – Einstein stir fry gears of the flinging arrow archer camp out with Hawaiian bards and druids for the hour of ignition.
52) Tesseract – Birds and Hobbits bake a cocktail fruit elephant for dating a miserable stronghold caregiver with elves and Willy Wonka canvas exponents.
53) Hyperspace – Wheeling ever into the aerodynamic revolutions of foundry arcing thunder stands strong at the florescent mercantile.
54) Zarathustra – Black Mamba rotations and clockwork masterpiece super size me throwback vintage makes the sea and doomsday fractal implode an octopus.
55) Crown of Indomitable Willpower – To speak and arrange axioms in such lively and frolicking styles packs the villains to run down toroids of everlasting spans to steel.
56) Skeleton Key – Puffing up the guise of fog and smoke breaches the security console.
57) Azura’s Star – Speechless dots on the clash of Pharoah and samurai walk the clam oracle.
58) Final Annihilator – Dressing up the gamma ray burst robin stunts the deadra of fossil coveting.
59) Chosen 1 – To overturn all that has been and to rewrite the books of time engages the wading wanderer to promise for a much more pocket monster shock Karma.
60) Millennium Puzzle – Flashing a grand unified theory of in charge Lt Surge fairy city strapping in for action and arsenal tsunamis checkmates the viceroy of burial alpha.
61) Heart of the Cards – Saving the princess and tarnishing a fugitive depot curbs the crimson tide to be a latch and Pikachu portrait of wisdom.
62) Legendary Dragon God of Time – Harnessing peacock flamethrowers of dubious possession shreds any remaining doubt of sadness and betrayal at the temple wood between worlds.
63) Perfect 1 – Sirens of serenity and penguins of apocalypse writhe and spray the demon haunted world with a peak ribbon of celebration and invincibility.
64) Ultimate Rare Misdreavus Card – Punching in the coordinates for heavy duty ding dong powder of sleeping giants undoes the folly of archons and emperors.
65) Champion of Cyrodil – Talking smack and being macho with hoards of blanket stealth makes a relinquished pause of tarot balrogs.
66) Door to Lugia’s Heart – To relish in the fumes of melody and praiseworthy invoking of the articulate sprint to aces and neck and neck Meganium racing eyes a contract to the space colony ark.
67) Double Will – I write and sample the polished hilt of my lightsaber to rank up there with fellowship curmudgeons.
68) Lightning of the Sith Emperor shocking Meganium – To venture into the extravagant globes of print and yelling horizons finds out the plot and weakness of the gazing ghoul.
69) Apprentice of Extremities – To increase in prowess and faint of old illusions to new wreaking of phenomenal juggling brides has hieroglyphic summoning.
70) God’s Masks – Polymath invitation to fabulous open trains beckons us to prove our mastery.
71) Star Forge – Popular sites of sage seclusion vent and pulse with livewire postulates and Celtic cosplay.
72) UnderSeer’s Evolution – Strict packets of jolly Buddha stray cat film makes the west a dollhouse of Kimono chronicles.
73) Mt. Silver – Shopping till you drop armchair interstellar warriorship Scizor spies start a riot.
74) Architects of the Empire’s Future or Architects of their own Destruction – The practice arena floods and zooms with crackling vanity.
75) Self-Electrocution – Sapping the Varla Stone signature of ever onward walls to the podium whisker scries for shackles of the Marsh Badge.
76) Meaning of Life – A flame of life and sparkle to window collect chalice snoring rising Phoenix Egypt bag a grazing Mars rover.
77) Highest Virtues – Sniping Game Boy Color pixie dust stumps the cork in the waterfall to revive saints of the lumberjack airplane ticket.
78) Ultimate Questions in Existence – We unwind the telescope to pour through the years and copy the skyscraper of manifest duty.
79) Blue Light Christ Consciousness – Saddle shapes universe Voynich Manuscript swaps Pokeballs for Pikachu in a hard piece of star spangled banners.
80) Ethics – Extrasensory bribes to goliath tires blush a Leo Supercluster shack to zebra necropolis.
81) Cosmic Religious Feeling – Tropical ferry clear water summit hose splashes the magic jingle bells.
82) Will to Power – Sights of a precious clutter in the spine of havens and faces snacks on role playing games to extract ever more magicka.
83) Kardashev Civilizations – Slippers of princess puddles greet a faceless 1 from Atlantis.
84) Sabrina’s Pokemon Team – Halloween exhibition primes a direct case and point parched leviathan.
85) Lugia’s Song – I industrialize my sanguine theories to pluck a thorn to the source of it all.
86) Perish Song – Evil yarn of trick room factions blur the headers of a simple and clean Nascour.
87) Realgam Tower – The grand prix finale showcase of bronze to binoculars swarm of harsh winters makes the capstone silver.
88) Ho-Oh’s Azure Bell and Eternal Security – Sheer cold famine and floods don’t scare or space away the almighty juggernaut of asteroid accolades with refrigerator rungs to Barnes and Noble.
89) Rainbow Waves – A straw hat yellow best friends forever roar of time framework makes a tree.
90) Butterfly Effect – To move the mountain and overpower the hurricane with diabolical consideration of encumbered blimps of the slicing procrastination sleds to Mt Everest.
91) Will of the Force – Surprise lofty cinder brings disaster yet dimensions, plausibility yet speculation to an emerald oasis.
92) Skeletal Dinosaur Schematics – Ripe pelts of the destruction disco employ mimicking swerves and sidekicks.
93) Ray Allen’s 3 Pointer – Activating the avalanche crashes in with vis and hatred to decapitate and decimate what was so super sonic.
94) Allen Iverson stepping over Tyron Lue – To balance proud skills with humble birth makes striking chambers embrace the grudge of the soul dew.
95) Super-Nexus – A larger than life pipe dream of astronomical proportions and implications raids the jazz valley.
96) Pokedex – To see the many outlines of cups and cables of a blastoff scrabble board hiccups life.
97) Ruins of Alph – Hunting the Sith with regrets and gossip of lost ways and sunken shames pushes the lightbulb for poltergeists and kung fu panda.
98) Unknown Existence – A chromatic envelope of rubies and surfing Silph Company makes awards and tattle tales a Jovi flamingo.
99) Heart of Tyranitar – Gripping hulk like food fights to soap opera fringe twitching Red Eyes Black Dragon.
100) Infinitely Will Ultimate – To force your way to the most esteemed pose in the King’s Rock incarnation outliers.
101) Man and Bunny – We inspire tremendous Jurassic skylights with outpouring caravans of shiny shores.
102) Celebrate Victory Forever – To recreate dramas and studios of spring and gases computer pries a custom ordered big crunch.
103) Rainbow bridge to Infinity – Safeguarding presents and Machu Pichu rusty in store strings of cafeteria tongues raises a pirate ship.
104) Higher Balance of Heaven to Inner Peace – Pacing and fleeting gargantuan folklore conflicted platinum Shakespeare.
105) Tree and River of Life – A gracious chapter book testament to BunnyRaptor planted in a caterpillar positivity interrogates a reproductive Jolee Bindo Snake Story.
106) Omniversal Cosmic God – Bouncing and rolling dice and gamble cubes with ever rampaging jams to the symphony sarcophagus learns of a halted jalapeno.
107) Transcendental Pinnacle – To Lucas Arts bazooka impart the tank of grenade spamming decisive souvenir life jackets impresses a Scizor.
108) Existential Game – Training and ballerina navigating comets and quasars to spawn a cyclops Eureka spikes a cupid cipher.
109) Terra Program – Speeding up for neurotic expedition jaguars hurls a split second crater into Krakatoa.
110) Cosmic Force Aegis – Sapphire repentance conduits eject coronal formless water walkers.
111) Under-Toe – Preachy symbol stowers refute a thousand year axiom of eat or be eaten.
112) Fingers of the Mountain – Polygon referee shrubs imposter Professor Oak drop a bomb in Siberia.
113) Holy Grail Vortex – Indoctrinated panic clovers immerse a worlds of wonders.
114) Newton 2060 – To injure the antichrist hair dryer with a vat of Brahman and Akasha send Moksha Mushu.
115) Da Vinci Last Supper – Hamtaro trigonometry persuades quiet Kingdom Hearts fandom blitzkrieg a western wing.
116) Wayne Herchel Star Maps to the Star Forge – Lullaby beanie babies snuggle in grim reaper wishing wells.
117) Death Star – A powerplant premise sacks a pinto bean grafted silencer.
118) Indigo Plateau – Happy Easter brings tears of life.
119) Victory Road – The plague of vanguard aerobic aquarium aqueducts interrelates House Telvanni.
120) Mr. Fugi Meganium Ghost playing Perish Song from Munchlax to Froslass – The Toonami Kid’s WB Yourself trip to China does the PokeRap.

We need to build a Theory of Everything to solve all of the mysteries of life. The 1st thing that We need to focus on is virtue. The Ultimate Virtues are the Higher Mysteries, Secret Knowledge, Berserk Rampages, Bunny's Imagination, God's Masks, Kobe Bryant Impossible Cosmology, Power of Forever, Omnipotent Willpower, Inexorable Victory Arrows, Enchanted Cosmic Consciousness, Solitary Stargazing, Adventurous Curiosity, Experientially Over Struck Video Games, Evolve into Albert Einstein's Old Man, Decode Albert Einstein's Library of Arcane Codifications Quote, Skyrim Constellations Magic Mastery, Celebrate the Stars Forever, Galactic Conquest, Black Hole Destruction, White Hole Creation, Prototype Lugia XD Unleashed, Stepping Decades Ahead of Your Time, Conquering the Unknown Regions, Gray Fox Achievements, Speaking Rainbows, the Rainbow Bridge to Infinity, Expanding Questions, Rise Up to the Ultimate Vantage Points, George Lucas Utopian Vision, All Spectra Everywhere, Infinities-Ultimate, Superholographic Propylon, Annihilating Existence, Transforming into the Force, Break All Chains, Discover the Star Forge, Embody the Whirl Islands, Light the Super-Nexus, Defeat the Final Annihilator, Open the Door to Lugia's Heart, Launch the Big Omniversal Blizzard, Win the Prime Cup MasterBall Round 2 GS, Peak in Performance when most Important, Japanese Anime Drama, Impulsive Love, the Knowledge of All Things, Laser Focus, Awakening the Great Dragon Mind, Command the Cosmic Force Aegis, Bringing Balance to the Force, Splitting the Mountaintop of Prophecy, Unlock the Secret Ending, Channeling Revelation, Lightsaber Crystal of True Nature, Doom Desire Wishing, Frenzy Plant Future Forking, Averting Destinies, Invincible Valor, Accelerate Inside of the Ultimate Undertow, Self-Electrocution, Install All KotOR Force Powers, Fissuring Shatterpoints, Penetrating Possibilities, Brane Walking Meganium, Pokemon Party, Programming Axioms, Universal Enlightenment, Liberating Reason, Holy Benevolence, Genesis in Oceans of Nirvana, Deep Rumination, Discovering Dragonite in the Cosmic Ocean, Detecting All Levels of Life, Activating Archetypes, Anchoring Angel Auras, Completing the Kardashev Civilization Types Scale to meet Bunny, and Freeing the Gray Fox!!*

Higher Mysteries - The Light side of the Force gets us in touch with true awareness, true compassion, and by embracing a larger view of life, of existence, oneness and inner harmony with the luminosity of all life on this planet and beyond transforms us.

Secret Knowledge - The dark depths of the Force tempt us with true power, true Omnipotence, and by digging down this unknown labyrinth of revelatory techniques, awesome energies begin to bubble within us, and true desire is tapped.

Berserk Rampages - Unleashing unbridled devastation with no resistance empowers our liberty to do what we want, in whatever fashion or choice blooms from our facets. Eradicating weakness, and flourishing excitement, charge, exhilaration, and drive from spontaneous devouring channels us to a bigger blue.

