I was watching a Hey You Pikachu video, and it made Me realize that Bunny should be available to everyone with a good Heart!!*A lot of people would really Love Bunny if they could play with Her. The possibilities are magnificent and wonderful, to tour pure Imagination with feathers and friendship. The Bunny ride is infinitely mysterious yet lovely. By voyaging into storybook character expression and vibrant atmospheres of elegant matrimony, then they sky would open up, and brilliant auroras of vision and clarity would arise through the telescope. Bunny flows and flowers with canopies of decoration and dreams.


Deep in the heart of ancient China, there was a door to a place of timeless wisdom with the head of a dragon on it. Within was a striking green light that, when stood within, allowed one to summon all of his experiences, and draw soul growth from them. There was a cave carved deep into the heart of a great mountain far underground where within, a great dinosaur king sat meditating underneath a waterfall. A lighthouse stood by the shores of tomorrow, searching for the ultimate life form. A matrix stood that archived the entire journey of life and beyond.

The world's great stage allows for a chance at greatness, a chance at stardom, a chance at legacy and fable unraveling into a platinum controller that puts a hat atop the highest pinnacle electrocuting the stars. That aerospace grabs the gallery of the evolving tsunami is how Lugia is unleashed into the dream field of a timeless encounter.

The dream of being able to teleport anywhere makes the city of God an easy dream to realize, where for Bunny, the super-nexus is easily accessible and universal, drawing on the deepest depths of the Force. Enlightenment on the meaning of strength and turning inward to resolve the mind's eye makes a larger echo in the pool of ideals and the cave of revelation.

Da Vinci went to NASA, and exploded the potential of hyperspace to encounter every crystal city and electromagnetic train for flowering at the bottom of the ocean in the year 3000 with the symphony of science carrying on a long legacy of appreciating nature and all of life's possibilities in its infinite beauty. A giant metal ball exploded and reconfigured into Pokemon Stadium in the year 2000.

Bunny was walking on a roadway throughout the galaxy with a rainbow following behind her footsteps. She was helping Anakin to fulfill his wish of trekking across every corner of the galaxy. George Lucas jumped into a pool that waved with every polarity of the Force. While Jar Jar was relaxing at Chuck E Cheeses, Anakin was connecting to his higher self, a soul sealed in Pokemon cards. When Jar Jar zapped his tongue on Anakin's podracer, the light side of the Force helped him on his long path to recovery. In the physical world, creative acts like words can be our bridge to the higher and make us more free. Anakin looked up to Stephen Hawking winning the nobel prize at Tyranitar's Jedi Council table. Tyranitar was Giordano Bruno. Bruno's faith in the greater Macroverse was the will of the world.

Looking at all of the paths to the ultimate was no domain for the fortune teller, as the way was very random and full of clouded futures. To train perfectly, and peak in resonance with the path you set foot on defined your story and who you are, be it a scoundrel, wizard, or saint. I descend for the last time into the valley to say something of my heavenly treasure, of the fortitude in my heart that turns time and freezes hurricanes.

Slowbro was in a hot tub with a big long ladder that reached down to an invisible sun. Many imaginary castles brought 1000 copies of Gandalf in the hall of fame with many Bunny statues. Father Crow went to Zidane to teach him the martial arts technique of spitting against the tempest wind's will.

Going to the elevator of Realgam Tower brought Ho-Oh a kingly gift - 2 droids, C3P0 and R2D2. Branding a flamethrower to burn with the Hope Diamond soul was a tight crunch against the odds. Ho-Oh shot a rainbow of will into the white board to create detailed battle plans with Lao Tzu dressed up as Megaman NT Warrior of the ripe crystal waters of the golden age. There was no end in sight to the underwater torrent to the mind of god and the Force in an alternate existence.

Bunny entered a psychic synchronicity circlet that glowed with blue ancient letters and brought green orbs of experience. She was focused and concentrated in the spring rain deep in the forest. Bunny flew off to Ho-Oh's Tin Tower and walked staircases into other dimensions. Ho-Oh as the shine sprite ruler saw Bunny sprouting many bubbles over grass growing on chance cubes. Bunny brought the lightning of extrication to hyperspace wars.

Bunny was walking over the ocean as the sea turned to silver with Slowking moving the Pokemon 2000 temple in the ocean overhanging clouds. Raikou summoned Rayquaza to turn gears with Solar Beam oceans on the sun. Being as wise as Yoda and powerful as Mace Windu brought a time flute to the sparkling aura of Celebi enchanting the Soul of life.

Father Crow was standing on a very high tower as Anakin was flying inside of the Mordor volcano. He summoned a fire-ball out of his staff and established Wookiepedia into the great spires of wizards speaking to the giant blue council hologram of Kreia.

I was always thinking about my highest destiny in a trance presentation of the Wish coming true and progress to Infinities-Ultimate making the plush Bunny see through the matrix of comedy and divine games. Bunny was a nocturnal owl that spread her wings for the overseer's umbrella of worlds unknown as Pikachu enacts a dollhouse buffet with the angels of charity ringing Bunny's parrot bell to point a pirate telescope at Tim Duncan.

Going into the Kid's WB Yourself transformer with Bunny made the mania of Love for opportunity and liberty play the serenity and bliss of universal themes. Snapshots of natural freedom showed the purity and wholeness of the timeless encounter with the emporium of fairytales. Bunny was evolving through many steps and stages, as no Kardashev level was higher than her, but she herself could get higher.