Bunny Wizard Tower World Stories

The Wizard's Tower is a nexus that connects together the worlds of Pokemon, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, Marius Florin's Galactic Super Civilizations, Tom Montalk's Matrix Control System, Jade Empire, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Giordano Bruno's On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, Zang's Christ Consciousness, SolitaryWalker's Scholars Garden, the Tao Te Ching, Barbie Fairytopia, Elder Scrolls, Fable, Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, Einstein's Cosmology, and Michio Kaku's Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds, each with a different BunnyRaptor twist.

The main character in all of these stories is Bunny. She's an alien female of high creative power and faith in the highest themes. Bunny tags along with Raptor for the sheer mania of adventure and the learning process. Bunny's always held that fantasy transcends truth and makes things more meaningful.

The auxiliary character is Raptor, myself. I crush all restrictions in a self labeled effort as the final annihilator. My worldview is all about exceeding the last limits.

The most powerful character is Father Crow, a Pokemon called Ho-Oh, and the true God of everything below Bunny, which is absolutely everything. Father Crow desired more than anyone else to achieve the top position of knowledge and omnipotence, essentially ruling the mountaintop, and the Architect of the highest achievements Imaginable. He is an incredibly Loving, hard working, and loyal person, but he is also an exquisite storyteller, and is the all exalted overseer of human nature and virtue. Father Crow rates Bunny 1st, Raptor 2nd ever since Germany won the 2014 world cup, and himself higher than most.

Father Crow had a very fine office set up for himself. He set himself up as the counselor and mentor of Wes. They dominated the land of Orre with noble schemes that had no limit of ambition. They trained a Tyranitar to build the Wizard's Tower super-nexus.

Bunny was ruling the Rose Barbie council chambers with each leader afront a big crystal. She wanted everyone to sing with the Force in synchronicity and serenity. Bunny envisioned a world of endless grass fields where all of the storybook character animals line up for the tortoise and the Hare race.

Mt Battle was the pinnacle and highest achievement of all Pokemon trainers, where they either ascend to the top or train their powers so they may ascend to the top tomorrow. It's a surging self electrocution act, feeling fear for the last time, becoming experientially over struck. Man is the mountaintop, where he walks into the great noon where, with enough determination and willpower can happen every day. Growing is always healthy and long. That a premeditated vision always captures the crown shows the all inspiring legacy of mind power, Nietzsche, and Kobe. The point is to maximize intensity and mentality to feel all extreme bliss in the journey and the faith that we can always get higher.

Defeating the thousand year dragon takes a fortitude of iron and a cool head that knows when the time to strike is ripe. It is about redeeming all that was past. The angels are ready to welcome us into the doorway to heaven. The heart is the answer. Many old demons and ways of the world must be defeated. All sense and meaning are redefined. The future will spring from the past, but it will not resemble the past. Just because something has happened 1000 times before does not mean that it will happen again. Where you see the word "impossibility" inscribed, I see the word inscribed "Destiny".