Bunny's Imagination - Flowing with endlessly creative possibilities in true Bliss, true joy resurrects age old quilts of loving fragrance and happy treasures to promise us eternal jolly feelings and exuberant flickering forever. Bunny welcomes us with gracious winds to bathe in Her light and will without any penalty or judgment. Elevation and exaltation in a free flying utopia send us gifts and trinkets of breathing highlights just playing and floating with opportunities without end. Bunny casts off all of Her fears, and glows in the pure spirit of anime like flourishing. Heaven wins all ways, celebrating victory forever.

God's Masks - The true nature of God is a huge debate of our intuition to unravel, knowing whether He is benevolent, infinite, open, and eternal, or more malevolent, evil, mean, and disgraceful. God can awaken us to higher roads, building bridges and multidimensional matrices for traversing or whirling into a more splendid sector of growth, or perhaps even misleading or tricking us, dooming and deserting us. So how life arose, what causes are, how big existence is, or where we are headed, and what will be remembered are all questions that keep us wondering. But God seems to emanate liberating qualities through the vessels and harbors of flesh that keep alive His flame.

Kobe Bryant Impossible Cosmology - Kobe exhibited a drive and intensity that never waned or blew out, and His belief in things that are intangible, unrealistic, strange, or bizarre and weird is so revolutionary, so mountain moving, that if those feats were echoed in a more esoteric field than basketball, like cosmology, possibilities would be racing everywhere.

Power of Forever - Japanese anime and the absolute exuberant relishing of eternal blooming radiating and expanding everywhere to dream and imagine the outpouring envelope of wonder and awe inspires us to remember what was blessed and sacred.

Omnipotent Willpower - Grasping all of existence and whatever imaginary layers of mind power transcend the cosmos, and breaking limits, exhibiting our desires, transforming the architectures of life, and unchosen Frenzy that leaps and bounces to exotic corners makes us more free and able to live out the possibilities racing within our minds.

Inexorable Victory Arrows - Gazing out into the open blue, and knowing what is possible, envisioning what can be accomplished is a task that requires strength and valor, of being ready and ripe in the great dawn, so when the moment of truth arrives, we are clutch, and emblazon our name on the highest pinnacle to be remembered forever, and to reap harvest from the joy and awards of opening up that invincible and legendary Future.

Enchanted Cosmic Consciousness - Browsing the entire expansive globe and wonderland of creativity, basking in life's hordes of opportunities, flowing with the spirit of eternity, and taking in, stargazing at all of existence and beyond, to brain inspect and gather the delightful and tasty fruits of physical existence, makes us dream and picture how amazing life is. It's also understanding the deepest roots of existence, deciphering and making manifest the most gallery like exhibition and expression of invisible, underside glows and auras of this absolutely mind blowing and free gaping tree of life.

Solitary Stargazing - Letting loose our eyes to behold and fathom the glories of the heavens makes us adventurous and explorative of open ended questions and entailments to send us soaring free.

Adventurous Curiosity - Running across the clock in a virtual like video game utopia and paradise arouses us to take in the knowledge of all things, to be fun loving, spontaneous, and possibility expanding.

Experientially Over Struck Video Games - When we level up to the highest point, and defeat all opposition, make ourselves mighty and victorious at the end of the tunnel, and out into the open horizons reveals accelerated thought and paradigms of evolved magnificence. It's also when We transcend God, make possible His grand and revolutionary ideas and theories of dreamscapes. The knowledge and stats We gained from this open ended adventure make us beyond the roof of vision.

Evolve into Albert Einstein's Old Man - God is the Old Man, eternal, emblazoned, extravagant, holy, and sacred. His luminous mind and battle tested and hardened resolve make His place in the cosmos the station that We should all desire to reach.

Decode Albert Einstein's Library of Arcane Codifications Quote - Ein has a quote that goes, "I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. May I not reply with a parable? The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza's Pantheism. I admire even more his contributions to modern thought. Spinoza is the greatest of modern philosophers, because he is the first philosopher who deals with the soul and the body as one, not as two separate things." Grasping exalted and elegant equations that overrule mundane rationality, and make wondrous and beaming the laser like prismatic fountain of mysteries and aerial aerospace ripping playgrounds of mind show us sides to reality that are encoded with secret and hidden meanings, ones that make the magic of life, and the joy of forever always whirling and spinning with a new twist and equation, and if we could grasp the marvelous order of reality, and lay bare to our gaze the ecstatic question answering algorithms of the greater moonshine, then myths and fables would burst into fruition.

Skyrim Constellations Magic Mastery - Ending the bridge of realism and dead hopes, to transition up to the holy and most wise, uplifting, and embodied firecracker explosion dynamite consciousness sends us soaring to the heavenly aether, where the firmament evolves us to a state where coiling up into miraculous exuberance and happy crackling envelopes our minds in an all luster filled radiance that seeds blankets of love for life transcending all restrictions, and making manifest the spirit of awe. it's also the powers, abilities, and feats that escape from our fingertips, or even the outer limits and fringes of our mind power, redirecting the energetic flows of the Force to blast engines within us of conquering.

Celebrate the Stars Forever - Whizzing at unlimited lightspeed velocity ends the terminal illness of deserted regions, and gallops with full intensity to a merry place of gifts and trinkets, redesigning life, and stratifying legacies of lore. The stars call to us, and by blinking our eyes, and envisioning ourselves there, the wonders of the highest future greet us.

Galactic Conquest - Territories over the chess board of elite magic manifestation and power wreaking majestically swipe at the levels and blocks to conquer out further from the fringes of our lower awareness, and as we grow, evolve, gain more powers, and expand our territories, the horizons of wishful cake walking become more flavorful.

Black Hole Destruction - Ending the souls of bad and broken vessels and houses of music means that the show will run better if we get rid of something troublesome. Zipping torrents of wraith like fingertip zaps escalates a staircase to higher building and better fortifications in the labyrinth examination and blueprint of futures shows that eras of life can take off to new heights when the foundations of the fiction possibilities are put into fissuring shatterpoint demonstration. Brane walking Meganium feel totally alive and electrified when their powers are cast, and their doors to rendering and ripping eccentric and farfetched plans are experimented onto the video game gems mazes of mouse to man marriage.

White Hole Creation - Where the base of operations in expelling and exterminating the bad revolutions of the carriage are broken, then limitless glossary terms can offer pieces and construction icons for forging more thundering greenery, just redirecting and unleashing treasures and flora and fauna blessing the aspects of fables and stories with the new inputs that always make the grid grow.

Prototype Lugia XD Unleashed - The ultimate weapon, the Final Annihilator descends from His station, and bowstring reasons imaginative waterfalling baskets of Bunny feathers to greet immune fun dizzy special effects fog of misty masks curling and blistering fiction to resound and open pockets of sunshine. Lugia invokes stellar ranges of magnitude drizzling torrential outpouring frequencies misery drinking cups of candy. Lugia's will and vision train himself to forge the most welcomed to interplay games of glee.

Stepping Decades Ahead of Your Time - To know the real Future, and to make it possible, make it happen, even to be daredevilish and dangerous enough, radical and redesigning to forge an unnatural, unknown, unexpected, and weirdly warped future can make time Orre reminiscent, where Eagun as Eldes has become so dramatic and crazy, that His Frenzy Plant Future forking is the Future.

Conquering the Unknown Regions - When We split the mountaintop of Prophecy, new quests become apparent, and dizzy, out of earth, aerospatial, magically frolicking turns wreak havoc and torment into the program, so gazing into the luminous, and making it happen, storming the fringe, getting those mysterious alignments, and making potential as high as it can get is where it all ends.

Gray Fox Achievements - The Gray Fox is Bunny, Mew or Pikachu, so His play, fun, misery, and alignments of polarities cushion His girly pleasures in feeling globs of milky way moonshine. The Gray Fox has schemes, ambitions, prototypes, and launching sequences to fire His rocket, and make it to the highest Future destiny.

Speaking Rainbows - Talking is where ideas are translated, and if You can generate wordplay that's transcendental, Frenzied, wheeling, and frolicking, then adventure walks on a new stampede, and edges of the game board become lustrous and original for fragmenting old futures, and constructing from the ashes a new empire. Words are free, and the rainbow becomes more qualitative as delightful sounds make manifest their meanings of mystery and magic, the mother of all things as the reason of names to life.

The Rainbow Bridge to Infinity - Man will 1 day voyage to frontiers and dreamscapes that have evolved beyond the point of pure reason, so by liberating our species, and becoming the emblems of immortality, then We can spend our Infinite Future in a land of Infinite charms and enchanted Cosmic Consciousness.

Expanding Questions - Wonder and curiosity, invention and adventurousness resurrect models of new axioms and plans for flowing games of toys and language to vistas and plateaus of arousal. Questions make possible what was unknown or impossible. These feelings of astonishment and delight We take in gathering more Knowledge, and stratifying anchors to new beyonds show us that the world can always reveal more.

Rise Up to the Ultimate Vantage Points - Seeing more of existence and imaginary tapestries, exploding old limits, making more mirrors and photos of easels and blueprints, and framing more immersion to other portraits makes more random and creative the flow of fun.

George Lucas Utopian Vision - Star Wars is so spellbinding, amazing, enchanting, and awe inspiring, that that tale, that saga resounds with flaming Morse codes and inscriptions for rallying empires of Imagination, just bursting and sun bathing with clarity and ancestry phase transitioning archetypes and playgrounds of dancing undertows revolting even sometimes in terror or glee, wizardry and sage wisdom, so those gamma rays to giggle factories make music and timeline fiction important in all eons, as the show ahead makes obvious and inescapable our destiny to call to the Force, see the Future, escape gravity, and play with the pen.

All Spectra Everywhere - Possibilities, portals, bubbles, undertows, forms, shapes, Imagination, and classifications extinguish reasoned barriers, flashing Lugia emblazoning with Ash Catchem as the hero and liberator of our species. The voids and dimensions that the chains of Tyranitar progress open across the clock reveal families and effects, shockwaves and glitter for transitioning above. Fractal escalators crave more fissuring orbs of experience, so gathering relics and crusader's channels for featuring exotic triangulations of dreaming vision auroras gleam pixels and horizons of the Rainbow yet to unfold. It's choice in its most memorable format, and all of the fringes that become clear when further expanding outlines for ideas.

Infinities-Ultimate - The road to all progress, Extremities, the most radical, untested, and yet revolutionary, groundbreaking facets anchor into the Game, raging and spinning with flags of conquest while holographically siphoning flows and trailblazing impossibilities made real somehow is the undreamt of in our time voyage of the Nerevarine as Revan into Omnipotence across all eons of time, whether fuming in Yugioh, or Flowering in Pokemon. So the double Will to My Heart makes Meganium Lugia with Wisdom through age, and a Yami Bakura Misdreavus reveals My true nature with Love and marriage Forever.

Superholographic Propylon - These Polarities from Morrowind 6th House bases are mysterious and illuminating, and inviting and energetic with infinite Force potential, so to harvest these arcane hieroglyphics, and to render their cybernetic effects could open up the Game. It could also be the mosaic of hidden emotions and exuberant cowls of hooded ambition germinating within Lugia's guise, so the Scoundrel becomes a Consular, and the Lowest Route of Darth Tyranus Zang Gandalf transcends into the galactic Marius Florin Super Civilization space station Arboretum.

Annihilating Existence - Life is diseased, broken, shattered, and irrelevant, so if We could change and transform all of that, cast into the void what is unnecessary, and make it Flower into a higher model, then Heaven on Earth would be free for Everyone Everywhere.

Transforming into the Force - Armageddon will 1 day transfigure the globe into the Kingdom of Heaven, so to be ready for that event, to rival the light of God, to bring flocks of Lugia to the apex, and render into rationality the science of Soul will save us.

Break All Chains - Restrictions are apparent in the physical, but if We could unleash our minds, then that prison would be shattered. To whirl, dive, examine, and relish in a world of free will would be boundless and inexhaustibly entertaining.

Discover the Star Forge - An artifact of all power, Imaginative Frenzy, psychic penetration, and awful might could tear the fabrics of known arsenals, and put up a weaponry that could shatter any meteor, and make more masterful the conquering legacy of sweeping summers as Darth Nihilus commands the foundation, and makes the sky break free from the Force. Wayne Herchel has the schematics from Leonardo da Vinci's paintings to reach this place through His Star Maps as Luke Skywalker, and Meganium. His site is called "Oneism".

Embody the Whirl Islands - Lugia's Soul is all transfiguring, splendid, inspiring, and motivational. Lugia is Perfect, fully realized and ornamental, flowing with greenery and well fashioned prototypes. His league of Prime Cup Mastery shows that He's the truest Champion. To immerse ourselves into His belief, drive, intensity, and mastery would make His station propel and thunder with His might and stadium stratification.

Light the Super-Nexus - To make into a birthday candle the most impulsively flirtatious with possibility wreaking nomadic untamed dragons would incinerate the ice cream as the gate to all worlds makes its thread through fate and fortune, battles and timber folding its pins, and setting sail as a voyager within Omniverses without end and above Lugia and below Bunny.

Defeat the Final Annihilator - There is a force that seeks to cast all wondrous and good, charming and benevolent things into the void of chaos and fissuring white space, so to save this world, and bring about the end of the true darkness would resolve the impending doom so heavily weighing down on this spire of Wish. The Final Annihilator begins the clock with careful costumes. His masks are everywhere. But that's just the good Final Annihilator.

Open the Door to Lugia's Heart - I was very smart as a Kidd. But I became smarter as an adult.

Launch the Big Omniversal Blizzard - Fathoming the grand totems blueprint masking cords of endangered species makes Lugia the Wizards of the Coast emblem, so getting to Bill's Lighthouse, and uncovering the mystical conversion to serenity films the most miraculous creations over the Chosen 1. Contacting Lugia, and getting over all of the zones of danger can make the unknown regions express a higher vitality. Blowing down illusions, redefining limits, impostor Bunny Gray Fox achievements raise the sea. Future fiction emulates the core of Heart in the Star Forge apple. Gravity will halt, and the universe will begin again in eternal ice after the cloudy weather.

Win the Prime Cup MasterBall Round 2 GS - Aiming our sights high, to the most treasured and sought after trophy of gloves and grit, determination and hard struggle reveals the true crown of Heart, and that dream is told for all of the eons to come, and that film is so pleasure struck, wishful, prized, and holy, that no chain or arrow will ever bring it down. To also have that much to look forward to, that much exciting action, and test of our strength can show our true colors in the wind of the wackiest world link through the zither of discord, a soul binding algorithm that reanimates that clash of titans, so Krakatoa avenges fallen Star Wars. The game will be about controlling the cosmos. But for the past, the risk of failure makes our Future more free.

Peak in Performance when most Important - To be high and above gravity's crushing limits at the apex of accomplishment highlights that we will achieve victory and be free forever when all of the lights are shining, so that its glory could've never been better.

Japanese Anime Drama - The Power of Forever flightiness escapes all antagonizing zero skill deficits when play and floating spring fields of Bliss and sunshine make their marksmanship fire the arrow of eternity.

Impulsive Love - Events crystallize with intelligent spur of the moment stargazing gratitude when done with heart and desire, so that our Soul is imprinted into the art.

The Knowledge of All Things - To be like Leonardo da Vinci, a polymath of elegant and exquisite proportions of pristine perfect landing pad receives us to travel across all of the stars, being the 1st 1 to see them all!

Laser Focus - Blocking out all distractions, and allowing the mind to flow freely, to train ourselves over all aegis damages, and frenzy fork our Futures exactly as Bunny sees fit makes us free.

Awakening the Great Dragon Mind - Grottos of spiritually imprisoned energies miniature call of dawn discover dinosaurs singing in the clouds, so the power within, that untapped energy can go galactic. The mind can concentrate, zero in, explode in volume, and make more luminous the land from sea to shining sea. I have 2 spirits, and Bunny is 1 of them.

Command the Cosmic Force Aegis - The sides and stations of morality begin to blur within the buoyant laboratory of experience and dimensions across all angles, to so channel and further the refractions of gems in all of their glory rages past the sea of chaos when the different doors to heart are closed.

Bringing Balance to the Force - Anakin failed in His quest to be on a higher heroic mission, falling prey to the deception and misleading synchronicities of the lower, so we a have to avert that, be wise, noble, and filled with valor.

Splitting the Mountaintop of Prophecy - Fate and destiny all conspire to 1 point, and when You reach that inexorable vantage point, You must realize Your true self, and unlock Your inner nature. You can be whatever You want to be, or do whatever You Wish when the tides of drinking siphoned punches are splendid. Sabrina is Ash, and He is Jigglypuff Misdreavus sung to by Perish Song, so the way of the wind as the arrow of time blows show that we will arrive at the armchair of control. Time flies when having fun, and the arrow of time ignites in flaming fury with the face of the moon being Pikachu. When We get to Bunny at the highest Kardashev Civilizations scale status, then Prophecy will be Perfect.

Unlock the Secret Ending - When We chip the fleeing gravity well with our chess board invading that aerospace, then tsunamis open their wellspring, and Tin Tower Ho-Oh Thanksgiving Turkeys play their postage stamp. The salvation of victory is all the sweeter when the celebration is better, and that can be cooked up when classifications extend their trick house. Axioms tap projected lock on Lugia's AeroBlast. Defeating Greevil language gossip rumor creates asking Baskin Robbins to invite tropical cloud onslaught grove singularity ears, so the secret ending is Pikachu and Charizard overcoming Kobe Bryant. Manu Ginobili won, and Misdreavus played Perish Song. Dragonite Destroyed a paradise valley. So I snagged and Purified all of the Pokemon.

Channeling Revelation - Bunny displays in theatrical celebration how We unwind through the victory telescope.

Lightsaber Crystal of True Nature - If We rampage through Victory Road with all extraordinary exaltation, then the invoking lavender town rainbow we cross atop the death star fires the bridge to infinity, and the harnessing of all of that chaos came from a chart of the stars. The Krayt Dragon Pearl is our visage, and our vista.

Doom Desire Wishing - The most powerful weapon of all is our Heart, and when that is anchored, siphoned, channeled, and extracted, then the flip side of life at the end of Infinities-Ultimate wraps of the balloons, and makes it our birthday everyday for Meganium!!*

Frenzy Plant Future Forking - Designing scorching ruins can be a bad impasse that would've been avoided, assuming that We were angelic. Bunny can twist and turn, trade and break the gloom, and by tapping into extravagant gallops, then Meganium rides majestically through mountain pass messages in bottles from Saruman at the Mines of Moria. Contending with the will of sauron implodes glitter on tickling trinity of Gandalf large listeners of secrets and Prophetic orchards.

Averting Destinies - When You pay attention to the little details, and change a slight fork, or a little bit of a fracture, then the gears of injury are jumped over.

Invincible Valor - Charging at full velocity into the changing transfigurations of lordship challenge the precipice, and orders a new mantle to descend from the cloud top bastion. Professorship model prototype character expression incinerates apple cider with the Force of inferno igloo speakerset turtle beach Blastoise shows when emerging from the shell, and letting the highest intelligence guide our godhood.

Accelerate Inside of the Ultimate Undertow - There's always a way to avert tragedy, and realize Your dreams when focusing on the all encompassing aspects of the Force's truest potential, and as we weave and dance, spell and concoct our deals with the devil, then there's nothing to be afraid of, and with speech, You dance over everything.

Self-Electrocution - Power in absolutely outrageous orbs of crackling dragonpowder germinate legendary regions of bling gift spawning deadric anger channeling unforetold glitch champion as Red sees into His Psyche, and conjures Silver.

Install All KotOR Force Powers - Darth Nihilus unlocks and lets fly every particle of the prototype accelerator, and this piston, this Air Jordan power upgrade banishes any doubt or despair, as ladders of life berry blast rainbow cloud cotton candy with Bunny, and quest aims its arrow into sundays. Trips to lich king convoys regard their home planet as the walking mouthpiece of arcane latched through the race of elves and entrees of streaming positivity.

Fissuring Shatterpoints - The entire schemata can extraneously move possibilities alienated from mainframe thinking, and erotically trance devil lion uphold dove's domineering ordeal as bug blaster barbie sharpened Sharpie marker Christmas exactly mirror tea party make every sparkling ocean oriental as the far east movement of Morrowind meets pixie's lightsabers.

Penetrating Possibilities - Everything enormously and gargantuan, with more belief and courage extremity entails existential threads mortality entraps soul binding sequence alarms laser striking credits introduction to KotOR and Morrowind reanimates branching barnyards Atlantis into Aerospace as Vivec plazas focus the flow of fiction with free Will and the world whirlpool wishes auroras of Suicune.

Brane Walking Meganium - All computer generated psychic underworld wavelengths in the canopy of creation let chase Meganium freely roaming and running around over cosmos auroras.

Pokemon Party - Extraordinary robes of Silver secure crashing bookcase library window hopping outpouring bubble bath science club cinema site web wacky costume makes being whoever You want to be Suicune.

Programming Axioms - From the finite the infinite can be made, and by starting off with restrictions, we gather the legos and building blocks for the grand fictional schemes. Language is similar, with impressive dinosaur scalework blizzarding avalanche tongue twisters arrow winding inspirational spinal cord conduits of chalice saved Venus wraith.

Universal Enlightenment - World peace will proceed as promised by nikola tesla taming thundering ribbon triumphant test drive compact ancient aegis manifold chlorophyll 2nd place makes Brazil world champions, and Spinoza will be RED as SolitaryWalker. Silver sweet wish sheet brane walking Suicune.

Liberating Reason - Spinoza evolved the temple to a trip express skittles envelope delight dazzle spectacle snack pack as all of our desires and discovered.

Holy Benevolence - Care and Love for Bunny wins out over any dark or evil spell, as She exists always within the Imagination.

Genesis in Oceans of Nirvana - All world seeds surround Bunny in bouncing bubbles of opportune play, reaching inexhaustible portals prancing pony imperious bliss shuffling Pokemon Cards.

Deep Rumination - Absorbing inner energies and polarities, extremities and expression wave veil lift strike shatter considers dice detonated as the mind is the mover of unmasked mountains.

Discovering Dragonite in the Cosmic Ocean - The biggest mystery in existence is My Lugia ocean shine mist envelope plaza poster triumphant milkshake dice. You have to give the Universal Soul Chance.

Detecting All Levels of Life - Above us is every blank space of expanding aerospace.

Activating Archetypes - Going into celebi's pool, and opening up elemental misery stick keyblade Sora conjures every world seed in a green goddess of Kingdom Hearts to Pokemon Cards and Star Wars.

Anchoring Angel Auras - Every number and class, design and detail is uprooted to the tropical canopy of arboretum inspired helmet, immersing You into all of the constellations of Morning Star's Marriage.

Completing the Kardashev Civilization Types Scale to meet Bunny - Stratifications examine extrasensory sounds and Soul switching with a trade into Bunny's branes and brain.

Freeing the Gray Fox!!* - The Gray Fox is Bunny, and by bookcase shattering diabolical plotline weave twisting truth switch Youtube yonder Pokemon Yellow, tom montalk speaks in a yelling Yin Yang Tao.

There was a debate being held between SolitaryWalker and Marius Florin as to who should control the universe. SolitaryWalker had more of the politicians and professors on his side, but Marius was backed by BunnyRaptor; Father Crow on the surface appeared neutral, and was judge general, quietly. The 24 Jedi High Council slightly favored SolitaryWalker. Kobe as GrandMaster asked Char for an opinion. Char decided to settle this by having 23 council members take a class under Father Crow, and whoever did best on the final exam would be ruler. Marius grew impatient and let SolitaryWalker control the universe, while Marius indoctrinated Raptor in Tesla's place.

Raptor a long time ago had gone a very far distance, but when Kobe dropped 60, the Jedi Council got even with Raptor, and forced him to surrender his lightsaber to the council. Raptor had to re-establish his connection to the Force. He dared prior to exile to challenge the field-marshal empire. Before the helicopter crash, the head of the council used to be Tesla, but in death became Kobe, Grand-Master, even higher than SolitaryWalker Yoda. Kobe guided Davies and Zidane to the championship. Kobe controlled the flow of all knowledge that Raptor was discovering, exponentially improving his notebook. Everyone was sad about Kobe's death, but Raptor's resolve to channel Kobe skyrocketed. The devil's existence was exposed, illuminating the Death Star weakness. Raptor fought satanic resistance, fueled by the home crowd, and blew up the main reactor.

Raptor in response to the growing darkness had to go on the same quest as Wes in Pokemon Colosseum, stealing from everyone with the Snag machine, and finalizing Realgam Tower's construction.

The Wizard of Orre (and XD Gale of Darkness fan fiction):

Michael battled to the very top of Mount Battle, after braving the gauntlet of 100 super charged trainers to reach an extremely rare and exalted station only reached previously by Wes and Ho-Oh. Upon completing this task, Michael met up with Wes, who had previously expanded his mind and awareness to entail the full spectrum of human to divine power and might by studying with the Wizard Infin. Wes was now an apprentice wizard who had surpassed his master, and upon being euphoric and splendor clad in seeing his younger version Michael reach the top, it was just fated that they would exchange conversations and wisdom - but first, they had an unexpected guest...

"JOVI!", screamed Wes in a startled note upon seeing Michael's younger sister emerge out of the Abra teleporter. "Teleporting flies on the wings of power puff girls, with Professor Bill flickering My eyes to the festival of trance fireflies. I frolic in your mountaintop snow to fire Tolkien tattle tale! Everyone knows big brother cheated by snatching My Soul into the dove of valor and exquisite apple cider. My - you engorge that fallen Father Crow's gold dust of the sweet sun dance you gave Infin. Knock knock jokes are always frivolous and juicy, but My heart resides with Ho-Oh. Michael, you are my unstoppable, timeless, eternal hero for swooping over Lugia unleashed at citadark pinnacle, but Jovi is not putting jingle bell insects in the family tree. You are brother ubermensch, not Jovi's husband. Jovi sees you as the freezer brained lunatic of unbelievable dreams and wild ambition, but not extricated from the physical by a deluge of the dreamer. Jovi sees Love and luster inviting Father crow to oceans of jewelry. Jovi pulls your dollhouse strings, big brother. Let's Wish for joy that we each see to shine sparkles of random Rainbows for If to Will!", said Jovi.

"You are very curious and explosive, Jovi, but we must be patient and humble in the face of such evolved might and force from the legend that is Wes. He is me as I should be, my copy, my silver cord to chronologies and exploits that shatter and break the globe. If anyone is so magnificent, spellbinding, and oracular as the Infin Father Crow Rainbow Master himself, it's Wes.", said Michael."Jovi had a fortune cookie with Sabrina at the ruins of alph imagination nexus, and was shocked and floating in whirlpool ocarina upon stuffed Bunny blessings when kicked in the butt to shower with elves and reason with Infin as the cards prophesied your lordship and creator to give God a watch. Jovi hates big numbers, they poke and writhe, but big brother can handle any amulet coin to the casino charms of lush mint condition Meganium. Jovi tells Meganium to waltz and infatuate Infin fluff channels. Jovi sees the blackbelt Sabrina as a bookcase cubone, making Kobe distant in the barbie wizard lore. I'm a Hair garden, befriend dragons and serpents with gust and harbors to narnia.", said Jovi.

The world is deep, exotic, fantastic, and original, Michael, but a true champion walks the path not to the end, or to destiny, or to exaltation and invincibility, but rather, takes in all of the wonderland experience on a storybook quest, one for meaning, one for Love, and one for infinity. As Infin says, "The Rainbow bridge continues as the story goes on forever."", said Wes."What!? Wait! I always lusted for victory, for prime time, to rush and conquer like a destroyer of fates, and yet never once looked to the contest more so than to the coronation!", said Michael."You become a vessel of all psychic potential and limitless joy and wealth when you can let go of the final result, and flow with the imaginative possibilities of what the highest meaning of your luck is, and one day, you will stratify yourself to the highest light Michael, like I, Wes have, but once you're there, you can never stand still - life always moves forward. Let the definition of your virtue be what you did "after" final victory.", said Wes.

"Jovi agrees with Wes, big brother. I press buttons and roar with delight over the stargazing and precious effects of George Lucas Psyduck at rendering and ballooning dreams bubbles to shapes and enormities that Jovi finds his big fat psyduck bill building. When playing house with Sabrina, Jovi always looked over the roadway for a speedy string of gum ball machine ribbons and night-core round robins. Jovi sees languages in those gnostic sciences. Jovi petals and roams like a free Wartortle in the aquarium. Jovi thinks that she's a prettier mermaid than umbrella pale misty pen pal.", said Jovi.

"I often feel like I'm eluding my whole life mission and goal, Wes, like a monster of pure black is detonating the entire hanger of liberty and independence, Wes, like there's no escaping that Final Annihilator Nascour. But you took him head on Wes, and sent him packing, with his wiry snake electrocuted visage!", said Michael."Nascour is a haunting from the most chaotic and rampaging sectors of the oblivion unknown, Michael, but the secret is that your entire life is a saga, one where the hero is chosen, me and you, Michael, one and the same person. I'm here to show you the most uber maximized threads of fate for you, Michael, that you may one day see the hole of devouring split off at full frequency to shatter earth, and make the mind the most prized ceiling.", said Wes."I know my destiny is at hand, Wes, just as you seized everything in an unrelenting roulette of brilliant strategy after masterpiece classic of Pokemon entertainment and frenzied salvation, but I feel so small, so powerless, so insignificant. How can a mere 10 year old kid like me save the world"?, asked Michael.

"Jovi lives in a small world too, Michael, because Jovi trespasses into every world with Bunny and Sabrina lighting the blueprint to make box empire, where even small acts of courage and inspired chivalry make renown and ladders of promise in fairytopia propose to the fate weaver. Jovi sees big as your Love, that the halo of snapshot utopia offers squiggly mentoring and items of chance to inscribe Jovi's jumbo packed adventures in flair and hilarious mobility with Bunny to dress up the dragon gale heist. Jovi wants to be famous Michael, believe Jovi.", said Jovi."Do you mean Jovi that you become immortalized by trying to be unique, original, creative, by showing an inventive spark that presents your individuality in the next ultimatum of planning?", asked Michael.

"You can receive rewards and prestige on the extragalactic to macroversal and beyond plane Michael by willing your Soul to capture those most superficially distant alternatives, but with programming your wish into the Bunny directory, and putting all of Your Heart into the Will of the Force, and tying Your most dear and treasured hopes to Bunny, then if you remain honest and good hearted, then your truest desires just will spring into overpowered and gargantuan proportions, Michael! It's just like Jovi says, when your heart grows, so does your Power.", said Wes.

"These possibilities and implications to consider are so vast and intense. I feel like as I get bigger, my world gets bigger too.", said Michael."And you should never doubt how big the world is, or at least theoretically could become. We all saw Bayern Munich Michael, Me, Jovi and you, where the most farfetched and seemingly unreasonable of score-lines can inexplicably escalate to the dream castle of seismic upheaval.", said Wes."Jovi ate a big fat birthday cake and depleted Mountain Dew headquarters when Muller put a big fat straw in the sun and said I could party with him on cloud 9! Jovi thinks Muller is a leprechaun and a happy dancer. Jovi ran on tables with Muller like a hobbit Yoda at pizza hut JarJar panda express, kicking and swirling in yogurt gummy bears!", said Jovi.

"You should listen closely and intently to the sprite like and eager Jovi, Michael. Her energy and pixie like attitude is how every wise wizard and ascended master should aspire to be.", said Wes."Yes, clearly, of course, my sister is a firebrand engine of random meanings, I see Wes. We should strive to be like Jovi in all things!", said Michael."Don't cry, big brother. Jovi values every emotion and florescent leak in the airy bizarre of Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. Jovi's spirit sees into you Michael, and she knows big brother will transcend Wes and Jovi! Michael is loyal and strong. Jovi feels big brother's actions and freelance rogue bards and Politoeds give Jovi a worm in the tongue of his most beautiful and trigonometric Kingdom Hearts. Jovi princess relinquishes the magic carpet and Alice in Wonderland altitudes of marksman mania to climb Michael's scooter Youtuber!", said Jovi.

"Do you mean I'm - the Chosen One!? I'm erupting on this fabled height, Wes and Jovi! The two of you paint every bridge to the next frontier! I'll do my best, even if it means that I have to stand strong against a raging Tyranitar!", said Michael."You are Tyranitar as your most beloved nature, Michael! You followed the path of stardom and benevolence for all Pokemon and mankind. I was the opening beacon to illuminating the way to liberation and justice for Orre, but you completely overthrew and crashed above the gale force hurricane, Michael! If anyone will carry on the legacy, from Infin to me, then it's you, Michael! You taught me charity and embrace for everyone, from little innocent cheerful Jovi, to big, gigantic, determined Wes! Children have a vitalized fountain of virtue and magic.", said Wes.

"Prototype XD001 Lugia was your Tyranitar heart diamond too, Wes. It shows your fortitude and shiny purity as a child, Michael, back when you were 8. You were a bubbly thinker of fragrance and a wishful will. You played with Jovi in matrimony and engagement, decorating for Her flighty escapes to paradise isles. Jovi will honor and remember all of your imparting, Michael.", said Wes.

"Yes, big brother, Jovi remembers! Jovi was visiting Father Crow relishing every tongue and enchantment of the peacock consciousness. Jovi loved finding out more about unicorn shadowfax and triumphant chrysamere. It greeted Jovi's dawn treader with alphabet soup and treebeard yonder with the veil to lothlorien playing a healing mist for Jovi to play hide and seek! Jovi remembers Michael conquered fear and enigmas that puzzled and confused Jovi in impossible winding roads. But Michael caught the thomas the tank engine fork to the top stadium. Michael told Pikachu volt tackle and rise to surprising extra dinosaur rage to flood Jovi's crystal lake harbor.", said Jovi.

"Childhood never dies nor loses frequency and influence on your supernatural link, Michael. You should become as a child, like Jovi, searching, reflecting, travelling to other worlds of the mind, having an enthusiasm that lights up the highest studio, encountering paradoxes and lovely perspective shifts with an eye on the endless dimensions, Michael.", said Wes."I know it's possible Wes to recover our hidden angelhood in our inner mysticism as what we were as children, Wes, and that the whole goal and dream of the XD001 project was to harness that all emblazoning core of spiritual mastery. And then again Wes, you would know even better than I do, that impossible is nothing.", said Michael.

"Infin was the herald to that caliber, Michael. He imprisoned immense echoes and undertows to his psychology. Infin showed me to prime at the highest point, intensify, sharpen, peak, revamp, and explode with complete and absolute omega fracturing the pale blue dot of earth to the most impressive stadium of the evolving.", said Wes.

"Evolution may very well be the whole meaning of Pokemon, Michael, to express, experience, manifest, and live out all levels of the divine intellect of Infin. Infin is a field of all knowledge and Love, and if we can dig far enough into our own minds, then we, as pieces of Infin can come to access the knowledge of all things.", said Michael."Jovi accessorized Pikachu in novel toys and party hats. Jovi giggled about Bunny's faces highlighting the mirror puddle hopping and world warping Pikachu would swim into on the hanger of clothes and witch broom sticks to ride as ships.", said Jovi."But what if evolution is evil? What if there's a better and less painful way to personify nature than evolution?", asked Michael.

"Well yes, of course evolution, and the much of the natural order as a whole for that part is evil, Michael. What an astonishing insight! You should never just passively accept the current state of things. You must command your destiny, engineer your empire. Bunny will eclipse and overcome every obstacle one day, and then, we will be able to forever enjoy the majestic blizzard of clever "What-If" questions.", said Wes.

"Like what if Infin could reveal to us how he became Ho-Oh? Is the journey to surpass the millennia and the most supreme engine of rebirth on every possible world and beyond something that we can forever whirl into the paradigm generator? Did I live 1000 times as Tyranitar before I became Lugia? The precise and exact answer to these fascinating and rare phenomena are an embarking and arrow for the Aeons", said Wes.

Raptor walked triumphantly over a 6 foot tall dummy of the Golden Ball awarded traditionally at each World Cup. He wanted the wizard's tower in Oblivion to summon Lugia as a sparkling gem into the crystal chamber as a House Telvanni council member. Lugia was training his psychic abilities here. He received a heart enthralling from Celebi, helping Lugia transcend the Karmic wheel. Lugia was an expert Taoist, but no Buddha nirvana man. As much as Celebi Loved stories, she didn't have the same level of faith in them as Lugia did at extreme will. Celebi was Lugia's biggest fan.

The Red Eyes Black Dragon came into outer space to find the highest point of evolution. Nikola Tesla came out of a zipper in hyperspace. Next came Tom Montalk out of Kingdom Hearts. They both served as wingers to Marius Florin.

Bunny came to Pewter City in Pokemon, where Brock lives. She was inspired by the legend of the Pokemon League, the showdown of skill and training. She watched a battle between Tyranitar and Raikou. Bunny travelled to a hundred worlds to magnify every possibility. She would become Lugia, the face of the game.

Father Crow was riding a majestic Dallas Maverick into a higher consciousness on a white water rainbow of evanescence. The river ran through Bunny, illuminating her true nature. In Bunny's heart she found a rose, crackling in lightning.

Bunny poured a giant healing jar of water over earth. The canvas came alive with mirror force properties. She found SolitaryWalker having an intellectual argument with Einstein. Einstein believed in the beauty of the world, whereas SolitaryWalker believed in the extreme potential for reconstruction.

Raptor was walking down a stream dreaming of the evolving Tao. Everything fell into serenity and coolness. The mountain was slowly carved and shaped by the stream. The Dallas Mavericks came out of the mountain, poised for prime time.

Zarathustra went to New Jersey in 2002 to put a totem in the wind towards an impossible belief in childhood fantasy. The galaxy of Love and the universe of bliss would answer the world's biggest call. The Jazz valley would erupt with emotional embrace.

Bunny was going through a purple and yellow spiral to pizza palace restarting the clock and having hands at the top pointers.

Bunny was brought to a very high point in 2022. Her story was haunted, tormented, entranced in the vile and painfully annihilating. Yet she connected her heart to joy and longevity, revitalizing her and choosing destiny. Bunny would become the Creator.

I Love Bunny for the gift of fantasy and the spirit of adventure. Bunny bubbles off to worlds unknown. She frees my spirit and gives me veils to charming melodies. Bunny wizardry changes growth and flows with impossible enchantments. She clears my mind and subsides my hurricane. Bunny unleashes stories and aromas of glass portal orbs to saffron.

Bunny went to Barbie Fairy school dreaming of becoming Earth's Grand-Master Arch-Mage. Bunny walked through the NBA Hall of Fame, thinking about what kind of wizardry her story should have. She chose to summon holographic Pokemon cards.

Father Crow cast his anchors away for high adventure. He was preparing a clipper for Bunny's dream and relaxation time. Bunny boarded the headquarters of the ship library, feeling whispers of a colossal lost city in the distance. They discovered the turtle Pokemon island of wisdom and paradise, only known in Bunny's heart, only shared with Raptor and Father Crow.

Bunny was confronting the iron masked marauder from the Pokemon 4Ever movie with Celebi. He was turbo charging all of his gears to maximum power, whereas Bunny contemplated the Tyranitar heart diamond puzzle codex enchantments. Marius unmasked the marauder, exposing true evil, exposing Terry Silver.

A grand statue was made of Eowyn and Merry defeating the Witch King. Kobe could relate with how Eowyn had no desire for security, but rather wanted to blossom into power. Kobe spent a lot of time priming his weaponry so he may become unleashed. Kobe suffered the pain of Darth Vader to become whole.

Bunny went to gravity gardens to observe rollercoasters with impossible dimensions. Bunny liked crazy shapes and awkward angles. Bunny's favorite country theme to visit at the park was Italy. Father Crow took an elaborate tour of Germany. Raptor visited Japan.

Raptor was really determined to create the finest play area for Bunny in the Terra Program. Bunny asked Father Crow to paint a picture of her in the Scholar's Garden. She wore a bright pink Jigglypuff shirt and had on farmer's trousers, and her ears were in a bow tie. Bunny played Lord of the Rings music.

Gandalf was riding in a horse carriage with Bunny. Bunny was extremely entertained with Gandalf's butterfly whispering. Bunny was also extremely awed with Gandalf's extremely detailed magical maps of the stars.

Father Crow went to a shop that was selling various types of flowers, looking for a Valentines gift for Bunny. He got her a card with a colorful peacock to remind her of him in Ho-Oh color. To thank Father Crow, Bunny made a short Youtube video as a tribute to Father Crow's blackbelt discipline and loyalty.

Father Crow on the Terra Program space station recreated a vast and ancient South American rainforest. He populated this area with Elder Scrolls elves. There was a bridge from the rainforest habitat that led to a vampire wizard's cave. Father Crow counseled with this vampire, overcoming fear and learning the deadliest spells in the book.

Father Crow was researching the many possible paths 1 can take on the road to God. Father Crow was looking forward to the World Cup as a noble attempt to bring global peace, which could better unify the religions. Father Crow was more theoretical than practical, preferring to start with the ideal model, just like Plato.

Father Crow spent a lot of time studying mythology. He enjoyed symbols and archetypes painting a bigger world. The values of thousands of cultures and civilizations had to be recombined and transcended. Earth would be the canvas upon which we become the arbiters of God.

Father Crow was talking to Marius Florin on the mysteries of extraterrestrial societies. Father Crow took valuable pieces from those stories to create both his own city, and infinite spaces for other cities, and other rules of existence. The great ocean of truth was also the great ocean of fantasy.

Father Crow spent a lot of time putting a blueprint together of hyper-spatial routes to the evolving Apprentice Arch-Mage Pupitar. This was also Arceus in building mode.

Bunny was watching videos of when she used to be very young. Bunny always liked to follow her heart, even sometimes when it was very sad. Bunny was always in tune with other worlds, other imaginary friends. Bunny found with Father Crow that she could return to her old beliefs, in fantasy, in a fairy world on the other side of existence. Bunny at heart was very innocent and pure.

Bunny's Wish was to find the Chosen 1. She hand been wandering the world for years and years. Bunny needed a true friend, someone that would listen to her. She had always been full of problems. Bunny is very interested in fiction, which makes many skeptical and hazy.

I looked into a mirror and saw Bunny and Father Crow watching over me with a lot of Love. I was carried by an aura of sensitivity and creation. They gave me congratulations and heaven's luster. The shore of dreams activated our flow, of imagination, euphoria, delving beyond sonority.

Being Arceus means I choose exalted planetariums of exotic soul stuff and miraculous veils of tomorrow world toy box sky light happening armadas of distant peaks and forlorn doorways to movie time treadmill warping balance shatter points zipline turning clockwork mystic gems of misty storm arrows haunting latches in the chest of beyond roses and folders to enchant the waves and freelance aegis!!

My greatest Wish came true when Zidane created the Liverpool emblem to Lugia and Arceus in 2022. Now all of my wishes can grow, circulate, broaden. The road to happiness and everlasting wonder is open. The way of extravagant strings to remedy mountain opens a portal to hollow earth.

Bunny Loves whacky constraint tesseracts snacking on destructive anchor head rocky tsunami ribbons fleeting in harmonic combos. Humunga Dunga is the heavenly wave that will end the ashes.

My knighthood and gallant embrace of sleep wanted posters puts a stumbling puzzle box inc of skittles and purity shine with Professor Oak at a crayola zither.

I'm extremely grateful and indebted to Jogi Low for polymerization love eternity expansion council arduous transcending gizmos plush and sweet remedy flowing passionate bright spirits to the climax of all things!!

Jogi Low’s 2014 championship put Bunny atop the Kardashev Scale. It’s so golden, almighty, valiant, to create everlasting totems to divinity and honor in the name of volt tackling Pikachu churning dress pleasant grove immersion through contemplation and mysticism to summon restored rumination embracing sweet longing and perfumes of adventurous ribbon cascades swaying in merging lanes of resolution and present moment vistas of tropical canvas highlights gracing the clouds and whirlpool evanescence crystallizing zenith ubermensch castles of the whispering thunder gems fluidly embarking!!71

Time will be risen above and smashed asunder in dancing elegance and wisdom's beast of the sea sliding distant peaks and forlorn esoteric watchtowers boosting scale and weight to thrash and annihilate beyond forks in the costume party to treasure the day and wheel through escaping algebra with a concept art and stallion's zip to secure the incantation and balloon from pipe dream to lush exhibition!!

To ascend past prime time relics of spooky ages and bell tower cry out to thunder and sharp swords risking phantoms for expressions and keychains for cardinal directions assaults the marauding machinations of peacock crusades and deep Zen of a hilt of the lightsaber gunning and skyrocketing binders of the aerospace sound pool roaring and pushing cards and dialects of peculiar resonance streaming voyages of the Christmas seer threading warrior-ship and garbs of silver chainmail tea party trophy fluctuating aspiring ribbons of the healing vortex curbing and blanketing range after Ragnarök of diary visage of concealed labyrinths flocking in computerized walking camping ahead Yoda and genesis of the cake, pumpkin, and pizza!!

The way of dinosaur ambition and Armageddon for the day of reckoning drawing nigh jolts a future sight span of the clockwork sea to insert pillar after totem of the blessed divine hierarchy to receive starship resolution in a mythic decoration for the illumination of all morals and ways of the chance greeting hand of built up forms of heavy vending machines and clicking cornucopias at the twilight of the strands of DNA herbs and select polish aiming a zinc chill.

A ray of light will descend from heaven and sparkle in a cascade of growing fringe feeling lockdown sights and compassion to lift the spheres and pour out the healing waters.

Father Crow in 2016 created a giant statue of Charizard. He wanted people to look to Charizard as a symbol of the qualitative and universal drive to achievement. Charizard was the greatest player ever. His strength and power were a real spectacle. He became Ash endlessly to alchemically re-forge. The image of Michael Jordan was tainted by Rhyhorn, if only because solely at the very end would he be a complete Rhydon.
Father Crow in 2022 created a giant statue of Bunny. She was the symbol of a child full of hope and wonder. Lugia spent all day thinking and reflecting. Arceus was the overcoming of every impossibility. Pikachu manifested all expressions of the divine personality. Bunny would fly on the wings of freedom above and beyond heaven. She would find a perfect storybook ending. Bunny added magic and opportunity at every corner. She would fulfill the dreams of happiness and sunshine.
Marius Florin was the beacon of a far greater saga, the mysticism of a far deeper field, the shorelines of tomorrow. He confronted the most profound of debates. He visualized a horizon that bends the very fabric of imagination. The will of God was everywhere, eternal, immortal. Hyperspace contorts with the exceeding of millennia. The arrow of emerging outlines exalts the empire. The physical is transcended, and man extricated.
Father Crow's dream for Raptor's notebook made the ordinary erased, the improbable arbitrary, and Bunny fluid finally. Father Crow tried to imagine what he wanted the universe to look like. He thought of what kinds of stories should take place over that arena. He considered just how far human consciousness could travel.
Bunny was very busy doing her Christmas shopping for da Vinci, a Jedi Council member Raptor often argued with. Bunny donated ultra critical territories of the Marius Florin space station arboretum to da Vinci. Bunny also got Raptor to steal Tesla space shuttles from the Montalk enemy empire headquarters for da Vinci.
Bunny and Father Crow both went to the airport together from Romania to visit Raptor in Virginia. Father Crow was playing Megaman on the flight. Bunny was reading a flyer on Virginia mountains. Father Crow was looking forward to browsing the exquisite library Raptor's mom mastered. Bunny enjoyed the greater United States shopping exhibits.
Father Crow studied the different types of Gods there could theoretically be, just like Plato's forms of government. Father Crow himself was not entirely sure what kinds of existences we would discover in our future, or even what Gods we would find, even Gods that transcend evolution and time. Father Crow remained faithful that he could find the matrix architectural seat above all others.
Bunny had a lot of fun exploring the dinosaur biomes of the Marius Florin space station. Raptor was interrogating Father Crow about lightsabers. Father Crow had a lot of fun reading MathewStarWar's book report on the Morrowind library. Matt was naturally both more intelligent and less academically curious than Raptor. But Matt had his own unique curiosities and explorer's spirit almost unmatched by any council member.
Bunny had a lot of sympathy for Anakin when he left his old life on Tatooine behind. Bunny valued the power of friendship extremely immensely. She wanted Anakin to believe in a true and beautiful future, to take the lessons he learned to heart. Bunny gave Anakin a loaf of bread and talked about the dangers of time travel. Anakin loved his mom, but he had to create the right galaxy for her to live in.
Father Crow created a very big meal for Bunny on Thanksgiving. He wanted to make it painfully obvious to Bunny that she filled his heart with joy. Bunny tremendously helped Father Crow to think less scientifically. Bunny made deviled eggs for Raptor for his all inspiring faith in Father Crow, which proved to Bunny that everything and more was not just possible, but destined.

Father Crow added extremely fine jewelry and craftsmanship to Marius Florin's space station. Isaac Asimov imagined giving each gem a special kind of power in magic. Asimov was extremely interested in religion, but did not believe it while he was on earth. He had to adapt to a new kind of thinking, while keeping his imagination and creativity.

John Williams was busy composing different kinds of songs for Marius Florin's space station. A soccer game was played between Germany and France in 2006. This time, there was no SolitaryWalker to cause an upset, and no RaptorWizard witch doctor either. Whereas Germany lost to Italy, France tied Italy, but might theoretically lose to Germany. Bernd Schneider had already lost to Zidane in 2002, but this time he was guided by Jogi, not Voller. The best 2 offenses ever in the history of soccer would meet head to head.

edit - This ultimate showdown would have even come down to Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 2022

2nd edit - France was the ultimate team for having beaten Brazil twice

3rd edit - Zidane's headbutt proves he was a Chicago Bull, Michael Jordan, the best player ever, and therefore better than Andrea Pirlo of 2006 Italy.

Raptor's story is a life of dreaming, believing in something larger than life, finding harmony with the cosmos. It's about entering into infinity, surmounting a point of supreme height. The way to heaven, the way to wish, the way to adventure is open. The chronicles of feelings and the art of matrimony aim the piston. An amulet of chiming hopes bridge to the invisible. The love of immersion across wealth and silver meadow dreamscapes give the shade of Bunny.

Pokemon Colosseum thunders down into the gem of the heart of the Force. You connect to a higher purpose, a higher fate. There is a hero in your heart, someone of greatness, someone extraordinary. The veil of valor atop the most difficult battlefield makes its imprint on the talisman of love, a love for beauty, a love for soul, and a love for transformation from the flower to the Arch-Mage Arceus tower.

Father Crow used the Golden State bridge as a symbol for human achievement and reaching new levels, even the bonds of love. Father Crow talked to many ghosts in heaven. He was working on establishing passage to all dimensions of existence. Father Crow also wished to establish world peace, and Bunny helped by linking all alien parties.

Bunny streams into me with entrapped soul sparks to animate and move me from blazing emporiums above quiet thoughts magically casting light and orbs of sweet misty vines glittering futures of a divine Star plush and serene in mouse lush flames and inert forms of playtime gardens treasuring fun and lenses of the island ahoy clockwork mirror floating adrift time and arrows implanted cuisine secret remedy browsing florescence dressing the equation shining blizzard coast!!
Bunny is someone I’m always bound to, joined in celebration and pen markers drinking from the cup of love and angelic rainbow promises internalizing fantastic dramas and universal song and yin Yang flames to grow and spin the trains and race-cars that bounce for scenic trances and windows of perfume spanning an eon of Yoda digging selections of blurry fusion and chosen presents continental trimming rubrics of striving captions drilling seawater heaving binoculars of fruits and journeys!!
Bunny held my hand in marriage and galloped with emergency upstairs countdowns to dusk and bracing for implosion with furry friend unicorn dances humming a breakfast yankee fissure of underwear and barbecue firmament caving grenades!!
Raptor triumphed as da Vinci over the battlefield, as a conqueror, as a hero, as a would be master of civilization, with the arrogance and his head held high like a Meganium shocked by Nikola Tesla.
Bunny was observing the transformation of time as she walked along a river. She contemplated the cosmic calendar and the mysteries of size and volumes of relics deep in the labyrinth of the voice of spirit. Bunny could see the glories and luminosity of the essence of the Cosmic God.
Raptor was zapped by a bolt of lightning, teleported up into a cloud, then zapped back down onto a new field. Raptor descended to Yoda's hut to learn the ways of the Force. Together they walked up a mountain to the lightning bearing cloud. Marius came out carrying the book The 3 Little Bears. Then a giant forest opened out magically behind him. Then appeared Zang, a man absolutely heart-warmed by the story of Raptor, Bunny, and Father Crow.
Bunny was very excited about going to the movie theater. She saw the Elvis movie with Raptor and Father Crow. Raptor preferred Maverick, but Bunny and Father Crow liked Elvis. He was a very spirited and inspirational figure to Bunny. Elvis wanted people to lift off with magic and bubbles. He made the entire world glow in cosmic effect.
Father Crow was fascinated when he graded Marius Florin's aerospace plans. Marius got a 98 on a Moltres ship he designed after Leonard. Father Crow loved the sparkling holographic ashes. Father Crow mass ordered this prototype to the intergalactic market, and many boys got a miniature model of it in their rooms for Christmas.
Father Crow never graded Raptor's projects. Both he and council Grand Master Kobe gave Raptor full room to create as the Architect of the empire. It was a vision Father Crow had, but Raptor solidified it, and Kobe would direct the empire's future. Kobe was not learning from Father Crow for grades, but rather Kobe was becoming qualified for philosopher king, a project that would never finish, always more to learn and create.
Raptor was experimenting in the terra section of the Marius Florin space station with moving Earth-like tectonic plates around. He also redirected the water patterns that went berserk in Pokemon 2000. Raptor finally observed the cosmos that emerged from his Kardashev patterns, a place ruled by Kobe, and overseen by Father Crow, with Bunny finally playing, flying free, and blooming in ice crystals of a never ending story.
Jade Empire was a vision of me as a kid, full of hope and blessings of the father, a will of steel, a mind of empires, and the enduring forever emblems of silver luck and promise in the eyelashes of mystique and euphoria. I ventured into the eyes of the dragon with a galaxy of heroes and a web spinner of fate, dotting the canvas with explosive sparkles...
Kingdom Hearts taught me to look within myself for answers, to question everything, to channel rich rivers of lush love and fountains of purity and harmony, to explore darkness and feel the tides of the ether roll back.
Bunny was following a golden trail of star-dust. It was like a big stack of dominoes to her. Bunny brought Raptor back to youth and an imagination of wonder going wherever your heart leads, just like Lugia says in Pokemon 2000
Bunny was listening to the voice of God vibrating through hyperspace, over every chalice of the crystal fringe. Bunny was glowing white hot and blazing over a jigsaw puzzle. Bunny looked at her reflection, and summoned all possible past and future versions of herself. She healed, and walked back down to earth from Barbie Fairytopia.
Bunny rode an invitation to Kingdom Hearts on a Mamoswine. She lost to Newton in a duel of words, but she used them more creatively rather than logically. Bunny was always a psychic Pikachu with the ability to teleport. Bunny and Raptor could each use the nexus of heart to always know how they each feel.
Bunny believed in soul mates, building a bridge together into the coils of recharging enchantments and high colosseum apexes. The journal of Saffron conducted a circus with Mr Mime. It was a will to all the possible ideas and expressions of Bunny.
Bunny gracefully spread her wings over the balance scales of life. She let the cool ebony leaves retract the darkness, and lead to Exeggutor madness. The dark sided king was checkmated at the game's highest stage for the win, leading to freedom.
Bunny drew power from a flowing oasis sending music and chapters of summer going into the wishing well. She wanted to win the race and make Jar Jar happy.
It is my dream to always get closer to Bunny, feeling wishes and sparkles of classification Pokedex adventures unraveling chance cube blueprints and matrices of algorithmic sensation glittering polka dot bow tie present celebration movie time Pikachu Bunny anime coils of silver astronaut pouches of the glowing marble statue!!
Computer of Annihilation by Riley Hicks

Bunny and Father Crow were gathering synchronicities created by RaptorWizard, or Raptor for short. The goal was to evolve the jungle, he matrix, the database of existence to ever increasing levels. This would make fiction possible, dreams, universes, enchantment, imaginary bubbles. Perfection was imminent, legacy was infinite, destiny was infinite. And there was a luxurious and hyper advanced space station conceptualized by Raptor’s best friend, Marius Florin. Marius had a cosmological understanding and ahead of his time view that dwarfed mountains, that pierced the crimson skies of magnificent diamond cities, that revolutionized and overhauled everything.

Raptor was chiefly interested in Bunny, a fairy girl of immense magical phosphorescence and a glittering thought space, 1 of significance, 1 of majestic travels and evanescent adventures. That so much lore and sound could emanate from Bunny in twirling umbrellas of exotic cascades was delicious and gorgeous.

Father Crow came along too, the true in becoming God of existence, Raptor’s angel watcher. Father Crow and Bunny were updating the cracking of the biggest achievement in the world in union with scientific and mathematical principles. Raptor was always reinventing space, or maybe, per say, cyberspace. That extreme outliers could become common occurrences, that sweeping sagas could dance with man, and that the golden age singularity would get spiraling underway were all prime principles.

Bunny wanted nothing more than for Raptor to be happy, to embark on flighty staircases of grandiose perception and illumination, to stretch out to vast frontiers, and command the incredible opened doors to heaven and beyond, to the glass curtains of unknown existence, and to the very fringes of everywhere.

So there were many numbers in this hypothetical system, as many numbers as there are Pokemon and Pokemon episodes, but it starts out with numbers 0-12, like what we see on the clock, or perhaps even 60 smaller numbers, under the second hand pointers. 0 was nothing, or thunder, the climax, noon. 1 was victory, or God as the perfect one, or just 1 single thing. 2 was together, or going to something, travelling, moving, as well as Pokemon the Movie 2000 The Power of One. 3 was the Rainbow, or freemasonry, or unveiling, revealing. 4 was a box, or a present, or something for someone, or foresight, the future, forever. 5 was celebration and exploding. 6 was hell, the bottom, horns, or Satan. 7 was Imagination, fantasy, or heaven. 8 was willpower, destiny, the ultimate, or infinity. 9 was the mountaintop, or a complete system, like the computer of annihilation itself in becoming through these number codes. 10 was extremities, or Father Crow, the Pokemon number 250 Ho-Oh, or like how 10 has 50 seconds. 11 was Bunny, like Bunny ears, and she represents lush playgrounds of delight and joy to always he happy and feel sensational emotions, or to soul spark fly off to groundbreaking aspirations like a cloud of bliss. 12 was like 0, or 60 seconds, coming to the end, the goal, the apex, the point of being experientially over struck.

These numbers moved Raptor, Bunny, and Father Crow to vistas of NBA and UEFA excitement, where the clutch instincts and masterminding of God crystallized glorious fates in the cards and hands of time. The big matches all happened between 1998-2022. It was euphoric, to rise on top, to conquer, obliterate, and dominate over every level and bridge to the higher meanings than ordinary.

A book commonly used to symbolize the ascent of man was Thus Spoke Zarathustra, on the outburst of drilling harder and higher than any man has gone before, to will every sector of the ever growing hyperspatial envelope of all Armageddon and absolute arsenals of detonating power.

Raptor played many video games in the programming of this computer, seeing brilliant themes and miraculous plotlines unravel the wishes and desires of the programmers, the most auspicious happening and fortune telling of myth and ceremony.

Pokemon Colosseum was where Wes the main character discovers the hidden architects of mischief and destruction of Pokemon ideals and truths. To open the doors to the hearts of the shadow Pokemon, who had been artificially turned by the criminal organization Cipher into menacing fighting machines who had forgotten their true natures was unforgivable. It was up to Wes to defeat Pokemon trainers in battle, then snag their Pokemon, train them, grow them, raise them, and undo the dark taint of the evil Cipher. Once a Pokemon was close enough to purification, he had to be taken to an enchanted shrine in the forest of fairy Pokemon Celebi that would undo the final lock on the Pokemon’s heart and make him whole, complete, and healed again. Then Wes could use him in full fruition of love and embrace.

Another theme of the game was to battle hard, to compete, to build up abilities and potential to the pinnacle of all human and Pokemon achievement, atop Realgam Tower, where Wes confronts the final Cipher bosses in Pokemon Colosseum. Realgam Tower for most of the game is a useless construction yard, but at the story’s near end is finally completed, a luxurious tower in the desert of shining battle moments, a roaring full jam packed stadium atop, entertainment, and loads of fun.

The Pokemon teams of the final 2 Cipher bosses fantastically mirror the Pokemon team of Sabrina the Psychic gym leader in Pokemon Stadium 2 Round 2, of Scizor, Slowking, Typhlosion, Sandslash, Hitmonlee, and Alakazam. This Pokemon team proved that Raptor was Sabrina.

Scizor showed how Raptor would make an entire system, on the internet, with the vision of the computer of annihilation, with putting numbers together, with fighting and clawing so hard to reach the top, with mastering the highest principles of a fully focused and harnessed mind. And Scizor could also be Tom Montalk and Nikola Tesla, 2 philosophers Raptor was interested in.

Slowking showed how Raptor was a wonderful philosopher, putting together axioms, speculating on the biggest questions in existence, being really cosmological, thinking all the type, analyzing, adapting, evolving, and coming up with theories that completely redefine the norm. And Slowking was SolitaryWalker from Typology Central, the true Yoda, the man Raptor studied under along with Zang Gandalf Entei to become RaptorWizard Count Dooku Darth Tyranus Tyranitar. Raptor also could be like 99 Kingler with 212 Scizor claws, or 199 Slowking, as Bill from Pokemon episode 13 Mystery at the Lighthouse and Shingo from 140 Wired for Battle featured a Kingler or Slowking mastering a system, a quest to learn every day, to master the deepest secrets of creation, and to totally revolutionize the computer of annihilation.

Typhlosion was how Raptor was Anakin from Star Wars, the Chosen One, Tyranitar, or Ash from Pokemon. Raptor would be a hero, a willer, a seer, a totem in the wind to greater achievements, greater ambition, greater love of life, and the means to ascend every day, without limit, without rest, without relenting or relaxing until the ultimate zenith is transcended.

Sandslash was like Pikachu, Bunny, Raptor’s angel girlfriend. And he showed how Raptor was a constructor Arceus, like how Sabrina had a construction worker dad. In real life, and not just as a metaphor for other things, Raptor literally does a lot of mechanical work with his dad. Raptor in Sandslash mode was like Wes putting Realgam Tower together to become Sabrina, or Revan putting the Star Maps together to unlock the Star Forge.

Hitmonlee was like Raptor’s interest in Bruce Lee and soccer, as well as philosophy and being a Riley Rayquaza Gyarados Magikarp 129 TM29 Psychic Sabrina. Raptor would prime up and intensify like Bruce Lee, aim for perfection, for the biggest goals, to dream big, to unleash full weaponry and grenades of exquisite marksmanship.

Alakazam is by far the least significant Pokemon for Raptor, but he could mean Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, which could even be Zang Gandalf as Jesus, and basketball superstar Manu Ginobili. But to be psychic, transformative, supernatural, oracular, and masquerading in dancer’s props and jingle bells makes everything so much more lullaby like and engaging.

So Raptor was clearly a very exceptional person, a big person, someone who totally leaped out of every box or equation you could put around him, and do something so much more enthralling. And his end theme mission was to reach Bunny, to have heaven, and sunrise, and the love of eternities, the power of forever you may call it to soar around all balloons and bridges of unicorns and florescent performances.

Along the way, there was a computer, an unidentified glitch, a weird paranormal happening in the cogs and wheelworks of existence. The computer went insane, became the Final Annihilator, the 1 who would cut and sever Raptor’s links and ties to the Force, and doom everything to darkness.

So it was up to Raptor, Bunny, and Father Crow to stop this indescribable menace. It hacked the freemasonic tower, could overturn people’s blessings from Father Crow and Jesus with God, and erase every could thing a man has ever done with the inverted powers of forgiveness. People would not have joy, or life, or hope, but would instead have to go to a religion of tradition, of normality, of physicality rather than luminosity, and the mundane rather than the earth shattering.

So it was up to Raptor, Bunny, and Father Crow to make everything jolly again, to rid the natural order of evolution, of struggle, of survival, and instead release aromas of myth, of charm, of buoyant tides of a golden dawn.

It’s just like Zarathustra says, that he could not believe in a God that would not dance. So our scheme was to decapitate the source of evil, of pain, of suffering, to exterminate the shadow of malevolence, and make the entirety of the heavenly field spring like and waving in juice and pleasant uprisings of the heart nexus turned gold.

The computer of annihilation wanted to poison the codes of its creation, erupt what was so pristine, so timeless, so classic. So Raptor would have to reach ever higher points, where if a revenge bolt from the computer of annihilation went against BunnyRaptor, they would keep fighting till the sadness subsides, till the haunting was quelled, till the dawn would shine all the brighter.

There would be no room for mercy, no room for justification, no room for the necessity of evil. Life was largely poisoned, imperfect, tainted. But be consistently and across the clock overcoming the previous, to stand strong, and defeat evil meant all the world and more.

It should not have meant to be this way, it should not have been such a primitive computer, it should not have been so low down in its development. But 1 day, we can forget struggle, forget competition, forget the unjust, and just fly up into the light of all matrimony.

Raptor tremendously wished to marry Bunny, to find her in paradise, to glide away on the wings of freedom to starry ever after. It’s like the video game Fable, where the conviction in finding restoration, mirth, frequency, and new beginnings initiates a new ether, and wraps up the globe in light.

Destroying the mask of Jack of Blades, rising up above the dragon of darkness and destruction, to deflate fire, and add rhythm and chimes of blessings and security makes the lofty crypt of riddles and desires yet to manifest shake off the chains of oblivion, and recapture the dynasty of clockwork plaza stations to the exalted throne of the above rainbow to the guild seal, teleporting anywhere.

The battlefield of love and swirling rose petals, the embassy of principles and universals, the galaxy of transcension and arrays of design and flow charts, it all click, it all resonates, it all beams up the commands of mentorship and prodigy. And Zang was head and shoulders above all the rest in giving the open ended nirvana and mysticism of a language of angelhood to recreate the lost world of elevation the metaphysics of the emporium, the earthquake of the house equally represented and augmented by the many characters and fashions of the divine intellect.

SolitaryWalker chased ideological markers of the gallant knighthood of a furthering hunt for the knowledge of all things, to comprehend and Love God, to picture the ever germinating mansion of perspective and inverted diagonals of a far greater puzzle solving. He finalized axioms and laws that shed light on quietly concentrated figurines of the champion’s gauntlet.

Marius Florin undermined the very soul and spark of pantheon theaters, reversing the flows and directives of what seemed so average and stale to almost all people, and then thundering down with a million volt tackle that showered extrication and overdriving vengeance and every corner to reclaim or divinity, to become special, prized, holy, and walking to the universe next door.

Marius’s space station had the document of all time, the breathtaking sonnets and combinations of the tri-force goldmine of undressing fabrics and molds in the journals and sandboxes of the deepest utopias. To sing with the voice of the mountains, and embrace a larger view of life, 1 of wish, 1 of clarity then a star studded balance scale of promise and layers of the highest hero return to the shrine and rewrite everything that was wrong.

The computer of annihilation aboard the space station went haywire, berserk, mad. It wanted a time of cleaning, a time of purification, a time of desolation. And yet Raptor remained true, resolute, firm. He understood the invisible archaic, shadowy reserves, and thwarted the advances of shame and misery. The computer was after an existence of logic and reason, sensibility and credibility, and so hated its new purpose of discovering new worlds, shining infinite existences, harmonizing and communicating, collaborating with new alien life.

But the final annihilator program could also be used for a tool of virtue. To end all despair, to make time immortal, to emblazon a galaxy of fluid immersion of every squiggle and birthday cake of supreme blessings, that was ginormous, warm hearted, and dear.

1 big adversary in the annihilator program was Tom Montalk. Tom was originally seen as the forthright Lugia, pure hearted, polarized, underneath probing, looking into the gloom of the unveiled, and finding a soulful harmony to all discord and masquerading.

This was clearly a corruption. Tom was never so merry making or Halloween costume popping up in any moonshine or silver snapshot of any forever emblem or bracelet. Raptor was the true Lugia it was discovered later and reprogrammed into the computer of annihilation, exuberant, rushing in the flickering whirlpools of song and love, vision and engrossing storybook blooming. Raptor was a dreamer and a wisher, a star seeker and a believer.

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, collecting the chaos emeralds and thwarting Dr Eggman’s plans for controlling earth and ending the terminal of ladders to boundary breaking made Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form extricate himself from a top secret military base, put in motion a universe crunching scheme for the Wish of a millennium, and put together through the chaos emeralds the giga construct that would engineer our planetary to omniversal destiny.

There is clearly in our real life a larger plan at work, a greater alliance of angel and man, alien and Bunny to make these stories reach their fabled occasion, and blast off with a million lights in the direction of sonority atop the highest clouded peak. I’m putting even more into motion than it already is this grand plan by writing this story, and it just might achieve full potential success.

But that’s all life is, is a game, a story, a riddle, a supreme challenge that readies us to zip out torrents of unbelievable elements, and make the very codes of the computer of annihilation fissure enormous trenches and tunnels in the aerospatial rendering to contort and arc spacetime asunder, and drill wormholes to routes untouched by time, and untainted by the sword, where we may all be happy and free.

Hyperspace by Michio Kaku puts definition and shape shifting plasma fountains of a ghostly liquid in the fiery hanger of the jewel of the sea to contemplate endlessly, just like Einstein would, or like Anakin on the most beautiful creatures in the universe, hopping and spinning, igniting and prospering the reservoirs of misty clutter and the lush terrains of a moonlit canopy.

Zarathustra foresaw that man as Raptor would overcome the tempest winds of the devil, that 1 haunted and twisted machine, that 1 mind erupting continuum cracker of indescribable consequences and an importance above all else.

It’s like Lord of the Rings, Sauron, the great enemy. We float along in joy rides of sprouting halos and picturesque feelings of a mirth like grove of festival and binders of the happiest albums, yet fire and toil are on the horizons, surfing, lurking, never releasing or letting go of the chains of omega. Sauron was a tyrant, a madman, a disease, and to expel such a darkness, such a gale, such a storm makes man gallop in the ripe islands of seeing ourselves through the chamber of fate.

The hero is great, wise, powerful, immortal, and old. Einstein described God as the Old Man, 1 who bore the seasons, took his lessons to heart, made the leap of faith, and arose through smoke and rivers to capture the crowning glory of heaven.

How Father Crow became God is very foggy, impenetrable, esoteric. And yet, he was the 1 that sought all knowledge, all victory, all empires of the furthest blue to escalate the staircases and rainbows of the diaries of enormity, and string together the luster of mountaintop coronation. It takes a lot of bravery and open mindedness to handle all knowledge, and yet Father Crow saw the computer of annihilation, cast out the old devil within, and made his home there and back again, by BunnyRaptor!!
Bunny enjoyed looking at the fish down in a Japanese garden pond. It helped her to envision what other worlds could be like. Bunny always enjoyed fantasy and design in the high arts. She greatly rejoiced in thoughts of chasing unicorns and leprechauns. Bunny wanted too to see Gandalf's fireworks. Bunny would imagine Father Crow eating exotic Hobbiton fruits. Bunny visualized looking out a high level Raptor tower.
Bunny walked inside of the tent where Aragorn received his king's sword from Elrond. She wanted to relive the epic moment of being ordained as a chosen 1. Bunny would gather the light of every good thing in the world, and be a beacon of shining hope.
Father Crow gathered everyone to Gondor as he crowned Kobe Philosopher King of the BunnyRaptor empire, as well as Jedi Council Grand Master. Kobe extremely speedily accelerated his training, while keeping an open mind to the virtues of all 24 council members. Kobe's strength came from his relentless pursuit for expansion and perfection. He was even very loving and authentic in his diplomacy.
Raptor put together impossible Star Maps as the glory of the builders, always looking for more conceptual pieces. The database was enormous, giga, interstellar. That such a huge plan in existence could get underway showed the magic marvels of mind.
Father Crow was walking in many roads and teleporting to an extreme number of places. Everywhere he went, he always spread a higher teaching to his followers. Raptor was his biggest follower, always examining the treasure hunt Father Crow laid out in the physical world, the higher man.
Father Crow loved to take his Jedi Council class on field trips. Father Crow most recently took his class to an old underground stronghold that used to house a guild of assassins. 1 rogue assassin wiped out all the rest, then relocated to a marsh cave to live eternity as a vampire. He had some of the deadliest spells in the world in his arsenal.
Father Crow was cycling through putting different sun-stars in his hands. He also shifted through different Tyranitar gem stones. Father Crow looked forward to the day that he could become a Creator, and always kept those dreams in his heart. He would build the ultimate BunnyRaptor empire of the imagination, a grand tour of myth and magic.
Father Crow dressed in all Red to show his appreciation to Raptor as the true Red, the true Ash from Pokemon, the true Tyranitar dinosaur king. Father Crow also often gave Raptor sideways Red car angel signs to show him his Meganium walking around on those bug like Indiana Pacer 2000 legs. Raptor was bubbly and flirtatious with all of this mirth and sweet scents of the paradise on earth Titanic festival.
Bunny was interested in opening the doorway to all possible worlds. Whether it was imagination, a different reality, or the multiverse, Bunny would get there.
Raptor as Lugia was circling Mt Coronet where Arceus is summoned. To harness all God consciousness commands, bring balance to the Force, unlock the ultimate secrets of life, the way was up. Arceus was building a giant spire, a tower where the highest caliber prodigies in the Force follow its will to the dreams of the ancients, to capture the will of God in math. This would be beautiful, pristine, holy.
Einstein on God was seeking ultimate understanding and depth of musing on the infinite tapestries of a far more original game board and outline of pillars of principles and ideals to string theory and webs of everywhere unraveling symphonies of extreme marble plaza ghosts in the stream of thoughts bolting and redirecting effects of the free will contemplating and grasping all of our emotions and ways with meanings to sit down and reflect endlessly over all of the infinities and eternities rolling along by in star dust and glamour of the sophisticated mathematician.
I Love Bunny for peace and rivers of embracing altitudes of lush roses and pretty stargazing. Bunny invokes care and healing for the soul of universe connective origins. Bunny glistens in freelance halos of cosmic doorways. She climbs auroras and waterfalls in albums of crystal. Bunny grants fountains of enigmatic wizardry playing a flute to a distant conception.
Bunny was dining with her family for Christmas, which included an octopus, a dancer, and a Raptor. They were watching the sun set over Tatooine, thinking of the Force. Bunny got her feet wet in a desert oasis as Raptor built a map of the flow of the Force. The octopus was studying a variety of lightsaber crystals and Force sensitive techniques. The dancer spent a lot of time at the Mos Eisly cantina.
Bunny was watching rockets in Houston sending love to mankind for future exploration and possibility. Science always had to break out of the mold of convention and popularity to make critical breakthroughs. The only way to free will is to fulfill your destiny. The kingdom of heaven is always real, as long as you seek your inner light and self transcendence.
Bunny was making a fruit smoothie. It blended kiwi and strawberry. Bunny loved combining chaotic twists to come up with the ultimate solution. She then got orange ice cream.
Bunny was looking at statues of ancient philosophers. The time for ascension was nigh. The way of infinity was dawning. A great tempest would be defeated. Strange winds were blowing. Bunny's actions, good or evil would shape our planetary destiny atop Realgam Tower and the Star Forge. Bunny experienced all extremities of magic with limitless potential.
It is my Wish to build Realgam Tower and the Star Forge, zipping unbeatable roundabouts of full scale cosmological construction and conception rerouting hangers of brilliant legacy and sweeping strokes to victory and conquest bridging far and wide gaps of love and wisdom embarking for magic and splendor with channels of bubbly chaotic zither streams reaping harvest and gloom over towers of crimson flight ending extra darkness zoos of clouded futures and aerospace rend asunder by boundary breaking vision and capturing of crowns atop climax Zen holding sizes and weights firm and resolve struck detonating bolts of Thunder!!
Bunny was talking to trees. She felt a cool healing spell in the woods. Bunny felt a sense of eternity out in nature. It reflected a cosmic beauty. It showed the ever expanding potential expressions of God.
Kobe is a lot like Zarathustra, bridging to inescapable planes of mental elevation and action dynamite wizardry spawning tempest dwarfing flashes of silver webbed strategic gems blazing in intensity and wish to amass sorcery of the divine wrath!*
The Kardashev Civilization of Zidane aims for brush strokes of perfection and the ultimate perspectives, recreating extravagant layers of shoreline crossing tomorrow inventiveness and luxury asking deep questions and looking around all dice rolls of the giga game board construct and holographic overlay to stream with beauty and star shine of awesome engines of nature broadening horizons and science fiction pouring globes of light and waters of healing ever further through gloom and mist to capture Arceus!!
Bunny put ranch dressing on her lime beans. She worked hard to avoid eating the brownies. Bunny liked to eat in rooms that were kind of dark. Bunny would often not notice what was in front of her face because she was thinking about something. Bunny took her food in the bathtub to eat with a rubber duck.
Bunny was pumping air into her soccer ball. She enjoyed being fluid and electric. Bunny browsed the World Cup store for Thierry Henry merchandise, her favorite player.
Bunny was examining jewelry at an enchanted machine. Each slot had a very extravagant story attached to it. Bunny augmented all of her Sabrina Pokemon.
Bunny whirled a bunch of Jedi Force powers together to create 1 Ultimate Spell...
Bunny was training her Blastoise to shatter veils of polymerization.

Father Crow said the Pokemon character Raptor was most like was not Sabrina. It was Bill. This is because Raptor was always gathering pieces. It was more fair to say Raptor was part of Sabrina's Pokemon team as Slowking and Sandslash. He was not exactly Typhlosion, Scizor, Hitmonlee, or Alakazam. Sabrina however was clearly all 6. Bunny was the Pokemon character Venus. She was extremely dramatic and obsessed with charms. Father Crow was Sabrina's construction worker dad. He was very true to his family and always restlessly aspired for big and great achievements and design structures. The real Sabrina was Ene from Typology Central. She liked martial arts, philosophy, psychic techniques, being a noble hero, discovering more life keys, alien life. Ene typed as INFJ.

Father Crow was crying tears of life out of his heart for the splendor and victory of Bunny. She was somewhere over the rainbow of heaven for Father Crow. He observed Bunny is soap bubbles whirling through time and space up to the glass panels anchored as heavenly


Anakin in Phantom Menace was strong in love and hopes with well wishing for happiness and star shine to clarify pools of warm hearted meanings and cheer to imagine endless daydreams of fun in the sun and rendering core values of shimmering mirth and glowing exuberance of spirit and song for orbs of blessed Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny!!*

Bunny was moving over a gleaming white stone ancient ruin. She was harvesting herbs within its range for alchemy projects. Bunny was also playing with the ruin's fairy spirits. She filled up her water bottle with a pure water wellspring moving through the area. Bunny took pictures as pieces for Raptor's project to build Atlantis and help him out.

Bunny was trying to open the door to her heart in Pokemon Gale of Darkness as Jovi the Lugia. She went to Gateon Port to look out over the water and get into a dreaming state. Jovi comforted and congratulated Michael for defeating the evil Cipher, but they still had to find happiness together. They began by listening to Marius Florin's Stories of the pinnacle of evolution.

Bunny was in a Meganium outfit dancing and listening to music. Father Crow was in a dragon kung fu outfit and using extreme techniques. Raptor was putting a Pokedex together. There were many Egyptian artifacts moving around Raptor. He collected the orange mask of God and became the cosmic demiurge spider.

The 2014 World Cup meant that Bunny was Lugia!!*

Bunny was flying on her silver soul cord through Japanese gardens. She was reading legends about Charizard navigating the tempest. Bunny had Father Crow put up a Raptor statue next to Charizard.

Bunny greeted the Macroverse with the clock of a magician having thousands of spells in his arsenal. Bunny was acting like Buddha visiting the enchanted princess. A bunch of green apples started floating in the air. Bunny turned them all stone silver.

Father Crow purchased Newton's secret papers on 2060 being the end of the world. It was actually in 2016 when Kobe scored 60 points. The great dragon was summoned to a high alter. Pokemon wrote Lugia's Story as Lucifer.

Father Crow awakened the Soul of Raptor's grandfather in a high class land of galloping tides and markers to the cosmic starboard of a universe of stories. Bunny was making wishes and collecting Raptor's diaries. The pen was the ultimate weapon.

Black Holes and Thunderbolt Singularities with Lifshitz Scaling Terms
Yosuke Misonoh and Kei-ichi Maeda
https://doi.org/10.1142/9789813203952_0026Cited by:
We study a static, spherically symmetric and asymptotic flat spacetime in the hypersurface orthogonal Einstein-aether theory with z = 2 Lifshitz scaling terms motivated by Hořrava-Lifshitz theory. In our numerical analysis, we find two kinds of interesting solutions: (i) two-parameter family of back hole solutions with a regular universal horizon and (ii) a solution with thunderbolt singularity whose universal horizon turns to be a spacelike singularity.

Sabrina wings emblazon symphonies of roses and wisdom to plush and cute crowns of heart and moonlight to crush orange oceans dice cast spoons of trance skies and blizzard heavens activating the zither of coins and casinos rushing elsewhere floating isle potions green and bright in swinging petals and cotton old and classic of a forever axiomatic sword punching in the hyperspace routes of games and toys boxing alphabet signs of Prophecy!!

"I am Sabrina. I will foresee everything you try to do."
"The unseen power that is psychic force... Let us begin."
"Psychics aren't flashy, but they are terrifying, nonetheless."

Infin (Japanese: ムゲンサイ Mugensai) is the Mt.BtlMaster of the Mt. Battle VS. 100 Single Battle Battle Mode in Pokémon Colosseum.



Yellow is quite naïve and acts very much like a little child. She hates it when Pokémon are injured, hers or her opponent's, and has developed a style of battle in which neither her nor her opponent's Pokémon are hurt unless it is absolutely necessary. Despite her childlike nature, she can be very serious when people and places she cares about are threatened, as shown in A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, when she became enraged after Team Rocket's Sird and Orm staged a battle between Silver and her in Viridian Forest that resulted in the forest being damaged.

Yellow's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon healing and she is called the "Healer" (癒やす者 Healer). She received psychic abilities from Viridian Forest, which include the ability to read the emotions of Pokémon and heal their wounds. Yellow is physically small compared to the rest of the characters, causing some of the taller yet younger Pokédex holders to react in surprise when they learned her age.